Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 26, 1951 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1951
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS EMERGENCY PENTAGON FOR USE IN A-BOMB ATTACK IS BEING CARVED OUT OF HILLSIDE IN MARYLAND HILLfllDE PENTAGON: .Thl» photo from Pathfinder it a long-range view of Camp Ritchie Project. By DOUGLAS LARSiEX BTEA Staff Corespondent WASHINGTON — (NEA) — Night and day for more than six months, Army engineers have be «n tunneling into Raven Rock Mountain, 90 miles from Washington, to build a stand-by Pentagon for use in case of A-bomb attack. Recent orders issued to all Pen-- lagon employes, giving them specific, secret points to report to in case of attack, indicate that the project might soon be ready ,^ for partial use. ~ What is called the Camp Ritchie Project has been kept under heavy security wraps. The only official announcement of its existence was a terse Department of Defense release a year ago which said, "plans are going forward for the establishment of a supplemental communications installation at and nearby Camp Ritchie, Md." The site is ner the Pennsylvania-Maryland Ixirder, Meantime, rumors of its size, location and use have been rife among Washington's defense em­ ployes. Excitement and curiosity among residents living in the area of the project have Ijeen intense. « • • • Day an** night huge trucks STATEMENT OF^ PUBLIC FUNDS STATE OF ILLINOIS, COUNtY OF .lEFFERSON The following is a statement of Henry L. Downey, Supervisor of the town of Webber in the County and State aforesaid, of the amount of public funds received and expended by him during the fiscal year just ending 31st day of March, 1951. Showing the amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of the said fiscal year, the amount of public funds received, from what source received, amount of public funds expended and for what purposes expended during fiscal year ending as aforesaid. The said Henry L, Downey, being duly sworn doth depose and say that the following statement by him subscribed is a correct statement of above stated. The amount of public funds received, the source from which received, the amount expended and purposes for which expended as set forth in said statement. HENRY L. DOWNEY, Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st day of June, A. D., 1951. H. C. LOVIN. (SEAL) H. C. LOVIN, My commission expires February 28, 1954. TOWN FUNDS Received and From What Sources Received April 1, 1950~Balancc on hand $ 824.38 April 1, 1950—Received from County Treasurer 3,181.53 $4,005.91 rumble into the heavily guarded gates, loaded with all kinds of building materials and weird machinery. From a nearby highway you can see corrugated iron .sheds covering what are apparently huge holes In the side of the mountain. Surrounding towns such as Blue Ridge Summit, Penn., are booming with business from the thousands of construction workers. P. J. Healy Co., the firm which dug New York 's Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson, is the contractor. With the Pentagon's top secret label on (he project, it's only natural that it would inspire wild speculation. But some solid facts have emerged from the rumors surrounding the Camp Ritchie Project. There's no doubt that its main function will be to serve as a stand-by communications center for defense officials to direct America's far-flung defense commitments in case the Pentagon is bombed. * • • « It is iioubtful whether the project is enormous enough to house Tulsa Has New Murder Mystery 6y Associated PrcKs TUf-SA, Okla., June 26. — The sheared, lower part of a Venetian blind provided police with a tangible clui today a.s they mulled the ..andkerchicf-slrangulation murder of a ayoung, pregnant housewife. "Finding of this part of the Venetian blind from the victim's apartment changes the entire picture of the case," Chief Fred Graves said last night. Ho made . his statement after it was discovered in a clump of weeds near Mrs. Dorothy Waldrop's apartment—and not too all of the 31,000 Pentagon workers. But it will rAost certainly be used for key defense officials and their