Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 19, 1957 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1957
Page 7
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Peacock rOUR YEARS of service. Dr. John (Doc) Dorman, veteran Upper Iowa University Coach, is starting his 54th year in couching this fall, and he's shown hen. with the 19 lettermen he has on hand for the opening game Saturday night, when the Peacocks play host to LaCrosse. Wis., in a game set for 7:30 p.m. on the Fayette High School field. (Courtesy Register) MEET THE CAMPUS We know that when you read some where on your schedule: "Freshmen will then assemble at the Colgrove-Walker Auditorium" that you don't know exactly where to go. So, we'll try to help that situation too, by introducing you to the campus right now. Meet .... ZINITA B. GRAF HALL Graf Hall is the dormitory for women here at UIU. It is s that ultra-modern building you see standing at the corner of Washington and Madison. It's beautiful glass front sets it apart from any other building on campus. Zinita B. Graf Hall was completed in the spring of 1950, although an- ill UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY ARTIST SERIES other wing was added this summer. Graf Hull is said to be the lii 111 PRESENTS Donald Gramm most modern dormitory for girls in the state of Iowa. It's facilities are the finest. The spacious main lounge provides ample room for the ladies to entertain their gentlemen friends. The fine grand piano there is at the disposal of anyone who has the talent to use it. The fireplace is a beautiful addition to the luxury of the lounge. From time to time piano recitals are held in the lounge and also — much less formal — good old-fashioned community sings. The building is named after Zinita Graf, a talented and famous actress who attended Upper Iowa University. Graf Hall is a gift from Nora Graf, mother of the actress. DAVID B. HENDERSON LIBRARY The library is named for Daivd NOTED BASS BARITONE THURS. SEPT. 26th | COLGROVE-WALKER MEMORIAL | BUILDING 1 8:15 P. M. Admission $1.00 | B. Henderson, first speaker the House o£ of from West of the Mississippi, and was built with funds donated by Andrew Carnegie. This building page REGISTRATION tor Upper Iowa University students was held Wednesday. Shown here paying their fees to UIU stall member Roger Olson, are, from left to right: Yvonne Bro.iks. Volga; Hetty Clark, Swen City and Carole Grimm. Strawberry Point. (Courtesy Register) stands directly across tin- street room at the south end of the north from Graf Hall, and is building, and for those who are 0111' campus Miss of the older Ivade. charge if tin lection of knowledge found here. Also houseii in the Henderson Library is the Lakin Conference Room where many organi/.ational held. The little found upstairs in buildings on not quite so active, a television set donated by the Veterans Club has been installed for your viewing pleasure. Comfortable furnishings make lounging a we're proud it's beautiful it's If Brause is in magnificent col- meeting are theatre is also the library. DICKMAN RECREATION HALL This is the focal point of 'between classes coffee' activities and after class activity of all kinds, A two lane bowling alley is found on one side of the building and on the other, the business establishment of Dick Rod- j<ers, manager of the Peacock Lounge. Iqu C»«um, cnndy, coffee, hot chocolate and other delectable foods can be purchased here. Ping Pong tables are located in a SCHOOL SUPPLIES » PENCILS • TABLETS • NOTEBOOK PAPER • CRAYONS FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER Fayette' Iowa ATTENTION CASH AND CARRY Lowest Cleaning Prices In Fayette County UNIVERSITY CLEANERS 100 N. Maine — Phone 152 FAYETTE, IOWA Curb Hours Weekdays Sundays 5 P. M. to 10 P. M. Noon to 10 P. M. Chicken-In-The Basket 21 Shrimp Shrimp-In-The-Basket Fish-In-The-Basket .98c .99c .88c .98c Sandwiches of all kinds NOW OPEN AT 8A.M. DRIVE IN ^ pleasure, and for card players, both cards and tables are supplied. The Dickman Recreation Hall was donated to Upper Iowa by various groups and individuals in the area. The 'Rec Hull' sits directly behind the David B. Henderson Library. COLLEGE HALL If you follow the sidewalk north from the Dickman Recreation Hall, you cant miss College Hall—or as it was recently renamed-—Alexander Hall. Don't be confused, College Hall and Alexander Hall are one and the same building. It's just that some of us have not yet gotten out of the habit of calling it by it's old name. This father of all the ings. Alexander Hull celebrated it's 100th birthday this year, and i.s the Grand- campus build- GIFT IDEA ""•• —•--_. V- tUI.\KODAKCAMtKA } INIHiPACK Raising fall pigs'at a profit largely depends on the start they get. The earlier the baby pigs are taught to eat feed the more rapidly they will grow and be ready to wean. BELL BRAND WEANING MEAL satisfies users because: 1. It is highly palatable. The Little pigs like it. 2. It is double-charged with anti-biotics. 3. It contains all the necessary vitamins and additives for rapid growth. 4. It is economical. A few pounds per pig gets them off to a good start. Bell-Brand Farm Supply Fayette, .Iowa BROWNIE CAMERA Most itofjtilar siuij>sltot camera ever built! Simple, tore, smart — no wonder It's llie world's mod popular camera, Just load, aim, and shool for grand pictures by sun or by flash. Gel 12 biy, sharp black-and-white or color pictures from a roll of film. Come in today for full details. Camera $7.95 Hasholder $4.75 DAVIS REXALL STORE FAYETTE. IOWA limcstom lion. In tin- bell tower you will find, •if course, the grand old bell. This hi'll has summoned Upper Iowa students to classes for al- 'iiotU a full 100 years, and is itill calling then, to class. You'll .»