Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1939
Page 4
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;;fT^ «' f - - HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday. .OctoberjO^ 'Porcupine' Docks For the Last Time CLEVELANEM/P)—Not many miles ' fown where she valiantly met the ^ British to the war of 1812, the once- proud frigate Porcupine has found a > humble mooring place. it is&'t a spot where .posterity may wime 'and record its praise for her sparkling performance in the Battle of Lake Erie 126 yeans ago. She rests in 'ft'iteotny sub-basement under Cleveland's city hall. The Porcupine sailed out with Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry on a September morning and helped. fight > the British to destruction of£ Put-in Bay. Sturdy and strong, she was not badly damaged and continued in government service many years. Lumber interests purchased her; she sank in a storm; a Michigan naval student raisedherandsen t her to the Put-in Bay centennial celebration of 1913; the late Newton D. Baker brought her to Cleveland; and then she was "buried" as officials moved into new city hall. Forgotten in her basement, the Porcupine isn't a pretty sight for she is ; littlc hiore than a miscellaneous pile of damp and rotting timbers, dotted with handwrought spikes and nails. A pale, ghostly light filters into the room through thick glass blocks in the sidewalk above. There is a pungent 'odor of decay. Spider webs glisten in the eerie light and mysterious little bugs thrive on the rotting decks. HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Claims Britain Not a Democracy J. B. Priestly, the English novelist, essayist, playwright, and frequent lecturer in United States, has a new book, "Rain Upon Godshill" (Harper & Bros.: ?3). Reflective essays, remembrances and recollections of his travels, are sandwiched in with Piestlyan philosophy. Here is a look inward upon the state of Britain, written before the war. Our commonest error of speech is our description of this country (Britain), as a democracy, It is not a democracy, and never has been; though it is worth observing that it is father away from the true democracy than it was 20 years ago. Indeed, I think we were nearer to being a democracy back in 1912. Just after the war it did look as if we were about to say goodbye to feudal.Britain forever, but very soon the ranks of privileged persons closed up and com- 'nton people had to keep their distance. .Neither politically nor socially is this country a democracy. Hardly anybody here thinks or feels like a democrat. If you begin to talk like one in public, there is a rumpus. There is more of a rumpus now than there used to be. For example, there,was a time when pubblic men openly declared them- __. selves republicans. How many dare do apart from the Divine nalnes. OUR BOARDING HOUSE, . with ... MAJOR HOOPLE , INSTEAD OF A MINSTREL PERFORMANCE WHICH SNUFFY SUGGESTS, I PROPOSE WE MAKE THE OWLS 1 BENEFIT AFFAIR AN INDOOR OLYMPIAD OM A LAVISH SCALE UAR-RUNVPU.'f T WELL FECALL AM INTERNATtONM. WRHSTLIM6 TOURNAfAENT IN SIKANOAR^AD wmcw ENDURED A FORTNIGHT, \WMEW I HURUEO THE REDOUBTABLE •RASSEM TAZ TO EARTH BY MEAMS OF A JIU- JITSU ARTIFICE AFTER HOURS OF GRAPPLING IN A'PIT OF MUD/ s J,' I KMOVV A NAMED BAD BOUNCE E?ABA~* A «- M - T(-VE LAST TIME I RAN ACROSS MIAA BUSINESS WAS SO BAO HE'D STRANGLE A BAKERY WAeOM FOR A POPPY SEED/ MAYBE HE'O %%\ GRUNT FOR US CHEAP/ i t- • I :•. r> )%* MO. \VS u UHERE ME GOES-••"•* LHADIK16 WITH MIS CMIM AGAIN/ Pnrf k * I all Id K. (Continued from Page One) States," It "will place us in n shadow, walking clown H bloody path of war," he said. German Appeal lo Kuly BERLIN, Germany—Iff 1 )—Authoritative quarters took n grave view Thursday of Turkey's signature of n mutual assistance pact with Britain and France, asserting they feared it might cause an outbreak of general war inasmuch as Italy's and Russia's interests were directly involved. These quarters looked to Italy to react as n Mediterranean power, and said the fact that Turkey hnd turned her back on Russia and had faced toward the Mediterranean was suf- • TODAY'S PATTERN Krcml-mid-KiiUcr Model Gives You Youthful Look In Women's Sizes By CAKUL DAY It's 'Shoulder Arms' in Canada ..•.-,•1 it now? Very well then, we are not a democracy, but are we any the worse for that? Do we not derive our strength from the slow growth and development of our fot'nis of political life? Is not this our famous English way? We have forms and institutions of immense value that yet cannot be accurately defined, because they have grown like trees. ; So much is true. But if you begin to see cracks everywhere and smell rotting wood, it may be thhat all is not well with ;the trees, that the sap of life is not flowing freely. A traditional way of doing things must have at the center of it a spring and fountain of rich instinctive 'life. The traditions are with us, but are the spring and fountain what they were? The retrogression of recent years does not suggest they are. Nor does the faint smell of decay in our atmosphere. So let us stop complimenting ourselves out of our history books, and see what we really are at this Moment. We are not a democracy, but a plutocracy roughly disguised as an aristocracy. David is the name which appears most frequently in the Scriptures. On the Gridiron FOOTBALL BROADCAST 2:25 P.M. Saturday, Oct. 21 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS VS. