Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 22, 1952 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1952
Page 5
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AI.TON <4 t', S- Society „ lljrld'fc-lo-'fce At Ltfrfchebn TmfflV Mrs. pohald C. Storm* arid •Ktisfs fJfste llnVtmafhh 'en'fer- tnjnoi Yh'is a'ftorMon With % buffet luncheon sfh'S pbrty honoring Ml!s& Nk'ncy Jea'n AcKcr. The Jiincliedn wfes a't flic fttrrfB of M7ss flWtmh'hh, W6 Alby 'street. Centering the serving table were birds made of pink carrfa- tlonfc and rjea.ther arranged in fclass 'swan dishes. Bouquets of forsythia were used in decoration throughout the home. Miss Adker was showered with f{tvctrite*s df the 16 Mi's. Ddffald C. Storms jr., of St. tbuis, datfjfrfrr-'in-law of JIM. Sfm'niS, a cO-Hostcss, wa'fc femofig tHo fWrty -fttferfts. Mfts Acker wffl become the 'brtflc Of IV. Howard Pai'k Porter of Grand Rapids, Mich., *ne.vt Sh'furdhy "afternoon. The Wofldlng <vill take -place at 4 'o'clo'ck Ih FJrtit Church. \Vorl, Jlf'r. afefl MV&. 'OrVfe •to-mrVnl Hfflffrr Mr. m Ms. CWfl H. An- tfrtWs. ^ ftroWffn ^'frtidt, tnfe'r- 'ta'lMto X\Wi a 'BfiffPt s(fptt6r Fil- flay ev/^nlflfe 'Ko«di'lng 'frfeir *«h. 'Cet'il Yl. kfifliWs 'jr., a-fifl lilt; 'fih'nc'ee, WirfS J6'Xnn WMHeY. Mr. Xno'ribvvs anfl M,iss t^b- her, ^au'griter Of JiTr. and 'Wrs. John 4'. yebber, iftY Central avenue, will \>c married a't. 7:!tt) p'clbck tonjght in (Kb dlienrv Street Baptist Church. The wedd|n% \vifl Ve followed by a reception at 'the Voiih^ Wurm- en's Christian A'ssocfatibn. The slipper was served last ttigHt following the Vdhearsal of the wedding, and merrltarrs 'Of tHe bridal T""'ty. *>nd 'members of the 'ftntiires of the bt'ide nrtrt groom, 2") in all, Were 'present. Sprinfe flow*ers i'nr v l(tfllrtfe jonquils, Ja'ptfnese iris, "n'rtd fla'ttffeVI daisies, 'ceVitrt-ed ihe SeiVirtg table and on either s'lde 'of the were fall white tapers. Miss Vernk X'ntfrew's, "aunt 'of fKe bridegroom-to-be, assisted Mrs. Andrews in Serving. # Past Presidents Parley T6 WWt WWKflhy Phst ro'inmlindCT'S of A'lnni'I- ean Legion and Auxifthfy Trtem- 'bei's <vill He ^iidSfs M6nflay 'e've- tiing at 7:. fl ,6 'O'clock Of 'm'e'm'- 'bei's of Pnst President's "Parley fit Che 'Legirin 'hall, Sixth 'anfl Gcoi'fce Sfrfet's. Miss Fa'nnlf' tillrirh Is ' l p\'tz- iflent 'of the Parley 'and Mrs. C. If. Shnflprs'rtn 'is chairman o'f BiTarfgemerits for the DOROTHY • Mrs. Anna Dain of 414 Church street, East 'Alton, is announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of her .daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Beggs, to Virgil E. Gentry, son of Mrs. Gertrude Gentry, 642 Bowman avenue, East Alton. The 'couple plan to p,e married, • September 27 in a rio'ine ceremony, and lafe'r will "erit'er- 't'ain with a reception at tlie Easf: Alton 'American L'e'gloh Hall. Mrs. Beggs, owner and 'operator of Dotty's -Beayty S^op in East'Alton, is a 'graduate of thfe feftimilter Beatrty 'Colle'ge, and ^he has done fost'graduate work in St. Louis. She 'was crowh'eft 'a's queen o'f the Madison County Haii'dressers & Cosmetologists Association last fall. Mr. Gentry ts 'employed* by