Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1942 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1942
Page 6
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ABC for lomemakers Leafl«f Tells Housewives Best j^/fdods to Buy J* '!£$ a simple as ABC for homc- 8 makers to pick out the exact quality y want in canned fruits and vege- les that carry these grade labels. Miss Fletcher, county home de- ^firtrtstraUon agent, in explaining the relationship between labels and wise ', buying. * Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C— ' official grade terms which may be found this year on millions of canned „ fruit and vegetables labels—have de£ finite meanings. They help in making food-budget dollars do their utmost, she says. To use labels to best advantage, the homemaker will pro- (bably want to know the difference in quality among the three grades. Then she can frgure which grade is best for her menu and pocketbook. To brief the meanings of these grades developed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Marketing Service, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Our DailyBread (Continued From Page One) MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES , Thi« Old Treatment Often ' Brings Happy Relief Many sufferers relieve nagging backache Oiielcly, once they discover that the real causa of their trouble may bo tired kidneys. . The kidneys are Nature's chief way of tak- MK the eicess acids and waste out of the blood. Tnjy. ""Pfnost people pass about3 pints aday. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause .nagping backache, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, get, ting up nights, swelUnc, puffiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning cometimes shows there is something wrong with, your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your drucRist for Doan's Jftua, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. They gi\ e happy relief ami will help the 15 muea of kidney tubes flush out poisonou' waste from your blood. Get Dean's Pills. • NOTICE • Erie Ross is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe of the world against the white, is not to be. Instead, the Japanese have chosen a war of free peoples against militaristic aggressors, nnd lined up the greatest of yellosv peoples, the Chinese, nnd the greatest of brown peoples, the Indians, on the side of freedom, while Germany and Italy have similarly divided the whites by lining up with the yellow Japanese on the side of gagression. The line is not a color or race line; it is a line that divides freedom-seeking men from robots. One deed in actually extending freedom to peoples not yet free is worth ten million words. No better propaganda, no greater force in uniting the free world, could be unleashed than actual deeds in making freedom an increasing reality among all peoples touched by the power of the United Nations. • » •——— Many Tongues French. Spanish nnd Catalonian is spoken by the people of Andorra in the Pyrenees. When they are greeted in one language, they usually reply in either of the other two. Miss Fletcher quotes, "The ABC of Canned fruit and Vegetable Labeling,' a leaflet recently issued by the U. S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C., and which is free upon request: "Grade A (Fancy)—Only the finest canned fruits and vegetables are in this grade. They are carefully selected as to size, color, degree of maturity, and freedom from blemishes. The fruits are meaty, highly colored, and ripe. They arc almost always packed in sirup, which may br extra heavy (very sweet), heavy (sweet) light (somewhat .sweet), or in water slightly sweetened. For certain purposes, fruit may be packed in water without any sweetening. Grade A canned vegetables are the most tender and succulent. "Grade B (Choice)—Products in Grade B are of excellent quality, though not quite so well selected for color, size, and matuuty as Grade A products. Grade B canned fruits are well developed and well colored, and are packed in sirup or water as described for Grade A. Grade B Canned vegetables are not quite so succulent and tender as those of Grade A. "Grade C vegetables, though less tender, in some cases may have more food value than either Grade A or G.ade B because they usually are more fully mature than the products in the hgiher grades." OUT R. Williams Don't miss this... waffle syrup M-M-M. supreme You can't imagine anything more tempting on a cold morning—or evening, than waffles covered with this sizzling hot combination. You'll say the blend of ham and KARO flavors is super-delicious! Fix some tonight! SYRUP SUPREME J slice (about 1 It.) ham Pfi cups KARO (blue label) *A cup water 2 tbsp. prepared mustard >/< tip, cloves Cut ham into cubes. Place in frying pan, brown . . . Combine KARO, water, mustard, cloves. Pourover ham. Continue cooking over low beat until bam is cooked. Serve hot over waffles. When you serve KARO syrup with waffles, pancakes or French toast, you're serving extra food energy. For KARO is rich in Dextrose, food-energy sugar. * * I ' MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKERY BUT THAT VOOUL.D TOO MUCH . 