The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 29, 1998 · Page 40
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 40

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 40
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08 SUNDAY. MARCH 29, 1998 LIFESPORTS THE SAUNA JOURNAL ON THE OUTSIDE -4 BIKE RACING TOMMIE BERQER fltherles biologist, Kansas Department of WtUHfe and Parks Kanopolis, Glen Elder, Milford fishing Last week 1 talked about the fishing prospects for Wilson Reservoir. This week I want to pass on some information on Kanopolis, Glen Elder and Milford. •Kanopolis Reservoir has already provided some good angling over thisi past mild winter. Anglers have been catching good numbers of crappie all winter because we have had little ice cover. I have also heard reports of good catches of white bass, some walleye and saugeye being taken, and know that the catfish population looks good for this year. Bass anglers might want to try the bass fishing — it will surprise some of you. Crappie numbers are high in Kanopolis right now with good numbers 12 inches and more. • I've talked to a good number of anglers all winter and they feel that Kanopolis has as good a population as other popular crappie lakes like Marion, Council Grove, and Kirwin. •. The size of the fish may not be quite as large as some, but the numbers are. Most of the crappie are out deep along the edges of the river channels now but as the water warms, .they'll move into the shallows around the docks and the shoreline brushpiles. Spring crappie fishing shouldflfe excellent if the water conditions allow. White bass numbers have bounced back well here since the fish kill several years ago. Many anglers are pleasantly surprised at the abundance and size of the whites. Along with the white bass, we stocked wiper fingerlings last year and some of them were 8 inches by fall. There may be some identification problems between the whites and wipers this summer, so be aware of that. Walleye numbers remain on the low.side, but some natural reproduction occurred last year. The . walleye there are similar to Wilson, the quality is good and numbers of smaller fish slim. We stocked saugeye fingerlings the past two years and the 1996 fish are ranging right around the 15- inch size range. They will play a role in the harvest at Kanopolis this year. Catfish numbers are historically good at this lake and they continue to be. Channel catfish of all sizes are available and an occasional flathead will excite some lucky anglers this next summer. Largemouth bass numbers remain respectable for the amount of bass habitat in the lake. The bass are fat and a 6-pounder will not be uncommon. Look for bass along the dam, around the docks, and around the brushpiles. Glen Elder Reservoir should provide some good fishing for white bass, catfish, and walleye this year. Crappie numbers are down some fr'om past, years but will still provide some good spring action. Bass numbers are fair, but habi- taUoss hasn't allowed this popula- t$>n to bounce back like the western-lakes that filled up with the 1993 floods. ' Kyle Austin, the fisheries biologist, expects the walleye fishing to hang in there another year even though there aren't a lot of smaller fish coming on. Anglers in 1997 caught some of the largest stringers of walleye in the history of that lake. Ice fishermen caught good numbers of white bass west of the causeway this winter, indicating a good year to-come for that species. Walleye and white bass make up the bulk of the angling interest at Glen Elder. The 1998 season at Milford Reservoir looks to be exciting. John Reinke, the fisheries biologist there, indicates good numbers and size'ranges of walleye, wipers and catfish. It appears that walleye numbers have rebounded in Milford since 1993 and a lot of them will break oVei- the 18-inch length limit this spring. This lake is becoming notorious for its wiper fishing, with 5- to ib-pounders common and