staffs. It is estimated iliat Raven Rock Mountain .vill have carved out of its insides about 3,000,000 square feet of office space. There is no estimate available as to the cost of the undertaking. The orders given recently to Pentagon employes specify 20 secret points on the outskirts of Washington at which they should gather in case of enemy bombing attack on the Capitol, Just how many will be told to report to Cimp Ritchie from these points is also a matter of secrecy. Part of the Ritchie project includes living quarters for persons who might have to be working in (he big hole. FOR SALE OLD NEWSPAPERS 5c RUN DIE Auctioneer T. B. RUSSELL. Mt. Varnen. IM. SALE BARN. Ever:r Monday Furnitur* — Farm —or— Land — Satisfaction Guaranteed — All Sales broadcast ovtr WMIX. Phonss'. Hoyelton tl7.0 Day — Mt V. Midweit Seed Co. 127, Night — Mt V.. C, W Wait*, R«s, 1948-W, EXPENDITURES— April, 1950—John R. Howell, J. P. Service $ April, 1950~Henry L. Downey, Supervisor Service \pril, 1950—L. E. Abel, Town Oerk April, 1950—Clyde Cherry. J. P. Service April, 1950—L. S. Wood, Supplies May, 1950—Johnetta Kirkpatrick, typing Supors. Report June, 1930—Mt. Vernon Register-News, Publ. Supors. Report June 1950—E. R. Staley, Supors. Bond June, 1950—Ray S. Kirkpatrick, part payment for assessing . June, 1950—Ray S. Kirkpartrick, organizing Board of Health June, 1950—L. E. Abel, organizing Board of Health June, 1950—Henry L. Downey, oi-ganizing Board of Health Sept. 1950—Clyde Oierry, J. P. Services Sept., 1950—Earl Atkinson, Commissioner Sept., 1950—J. R. Howell, J. P. Services Sept., 1950—Henry L. Downey, Supvrs. Services Sept. 1950—L, E. Abel. Town Clerk Sept., 1950—Ray S. Kirkpatrick, Final payment for assessing Sept., 1950—Geo. W. Howard, legal services Nov., 1950—Pixman Lbr. Co., paint & oil for Town House Nov., 1950—A. L. Scott, painting Town House Nov., 1950—L. S. Wood, supplies Feb., 1951—J, R. Howell, Special Board Meeting Feb., 1951—Clyde Cherry, Special Board Meeting Feb,, 1950—Henry L. Downey, Spec. Board Meeting April, 1951—Earl Atkinson, Commissioner 3.50 53.50 56.45 3.50 6.72 5.00 26.88 40.00 50.00 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50 535.00 3.50 30.50 46.65 240.00 10.00 18.20 15.00 5.00 3.50 3.50 3.50 710.00 TOTAL EXPENDITURES TOTAL RECEIPTS TOTAL EXPENDITURES $4,005.91 , 1,883.90 ..$1,883.90 9 BALANCE ON HAND $2,122.01 ROAD AND BRIDGE FUND April, 1950—Balance on Hand $1,875.91 April, 1950—Work done with tractor 15.00 April, 1950—Received from County Treasurer 3,475.06 $5,365.97 EXPENDITURES 1950—Less McCormick, lumber $1,225.20 National Auto Co.. parts 19.59 Jefferson Service Co., gas, fuel, oil and grease 382.03 Maxey Motor Co., repairs and parts r.^. Country Mutual Ins. Co., Ins. on Truck Willis Keele, nails and bolts E. W. Werner Co. parts for Cat 54.78 Willis Chambliss, welding and parts 173.00 Osborn and Clark, rubber boots 20.90 D. 0. Grecnwalt, hauling gravel 87.45 Mt. Carmel Gravel Co., gravel 21.04 Illinois Central R. R., used ties 11.25 Kenneth Braddy, labor 22.50 C. F. Atkinson, labor 41.50 J. E. Shelton, labor 47.50 Glen Hughes, labor 27.50 Claude Robertson, labor 24,00 Richard Body, labor 344.00 Walter Jackson, labor 749.50 Henry L. Downey, 1 per cent road and bridges 36.53 176.89 23.12 75.27 TOTAL EXPENDITURES TOTAL RECEIPTS TOTAL EXPENDITRES $3,563.55 ..$5,365.97 ,.. 3,563.55 BALANCE ON HAND $1,802.42 POOR RELIEF PAUPER FUND April 1. 1950—Balance on Hand $ 330.00 April 1, 1950-'Received from County Treasurer 3,738.48 April, 1950—Jim McClure. transient, room and board April, 1950—Woodrow Green, grocery orders for one year April, 1950—F. T. Kimmeriing, grocery orders for one year .... April, 1950—Arthur R. Smith, grocery orders for 6 months .... April, 1950—Claude Robertson, grocery orders for 5 months .... April, 1950—Billie Young, grocery orders for 6 months > April, 1950—Herman Gannon, grocery orders for 2'/4 months .. April, 1950—Raymond Li.scnby, grocery order for 1 month .... April, 1950— Hershe! Tate, grocery order for 2 weeks April, 1950—Woodrow Green, medical April, 1950—F. E. Kimmeriing, The Deal Clinic, Springfild, 111. .