the Western Cartridge Company and is assistant fire chief of (he East Alton fire department. AAtJW to Meet Monday tVHh Mrs. fc'uVIvier Alton Branch, 'Am'ei j ican Association of University Women will meet 'at 7:45 'o'clock Monday evening at the home of pr. and Mrs. K. K. DuVivier, 810 'Grbv'o street. The International Relations Study Group will be in c'harge 'Of the program tmd will present a panel discussion on current problems. Mrs. Philip Jones is chairman of the hostess committee, and members are Miss Mary Ellen Woodmatisee, Mrs. A. W. Rue, Miss El/en Machin, Miss Lucille Norton, Mrs. C. Schoene, Mrs. H. L. Allen, Miss Julia Foster, Miss Grace Reed, and Mrs. Ray Luken. Miss Barbara A'niiRlm Honored nt Shfro-er Miss Barbara Vaughn, bride- to-be of Harold Inlow on April 20, was-guest of honor at a miscellaneous bridal shower Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Weldon Finley, .'iliOO Wickenhauser avenue. After gifts arranged on a tahle beneath a decorated umbrella, had been opened by Miss Vaughn, bunco was played with Miss Joyce Dunn. Mrs. Ray Inlow, and Mrs. Melvin ftowlin excelling and receiving awards. Refreshments were served, nt a late hour by co-hostess, Miss Mnrlene Sehovt. Mr. and Mrs. Romani ifojiorert by Surprise Mr. and Mrs. Chester Romani. 2910 Werges street, vvho were married March 18. were given a .surprise party Wednesday evening by a group ol friends including fellow employes of Mrs. Romani. the former Miss Beatrice Medina, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Pete Medina, ">0fl Anderson street. Present were eo-workei s ol the recent bride. Mrs. deore' 1 Probst, Mrs. Louise Whalcn, P.. N., Miss Hazel Ferguson. Mrs. Von Woorl. Mi"-;. William Little. Mrs. Arthur Sehirltz. Mis> Anna Losch. and Mrs. V. L. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Romani served refreshments to their guests and they were assisted in serving hy additional guests Mr. and Mi's. Pete Medina, Mr. and Mis Louis Travis, Mis Jesse and daughter Ann and < Probst. Mr. and Mrs. Romani re. eiv.'-n ' many gifts for use in their new home Including a toasicr Ir-vu the Mather Home st.nt'l. whn" Mr». Romani is emplovcd. M,. , Romani is employed at Altcn Box Board Company. A\ Tf> Wffl ' AN Rdhert tJurch returned Thursday oh leave ! from 'Getriib Bay, Cuba, \vhere 'he Has 'b<jrh fifafionfed wit'h the Navy Air Forde. AN ISurt'h find Mi* Fra'tlces 'Copb Wi*ll 'be rrtaTried 'at 1:?,Q o'cloc'k 'Stfhday even'irtjc in the Evartgelic'hl & Rcform'ed Chtirc'h, Freldbn. The Rev. Leonard Todcl of St. Jacobs, 111., Wi 1 !! 'Offif'iate 'at the weddirig. Mis's Cope "is "a daughter 'o'f Mr. and Mrs. : Qhrehce Cope of G6drrey. Relative's 'and Mends 'o'f the couple 'a'r'e \Velcome to attend the ceremony. tft SHotv'eVh Miss -rfoAn'n WebVer, Wide-tribe of Cetfft H. JVhd^vs jr., \V& honth'ed 4!t % lih'en s'MOivet by Miss SMrrfty Wietscliy 'and Miss •J^ne ifhfr Weflnesday e'verffng. TKe p'arty was 'at We -Home •« ^Tr. a'nd ifcrK EfiTl *Hkfr, *pXt- erifs *df Miss Tlafr, 2211 Virginia ayenire. Games we're playSd Jand tho^e rec'eiVirfg prtifete Nvei'e the MfsSes Barbara Baker, Arin Weaver, and Mary -Jane Meyers. Gifts . of .tin'en 'for trie pi'os- pective bride, were •arranged 'on a table decorated in white with a parasol and br'icfe and groom 'doTls. Apfpointmehts were in tlihk 'and whffe h'nd re'fi'osbmerits \\'ci'e served 'at ihdividUhl table's 'decorated wit'h tulip's 'arid with favors, smtill umbrellas and nut cups. ; Mi^ Ft. —St.ilf SCrftm WtoTtt&S J.V^IIcrl rxrw ofiVris l'l S-'.'ii'vJ. If'!I to n'.r.hl, ii'p retiring ofi.'