trophies in the 12- to 15-pound class possible. ' Crappie numbers are rated as fair'to good with lots of 10- and 11- inch fish. White bass is also rated as fair with numbers of smaller whites on the decline, but good njwnb^rs of larger flsh. Black l?ass species include both largemouth and smallmouth bass. kar|emouth numbers are relatively low with good quality and small- mouth numbers are fairly high with lots of smaller fish. This is ft quick rundown of three popular reservoirs in the central par* $f the state. DAVIS TURNER/The Salina Journal (Clockwise from front) Chance Bowersox, 15, Aaron Wendt, 15, Bobby Umscheld, 16, and Derrick Baize, 15, are part of a team of racers who plan to compete on a new BMX bike-racing track being proposed for an area south of Dean Evans Stadium. Home for BMX That's Mike Aita's plan in a proposal for a track for Bicycle Motorcross By HAROLD BECHARD The Salina Journal M ike Aita looks forward to the day when Sali- nans are able to fly through the air on their own dirt bicycle track. Aita, who works at Bike Tek in Salina, is working on a proposal to build a 900- to 1,200-foot track in the city complete with lights and electricity for competitive races. Although the proposal is still in the planning stages, Aita is looking at the area south of Dean Evans Stadium as a possible site. "That's number one on the wish list for sure," Aita said. "It's away from the public, and because we'd have a PA system announcing the races, it might get on peoples' nerves in town. And there's also plenty of parking out there." There's one problem with the East Crawford Family Recreational Area site. A water line would have to be run underneath the old airport runway to the race track at a cost of approximately $5,000 to $7,000. Aita also estimates 2,000 to 4,000 yards of dirt would have to Ykjlb •^^•^m^^k^k^Kfl in proposal WHAT: a 900- tp 1,200-foot Bicycle, Motorcross (BMX) track With lights and electricity in Salina, WHERE: south of Dean Evans Stadium. COST: $10,000 to $15,000. be brought in to construct the track. Steve Snyder, superintendent of the Salina Parks & Recreation Department, said his office would probably support the idea of a bicycle track and would offer public land for the site, but the overall costs would have to come from Aita's group. "We'd be willing to assist with trucks and equipment, things like that," Snyder said. "Their request was for a location and they would be running it through a non-profit organization." For baseball fans concerned the track would intrude on the atmosphere at Evans Stadium, Aita said he would do his best for that not to occur. "If we set up the way I want, all the announcing would be done to the south (away from the stadium)," he said. "As far as the lights go, I can face them at different angles where they will all shine primarily southeast and southwest." Snyder said there's plenty of room for a track south of the stadium, but it would be competing against more than just baseball. "I'm not completely sold on that being the ideal location," Snyder said. "There might be better places to put it. you've got the Sports Car Club of America out there, the Corvette Club and the (miniature) airplane flyers, among other things." Aita, who competes in mountain bike racing, said the BMX (Bicycle Motocross) track would be comprised of a series of jumps called table tops, step- ups, reverse steps, doubles and triples. "Kids want some spots where they're able to cut loose and catch some air on some jumps," Aita said. "You don't want a real boring rolling kind of course. The kids want to jump, and the bigger, the better for most of them. "If the kids are confident enough to jump hard at our track, they will be able to catch some good air. If they're not that confident, they can still ride and roll over them." Aita said the track could be built in five to seven weeks and cost around $10,000 to $15,000. He is looking for donations from the community and believes the project