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT RADIO STATIONS KARK KELD KFPW KBTM Little Rock El Dorado . Fort Smith Jonesboro . 890 Kilocycles 1370 1210 1200 Sponsored By LION OIL REFINING COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas DALLAS, Tex.—iVP)—Some sundown Saturday and the Southwest will know whether it must enter a week-to-week siege of stomach flutters trying to put across an unbeaten team—and bowl candidate. The two undefeated warriors of'the Southwest Conference—Texas Aggies and Baylor—get the works this Saturday, and if they survive, one or the other is a possibility for somebody's New Year's Day game. It's Baylor vs. Nebraska and the Aggies vs. Texas Christian this week-end. Should both come through, the tiny hamlet of College Station will be clogged Saturday, October 28. Oil that day Baylor plays the Aggies. Thrice-beaten Texas Christian—a team that has snowed under three teams in yardage gained but failed to click on the goal line—sends a crippled eleven in to uphold a jinx that has kept the Aggies from winning in Fort Worth since 1919 and has per- 'mitted only one Calet triumph in the past 14 years. Statistically better through three games than its undefeated predecessor of last year, TCU, nevertheless, was a short-ender on 9-5 odds after the Aggies' walloping of Villanova last Saturda3', 33-7. Two of its finest offensive threats, Halfback Logan Ware ,ind Quarterback Jack Odlc, are injured. Ware may play; Odle is a definite sideline sitter. Other regulars are battered. The Aggies got a tremendous scare Wednesday when Marion Pugh, tho big passer and runner, was felled in scrimmage, but Coach Homer Norton said Xlray examinations showed injuries were minor and that he probably would start against the Frogs. It's the conference starter for the Cadets. Texas Christian lost to Arkansas, H-13, i n its only start. Baylor's solid team, brushed to perfection on fundamentals and playing old-fashioned power ball, was an even- up bet against a Nebraska team that whipped Minnesota. Sophomore Jack Wilson, the line-tearing fullback who loci the massacre of Arkansas last week, had recovered fro'm bruises and was listed as a starter- Down at Austin, Texas, makes it debut in conference play after a stunning start for a green squad Sophomores, led by Cowboy Jack Grain, the touchdown runner, scalped Florida and Wisconsin before succumbing to Oklahoma s piercing attack last Satu relay. Now if s Arkansas, a rangy crew who will tower over Texas with its famed passing game but will have trouble punching the Steer line. Grain alone makes Texas an even wager. At Dallas Southern Methodist no longer a dark horse after wrestling Notre Dame all over South Bend, plays a Marquette team that licked the Mustangs last year, 7-0. It can't happen again, experts say. The Methodists, off to a running start, will be the hardest team in the league to beat. Rice should have things its own way against Sam Houston Teachers at Houston in a night game. If the offense starts rolling and Lain's pitches click, it may be the spark Rice needs for confidence-. Providence School (Continued From Page One) lion is worth 1.2 cents per day por year'.' This means that I get transportation and a public school education for 5^.27 per child per year. What can you buy for what you receive in a superior rated school .such as Hope offers for the children in §2.27 per child our pei- community year? I wonder if the Providence School Board has figured the increase in their school tiixcsV Let us look a moment: Cnc director whose assessed valuation is ?1<130, would have an increase of only $7.98 per year, with amounts lo 2'.:i cents per day. Another member pays on an assessed valuation of $270, the 12 mill tax amounts to $3.24. On the 18 mills, the actual difference is only $1.62 per year. Another board member has assessed valuation of $40. His school taxes arc 48 cents per year, based on 12 'mills. On 18 mill, there is a net difference of 24 cents per year. Can we. as mothers and fathers, deny the children of our community the right to attend a 12-grade school for that pitiful amount of taxes? Will you. as EI community, permit these two flimsy reasons for giving you children and mine the advantages of a complete, modern education, such as tho Hope District is offering to us? Let's think this over together. Your friend and neighbor and Ui.x- payer. LEO RAY Oct. 20. iy:;o Hope Rt. 2. Attorney Jack Holt Rules On School B LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Attorney oral JoJck Holt held Friday that sol buses used only to transport stud* to imd from classes were not rcqull to have state licenses. Holt also ruled that the driver school bus, whether owned by hi or by a school district, must obtui