Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 26, 1951 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1951
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS The Register News Daily Magazine Page BY CHIC YOUNG DID YOU' J GET THE ) RAISE P ^ -—^'tlJi -Jl-, AT LUNCH HE EXPLAINED HO/VJ ^ HAPD HE'S /,, WOPKED ALL iLj'^ HIS LIFE-ftlS •^7; STRUGGLE FOP SURVIVAL Ct>pt I'jM, Kjn^ Jnfufft byn<^.^ltc, ln(, Woild n^hli tucnfj HE TOLD ME IT MADE AN OLD MAN OUT ,0F HIM BEFOPE HIS TIME HE HAD IN TEAPS •FOPE ] NO "AND COME TO THINK, ^ " I PAID THE LUNCH CHECK, TOO.' UX ABNER BY AL CAPP I PICKED VOU, FOR A BRIDE, BECAUSE I COULD TEU- 7MAT, OP AUI- THE GIRLS-NOU WEPE THE LI ANXIOUS VO> MARRV ME-.T IAOOD^IT ) RlGMT/:'^ ONLV ONE ' Tu^M V AH )S AKJAIOUS TO f> MAPJRV IS A BOV WAME OF LI'L ABNER/.'] BIN ANXIOUS T'MARPsN I'M SAFE HIM SIMCEAHWAS__ THREE VARS OLD .'T^ WE. BOTH HAVE ONC WONDEFlFUL THING IM COMMOM.'?'NEITHER OF US WANTS • THEOTWER-r ALL VO' WANTS 1ST' BE A SHORT- OFtDER COOK IN A DIMER- , AN'ALL AH WAK4TS| IST'BE MISSUS 'L ABKIER. VOKUM."? THEN-LET'S BOTH TR^ TO GET WHAT WE WANT— • WET'S „ ESCAPE? THAR'SA -r HIDEOUS > CRITTER, ) BLOCKIN'^ -ri_i' ^ PRISCiLLA'S POP WHY DO M3U VORTIFV ME LIKE THIS? EVERV TIME '^E HAVE <1 COMPANJY, MDU FALL; ASLEEP.' ys- ^<SZy >LL EVENING LONG VOU DIDN'T SAY^ ^ 300'j •Y VAi VIlMllt f^Jj-JtC. U. «. MT. Off FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEMDS BY BLOSSER NOTICE WHAT L SLIPPED MIM FOR . [THE 6KTRA5 !RVlCt?| RtMeMSERTHAT WHEN >CU'Re • MOPPING BEUS' WHATLL DO WITH ALL TME. . L CIGARS?^ AS you RED RYDER BY FRED HARMAN S£T ^ r//^£ 70 VR.Al\> '71ance« Ttarougb tbe Fttea "I Th* Ke{jster and The Newt 55 YEARS AGO TODAY Ben Sessel of the U. S, aothing Store will go to St. Louis tomorrow morning on a several days business trip. The Republican county convention nominated the following ticket: for circuit clerk. Robert L. Lacey; for supervisor. Curtis Williams; for attorney, G. Gale Gilbert. BUGS BUNNY CAPTAIN EASY BY TURNER THE MERVE OP CALLING KT THIS HOUR TO LURE DON BKCK TO I'M $URE POM YimoT IT WORRIES ME TOO,! IM^MT rn uci p PAPi \ R05E. TELL KIT m I eOIUc5 /V ^rER DOMl HURRV, OR VaU'lL Ml&sl WANT TO HELP PAP/V. 6Ur WE HAVEMT KEN ABLE TO 5PEAIC TO HIW ^IJJCe HE WENT TO THE HARDWICKS" THAT CIRCU5 TRAIM 40 YEARS AGO TODAY The old "Seedlings" from Ina are in Mt. Vernon this morning, to-wit: Nathan Riddin, age 96, and Steve Westbrook, aged 83. They stepped'around with as much energy as boys. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY The war spirit is filtering into Mt. Vernon and since Saturclay several applicants have visited the local recruiting office. General Pershing is at this time in Mexico, with a force of American soldiers in pursuit of the bandit, Villa. Dr. Robert R. Smith received word this afternoon that he had been appointed superintendent ct the new state hospital for the insane located in Alton. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY Mrs. Mary J. Goodrich died Sunday at her home on south l7th srteet in' her 83rd year. Col. J. L. Oliver, chief engineer of the Southern Gem Coal Co., has moved to Mt. Vernon and now resides on 18th street. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY Jacob Astor Musgrave of Wayne county was fatally injured in an automobile accident which occurred about four miles west of Fairfield last night. The Gem Restaurant owned by Spiro Hassakis will be opened Monday morning at 6 o'clock. 20 YEARS AGO~TOUAY The dinner and meeting of the officials and representatives of the Maytag company last night at Hotel Emmerson was attended by the largest number of Maytag people ever assembled in Mt. Vernon, and in additiorj many prominent business and professional men were present. Mrs. Edna Beard, wife of Eugene Beard, died yesterday at Hamilton, O., and the body will be brought here for burial. 