Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 10, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1957
Page 4
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Popcnhagcn. Peter Vermazen. Jim Bitterman, Ronnie Yearous, and Connie Dahlquist. Jim Ingels, John Manson and Becky Lamphier have celebrated their" tiirthdays since school started. ^ . » • THROUGH THE GRADES Kindergarten New» WPI&TC tfad loll firn being Kindergarteners this year. We have tried to learn how to paint on an easel, cu^ on the lines, color within lines, and model fourth Grade News with clay. We used tempra paint to spatter paint leaves. We have some new toys in our room. Some of them are blockbuster building boards, a ferryboat, sewing cards, and a cooking and utensil set. We are try THE TATTLER ing to learn to share and play schoo ] quietly with the other children. In Social Studies we have studied about fan\ One day we took a walk around our town Miss Stevenson Our fourth grade has 35 members, 2'.i boys and 12 girls. Our teacher is Miss Stevenson. We have six people who have neither been absent or tardy sometime during the first five weeks of We got new arithmetic books and they have many new and interesting tlimgs to do. We also like to work with (he addition, mil THE EDITOR ASSISTANT KDITOR CLOTHES 11 ITS MUSIC SKNIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS BIRTHDAYS BOYS SPORTS FUR AND FEATHERS TYPISTS SPONSOR to look for signs of toll. We saw mllItiplK . ;l(iorl , subtraction lots of colored leaves, squirrels, . . t . linrls whjch M[ . pii . ki ., t nuts, and brown grass. Last week trouRnt down . W( , navt . llSP( , tn< . addition chart the most. In language we have been learning to write reports correctly. This in„_ . ... . ... . eludes capital letters, punctuation and told us about the important m;irks ^ mpMv Sl . nk . nt . Keig; Secretary, Treasurer. Kenny The following .Junior or Senior we started a new unit on Safety We visited the fire station to learn more about fire safety. The fire chief took us for a ride things on the fire engine. He gave us a treat when we were ready to go back to school. Birthday treats were enjoyed by all when Beverly Shephard October 11 and Dean Teague celebrated their WIL .^ S u . rm birthdays. • « « • First Grade News Mrs. Meyer We are finding out that first grade is going to be very different from Kindergarten. The not "dummies", and correct form. We are making "Basic Seven Charts" in health. Some of us are done nd the others will finish before the end of the six You should see our spelling chart. It is all aglow with gold, blue, and red sjais. It we miss no words we get ,i gold star. 1-2 words a blue star, and H-t> words a red star. The following people have had gold stars on all their Friday tests: Tom morning and afternoon groups Butu>rSi Curt Dumermuth. Louise of last year are now acquainted p ickett Q 0 b Swehlu. and Fran- but the days are long and tiring for us. Each day several of us drop off to sleep. cis Kauten. Tom Butters went on a trip to North and South Carolina We all enjoyed 'he report he gave to the class. Tom went by plane so we know he had a very exciting Special thanks to all tii...-.e win. have been bringing flower.- ti our room. We enjoy thi'/n Last Monday Dr. Beck invited all 41 of us to the college to furnish an exhibition for one of his college classes. Pie taught us a • simple little square-dance called ^ "Glow-Worm". Then h e loaned us his record so that we can now "dance" whenever we like. We have started reading from sjxth Grade News our Preprimer. Most of us know 33 words and have read 8 stories about Dick and Jane and Sally. There are 16 who eat hot lunch regularly. "David Swehla celebrated his 6th birthday by treating the group to candy bars, and on Mrs. Nefzger The first day of school our classroom shone with thirty-five (35) beaming faces. There were thirty-two (32) from last year and three new students. Our new students are: Janis Lenz from Thommy Thomas' 6th birthday Mason City, Billy Smith fornt El ..... —v w:„ i,;.mj n ;, Paso, Illinois, and Jean Schuety from the Frog Hollow School. We felt sad to loose one of our We take this opportunity t o «--J ?ssmatcs to