Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 5, 1932 · Page 43
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 43

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 5, 1932
Page 43
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afelanB -Crffiune "JUNE .5, 1932 PLAN OF OAKLAND MUNICIPAL ROSE GARDEN pardon to Compete itli Swimming Addition Meetings Pool to Have Suitable for ' and 'Clubs Simitap Displays . in the Large Eastern Cities 5?? SUNDAY rose pjilti r-ihhlj.it linda vista PLUNGE: WILL HAVE SOCIAL GEHTER LIFE SUB-DIVIDER OPEN TO VIEW if :j AV Vv Announcement has been made that Oakland is to have a Rose Park;, a composite of the fambW gardens of Italy, and that its site Is to be the Linda Vista Park. The project was sponsored by the Business Men's Garden Club, and has the support of the city government, which will carry out 'the work through its part- department, according to the jflawi of Arthur Onbhleilick, landscape architect. Work has commenced on the first unit, at ence affording employment, inld providing a new link in Oakland's chain of munclpal parks. Tte. Business Men's Garden Club, in comment, states: Tsyj'dme has come to Hartford, aCoonecticut, through its 5-acre yvLunicipai itosH imraen, visitea.oy as many, as &O.O0U persons In a dingle day. Nine thousand eight hundred automobiles from 26 states and three Canadian provinces have carried enthusiasts to this shrine of beauty on a single Sunday. . "Syracuse, New York, too, has its Hose Park, attended by such throngs that the city finds it necessary to illuminate the gardens until midnight. "Topeka, Kansas, has invested $?Q,000 in a similar garden, and its park commissioners state that ' It hJfs made no better or more popular investment in any phase of recreational work. "Now Oakland, too, Is to have its Rose Park, more fortunately situated than those of its sister cities, in ihat it will occupy the cuprshape area of panoramic Linda Vista Park. ' '"Present plans include a formal approach from. Jean Btreet leading up to a central pool, 80 feet long, with fountains at' either end.From the western end of the pool, one w"oUld look up to the floral staircase already constructed and to the culmination nf the design on td Oakland ayhue side It is this la,t unit oaMWUch construction will begi tn.... zjt. a - rt 'i The week of June 4 wa set aside by proclamation of the mayor and city council as "Buy a Home Week, officially sponsoring: a movement led by President Louis T'Riisch nnrl Ihfi Snntn. Monica hav (T(E)istrict Realty Board to capitalize on the city's Drignter prospect lor restoring normal business conditions, according to the California Real Estate association. The council declared that great benefit in renewed business activity must ac-'crue tTirough the buying and building, of homes. Nine: Billion Twtvalue of Land inState The assessed value of taxable property In California last year totaled J9,397.a09,983, according to figures compiled by the State ?3oard of Equalization for the California Real Kstate association. 1 ' In 1920, taxable wealth totaled ! 4;&55,181,682r and in 1910, J2.373,-809,470.- The state's wealth passed the billion mark first in 1888, when It was $1,107,106,327. In 1879, the first year for which official figures are available, $547,622,769 repre-, rented the taxable wealth, and there was almost constant Increase until 1930, when the figure reached Its greatest peak. fied he' We raj' -' - '' "- The seven and a half-acre park off Oakland avenue, is now being converted into an artistically planned municipal roseafden. When completed the park will contain ovef eight thousand rose bushes in 187 beds. Arthur Cobbledick, landscape architect, has designed the garden for the Oakland Park depart' MUSTS Hundreds of initiative petition; have been distributed by the Call Tirjiia Realitereece44pn , In, trieNflie9Xof the' school 8oa transfer amendment for the November ballot. The association reports: "Volunteers In every city and county of the stats have offered to secure wore than the required 111,000 signatures' of registered voters. "The measure would abolish the present county mandatory matching requirement by which county and local districts through taxes levied on property must match the $30 per average dally attendance given by the state for elementary schools and double the amount for high schools providing substitutionary revenues by means of a selective sales tax and an Income tax. "The proposed amendment provides for. the equalization of the cost of government as between real estate and buildings and other types of property and wealth In the starts of California. "It provides an opportunity and begins to lay a foundation for true economy In government when this equalization of the burden of the cost of schools becomes effective. "It is the only