Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 22, 1936 · Page 58
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 58

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 58
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 22 • 1936 HOGS UNCHANGED TO BIT HIGHER TOP AT CHICAGO RISES TO $10,30 Livestock Market Is Under Depressing Influence of Poultry Competition. CHICAGO, (.-Pi— Hog producers kept marketings below trade expectations again Tuesday but prices did not register a rise comparable to Monday's 10 to 15 Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS I-IOK prices at midwest markets Wcd- (.-cuts upturn. As a matter of. lact. most sales \\ ere on an unchanged basis, although a fe\v were a shade higher. Top rose to SI0.30, matching the tv.o months' peak established last v.-eek. Hogs weighing above ISO pounds were in most demand. ! WATERLOO—Hoes steady, Good to I choice 140-150 Ibs. S6.90Cil7.2U; 150-160 Ibs ! .>7.50(,i7.80; 1CO-170 lbs. S8.Z5fe8.45; 170- I ICO lbs. S8.9059.20: 180-200 IDs. SO.SOtr \ !UW: 200-325 lbs. S9.50in9.80; 325-350 Ibs. j S!i.30<i;;S.60; parking sows 275-350 lbs. '$9i'<D.30; 350-425 lbs. $8.80g9.10; 425-500 Ibs. S8.B04t8.90; 500-550 Ibs. $8.40<it8.70. CEDAR KAPlns—Hogs unchanged except following grades: 170 lo 180 lbs. S9ru9.3-J; pood packers 550 to 450 lbs SV.85'>: -aj I oSOO lbs. 53.70(^9; 500 to 550 Ibs. 88.85^8.85. OTTl'MWA—Hoes unchanged. AUSTIN—Hogs 10-Mc higher: good 10 choice 180 to 200 lbs. 59.35^9.05; 200 In 200 Ib.-. S9.6U-./9.SO; 290 to 32:5 Ibs. $930*f D.80: 325 ot 350 lbs. S9.40« t 9.70: packing sow? sood 275 to 550 lbs. $8.408i9.45. sows steady, 59.65 down; average COM Monday S9.73; weight 218 lbs, SHEEP 3,500: run largely native and fed lambs; very little done; undertone weak to lower on fat lambs; steady on other classes; bulk fat lambs Monoay f8.50«i8.75; fat ewes S3&4.25; feeding Despite the small runs, the live- I lambs $34,7. stock market was under the de- I OMAHA LIVESTOCK pressing inilucnce ol pre-holmay | poultry competition. j Comrnon and medium S^de | Cll111t ^7 W)011 . ^ steers had an upward price len- | 59.75. 2 uo to .1110 ib dcncy but choice kind? tended [ ibs. so.l.v-. 140 lower.' The early top of S12 was j >-£„'».»> .b^ paid for weighty steers but some 9 . 6I) . OMAHA. ..•;•— u. s. department 0 ( I0 15c , IOD . S9.:>on9.70: 170 10 200 to ifio ibs. sc.50''i9.;5; ,..^ » ,o 1,0^ cents losses shade to 15 yearlings were held i.round the of vealcrs showed ~? at Sll down. Fat lambs were a cents lower. Sellers resisted 25 cents lo\ver bids but the best they could get for choice natives was S9.15, oil a dime from Monday's top. Wholesale pork loin and beef carcass prices were unchanged. CATTLE 5.0HO: calves 800; steady; steers S9«i 12 and above: heifers $7.50'<i9; cows S4.25<i;6.50; cutters S3.255f4; bulls $4.50 M 5.25: top veaters SB-oO^iS, SHEEP 4.000; lambs weak, asking stronger: best held above S8.75. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 600 550 CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS AWARDED SOUBCC • f» OOOOE COUP. COMPILED FBOkT ACTUAL CONTRACT RECORDS W THE 37 STATES CAST W THE ROCKY MOUNT.-IS AND ESTIMATED TO BEPSCSENT ABOUT SIX Of THE ACTUAL CONSTRUCTION VOLUME IN TKt UNITED STATES, "NON-RESIDENTIAL* INCLUDES COMMERCIAL. EDUCATIONAL. FACTOP.T, HOSPITAL a INSTITUTIONAL, PUBLIC. SELIOIOUS » MEMORIAL. SOCIAL » BECSEATIONAL BUILDINGS. MILLIONS DOLLARS 600 550. MONTHLY AVERAGES BY YEARS ° ''25 '26 '27 '28 r 29~'30 '3^32 '33 '34 DEC. «. «3v ICt J'OOICITt Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke and company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. ^Bid and asked Monday: Cent St El 6 pel pt'd <?2a par I 9 Cent St'El 7 pet. pfd (S25 pan 10 Cent St P & L 7 pet pfd ... )5. Champlin Ref la 7 pet pfd .. 90 Creamery Package com 24 Hearst Cons A 11*, Gee. A Hormel A pfd 104 Gco A Hormel com . 19 Interstate Power 0 pet pfd .. 18 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd ... 20 Iowa Electric Co 6';i pet pfd 50 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. 