Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 7, 1971 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1971
Page 5
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Harkness-Gruver Promises Made In Lutheran Rites at Scott City Deborah Jean Harkness and Alan Kent Gruver exchanged wedding vows May 30 !1 in Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Scott City. Pastor Ronald Folle officiated at the 3:30 p.m. ceremony. The Rev. J. E. Gruver, grandfather of the bridegroom, gave a prayer. , Parents of the couple are Mr. 'and Mrs. Robert Hiarkness and Mr. and Mrs. George Gruver, all of Scott City. Mrs. Merle McKean played the organ and Janet Eitel was soloist. Jeiryna Simpson, Fort Collins, Colo., was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Barbara Lutz, Dunango, Colo., and Mrs. Cnaig Homer, Denver. The bridegroom's brother, Stan Gruver of Manhattan, served as best man. Another brother, dif Gruver of Ottawa, and Dan Goodman of Scott City were groomsmen. Barbara and Cindy Brandenburger, cousins of the bride, were candlelighters.. The bridegroom's niece, : Shala Gruver, Bazine, wa« flower girl. Ring bearer was Kent Gruver, Manning, nephew of ; the bridegroom. -.."• ••' i ''. •• ",'' - ' Ushers'.:'ware Michael and Kenton Harkness, brothers of the bride, Alan Antenen, brother-in-law, of the bridegroom, Bazine, <and James Groshans, Scott City. The bride designed and fashioned bier gown of candlelight crepe-backed satin, with an overlay of miromist organza, empire waist and gathered skirt. The gown featured a jewel neckline and triple puff sleeves, and was accented at the meek, sleeves, waist and hem by embroidered lace trim. Her church train of miromist organza was trimmed with the same lace. She wore an illusion veil held with a flowered headpiece accented with pearls. Her nosegay was of white roses, steph- onites, baby's breath and lilies of the valley. . Her attendants wore lavender and blue dresses which were fashioned by the bride. Each gown featured an empire waist, scoop ruffled neckline and pufif- ed sleeves. The culotte skirts were overlaid with blue chiffon for the bridesmaids and lavender for the eandlelighters. They carried nosegays of pur* pie status and Ms with bachelor buttons. The candlelighters wore wristlets. . A The bridle's mother wore aC purple A-line dress with tan accessories. The mother of the groom Chose a long-sleeved pale green dress and white ac- DEAR am 16 ANN LANDERS SAYS Health Department WilfMakeTests ANN LANDERS: ibas V.D., go to the City or and I depend on your MB. AND MRS. ALAN KENT GRUVER (Deborah Jean Harkness) eessiories. Each wore a corsage of an orchid and pink roses, and was presented with a lonig-stemmied white rose by the bride and bridegroom. The groom's gilt to the bride was a pair of diamond earrings. Honored guests were grandparents of the couple The Rev. Gruver, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dice of Nampa, Idaho, and Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Harkness, Scott City. Charlene Stiffler, Denver, attended the guest book. Mrs. Harry Dirks, Scott CMy, was hostess for the reception in the church undercroft. Mrs. Don Brandenburger cut the oake witii Mrs. Marvin Wiechman assisting, and Mrs. George Bender poured punch'. All are aunts of the bride; and are from Denver. Melody Stevens, cousins of the bride,. Scott City, handed out wheat Ibags. Attending the gilts were Mrs. Rick Finn, Denver; Mrs. Mark Janssen, Manhattan; Mrs. Larry- Vulgamore, 'amid Donna and Pam Branddenbuger, Denver. The bridle's goingiaway ensemble was a long vest and skirt of lavender and white S'triped polyester with a white long-sleeved dotted Swiss blouse and lavender shoes. She wore an. orchid corsage. After a trip to Colorado, the couple will be at home at 464 New York Ave., Widhiita. The bridegroom is Attending Wichita Technical Institute, and the bridle attended St. Lukes' '.• School of Nursing, Denver.' column to learn many things I can't ask questions about.. Recently you printed a letter about V.D. You described the symptoms of gonorrhea and syphilis. A bunch of 'us Mdis were talking about that column and no one knew for sure if it is possible to get V.D. any other way besides sexual intercourse. Will you please UeJl us?