special chtiuffaitr's license. This Is one of first pictures of Canada's growing war preparedness as nation gets set to send contingent to Europe within few months, At Toronto, Ont., these rookies are still without service uniforms —but rapidly they are learniiiK how lo handle their weapons. ficient cause (o bring Italy and Russia to work together as the Nn/.is and Soviet are doing. Russm was represented by these authoritative persons as being "highly disappointed" at the outcome in Ankara. Adolf Hitler's immediate reaction was t oralify formally the friemLship treaty with Russia signed at Moscow September 28 and .subsequent agreements of October '1, made with Soviet Uis.sia concerning Poland and the xniiKlaries of their "spheres of in- luenee" in that country. German and Utssian solidarity sec'nied firmer than It also was announced that Germany onnall.v had annexed Pomerellen (the 'olish Corridor) and Polish Upper iile.sia. whiliT a General Staff eom- nuniciuc said that the "first phase 'f Die war in the West" had ended vith the French withdrawal from mall areas of German territory. It's getting so the atlas maker can guarantee nothing but the outline of Europe. Even thi.s may go .should Britai German begin shelling each other's coastlines. The olfle.st church parish In the United States Ls said to be that of St. 'olm's Episcopal church. Hampton. Va., established in llilO. Sunday Schooler HUNTINGTON, W. V».—M'J—Elclon Surbaugh has attended Sunday School for "So years without missing n Sunday. He was 5 years old when, in 190!), he enrolled at the Second Pros- byblerian church. C/n trips away fron home, he attends and obtains a certificate to prove it, Americans Winners Irish Sweepstak DUBLIN, Ircland-(fl')—A total x approximately $1,314,945 went to United Sliitcs Friday n$ tho rcstltt;,' of the first day's draw in the Irish ^l hospitals sweepstakes. .'.*'' '. Atotal of 347 Americans each about $3,788 in major prize draw 05 horses originally entered in th* Ccsarewileli race, which was cancelled because of the war. i Sees Sec, Sees Pico ROCHESTER, Ind.-(/t';-A blaring'' automobile horn saved tho life of Fanner Oliver See, his wife and two children. They were asleep on the second floor of their house when the house and garage caught fire. A The fire short-circuited the horn* in the family car, See head it, await- «- cncd and aroused the others. The four fled in night clothes just' before the floor collapsed. Both buildi ings were destroyed. Electrical and Refrigerator Service If others linve failed, try us. Work guaranteed, Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School ARTHUR MORRIS Day and Night Phone 686. STUDIO COUCHES • Opcni to Full Size Doubl* Bed 42"x72' Seng Fixture t 77 IWical Tied Coil Sp • 7 " B p d d i n R Com part inent Full ItnRth. • 3-Ply Wood- Bottom. FLOOR LAMPS BED ROOM SUITES WOOL RUGS Hope Hwd. Co. BIGGEST t Clever Pattern No. 8540 proves that even the simplest bread-and-butter dresses must be detailed to flaUei the figure in this season of -liny waists and soft curves. 11 is shirrec on the shoulders, draft-fitted at the waist, to make you look slim wher you should be and nicely rounded elsewhere. It's an ideal style for Ih who like youthful things in women' sizes, and of course the button-front so easy lo wear and to put on, is a joy forever. Make this of wool crepe, flannel or flat crepe for street and business wear, of calico, gingham or linen for busy days around the house. Just six easy steps in the detailed sew chart that comes with your pattern. Pattern No. 8546 is designed for sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46. Size 36 requires 4 3-8 yards of 39-inch material, with short sleeves; 5 yards with long; 1 5-8 yards trimming. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 22 pages of attractive designs for every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Let the charming designs in thi.s new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall and Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. Pattern or book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of (his attractive model send lac in COIN, you Name, Address, Style, Number and Size to Hope Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 106 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y. IN A MAGIC CHEF GAS RANGE ^^^^^^•^•^•^^••^•^^^^•••^^^^•^••••^^^••^^^^•^^^^^ Hope vs. Nashville Enjoy the Game More! With An Official Bobcat Program LISTS: Names, Numbers, Weights and Positions of all Hope and Nashville players. Team Picture Bobcat Squad. New Rules for 1939 Officials Band Members, Cheer Leaders, etc. On Sale at Stadium IOc UflST S'EftR, f)S A 6EATOOT TUJO All MAGIC CHEF Burners arc guaranteed for the life of the range. Even though you're not in the market for a range, come anyhow and enjoy all the fun and free prizes at thebigRound-Up.lfyoudo Tile uiy i\vwii»* »»!*• ' .I need a range you'll never get a better value. It has all the features tound only on the most expense models. Buy Tfow awdSave ARKANSAS LOUISIANA CAS CO,

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