51 la Elec Lt & Pow 6 pet pfd , 68 la Eltc Lt & Pow 6'/a pet pfd 69 la Elec I,t & Pow 7 pet pfd .. 74 la Pow & Lit'ht a pet pfd .. Inl la Pow Sr Light 7 pet pfd ... 102 la Public Scrv 6 pet-pfd .... 98 la Public Serv s'.i pet pfd ... 93 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd 100 la South Util 6 pet pfd 67 la South Util 6'.2 pet pfd ... 68 la South Util 7 pet pfd "2 Minnesota P & L G pet pfd ... 93 Minnesota P & L 7 pet pfd ... 99 Northern St Pow 6 pet pfd ... 89 Northern St Pow 7 pet pfti ... 95 K W Sell Tel 6'A pet pfd ... 105 N W St Portland Cement com 25 Rath Packing 6 pet pfd 100 Rath Packing 7 pet pfd 100 Rath Packing com 33 Sir.ux City Gas & El 7 pet pfd 95 United Lt & Fys C pel pfd m United Lt ft: Rys 6.36 p<-(- pfd 85 i Uniied Li 4c Rys 7 pet pfd .. 92 I Western Grocer pfd 90 (Western Grocer com 10 lO'.i 12 16=4 tion yards and 8 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. T-jesday were 22.000 compared with 30.800 a -icf-k ago and 18.100 a year ago. Mostly steady to 5c higher, spots up lOc or more; trade undertone strong; loading continued slow. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 160 Ibs. good and choice S7.r>0«t8.55: light weights 160 to 180 lbs. S8.30fi9.50: 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.40''i9.85. medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. $9.60<&10-J5: 220 tn 250 Ips. S9.60?! 10.05: heavy weights 230 to C30 Ibs. S3.60W10.05; 290 to 350 Ibs. S9.45«r 10.05; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good S3.10S9.60: 350 to 425 Ibs. S8.90£9.45: 425 to 550 Ibs. S8.75',;9.15. Death Notices 1 53 70 71 76 J03 "0 74 9.". 101 91 •J7 108 l!t></ 102 103 34 97 r.n K7 Local Livestock MASO.V CITY—Kor HOGS Sieady. Good light Good light Good hgnt Gucd lichl Good ;i£hi Good lisht Good me. Good me, wl. Guod me. w;. ichts . 140-I50 . 150-1CO ." .. .... 160-no ITu-iSO butchers 180-200 hulchcrs 200-220 butch. 220-250 butch. 250-270 butch. 270-290 S fi.S'i- S 7.115- S 8.4 S 9.20- E 90 7.35 3.05 t;,95 9.50 S 9.45- 9.75 S 9.45- 9.75 S 9.45- 3.75 S 9.45- 9.75 S 9.45- 9.i 5 i S 9.30- 9 CO ! S 0.10- E.40 i S 9.00- 9.3D \ S E.80- 9.1IJ i S 3.60- S.90 I 8.40- (i.70 i Good heavy butchers 290-325 Good heavy butchers 325-J50 Good heavy butchers 350-400 Gcod pacKin^; .^ows 275-350 Good heavy sows . 35U-425 Good big r.eavy sows 425-500 Good big heavy so\vs 500-550 iTiic above ;s a 10:30 iruck hoi; market for good and choice hogs The difference ::i price is tor short and long CATTLE. Steers, choice to orimc .... Stt-ers. good to choice ..... Steers, rncduirn ;o coort .... Steers, fair to rneGnim .... Lo-.v grade steers ....... Jleifefs, good :o Choice . . Grass heifers, mod. *o Rood Grass r.eifcrs com. to med. Cows, pooa to choice ....... Cows, fau- to good ......... C'uf.ers . .................. Canners . .. ............... Bulls, heavy ................ Buns. li>;h: vcs. gd. 10 choice lsn-190 Calves. iT-.ed. to good 130-190 Calves. :nfcr. U gd. 130-190 LA.IIBS haul hogs.j ! S 9.00-lO-j ] ? 7.0D- 9.00 i 5 o.oO- 700 S 6.00- (j.OO S 3.50- 4.25 S 3.50-10 00 5 4.00- 0.00 S 3.00- 4.0'j S 3.50- 4.r>0 S 3.J5- .-,.75 53.00-3.2;] S 2.50- J.To S 4.25- 4.7.i S 3.50- 4.2J 5 6.50- n 00 S 4.50- 3..--0 S 4.25 down SIOl'X CITV LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) SIOUX CITY, t.v— U. S. department of agriculiure— CATTL>: 2.3000; calves 200; slaughter .-leer,* nnd yearlings moderately acth e, lully steady: other killing classes little changed: btockers and feeders scarce, firm: load Jots choice 1,050 to 1,300 Ib. j beeves and yearlings $11.50Ci'lI.7o; liberal ' share short feds $9.50 down; small lots fed heifers SIO^;10.50: most beef cows $< '•: 5,C5; few S5.75fii6.25: ctitter grades largely 53.35^3.75; fe-.r common and medium loads .Mockers and feeders S6 down. Current j-toc-ker and feed cattle quotation?: Steers 550 to 800 Ibs. good and L-l'.OH'e ?6 ' 8; common and medium $3.75 '•i6: 800 to 3.050 Ib. good and choice SGTift: coir.mon and medium $4 r 'fi; heifers good j and choice Nt.25'i( 6.50: common and me- I diiirn ST^'V^J: cows cood S3.75'ti 1 4.25: i common ana medium $3.25<T?3.75; calves i istecrl good and-choice S6^iB.25; medium ' S4.25''i (!. HOGS 6.500: opening bids on weights 190 ibs. and i:;j fully strady at S9.401'9.65: mostly ^9.50 down; 1GO to 190 Ib. lights sold S9.15flil.40: 140 to 160 Ib. lisht lights JS.lS'-j f>.15; >]auc!i",er pigs 330 Ibs. down S7~'S.25: sn-.vs stronc In 30c higher at ?!