The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 20, 1978 · Page 35
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 35

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1978
Page 35
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1978 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAGE 37 newiFALL MALL IT 100 s The most flavor you can get in a low tar cigarette! Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined ' That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. JO FUTf a. j I FAIL Ml Only 12 mg.tarl.Omg.nic. 12 tug. "tar. 1.0 mg. nicoiine av. per cigarette try FTC method. I V W IH I I W W I I Y (X" Pr"Vam ''-'' " Eastern Standard Time) XT ?T JJ U 1 1 JLi VJ U II JL (If) Denote Niohs in Hark an W lite . ; s6 I 8 M 13 1 4 I 20 140 ! WRTV WISH I WTHR WTTV WFYI WHMB 700, Today Capt. Kangaroo I Good Morning, Fred flintstene HlCltib :3Q. , Inay Today Janie 800 ' CIS Ntwi Sesame Street Prait lord 30' 900. , Crd Slurb All in family (I) I love Ucy Phil Donahiii Electric Company 30, Hollywood Squani Price li light Cronwiti Adams Chronicles 4 A 00 New High tollers Happy Dayi Jim Gerard In Pirformonca 700 Club I U 30 1 Wheal of Fortune Ljve yj, Family Feud Odd Couple 4 4 00 ' meri Alive Touna and lesrloss $20,000 Pyramid Mid-Morning Hack Pnpectia I 130 Searth Tomorrow (van's Hope Dick Court teligioui Teachings 4 O oO S,wl . Siw All My Children Bob Iroun Over Easy Sumrall Today I dl 3Q Days of lives World Tumi Jeport 1:00 One lift to live Great Performances :30 The Doctors Guiding light Mike Douglas Cartoons 200 Another World General Hospital Yoga Borba Poppa 30 M'A'S'H Villa Alegre Popeye 300 Merv Griffin Match Game Edge of Night Cowboy lob Sesame Street Banana Splits 30 Dinah Movie B) 3 Stooges Mickey Mouse 400 11968) with Flintstones Mister lagers Batman M Carol turner! lob Newnorl George Sanders. totl' Planets Electric Company Partridge Family 500 News Mary Tyler Moore II) F Troop Zoom Beaver 30 CBS News AlCNews Sanford and Son Over Easy My 3 Sons' 6:00 . NIC News tig News News i Million Man On the Street Bonanza 30 Match Game leport 700 . Dick Clark The JeHersons Eight Is Enough Gunsmoke ((hoes of Silver Gomer Pyle :30 In The Beginning Lincoln Center Sea Hunt 800 Big Event CIS Movie Chorlie's Angels Joker's Wild ludolfSerkln l"" 30 "'T?rt77. "ArtTouIn Tell Truth with New York Hunters 1977 , with The House Aloner ., . , , Philharmonic T 5 1 00 jack lemmon. (TV Movie), with 9 Newlywed Game fniinarmonic j Swoogert 30 (Conclusion), kothleen Baker, News' The Pallisers Sumrall Today A ft 00 N'" ,.. News Gong Show IUm Tonight Show Thelookies Policewomen Movie DickCovett "The World of ; II 00 Ut.Mn.le Henry Orient" Highway Patrol 1 ' , Cmic" SWAT 111.. 4 Ann Tomorrow (1969), with Peter Sellers. News Id. 30 j j Bick Van Dyke. Adam H Mod Squod TNs TV log ispublished as a service. This schedule is compiled Irom inlormation provided by the television stations On occasion, stations make late revisions in scheduling and fait to notify The Star in time lor the change to be maoe in the log. II these late changes inconvenience you, we are sorry. Movies 3:30 P.M. SB - "Thin Air" (1968), with George Sanders. When secret parachute jumpers disappear, aliens are suspected. 8:00 P.M. O - "Airport '77" (1977), with Jack Lemmon. (Conclusion). 8:00 P.M. O - "Are You in the House AJone?" (TV Movie), with Kathleen Beller and Blythe Danner. High school student is the victimof a campaign of terror. ; - 10:3o'p.M. O - "The World of Henry Orient" (1964), with Peter Sellers and Angela Lansbury. Two teenage girls fall for a vain concert pianist. 