1.5 YEARS AGO TODAY Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Wielt announce the marriage of their daughter, Dorothy to Knox Johnson, son of James Johnson of this city. Dr. and Mrs. L. Irons and Mrs. Ralph Maxey and little daughter, Jqne, have returned from a three week's motor trip through the eastern states. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Karl A. Gillig, of Peoria, past commander of the Department of Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars will speak at tonight's program at the Mt. Vernon Soldier's and Sailors' Reunion, at the Fairgrounds. George Schroeter, manager of Carps', is retiring chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Retail Merchants' Division. An annual meeting and buffet supper will be held this evening to elect a new chairman. 5 YEARS AGO TODAY Mt. Vernon's emergency food relief drive to aid in feeding the hungry millions in Europe will close this week, Milton Forsyth, chairman announced. A total of $566.29 has been contributed. Sgt. Frank J. Murphy. 20 year old Mt. Vernon soldier, has been missing from a boat since June 8 at Linz, Austria. Mrs. Russell Jenkins of 721 south 17th street Has received word that her son,' Marine Pfc. Randall Jenkins, is st ationed in Oahu, Hawaii. RlJTfl MILLETT By RUTH MlUtETT NEA Staff Writer BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MARTIN HCY, VOU! Win Respect Rather Than 'Make' a Good Impression A girl holding down her first job wants to know how she can "make a good impression" on the people she meets every day in the course of perfoi ning her job. That phrase "make a good ir<i- pression" shows she is thinking too much in terms of herself and too little in terms of other people. The world would be a mighty cold place indeed if everybody went around tiying to make "a good impression" on everybody else. We'd all be actors and there wouldn't be any audience. We'd all be wearing masks and \ve wbuld never get through to each other's real personalities at all. So let's not even talk about "making good impressions." Let's take the situation from an, entirely different angle. How can this girl be helpful to and win the respect of the people she meets? Work Well Done Merits Respect First of all", she can do her job as well as possible. Quiet, unobtrusive efficiency always wins respect. It also gives sclf-respeCt to the person doing the job. Tiien, too, she can brighten her dealings with others by kindness, consideration, and good manners. A good disposition and a ready smile will help to smooth the way too. The working girl who is sure BY WILLIAMS that she measures up in these three respects doesn't have to worry about "making « good impress" on others. She will do that—and wore, too. She will win their respect— and she will gain a new self- respect. The way to "rnake a good impression" is to forget all about making a good impression—and do one's job efficiently and with graciousness toward others. That life Insurance talesman has got the boss thinking about dying—It's a good time to ask for a raieer KlUEm PACE VY lULlVS LONG amucm n9 BY NCA senvicc. < NC XXXII T ARRY STONE came out of it and cringed from Nanabarro in horror. "I tell you I don't know anything. All I saw was old Barney lying on his back with that hole in his face." I was glad I was an innocent bystander, but I kibitzed: "If you were clean, why did McNamara come here so fast after I sav» you yesterday?" "Why shouldn't I hire a lawyer when I found out you were wise to my being there?" Nanabarro didn't like having questions answered that way and he brought the gun barrel around against the back of Stone's neck. Stone fell forward and lay groaning on the car-pet, I was sure Lou had been a wrestler the way he went to work on Stone, Stone finally fainted again and they exhausted the seltzer water. "Of course, it's none of my business, but I'm beginning to think I the punk doesn't know anything," iT said. j Lou moved in and kicked Stone. Bones crunched. Stone did not scream—it was an animal moan. I took the little automatic He'd make before you a pop-gun