Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 22, 1952 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1952
Page 14
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f OtJRf ftIN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 8ATURDA?, MARCH 22, 1952 YOU MAY PIND OUT- IP MldS OftEN D06SNT 9HOW UP, HERE/ ^WHAT'S THE POlMT OF AU.THI9 U MYSTERY? WHEN ARE YOU SOIMQ TO READ THAT WILL AND r-^CERTAlNLY NOT, GET IT r YOUNG MW, UNTIL MY CLIENT 13 MAD! ARP I.OC Kir POUT, Birr iT" Tfcc Telegraph 9 * Daily Radio Chart •MM Saturday RAD (NB SM HL KXOK (ABC) (ISO KC RKtIO MO ItO &MOX (CDS) 11M KU RWH (MBS) IftM RC WtL 1480 KC 100 i :00 N«w>. M«lod» ;lft £0 Newi :4» San«i ro«J«y Sluri Rev1«* Btrlcki & Spurel Club nm« ntlm* Prei«nU N«w» Bunlnnl SnorU Freedom 8tory P»r«d« America'* Sonfi World «•*»Quiz New« Net,. Crosby Showi Quiidown New* New*. R«cordi 9port»E»tr» New* Sport*t>«t« S. American wi? Star Time :00 N*<vi Inorli :li KB I ten horn Prune* lj*u» Newt It Town Meeting Concert Believe. Ch»««. *"'*•* M ** God Opr. Underground ^^ »»ew«: John C»rr PopuUr Music Four Kmghu CoW Glee Club News Trtde Wmdt Muilo •* you 4IM F an :in Bob At Riy W»k« Up St Loul* Detent* Attorney Newt Rporti Proudly We Hell 90 Qutftioftl MOM Theiter 00 fudy C«nov» :IS :.W Grand Ol» OBIT At, Dancing Perty no V»uffhn Mnnro* At Shamrock 10 II 1 :30 Night Revue 4h Newt 1ft Karl Godwin 30 Plnller PHrnd 4ft Uuent SUr Newi Bern Del Concert Hell We we Melody Pattern^ Eve filming New« Open Bible Music Master* Oangbuiter* Bwdy Ut Beet LombtrdoUnd Combo-Time Dorsey Brother* Parlt Music Hall New* Abide With Me Line UP Quiz Robert Q. New* Health Aids Barn Dance Down You Go Atr force Nf. News; Lombitrdo Here'i the Band Dunce Orch. Bob Crosby Dance Orch, Newi New« Blue Barron Instrumental .•00 News St Sports HA Pastor's Study :30 News Orchcutre :45 News Latnpllle Music Concert fitrorlUt Trollce Orch. New* Merrymaker* News Petrol Dawn Patrol MO HONEY. I MEE. P OrV\ET44*M& PUT,I STll-L Tv<IN< VOUR.E. PULEEEASE CAN t GO AUU 1?lfl-V4T tllL vKOTvAE-R . do T& TME. SATURDAT »:00 P M.— Oene Autry show »;.')0 P M.—P Whlleman's Teen Club 6-00 P M.-Weekend News S:1.', P M—Parade of Magic (1:30 P M -On* Mans Family 7.00 P M -All tt»r Revue i P M.—Show of Show* P M -Wrestling Metchee i P M.—Racket 9qued 11:30 P. M.—Arthur Godfrey 12:00 P. M.—Hit Pertd* 12:30- ril 8TART DIGGIN 1 FOR D.rww* T, \GOLD AND FILLTH' MUST BE I SACK, SO'B WE'LL HAVE PLENTY WHEN Wb GO BACK.' CALIFORNIA... WHAT DO WE DO NOW? \WELL.IDUNNO, WHERE'LU) AT THI9I'M NEW,.. /BUTANYOSiPLAC^ I RECKON, WILL 322 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS A\V WORD/ ^ MUST CCM0W THIS ^ OF IT MfXY -SPUR, W6 OM IF 1 THINK ,,-.^ -rue LoxoRious LIFE, we ^ 3 LIMOOSWES. FASHION- '^ MO-MUM.' THIS IS A SAO FOR 6UODIN6 OOTLXX3R6 LURES -TME HIS 6TUFFV ABLE MOT6L6 AMD WATER- IMS PLACES -fHE PROFITS MV TOCKAWAV Tie VOILL. . 6UV/ TJOM'TGOTO ON US = LET THAT GO-I'LL COME POWM AND FIMISH JUST EXACTLY WHAT DO VOU MEAN? WELL, I THINK I KMOW, BUT VOU -TU6.T £>O A HEAP-I'LL HANPLE MY ENP 1 HERE.' f Y BETTER PUT THE HAMDLE IN THE VISE AMP TI&HTEM IT UP--1 WANT TO THI-5. THIM<3 CXIT A LOT DRIER..' I-I- MEAN YOU WON'T HAVE TO - TO - - THE BATTLE- OF THE C'lAMTS ,„. „>,„.....,.„..., .>..».. HA.PPY DIG61N 1 , GOPHERS/ T MIOOGM. MOW CAN YOU CXJRK OFF vsiitM ME WHEM VOU HIT / VOO'KF ABOUT K> BtXOML A BOOtX-f OOF/ THE T MERES A FLASH, PIRATE WHO MEM— I/M RUMNI BURIE.DTHIS S IN1D METAL.' LOOT MUSTA , -, . _____ / I V i ,1--^ BEEM A MOLE DID . SAY M6rAL? J DIG urMEArir/ J FASTER. MATE/ WAYB& \T& JUST A5 WELL i) WERE V PION'T SEE ALKEDl IP HE LOOKING HASNT pi5COyER£P JANE'S V WE? rw CRAFTY SWAP, HE WEEP MEYEP.V ALREP! WOWi WOW THAT I 1 NOT NOW-.UEFT A CERTAIN KEY WITH VOUR WOTHEE.. BUT TELL WE THIS..,HOW WELL DID YOU &LEEP AFTEE $6NPING AN IWNOqEf" GIRL TO PRISON FOR. -7 THEFT ? SO YOUA/E BEEN LISTENING TO | JANE McVICKER! WELL. IF VOU REALLV WANT TO KMOW, I SLEPT BETTER. THAN I, HAP IN MONTHS! &UT VOU fcPAMT SHE WASN'T GUILTY,>. THAT vou've HAP THE "SQUATTING ALL THE TIME? ... Ali THE TIWE SHE WAS BEHIND BARS'. THEN I'D IT, SINCE THE- THAT HEADSTRONG VOUkJG WOIAAW TOOK A FANCY TO IT 1 PARDON ME,BUD. DO VOU HAVE >7THE (JpLEASE? L COULD CHECK WATCH, LOOKS LIKE IT'S JUST ^ r ABOUT...) r. IIt| Dirk Tin Missionary Group Meets at Hardin Vote to Buy 100 New Song Books for