Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 25, 1951 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1951
Page 11
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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS III. §9m The Register News Daily Magazine Page PRISCILLA'S POP •Y VAL VmMMI MM [ED RYDER 55 YEARS AGO TODAY A strong effort is being made among rnerchiants to form a league to close their places of business promptly at eight o'clock instead of keeping open until 9:30 or 10 o'clock. The officers of the new militia company are Neil Pavey, captain; T. P. Shanahan, first lieutenant; H. W. Woodworth, second lieutenant; Wilber Satterfield, first' sergeant, and Ed Dunbar, second sergeant. 40 YEARS AGO TODAY Good rains have fallen northwest And south of us, but just west of us they are still drier than we are. Norman Sugg of Kinmundy gave a picnic yesterday afternoon to 10 of his friends as a sort of farewell before he left for his home after Spending a week here. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Oscar O. Stich" and Miss Evelyn Westcott were principals in a morning wedding celebrated at the Epworth M. E. parsonage today. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Crosnoe celebrated their 63rd wedding anni- Champaign today where he will attend summer school. Six persons were injured in three automobile accidents which occurred here last night and this morning in less than 12 hours. versary at their home in Bonnie yesterday. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY Robert L. 'Webb, well known Mt. Vernon business man, is dead. Burglars made a big haul at the store of Joe D. Norris in Waltonville. 35 YEARS AGO TODAY J. L. Rainey, who was entered in the trans-Mississippi golf tournament in the senior class, was defeated today, 4 up and 2 to go. Dr. Andy Hall attended the reunion of Spanish-American War Veterans in, Jaicksonville today. 20 YEARS AGO TODAY Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Silverman were injured in an automobile accident which occurred this morning in Nashville while they were en route to St. Louis. Lieut. Everett Edmondson of Todd Field, near San Antonio, Tex., was a visitor in Mt. Vernon yesterday. He is a former resident. 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Morris Lee Green returned' to 10 YEARS AGO TODAY NYA's sixth birthday will be observed open house and the entertainment of visitors at the Resi-' dent Work Center, Sixth and Oakland, Mt. Vernon, where 150 young men from 16 to 24 years inclusive, are preparing themselves for jobs in connection with national defense. Miss Margaret Anderson departed this morning for Camp Robin Hood in Green Lake, Wis., where she will act as camp counselor for the remainder of the summer. A group of selective service recruits from Mt. Vernon has completed 13 weeks basic training at Fort Riley, Kansas. S YEARS AGO TODAY Mt. Vernon Transit Lines will tomorrow morning inaugurate hut service to suburban areas east and south of Mt. Vernon. The east route will extend through Oak Grove and the Summersville neighborhood to Camp Ground. Tht south route will extend past Garrison's store to the Bethel Road. Alford O. Leffler, newly-elected commander of the Mt. Vernon Am- vets, will conduct his first meeting of the post at tomorrow night's regular session in the city hall. Gilbert N. Wood has returned to Mt. Vernon from Evansville, Ind., to make his home. The Jefferson County Board of Review, which began its summer work at the court house yesterday, was still waiting today to he'kr from the first taxpayer with a complaint. SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH RUTH MILLETT By RUTH MILLETT NBA Staff Writor CAPTAIN EASY 'I'VE PEW WV TIME. «JT I CW^J'T GO ON AlONB TOMORROW... MOr WITH 50RE AWKLES KNOdClNG OUT Mv Be5T e>rupp! HA.RPWICK. m ^Of^S TO <^limB^\^ SO LATE. BUT I MU^T ^PEAKyBED HpUR6J TO PON I """ ^EE f I WOULPM^r DI5TURBIMG mi BUT rUE HAD K ^^IfiHT TJJ^ OUT OP H,W TO TAKE PtACB /WV DEARl WB' \M THE ACT POR A F ^V^ ON TOMORROW; BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY MARTIN Housewife Is the Ideal One To Keep Pea«e in the Family "Nobody wins the family quarrel," says a doctor writing in a current magazine. If women could just remember that statement—and it is certainly true — perhaps more of them would become better at the role of peacemaker. One member of a family can't start a quarrel without help, so it is up to the woman of the house to see that the help isn't forthcoming. Women, can usually stave off a family quarrel just by watching danger signals. For instance, if father comes home with a groucn, that is NOT the time for mother to start finding fault with the children. If she does, then Dad is all too likely to cut loose on them so severely that Mama feels she has to step in and interfere. If she does, there are all the makings of a family quarrel. No Need To Be A Doormat Another way to get a quarrel going good is to answer a criticism with a criticism. It may be the natural thing to do, but it isn't the wise thing tp do if a woman wants to keep the peace. That doesn't mean she has to be a doormat, either. She can quietly and calmly justify herself. Or she can let the»remark pass unchallenged. Or she can say, "Let's talk about it after the children are in bed— and we've had a chance to relax. I know you're tired now and so am I." Still another way that a woman OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE E6/\-D/ WAS T VMIS^ HANDlMG SHERATONi «IOO TO LAUNCH Ki5 PAPER $0Ck6 EKiT£R- PKtSe? 16 IT A 60UNJD> >D£A?—LJM./I DONi'T evJEM KMOW THE, ^e/W .'l MAMEN'T . LAID EVeS foM HIM $lMCe FOUMOlWtM&HORisJ ^.^ ^ gELOMSED TO ONie //.