The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 0, 10,10 i mm Soft bill] Loop Cainos Lisied For Two Works SecondKf^ir' Blythevillc Wins Straight iiitei--C)til}| w .™;; Here ! lril K u The schedule for U u > n,- s( 'frfc.s- of (he Hoys- AmiUvur ball League of BlytiKH-illo. w fSlylheviite Country clnh with ".11 four teams uf the paiiicipalini; mull M,,,, 9 , '.'.'hen each loam will play one jiame I -, , „ (jollm "'.T k ' y , '" ;lltP " !:m '»K with tliel won their second consecutive inter- :(f , h ' a ^"' lvll| di will assume f-Jnl) golf tournament yesterday af tei-iioon by .dcfeatina I'arasould over the local course by a score of 32 lo '20. Despite the course bcSnjj in unusually good condition, golfers said they loimcl the high wind against them and tin; scores were mu'isiially high for tournament play. James Hart, of f'arasmiUI, made a 7i) for the is doles to win low . score honor.s aflw shooling one under par 3G for ihe first nine holes but dropped off to n 40 in the second rouad. John Tray nor Jr. shot low for the Blythevillc club with a 78 followed closely by Cecil Sham' with 80 for tin- 18 holes. The niythoville club ha.s an open date next Sunday but will a o to i'arayoiilil May 19 for a return match. Following, urn scores for tournament: 1st 9 2ml IBlVvs.P. play on th.-il date. The- first double bender will lie Feller Is Mo! Again; Yankee Power Fails In Crucial Moments fty fiKOItttl-: KtKKSIIY Uilllf.l I'uss sun Oorri'ijioiutcilt NEW YOHK, Mayfl. <UI>>--Oscar . vl ^i mil IH, ... p .-..._! u, <• v |- r- - WM. it] between Coca Cola vs. AM;Mo' Vltl w "™<"' "H who would listen lo Power and Phillips vs. Ilubbard on"'"" '" ' ; ''«i''<l« this sprin« Dial Ihe (ho o])cninii ni[>!il at unlcy p i(>lli i ncveltuid Indians would be a clif- U'hcri' all Dailies will br -'- • '' ffll '" 1Ll l " j11 •• 1 "'- •>•< drr sponsorship of the IKI. TlHM'xday l,loy<l, Kolny eam iico n Arkansas i\!col 0 phi; Chickiisnw- A i *. , ' tt>uM " f " cxl TO*. ArkMo Is (o play Phillips while coca Cola is to meet. Hiibbarcl In the week of Mav 14, PhilliiK will )ilay Coca Cola and llubu.iid will ta):e on ArkMo 0,1 Tuesday white on Thursday May 10 ArkMo meets Coca Cola and llnti- l»ar<l meets Phillips, Herbert Ijroiviiinf! lia.s been selected as umpire in chief and Tom c;a I'hillips as ollicial scorer •e to begin at 8 o'clock The first half of the KC ason will end July '>. B. Pollard Bud Hays J. Tinynor •'• llai'C B. Lynch Gene DcBons ... Ed Wrape ... J. Lent I G. Mcf-'arlanc O. n. A|>pcr.son . «• Shane E. R. Browning. I U. Branson .J. Cardwell C- Buck ........ V. G. Harrington 48 H. Raines ...... -15 E. Turner ........ 45 A - Leach ........ JO 80 92 84 03 80 91 91 lj^ Sclhneycr . C. Afflick H. Sellmeyer , P. England ... Bob Noble ... B. Stockett ... P. P. Wllburn P. Whitworlh O. Hays J. Hasson 43 44 43 42 45 47 54 45 49 4« Al UcBons 48 •'• ''crry 40 B. Roscnthal 511 R. Becker .17 J - Morris 57 Hnbbnrd Jr 47 J. McKeilsic .... 44 45 41 40 42 43 40 4!) 3D 44 4U 4:i 95 95 89 95 88 90 47 • 91 38 HI 45 87 45 90 49 BO 51 105 44 89 47 95 52 100 •1C 94 50 9(i SO 108 45 92 50 113 •17 94 •13 H7 fi'icnl ball ellih this season, paid much attention to him It look the Indians a Ion" lime to Mart hitting and the key man |,i then- Infield, i/nt lirmdtcau, was limping on a bone-chipped ankle. "Those two fellow's around second ifloudrcau anil Mack) have inside our ball club." Vitt said, -just let Johnny Allen come back lo form and we'll give the Yankees nn,| 'he rest all they ask for." Vilt .