definite proposal that has come out of years of effort as a major move backed by a large majority, and by large mem bership group organizations." Cleveland, O., with 260,000 tele - M phones, has about 100,000 than it had ten years ago. REMODEL ' AND . MOJQEMKE OING .?.f going . . . but not quitt L gone ... the hockingly lo building prices that have made it an extravagance NOT to modernize your home. So there! no- time for delay. If ever you intend to bring your home beautifully up to date, do it NOW. fTo find out how really low the cost will be, consult : one of . the expert workmen whose business card appears daily in the "Building Trades" column of the Oakland TRIBUNE Class Section. ' , ,f ' .' ARTHUR COBBLEOICK y' ' LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT site, known at Linda Vista Park, Late Rains Result in Delayed Garden Season By GKORCE C. ROEDING, Jr. Many people have, been too busy, or have not cared to work In their gardens during .the cold and wet weather. There ls no reason for them to feel that it is now too late to plant. Due to late rains, the season is not yet too far advanced for successful planting. In the favorable climate of tke Egstbay cities, planting may be carried out the year 'round. June is a good month for planting evergreens, as this class of plants are always handled with a ball of earth adhering to their roots, or In containers, thereby not requiring winter planting as do dormant rose and fruit trees. It is the experience of nurseymen that a larger percentage of plants grow from early summer plantings than from plant ing made at other times, vfJtf ' At this time of the year the soil Is easy to work, so that it may be quickly put into fine condition to receive plants. The warm days are the most pleasant for garden work, so that one is much 'more likely to take the proper time and care to see .that plants are set just right. This is not so often the case during the winter months, especially when the soil Is heavy and muddy. When planting at this season Jt is essential that plants be given an abundance of water from the start. In watering, make sure that enough time is allowed for the water to soak in thoroughly. Do not rely on Might sprinklings. If very hot wea- Ither should follow hi' the first two - reJt after plantlhgHTis well to provid--ome shade. Spraying the tope of the larger conifers each day J ment. ( I ) First unit now under construction, .a huge oval, 2 1 8. feet in length. (2) Rose arbor. (3) Stairway with fountain. (4) Arcade building. (5) Central lily pool. (6) Cascades. (7) Terraced, garden. (8) Wall. (9) Gardener's house. . (10) Main entrance. (11) Observation point. ' Frcsident California NurserjlCo., will do much to help them become established. . The practice of late spring and early summer planting is becoming so general in California, that nurserymen now offer a wide range 6t deciduous plants grown' In containers to prolong the planting season for this class of material. You can now find classes of flowering shrubs in bloom, ready to ibe taken home and set into your garden. ;: People who have just completed a new home need not wait until next winter to get their shrubs planted? By the considerate choice of varieties they may have a garden this, summer that will be beautiful from the start. It is Welt to lay out the garden tn advance, planning o make It truly an "outdoor livlnsr room." Bv be ginning work; on it now, y6u wilt be able to enjoy many happy honrs throughout1" the summer ."and. fay months in' this cheerful anil con venient addition to the hoYne. i'e OF REALTY TQLD Cash transactions feature many of the real estate deals now being mide and there are increasing in-qulriea being made for property, according to the weekly survey of the California Real Estate asso tlon, as follower- Modesto Bomberger Bros, an nounced two transactions Involving property valued at 'approximately (100,000. The largest deal was the purchase of the Carter building on Tenth street by a. Sail Francisco concern. The" other .transaction wa the sale of an S4-acre ranch... Oakland The H. W. Jewett company reports notable Increase in the .leasing of commercial and Industrial property. Bell A- group of Los Angeles and eastern financiers has secured leases on 1100 acres of land east of the Rio Hondo and as far as the Los Angeles river and south of Gage avenue, for oil exploita tion. Beverly Hills Charles W. Nash, former president and now chairman of the board of the Nash lo- tor company, has purchased, a home here for S126.000. Glendale A fifteen-year 4ease was signed on property at the southeast corner of Brand boulevard and Wilson avenue In the heart of the local business district at a total rental figure of $90,000. Long Beach M. S. Rucker re ported the exchange of the Wire building for a 60-acre pear orchard at