—Dumb In Arizona Dear Ariz: The answer is yes. It is indeed posisible to get V.D. without having sexual intercourse. First, gonorrhea: This infectious bacteria can live only on a mucous membrane. The eye is the second most vulnerable spot. Gonorrhea of the eyes can be picked up by anyone whose eyes come in contact with the bacteria. A girl can get genital gonorrhea from heavy petting if her partner is infected—and remain a virgin. Syphilis can be picked up by aftyone who has an open cut or sore if that sore comes in direct contact with the 'secretions of an active lesion of a syphilitic person. Doctors have gotten syphlis in this manner. If a girl with an open sore or a cut on her lip kisses a boy who has an active Chancre on his lip or in his mouth, she can get syphilis. I repeat: If anyone who reads this column suspects he Ex-classmates Gather For 50-year Reunion County Health Department. You will be tested and treated free of charge. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: My aunt has a habit that drives me out of my mind. Whenever sine begins to recount the details of an incident, she gets snagged on some unimportant detail such as, "No it wasn't Helen's birthday, it was her wedding anniversary—or was it her son's Bar Mitzvaih? Come to think of it it was her birthday because I remember the cake with all the candles and how everyone sang ..." By the time she decides when it was everyone, baa stopped listening. Last night auntie started again with, "Was it Tuesday, or was tt Thursday . ; ." I thought I'd scream. Why do otherwise intelligent people do this? Surely they realize it doesn't make an iota of differ ence to the listener, and it ruins, the story. Please tell me what's wrong with them.—U. of Chicago Dear U.: Self-interrupters are comiputeive aibout getting the details straight for their own peace of mind. They become Annoyed with themselves for not remembering—exactly —and are determined to figure it out, even though it ruins the story. Occasionally these people are saved from themselves by someone who says, "Get on with the story. It doesn't matter what day it was." Phillips-Lobdell Vows Repeated Farewell Picnic Planned For Eastern Star Couple Finney Chaipter No. 359, Order of the Eastern Star, is planning a joint farewell picnic for 6 p.m. June 13 at the extreme west side of Finnup Park. To be honored at the picnic are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor, who are members and friends of fraternal orders ajid clubs and are moving to Tucson, Ariz., June 21. Members should bring filed picnic baskets, table service, card tables and chairs. The picnic was planned during the Tuesday night meeting of Eastern Star, attended by 32 BUILDorBUY GRANDFATHER CLOCKS - ,,.,, . Mod«l 1JO Black Walnut AT FACTORY PRICES! SAVE $200. Do-it-yourself kits, movements, moon dials, finished clocks, shipped promptly on money back guarantee. SEND COUPON WAY yF0R f REE CATALOG members and four visitors. Visitors were Mrs. Gilbert Welch, Harbor Light Chapter No. 600, San Diego.,:; Calif; MM; too* Mauiice RNiedensatMl Joseph ago Taylor, Trinity ObapterjNoi; 541J Davenport, Iowa; iMartin Long, Syracuse Chapter , No. 3% : Syracuse. Mrs; Roscoe Black- * ford presided as Worthy Matron and Kentieibh Mutter as Worthy Patron. The Ohaipter voted to order 1872 Eastern Star Calendar towels as a fund-raising project. Jerry Stonehocker, memiber of the Garden City Masonic Temple Corporation, reported on the remodeling of the C. R. Anltlhony store and the Masonic Temple. He encouraged members to aittend the corporation meetings the third Friday of each month in the Masonic Temple. , '« Tyirian Lodge wil present 50 and 25 year pirn at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 12 in the masonic Temple. The Chapter received an tnivi- taition to the reception of Christian C, Bomberger, A'Sfociatei Grand Patron, ait McPnerson June 12. ."'