//.A.r^l^g M& UP FOR. GREAT CAESAR/ i COULD IT HAM6 >^^OWNl UPoM TUB WB KIT A gLoe OUT OUR WAY WATCH TH' OWE THAT LOOKS LIKE A RAM C50IMG. TO BUTT A FAT LADV--WITH A POMPADOUR.' 'OH,TH' ONE THAT •LOOKS LIKE A BEAR BACKIM' AWAV FRO\A A HORMETS- ME ST IS ^. FUMMIER, •(1, ^ BY WILLIAMS w WHERE DO V . VOU SEE \1 ^ A CLOUD LIKE THAT? THAT'S A LApy LEAMIM' OVER. A WASH TUB.' can help to keep family peace is by getting real busy at a job—any job—when she feels her own temper rising. AngeV can be worked off in more ways than giving vent to it in heated words. Often it literally can be worked off by tackling a job and sticking to it until it is finished. Since nobody can win a family quarrel there ought to be at least one peacemaker in every family to keep family fights to a minimum. And if it is going to be anybody it has to be the woman of the house. "That really wa» a big birthday party, Mom--l btt I f«al, worse than Dad did New Year's Dayr KILLER'S FACE ey ivuvs LOHQ COPyRfSHT 4931 ev N£A SWVICi. IWC MV FAVORITE LEC 5HOW- JUST ACROSS MOST AMV CREEK Je ?v^;LU^M5, XXXI T ARRY STONE dropped resign- ediy into a lounge chair "Must we go through all this again, Marshall?" My eyes fell on the highball glass which had a lipstick mark. I noticed the lipstick on cigaret ends in the tray. "So you've got company, Stone?" His eyes darted for a tell-tale split-second to a door at his right. I grinned and crossed to the door and opened it. "Hello," said Sonya Sareeta. "You do get around, don't you?" She inhaled on a cigaret as she carried a highball glass into the room. She wore a show costume that made her deep-V special look like Elsie Dinsmore's graduation dress. She smiled nonchalantly, picked up the wrong glass, didn't I? I didn't notice my mistake up>.il it was too late." "The mistake was mine. ; turned to Larry Stone, "I hate to interrupt but I came here for an answer." Stone glared. "You're a fool, Marshall. I don't know the answer you want." I took a step toward him, the pistol aimed at the second button of his smoking jacket. His eye« widened. "You—you wouldn't dare!" "Wouldn't 1? I took an awful on the head this afternoon. star could spring me in a breeze with an insanity plea." "Drop it, Jim." Sonya held the little .2.5 calibre automatic. I didn't get the switch, but I did get the business-like look in her eyes. I let my gun thud on the rug. I kicked it a& Stone belatedly reached for it. Sonya picked it up with her left hand, still training the tittle gun on me. "What's your game, Sonya? Why don't you level just for once?" I tried to duck then, but it was too late. Stone had come out of his chair like a catapult, and he had loosed a haymaker at my jaw 1 moved just enough to keep him from winning by a kayo, but I decided to take a short count before I came up. • • • QTONE wasn't waiting for me to come up. I rolled just before the toe of his shoe grazed my ribs. 'Stop it," Sonya said, turning the gun on Stone. "I'm not kidding." , • ' • "Me either!" said a new voice. Al Nanabarro and Lou, bis body guard, both carrying chort-bar- reled guns with gaping muzzles, came into the room. I got to my feet and they ignored me. "How did you get in?" Stone demanded. "I set the lock," Sonya told him. I was once an escape artist, you know. But I never got out of a spot like yours." 'Well, you played nrte for a sucker!" Nanabarro grinned with clenched teeth. His eyes fell on my gim in Sonya's hand "Give that thing to me, Sonya. Marshall's gun?" Sonya nodded and held out the weapon. Nanabarro took it and pocketed his revolver. He grinned at me. "If there's any shooting, Mac, your rod'll get credit for it! It'll teach you to mind your own business." He asked Sonya: "What was he doing here?" "He barged in. I had to itall till you came." "Well. I got berer B» faced Stone. "I just found out something tonight, Stone. I found out from Sonya that you were with Rose Bidault the night Baraey wa« murdered." Stone managed to put up a front. "So she told you that? 1 auppoM Marshall told her^ He says ^ told him—but I donH think • judge would let either of them teS a jury!" "Maybe not, but I'm no lury. Sit down over there. Stone. You're tm the witness stand. Sit down. Vm going to listen to you'talk." Stone retreated to the knmg* chair indicated. "You were with Rose that night." said Nanabarro, convinced, that he had made his point '^am were the first out of the reona. You're the guy that got the coo* fession off Barney's body. I waal it' "Listen!" screamed Stone, •^o« got to believe me! I dont know anything about a confession!" Nanabarro's answer was to raktt the gun barrel across Stone's faca. Stone screamed so loud I was sur* the neighbors would hear. "We've got aU night" said Nan­ abarro, as Stone sat wbimpering and trying to mop the blood from his nose. I figured the nose would be broken. "The building is soundproofed—they advertise'that fact.* • • • . ' CTONE screamed in sheer dea- peration. He appealed to mai. "Do something, MarshaU!" 1 didn't feel that I owed Ston« anything—except maybe a kick ia the teeth. But I said: "Could be he's telling the truth. Nanabarro. No use grinding him to hamburger if he actually didat get the confession." "You keep out of this!" snapped Nanabarro out of the comer of his mouth. "This is my party. Oom more chance. Stone! Are you going to tiun it over?" 'How can I turn it over when t haven't got it-^when I dont e««« know what it u?" This time Nanabarro ki^iockad him completely out. WbUt th «r sprayed him with seltzer w«t«r. Sonya spoke speculatively lo ms: "Well?" "WeU, yourself. Pulling a fWft on me like that" "I knew Al and Lou were abonlv due. It wasn't a case for Joint con* txol. I knew you'd be sQiisanifliK^; and there's nothing a — about Al. He'U gat th« of Larry." (Tel

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