^rs Mf... l ;v -tibrri ( f-iolin, now pi'cs dcnl, ,mn Mr, V'uirl M^Cr'r 1 , Kt.rlnt;'fii 1 >,vii'i'Hodrr, Mm C'.'rir;;;: DIM:;, M<i>. M. A. Cubbon 1 -, tine! :licto. inrvifcy afternoon a I 'f Jv-.'la] ^rur! 'fv!r r > VfnBpi't Y6do, Mis •-•;iri'"r,r. SUiruli'i'ig. icfl fo right, arc Mrs. Willrarn "IVclb-nIci, 'Ofttt'S who will b'prirW -hi .tfio 'annual : )c?rr,by •jr.irticfr* Virginia Hrinftcr. O;ic'e A'llfin)'Pit Gibbon:;, Evelyn Randolph, Helen Pratt, /l;>tih,1fn f'holo by Stop-Hens. Events Listed for Next 'StWift 'd'f We Alfflh-'MMl Well "Xyorp finnoiMce'tt today 'by Mi r s. ufonn O. DcXlfey, '(ireii di- i'e('for. Wedrtesflhy 'a 1 ! '6 p. m., ftrhf'o a'rld 'se'nio'r si'oi/ts 'of 'f^iver wf/l have fi Trtol'der- ter 'himnffel 'nt Uewls £• Clark St'hool dife'fei'ia. 'I'hM'd NVFII be Special rdc6gmtlon : 6f •irtg Ihe fri'AjfrB'm, 'ft/flowed square danc/ifVg. Thnrsday, Trdm 4 to 7 •p. piWfl'm aid ft'tvfriJrtK wffl .be at i'he A'ltoh YCVCA. Thursday, from 7 '16 |ff) p.. basic 'hwfltrshV ti'h'lnfrig will fciVe/n h'l. th6 Alton YWCA. "Fi'iday, •a't/G "p. m., 't'rfe Was't ^Alton 'nelgHHorhoo'rl 'bo'frrfl will 'enfer- tfrin Scouts al 71 momVr-cfy'ug'hteV banquet at the MacHrnisl's Certfer. Tfiet'e will "He 'n tfiVigrn'm hrlS 'af,- 'award's 'fflr 'girfs and WOMAN'5 STYLE SHOW: tt'Vfrl Striking a pose before parading before gOesfs of the Wood Riv'dr Oil tJIS Junior Woman's Club Wednesday n»ght 'are CI to r') ShiMety Galvln, Mr. 'and Mvfe. ¥adl ViWek-c dt Rifa Hamilton, Darlene S'tou'fter, 'Bdbs Sut^altikt, Bofh 'Bledsoc 'artel West Kxcha'ngc sYreet, Jerseyville, Ka'thleen Alde'rson The r;'lyle i-howirig and .a card''pat'ly was given are parents 'cff/a «6n. The baby •at life -aadi'toriiiim'of Ess'! Alton-Wood River Community HrghMiflol. was ™*\,ty 8i f' «J:/'T 1 - Fl ' l (S','l! -Srfeff'photo. SL -Toseph-s Hospital, Witfi.rtfe ' • : : :— —' " .'. 'Olffllt pounds. * Mr. and Mrs. Waller Cv'fl'lo d"f Route J. Alftfn, 7i'i r e parents of )i daughter, C5a\'e 'Louffce. 'rtieir scv'- enth c'h'ilfl. Tlie ba'h'y w'a's 'boi'ri 'at 'l2:2S 'p- m. 'Friday 'in AT'f'rfn Memorial Hpspilal. 'wcrg'IYlng 'cTRh't six FORMER f RESIDENTS of Ebsft 'A'l'wr^-ScriBol •"WMrtlWft 1 -Olub ^e(e .,..,.. ,-..... ., »**»,.* of 'officers Thursday 'atrrmodrt 'at the, Westerner Lodge, Sd'afed, Jpf-t tofighft, are; Mrs. frea Su,r(^n, Mrs Flbrt'i'ice 'Day"«nd Ma. : ^c!dre Milldr. Srarjdif^, 'fef't.'to rfghfr. %re : : 'Mrs. 'Robert QueSS, ;Mfs. •Clfdfi'ibWlain, Jvljs. _V^iJ. Brazier, Mrs. 'K^itcfHefl lackgQnJir^.Mrs.