\-to to mo'tly S9.50; stags 59.25 clown: ieeder oics dull, SIIEKP 4.HOO: no early fat lamb bids: indications steady; best fed won'ed offerings held nhove 33,75; (ew good ewes steady .1; 53.75. GRAIN MARKETS SUFFER PLUNGE July Wheat, Representing! 1937 Crop, Takes Lead m Price Break. Stock List LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. 1'—Official estimated livestock receipts for Wednesdav: Cattle E.000: hoRs 23.000: ,<hecp lo.noo. CHICAGO, (.-P)--Jolted by the United States government report indicating unprecedented huge seeding of wheat, prices for that cereal plunged down 3"-s cents a bushel maximum Tuesday. July wheat, which represents the new 1937 crop, was under the greatest selling pressure, and led^ the break in prices. Despite the heavy selling, however, there was strong absorption of offerings on each fresh decline. At the close, wheat was 2 J ,a- 3Vs cents under Monday's finish, Dec. S1.35'.4-=s, May $1.29%-1.30, corn 3 4-lii cents off, Dec. .og'/j-U, May new $1.04' ; i-V4, oats l J 8-l'/2 cents down, and rye showing S'.g-SVi cents loss. Provisions results were 12 to 22 cents lower. NEW YORK STOCKS. (Tuesday Final Quotations) Al Ch & Dye 226 1 /, Maytag V-'-, Am Can lliTi McK & T.ob 12 J ,ii Am Sm & R-"! 9'<!/8 Mid Cjiit Pet 29=» \ Am Sug Rt:t J.'l'/B rioncff Ward SYTs A T ,"M T 132»'< Motrcll & Co 41?, Am Tob B 9ij'.4 Njsh Mot 15'. a Am Wat Wks 2. r - Int Tel & Tel 12 Anaconda r.-Ti R:>t Biscuit 31Tit A T & S F ()7', 3 Nat Cash R 30 Auburn Auto 30',3 Nat Dairy Pr 22 7 « Aviation Corp 6",i Nat Distill 28% BaJt & Ohio "m, , Nat Pow & Lt 11 '/s ] STOCK MARKET TURNS UPWARD Representative Sales (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, ...;•—U. S. department griculiurc—Representative sales: HOGS. Lighls- Rd. 10 choice Ldr^b5. med. to good La:nbs, fair to mod. Lamb?., common Yearlirps. cd to eh. iu.n to Yearhngs, Yearlings, fair Native cwcs. scod to c! CL:!!S. cwcs Bucks .... Y.'c:ners, 2 yea.- dels ... Wethers, old B-rk la.Tbs SI -OW5. Xo dock on lambs. Quotations subictt :o No market ?Y;dav. S 7.00- 7.75 •n-PO S 6.00- 7.00 70-DO S 3.75- " 75 i 75 S 3 75 down ! fi!) 79-flO S 5.00- S.OO j 7S Sood S 4.00- b.OO ' K medium" S 3.00- 4.00 S 2.00- 2.50 I St, t choice S 2.00- '!.00 | 4] $ 1 no- 1.50 ! 18 J 1.00- 2.0d ; :i! S 5.00- 6 00 ! 19 S 3.00- 5.00 i L>2 51 260 Medium'— 75 240 215 i "'' market fluctua- -^ 1(1.20 SB 1(1.20 82 in.25 25 10 .',0 30 ' 10.25 97 10VO : 18 10 15 10.10 C'ATTLK. i Heifer: 1275'11 12.2". IS I2.HO 22 •1 50 C'OU'S- JU.-i 4 8.00 3 4 397 179 166 162 °15.1 145 914 S15 7R'I 765 1220 11SO lien 10.10 10.05 10.00 5.85 9.7S 9.00 9.23 9.25 CHICAGO CASH GRilN. (Tuesday Market! CHICAGO. (.?>—Cash wheat: No. 1 dark hard $1.41; No. 2 mixed S1.35 3 i. Com: No. 4 mixed SI.05; No. 5 mixed Sl.OO'ifU.OO'i; No. 2 yellow 31.10; No. 3 yellow $1.06'.ifil.08; No. 4 yellow S1.02V< fel.OB',; No. 5 yellow $1 ft 1.02; No. 3 white Sl.lO'ol.ll; No. 4 white $1.07!i3- 1.10; No. 5 white S1.03' a '!i 1.04'i. Oats: No. 1 white 53U'S.54 l <c: No. 2 white 52 J ifr53'3c: No. 3 white 51'.^«t52c. Rye: No. 2, $1.19. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow Sl.53l51.55U. Barley feed fiO<U88c nominal; malting Sl'i;1.40 Timothy seed SS.GS'Tf.e.lO cwt.: new S5.60 a 5.85 cwt. Clover seed S24fi31 cwt. Lard tierces S13.25; loose S12X2; bellies S16.25. 