• Finney. Ohaipter wil' entertain itShe; District Aide of District No. 66, Mrs. Margaret L. Lau- baoh, CoolMge, on June 15. Other invitations received: St. Bernard Ohaptei- No. 97, Dodge Cifty, June 8, where District Aide, Mrs. Ruby Smith, Minneola, wil make her visit; Satanta Chapter No. 457, June 10, Sally Ramaige, Plains District Aide, visits; Ulysses Chapter No. 471, June 15, Miadaline Harding, Elkhart, District Aide,, visits. Plans were made to attend these inject- The 50tlh -aininiivieirdary reunion of Garden CSity High.. School graduating class of 1921, with the class of 1922 (the 49'ers) and the class of 1920 bias been termed a success. Albert' H. Mearohey of Hinis- dale,, 11., member of the class of '22, has pnepanad a resume of itihe festtvilties. Everyone agreed it was one of the most enjoyalble evenings they toad had in a long time, he wrote. The evening banquet took place Saturday, May 29, at Conitimenital Inn.' Attenidtog were 16 of the class of '21, nine from the class of '22 and ttoee from the class of '20. "Starting «it 7 p.m., with an hour of reminisoing with former sclhooHmialteis and theiir spouses, the evening proceeded with the dinner, which began with a toast of champagnie—©ifit from Aleyin Burtis, a 49'r who could mot albteinid. , Jeneviieve Herman Divine served' .as toastmisibress. She sang a verse sihe had composed in ihonior oif the Garden City . football team of some 50 years Burr Logan gave;; the tribute in memoi-y ;of known ofeparted members of 'toe class of 1921. Each 'one was asked to give a brief history of Ms or her life since giraidualtiion. Many 'have made their marks in the world of business and the professions. Most have cMldren and grandchildren. The majority now are reibimed. . \. • • ' " v . Those who responded toctade: Olaiss of '1921— Ruth Alen (Mrs. C. M. Efcstrom), Eugene, Ore.; Ernest BaldrMge, Colorado Springs; NeUie Bowman (Mrs. George Smttaclainid), Vancouver, Wash.; Viietor Farr, Carmel Valley, Calif. ; Fnedeirick Finnup, Burr J. Logan, Eva Mc- Oue (Mrs. William M. Stepih- s)', ' homa City, Col. Dtensil Lowe, Hubdhdn- son; Mots. Nellie (Lamar) Evans and Mrs. Velva (Lamar) Love of Kalvasta represented the class of 1920. Responsible for arranigemenite for the (reunion were Mrs. R. H. Parcr, Dona E. Long; Burr Logan, Helen Gingrich and Mrs. WiiMiam Stephens, who served as secretary. Anyone who wishes to learn the addresses of any of the class of 1921 or who would lake informiaition about where non- aibtemdiing membars are, if still living, may contact Mrs. Stephens, 902 N. 6th, Garden City, 67846. .For inlormaiMon about the class of1922, those interested may contact Mrs. Ted Bailey, 202 Colorado Ave., Ordwiay, Colo., 81063. Calendar of Social Evenfs TUESDAT IjINCJOKN GOODWILL EIHU — 1:30 Ma's. W. A. Miller, 1411 N. GOLDEN -VAJLdjEY EHU —.1:80 p.m. Mrs. .Jess Murdock, 902 N. 7th. SESNIHOR -CITIZEN'S SEWESTG— noon, Oivic Center. Salad luncheon, Anyone welcome. WEDNESDAY PROGRESSIVE EHU — 2 p.m. Mrs. John Roth. Holoomb. EIAIN1BOW GBRILS— 7 p.Mt Masonic Temple. Initiation. DEAR ANN LANDERS My husband and I do not drink alcoholic beverages nor do w* serve alcohol in our home. Our religion forbids it. It wa* never a problem when we lived in a community where many others in our social circle adhered to She same practice. My husband was transferred to Toledo recently. His Colleague* have been wonderful and soon we must reciprocate their hospitality. While they are aware that we do not drink my husband says they might consider us peculiar it we don* serve cocktails when they ai our guests.. I don't want to alienate him from his business associates, but I would feel guilty if I broke this -tradition Please advise.—LDS Dear LDS: Anyone who ccn siders you "peculiar" because you are faithful to a religion which prohibits alcohol is not worth 'having in the house. Stick with your convictions. * * * Drinking may Ibe "in" to tt kids you run with—but it can put you .'tout" for keeps. You can cool it and; stay popular. Read "Booze And You—For Teen-Agera Only." Send 35c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request Vicki Johanna Phillips became tfie bride of Steven Dougas Lobdell Wednesday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m., in a candle- ight service at St. James Lutheran Church. The Rev. var Gjellstad officiated ait the double-ring ceremony Parents of the bride and groom are Mrs. • Frank Philips of 1602 Belmont and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lobdell of 1616 Jan. The organist was Rex Joyce. Selections chosen for the wedding were "Offeretory and Consecration," "Panis