Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 5, 1971 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1971
Page 6
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Gillan-Rudick Vows Solemized In Rites of Community Church Susan Gillan became the bride of Do'i^lai Dielil Rudick of Manhattan in, rites at Community Churdi, United Church of Christ. The Rev. Robert N. Alpers performed the double-ring ceremony at 2 p.m., Saturday, May 29, Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Gillan, 628 Wheatridge, are parents of the bride. The bridegroom is the son oi Mr. and Mrs. John V. Rudick, Bellerose, N.Y. Candles and an arrangement of blue, yellow and white Kil- linan daisies with baby's breaith graced the altar. At either side stood a tall, white candelabra with lighted tapers. Pews were marked by clusters of yeEow satin roses tied with matching ribbon. Mrs. Howard Blanohard played traditional music at the organ and accompanied Mrs. Joe Vamderweide, who sang "We've Only Just Begun," by Williams and Nichols, and "Now and'Forever," from Tsohaikow- sky's Sixth Symphony. Escorted by her father, the bride was given hi marriage by her parents. She wore a floor-length gown of white acetate peau de sole and re-embroidered lace. Ths bodice of lace was fashioned with standup collar amd bishop sleeves which were gathered in deep cuffs. Lace applique formed an apron effect on this front of the A-line skirt and border lace encircled the hemline and full chapel back. Her camelot headpiece held a chapel-liangth mantilla, which was outlined with matching border lace. She carried a white Bible topped with yellow rosebuds interspersed with baby's breath. Mrs. Larry Cutskiger, Tope- fca, attended Ijhe bride as matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Patricia Brack, Lawrence, and Janet Blackford, Garden City. Mrs. Cutsinger was attired in a floor-length dress of yellow rayon crepe chiffon over yellow satin which was styled wiitih long, full sleeves, full skint and stand-up collar trimmed with blue and yellow embroidery. Her headpiece •was a triple bow of yellow crepe. Miss Brack wore >a gown ot blue crepe over satin and Miss Blackfond wore yelow crepe over saibin, styled identically to the matron of honor's gown. AsU carried satin baskets of blue, yellow and white majestic daisies. Kathleen Gillian and Janio* Gillan, sisters of the bride, lighted Ohe tapers. They wore gowns of yellow and blue crepe over satin. Heidi Bigler, Garden City, served as flower girl and Jonathan Gillian, brother of the bride, as rinigbeairer. Heidi was attired in a blue crepe gown styled as those of the other alttendanits. She carried a snaat satin basket of daisies. Arlon Waimhoff, Manhattan, . served as best man. Groomsmen were Don Kroendmg, Manhattan, and Rick Felix, Kansas City. The bride's brothers, ' Stephen Gillian and Dale Gilan Jr., both of Garden City, seated ithe guests. Men in Dhe wedding party wore black tuxedos and either a blue or yellow carnation bou- tonmiere. The bride's mother chose a brown and rosie beige polyester knit dress with matching accessories. The bridegroom's mother wore a dress of pink and white emibroidered voile Avith white accessories. Each wane a corsage of cream- colored cymibidhim. orchids. Some 140 guesits attended the reception in Fellowship Hall. The reception table was cover ed with a blue cloth and blue netting and was centered by the wedding cake. The cake was made in four tiers with fiye individual cakes forming the base layer. An all-white cake, iit was decorated between layers with yelow trim and topped with a nosegay of yel low roses ard baby's, breath. The cake was baked by .Mrs. Wendell Meier. Reception hostess was Mrs. Ed Lewis. She was asisisted by ithe bride's aunt, Mrs. Henry Gillan Jr., and Mrs. Pat John son Landsfoorg. Pouring punch were Barbaira Moore and Mrs. Richard Rudy Valeiizuela MRS. DOUGLAS DIEHL RUDICK (Susan Gillan) McMosh, Manhattan. Mrs. Harold DieM, Salina, cut fine • cake. She is the aunt of the bridegroom. Mrs. Kenneth Ha'hn, Liberal, served. At the gift table were Mrs. Larry Grantham, Kansas City, and Mrs. Jim Warren, Nortonville, aunt of the bnidv.. Karen Hamilton, Lawrence, presided ait the guest book. Wedding coordinator was the bride's aunt, Mrs. V. K. Anderson, Hideaway Park, Colo. Hononed guests were Mrs. Wive DieM, Salina, grand- mother of the bridegroom, and ir. and Mrs. H. C. Gilan, arden City, grandparents of tie