7.1'i 142T. 3U 117',-i IT, 43 Barnsdall Bendix Avlat Beth Steel Bordcn Borg-Warner Can D G Ale Pac Case Chi & N W Chi Gt West C M St P i P 2 C R I & P 2 Chrysler Col G & El Comw & Sou Con Edison Con Oil 14 3 ii Con Can H4',j Cont Oil Del 42!» Corn Prod 86?; Curtlss Wright li'i Deere A: Co lO.Ti D're & Co of 3n'/« DuPont de N 172 Gen Elec 51'i Gen Foods 39'/i Gen Mot 65', •; Gillette l.i',« Good'r T & E 27-''H Hudson Mot 13-i Illinois Cent 22 U Int Harvest 1001-i Int ?Jick Can 64'/» Int Tel & Tel 12 Johns Manv 141 V» Kresce 28 Lib O F Gl 9'i jo',; 99', 39 43 11 S6 15 3 /' 40'.3 39' 43", 66", N Y Central Northern Pac Olivtr Farm Packard Mot Param Pict Penney Penn R B Phiilips Pet Radio Hey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oii Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn 17 3 Studebaker 13 Swift & Co 24', Texas Corp 5I 3 .4 Tex Gulf Sul 3S'i Timk Roll B TO'i Un Carbide 101H1 Un Pac 122 Unit Air Corp 27'/3 United Corp ti j /i Unit Drug 14 U S Ind Alco 38'i U S Rubber 44 3 i U S Steel 76V, Warner Pict IG'i West Un Tel 77'i West El & M 144 Woolworth fi.T.i Wrigley Jr 73 Many, of Fallen Leaders Rally Fractions to 3 or More Points. NEW YORK, (.'P)—Stocks took a turn for the better in Tuesday's market and many of Monday's fallen leaders rallied fractions to 3 or more points. Although the ticker tape was pressed occasionally in the first hour or so, dealings slowed appreciably later. Offerings were scarce near the final period and most of the favorites held around is}'? |_their best levels of the day. Transfers approximated 1,8 0 0,0 0 0 shares. While there was apparently less nervousness over auto parts and other strikes the situation was still viewed as a retarding market influence. fi.75 ' 50 Mason City Grain MASON CITY— For Tuesday No. 3 new yellow shelled corn ...................... 98c 4.75 | No. 4 new yellow shelled corn 96c tllH'AC.O LIVESTOCK. <Tiic-srt.-,y Markc: 1 ' CHICAGO. •'• —L'! S. department of ag- ;:rLi!ti;re— HOGS i.l.iiOO: Including li.Wtli direct: >!cady to yhade hinder thai 1 . Monday';- .-ivcr.-i'ce: -.vri-ht- above ISO !b.. ^eums bc^' actinr.: c:,trenic top S'M.20: b ilk •.•-ell-finishrr! 190 to 300 Ib- 1 . S301' In 2."): best hcht liqht 4 S9 90: rr^ost t;ood ^ows 59.f!i - n.r.r): C'ATTI.K ;,:.d inL'f::'.i f-.i!Iy >uv-id>-: -l:rh. f,: '.sfi.,"0' ; 'fi..".0: bit choice offerings :.l 5 C65 SHEEP. Lambs— j Yearlings— R.'i 9.15 41 81 4: 3.50 Native 40 8.1 IDA S7 141 85 130 86 Fed Westerns— 87 94 89 86 E.OO >).™l Slaughter Ewes— S.00'400 117 4.50 8.0 15 130 Ml !05 3.50 3.Of) Feeding Lambs— 9.00130 61 8.00 'J.'iO ear corr _ .............. g4 c White oats, No. 3 ............ 46c Barley ........... 60-90c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow' ..... $1.35 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office in Bagley-Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7. DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utils. Close lTi.30 51.C3 34.32 Total Sales 1.670,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 14'« Marsh Fields 20 : U Cord Corp 4'.« Produce EDWARDS, Mrs. Estella M. Edwards, 74, dJed at the home of her son-in-law, Herman W. Frazee. 744 Fourth street southwest, at 2:45 o'clock Monday morning following an illness of about two years. Funeral services will be held at the Patterson funeral home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be at Rockford.. The Patterson funeral home in charge. MATHER, Ruth A., 46, died at a loc?l hospital Monday following an illness of one week. Funer.-.! services will be held Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock at the Ka'nawha M. E. church and Thursday morning at Springdale, \vith burial at West Branch. The Patterson funeral home in charge. LOST—1 carton addressed to Albert Hass, 1 So. Taylor. Fir.der phone 555 or 249. Reward. LOST—Sat, nite on Federal ave., car keys in leather holder. Ph. 3466. Reward. LOST—1 piece of brown canvas, size 14 ft. by 18 feet. Finder please phone 1934. LOST—Sat. p. m., leather coin purse, liberal reward. Ph. 141. Money to Loan PERSONAL LOANS CHOOSE ANY OF FOLLOVigNG PLANS 1. Furniture Loans. 2. Auto Loans. 3. Diamond Loans. 