^LqvvellT'" Harmony ATA Auxi'li'hV^ 5vi.c^S «a^ Wtifah -Cdfrtcr 'Sl*WA'fj ;:: fhe ^"{(p \tjiJJIH. H«dd t'TX Rfect At a Members of Miss Webber's sorority, Beta Gamma Upsilon, Alpha Lambda Xi, junior chapter, honored her at'K party this week at the home of Miss Olivia Carroll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Can-oil, 535 Kasi Sixth street. FOliowIf/R 'a ch'hpfer meeting the prospective bride was Riven a gift from the chapter, a toaster, and later in the evening refreshment's were served. Plan Fotuhnl fiance i-'nr ifiinior Class May 9 has been selei-ted as the date of a formal dam-in? party for the junior social daiv- ing class that has been meetiiiR Friday eveniiiRs at the Vount; Women's Christian Association. Miss Virginia Dictis. physirfil education instructor in the t'ni- vr-rsily City, Mo. schools, is instructor of the class. Mrs. Ralph Luken is gener;il chniVrtian In eharfce o'f the party and she is being assisted in p,lanniriK the dance by Mrs. Kir'by Siebentjial. 'and Mrs. Herman A. Schm'iclt. The junior social danrfng class is sponsored by the health edu- ration depaitment of the Y\\'C'A. fontile to \V»>fl In film Street C'iuirch 's'atunlny 'The wcddhig pf-dns of Mi-s Phyllis Landiss and Ralph Scr-u- gins arc bring completed. The couple will he married »t 7::Wi o'clock next Saturday evening. March If) in the Kim Stn-oi Prcshvlcrian Church. Miss Landiss is a daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Charles Liin- ui.-s 7ti Kast Kim street. Thi.- prospective bridegroom i l ;• son ot Mr. and Mrs. Scog^ins ot Rosewood Heights. Dr. Ruth Isabel '$fabtir\ To Speak in (joillre.) I >i . Ku'h IsHlic-l Sea bury ol Ho.* ton. eilucHtional sc.ietarv of th American Board Mr. Snd Mrs. Leonard Reinhnrdt. a Ad Mjss Helen. Andrews of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Melvjn Mi- cHaol of Scott Field; Mr. and Mrs. 'Clyde D6dd and Mr? Glendale, Mo., and Miss Andrews of Champaign Will be amdng out-of-town gUes'ts attending the weddmK of Miss io'Ann Webber and Cecil H. Andrews jr., tonight. t)r. Co'h'r'H'd 6. S<'hf*fik vvlll 'Ifave Tu'es'rTay for Sfm Arii6rii6, Tex., 'after 'Ji'penflioK.'t'iie. p'as't vv'ee'k.'at his home. 408 Kfislon street. Dr. Schrnk has been conducting a lee- lure tour in New York Citv anil various eastern cities the pn*^ two .months. Dr.. S<;henk stoppee'l in Buffalo. N. Y., for a short visit with his parents ehroute to Alton. Mrs. Jarnes Hoskins, .'122G Haw- t'horri'e bouleviii'd, is spending the week-e'ria at tlie JcfferSdn Tl6t'el, St. Louis, attending the MississTppi Valley ifa'h-elressers & Cosni(it6lo- gists Association c'ohvention. Mi's, Hoskins will serve on Ihe hair styling committee. Mrs. John Larkins, 1225 Victory street, returned last n'tght from Florida where she visited in Jacksonville with former Alton residents. Mr. and Mrs. Wan Vinyard. She also visited in St. Petersburg with Mrs. Alice 'Hudson, n cou- sir, of Mr. Larkins. Dr. Carl Plumb and Dr. Arthur K. Ttoos of FeTgitson, Mo., returned 'I <v i-tday after nttrnding a'n optrimetric seminar held in the Hotel Daniel Boone. Columbia, Mo. Mrs. Oorgc R. Knight left !o- day lor Cenlrallfi. where she Will he a weekend guest of 'Dr. and Mrs. C. \V. Hiildwin. r.oyd l.a.Marsh. Levu.