bride. For going away, the bride chose a two-piece cotton dress Calendar of Sochi Events SUNDAY DEMOtUAYS — 9 to 13:30 reig Istration for area conclave. Ma sonic Temple. Evening meeting open to public at 7 p.m. MONDAY ELMS LADIES BRIDGE 0L.UIB— 3 p.m. Elks Home. Guests. TUESDAV LINCOLN GOODWILL BHU — 1:30 p.m. Mrs. W. A. Miller, Ull N. Main. GOLDEN VAli/BY EHU — 1:30 p.m. .Mrs. Jess Murdoch, 902 N 7tb. WEDNESDAY FROGRESSrVE EHU — 2 p.m Mrs. Joihm Both, Holoomb. Total dressed weight of beef slaughtered in Kansas in 1970 was 1,278,283.000 pounds, or 27 per cent abo\V 1969. of multi-color print with white accessories. Her corsagie was of green cymibidium orchids. After a short wedding trip to Colorado, *he newly weds will be ait home at in Manhattan. 1641 Fairchild A 1967 graduate of Garden City High School, Mrs. Rudick will be graduated in August from Kansas State University with a degriee in elementary education. Mr. Rudick is a graduate of Floral Park High School in Floral Park, N. Y., and received his bachelor of science degree in. geography froim K- State in December. He is employed by Aristo Foods in Manhattan. • , Page t Garden City Telegram Saturday, June 5, 1971 Belles Report on Funds for Tank BeRes of St. Catherine executive board met at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday in the conference room of St. Caitherine Hospital. To date $1,719.28 has been donated toward -a full-body immersion tank ar t lift. Total cost of the tank and lift is $3,250. This amount- includes both donations from the public and proceeds from the movie, "Cromwell." Ooniaitions are welcome aind should be sent to the treasurer, Mrs. Virgil Craig, 506 Stoeckly. Mrs. Wiliam McElroy presided for the eight members present. Mrs. Calvin Bigler, blood- moble chairman, reported that calling will begin for the bloodmobile visit June 24. Mrs. George Deslongohamp, memiberslhjp chairman, announced that memberships are still open. Anyone interested should conitact Mrs. Deslongchamp at 615. N. 12th, 5-5290. Alcaraz-Ortiz Nuptial Promises Repeated Mona Alca<raz and Nick Ortiz Jr., exchanged wedding promises Saturday, May 22, in rites of St. Dominic Church. Rt. Rev. Msgr. George Husmann officiated in the 11 a.m., double-ring ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Akairaz, 1303 W. Fulton, are parents of tihe bride and Mr. •and Mrs. Nick Ortiz Sr., 211 S. 6th, aire parents of the bridegroom, Mr®. Delonas Lopez, Garden City, played the organ. Serving as matron of honor and best man were Mrs. Mae Cobb,. Garden City, and Steve Hemandez, Amarilo, Tex. Attemdarats to the best man and matron of honor weine Mr. and Mrs. Markus Ortiz, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ortiz and Mr. and Richard Sanchez, Wichita; Mr. and Mrs.. Tony Anzo, Hutchinson, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Medina, Mr. and Mrs. Domingo Accosta, Mr. and Mr®. Leooadio Campos, Ernie Ortiz and Sylvia Orosoo, Garden City. . Bridesmaids were Patricia Wedding Guests Here From Out-of-Town Out-of-town guests in Garden City for the Gillan-Rudick wedding include Mr. and Mrs. John V. Rudick, Belerose, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ernst, Mrs. Olive Diehl and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Diehl, .all of Salina; Mr. and Mrs. Pat Johnson, Linds- 'borg; Mr. and Mrs. EM Diehl, Brookvffle; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mclntosh, Mr. iand Mrs. Don Kroeniing and Arlan Wamhoff, a! of Manh ittan; Mr. and Mrs. Roland DieM, Assaria; Mr. and Mrs.» Glenn Hamilton, Mr. 'and Mrs. Larry Grantham and Brian, Jennifer Brady and Rick Felix, all of Kansas City; Bruce Anderson, Karen Hamilton and Ray Lancaster, .all of Lawrtance; Mrs. •Larry Cutsarager, Topefca; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Warren, Bryan, Jeff, Elaine, Greg, and Tammy of Nortonwiile; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Houghiton, Tiptan<; Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Anderson, Hideaway Pairk, Colo.; Mrs. Kenneth Hahn, Liberal, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burkett, Hays. In Garden City for the summer is Hikfea Juvonen of Helsinki, Finland. He will be a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Towmsend and son, Mairk: Dkka, 18, is "the Town- ends' godson. Mrs. Richard Gamand and children, Lauri, Carol, and Douglas, Littleton, Colo., were overnight guests of Mr. and Mns. Bryant Gairnand, 503 N. >th. They