4. Endorser Loans. CALL AT OFFICE OR PHONE 727 Home Loan & Finance Company 2041.O.F. (Formerly M.B.A.) Bldg. MASON CITY—For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 20c Heavy hens, 4'/i lbs. and over lUc Under 4% lbs Springs, 5 lbs. and over lOc Sc Leghorn springs ............. ^ Cocks ..................... be All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade ............ 22-23c* •Eggs, cash ............. 21-22c* Butter, Iowa State Brand .... 40c Butter, Corn Country ........ 39c Butter, Kenyon's ............ 39c Butter, Very Best ............ 40c Butter, Brooklield ........... 39c Potatoes, peck ........ 39 and 50c *EDITOR'S NOTE— These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. WAGNER, Mrs. Arthur Franklin. 55, died suddenly at her home. 807 Connecticut avenue northeast, about 10:30 o'clock Monday morning following a brief illness. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the McAuley'funeral home. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The McAuley funeral home in charge. MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS NEEDS $25 TO $300 LOANS No payments until January 1937. North Iowa's Oldest Loan Company. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY First National Bank Bldg. 321 National Bank Phone 412 Funeral Directors Curb Market NEW YORK. I.-?;—Rallying tendencies through the curb market Tuesday canceled some of yesterday's declines in the trading leaders. Support stiffened shortly after the opening in response to improvement on the bin board. It lifted Newmont, American Gas & Electric. Pan American Airways and American Cyanamid "B" fractions to around a point. Minor gains appeared in Sunshine Mining. Utilities Po\v2r &: Light "A." and Electric Bond & Share. Draper Corp.. an inactive issue, rose about 5l_- on small transactions. CHICAGO'POULTRY (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, I/PI— Poultry: Live, 2 cars. 77 truck.-;, steady to firm; hens 4'/a lbs. up 16c, less than 4!b lbs. 13c; Leghorn liens lie;- springs 4 lbs. np colored 15c: Plymouth Rock 13c; White nock :6c: Leghorn chickens Ill-be: roosters 12c: Leghorn roosters lie; turkeys, hens 20c; young loma ISc: old 15c; No 2 turkeys 15c; ducks, white 4Vb lbs. up 18c. colored j !7c: small white and colored He; north- I crn geese 16c; southern 14c: capons 7 ibs. I up l'9c: less than 't lbs. 18c. i Dressed turkeys steady to firm: hens I young 22c: old 19'-ic; toms youns 18 lbs. ! up 21c: less than 18 lbs.-21'Ac: old 18bc; No, 2 turkeys ]6Vsc; southwestern tui'- keys. young hens and toms 20(Ji.20'2C. Butter 7.945, steady, prices unchanged. Eg£s 5.980. unsettled; extra firsts cars and local 29'/iC; fresh graded firsts cars and local ZSiaC; current receipts 27'ic: refrigerator extras 27'ic; refrigcratO'.' standards 27',.c. Bond Market NEW YORK PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK, (if)— Live poultry firm: by freight, turkeys ]6»i24c; ducks 16«i 17c: oth"r prices unquoted. Butter 10.422, steady; prices unchanpred, extra 192 score) 34'^'Tt35c. Cheese 275.469. ytea-jv ^..d unchanged. Eggs ll.on.:, irregular; mixed colors, refrigerp'.cr firsts 2B',ifTi29c; seconds 27!i {t^S'; otiier mixed coiors unchanged, i NET? VOBK CURB Hides and Furs 'o,-id>.: stc.idy lov.-er: iTi^: decline riftcr *\ S71y9: ^fleeter 1 . inoMly S10.50 dov. Jinced narrow: <--d UD a:i'l short u-d sHI ;il 58 do\'.'n: SIIKEP 10.0(10; inrluriinc 2' l.inb.-' opt-ninc: slow: undo:*: 1" cent* !o\ver: yonir hick bins and sr^les co('d to dioic-: fffl -.VCSterrls ^",7."i''; II inrr>t!;, rriti-.'es to srr:a!I kiilT=, ^laughter r-.ves -.'tt'Cirl-.' rit ?r;.." Quotatinn5 Furnished by Wol! Bros.. Inc.. .108 Tirth Street Soulhwes'., HORSEHIDES iiorsehldcs .....52.75 •GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 2J lbs 8!ac '!5 lo 45 Ibs. 7c More Irian GO Ibi ? c Bull hides 5c •Cured hides hal? cent more a pound. 