Little Rock, Arkansas. The val ustion of the two properties was placed at 1135,000. Los Angeles Steadily increasing industrial and residential building activity is reflected by gains dur ing the first four months of 1932 Irt the installation of electric and gas meter which represent active users of energy. ' Applications for Appraisal Institute The. membership committee "of the American , Institute of Real Estate Appraisers of the National Association of Real Estate Boards will hold a meeting in lultimore, to consider applications r.o far received for . membership in the institute, organization of which Is how under way. ' Formal organization of the institute, authorized by the board of directors of the association in January, is expected to take place at the coming annual convention of the association, to be held in Cincinnati June 29-July 1. " The institute is to be organized on a disttnely professional basis. It will admit two grades of participants, members and associates. To be eligible to the classification member the appraiser must meet qualifications set up by the institute as to hie technical knowledge, professional standing and experience. . . More than 150 applications for full membership have already been received. L N ESTUDILLO - ". 1 . Esludillo Estates, the residential property of the Fred TV Wood company, in San Leandro, la. showing one of the most attractive homes erected in this acenlo tract. The residence is of the Spanish type of architecture, and contains all the latest features. - "Those who have not seen, one of our latest designed homes," said Stanley Davis, sales manager for Estudlllo Estates, can have no conception of the unumial attract iveness of a Fred T. Wood home. For instance, in the residence we are featuring this week, there will bd found a unique arrangement of th(8 rooms, by which the"house-Jteeper is, always within a few steps of the front door, no matter wJjIqh parcel tne nome sne-may be in "This feature is a great "'step. saver.' We have also one of our modern kitchens, in which we have placed every device that Is called for today by the owners. These devices include a wide, long sink with two drain 'boards, cupboards with in easy reach,, an alcove for the electric refrigerator; a large cool er, stove space, etc. The ensemble Is an artificially finished that the kitchen becomes one of the most attractive rooms in the home "The living room has a beamed celling, studio window, and an attractive fireplace, in which has been built and wired a niche for the electric clock. The dining room is also large. The cozy breakfast room is a real room, and not nook. "The bedrooms are on two elevations. The first elevation con tains two rooms,, charmingly fin Ished. The bathroom I tiled half. way up the walls, and finished above that in a water-proof, land scaped paper. ' Another short flight of steps leads to the master bedroom. Thls room has a balcony which could be used as sleeping porch IfNle-sired. It also has two large-closets, both of which can be arranged as dressing rooms. "The basement is ideal for every use, and there is an unfinished room in this section .of the home which can lie made into a social hall, or extra room for guest." Anniversary Meeting Is Held by Realtors Realtors from all over the state gathered recently at Los Angeles to do honor to the founder of the California Real Estate Asso elation, which Was organized .May 27, 190 5, as the "California State Realty Federation," ' " Peter Hanson presided arid Col. William May Garlknd, one of the first members of the association, as ehatrman of the . International Olympiad icommittee, was a guest of honor. Many of the original members of the organization, s6m of whom are still In the real estate business, were among the guests. Past presidents and former officere attended from all over the state, as did more recent members and officers. City Holds Advantage AsDistributing Center Oakland is the geographic- center of the three Pacific coast states California, Oregon and Washington, The population of these three Stattfl is more than 8,0'0,000 which im more than two-thirds of the 12,000,000 persona living m the western trade area, composed of the eleven .western states. Because of Oakland's central lo Cation on the Pacific coast, firms locating here have an advantage In distributing cost of more than 15 per cent over the nearest southern competitor, and more than 60 per cent over the nearest northern competitor. Thla mean h , that a plant Jocated in the Eastbay can serve from IS to SO per cent more people at the same cost than firms located in other industrial or population centers oa the Pacific coast. The value of the dairy products imported into the United States has declined from f3R,M,43S In 1127 to 115,757,834 in 1931, MODE Bancroft Gardens, 'Newest Development by' Fred T. Wood, Is Offered to Public The Fred T. Wood company Invites the public to visit Its newest subdivision, Rcenjc Bancroft Gardens, j the first unit of. which is now open. ' The company states. ''This chaming residential pafk is ideally located, one block from the Southern Pacific trains to San Francisco, close to!local transpor tation, and schools, churches and, shopping district. The tract is surrounded by attractive and com-! pletely built-up subdivisions of the .best type.?, "Bancroft' Gardens will, appeal to all who want to build a home in a district singularly blessed with a minimum of fog, plenty of sun shine, fresh- air and wide spaces.