> attending many classes within the walls of this building. COLGROVE—WALKER BUILDING This is the most recent addition to the campus. It was completed last year for homecoming celebration and was occupied shortly after that. This building was given to us by Mr. ChesU-:- W. Colgrove in memory of the Colgrove & Walker families of Fayette Co. Th<_- Colgnwv-Walktr Building nouses the new cafeteria, the III theater where the drama department produces such shows as "Tin. Mikado" and "The Rainmaker." The offices where this paper i.s published are also Joca- tfii 1/1 the Colgrove-Walker. The Colgrove-Walker auditorium is the scene of the regular Wedin.si.lay night dances. These iiances are sponsored by different campus organi/ations each week. Kach particular organisation is responsible for the music, entertainment and refreshments at these dances, and everyone is usually very well entertained. Tlic Homecoming dance, the various formal* and the Valentine Uanee are held in the auditorium. Chapel is also conducted hi re, as arc the various convocation and assemblies. The artist M-ries UM'.S this auditorium for liieir performances. You'll .spend a lot of time in this Iniildini 1 , loo. Many Changes Made On UIU Campus -•- Muiiy More To Conic Many i in p r u ( v e m e n t s and rlianjjes can be seen on campus /I one take.s !he time to look. Tin' wire that warned students to "keep off the grass" around the driveway north of the cafeteria has been replaced by newer and much neater white posts. A "fume; hood" has been installed in Science Hall by Bud Gui'bee. It i.s designed to make some of the more odiferous experiments a little more pleasant. The device is fitted with a Ian which will draw the fumes upward into the hood and propel them outside via a ten inch pipe which rups up the side of the building. Mr. Gar-bee has also installed a new partition in the old cafeteria which is now being used as a band room. A new television set and an- ..enna have been installed in the •Peacock Lounge. This ne-w addi- Some rooms have u solid brick Never putt Tune* "** At Upper Iowa — Always Activity Several events are sponsored every year that do not fall under the direct control of any one body and in order to familiarize you with them we'll have to list them separately here. 'For instance, we have an annual observance at UIU called "scrap day." This is an event held especially for you Freshmen. You see, the ruling is that your wear your 'hearr *' until Homecoming. Then, if UIU wins the Homecoming i,'ani''. yini are allowed to take ti.cin off. If, however, UIU should happ.'ii (,) K- unfortunate enough to lose the frame, you continue to wear your beanies until 'scrap day.' At that time the Freshmen are pitted against the Upper Classmen (supposedly only the •ophomores are allowed to compete, but the freshmen class is usually much larger than the second year collegiates class, so everyone winds tip defending the upper classmen) in a series of athletic contests. Featured among these contests is the tug-o-war which takes place at Klock's Island, the local city park. The. Freshmen are given one •iit.li' of the Volga River, and the Sophomores the other. A rope is trttched across the river and •he rest is very simple. Whoever pulls [heir opponent into the Volga wins the contest. At the conclusion of the activities a watermelon feed is served'by the student council. .Homecoming festivities constitute a major event at UIU mmialy. Candidates for tjueen .in- chosen by the various campus .irganizaiions and an election is liHd to determine who will be the queen. There is a dance after the homecoming game at which the queen and her attendants are honored. Rita Smith Rodgers was last year's queen and it will be she who crowns this year's queen. Another event in which the <.udcnt body takes part through an election is the Valentine'Cele- bration. Each year a Kirig and Queen of Hearts is selected by the student body, who vote for the candidates from various or- i;ani/ations. A dance is held in honor of the king and queen and during the intermission, the kicky couple is crowned. Another event that does fall specifically within the province of a particular organization, but which none-the-less deserves a special mention is the annual ' Vets Carnival. For this occasion the Dorman Fieldhouse is turned, into a carnival midway with all the attractions you would hope lo find ••'•—•• • - r the proceeds from the carnival HO loward the donation of something useful for the University irtis is a sample of the entertainment awaiting you at UIU I here will undoubtedly be other £vents as the year progresses, u-haps you Freshmen will be tin- sponsors of some Let's hope so. of them. with (ion was donated by the Veterans' Club. Of course, the new wing of the Zinita B. Graf Hall is completed. and u very beautiful addition it is. too. The new rooms are built :i S( '' r 'i-Purtition to allow a degree of privacy. The rooms are done in red, yellow -"Hi green with liriotil e flooring, wall on one side which adds to he beauty of the decor. Another new itenvwhich is not yet here, b ut wn j t . h is definitely "n it's way is a new, sev*n foot .'{'•and piano— a Steinwa^. This new instrument was donated by Mrs. Dickman and will befplaced "i the Colgrove-Walker;;|udito- I'iinn, 'W Five architects will present their drawings to., the. board in the very near future. Dr. Eugene K. Gar bee told a ' Collegian reporter th-it one architect will be selected to submit''a 'design for the proposed new Boy's Dormitory. The phrasing "in the very near future" sound promising indeed. To all those responsible for these improvements', ^ * thanks. Congratulations for your pan in making Upper Iowa a bigger and better institution. .S 1 iiiiiiiinimHiiiiiiiimHiiiiiiiHiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiii-ii-iiii-nmiiiiiiiii:* THANK NITE $100. This Saturday

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