-- iloovcr, and Lee .lacohson, slnrlents at the Southern Illinois t'niversily. (.'ar- hondale. dilfl Spencer Dunhum Irom N'o'rlhwestern 1'niveisilv. Kvanston. are in Alton this weekend and will serve as attendants at the wedding "I Cecil 11. Andrews jr., and Miss ,/oAnn U'rti- her which will take place fon'is'hl ip the Cherrv Street T?apt'ixl Church. Mrs. Hf-rbfi-l Ash ol TUL 1 I'nion sircot and Mrs. .John Xorns ni (il'fl Kast Ninth street rr-turned l-'ridav frdni a three weeks' »nn lo Ihe ursi coast and MCMCO. Tli:-'. \vcre iici ompanicd hv Mrs No--- iis 1 hrnther. C'pl. Hollan .Tou'eit who was translcrrcd fioin Wa-h- inL'ton D C toCamn P>e.Vll M^Vy- ville. C.'^.lif. I'pon liis ;.nivnl .-it C'amp Hf-al! Cpl. .louftt leanied )ie ".ould he given a 21-iliv fur- l(«i"h so his sister and Mrs A^-h ^iioi'iii'-c,-| ihcir visit in California W> that he could ictiini to Alton In San D"-"o tlvv of Mr. tint] Mrs. K<!- formerlv of Alton and K Arv.-'-lcs Sac r:"nr-n- arc i sco Arid 1r> Ti.i- YtCA €om»titt«e to Slww Films ^ (.oiDWlltfC h'C I C'f 1 T'd to tVb m r,Va1'f- ivornui.ut, me't 10 fo • toi -of Mrivfe sions v, ill spe mi March :ii). will he at th SI-IAJI-C ot the nonal I'hurch. riir-s-- 3 ence at ol Foreign Mis- in (iodlrey twice ippc i, ••*•- M First appearance 11 a. m. Sund'iv (iodlr' v C'ongrega- She will also ad- Mrtniicei'lo (.'ollege audi- p. m. vespci.-. The pub- h >s IIMCM i cc ci\ ed from \' M"irfix'. en that she will Al'on sr«i n nfter tlie fi.-; Mr^. Mfffo'.vpn hat sp,. n | A series of three films on mental hygiene, will be shown on consecutive Monday evenings at the Young Women's Christian Association J.fJtfns'o'refl fj.V I'fie eflffrtifi^rt cflm- miltee of Ihe YU'CA. The films iire 'loaned 'by the Canadian (iovernment Division on Mental Ify^rerfe. The purpose of the films, as explained by Mrs. 'Clyde Campbell, president ol' Hie V cddcation committee, is lo lir'lp adults a'nd children (above the ntfe of seven yearsi to reali/e, where happiness lies. They will help adults to I'cnli/.e and adapt the rrtotivntiiVg forces in I heir lives into ordinary living. The films portray concrete methods to finding happiness ahd security. The showings of the movies are open lo Ihe public, and a small Pee is required for admission lo cover handling costs of the films. The movies will be shown n( 7:-ITi o'clock the evenings of Man'h 2-1. March 31, and April 7. 'A siller will he available ;il the Y for srrifill children. These films 'hfiv/e Ticen shown before the Madison County Medical Society, rind min-h work has been done lo liiive a return al Ihese pic- lures for I lie public. Following e'aeh Monday's shovv- mg. hi. Harry Man)/, past iires- idcnl til Ihe Madison County Med- ii-nl Society will learl groirp discussion, and have a (jiieslion and ansvv'er period. Business Girls to Hear Mrs. Havey Mrv S. .}. Havey ol 'Belleville v. ill he gucsi speaker at lire Tliisi- ncss (iii-'i.s 1 wcfkh 1 dinnei-rnr'ct.irii'. ai the Voting; Wonien's Chi'ihti^n As.