\poke a inoiithliil wlicn he Shoitsloj) Boiidrcaii und «ec- llh'lhcvlllc places in Ibe state ulhlotic meet hold in l.iiile Hork Kalurcliiy «ntl placed another In u nmii'st who did not reach Ihe Duals. Muyflcld -.Sonny" l.loyd won second place In the broad jump with tils 21 feet, one and a half inch jump, oi'ci a luijje Held from all i.irl.'! of Arkansas and lilythevllle's .rain of Oeortir Trusty, I.ej-oy lio.-cs. Lloyd and Nwinnn "Monk'' Masley placed second in the itHO-yard relay after li,ivin« been beaten' out. of (he first place by Tcxarkaiia in Hie lust five yards, Mosley qtmlfllod for (lie .. Joe Dlldy and Mitchell ne.s|. nc- cdmpiuiied the team of torn boys! 0 47 4-1 50 43 47 They're Calling Him "Soo co" Because Of His Feals With Bal l»y United i-ress- Ihe Nashville Volunteers atouo: Leave U to Rocco" was paymo bi« dividends today as thev rode h uh "XH'C other Southern-AssociaS ( ^ m '" » vlctortos and three ' I xr R ? CC0 -, ori e m! >">' nick-named 'Mickey hut more rcccntlv "Socco" because of his fence-rattling pro-, .slammed out „ home, »Kh a man on base in each game 0 o"'!.*)>.'..."?_ ." ic . v ? ls snapped out Willard Is 'Attraction As Referee Jess Willard, former heavyweight champion of the world, 'will be the big attraction for mat. tans tonight. at (he American , Legion arena where he will make a personal appearance as referee of a tag wrestling exhibition. : Big Jess, who captured (he title by knocking out .lack Johnson 25 years ago and who was later dethroned by n young challenger known as Jack Dumpscy, has been following the trade of 'referee for some years. He will ofticialc in the lag wrestle beliveen two tcims composed of Lee Meyers nnd Joe Dillman and Gene Blakely and Joe Welch. These matches are usually prellv rough on the referee nnd Bis. j c .i will undoubtedly have his hands full keeping his charges in line but Ihe massive arms that made Ins one-time formidable figure in the ring still retain some of the old punching power and it. is not. unlikely that, one or more of (he r Uv ",- l ' a " 10 tosl »S "Pell to take :;aincs 01K| Bll scman Mac); hnd made the Cleveland club. It's been « i, ne time-in met 20 years-since iht> Indians had a great double olay combination. Now with (lie Hou- drcan and Mack flashing aroind second like Joey Scwcll "and Bill did 101- Tris Speaker's pciinant-H'inniiiK club in 1920 the Indians are goin K 10 have to be reckonijj with. With the DIMaggio-lcss Yanks floimdering in their worst slump since they rose to baseball dominance, the Indians and Red Sox have moved up as the two top contenders for American League non- oi-s. In the first b,-iltle for the league lead yeslerdny. the Indians | knocked off the net! Sox, c-l, and l moved half a game out in front motto-! - '^ I '' e " er ' smotl ""-«l Hie H«i mouo. hox vnumw , |)owllr> , loim , 1( , Ulolu lo seven hits. Doc Cramers double and Ted Williams' .single produced Boston's only (ally. Feller fanned ing his third triumph. I,, aiWiTlon" i Hob slammed out a triple and .sin- I