Angeiicus," "Agnus Ded," "Ava Maria," Bach's "Preludes in P Major and G Minor," "Trumpet Tune" and Mendelssohn'! "Wedding March." White majestic daisies and) white tapers decorated *ihe altar. Yellow hurricane lamps with lavender bows lined the church aisle. The bride, given in marriage by her brother Kelley, wore a gown of Schiffle embroidery and Venise-lace, designed in empire sUhoutte with high neckline, full bishop sleeves and an A-line skirt sweeping into a chapel train. A picture bait of silk organize encircled with matching lace held her oor length illusion veil. The ride's bouquet was yellow oses and baby's breath with avender streamers. The matron of honor was tlrs. AUen Shelton and. the jridesmiaids were Mrs. Rodey Kitts and Tina Carter. They wore ftoor-length peasant kirts of yellow and lavender print with white organza blous- «s and white floppy picture hats. They carried baskets of whits daisies. Bridget Philips, nttece of the >ride, served as flower girl, ler floor-length dress was a replica of the attendants and he also carried a basket of white daisies. Kelley Phillips Jr., nephew of *he bride, was rtogbearer. Best man was Doug Selich- now and groomsmen were tfark Ploeger and Tom Shelor. Terry's Photography MR. AND MRS. STEVEN DOUGLAS LOBDELL (Vicki Johanna Phillips) Kerry Phillips, Ed LobdeJl and Pete Warner seated the guests. Presiding at the guest book was Mrs. .Kelley Phillips, sister-in-law of itihe bride, and Linda Young of Bunion receiv- ekt the gifts. The bride's mother wore a yellow chiffon dress with white 'accessories, and the mother of the bridegroom wore a yellow suit with white accessories. Both mothers had corsages of yellow cymbidium orchids. The honored guest was Mrs. Hamroaih Rosebrook, grandmother of the bride. Assisting wifch the church reception were Mrs. Clifton Hull of Satanta, Terry WMson, Vicki Lobdell, Mary Lewis and Mrs. Gary Slough. The receptionists wore short lavender and yellow printed skirts with sheer white .peasant blouses. The three-tiered wedldling cake was decorated with pale yellow icing and white wedding bells. The tiers were separated with grecian columns. Lavender mums encircled the base of the cake. Yellow hurricane lamps with lavender bows also decorated the table. The bride and groom were Garden City High School and Garden City Community 1 College graduates. The bride had been employed at Patterson's Diamond Jewelers and the grooms, thie Nu-Style Shoe Store. The couple will be at hania at 3203 Helms, Austin, Tex. Both have employment in Austin and plan to attend the University of Texas. VFW Ladies' Auxiliary Installs NewOtticers Before bridges were built, the ore-wagon road from Rico, Colo., to the nearest shipping point crossed a river 40 times in 40 miles. ' Cassidy-Williams Vows Solemnized in Illinois Installation of officers highlighted the recent meeting of the Ladies' Auxiliary to V.F.W., Post 2279. Mrs. Charles Staley, past pesiidfent, installed Mrs. Lester Habn as president; Mrs Bob Witman, senior vice-president; Mrs. R. W. Eddington, junior vice-president; Mrs. John Pfeiff, secretary; Mrs. Ben Linenberger, treasurer; Mrs. Carl Boyd, conductress; Mrs. Rose Naab, patriotic instructor; Mrs. Albert King, guard; Mrs. Qrron Gay, historian; Nellie Fae White, musician; Mrs. Earl Wallace, Uiree-year trustee and Mmes. Herman Lang, Elmer Richmeier, Marvin Deehant and Richard Appelhans, color bearers. Mrs. Blanche Humphrey, chaplain, will be installed later. Mrs. Jim WaMer presided for 31 members present Mrs. Appeihans conducted memorial services for deceased auxiliary members. Members decided to purchase a life membership in the nation- al home for Mrs. Waller, v;ho is retdaing as president. Gold Star mothers will be taken on an outing laifcer this manitli. Mrs. Gene Brecheisen, Mrs Deehant anid Mrs. Earl Wai lace took cakes to Shiadylawn Care Home for Etta Kerr, Willie Thomas and Ernest Carter. Committee chairmen for next year are Mrs. Humphrey, national home; Mrs. Naab, Americanism and loyalty day; Mrs. Witmian, membership; Mrs. Eddington, community service and national disaster; Mrs. Linenberger, junior girls' unit; Mrs. Richmeier, voice of, democracy; Mrs. Lang, publicity; Mrs. Waller, buddy poppy; Mrs. Lester Harp, endowment; Mrs. Joe