Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 3, 1957 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1957
Page 5
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low* College Conference On English Held At U1U FAVETTE — Dean dace Meyer. Upper lown University, has announced the proyram for the 1957 Iowa College Conference on English to be held nn the Upper Iowa campus October 4-5. Featured speaker for the two-day event will be Richard Chase, Boone. Nort'h Carolina folklorist and author. Chase is the accepted American expert on Jack Tales, folk lore found generally in the North Carolina Mountain area. The program will open with registration of English professors from all of Iowa's Colleges anil universities. In the opening conference session Friday afternoon. Florence Leaver, Drake University, will lead a discussion on William Faulkner. This session will be followed by a program on composition headed by Keith Huntress, Iowa State College. Friday evening, Chase will deliver his address following a dinner. The evening address will get underway at 8:00 p.m. and is open to the general public. A reception for the conference participants will follow in Zinita B Graf Hall. SATURDAY SESSION James Clay, Iowa State Teachers College, will lead the first session Saturday morning on the modern meaning theory in dramatic criticism. Curtis Bradford, Grinnell College, will head the second session on the composition of Yeat's "The Mother of God." A panel discussion will close the conference program with Elizabeth Almen, Des Moines North High. Keith Huntress, Iowa State College; Kenneth Stratton, Des Moines East High; and Wayland Osborn, state department of public instruction; participating on the subject, "Raising the Threshold for Iowa English Teachers." Following the conference luncheon, a business meeting will be held. UIU OVER UIU Freshman's Father Visits From Illinois Bruce Blanck, UIU freshman, was visited this week-end by his father and two aunts from Lansing, Illinois. Nursery School Now In Session Mr. Vearl McBride of the Educational Department announced that a six-week Nursey School will be held each Monday through Friday beginning September 30 and ending November 8. The school wUl be held in the Colgrove-Walker building, rodm 101 from 10:00 to 12:00. Children who are four years old before Battle la. Wesleyan Thursday Night At Mt. Pleasant 'I'):.- Upper Iowa Peacocks will iravel to Mount Pleasant this Thursday, Oct. ,'i. to battle with the Iowa Wesleyan Panthers. The Panthers will be out after their first win of the season after being liraton by Luther a week ago. jjiul muted Saturday by Parsons ~)!l-l). Tlic Peacocks will be out to gain their second conference victory and to even tln-ir season record a; !>-:>. Iowa Wesleyan will have but three days to net ready for the hot 'Peacocks, but should be smarting from the lacing they received Saturday night and will put out an extra eflo.l to stop the Upper lowans. Elsewhere around tin- Iowa conference the Kelly Green of P a rsons showed that they still had to be contended with enven after their l'J-0 defeat at the hands of Wartburg a week ago by beating Iowa Wesleyan 59-0. Luther picked up their second conference victory and still remains to