'On above prices a cent hiphcr to wholesale dealers in wholesale lots.) FURS EN. Lee. Lq*. Med. Small Mmk S14.oo $12.50 Sll.00 S9.50 SOLTH ST. PAl'I. LIVESTOCK tTufvUsv Market. I PAUL. ..f— U. S. -Jep.i ST. rat Weasel 'while and brown I lied Fox (heavy) Raccoon 'heavy ordinary) Civet Cat Skunk fa\'erape prime' Slichtly higher and large lots. 1.45 1.20 .70 6.00 ..',0 5.50 .30 5.00 l.r.o 40 4.50 1.75 1.50 prices for SOUTH CATTLE 2.700: generally about ste.ldy; p.od to choice fed t ;tfpr<. -rriTcr. (inot- ahle sn^lll olaincr kind*, s'-iiin^ do'.-.'ii to ?•<;: frw plain "o tnedit:m hfifcrs $5-^7: lov.- cutter to crater co-.vs S3.25^4: mo;t hcot' cows $4.25v 5.25; feu- rood kind*: up to S6; few saii.-.T^c buJU S4.50'<55n: plain 1n medium stocker steers S4' r ' 5 50: calve^ 2.2W: steady: br'.ter crade 1 Sfl^/9; mn-l- lv feu- S9.50: throwouts do\vn to S4. : >1.::8 : .-: .\o. HOGS 10000: active to practicall'- all 1 .'!..'i4''i 1.35U interest'.: stron" to lOc higher than Min- I S1.30U. d.ny; ton S!0 for better 230 lbs. im: heavv ! Corn: No. 2 yellow S1.13',i; No. 3, SI.12 hulk- 130 lo 300 Ib":. jn."'.; 10; ICiO to IBM ] "M2 1 ,.; No. 4. S1.11O1.12. )b5. S9.30«l0.90: 140 to 150 Ib.,. S3,85<;i9.>i.1: I Oats; No. 4 white 5I'.ic. WHEAT— Dec May .July CORN— ! Dec I May ne\v ... ! May old I July nen' ,.. I Julv old I OATS— i Dec i May July SOYBEANS— Dee. May July RYE— Dec May July ... . BARLEY— Dec. May LARD— Dec Jan Mch May July BELLIES— Doc Jan TUESDAY GRAIN CLOSK CHICAGO,— Hich Low Close 1.04'. 1.02',, 1.00 5 » .93',» .505, .4!)-", 1.29'. l.HU LOB'', 1.04', I.02 3 ; 1 OO'I, OMAHA ORAIN. 'Tuesday Markrl) . I-,— Wheat: No. 1 1.40 1.10 wholesale dark hard 1 hard S1.38'« 1.38 1 -.; No. 2. : No. 3, Sl.SBVi: No. 5 mixed J..17 1.5P. 1.13' 1.11 ' 12.40 .12.40 .13.r,5 J3.BO .14.10 13. ,',11 13.27 13.72 13.37 1.12'' 1.01 1.03 .94 .85 i.' 13..-2 13.S2 16.12 IC.aO Am C & El 39=: Am Cyana B Wii Am S Pow Co 2 Ark N Gas A 7!' 8 Asoc G & El A :i Can Ind Alk 7 Can Marconi Hi Elsler Elec 2% El Bd & Sh 21'A Mord M of Ca 21% Ford M of r;n Hud BM &• S Humb C'il Co Lockheed Niag H Pow Pcnnroad Cp S O Ky Co Un Gns Co Un Li & P Co 7 Util P & L Co 1 NEW rOKK STOCKS 14',1 4'A 17 7'. MINNEAPOLIS (3RAIN. (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. <!?<— Wheat 91 cars: 2 3 nc lower; No. 1 heavy dark northern springs GO lbs. Sl.531iWl.62';,: No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. S1.52',5i:1.61V«; 58 Ibs. ?1.51'ii*l.iSO"i; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 protein S1.43 1 i,'f; 1.45'i: grade 0( No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter $].37? N iul,39''fl: hard amber durum No. 1, Sl.W.fU.SO','.: No. 1 red $l,30=i. Corn: No. 3 yellow S1.08iftl,o9; Ic to 11 ^c lower. Oats: No. 3 white 48 3 ,ii€50;ke. Alaska Juil Allegheny Allied St Am >t For P Am C Sus Co Am C & F Co SCt'z Am P & Li 11U Am Roll Mills 34 Am R & S Co 2.1 Am Tob Co %',« Arm & Co 6 7 « As D Goods 221ii All Rcf 29'. Baldwin Loco iHk Briggs M CO 54 Bcndix 25 3 -i Budd M Co :2 : !i Burr Add 30'.j Byers AM Co 26 Vi Caterpillar Tr 83 Cerro de Pas 73 Ches & Ohio 61 'i C G W pfd 12 CMSP & P pfd 4'/i Com Credit 6Ti Com Solvents 3*ti Cont Motor 2 3 ,i Cud'y Pack Curt-W Co A Dist C Scag Doug Airc W* Eastman 170V 2 Eaton Mfg Co 34 U El Auto Lite 40' , El Pow & Lt 2t'-i Erie R R CO MV» Fire T & R 33 Foster-Wheel 42 Freeport Tex 26 Vi Gen Am Tran 72 Glidden Co 40?; Gold Dust 12'i Gt North Ore 18 ] -j Graham Paige 3'* Gt Nor pfd 39 ',i Houston Oil 121ii Hudson Motor 18 3 k Hupp Motors 1% 3P' 12 ISli 2S'.i Intl Carriers BT Ind Rayoii 37 ' Kelvlnator Co 21 Lambert Co Hi V Lehigh Pt Cc 40 Liquid Cb Cp 44 Lorillard 22' Mnck Truck W Mathieson Al McLellan Sirs Minn. Mol Im M K & T Mot Products No Amcr No Amcr Avi Otis Steel Co J6 Ownn III G! 1SG Packard Mot lO^i Park Utah Cop 4' i Pilisbury F] 28'., Plymouth 2o',h Proc & Gam 53'':, Pub S & N J 47'i, Pullman (>2H Pure Oil Co 18 3 n Purity Bakery J.Tj R K O Tt; Rcm Rand 21 3 i Rco Motors 5 St Joe Lead 43% Simmons Co 431, So Cal Edison 29', Socrry Corp 20 3 ,; St G & E B',; Tide W A Oil 19'; U S Ind Alch .18', U S Smelt H7H Util P & L A 3 3 ; Vanadium 27'i Un Oil Calif 2231 Un G & Imp 11 " 3 Warren Bros LT Western Myld 8'; Western Un 771; Worth Pump 