-•^•'•i, 1950—^Mrs. Arthur Smith, medical and hospitalization .. April, '950—Mrs. Blanche Peterson, medical & hospitalization April, 1950—Mrs. Virginia Gowler, medical and hoi^pitalization April, 1950—Mrs. Edna Williamson, and child, medical hospitalization Dec, 1950—F. E. Kimmeriing, coal Aug., 1950—Security Bank, Mt. Vernon, paid warrant and Int. Mar., 1951—L. E. Abel, Jefferson Memorial Hospital $4, .$ 068.48 35.00 180.00 240.00 162.00 112.00 105.00 67.00 29.00 24.00 5.00 47.00 177.97 182.65 114,35 199.05 18.00 611.40 388.29 TOTAL EPENDITURES TOTAL RECEIPTS TOTAL EXPENDITURES .$4,068.48 2,697.61 ,.$2,697.61 BALAJVCE ON HAND $1,370.87 L. L. PHEMISTER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1007 Moin —Tel. 187 New two bedroom modern home shown above. Modern kitchen and bath, hardwood floors, utility room; GI loan on property. Suburban location—priced at $7000. I. —Very Liveable five room modern home, with nice lawn and ihade; 2 acres ground, garage, Fairfield Road—price $10,000. 2.—Store building and modern living quarters—established location— good investment—price $1,'5,.';00. 3.—The "Million S Grape" property at 1500 Salem Road. Buildinff is 50x60 feet; nice lot, city water, immediate possession—terms. 4.—Small down payment, balance like rent buys business building on state highway in Opdyke, III., with living quarters on second floor. S.—Income property, east part—$95 month rental—price $6000. DO YOU NEED THREE BEDROOMS? This Ultra Modern, Three-Bed room Home Affords Excepfionol Livability FOR INSTANCE, it has a large living room meandering into the kitchen ond dinette area—high windows in the bedrooms, affording plenty of space for furnifbre. In addition to this it has hardwood floors—inlaid linoleum in the kitchen, both and utility room—outomatic heat, and it is located in a highly desirable area. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS BEAUTIFUL HOME CAN BE PURCHASED AT A BARGAIN PRICE BUT YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY Call Us Today! JAMISON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENCY TELEPHONES: 372 - 373 far from where her body was found ye..icrday. Police first theorized Mrs. Wal- diop, six months pregnant, 22, and the wife of a taxicab company woriccr, was forced or lured from her home Sunda.v night. Then, they thought, the victim was made to walk—oi even carried—to a grassys nearby hill, murdered, and then raped. But the clipped blind. Graves said, indicates different action. He did not elaborate. Five Other Murders Five other women have been murdered in the same general neighborhood since 1942. Their slaying.s remain unsolved. Jury Here Finds Man Innocent A jury of 12 men here yesterday afternoon adjudged Louis Harley, of near Dahlgren, as innocent of a vagrancy charge. The vagrancy count charged the defendant with being a "known thief." Harley was arrested by county officers after some chickens were stolen near Opdyke several nights ago. The jury case was tried before W. O. Page, justice of the peace. ' HOME FOR SALE, TRADE OR LONG LEASE-BY OWNER 227 S. 18»h 7 rooms— 3 bed rooms, large closet In each room. Carpeted throughout upstairs and down. Hot water heater, stoker, hot water heat, V/s baths. Half way between Field and Jr. High school. Venetian blinds throughout. Curtains. Ready to move in. New awning on every window. See Troy Hawkins 205 N. 14th JULIA RUTHERFORD-REAL ESTATE JOHN R. WOOLSEY, SoUfmon Phone 400 or 48 1011 Moin St. f20O Cash, f28 per month, huyn 3 roamt, north part—price $3000, 9 room modern home in west part—t bsthi, bMcment, nitable tor duplex; cottate in rear. Immediate pesseuion. A rral bay for quick sale. 41 acre farm, 5 miles east of city, 4 room houM, barn, ehlcken houae, electricity, telephone—price $3509. $500 cash, balance like rent, buys 4 room all modem bungalow, north part; built-in bath, built-in cabinet, hardwood floors, poMeislon July I—a real buy. Price only 15500. For rent—4 room modem furnished apartment, 712 Jordan; t room modern furnished apartment, 315 south 7th. Phone 400 or it. JOE P. BOYLE & GEORGE M. COX REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE Horvey Williomson • Don Thomot. Sol«im«ii 1009 Main St. ^ Phont3150 New 4 room buntalow, modern except heat, 10 aeret of land, t miles out. t% acres, 8 room house, close In, all weather road—$1000 down. New 4 room buntralow. modern except heat, attached |[ara(C, near 26th street, went Broadway. 