Sle. The Indians knocked out! Mickey Hauls. Red Sox rookie 1 southpaw who had won two slrai«ht Ken Keltner's homer with two" on filth straight defeal. .1-1. I.e,v Hem- .sella, wlih a sinjjlo und two nipie.s, drove in three Moslon inns. •> t i Yi'sterday's hero -. Hol> Feller, Cli'veliind speed ball klnt;. who bent Hie lied Sox. B-i. nnd pitched the Indium- into the American League lead. SCCOJK! Amalcur Hoxing i l j r«(.ii'ain Of Swison To 1 ^ Held Thursday »V .1. I'. I'ltll'M) The sccniHi amateur bcixinj! pro- Hi'inn slii,.<. Us i,Hiv,il (wo weeks I'Sii) will be .stngi'd Tltiirsday nlfjlil, Mi'.v *. ai the Anierliiin 1 eiiloii inena. Promoter Joe Cnij) , „„. iiounccil toiiay, f^iali' will malch tils KclccliMl Hlythi'Vllle live-man tc'imi nuiilnst. (he cruel: t|iiinlet. of .simon-jnue Mill stinuers from l(l))h'y. 'ivnn,. Ill n CK«I|I affair (hat should rival' the- ariion iiroduo'd in the first show whrn .Mitnll.i <'iiitted oil' honms. :) bout.% lo '.'. "lid O'Hiecj), Dciivyivi'luia who »<:ls as c'oacli, Inloimed I'romoli'r Crain that he planned u> Inin,, () v ,, und possibly six yoinnj (Iphlers. IncliicliM are n himlaimvoluUl (wo llglinveluiiis, at least one wellcr- weluhl, mid inn.vhi. iintnlier, In nd- dillon In [ilmseif. lli'iivlcs To IValiir,. Headlni! i In- list as feature, nf will he the foiir-round hont between Jimmy t.umfnrd. CrnlR'-s a<i()-|)otnul iirtid'ue, and O'Kteen In Ills HIM. ni,d only Km,, inside Ihe )•«!><'« us ii uladliuor l.unsiord • M'orcd n soiiMitiiiiuii onc-idimci j technical knockoiH nvrr "Wiltl Hill" IJiitt'liliiB, Manila K liuit. That, the .•.Ix-font-thive-and-on,.-half jneh l.unslord was sticwssful In his first linn venture was best revealed in (lie Impie.'.sU'e' manner in whlrli dc imllshui oil DownliiK TlioniDi MiKiller «nd le:w ..xper- Ic-neeil. Jimmy pinirbe,) him silly In exactly Ii7 second,-;. He sent, him I" thf iloor once for a count of , mill'. The Hi si, Hmo hi' threw his l»wctliil rli;l,l It virtually blinded IXiwnfni-, Sl i vltioiis was the blow l.unsford showed ]X i| w and piillsh, MiiHi'iliiiij; iniu'.iiiil tor ii rank novice, UK well »,•, d.'vn.slittlnir imwcr in liolh llsls. Allei: Hie titjln w«s uver well Infouni'd boxlnu cn- thuslasls auret'd uluil he showed reiiiaikuble iiosslbllliies and prc- ttli'Hd a siu-i-csfiil career, baVrlni' injuries, naturally. (l|i|umenl lias lAiieileiiee In O'Klrcn I.misford will be IhiK 11 Kt'Wir lest.; one lluil i.'iay prove MII> nd,| (yj,,,. .|-), 0 'ivnn- I'SM'iin !»is n i-DuiiiariHIvcIv lotn Ihe ^^ld-Solllll aoWrn Gloves nt, Moni|ilds-. (UK!, Although hcalm, lie iimiln m>dlinblc sliowlnus In' one bout iiijiilMsi Ti (i er Jicecli, wlio later tinned profK-ilomil, O'Slecn wns nlvln,; the TI B ,.,. a ihnronijl) sliMlnekhiB when he Ijusled his hand mm w ,,., ron , (1( , U) (mll , n (he HIM meet he wns beaten by >"mil! Mauley, who won Ihe l»'.'ivy»vcl(jli(. tTcm-ii this year lie nlso eunijielivl i» ||,e A . rt. 11. meet ill Memphis !,„( wax t: u m i mlnl ln the finals, A lull, bloi)d-lie,ided youlh. o'Rieeii packs a dciully '' l!lil. haiul. lie Is rilled and usually carries Die II K la | 0 his oji- IWIIent. • ll:irlier( Tn A|)peur '!'