a much pleasanter invite our parents to visit us. climate-namely Sharon Farley . . . . Second Grade Newi Mrs. Schichtl We realize school is well under way because it is we each drew him a big birthday cake and made them into a book for him to take home. to Florida. Tuesday morning was Sharon's last day with us. The class bought her a farewell gift. Following are the people who , .. haven't missed any school in nearly time k nor bcen tard p ick for our first report card of the Beckner< Sue Crafloni Arlnold Diane Ashby; Butters. Undents are in Band, Dennis Tope. Tom Boichert. Kathy Keig, Carol Beck. Diane Ashby, Mary Austin. Henee Jellings, and Carol Clark. We have lost three members of tiie class. They are: Diane Wool- aid, who moved to Little Rock, Arkinsas; Doug Pfeiffer who moved to St, Joseph, Missouri; and Betty Nicholson who moved to Charles City. We are glad to have Beverly Heglalid who came 1'ioie W.uikoii in mn class. • • • • Eiijhth Grade News Mrs. Si irk Thcie are 4!) pupils in the, eighth giade tln> year. This includes our two new boys Chris Sparkman. from Oxford. Miss, and Maui ice McBride, from Wasnington. D.C. and also our new Hill, t'.irrul Schuety. These first weeks of Hchool have been spent studying and j<ai tieipating in outside activities. One of these activities is band. Thn>>' in band are: Dayna Dumermuth. Sharon Henry, .JoArm Quandt. Darlene Solornan, Jostm Taici.:!. Karen Ash, Buzz Olson, Larry Keig, Sli.uun Thyer. Apn Austin, and Richard Van Jm'Kle We have two patrol boys, Lee Burns and Ronald Cue. We have attended the pep meetings and one assembly pro- giair. This program was about a man who did aand painting,. We all enjoyed this very much. Ill reading class we have been studying about the English poet Robert Frost. Each pupil c.ipiea] a poem that Frost has written and wrote reports on his lifu alary. We also enjoyed listening to records he has made on the poems he wrote TATTLER STAFF "* Barb Kauten Rut'h Nims Donna Heth and Kutby Shaffer Steven Talcott and Carole .Dahlquist Bill Hughes, Jaais Scliabacher, Jean Cue, Carolyn Bright Roger Otferstein, Jan Bennington Marge Downing, Becky Maxson Kip Knight, Gene Van Buren Lowell Paul Jan Bennington Jan Schabacher, Ruth Nim.s Mrs. Paul Pickett would sour faster. Jerry Tann and Gary Oakley acted as tasters for this. To brighten up our room we drew pictures of autumn flowers. They turned out very nice. SENIOR SKETCH This young lady is seventeen vears of age. She was born in Fayette. July 24, 1940. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She has attended school here all her life. Her father is the Mayor of Fayette. Yes, it is Ruby Cousins. Ruby likes Rock Hudson, Lawrence Welk, and Kirn Novak Her favorite movie is PICNIC and her favorite song. JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME- Fried Chicken and Choclate Cake rate as her favorite foods. After school she can be found at work at Ott'» , . When she graduates sho is going to college and become u teacher, Best of Luck, Ruby grandmothers back porch not too long ago. Well, until next time, don't stick your feet in a trap! CLOTHES HITS Hi Everbody, Everyone in F.H.S. has really gotten in the swing of new fads. For instance Carolyn Bright and Jean Cue are wearing the new, neat looking Fiorco skirts. Also seen in the classrooms are the popular Bulk Knit sweaters worn by Bonnie Olson, Becky Maxson, and Sharleen Mullins. You've probably noticed that all the Ivy League buckles aren't buckled anymore. unless of course you are going steady. Nice, most of us are all foot-loose and fancy free. Right'.'? Brushie Bop shoes are the rage here at F.H.S. They are two-toned shade usually varieties of brown, dark brown, and black. This follows the Ivy League styles by exhibiting the buckles on the back. See ya, Donna and Kathy G00J News," and 'P.ejoi'e Ye Christians." Tins year v. c havt- added a large group of fine sounding Freshmen to our Chorus giving us a little moie volumn especially in the tenor section. We spend one period trying our .)A \ Inq 'sdno.iii [[t;ius . IOJ >,i.ao.