11:30 P.M. O - "The Comic" (1969), with Dick Van Dyke and Michele Lee. Rise and decline of the career of a vaudeville clown. RADIO DIAL AM wati eio (Muilc, News s a.m. to Sunset) WXLW-eso (CBS) (Music, News 4 a.m. to Sunset) WIBC 1070 (Music, News M Hours WHYT nn (NoMesvllla) (Music and News) WNDE 1U0 (ABC) (Music, Naws 24 Hours) WIFE 1310 (Music, Naws 24 Hours) WIRE 1430 (NBC) (Music, Naws 24 Hours) WBRI 1500 (ReHvlous Broadcasting) (Sunrise to Sunsat) WNTS 1SVO (Religious Brodcastlng-ABC) (a a.m. to Sunset) FM WICR-O07 (: a.m. to 12 MldnlgM Weekdays) (S a.m.J a.m. Sat.-Sun.) WNAP ei.l (Music, Naws 24 Hours) WFBO04.7 (24-Hour Stereo) WIAN 40 1 (National Public Radio) (t a.m. to Midnight) WBOO eo.l (Ban Davis) WFMS ass (34-Hour Stereo) WIFN-FM-I5.I (Franklin) (I a.m. to Midnight) WART-FM-II.3 (Plalnfleid Full Time stares) WSMJ-FM-H.3 (OreenfleldM Hours) WNON loo (4 a.m. to 1) p.m.) (Lebanon) WXTZ 103 (2-Hour Stereo) WTLC-FM 10S (Soul Muslc-Newi) WAJC 104.5 (Music and Talk) (1:30 a.m.-2 a.m.) Radio Highlights 2:35 P.M., WXLW -Carolyn Churchman. Mary Kennard talks about healthful makeup. 6:30 P.M., WAJC-FM -Concert Hall. Shostakovich's Symphony No. 6 with the Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. 8:00 P.M., VVIAN-FM -Masterworks. Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 21 and Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2. 10:30 P.M., VVIAN-FM -Toscanini The Man Behind the Legend. Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 3 and Haydn's Symphony No. 88. I.U. Track Star On New 'People' STAR I.U.-BLOOMINOTON BUREAU Bloomington, Ind Former Indianapolis defense attorney Mark Shaw has turned reporter for the new CBS TV program "People" which will feature Indiana University track star Steve Heiden-reich in a program scheduled for Oct. 16. Shaw and a CBS film crew were in Bloomington this week to photograph and interview the former I.U. sub-four minute miler who is making a dramatic comeback from a near fatal hit and run car accident two years ago. Sequences were filmed in the Bloomington Hospital emergency room, along the stretch of Bloomington road where Heidenreich was hit late on the night of March 16, 1976 during a workout preparing for the Olympics, TONIGHT ON TV Highlights Today's top television shows as previewed and selected by TV Key s staff. 7:00 P.M. O The Jeffersons. (Season's Premiere). The Jeffersons are back for season number five, chattering away, as usual. George throws a fit because wife Louise's art class uses a nude male model. Nothing's changed here George may run off at the mouth, but Louise always has the last word. 7:00 P.M. O Dick Clark's Live Wednesday. Dick's show is rather like the Ed Sullivan Show brought up to date. Diana Ross headlines the bill; Rick Nelson plays backup; and a rock 'n' roll group composed of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Frankie Avalon, among others, help to bring back the feel of the '50s. To keep everyone happy, host Dick Clark features a weekly stunt this one begins 5,000 feet in the air as daredevil Dar Robinson leaps out of a helicopter onto trampolines. 7:30 P.M. O In the Beginning. (Premiere). Norman Lear has a new baby, about a priest and a nun who run a store-front mission, starring McLean Stevenson and Priscilla Lopez, both of whom are excellent. Stevenson's priest spouts the traditional clerical line in between corny old jokes; and Priscilla Lopez plays the likable way-out nun, a kid from the streets. Stevenson delivers lines like "Moses led his people out of better places than this," while Lopez' Sister Aggie stands her ground. The banter between them is above average, but clerical shows often have a tendency to offend some viewers. 7:30 P.M. Live From Lincoln Center. Music lovers are offered a special treat tonight as Zubin Mehta, the new music director of the New York Philharmonic, conducts the orchestra in a concert including Wagner's "Rienzi" Overture; Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" excerpts; and the piece de resistance of the evening Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5, known as the "Emperor" concerto, with veteran virtuoso pianist Rudolf Serkin as soloist. 