be the team to beat as they outlasted Dubuque University at Dubuque 27-G. Defending Iowa conference champions, Central, knocked off highly touted Simpson 6-0 to revenge their only defe a t of 1956. West mar, a former Iowa conference member, slipped by Buena Visty 13-12 on a 90 yard kickoff return after Buena Vista had taken a 12-G lead in the second quarter. December 1 and have not yet entered kindergarten are eligible for entrance. A fee of $5.00 will be charged. This money will be used to buy food and equipment. Joan Mork will be teaching the class with Yvonne Brooks and Betty Clark as assistants. The child development class will be in on the planning but will not have- complete responsibility lor the nursey class since the first nine weeks' class consisted of 14 football players and 3 girls. ••/\ro*::Ks WIN FIRST ; /••'•A j- WAUTLJUKC, i Four faculty "hi p cats" disp! the annual faculty follies. From McBride, Grovor J. Dougl.is, ami I Twelve Students Practice Teaching According to Mrs. Addie Austin, student teacher executive. twelve students are pi-active teaching this semester. Among these twelve are some that have attended student work-shops ns early as August 22. Three students are teaching in the local schools. Jean Mork is handling the nursery school; Robert Hall, senior high math.; and Mae Stern is taking charge of second grade. Teaching in our larger neighboring town of Oelwein, is Sandra Fields and Mar lene Kerns, conducting first and second grades respectively. In the county seat, West Union, Dale Bergeran is driver training instructor and Delilah Hughes and Henry Knoploh .are handling lower ele'meiitary grades'. Myrle Schlegel is instructing eighth grade math., in Edgewood. Making thefr debutes in other lower elementary programs are Mary Barnhouse at Lamont, -Sunya Astor at Arlington, anil Joan Haack at Strawberry IViirvt. . RCA VICTOR LEAN! CLEAN! Fill clote to the wall—laves up lo 9'/j inchvs of ipacel No dials, no gadg»t( In froilt lo mar the luxurious styling. , Pictures now have greater contrast and sharpness —with full 362 sq. in. viewable area. TV Delujec from RCA Victor! All Lean. Clean and •Mirror-Sharp! Some have 3-speaker Panoramic Sound. All have the new "CMC-Touch" on-od corurJ ... and many more features. See and hear new UCA Victor TV Deluxe today! The lobblni D«lux«. Coniott TV with all Detune f«otw«t. Mahogany fira'nt l walnut grgintd finiihvi; llm*d ook & blr;> ^ -ituj ' ' , •*tra, V1D852 S«nci. Cfioose From Many New Deluxe Models $349.95 Ti««r«d styllnjl V-typi intinnil Till H«th«w«y B«lux«. Ha- 0«il Kc«n In ROflubU TVI Ebonx'and.0ola. 3IPDBI TH< lucbank O>lux>. "Touch- Tgtn" i»lv.l TV. CM" <>< 1 (inlih.u 210830 Dttlux« f luxurl- oui TV Ovlwn* lowboy. Ctwic* o( 1 b«<iuMfiil fln- l.h.i. 2ID856 SCHNEIDER'S electrical appliance store ay thi-ir In,--.' - ; efl to | l:'.- | .1 : .. i raulic ('ab, ;i,-. FACULTY ! ! i.:-.si;Np- FOLLIES I ..'LSI U'eilll, • I'-:,- I''.,,",||. Foliy, (In ecieii : .M' !'., :'. • Weller an,I Dr. i was held m Auditorium aii'l : rare hidilen taleii MC'M by M:... George Ho:!,,11. -; the audieiii-e from end. "Klv:s" N,-a "lost baby" .1 by his "familx " Jean Kischeid. M.- n.u'e' M..-. well and Mai \ .1,, ' ; i>.u l ,m.,u Addle Au:-llll mm.ivr.l In pi e sent a financial i-,-p : l l-'ov,. ! • : C.