1942 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RES. U. S. P«T. OFF Thursday, January 29, 1942 Pack Lunches? Whole Wheat's a Treat H AVE you family-members of the "lunch box brigade"—who carry lunch to the office, to defense Jobs, to work, to school? Then you'll thank youi- stars for a new kind of sandwich bread, which is wholesome, nutritious, and stays moist for days! Young ones like it just sliced and spread with butter and karo; party-goers like it too, for tea-time dainties. It has a grand, brand new flavor and nuts and raisins too, if you wish, or, it you like, omit the nuts and raisins —for an economy loaf. _ Make, bake, and eat this: Whole Wheat Treat Sandwich Bread 2 cups whole Vi cup chopped wheat flour raisins 1 cup cornrhoal % cup chopped 2 teaspoons bak- nutmeata. Ing soda sj cup dark Us teaspoons salt karo I'A cups buttermilk or sour milk Sift together dry ingredients. Stir in raisins and nutnieats. Mix ka.ro syrup and milk together. Stir slowly into dry Ingredients, mix well. Bake in two well-oiled loaf pans (S" x 4" x 3") in a moderate oven (35CTF.) for 1V 2 hours. Remove from pan and cool thoroughly before storing. Wakes 2 loavesJ maidenly nnivotc which allow her to go swimming with strange men in romantic lagoons. But pour her into an evening gown, give her some eye- shadow and a cigarot, and the guardians of mivc propriety regard her as a likely menace to morals. On the other hand, Bctte Davis probably would bo allowed on the screen Kidney Misery & Backache Caused Sleepless Nights Hoyr's Compound Relieved Twenty Years of Suffering from Indigestion, Constipation and Over-Active Kidneys Mr. R. E. Markham of 444 South Oklahoma street, Shawnee, a resident of Oklahoma for 34 years, says: "I have been troubled with indigestion, Harrison in Hollywood •y PAUL HARRISON, NEA Service Correspondent Some Bare Facts of Movie Censorship HOLLYWOOD — Some of the most interesting sights on the sound stage never reach the screen. For instance, there are the items of Sheila Ryan'u stockings and Rita Hayworth's dress. In. a sequence for "Hearses Don't Hurry," Joseph Allen, Jr., and Miss Ryan enter a room, discover the body of a murdered man on the floor and kneel beside it to see whether there's any life left. The liming and dialog were tricky, and Miss Ryan prohahly would have to do a lot of kneeling. So she was asked to take off her sheer stockings because studio wardrobe people are missing no chances these days to conserve their supply. Watched by every eye except the camera's, she peeled 'cm of, employing a sort of Dietrich technique. There were no remarks, though, except a low and eloquent whistle. This came from the corpse. Room For Rita Miss Hayworth's dress was ;i little number made for her to wear in one of the more torrid sequences of "My Gal Sal," and in this case thu wardrobe experts again showed knack for economy. After cutting down the top, they pulled in the sides until there wasn't room for anything except the esucnlial Miss Hayworth. Only trouble was the actress could not be spared for fittings, which were done on the patient person of he. stand-in— a girl chosen because she's a tape-measure duplicate. When some misgivings were voiced about the modesty of Ihe gown, still pictures were taken—also of the stand-in—anc rushed to the Hays Office for judgment. The man there said okay. Eventually they got Miss Hayworth into the dre. c s for some publicity stills, and these went to the Hays Office as a matter of routine. But thi? time, before you could say "Wha hath God wrought?'' or even "Whoo- o-ee-e-ee!" the head censor was pounding the photos on tiie back will his "REJECTED" stamp. Iteversiblc Rules One thing this Haywurth inciden proves is that the arbitrary rule; handed down by the Hays Office dc not mean a thing. Exposure is'suppos- ed to bo measured in inches fron the floor or the knee or the davidc but all soich restrictions arc still interpreted by censors' personal react ions;. Laria Turner, for instance, wcjuh not be allowed to wear the black silk which are con- sidered merely practical for Eleanor Powell. Dorothy Lamour is supposed to be something pretty special in her zippcr- ed