like that, sieve out of you dropped him." • • • WITH Sonya beside nje In the car and my gun back in its holster, 1 headed for Fifth Street and reached it about 10 blocks from the Prater ofBce. I debated with myself for a few moments and said to her; 1 wonder if you'd do me a •small favor. I've got a little burglary to do. Star pulled off a Job at the same spot last night and had a narrow escape. HI need a lookout. How about it?" She eyed me with puzzlement. away from Sonya without finding the slightest resistance on her part. I put my two fingers around its butt and one of them tight on the trigger. Lou's gun was in his pocket and Nanabarro was saying: "Had enough? We've got all night." "No, Nanabarro, It's all over." He whirled, turning my gun on me. I hated to think of the competition of Sonya's pistol with that, but 1 said: "Did you ever win a lottery prize?'* He shook his head. "Then you aren't hicky enough. Don't try it." Lou saved face for him. "Let him win this round, boss. You know what can do—«vea with "That shindig at the Prater company? Was that Star?" I grinned. "You saw his shiner. They've probably got a new watchman on the job tonight and of course he'll probably make the office only once an hour. You sit out back and toot the horn if you see him coming. Ill duck out the front—he'll check the back door because the beat cop checks the front doors." "Well, it seems like a chance. Is it important?" "It is. I'm going to steal a yellow, two-piece bathing suit. By the way. it will fit you too." I turned off two blocks short of the Prater office and turned up an alley that would run back of it I pulled into a shadowed area about 100 yards from where I figured the rear entrance would be. "I hope you know what you're doing," she said. "Me, too. Well, here goes nothing." There was a new lock en the door, but my special set of keys did the trick. I went inside and etowd the door behind me. I hadnt the slightest idea of where to look for that yellow bathing suit I thought U altogether potfiblt that Mar had I swiped it the night before. Its lew^ was hardly one that Carl Prater would mention to police. I remembered Sales Manager Wertheim saying that Miss Mayhew had changed in a dressing room. Finally I found a lodier room used by all the female help, but no special dressing room for Clara Mayhew. I decided Wertheim had been putting on airs. I didnt know which locker wm Clara's so I searched Wertbeim's files. No answer there. Prater's secretary might have the recwd. I entered his offices and I began to turn desk drawers inside out. I found seven kinds of nail polish, three stacks of love letters, a folder on the Grand Canyon, .a bottle of expensive perfimie and various other feminine accoutrements of an interesting nature, but not what I was looking for. Then it occurred to me that perhaps Clara Mayhew herseU night keep the record, • • • WENT out to her desk and tried the draweirs. They were locked, but all were locked by one master lock. I got out my keys again, and once more one of them worked. I found nothing of importance in the top drawer. I opened the second drawer, and actually I was still looking for the precious list for a split-second after 1 had clearly seen the yellow bathing stiit. It was tucked away in the back, but I had pulled the drawer all the way out, and I hadn 't spotted it at once because I hadn 't been looking for it there. Well, it confirmed my hunch about that bathing suit. Clara Mayhew wasnt leaving it around loose. Her locker would be the obvious place for anybody to look for it, and she was hiding it in her desk. 1 reached for it. .elt the sattny cloth. I heard a slight sound behind me. let go of the cloth and started to duck. I didn't duck aoMi enough or fast enough OT'both— anyway I reaUzed that I had bcw hit and hit hard. The top o< Clam Mayhew'6 desk was coming up to me. and there wasn't anythiaffj could do to keep « awaf I 410 BO

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