-ot lalion Tuesrlf.y 'at fi:V> p. ni. ('rev inns lo her association with the social v.oik dcparlmenl ol the St. 1/jms YUCA. Mrs. Havv served as a woi kci -teacher al the Pine Mountain Sdtlemenl HousY- in Harlan. Kv. The school, located in the Curnh'crland MOiin- lairis iv non-denominational find priviitplv endowed. Its purpose is lo teach the young adults ol ihe mining camps and farms various tra'dcs and cralls and T o plan recreational programs. As part ot her talk. Mrs. Havey will show < olor movies ol (hi- school and its Surrounding ti-rntor.v The Business Culs is a YWCA sponsored club with membership cpcn to young employed women. The Tfame Of Linda Jefrn has been selected by Mr. lirfd Mrs, Leroy Camp'b'e'il o'f 2fi2"1' W.umbe'ijt street for jheir secforid c'hflcl and The 'baby, weighing si^ M ounces, was horn Worial '^'. Mnivy THeir olHr'r months. Mr. 'and Mrs. l-Yank 'K. Hedge'r of !t(fS Mh'in Street 'frrc fiarcnls ol fi dftUg'Hter. 'tl-feir s^corirl c'filld. whom they hi\vc nanic'd K'nlh.V llllen. Hhe was horn at 11 :T)(i p. rn. Friday in Alton Memorial Hospital and we'fghs eight pounds and eight ounces. The ot'her daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ifet'lgcr is Teri Kl'lf'ne. I'. The infant is a grartddnlighter of : Rev. and Mrs. F. M. Hedger. A son, weighing seven pounds and '12 ounces, 'was horn at '8:37 p. m. Fi'iriay in Alton Memorial Hospital to Mr. and MVs. Wayne SiYljiv'an. (101 Knst Lorenii avenue, \\'oofl River. Church ftoles The Tri Mil class will have a covered dish dinner at Twelfth Street Presbyterian Church Monday evening al fi:.'!(). Hosts an'l hostesses are Mr. and Mrs. (jeorge Clark. Mr. and Mis Irvm I.aijc. MI-.TlORA As-sofid't'ion Sf'hool regular mrthTfiTy 'niecling. During tlie 'hiiKihess session 'n nom/rui'ling 'ctitninitfrr vwjs selected fo pick n slate of officers fo be v'oterl oh nl the nev( mfer/ting. The eomrnfttee Is f!rtrni»o.s-ed cf OertvtJe Nixon. 'MS'S. A. 10. Fi'C/ch. and Mrs. lOarl Richey. A musicnl profrram wns given •follow'frlfr fh'e ln'isfn'ess mr'f'l'iii; Sylvia Can'oll. Vii'Ri.nfa f'hisni. int'lilf'ted yocir'l solos 1)V C.'ir'i'qll. Vu-gi'nia -Chisrn. I ,(;e j'o'bnsnn a rid . Cl i ("foi'Vl all High SfiirVfl sli'lrtells. THe closing 'nurriber Was by ',-1 mixed ensemble nls'o of the hrg 1 !) School. Mrs. 'O'lgli .Tar'oby, mfisJc difcclor, serv'ed 'as aecornpn'rust for the ntimbers. Trie next meeting will be Apnl 10. Refreshments were served nt the close of Ihe which Sylvia ,Vlyr't fe Chisrn, man and Mr. Thoniasson. and t'ollcKc to KcMrirt IIKLKNA. Muni. '.I'' Sliite Attornev (ienernl ArnoM II Oter-n ruled Ihnl Aclinfi President I 1 , f. O.-iiiH") IIIH.V exercise "H rtmre Klr'u'i inniro'l (/f d^gs" on the IVfontnnn Stall; College CfiriTrnis. Oalnt-s V'oin- pluined nf ({enertil flestri/clion hy fli/«.s find sa/d they. .ty sheep heloii^inK li/ Ihe i-ollfge MKDORA The Woman's Soc- iely of Chrisrian Sfrv'ic-e of IhV Methodist Church met Thursday afternoon at the "home of Mrs. Oils 'Orlh, with Mrs. M. F. Dodge 'TIS assistirfg hostess. Mrs. 'Roy Ffl'y h/iYl f'hln'g'e of TTle' "rt'f'VArfnns nnd was also progrfi'm leader. She w'iis assisted in •prc'Kf'iiling the lesson b'y Mrs. K. \\'. l-'ov, Mrs. Ina Frcnc-h. Mrs. V. J. Hunt nnd Mrs. Fird Ho wns. AltendiiiK ,lhe meeting were: Mr'. Cru-nrif Harldn. Mrs. [,. C. Doiigrie'rly, Afr's. Tnji French. Mrs .las'on l-'o\. .Mii. Ro.v Kly. Mrs. MYs. Rnlrih Chandler Ryan, Mrs. A. 'K K. W. Fox and Mrs •n'ry dfiKc l'fh"i«rpcifiy Ant'i-Thtef ^sl- SdcfiKtion .'rfiJif.