8:00 P.M. O - Wednesday Night Movie. "Are You in the House Alone?" (Made for TV 1978). An ordinary drama about an important subject the rape of a high school girl by one of her fellow classmates, and the social and legal ramifications that follow. Unfortunately, the contrived script deals with these issues only superficially, emerging as a melodrama in which young, pretty Kathleen Beller is staked out, threatened By menacing notes and phone calls, and finally brutally attacked. Miss Beller never rises above her one-note characterization, and the talented Blythe Danner is totally wasted as her nervous mother. 8:00 P.M. Charlie's Angels. "Angel Come Home." Straight from her motion picture debut and her courtroom settlement with "Charlie's Angels" producers, Farrah Fawcett-Majors makes the first of her three return appearances in the series which made her a household hyphenated name. In the storyline, Jill (Farrah) comes back to the United States after a year abroad where she has been racing cars and finding a fiancee. It appears someone using her kid sister Kris' name (Cheryl Ladd) has sent her a wire asking her to come home. Before you can say Mario Andretti, the three-plus-one angels are thrust smack in the middle of a nefarious plot culminating in murder. Fashion note: Farrah sports several different hairdos during the hour. 9:00 P.M. - VEGA$. (Premiere). This action series about a smooth operating private investigator named Dan Tanna in Las Vegas relies heavily on the magnetism of its star, Robert Urich, and from the looks of it, he'll be able to deliver the audience. In the opener, Dan shields a top model from a group that has taken some very compromising photos of her when she was drugged and abducted. The police work is ordinary, but Urich carries the ball nicely, and beautiful Christina Ferrare as the model is easy on the eyes. 9:30 P.M. GD - The Pallisers. No. 16. (Repeat). Four years have passed and things have been going badly for the Conservatives in Parliament. What makes this episode special, therefore, is the political turn of events demanding a coalition government of Conservatives and Liberals to deal with the dreadful monetary state of the country, which brings the Duke of Omnium to mind. Imagine the rigid duke worrying over his ability to "govern men," once he's tapped to becomeprime minister. IS DELICIOUS WAYS 1 I TO WAKE UP I 1 Complete breakfast menu 7 to 10:30 A.M. ) Monday through Friday I A division of Steak n Shake, Inc. y 108 E. Market Street JE eos r ' IS Tn : : --TOM'S ur. "3" Abbysuspem Tom is having an affair. Young Tommy is having girl troubles of his owrf And the whole family is going bananas' Dick Vein Patten. Betty Buckley star EIGHT IS ENOUGH rflf3 7:00 PM New Season! llw 5--'-wrr " i """ ill i i 7 ??v im ai r-i s s SaV t7 l-alC Jill s bac k as the driver of a high speed race car Now the Anqels must stop a murderer who wants to keep her out of the race., for keeps! Kate Jackson. Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd star CHARLIE'S ANGELS tU 8:00 PM NewSeason! Tfc tret nl OT Ay""EnaN TANi""; . .U kl 111 - - n-rU CPFLLS Pfc Dan must expose the vicious blackmailer of the world s most beautiful cover qirll Robert Unch stars Also starring Tony Cu VEGA$ 9:00 PM Premiere! liwf' urtis i f it- m- -m i - evjr " i Notyur l.r, I rtymin znri Mm Ann ("hilrtpr"; frv thp npA; r.