sarong, and.yet for her jungle pictures she also dons an aloofness and MR. R. E. MARKHAM constipation and kidney misery, I suffered with a continual backache which made it impossible to get a good nights rest. I have sought relief many times but secured none until I began with Hoyt's. "Hoyt's Compound has eliminated the indigestion. My bowels are regular. I no longer suffer kidney misery or getting up nights. The backache is gone and I get a good night's sleep for the first time in years." Hoyt's Compound is recommended and sold by the John S. Gibson Drug Store and by all leading druggists everywhere. —Adv. CONCRETE HIGHWAYS PAY FOR THEMSELVES Three reasons why concrete is the most economical pavement: 1; Long life and low upkeep —funds which would otherwise be spent for repairs may be used to complete your highway system; 2; Scientific investigation has proved that it costs motorists less to drive on concrete than on inferior sur- faces. The saving is in gas, tires and car repairs; Concrete builds business, promotes travel. A town on concrete is moved closer to all markets; IS THE REAL LOW-COST , ROAD And concrete pavements- smooth riding, highly visible at night, skid-resistant wet or dry —give motorists relaxation .;. comfort... and swift travel with SAFETY! For complete information write to PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1306 Syndicate Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. A notional organization to Improve and extend thg uiej of concrete ... through iclentific research and engineering field work Certificates to Negro Trainees Twenty-One to Receive FSA Awards on Defense Work Twenty-one vocational trainees will receive certificates issued by the Federal Security Agency and the Win- Department at publiu program in the Verger High School auditorium nl 8:00 p. in. Thursday night. The guest speaker is Attorney Tnlbot Fields. Hempstead County Defense Chairman. Scvertty-two per cent of the trainees receiving certificates are former students and graduates of Yergcr High School. Some of the community best music talents will appear on the program. , It is possible to continue this type of training in Hope if enough young men between the ages of 17 to k will register. Registration is being made at the Vocational Department Ycargcr High School with Ellis Brown president of the OSY Club, 518 South Hazel. in a sun-suit borrowed from Baby Sandy—because, in the local censor's view, she'd bu shielded by her prc- shrunk mantle of dramaturgy. Not to Disturb 1942 Spa Racing Meet LITTLE ROCK -</P)- The State Racing commission announced Thursday it would not disturb the license issued to the Oakland Jockey Club for the February 23 to March '28 racing meet nnd that it would be held ;IB scheduled. Sunday School at Centerville Feb. 1 The Centerville Outpost Sunday school conducted by the First Presbyterian church of Hope, will be held this Sunday as usual, weather permitting at 2:30 p. m. sharp. All children, young people nnd adults in the community are cordially invited to come and study God's Word. The customary offering will be taken. TEN DAILY NEEDS • Mentholntum brings delightfully soothing relief from: 1. Hend Cold Discomforts. 2. Chnpped Skin. 3. Stuffy Nostrils. 4, Neuralgic Hcntlnche. 5. Nnsnl Irritation duo to colds. 6. Crnckcd Llpa. 7. Cuts nnd Scratches. 8. Minor Burns, 0. Dry Nostrils. 10. Bore Muscles, due to exposure. Jars or tubes, 30c MENTHDLATUM BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MADE BY THE WESSON Oil PEOPIE STOCK-U Kroger's Country Club Small Peas . . Kroner's Country Club Sifted Peas .. 17* 2£il9c COUNTRY CLUS PORK & BEANS Help load a gun today-buy EFENSE STAMPS TALLBOY SOUP TOMATO & VEGETABLE WESCOT PORK & BEANS 21c 6 COUNTRY CLUB CORN Vac. PIKNIK GREEN ASPARAGUS 15e 6 43c 6 for 12k 73c Green Giant Can Niblet CORN Avondale Can 6 for I Green 1 O 1 - 7Q- I BFANS IZ. 2C / OC I Butter Cookies TAFFY BARS 2 Pkgs. O C For Jta*J^t THIRON BREAD 20 oz. Loaves I'VE LEARNED THIS IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT BEEF YEARS AHEAD! GUARANTEED TENDER I Shankless Tender PORK CHOPS First Cuts Lb. 25c Pork LIVER 25c |Brick CHILI 25c Strawberries FRESH Pt . . . . FRESH 19c Avocado Calavos ea,* 48's Size Lettuce Hd9ic Delicious 125's Apples DOZ 29c Texas 126's Doz . Oranges 29c Fresh 10c Fresh Head 1 -J Cauliflower I/C K. J. CAPLINGER Jr., Mkt. Mgi. CECIL W. DENNIS, Gro. Mgr. KROGER ACCEPT THIS AMAZING OUAUT B "y »ny Kroger brand item. Like it t» well * s or b e»er then any other, or return unused P° rtlon ln original container and get FREE same item m any brand we sell, regardless of price • I?

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