is a worthwhile cause for the youth of Salina. His goal is to have American Bicycle Association-sanctioned races on Thursday and Saturday nights. "The main thing is it would be giving the kids something to do on Thursday and Saturday nights," he said. "If they're at the track, they're going to be racing, and by the time they're done racing, they're going to be tired. They'll be ready to go to bed. "So, it's going to wind them down, give them something to do, keep them off the streets and keep them out of trouble. And it's a real family sport." Aita, who hopes to play host to state championship events in the future, plans to draft his proposal to the Salina Parks & Recreation Department in the next few weeks. Golfing can make the back hurt By IRA DREYFUSS The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Add to tennis elbow and runner's knee another sports complaint: golfer's spine. The powerful twisting motion in some golfers' swings can, over time, deform bones in the lower back, researchers say. One study terms it the "crunch factor." "It looks like what is going on is a combination of how the spine twists and how it bends to the side," said researcher Scott A. Banks of the Orthopedic Research Laboratory, Good Samaritan Medical Center, West Palm Beach, Fla. Banks and other researchers on golf injuries presented their data recently at a meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in New Orleans. Banks' team studied the swings of 43 healthy, experienced male golfers ages 18 to 84, to see where the stress builds. They taped reflective discs over the golfers' joints, then used high-speed cameras to record how the discs moved during the swings. The cameras' data were fed into a computer, which produced a three-dimensional analysis. Older golfers had the lowest crunch-factor levels, meaning they had the least torque. Younger golfers had the highest levels, the study found. The greater torque in the young could reflect the natural flexibility of youth, arid the older golfers may have gotten stiffer with age, said epidemiologist David A. Morgan, who also worked on the study. But it could also be because older players learned a swing that had less body movement, Banks said. "In the early part of the century, a swing where the hips and shoulders moved more together was more common," he said. "There was less twisting of the back." The change in swing came because steel shafts replaced hickory shafts in clubs, said Dr. Timothy M. Hosea, who has done separate camera-and-computer research on low back pain in golfers. Steel shafts allowed greater accuracy, but they were less flexible, said Hosea, of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, N.J. To get more power behind the hit, he said, golfers began to twist their bodies. Japanese medical imaging ex^ perts say they have seen the apparent results of the repetitive stress on the lower back. They performed X-ray and CAT scans of 26 right- handed male elite amateur or professional golfers, and compared them with results from 105 matched nongolfers. Many members of both groups had discernible low-back problems. But the golfers were more likely to have malformations on their right side, where the torque from the swing would have the greatest effect, the Japanese study said. RECREATION CALENDAR Baseball tournaments • APRIL 24-28 AT OTTAWA — USSSA State Qualifier ... 6,10,12,13,15 age divisions ... $160 entry lee plus three baseballs ... 3-game guarantee ... entry deadline April 13 ... call Wayne Bums (785-242-1939). • APRIL 25-26 AT HILLSBORO — Sponsored by Hlllsboro Hec ... 9-10,11-12 age divisions ... $100 entry lee plus three baseballs... 3-game guarantee... entry deadline April 10... call Wendy Wilkinson (316-8473490) • MAY 2-3 AT HUTCHINSON — USSSA tournament at Fun Valley ... 10, 12, 14 age divisions ... April 23 deadline ... call Jim Swlnt (316-869-9999) weekdays 8 a.m.