\Vodrto8day fcyortinfc nt the Union Community Center. Hoslesses wrt'e Wrs. Fa.y Douchly, : jyi*i%. 'I'i'iVrlo 'ntfrititfitih 'Vrifl Wr's. p'lfins fo fiTl'er'ifl (lie c'6u'nly 'hi't.v-ill- fil-y pdtlat'lt 'dirtne-r March 27 at ('he Crti'i-lrtfftdn 'Chap'ol school. Cftt'mes \Vere ddrldi'ict^ 'by T^rs. dh?inac6'mb"e arid f^rs. Richardson. t ^I'jjies .Vjet'e fiwdt-fle-d Mrs. Louise Cox. Mrs. Fny Doughty, Mrs. Mrs. Anna Wills, Tth/Mn i 'f Hrtft 'hnd TV! rs. ^I'ovVn. R(/fi'c«(trn'en't!3 Wei'e '.served by The Hos'l esses, SITrPMAN •'Mr. /md Mrs. LljW'tl' Albert of Pilisii. 'nre pnrents -b'f )\' diiiighli'i'. Wiin'c'y Sue, born (it '3 a. m. frWi'fiflny 'n'l Tloyd Memoriiil Hos'/iiliil. (it Cari'ofltOn. The baby Wfighetl eight pounds arid one-half ourfce. They 'hn\'o w'nothor dd^gl 1 )- fer, 'Chrt-yl Lynn, 17 months. Th'e mother vvrt's rtic'fnirmor Miss Lo'tlre Mtfo SWIu'vim. , TjiJrfWi Party S'HIPMAN' A pnrish party was given Monday eveni'fi'g at Si. Dnnfs Catholic C.'hi'irch. Mrs. Oirlo-'s; (Christopher received the fltto'nd-. 1 ancc pi i/.e. Cii'i'fls anrl squar'e 'fthd refresh- SMil^eft OfeM%^ , J _ ;|B : tyio^O'fi^»iy br. Prcderifc IPSdJfcir, f pl'df&&or 'Hf^'e'MafeA'tStlifrt'l^E &JMfa, *&• •ca'irfp'Khjcfl.^y '{vVp^SHMrr^E'fl^tial- ci-s, Abe LeatrterWo'qa o£ Bast 'Al- t6n mil "ntllery TRtlfctt (it -'ATtcft, -to ' 6'la f Cfn ; i*versity The Shtft-'ttbff 6h W6'th ; W(S«t,' is icgo'lv^d, 'thVt the fdA&rltl tMA- AWfflh'^ m^r nt p'j,V n O 'f wage.' HP'S pi'fco Ef«h\e6'h colliers -HaV'e w j for the debate at. Ix) to 'A^toh "' ___ __ . rnen'ts Verejscrvdd; 'JSffhTy'-fivc por- son a'tte,nfltid. , , : ''.-. , !.. 17M , mm* Mrs. .laines Krciib, Mrs. K. .1. Hunt. Polo is one of the most ancient grimes v</ilh ball ?iH('l "stfck. bu! modeifi polo u'fts not fitnrled until ri British armv officer picked '1[i Ihe idea in India in IR'i''. Hi." -.vintr-i in \!: hn'1 Mr Vi'd -";ritl i-fi Mifinii Heit,'hls Lf'Haln-a C-ilif s.,rfre 7. 1-Vrvil Tonimie of Piih- . Si. l/iuis cnun!v . lic is welcome on both occasions. ptanc this pai;t week for St. HHcisburn. J'' la • and viiimtv \\hcic thev vvill cni6> a two week- vacation. Mrs t-V'i'il is a d-iutr.i ti-r «i| Mis. T. J.. Fouldv 4,' street. PHONK 2-7131 Beauty Salon Eastertinw Beauty r \'a best compliment that New Easter Bonnet or Out- tit . . . it's the Poodle Cut or a variation of this popular new "style. Cut" With permanent , 4 95 An Appointment it Not Mwavs \><-<-.san. l-SE VOIK (HAKOK A(T'O1 M . r in«k» Vowr h«mto with «vr fln«r b«avtlWt RUG CLEANING THROUGH ANO THROUGH JHAMPOPINO . . . ginilt 01 a molhtr'i car«t>. >nlor»i lh« natural gltamlnj highlighlt ond Iff* coio't CONTK'bl'UD SCl'e^TfFtC DRYING . .. nol too 'oil ond not too ilow. lat»»l mooVn delicti lo tal«8 uord • v ' rl ''"• mo ' ( < * e ' ica '* wo0 ' * b * r »STAINS AND SPOTS IXPIRHY RIMOVIP . . . ne«t( rubb«d hanhly but pomptr»8 unhl lh«y duapptorl No harih chtmicoft art e»«f ui«d. ]: f Uunderers t Dry Cleaners t Rug Cllihtrt : FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY StRVTCE 909 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 3-8877

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