<> faco the vlsllors likely will hi' llu,.), Hniberl, lllyilnH-llle )ili;li all-round slnr 'ajx _PAGE THREB nilil-souiii Golden Clove* riovlco mlUc Inwcleht, Hilly Price, the crack Mnnlla. string bean, Afton clieno- wclli, nnd posslhly Atlas James, Ihe Holland. Mo., mite, ami a Mld- Sfliitli champion. Harbert scored a llii-ec-roiinrt technical knorkoiit and I'rlcc punched out n four-round decision over CbeiiowHIi In (he flnit |ii<)Ki-ain. They Have been working •liilly and should be in better shape for Ihe ncxl go, James wiote some time HBO that he already, had started (riilnlni! and honed to work up lo his old form. If lie can reach )>ls peak ho eximm.1 lo try for the Golden CilOMM «t'.iln. He was a great, favorite with loc'al fans who saw him win his every match here The complete curd will be nn- imimccd later In the week, Craig TAG WRESTLING Joe Dillman and Lee Meyers Gene Blakely and Joe Welch JESS WILLARD, Referee •"i-niei- Win-Id's tfcuv>'ivp| B |i( Cliainiiliin W Measure All Cars, Regardless of Price, By Uarons. how from The 3. in- mucl performers tonight » illiarcl discipline. Uiste the the Uirminghiitn dicalion enougli of those homers meant. Rccco, who was placed nl Rrsl- bnsc as an experiment when Sam- ho Leslie failed to .show up .,( (he Nashville camp, stalled knocking them (out of the park'at Uic outset and his continued heavy clouting qualifies him as (he No l game-biistcr-uppcr of the Icas-ue He has hit eight homers- Only other club to take both ends of a Sunday double-header were (lie New Orleans Pelicans, who shoved the Knoxville Smokies deep in (he cellar with verdicts of v to l and 3 to 2. Bobby Durham threw loo many curves at the Smokies in the opener while a two-run rally in the inst inning B»vc the I'elier.ns (he niglucap Bob Joyce limited (he Atlanta Crackers to five hits as Memphis ivon the opener of (heir doubleheader •) to 2. The chicks saw some light pitching themselves in the nightcap when Emil i/jch- baum shut them out on four hits 8 to 0, Lefty Bunov.-s of Chattanooga Wanked Little Rock, 2 lo 0. on six bits in Ibe opener but Hie Pebbles camii back lo eke out a 1 lo 6 verdict in Ihe nightcap Todays an oil-clay. base was the bis; wallop. STANDINGS 3-3- Yesterday's Results Southern League Memphis -1-0. Atlanta 2-0 Nashville 4-G, Birmingham second, eight, innings. Chattanooga 2-6. Little Rock 0-7 New Orleans 7-0, Knoxville 1-2.' National League Brooklyn fl, St. I.onis 6 Boston 5. Pittsburgh l Cincinnati ;), New Yoric 2 Philadelphia 7, Chicago 5. American League Chicago G. Philadelphia 5. Cleveland 0, Boslon 1. St. Louis 7. Washington 3. Detroit 6, New York 4. Northeast Arkansas !.c.i;n<! Paragoiild 12-8, Newport 3-11. Joncsboro 11-3, Canilhersvillc 5-1 Southern Nashville Memphis Lit lie Roc>: Atlanta iv Orleans Birmingham Chattanooga .... Knoxville iVatiunal Sue. W. L. H 3 10 7 10 10 10 II 11 10 10 12 Brooklyn Cincinnati 9 Chicago ,..'. a New York .' 5 Philadelphia 4 Pittsburgh 4 St. Louis \V. I, Boston 3 American League W. L. Cleveland 10 Boston 10 Detroit '.[. i) New York .'.'" J; St. Louis g Washington '.'.' 