34 : U Yellow Truck 21 H Youngs S & T 77 Vi NEW YORK, iff)—With specul.itive ,at- ngs leading, the bond markp', moved toward recovery Tuesday. In a few instances the substantial losses of Monday were retrieved although most Rains established during the early trad- -A'ers- ivithtn fractional limits. ! Opinion and comment upon banking j sources on the government's move to "sterilize" newly mined and imported ! gold as part of its program of crelit control was studied with interest in bond market circles. Although opinion was divided as to its implications for long range effects on money and credit conditions, it carried no immediate influence, according to traders. U. S. government issues were mixed with most of the treasuries a shade lower. Dealers reported, however, that the market looked better, following a rather steady decline for the past week or more, American Typefounders 5s pointed the way for a broad rally in various in- | duslrlals. Rail liens were in demand at j fractionally higher levels. | Gainers at midday included Bethlehem Steel 4'/4S. St. Paul 5s, Chicago & North Western 4 3 is. Great Northern 4s, International Telephone 5s. National Dairy 3?'4S, Southern Railway 4s and Youngstown Sheet and Tube 3 J ,2S. Foreign bonds showed an uneven range. French Buenos Aires, and Cuban obligations were lower. CHICAGO STOCKS. (Tuesday Quotations) Cities Service 3 : ^: Northwest Bane l'2"'n Heilmann Brew 10 i Quaker Oats Kellogg Switch fl Vi i Swift & Co Libby McNeil n^jSwifl Int] Midwest Corp 12^11 Utility i- Ind Katl Leather HilZenith PRODUCE FUTURES. I (Tuesday Market) I CHICAGO. Wi—Butter futures closed: i Storage standards, December 32!-:c; Janu- i ary 321;;c; February 32?«c. j Egg futures: ' Refrigerator standards. | December 27'ic: January 26-"!«c: fresh } graded firsts. February 24"ac. Potato futures: Idaho Russets. January 52.72; March grade A $3.18. McAULEY Funeral Home—Complete service day and night 8 S. Adams. Phone 651. MEYER Funeral Home—Dependable service. 126 Third St. N. E. Phone 1505. PATTERSON Funeral Home—A service for those who care.. Ambulance. 322 N. Wash. Phone 1140. RANDALL Funeral Home.Arnbu- lance service. 104 3rd St. N. E. Ph. 511. C. E. Snipps. H. B. Major. Cemeteries A3 MEMORIAL PARK—"The Cemetery Beautiful." Perpetual maintenance. I. O. F. Bldg. 172, 1827J. Florists LET Kembles plan your Christmas table decorations. Ph. 55 or 416. Personals THE C O L F A X SANITARIUM. Colfax, It., specializes in rheumatism, neuritis, arthritis, varicose veins and convalescent. Mineral water and baths. Free booklet . !.ost and Found 6 LOST — Little brown dog, "Dutchy." 194 Crescent Drive. Please ph. any inf. to 2953-J. MONEY SPECIAL REDUCED INTEREST Rates and Terms on Loans Ant. I'ou Tot. Yrly. Tot. Anit. Amt. Pd. of Note $ 55.50 83.25 111.01) 222.00 333.00 Want S 50.00 75.00 iflO.OO 300.00 WeCKly $1.00 J.50 2.00 4.00 6.00 Charge S 5.50 3.25 11.00 & 23.00 .13.00 Come In — Phone In Compare and *cc us about our many INDUSTRIAL CREDIT CORP. Over Penney "s Phone 1521 H. W. KOENEKE. Manager. LOW COST LOANS You'll like Humphrey's friendly service and liberal policy. 19V, N. Fed—Ph. 578 HUMPHREYSSS /LOANS UP TO S300.00 Furniture, Autos, Livestock, Machinery, Diamonds and other Persona] Property. Anywhere in North Iowa. Interest charged only on the unpaid balance for the actual time used. FREE INFORMATION C. L. Pine Loan Co. Diagonally Opp. 1st Nat'! Bank. 204 Weir Bldg., Mason City, Iowa FOUND—Mounted truck tire 65. P. O. Box 45, Rockwell. on KANSAS CITY GRA.I.V. (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY. (/?i—Wheat 59 cars; ':.-2V 4 c lo-.vcr: No. 2 dark hard Sl.SS'.i?' 1.3514: No. 3. S1.30'i<n.32=;: No. 2 hard S1.36'/i; No. 3 nominally S1.30',if/i.3SVj: No. 2 red nominally S1.35^Q1.37'/2: No. 3 nominally S1.34'4'S 1.37. Corn 11 cars: Vic lower to 'ac higher; No. 2 white nominally 81.17*4101.19: No. 3. Sl.l"^: No. 2 yellow nominally Sl.Tj^* fil.17; No. 3. Sl.14',2: No. 2 mixed nominally Sl.141Vin.J5; No. 3 nominally Sl.n'.iifrl.H. Oats 1 car: J ic to Ic lower; No. 2 white 53 3 4C: No. 3 nominally 52V-.