were en route to Pratt and Pone a City, OkLa., for a iamily reunion. While they were »ere they also visited the Daivid Elsey Iamily. ANN LANDERS SAYS Girl, 15, Resents Brother's Advice DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'll come straight to the point because I know you are busy. Please tell me what can a 15/ear-old "girl do about a broths' who is only two years older than she but thinks he is her iaither. My brother tells me low to dress, how to .wear my hair, how much makeup to nit on, how to talk to people, low to sit, stand, walk and breathe. He also wants to pick my Iriends. Last might hie gave me a lee- lure on guys. He told me not to go with "A" because he nishes pot, not fo> go with "B" Because ibis whole aim in life is to see how many girls he can make, and not to go with "C" because he's a beer drunk and a dangerous driver. This bossy brother of mine has a knock for everybody. If I listen to him I wMl be an old maid. Please teH me what to say when he tries to manage my " te, which is like all the time. —Qpelousas, La. Dear Op: Say, "Thank you." * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I couldn't believe my eye® when I read *he letter from "Disgusted Daughter" -who said she had just returned from another rotten dimmer ait her mother's house. She described the apartment as "filthy" and the food ais "inedible." She went on and on until I was sick to my stomach. My mother wasn't a very good cook and her housekeeping was nothing to brag about but she was a lovely, generous peiiison and I adored her. It has been eight yearns since Mama passed away and I think of her a dozen times every day. So many things remind me of hex. I hope girls ,who aue critical of their mothers will look deeper before they make harsh judgments. Every mother wants to do right by her children. Being only human she frequently falls short of tibie . goal. But for a daughter to write such a vicious letter, to be so full of hate, is unnatural. Can you explain it? — Loved Mine Dear Loved: I did explain it. I told "Disgusted Daughter" that it wasn't her moither's ' dirty apartment or 'this poor food that bugged her, it was something else, probably unrelated, and I hope she finds out what it is. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: My lusband is a very nice person 95 per cent of ithe time. He is faithful, kind, considerate and people take to him because he las a warm, outgoing personality. But one liltffle drink and he talks so crude I want to crawl under the rug. Last week we were at a small dinner party and he was describing a Chinese woman had met through business. He said, "She was unusually well stacked for a slant-eyed broad." I nearly collapsed. Next to me was seated a dignified Chinese gentleman. He pretended not to hear. When the entoe was served my husband turned to the Chinese gentleman and said, "Beats chop suey, doesn't it?" Is there anything * wife can say ito smooth over such remarks? Or is it best to say nothing? Thanks for any help you can offer. — Embarrassed For Him Dear Em: The solution, of course, is no booze, but your husband will have to make that decision for himself. No one can make it for him. There is no way to smooth over a crude remark — your husband's or anyone else's. Your beisit bet is to change the subject as tactfully as possible. How far should a teen-age couple go? Can necking be safe? When does it become too hat .to handle? Send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Necking And Petting — What Are The Limits^?" Mail your request to Ann Landers in care of the Garden City Telegram enclosing 50c in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope. N. A*v. U \AJeek on South Main •9 9m Stow Toco John's 305 E. (fatsos "Tht Hottest Spot /in Town" With the Kansas wheat harvest lees than a month away, some farmers want the rams to stop. Others, those of the milo and corn variety, would just as soon it would rain. So the weatherman is going to have a hard time pleasing everyone, but he sure is trying. A Lennox Home Comfort System will do more than try in your home. With a flip of a switch you can have temperatures of your choice. Finals of the Miss Garden City pageant are scheduled for 8 p.m. tonight. It appears the judges are going to have a hard time deciding the winner. Candidates pictures appeared in this family journal the other day, and it looks like the winner could be any of the 12. You're the winner when your