Michno. investigating; Mrs. John Talley, hospital sewing; Mrs. Staley, hospital cookies; Mrs. Ralph Biggs, legislation, Mrs Waller, bingo:, Mrs.. Clarence Mulligan, kitchen; Mrs.. Witman, dining room. The 'next meeting will be 8 p.m. June 28 at the post home. Miss Horn Is Shower Honoree A miscellaneous shower Tuesday evening in. ; the home' of Mrs. J. K. Diinayanit, 604 N. lO'lih, ' feted'' Jamie Horn, brid«- elect of Marvin Farr. Their wedding is to be SsitordaV, Juiie 12. • Miss Horn and her mobher, Urs. Lee Day, were giieetbed by the hostess and pinned with daisy corsages tied with ribbons of the bride's Chosen colors- pink, yellow, aqua, lime and lavender. Other gueste included Mmies. Gainold Farr Jr., Bob Cuearola, Jieff Smith, J. D. Farr, Larry Farr and Miss LaReita Horn. The foonoree and Mrs. J. D. Farr won game prizes. Mrs. Garold Fairtr Jr., assisted th* bride-elect as She opened hei gifts. Individual cafe&s decorated with rosetes in bridal colors and pum'C'h were served to guests from a table covered w'Lth •white linen edged in white lace. The table was centered with a bride .and groom under a white lace umbrella trimmed with muM-eolored ribbons and white be>ls. ante JAMES DWAYNE name chosen by Mr. is the and Mrs. Leroy Fief, Scott City, for their so<n. He was bom May 27. EMPEROR CLOCK COMPANY Dipt. N47 Faichbpt, Alabama 3653Z Name-. City.—. State. The Richard Stan'slbury fam- , ily, members of Finney Chap- ; tor, have e»tabi^ed residence in Albttquerque,;' NiMr arid are moving their memberships to San Martial Chaipter No. 34, Albuquerque. Mrs. Earl Ekstrom, 2850 M«d- ison St., Eugene, Ore., t member df Finney Chapiter, visited the clhaipter Tuesday,, ^^ «%r being gone 27 y^ars. ,• Gingrich and Dora Long, al of Garden Citty; 'Genevieve Hermiani (Mrs. W. A. Deviine), :•• -.Caaaaaeak, ; Mo.; Georgia Keier "(Mrs. R. v H. Parr), Merceville;.:.Besisiiie Neiar (Mrs. 'Jake. Breming), Dew- field; Elmer. SW|i, Tucisodi,^ v Ariz., MMlhia Dee-WaMace, 'Mt. PteaBant, M4Ch., .and -Edna Rihea (Mris. Harry W. Thompson), EldOnado. 'Memberis of the Class of 1922 who attended are Alita Bland ( Mrs. Lester, McCluiie) , Lamar, Colo.; Dorothy Boswndih (Mrs. Ted Bailey), , Ordwiay, Colo.; Lola Camibiidge (Mrs. C. C. Wiicox),'Esibher Mcdure (Mrs. Charles Staley) and Edigar Gibson, Garden City; Albert Me- rotiiey, Bims4al^, 11.; Philip Pepoon, Newpont News, Va.; Janet Purdy (Mrs. Howard M-c- Oarty), Hubdhinson, . and Norma Rowe (Mirs. H. G. Gunn), Okla- Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Williams are at home in Wheeling, Ml., 'after a wedding trip to Switzerland. The wedding was May 1 >at Our Lady of Ransom Church, Niles, HI. The bride, the former Mary Pat Cassidy, is thie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Cassidy of Niles. The bridegroom, of Wheeling, BL, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Williams, 1708 "A" Garden City. The Rev. John Hefferan officiated in the double-ring ceremony. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a demi- bell silhouette gown of Venise lace and organza. Pattricia Waitterlohn, Morton Grove, 111., was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Mary Fran Consola, Mofeena, HI., and Mary Pat O'Maley, Chicago. David Williams of Columibus, Ohio, iserved as best man. William Williams of Garden City and Thomas Cassidy of Niles were groomsmen. Toco John's 305 E, Kansas "Th* Hotfpit Spot In Town- Tutsday—Rating Shows 7;3S-fl:35 Tonltt and Tuesday Consider th» Combination BOB & CAROL fir TED & ALICE A reception was given in the grand ballroom of the Orring- «n Hotel, Evanston, HI. The bride earned her B. A., maithemiaitaos from Mumdekin College, Chicago. The bridegroom is a senior systems programmer for All- state Insurance Co, He earned B.A. in mathematics from Wichita State University. THE SIGN OF A GOOD BUSINESS NEIGHBOR THE SIGN OF A MERCHANT WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE... This emblem Identifies the clvlo-mlnded businessmen who sponsor GOLDIE HAWN Walter Matthew "CACTUS FLOWER* In the, community. For information call Phone. 275.5122 NEW SUMMER HOURS Monday Thru Saturday 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. SUNDAYS 9A.M. to 7P.M. 'A A

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