\ haven't decided anything definite as yet. Several members of the Chorus plan on trving out for All State Chorus. Smijets Lose Second In Row They won their first game with Arlington 31-fi. Coming up agaist Sumner, they lost 34-(>. In their last game with West Union they again lost. The score of that game was G'2-0. It was rumored that West Union may have been using first string players instead of reserves, if so, this score may not mean to much. October Birthdays Bob Marvin — Ocj. 3 Jim Gage — Oct. 4 Leslie Nims — Oct. 5 Jane Ann Tripp — Oct. 11 Dolores Solomon — Oct. 14 Barb Nad ing — Oct. 15 Marvin Buckmaster — Oct. 24 FUR AND FEATHERS Saturday, October 5, Dttcfc spa- son opened. The best hunthjg around here suems tt> bt >iver on the Mississippi River or over at Sweets Marsh, There seems to be a plentiful supply of deer around {he country. Almost every time I go squirrel hunting I see one and I've heard other kids say they've seen them too. Surely wish I ha,d a deer liscen.se, Trapping and coon hunting are just around fhe corner. There are still a few beaver that didn't get trapped las), season. I've s§en quite a few traces (if enqn, Qw was killed eating oorn off my In health we have tried one experiment. This was to see if pasterized milk or raw milk new school year Cue. Harold Hansen, Bobby bu^e^^?e Pl ^ter J0 4^et Lamphief, Janis Lenz, Paul Man- oui^e^a graae tm year. They ^ Sandra Miller, fconald rat- are Laderyl Bierbowterfrom Mar- . sharon , PaUisoni Delores cus Iowa; Darle McBr.de from Rhj Donna RmROS Donna Washington, D.C; and Linda and R b fa Pe shepperd, Rus- Sinda Blue from Waucoma. Mrs. Mae Stern of Fredericksburg is doing her student teach Us new Campbells soup, Turkey Noodle, Mines­ trone and Chicken Veg. Come and ask) us how to gc\ tk can of «o«n FREE, ., Stock up on candy for trick or treat MUSIC The marching band performed for the first time in the '57 football season at the Waukon game. After losing many members from last spring and getting many new recruits they were a little inexperienced and didn't look as good as they did last year. At the Postville game, Dad's night, they were looking better. We hope to look still better for our next game, Oct. 18, which is Homecoming. At the Waukon game, the highlight of the band's performance was it cluck registering the exact time. Perhaps the most unusual formation in tho second band show was the spelling of "Hi Pa" honoring the Dads of the football playpi's, In Sb'ls glee club the girls are singing songs. From this group the two trios and the two sextets and one quartet will be chosen. Sp, far this year tht> Chorus has, been working on tho songs, "ftock-A-Ma-Sole," "Anta That | sell Sill, Joe Smith, Jim Timmerman, Linda Van Sickle, Gary Voshell, Phyllis Weyant and ing with us. She hai previously j ' Beckci .; We commend taught fifteen years in rural schools. We will visit the public library again this year each Wednesday. them and hope they can follow through for the rest of tho thirty- one (31) weeks of school. Linda Van Sickle and Winnie We have already found many M zbornik the , , new and interesting books. Linda Clark, Darla McBride, Dianna Dopp, Rhonda Van Bo- jjart, Judy King, and Eileen Bonjour hav all:,had birthdays in September. ' • • * • • Third Grade Newi Mrs. Brause The first day of school brought 36 boys and girls to our room. We were glad to welcome Becky Lamphier to our room. Becky moved to Fayette from West Union. Our room looks much, brighter this year due to the addition of new desks. We have been learning about seeds and how they scatter in science. Many seeds were brought to school and we put them on the bulletin board. The following people received 100% in spelling Friday. They are Becky Lamphier, Marcia Beckner, Peggy (Maxson, Cathy AlShouse, Linda Moore, Danny Dean, Eddie Johnson, Roy King, Merline Brause, Linda Culligan, Gayland who have had an A in spelling since school started. Seventh Grade News Mrs. Capell Our class has a club this year called the Humor and Fun Club. The officers are: President, Renee Jellings; Vice President, Kathy Your Rex.aU Druggist presents MICKEY ROONtY WALTER SLEZAK PIN0CCHI0 THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY ftELL BRAND Fayette County Winnings At Dairy Cattle Congress Karen Schroeder, Clermont, won the Class A State Production Contest. Also receiving Production awards were Roger Decker, Westgate, George Malven, May- nurd and Larry Schult, Hawkey e. Individual plaeings are as follows: Blue Award — Karen Schroeder, Clermont, 1st Junior Yearling and 3rd Two Year Old; Betty Arthur, Maynard, 1st Junior Calf and 2nd Senior Yearling; Gary Brownell, Westgate, 5th Senior Calf; and Darwin Jones, Arlington. 