5 room modern bungalow, 97 feet hard road frontare, near Summersville school, east hard roaa—priced reasonable. New 4 room modern bungalow, suburban, eity water—15000. Terms. $750 down and $80 per month, buys two properties on one lot, paved street, Franklin school—J4750. The former Kerley restaurant; equipment only. Price* cheap and on best of terms. See us for building lots—we have, • good variety. HINDMAN & HENSON 't^' 309 S. 10th HINDMAN Phone 4035 Phont 3622 HENSON Phont 3149.J New 4 room brick; hardwood floors, nice built-in eaUneti, ntllity room, oil heat, very nice—west of town. Well located 5 room modern home, basement, stoker, full lot—408 South 19th. 4 room modern, hardwood floor, nice cabinets, well located—only 95800. Terms. In Centralia—new, two bedroom home, aluminum aiding, storm windows, rock wool insulated, hardwood floors, varnished cabinets, garbage disposal, « closeta, near high school. Modem in every respect. New, modern 4 room, cabinets, oil heat on South IStfei street. 4 room house, east of town, 97 5f down, balance on eontraei. 7 room home on south 12th street; corner lot, modern except heat. B room modern, 20 acres, good land, ail weather road, newly reconditioned, basement, stoker, Joins school. A very nice 4 room bungalow In Opdyk»—Mily 928041. 60 acres, 5 room house, modern exeept heat, barn, farage, other outbuildings, aii in excellent condition; 40 acres hog fenced, some timber, on all weather road. 15 acres, 4 room house, barn, all hog fenced, orchard, on all weather road and school bus line, beautiful shady yard, ctose In. 20 acres unimproved on all weather road—only 9800. 5 acres, good building site, on Fairfield ^oad. REAL ESTAn AND INSURANCE Marvin L Moore - Frank Hopkins SolMmm GLENN MURPHY. Broker 1118 Moin St. —Phem 317 1.—Income property consisting of 4 unit apartment building with all furnishings. Income $167.50 per month. 317 South 9th street. Out of town owner will sacrifice for quick sale. 8.—Mr. Investor—of all the Investments in Mt. Vernon do not overlook this one bringing in 9500 per month. Building 40x160, has four 4 room apartments, two 3 rooms and one 1 room apartment up.stairs, office and garage with double duty car or truck lift on ground floor. Another feature is the location—4tZ Mala street. Don't let this bargain pass. 3.—6 room modern ranch type home, hardwood floors, modern kitchen and bstlirooms, utility room with oil furnace, lot 75x200, located close in east. 4.— i room bungalow, garage, coal house and chicken house—only $2500. 5.—Good 8 room house nicely arranged In two 4 room apartmenta, located close In on 15th street. 6.—Excellent building site, comer lot, Northbrook Drive. 7.—Out of town owner will sell 5 room modern bungalow, Venetian shades, insulated, full basement, furnace, garage—west pari 8.—Grocery stock of goods and fixtures, good loeatioa. 9.—90 or 133 seres, 4 miles southeast of Mt. Vernon on Lynehburg road, house and barn, 3 ponds and 3 wells, improvad road, eloaa to school and high school bus Une. Ground has boon lined and improved; farm mostly in corn. If sold soon wlU lat l/S of croy go. 10.—4 room bungalow, modern except heat; also t room cottage oa same lot. Priced to sell—18th street. 1].—5 acres more or less on the Pairfleld Road, with or without buildings—good building site. 12.—81,^ acres, 4 room house, good oat buildings, electricity—Waltonvlllo Road. BEN E. SMITH Offlm 1744 V. H QUIGLCY 8ALRSMAN tin Ktintli 14H1I ntrpH 8 Room duplex, modern exeept heat; comer Imt, paved street. In, west—easy terms. 7 Rooms, newly decorated InsMe and e«t, mnUt system, gartaa, • lots in Waltonville—(5500. 3 Room house, water, electricity, large chicken house, at «l|a at town—easy terms. 4 Room, new house, Insulated rockwoot. 2 lots, glassed-la back porell, water in house 94250. Located in Bonnie 5 Rooms, water and lights. 