-5 p.m. • MAY 9-10 AT MCPHER80N — Age divisions 9-10 and 11-12 ... lour game guarantee... $125 per team ... call Mike Hoeme (316-241-6285) or Mike Schrag (316241-0402). • MAY 14-17 AT TOPEKA — Capital City Classic at take Shawnee ... 8, 9,11, 13 age divisions ... 3-game round-robin ... $190 entry fee ... call Bob Qonzales (785-267-1409). • MAY 16-17 AT TOPEKA — Spring Leadofl Tournament at Shawnee South... 10,12 age divisions ... 3- game round-robin... $185 entry lee... call Dan Roehler (786-267-3505). • MAY 22-28 AT OTTAWA — USSSA State Qualifier ... 8,10,12,13 age divisions... $150 entry lee plus three baseballs ... 3-game guarantee ... entry deadline May 11 ... call Wayne Bums (785-242-1939). • JUNE 6-7 AT RUSSELL — 12-under McDonalds Tournament ol Champions at Memorial Park Complex ... entry lee $126 by May 22, $135 afterwards ... 3- game guarantee ... call Eric Marshall (785-483-6988 or 785-483-4011). • JUNE 12-14 AT HUTCHINSON — USSSA NIT tournament at Fun Valley ... 9,11,13 age divisions ... June 4 deadline... call Jim Swlnt (316-669-9999) weekday* 6 a.m.-S p.m. • JUNE 20-21 AT SALINA — 10th annual Sacred Heart Booster Club Tournament at BUI Burke Park ... four age divisions ... $126 for ages 9, 10 ... $150 lor ages 11, 12 ... 4-6 game guarantee ... call 785-8260039 or 765-823-8931. Basketball camps • HEART OF AMERICA CAMPS — 27th annual Heart ol America Sports Camps In Salina... boys (June 7-11, July 19-23), girls (June 14-18, July 12-16, team camp Aug. 6-9)... for ages 6-17 ... call Ken Cochran (765-827-6229) or write (or information at: HOA Sports Camps, Box 1073, Salina, Kan. 67401. Basketball tournaments • APRIL 4 AT NORTON — Norton Rec Center 3-on- 3 tournament lor 7th, 8th, 9!h grade boys and girls ... $24 per team ... call 785-877-3087. • APRIL 4 AT OAKLEY — 3 on 3 tournaments for boya (5th-6th, 7lh-8th, 9th-10th, 11th-12th) and girls (Sth-eth, 7th-8th, 9lh-12lh)... $21 per team... March 28 deadline ... two-game guarantee ... games at the high school... call Mike Hake (785-672-4924, evenings). • APRIL 4 AT ABILENE — 3 on 3 tournaments In lour divisions sponsored by Abilene Eagles ... 12-under, 13-15, 16-18 and 18-older ... at Abilene High School... entry lee $30 ... call 785-263-2823. t APRIL 18 AT TESCOTT — 3-on-3 Teacott Pride Tournament at Tescott High School... 18-over... $60 per team ... April 15 deadline ... call John Webb (7852834622). • APRIL 18-19 AT LINDSBORO — 2nd annual Bethany College boya and girls 3-on-3 tournaments ... 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 grade divisions ... $36 per team ... call Justin Coup (785-227-3311, ext. 8313; or 765-826-9764). Golf t APRIL 18 AT SALINA — Four-person scramble tournament at Salina Municipal sponsored by the Ell- Saline Booster Club ... entry fee $40 per person or $160 per team ... shot-gun start, 8 a.m.... entry deadline April 13 ... call Jim Klucas (785-827-7665) or Pat (785-827-4927). • MAY 2 AT SALINA — 9th annual RSVP Benefit Tournament at Municipal Q.C.... 4-person scramble ... $37.50 per person... 8 a.m. shotgun start... three divisions (men, open, women)... call 785-823-3128. • MAY 8 AT SAUNA — 10lh annual AMBUC Charity Tournament at Salina Country Club ... four-person scramble ... entry fee $320 per team ... reception, dinner ... call Jim Cram (785-827-4114 (or Info) or (785827-6131 lor tee times). • MARCH 29 AT SALINA — 6K (3.1 miles) training run at BUI Burke Park, 4 p.m. ... lor more Information call Mike White (627-6342). • APRIL 26 AT KANOPOLIS — 3rd annual Earth Day Runs ... 10 a.m. starts ... 5-mlle, 2-mlle, 1-mlle, stroller derby, youth dashes ... entry lees $15 (adults) and $10 (children)... call Jonl, Tonya or Alice (785-472- 4081). • MAY 9 AT WICHITA — 22nd annual NatlonsBank River Run ... largest single-day race In Kansas ... 