- It has glorious hills for a back ground; a swimming pool. for chil dren is within a couple of blocks of the property, and the schools are among the finest in the state. "Our home planning department offers free service to all who con template erecting a home, and this feature alone, is worth; much to- all who take advantage of. our offer. In planning homes we have been more than ordinarily success ful in the design of our kitchens, A well developed scheme, allows the placing of every Kitchen feature in the most advantageous position, . ' ' ' We also pay particular, atten tion to the arrangement of doors and windows, providing what is known as a three-way furnishing scheme. By this, three distinct arrangements of furniture in each room are possible, allowing for plenty of air circulation. This scheme also is considered in the placing of the electric light fixtures. . "It is not possible to describe every-detall of the scheme, but it Is easy to demonstrate, when we have one of our homes to show. We "have in Bancroft Gardens an Ideal type of home, which is now completed and open to all. "We invite the public to come out Sunday and see this home and the property." Eastbay Climatic Records at Chabot Oakland climatic records are available at the Chabot observatory where they are open to those seelt- Ing climatic data. TheBe records were originally kept in downtown Oakland for a thirty-year period from 1KS3 to 1913 a period suf. ficiently long to give a bummary for the business district. Since 1013 the Chabot obsek-vatory has been located in Leon: .Heights, in the hills about five mild farther east from Oakland and at a higher elevation, about 300 feel above sea level. The records aib representative of the residential section and are valuable for comparison, but the variations are very slight. A full nieteorologlcal record Is kept. Very complete records of humidity are available. The Eastbay. is Ideally situated, having a most equable working and recreational , climate the year around. There are no sudden varia tlons in. temperature no extreme between night and day, and between summer and winter. Yet there is enough range tj be mildly exhilarating. Building and con slruction work continues without Interruption, except for very abort periods. , . . California Second In Building Permits California, with 15,873,986, was again second in the nation in volume building permits during April according to figures Compiled by the California Real Estate Assoc! atlon from a national survey. New York, first, had a volume of $12, 321,672. Pennsylvania was third with 5, 478,(184. Sacramento was one of the five cities in the nation which made individual gains over April, 1931 and was also one of the nine cities in the group of 25 having Issued the largest amount of building permits that were not in that class In March. - Three California cities placed among the 25 leading cities of the nation, as follows: Los Angeles, third, with S1.631, 814; San Fran cisco, seventh, 11,041,906; Sacra mento, ninth, $1,017,797. Real Estate Licenses Issued in California During the first three months of this year, 25,819 real estate licenses were issued, according to T. A.-.Kelly, chief deputy of the state real estate department. Of these, 957 were transfers; 14,765 were Individual brokers, copartnerships, corporations and members and officers; 7956 were permanent salesmen and 2161 temporary salesmen. Forty licenses were suspended, 313 complaints were received, and 21,551 interviews and conferences were held. During April 1716 licenses were issued, bringing the total for the first four months to 26,026. ' During the period, 13 proposed agricnltural subdivisions were inspected. . . NO DOUBT the real estate broker needs ' AI.WATI, trustworthy, con-fidence-lnspLrlng, toreslghtsd, honest men. The part time service of -such a man, JVOT FOR HIGH HAI.AItY 1HJT PRACTICAL KXPKHIRISCP:. an OITRAHDKR RK AL, Us TATE STLDKNT, with university education, broad life experience, . good theoretical, practical psychologic! knowledge, mastering. of Ger-man offered here, will b valuable to the foreslghted calculator, mindful of future co-workers or partners. Will