-lt.S, Pil"lllllC ( 'alll :;> '. ,1. I. ;• , I', e Dnugla-, Vearl M,-l! .,!,. and ,l.,,-i Loren/ nave one ol the r,icl.ie : . of the- :'-,-,son'.- i"i-]. in,I roil |» i forinance . loppeil i,\- a .- h i: 1 dog story abotii Dr N'aylo: I, Mr. Mt-IBride. Dr. Maxwell'., p. , . euiaiion , -The tin.vn K\,-,i IV anon" in.-- 1 a transition lo • ei i, m.-. N . Shirley Keytoii .ei,l Hie I.null chorus sane, a ut'-dl, -. li,,iu (ikl.. homa. Ko/iei ( Ki". I. ,11 pl.is,-,( piano mcille\ . lull,,,-. ,-,i l,\ K.u-h, Van I'lece .-anniii!'. t -.'.., • ,pi .m x::.-:.'iaSHB ; I •: '.'",,• ,lo\\ n.,. liul • • • 111 • l .HI.- •.! 1 u, 11;. i n .1 ,,:. M,-en,-i,,n,i :•'• - •"•! I,, r-;:lil hall ""' ,i iiii.i the en.l ' :." :. .Ill'- , I II ,1 touell i \\ .- Hull ;.'.; ,ili|\- f,,r '• '' i-oiy !-. •, 'iioiii;., ma.|,- "i n '•••• .l-'ll In I'.l lei I .1 ',. ' i • I v ' •' n I:,, • i; [,: n; I it I'i.iN U, liie Mi \:,r,| anilcs Announce Nt-w Officers ;;-!U\ Ian Uflla , 1 (c.'.T:, Announced FOR A AUTOMATIC DRYER? yjRk It's the 1957 STARLIGHT DRYER I ii ,i ill,- 1 'abalii'i ,,. ..)> in .in , , 'hill , I i i , -i-leil til,' Ilieel Hi • • '- I" 'V. i ,! I -i , I , ale pi , 1,1- u! i., -. DO-,:, vi,-,. p, 1 •' ' i I .1II1. :, -;'. Ii . . .., -,' J . !. 11 ', Ii ' -- MI,-i. < ',,||, ,-,, Hoi'.,m. .,„-,'.. ill 1,-pi i . i n ,ili\e, Kalhy VV( -hi'- -1 ,i 111 ,-I i a i M i iai i 1111 i I 1 1 >v ,1 I i'-- I llll' ( ,i ,'.. ,,1,'n.i ASIATIC M,U SHOTS i • , „ , TO UK. (iJVKN judicial Hoard , . ... A . Y,,II ilon'l h.iVe to he a hvpo UlllCi:rS Announced ,!„,,, !:,,„• I,, v.:,,,l I,, :-el Araalie A Hi'-, !,K." ,;! hi, .hhliei,,] I'hi T:n' !>!• I iiexv.: ill Dial ill l'.'i,i-l ;i,,m Ihe /anil.i I', (lial ' ''ion i. thai I'lll ha:, made ii.ill .'.a- In-Ill Tin--,lay nii'.hl .irrani'.i menl". for faculty mem- .'• /)', mi.ei 'M. in Mi . lli.-n-e ,'i'-i.,, ...iiilenl.. ami tlu-ir tannln-s Mexei Mill,-. The In.Mil |) 111 po r |o t'.el Asiatic l-'lll Shut;: lor $1.0(1 ol the li. el.ui,,, (.1. a.-; to elect ol Ii ' ."'H '•el.. Tiii;. aie, KIJVIl Se Vi-i .-on. 1 , '.'. llll llo. s i al' :- i ill Ice) • p,, ,,|r,, ,.. |;,|| Hull ,. )•,,. ,,,1,-ot .loa ' " ' •"" ' ' loi 'I Moil, l.i \ "I |, -i ; .,•,-, 1 1 1 -a... li'oliei I 1'iiek. 4 LARGE CAPACITY • STAY COOL CABINET • LINT CONTROL » SKELQAS OR NATURAL. GAS FREE HOME TRIAL! E. H. Carley ji| ill ''What ii we don't come back from Man;? Those wonderful dinners al Oil's Drive In!" ^ on II in.ikc il Due wi ; 'vo (_;ul ,i liiiiuli Hill sl(t|) hy, .iiicl wr'll pack a luiuli! iii DRIVE first period the Upper Ipwans laitm 'ii.-d ji drive of their own th.ii i .irii.-d them to the Wartburg tin'.', . After two unsuccessful c.,., Us a t paydirt, the Peacocks !'.i!,ibl,--il and the Knights re- i.- -re.) Id end the initial Upper Iowa thi eat. And once again it ,'cinerl as if the "10 yard jinx" :ia,l caught up with UI'U again. I'pp.T Iowa yot iinother march ,: n;i.; \vilh (he sec-rind quarter ai'oul lour mmute.s old that took o the :i yard line with a n I t;»al coming up. After v: I wo plays up the middle amin;: little. Ihe Peacocks ttempleil to K" arround end. 'a ,Kin:l otl was short and was .iinhled. Once again the Wart- iir.; Knights were right there > r.'covcr ami stamp out another •I 1 V.';,: ',!)