2- mlle, 10K runs... entry fee $13 (adults) or $7 (18-under) 316-261-2001. Softball • APRIL 3-5 AT TAMPA — Men's open Softball tournament ... round robin... entry fee $70 plus two blue dot balls ... first 10 teams ... call Chris or Qene (785-9657207). • APRIL 18 AT HOPE — Coed tournament benefit- Ing Hope High sophomore class ... entry fee $100 and two blue dot softballs per team ... eight teams needed ... call Bob Ray (785-366-7293 or 785-366-7221). • APRIL 18-19 AT MANHATTAN — Delta Slg tournaments lor the March of Dimes... Men's USSSA qualifier, 3 games guarantee, $100 per team ... Co-Rec tournament, 3-game guarantee, $90 per team ... call Brett Lackey (785-776-9191). • APRIL 24-26 AT LINCOLNVILLE — Coed tournament benefiting Centre High sophomore class ... entry lee $100 and two bluedot soflballs per teem ... eight teams needed... call Yvonne Burhoop (785-963-4321). • MAY 23-25 AT CLAY CENTER — Girls last-pitch round-robin tournament... 10, 12, 14 age divisions ... $60 entry fee ... 4-game guarantee ... call Wade Bauer (786-632-5196). • JUNE 6-7 AT SALINA — Sacred Heart Booster Club girls last-pitch tournament at East Crawford Complex ... entry fee $120 ... 4-6 games ... 10, 12, 14,16, 18 age divisions... call 785-825-0039 or 765-823-8931. • JUNE 6-7 AT CLAY CENTER — Girls fast-pitch round-robin tournament... 16,18 age divisions... $110 entry fee... call Wade Bauer (785-632-5196). • JUNE 19-21 AT RUSSELL — ASA girts last-pitch tournament.... 12, 14,16,18 age divisions ... $76 entry fee... call Eric Marshall (785-483-6966 or 785-4834011). Tennis • APRIL 4-5 AT SALINA— Spring Draw lor Your Partner... at Oakdale Park... men's 18-and-over... entry fee $20... call Bob Warkemlne (785-623-9351). Triathlon • JUNE 20 AT TOPEKA— 16th annual Topeka Tinman at Lake Shawnee ... application forma available through the Shawnee County Parks 4 Recreation, 3137 SE 29th, Topeka, Kan. 66605 ... call 785-267-1156. Volleyball camps • HEART OF AMERICA CAMPS — 27th annual Heart ol America Sports Camps In Salina ... advanced camp (June 21-25), team camp (June 25-28) ... lor ages 8-17... call Ken Cochran (785-827-6229) or write lor Information: HOA Sports Camps, Box 1073, Salina, Kan. 67401. Notices • ORGANIZATIONAL MEETINGS — Salina Recreation-sponsored meetings for youth baseball, March 31,7 p.m.; adult Softball, April 1,7 p.m.; youth sottball, April 2, 7 p.m.... all meetings will be held at the City- County Building, 300 W. Ash, Room 107. Field reservations for practices can be made at these meetings, • MEN'S FAST-PITCH SOFTBALL — The Salina Parks & Recreation Department will be sponsoring a men's fast-pitch Softball league this summer... to sign up, call Tim Kerbs (785-826-7434). • SALINA MUNICIPAL GOLF — Adult memberships $500 per year ... junior cards $125 for 17- younger... different play cards available ... green fees $9.50 weekdays, $11.50 weekends ... call 785-8267450. • KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS YOUTH BASEBALL — The three Salina councils of the Knights of Columbus will sponsor a Pre Pee Wee baseball league again this summer for 8,7 and 8-years olds ... sign-up fee \a $15 before April 13, $20 afterward ... teams practice May 4-31 ... season begins June 1 ... KolC committee Includes Larry Nelson, Rod Crawford, Tim Newell, Don Wendt and Rick Showalter. • SENIORS' DAY AT SALINA MUNICIPAL — Seniors' Day at the Salina Municipal Golf Course begins Thursday, April 2 ... weekly scramble tourney Is open to all Salina-area golfers 55-over „. 9 a.m. shotgun starts ... call 785-826-7450. 1th 6 5th of April. 1998 C.Q.W.B.O.Y.S. ENCAMPMENT TRAIL HIDE • CHUCKWACON MEALS • 1870'SBAU FAST DRAW COMPETITION * HISTORICAL PRESENTATIONS STORIES 6 SINCIN' 'ROUND THE CAMPFIRE WILD TEXAS COWBOY CONTEST « MODE RR DISPLAY TJVr COWBOY ACTON SHOOTING KANSAS' URGES! COWBOY ENCAMPMENT EVERYONE IS WELCOME! THE COWBOY SHOP 119 N. Douglas * (785) 473-4703 Ellsworth»e-mail; 4th 6 5th of April. 1998 rp ELLSWORTH COWBOYIV f TRADE SHOW on the Plaza throughout the day HOLSTERS • SADDLES • BOOTS • HATS • CLOTHES COWBOY GUNS * KNIVES ' ARTWORK OLD-TIME COWBOY COLLECTIBLES • la fact... •ANYTHING 'N EVERYTHING COWBOY" EVERYONE IS WELCOME! 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