- f <J 54^c. Miscellaneous of GOVERNMENT BONDS (Tuesday Qtjolatlons) NEW YORK. IP>— U. S. bonds .closed: Treasury 4'As 47-52 121.10. Treasury <- 44-54 115.20. Treasury 3 J n.i 40-43 June 107.2*!. Treasury .Wns 43-47 110.19. Treasury 3'lis 46-49 108.13. Treasury 3s 51-55 105.29. CHICAGO POTATOES. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (/P'—U. S. department agriculture— Potatoes G3; on track 267: total U. S. shipments 417; Colorado McClurcs slightly stronger; best Russets firm, northern siock^ abotit steady; supplies moderate: demand fair; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. S2.5(%1.77'i: U. S. No. 2. 52.05: Colorado Red McCIuics U. S. No. 1. S2.45H(2,G3: Russet Eurbanks U. S. No. 1. S2.45; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1. $1.85(5,2; mostly around 51.30; U. S. No. 2. 90c; loss than cariots Florida bushel crates Bliss Tn- umuhs few sales U, S. No. 1, $2; U. S. No. 2, J1.75. Your Car Represents MONEY Get the use of this money for Christmas buying and winter expenses, by borrowing fin our convenient low cost AUTO LOAN PLAN. For details call at our office, south of old Post Office, or phone 670. MIDLAND INVESTMENT CO. DON'T SELL YOUR PRODUCE FOR LESS MONEY FRIEDMAN At Forest City Is Still Paying 13ic lie . 9c . 9c lOc lie 28c 21c Springs, Hens over 5 lbs., per Ib Springs, Hens over 4 Ibs., per Ib. ...... Spring's, Hens under 4 lbs., per Ib Leshorns, Springs and Hens, Ib Geese, pound Ducks, 5 lbs. and over Eg'gs, No. 1, dozen Eggs, No. 2. dozen _ Highest Market Prices Paid For All Kinds of Furs and Hides. MIXXEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Tuesday Marked MINNEAPOLIS. IIP) ~ Flour: Carload lots, a barrel in 98 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents lOc lower, S7.4. 1 )'''/ 7.fi5; standard patent"; lOc lower, S7.30li7.50. Shipments 21,803. Pure bran S32.25iff32.50. Standard .middlings S32(Ti42.5l). XEW VORK SUGAR, (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK. 1/71.—Raw sugar unchanged at 3.77c for spots. Futures unchanged to 1 point higher except December, whcih declined to 2,8Gc. off 7 points; January -2.B7c and September 2.9/ic. Refined unchanged at 4.80c tor fine' granulated. COMBIKKD HOG EKCEl^TS. DES MOINES. a')— U. S. department or agriculture— Combined hog receipts at 21 conce-ilra- A Visit to Santa Claus Land „.,„„„, „.-,!:„,. By Brandon Walsh THE UTTIE WISE MEN ARE MA6ICMNS-TOEX>WVf CAPTU<?£P THE TfiWB? SO^S OF THE AflGHTWOlE THE SOYdUS iAUGHTS?OF TWKLI/JG GquCW£S Of-A BROOK-THE /MA6IC SOAJS Of AH OLO CHURCH ORGAN OAJ EA&S THE/ AW THE M1MG/.FP THEBIRPSSWST&THE /INPIHE HUM W THE IKK TOPS -THE/ T/4EM THEN TWEY PtAV O/J THB/2 AUG/C B£i.lS ll&r&J AMP ££APM THE GLORIOUS CTARSbW-AMD THAT IS THE VW5M THE" BEiLS P/NG OU TO WISH THE WOEi.0 IV TWO c PAYS BET TX THEY ARE M. THc LITTiE VISIT TO C/AUS BE GboW- CHRlSTAMS BEUS! I iOVf TO THINGS TO SSE-AW OMiV TWO PAYS l&T'. <'»M,I«tr..MwS 1 -«<l.aB.Ir«_"'7 if I /••I ; AUCTION SALE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, AT 11:30 A. M. SHARP Lund Sales Stables ON NO. 18 — EAST OF MASON CITY 60 — HEAD OF HORSES — 60 Good work horses and farm mares. Grays, bays and roans. Also we can sell any kind of a horse you bring in. Don't be afraid to bring- your horses in as we have buyers here for all classes. 150 _ HEAD OF CATTLE — 150 Consisting of STOCKER STEERS, SPRINGER HEIFERS, COWS and BREEDING BULLS 65 — HEAD BREEDING EWES and FEEDING LAMBS — 65 TOO — CHOICE FEEDING PIGS 100 SOME FURNITURE—1 Extra Good Large Gas Stove 500 RED CEDAR FENCE POSTS 200U Feet of Good Pine Lumber Lunch on the grounds. These sales will be held every Thursday. Bring: anything: you have to sell. Get Your Horses in Early—Sale Will Start at 11:30 Sharp WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND — TERMS, CASH STABLES, 3758 — PHONES — RESIDENCE, 3836 Ora Bayless, 4127 — AUCTIONEERS — Jack Dorsey, Plymouth

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