- Au Duane Dow with sports and Bob Gregory MVm with weather. Eyewitness NewsCenter sW3 , A ABC Captures Huge First Week Ratings New York (AP) THAT CLOUD of dust is ABC off and running, a giant headstart on the competition in television's prime-time ratings race. ABC unveiled its fall lineup Sept. 11, a week ahead of NBC and CBS, and captured a huge share of the television audience 25.9 percent of the country's TV homes in an average prime-time minute, to 15 percent for CBS and 14.5 for NBC. ABC CONSIDERS the week the first of the new season; NBC and CBS prefer to start counting next week. Indeed, given ABC s lump, the figures from the A.C. Nielsen Co. for the week ending Sept. 17 were hardly startling. Nevertheless, they were impressive. Con sider: The week's 12 most-watched shows were on ABC, including three of the network's new series, "Taxi," "Mork and Mindy" and "Battlestar Galactica." The biggest audience ever for a televised sporting event watched ABC's broadcast of the heavyweight championship rematch between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks. ABC estimated the audience for the 15-round fight at 90 million. "Battlestar Galactica," No. 5 in the ratings, dominated the Sunday night au dience in the face of some tough competi tion, the Emmy awards show on CBS, No. 21, and the second installment in NBC's premiere broadcast of the "King Kong" remake, No. 30. ONLY THREE ABC programs finished below No. 12 in the ratings. No. 17 "Fantasy Island," No. 23 "Welcome Back Kotter" and No. 43 "Lassie." The Ali-Spinks rematch, broadcast live from New Orleans from 10 p.m.-ll:45 p.m. EDT, pulled a rating of 46.7, surpassing the previous high for a sporting event, 43.4 for the first Ali-Spinks fight Feb. 15. Nielsen says that means 46.7 percent of the homes in the country with television saw at least part of the rematch. The rating for the entire fight program, which began at 7 p.m. and included preliminary bouts, was 37.2. A two-part sneak preview of NBC's new series, "W.E.B," was among the programs at the bottom of the ratings. A CBS animated special, "Popeye," was No. 45, followed by Part I of "W.E.B.," "Quincy" on NBC, Part II of "W.E.B.," and a CBS movie, "Buffalo Bill and the Indians." Here are the week"s Top 10 programs, all ABC: Ali-Spinks fight, with a rating of 37 2 representing 27.7 million homes; "Charlie's Angels," 32.5 or 24 2 million; "Three's Company," 31.6 or 23.5 million; "Happy Davs," 29.3 or 21.8 million; "Battlestar Galactica," 27.8 or 20.7 million; "Taxi," 27.4 or 20.4 million; "Mork and Mindy," 26.4 or 19.7 million; "Barney Miller," 25.2 or 18.8 million; "Eight is Enough," 24.8 or 18.5 million, and "Soap," 24.2 or 18 million. The next 10 shows: "Starsky and Hutch" and "NFL Monday Night Football," both ABC; "Little House on the Prairie," NBC; "Love Boat," ABC; "60 Minutes" and "One Day at a Time," both CBS; "Fantasy Island," ABC; "M-A-S-H," CBS; NBC Monday Night Movie-"The Critical List," Part I, and "Barnaby Jones," CBS. '.tMj!ayip-i si- fif K t I.'--- KATHLEEN Beller plays the teenage victim of a campaign of terror in "Are You in the House Alone?" which will air at 8 tonight on WISH-TV (8). v. il t.S.. U.. ZE' 7PM M sV-v igfy DICK CLARK'S E LIVE! Tnf GRCATFST SUPLRGhiCVP LVLRASSEM&LLD: Frankie Avalon Chuck Berry Pete Best Charlie Daniels Bo Diddley Nigel Olsson Billy Preston Johnny Rivers Paul Williams Seals & Crolts Doc Severinsen and more1 LIVE! Diana Ross LIVE! One of the most d.myrou';. mcr! crjrfy ad: evera'lompted a petlommus on mr trampolines susf.t'not-d irom ,1 hnKopier hover -met jt JCO'eet1 A Sa''i'e to Toon Ido' patf andpresent: The Beatles, Bing, Elvis, Frankie Avalon and men J TheHci(jtsandHvr:otth, r-i:,; What thty d n and a r: thov crmj oon ' PLUS-LIVE! tluhammadAU, The L.A. Rams Cheerleaders r" rsh cRci nm csr Christopher Lee Robert Foxworth Robert Hooks Joseph Cotten Olivia de Havilland Darren McGavIn Jack James George Lee Brenda Lemmon Stewart Kennedy Grant Vaccaro 8PM We're the one to turn to

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