-,ii'H look over and pic-ked up-a \\fA down on u pOtffalty, helm • lirini; forced to punt. 1'pper Inwa took OVCM- on their ! ; v , yard line with about 0 minutes 1 11 in tiie first half. On the first !>i;iy Dun Smith smacked off !.,.'%!',• I'm I'uiir yards. Thou, on the tu:xl play. Terry Stevens :.t,ii',( liai-U mill rifled a perfect .- riUe to t'iillh a ck Milt Mnhs who t.»ik the hall on ahout the HO alnnn Ihe west sidellnPsi'ffis tn lerl'i 'l aiii-r furmt-d fast and hi! fin l.ilri.ils tu his right and In-.i.li-il I'm the t'.ual line. When .1 lu'ilii-il a.; il he wa.s penned up, I'H'I lii-nii'.e caiiie from nowhere i,i Ihniw the key block thut ;i).'iin'i: Mull:, Inosi'. liii; Milt was :;1 mi .I'.iniit Ihr iwn yard stripe, ml MI. niiimeiiiurn carried him ., MI,, (In 1 ijoal line and into '.he cii.I /one lor the- Peac'ucU MI ! tmu-iuUv" n ut Ihe Iit57 sea- The extra point try by .lohii.oii was n»'ul. and the gani; v \Y.IS all tieil up and skived thyt \.--i\- until half time. Tiie firs! Peacock touchdown .M" the second half started .deep :n their own territory, and was climaxed xvhen Milt Mohs drove .•ro (he end /one fur the toiich- ;, iwn. With Hie Peacocks moving up i ,, l'u'1,1 a l a slow pace, Terry •ii> Yen . worked his throwing arm ni,> -,hape anil heaved a P.I.... towai;! a spol along Ihe 'en- that tieiirge Cabalka was i.i in:', for. Hveti though he was ,,ve:ei| qmle closely by two 'Cmi.at ileienders, George reaeh- I up and pulled down the b a ll. ile was hit immediately and the o:.ll |)Ut in play on the three -.a: 11 line. The play wa.s good for 1- \ anls. and niiaht have been ihi- iiinmij! point of the..game. Aih'i three unsuccessful tries I,, pi,l the hall over, Milt' Mohs '.,,.. riven the call. He smacked ,nl,i ihe line and fumbled, but Me official.-: rilled he WjjS over .1, hiie the fumble; and UppeJ niu.i went ahead to stay 13-7. The iry for i-xlra point by Uoh .iohn-on was blocked hy Warl- .1111.; and the score remained the ,anie. With about 1(1 minutes remain- inn in the final slan/a the Pea- .•oeks weni on Ihe march ;jgain. I'iu.--. lmie Stevens hit Uob George -.viih a 17 yard toss that found i.leori'.c alone in the end /one for '/i" I'm il tally of the niftht by • il her team. Tin.-, lime Hob Johnson's place i.irl; A'a . \x-iile (if the uprights and liie :,core remained l!)-7. ^ile\'en^' pass lo CJeorge' was ill,- .-,i\lh slrai;;bl cuinpleticjn for Tei i \- m Ihe second half. l.aler m the i|uarter Upper low.i took over deep in their own territory on a punt. After C,.immg one first down the Peacock-; were t'orc"il lo punt- for the first anil only time of the name. Terry Stevens' punt was a beauty and rolled out of bounds on ihe 14 yard line. On the. play center Monti' Fay was injured and had lo be carried off the field. The iL-xient of irjjui-ie was not known at the time of writing. COMPLETE PROTECTION THIMK/ STATE AUTO lS.nniiCASUAI.TYX AUTOMOBILI PUBLIC TRUCKS FARM LIABILITY GENERAL LIABILITY WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION FIDELITY AND SURETY 1ONDS ACCIDENT AND HEALTH HOSPITAIIZATION State) Auto and Casualty Underwriters DES MOINES. IOWA Earl Schneider Insurance

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