Church "You and your ultra-progressive notions about letting the child deal with his own, problems in his own little way!" Baseball Business Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 New York baseball team 7 "Bum" from Brooklyn 13 Reach for 14 Waken 15 Grow fat 16 Mildest 17 Falsify 18 Cloyed 20 Insect 21 Hearing organs 23 Scottish fox 24 Founder of VERTICAL 1 End walls 2 Biblical prophet 3 Wingless insects 4 Insect egg SVery (Fr.) 6 The Washington 7 Marked the time 8 Mouthward 9 The Boston DiMaggio Ppnntivlvania lo Zoroastrian 25 Onion-like n German/cities 33 Astronomy vegetable 12 Pine resin muse 26 Infolds 35 Tooth 27 St. Louis 36 Prick baseball player 37 Roofliner 29 Fellow 38 Persian workers princes 32 Pittsburg 40 More pleasac baseball player 43 Current of an ocean 27 Malediction 28 Rowing implement 29 Vehicle 30 Goddess of plenty 31 Mineral rock 32 Propels 35 Beat 39 Flower 40 Wooden peg 41 Appear 42 Stengel --the world's champion baseball team in 1951 43 Detroit baseball player 45 Cravat 48 Of a positive pole 48 Snuggle 50 Harangue 51 Namer 52 Cleveland Indian first baseman $3 Shows contempt 12 Pine resin 19 Small child 22 Masted ships 24 Thick soups 34 Lesser baseball leagues 44 Check 47 Dative (ab.) 49 Female saint (ab.) Zi v> n HARDIN — Th Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Society of he First Presbyterian Church met it the church building Thursday ifternoon. Mrs. Millie Aderton, >resirlenl, was in charge oC the meeting. During the business session it vas voted to buy 100 new song looks for the church. A report on the Worlrl Day of ""raver service was given by Mrs. furl Snow. An interesting program was prepared by Mrs. Ekla Whii- worth. Mrs. Whit worth was March chairman for the society. Articles on home missions were read by Mrs. Edna Kinser and Mrs. May Byrd Foreign mission work articles were read by Mrs. Ada Aderton, Mrs. Carrie Heiderscheid, and Mrs. Inez Imming. Mrs. Stag-Line Stopper! Imming will be program chairman for the April meeting. HARDIN — William Gcrson of Golden Kagle, was in town Friday. He reported that his wife may be brought home from a St. Louis Hospital in a week. Mrs. Gerson has been hospitalized for more than a month. John Bopp of Brussels, was in Hardin lo altend a meeting Thursday night. He remined some of his friends that the annual banquet of I ho Brussels Chamber of Commerce, of which he is president, vould be held in the high school auditorium the evening of April 16. Darl Franke has announced that .he Bat.chl.own Chamber of Commerce banquet will be one week ater at the Catholic Church base- ncnt in Batchtown. Mr. and Mrs. August Prange left Thursday for Ncodosha, Kan., where they will visit their daughter and family. Hubert Shaw and three high ;chool boys attended the tournament at Champaign Thursday and Robert Mortland and three of his students went Friday. I TtJegiaph Want Ads "CLICK" Read Telegraph Want Adj Horse Hassock LIKK BfcES to the clover! That's the way dancing partners swarm about you in this dress, Teener! Doll-waisted, bouffant skirted, with that crinoline air, oh, this is a beauty, indeed! And lo add the final touch of feminine flattery—those scallops! Pattern R4656: Teenage sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 takes 4U yards 35-inch fabric. This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. Send S3 cents in coins for this putteru to A-NNE APA-MS, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern ttept., -US YVett'mb St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly NAME, ADPBESS, SIZE, and 699 Bronco for Buster or Sister! They watch TV and ride the range on this wonderful steed! Use upholstery fabric in realistic colors, or ticking. Yarn or rug-cotton for mane and tail; excelsior and straw for stuffing. Pattern 699 has pattern; directions. Send 25 cents in coins for tbi* pattern to Alton Telegraph, 06, Needlecruft Pept., f. (). Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. V. Print plainly PATTERN 7 NUMBER, jour XASUC, and ADDRESS. Such colorful handiwork ideas! Send twenty cents irt coins for our Laura Wheeler Needlecratt Catalog. Choose your patterns from out gaily illustrated toys, dolls, household and personal ac« cessories. A pattern for a handbag is printed right in the book.

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