home is equipped with a Lennox Home Comfort System. There is a unit designed for your par* ticular needs. Stop by Garden City Sheet Metal, on South Main, and get the details. If you want to be different these days, just act normal. The normal thing to do when thinking of heating, plumbing or air conditioning is to stop or call Garden City Sheet Metal They are the. Lennox dealer in Garden City and feature PS — that's personal service. „, Alcaraz, sister of the bride; Rita Hernandez; the bridegroom's sisters, Yvonne and Barbara Ortiz; Delores Medina, Mrs. Steve Oros'co and Geri Aguilera, all of Garden City; Debbie Martinez, Salina; Mrs. Felipe Rodriguez, Liberal; Mrs. Dale Currey, Subliette and Mona Brack, Leoti. •• Groomsmen were Paul Ortiz and Eddie Ortiz, brothers of the bridegroom; Steve Orosco, Joey Camipos and Abundio Munoz, aOi of Gaa-den City; Richaird Rodriguez and Nicky Rodriguez, Dodge City; Dennis Baili, Salina; Val Lamb, and David Mienckie, Wichita and Felipe Rodriguez, Liberal. Carol Sue Ortiz and Annette Ortiz, 'Sisters of the bridegroom, and ChiMis Currey of Sublette were junior bridesmaids .and Selima Sanchez, Wichita, niiece of the bridegroom was flower girl. Alfred Beltran Jr., Garden City, was junior groomsman and A. C. Ortiz of Wichita was dngbeai-eir. Given in marriage by her father, the bride' was attired in a gown of silk organza embellished with eyelet-embroidered daisy appliques. Bishop sleeves, standing collar and the hemline of the A-line skirt were enriched with lace. Her chapel-length tram was outlined with rosepoint lace and covered with a sheer. mantilla which was held by a band of rosepoint. She carried a carnation nosegay in shades of pin. The maltron of honor wore a floor-length gown of satin- backed crepe, designed in empire styling. With the light, peach-colored gown, she wore a matching full-length veil attached to a white multi-petaled flower, which swved as a crown. Her accessories in/eluded white evening gloves and white shoes. She carried a nosegay of dark peach carnations. Other matrons and bridesmaids wore .similar gowns in varied shades of peach, color, with headpieces and carnation hose- ME. AND MRS. NICK ORTIZ JR. (Mona Alcaraz) gays in corresponding colors. The lower girl was attired in a gown identical to the bridal gown. Men in the wedding party were attired in daytime strollers with ascot *ies. The reception, dinner and dance took place in Acapuico HaU. Sharon Clare presided at the guest book. Music for the dance was provided by a band from Amarfflo. Honoxted guests were the bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clemente Aloaraz of Humboldt and Mr. and Mrs. Merced Aguilera of Garden City, and the bridegroom's grandmothers, Mrs. Julie Ortiz of . Kingman and Mrs. Ysafoel Hernandez of Garden City.. Two cakes on an oblong basis formed the wedding cake, which was decorated in peach color with fountains and a bridge, graced by miniatures of the bridal party. The bride and bridegroom were graduated from Garden City High School. Mrs. Ortiz • attended Marymount College 'in Salhia one year and was graduated from Garden City.Com- munity Junior College. , They will be ait home in Liberal, where Mr. Oritiz is .employed by National Beef Packing Co. ; .'•.'. WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WALLS PRICES GOOD SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY—JUNE 7, 8, 9 from our DELICATESSEN/// i . . Stop by today and select all the main courses and dessert dishes that's in our delicatessen. SUNDAY SPECIALS Bucket of Fried Chicken Two chickens cut family style, cooked to a golden brown ... a deiclous treat for the family. —•22 piece bucket $*>98 2 Alia' Featuring Cherry Cheese Coke Portion 59" Coke Salad u, 69' ' Baked Chicken and Dressing Fresh baked chicken-cook* ed withi-'dressing made the old fashioned way. , Each $159 1 Swiss Steakettes .7. Portion 69' MONDAY SPECIAL Smothered Steaks Fried to a golden brown with rich gravy & topping Por'ion TUESDAY SPECIAL Chicken Gizzards Chicken Livers *«, Pfcg. Welch's—Tart Jellies & Preserves "They Bite Back 11 —18-ox. Jars Ground Beef ^an Lb . 69° Soft Margarine ^r 3 T L L $ Orange Juice EL. 6 Baked Beans M ° Tart Strawberry Tart Peach Tart Apple Tart Grape Jar Jar Jar Jar SOMETHING NEW AT WALLS 77 65 55 Texas Watermelon H. 22-Lb. Average Each Orange Drinkw^m Cut Up Fryers Paper Towels c r,rRo,,3 ••• Homings

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