605 Bell street. Can be bought m terms 4 room new house, modem except heat, wcsti location, good tniaa. Price $4750—a good buy. 4 room, modern except heat, west location; l^itOO down—total prtea, $5000. 12 Room apartment house, all furnished and modem—97504, tow down payment Farms—7. 8. 10. 30. 40, 80, 180, 200 acre. LISTINGS WANTED: FARM and CITT PROPEKTT Here is the buy—new 5 room efficiency, long living room, flreplaa^ hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern kitchen, full basement, furnace, west edge of city. Prewar 5 room modern bungalow, built-in cabinets, bath, basement, stoker heat, 2-car garage, corner lot, 916 south 2l8t street— only $7500. Beautiful 7 rooms, ultra modern, long living room, fireplace, built- in kitchen, Zli baths, hardwood floors, fine basement, play room, gas heat, garage, exclusive south side location—vacant. Attractive 4 rooms, modern, built-in bath and kitchen, hardwood floors, full basement, garage, west—only $7850. We have 2 new 6 room ultra modern ranch style homes near completion. Extra nice S rooms, BMdeni, fireplace, hardwood floors, built- in bath, modem kitchen, fine baaa- ment, furnace, garage, Na, t Shaw's Garden—a bargals. New 4 rooms, painted plaster walls, built-in cabinets, t bod- rooms, garag»—only 93150. New li room modem raaek style, long living room, faardwawl floors, built-in bath, modern Idt- chen, den, breeseway, garaffv, sa- burban—only $10,000. 4 rooms, kitchen sink, full tot, 1112 Westcott—terms. 5 rooms., full basement, 1 mei% airport road, easy terms. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR RBLUBLE REAL ESTATE DEALERS" 315 South 10th Street, Room B — Telephone 251 -75i SEE US FOR THE FINEST SELECTION OF REAL ESTATE mm ^ CITY HOMES iJV -FARMS ^'BUSINESS LEASE' ^" £)& -ou^li^ GCUJUA^ NEW LOCATION TENTH & HARRISON ~ Som« Phontt 62-789 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCe "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" 6 room efficiency modern home, 3 bedrooms, hardwood Roort, ftwa baths, built-in liitchen cabinets, built-in bath, firepUce, full haaa- ment with Rathslieller, nice shade, extra deep lot. This is a wonderfol home situated in the exclusive North side section. $4500 with a $500 down payment, buys 5 room new bungatow, modern except heat, hardwood floors, built-in bath, full lot, fine location, near City Park. Immediate possession. 6 room efficiency with 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, carpeted, awnlBfa, fully modern with plenty of shade, built-in features, excellent location. Price will surprise you. Fine 4 room modem bricic home and utility room, excellent loeatiMi. garage. This home is near transportation and Is really a flaa home for the price. $500 down, balance $35 per month buys a 4 room home; vcnatlaa shades, newly decorated, city water. Fine location west part. 1006 Oaliland Avenue, 8 rooms, two baths, hot water heater, beaa« tifui shade. One of Mt. Vernon's finest homes. Will sell «• payments or will exchange for other property. 60 acres, modern 9 room house. An ideal heme with an abondaat shade, chicken house, barn, other outbuildings—priced to sell. Bric)< home with 4 rooms, ail modern, two bedrooms, plenty af clothes closets, hardwood floors, built-in Cabinets, oil heat. TUB house is worth the price and worth seeing. 4 rooms, 1116 Westcott—bargain. New ranch-type brick bungalow, full basement, large lot, attachai garage, hardwood floors, fireplace, finest location north. Indian Chief housetraller—3 rooms, refrigerator, stove, electric hot water heater, 3 beds, 0 closets—a real beauty. Will sell or exchange for Mt. Vernon property. Restaurant in "Kerley" building across from niinois Brokerage. Saall down payment, balance like rent to responsible paraty. A splsadlii opportunity to make money. New S room efflclency colonhil bungalow, hardwood floors, oil liaat. hot water heater, wired for electric stove, garage, built-in hatk, built-in cabinets. InsuUted, 2414 Herbert—immediate «-««-- Con9ult o Real Etfo»« S|s«ciali9t who knowt •nrf wM ha9 hod over twenty yooro of 9uect$9»ul esporidncO' W« will moke you o CASH OFFER for your homo o» Hrm,

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