YOU be such a calculator? Box 80463, Tribune. Fred T. Woodt ' well-known Eastbay subdividcr and planner of many fine home districts. Wood, who is also a past president of the Oakland Real Estate board, and a director of the . California Real Estate, association, has recently placed & new subdivision at San Leandro, known as Bancroft Gardens, on the market. - i BIG PROJECTS ARE UNDER WAY Prnpects now .iihder way, or scheduled for construction in the immediate future, which vitally affect the Eastbay metropolitan area, are the Army Air Base in Alameda, Hamilton Field, the Coast Air Bombing Base near San Rafael, the Dirigible Base at Sunnyvale," the Federal Base on Government Island in the Estuary, the Marine Hospital In San Francisco, the Ala-meda-Contra Costa County Tunnel the Oakland PoBt Offlce and Cus toms Building and the OwenS-Illl nois Glass Factory in Alameda. In addition to these the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridgev and the Gol den Gate Bridge from San Fran Cisco to Marin County are two proj ects of. great importance to the Eastbay communities. ., Sequoia and General Grant National parks enjoyed a continued Increase in travel last year, ao- codlng to Colo. John R. White, superintendent. A total of 195, 508 visitors to the twojlTarks gave Sequoia 143,673, or an Increase of 14 per cent over 1980, and General Grant, 51,995, a boost of 17 per cent. Winter sports In . Sequoia Park now are drawing several huni- jn.. 9 Positively The Greatest Home , Value We Have. E v e r O f f e r ed This is a strong statement and we want you to Make Us Prove It F ' A. . . . . A i a v , ;. . ... ... . . : . A Brand New, Large English Home Just ; Completed at 650 Glen Drive. , . BANCROFT GARDENS And Open TODAY There are ,3 bedroom and n moat attractive modern kitchen o arranged at to save steps and make the house wdrk easy. Mahogany woodwork Jaz? plaster Wash room on first floor Beautifully tiled bath room in elevated section hot air furnace. Lot of closet room- Exceptionally large basement Sjun porch and many other desirable and novel features. : : . IMve out. E.. J4th St. to Jutton Avenue ', V left on Button to Bancroft, to Glen Dr. . .. Bee thia home today;5 or have a S or j-room home built to suit you at prices ranging -from; $5000 up. ON TERMS. This is the time to build,. of buy a home, while costa are so low. ... .3. .- ', . c r. ; . . - . . FRED T. WOOD CO., ; Phone SWeetwood 3160 . Construction of an aq'iatic "so clal "center", Jn ' connection with Lakeside plunge, Oakland's $100,-000 swimming pooll was announced today by Leroy R. McWethy, manager of the plunge. McWethy states: . t I "The new addition will be completed within' a, few days on tha mezzanine floor, directly overlook.- ' lng the.360,'000-gallon pool Itself, ... and contains a. restaurant arid surroundings sflltable for meetings of all kinds, social pr business. It adjoins the present veranda res taurant, and is- brlg-htly decorated with beach and swimming scenes, The improvement was made, at the suggestion of" numerous or ganizations Who were interested lit the prospect of adding -a touch of. variety to their regular luneheo.n ' or dinner meetings. "Already several luncheons, aft ernoon teas, and parties have been. held on the veranda overlooking " the pool, where special tables were placed for each occasion. However, the new. equipment will provide permanent adequate facilities, and arrangements have been made for the handling of much larger groups. - . "While the idea of combining swimming with luncheon and din ner meetings has been enthusiasti cally received by adult groups, thia new addition to Lakeside plunge should prove especially adaptable to younger groups. "Organizations of all kind are holding swimming parties in in-' creasing numbers at 1 Lakeside plunge, indicating the growing popularity of swimming in Oakland. The innovation of the social center wilf undoubtedly make these parties even more popular." - - . , .,- Real Estate Operators Express Confidence committee and board of' director of the National Association of Real Estate Boards . held. In Chicago, there was a. greater demonstration of confidence than has been shown for over two years, G; P. Robertson, California, national director, declared in a communication, to the California Real Estate Association. About 30 members attended from outside cities, repre-. senting all parts of the United States and Canada, and 10 from Chicago. "It was, helleved fcy all tnembera of. the committee," said Robertson, "that the passing of the pending home loan bank: bill will materially favorably affect-, real , estate. . Thousands of homes'Which are be ing lost on account- of foreclosures will be aaved and building atlmu- I V.. nn..1r, thlm hill" ami . ?: Inc. mm

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