5 Philadelphia 5 Chicago 5 Noilhr-ast Arkansas Pet. .824 .588 .500 .476 .450 .412 .412 .3G8 Pet, .909 .750 .500 .455 .400 .364 .357 .213 Pet. .714 .667 .COO .420 .429 .400 .400 .357 I.r.ijjiic W. L. Pel. Jonesboro 3 , 750 Paragould 2 a 500 Newport 2 a .500 Carulhersvillc i 3 250 The Yanks lost their second straight (o the Tigers, G-4. The Yanks made only nine hits, none for extra bases off Neivson;, Me- Kain and Benlon, and three limes had the bases lilled and scored only one run. The Tigers rapped Chandler, Kiisso and Murphy fur 12 hits with Rudy York gclthi" ":i for 3" and Earl Avcrill "3 for 4" :• The St. lauts Browns climbed from seventh to a fonrtli-|,;»cfc <le with the .Yanks when they beat Washington, 7-3. Vernon Kennedy outlasted Dutch Leonard to hand Washington its fourth straight loss. The Browns put on o winning 4- run rally in the clghtl'i': Singles by Wright,- Appling and Bolters produced two runs in the eighth which enabled the White Sox to nose out the Athletics, «-4. After scoring two victories over the Yanks, Chubby Dean succumbed to mi ll-hit White Sox attack Eric McNalr hit a homer, double •and sinylc against his old mates. Brooklyn held its !«, game lead over the Cincinnati Reds in the National league by walloping the St. Louis Cardinals, Sl-0. A four-run burst in the ninth won the mime for Brooklyn. A new major league mark for players used in a sinj-le eainc—39—was set when the Dotl- £Crs \ised 22 players and the Cards 17. The former mark of 37 was sot in 1927 by the Cards-Phillies and lied in I'm by the Cubs-Cards. Bucky Wallers won his fourth straight game by pitching the Reds to a 3-2 triumph over rhc Giants With two out in the .seventh, errors by Babe Young and Hurry D.umini; helped the Reds score the lying and winning runs. Walters and Schumacher each allowed seven hits. Hugh Mulcahy pitched the Phillies lo a 7-5 win over the Chicago Cubs, fiooklc Art Mahan led the Phils' ll-hit attack with a double and tu'o singles. The aces handed the pirates their and you'll know why CWevro/ef leads all cars in sales PAY MORE ? i . ,^^ Today's Games Southern I^ague Open date. National League Boston at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn nt SI, Loois. New York at, Cincinnati Philadelphia at Chicago. found Only on Chevrofef and on Hger-rice / * f f < *> *t ' Supreme on land, Sea and in rh« Air ' ' ' 18! Inches from Front of Griff* to Rear of Body / / > *''•.''' • rtt FounJ Only 80% Automatic -Only 20% Driver Effort hC h,,..i.. Smoother, Steadier, Safer The last Word in Safety for Smoother, More Reliable Operation * f * / ' A Six Costs less to Run than an Eight American League Chicago nt Philadelphia. St. Louts at Washington. Detroit at New York. Cleveland nt Boslon. Northeast Arkansas leagu Newport, nt PnrngouUI. Caruthcrsville al Jonesboro. No other car, regardless of price, combines all these Chevrolet quality features No other car, regardless of price, can malch Chevrolet in public demand &|e It- Tftqlt- Bui|lt! *0n Spiclql Di lu«o and Motlcr De U«o 659 MASTER 85 BUSINESS COUPE Olhar models slightly higher All models priced at Flint, Mich. Transportation based on rail rates, state and local faxes (if any), optional equipment and accessories —extra. -Prices subject to change without notice. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone G33 ATTENTION! OLD CAR C OLD CAR MODELS 1931 OR OLDER SOLICITED AS ENTRIES FOR THE OLD CAR DERBY RACES KEXT SUNDAY, MAY 12 ENTRY FEE ONLY $3.50 IN PRIZES

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