9th Senior Yearling. Only animals in the Blue group are placed in order. Red awards went to Paul Wegner, Randalia, George Malven. Maynard, Judy Brownell, Westgate, and Gary Garnier, Maynard. Jim Grimes, West Union, received a white rating. Fayette County showed the first and eighth place groups of five Holsteins. Paul Wegner, Randalia. was selected t° compete in the Showmanship Con- Newest necessity for U.S. Rural Mail Boxes. Automatic 2 in One Flag. Can be seen from long distance on any angle ground: goes up by itself when mail is delivered. Dependable. Economical. Only $1.00 Post Paid. Easy to install. No charge for installation if box is *«nt to my place. (Made In Fayette) ERIC BACKMAN First House on Right South of Viaducts Phone White 63 test. The Judging Team, Roger Decker. VVvstgate, Donald Kerr, Postville. Lorence Raim, West Union and Lonnie Arthur, Maynard. did not place in the upper ten. Fayette Downs North High 24-7 Fayette Varsity scored its third victory of the season at the expense of a West Union Homecoming game at North High at West Union Friday night. Scoring 2 touchc, in each of the first two periods, a quarterback sneek by Mil*.: Eischeid, a 13 yard pass from Eischeid to Maxson. another pass from Mike to Maxson this tim? lor 85 yards and a 14 yard heave from Eischeid to Marvin accounted for all of Fayette's scoring. George Davis scored the only North High touchdown from the 2 yard line with Frederick adding the extra point. A rugged Fayette line held the Hawks to 41 yards rushing, compared to 1G0 for Fayette. The Cardinals are presently riding in fourth place in the Upper Iowa Conference behind Waukon, Sumner, and Elkader with a 3 and 1 record. Robin Hood 1A QQ^ FLOUR 1U lbs. UOC JELLO 3 pkgs. 25c Gerbers Q «T| C _ BABY FOOD «J cans £UC GRAPES lb. 10c We have Fresh Oysters new musical spectacular with an all-star cast NBC-TV and Radio SUNDAY, OCT. 13 Channel 7 - KWWL • TV 4:30 to 5:30 li :UilililiHlHifflUmi!nmimillim !!!Hl!:r:':!ii!iH »m !:il:!ii; LETTUCE lg. head 25c Elsheimers WEINERS lb. 35c 35c Pure Ground BEEF 3 lbs. 89c 89c "You can pay more — but you can't buy belle*" Mfd. by Bell-Brand Supply Farm Fayette, Iowa Fayette Theatre THURS. FR1. SAT. OCT. 10 — 11 — 12 RED SKELTON VIVIAN BLAINE . IN "PUBLIC PIGEON NO. 1" The worlds most beloved clown in a wonderful warm comedy. (In Technicolor) • •••••••••»» We will stop the Show and announce the Thank Nite Winners. « • • • « SUN. MON. TUES. OCT. 13 — 14 — 14 JACK WEBB "THE D. I." The first story of lhat spe* cial rugged breed they call the Drill instructor. Rough- Tough T/Sgt. Jim Moore U.S. Marines. Its fun to get out of the house and take the family to a new show. Matinee Sunday at 2:30 Horse Show SUNDAY OCTOBER 13 Fayette, Iowa AT DAHLQUIST ON LOVERS LANE Sponsored by: Volga River Riders SHORT TRAIL RIDE AT 10:00 A.M. Pot Luck Lunch 12:00 Noon PARADE 1:00 P.M. LIST OF Western Ptessure Pony Class (under 46 in.) Pony Class (over 46 in.) (Riders 14 yrs. under) EVENTS 5. Flag Race 6. Water Race 7. Potato Race 8. Novelty Race 9. Bat Race NO ENTRY FEE — ALL ENTRIES WELCOME 5 RIBBONS AWARDED IN EACH CLASS TROPHY TO HIGH-POINT HORSE Bring The Whole Family — Refreshments Available Free Will Offering At Gate Not Responsible For Accidents Goeken's Food Mkt Phone 10 Fayette, Iowa NEW GUARANTEED P.T. ANTI-FREEZE TEXACO THANK NITE $50.00 This Saturday £resh ideas £or HOME IIVIPRCVilVIEIVIT with Aluminum If you are considering the purchase of Aluminum Storm windows or Doors for your home — you owe it to yourself to investigate the many advantages ofAIRSEAL combenation windows and doors. Each unit is custom made and completely installed on your home by faptory trained workmen. For free color folder and price lists write UNITED WINDOW CO

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