Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 5, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1971
Page 2
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On TV Tcn/ghf SATURDAY NIGHT 6:00—News, 11 News. Wthr.. SptB.. 6 Colt 45. 13 6:30—Mission Impossible, 6 Andv Williams, 11 Lawrence Welk. 13 7:00—Great Mo.1ave Desert. 6 7:30—Of Mine 'and Men, 13 Movie. 11 My Three Sana 8 8:00—Arnle. 6 8:30—Immortal. 13 Mary Tyler Moore, 6 9:00—Maraiix, 6 9:SO—This Is Your Lite. 13 10:00—Scene Tonight, 13 News, 6 10:16—KSN News. 11 10:29—Local News. 13 10:30—Movie. 6. 13 Name of the Game. 11 12:30—News. 11 SUNDAY MORNING 7:30—Davey and Goliath, 13 S:IW~TV rtltxr B Get Together, 11 8:15—Doodle Time. 13 8:30—Perils of Penelope. 8 Revival Fires, 11 Freddy Fudd 13 9:00—Johnny Quest, 13 Day of Discovery. 6 Herald of Truth, 11 9:30—Oral Roberts, '11 CattanooRa Cats, 13 Insight, 6 10:00—Cathredral ol Tomorrow, 11 'Hillwinkle. 13 Faith for today. 6 10:30—Discovery. Ki Face the Nation, 6 11:00—Dtay watch. 13 TEA. 11 Guidelines. 6 lliSO—This is the Life, 11 Music and the Spoken Word 6 12:00—Bowling at Fun Center, 6 Meet the Press. 11 SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:30—Issues arid Answers, 13 Open House. 11 12:45—TEA, 11 1:00—Sunday Classic, 13 Garden Wise Show, 11 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff. 6 2:00—The World Tomorrow. 11 2:30—Hat-restore Feeding, Holier Derby, 11 3:00—Golf, 13 3:30—AAU Championships, 6 Phys. Mutual, 11 3:45—Smart Shopper 11 4:00—Children of Compassion, 11 4:80—Untamed World, 11 Kansas Outdoorsman, 6 6:00—CBS News, 6 Ian Tyson Show, 11 Celebrity Bowling, 13 6:15—American Sportsman. 13 6:30—Death Valley Days. 6 Pet Set. 11 Virgil Ward Show. 13 SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—A 7 FL Action, 13 Lassie, 6 Sportsman Friend, 11 6:30—World of Disney. 11 Slogan's Heroes, 6 Lome on a Roof Top, 13 7:00—FBI. 13 Ed Sullivan, 6 7:30—Bill Cosbv. 11 8:00—Movia, 13 Bonanza, 11 Glen Campbell, 6 9:00—Honeymooners, 6 10:110—News, Wthr.. Spts., 6, 11 Scene Tonight, 13 10:30—Movie, 6 Movie, 13 Movie, 11 MONDAY NIGHT 6:00—News. 6. 11 tt:30— Gunsmokfi, 6 From a-Birds Eye View, 11 Let's Make A Deal, 13 7:00-=kaugh In, 11 Newlywed Game. 13 7:30—Here's Lucy, e It Was a Very Good Year, 13 8:00—Mayberry RFD, 6 Movie. 11 Movie, 13 8:30— Doris Day Show ,6 !):00—Carol Burnett Show. 6 10:00—News. Wthr.. Spts.. 6, H Scene Tonight. 13 10:30—Men- Griffin, K Tonight Show, 11 Dick Cavctt, 13 12:00—News. 11 News, 18 TUESDAY NIGHT 6:00—News, 6. 11 To Tell tiie Truth, 13 6:30—Beverly Hillbillies. 6 Julia, 11 " Mod Squad, 13 7:00—Green Acres. 6 Don Knotts, 11 7:30—Hee Haw, 6 Movie, 13 8:00—First Tuesday. 11 8:30—All in the Family, 6 9:00—CBS Reports 6 Marcus Welby, 13 10:00—News, Wthr. Spls., 8, 11 Scene Tonight. 13 10:29—Local News. 13 10:30—Dick Cavett Show, 13 Tonight Show. 11 Merv Griffin. 6 IF UPWARD PRESSURE CONTINUES WouldHikelnterestCeilingonMortgages FORT HAYS Named to Honor Roll Eighteen studemlts from the Garden, City .area have been named to the Dean's Honor Roll this spiring at Fort Hays State College. The Honor Roll includes all full-time undergraduates who earned at least a 2.0 or B grade point average. Studenits who earned a graidte point average between 2.50 and 2.99 are Jacquelyn Rae Crist, junior from Holcomb, 2.70; Linda Sue Kern, senior from Garden City, 2.81; Kathleen M. McGovern, junior from Garden City, 2.80; Rita Annette Mills, sophomore from Garden City, 2.75; Betty Mae Pfeifer, senior from Garden City, 2.85; and William Jay Taldo, senior from Garden City, 2.57. Students who earned a grade point average in the 2.00 to 2.49 division are Verdawnia Sue Bruchy, freshman from (Jarden City, 2.00; Rodney J. Bur gett, frasfoman from Garden City. 2.40; Susan Mary Doll, senior from Ingalls, 2.20; John Bryant Elsey, senior from Gar den City, 2.23; Dale Kent Haag, fres'hman from Garder City, 2.38; James M. Hebrlee junior from Garden City, 2.37 Carolyn© Alice Lee, sophomore fnom Garden City, 2.17; Melvin Ray Rupp, junior from Garden City, 2.06; James Michae Rupp, senior from Garden City, 2.25; Susan Denise Snell sophomore from Garden City, 2.16; Cheryl Jeanane Solze, junior from Garden City, 2,00 and Jacqueline S. Strauss, junior from Garden City, 2.00. Modular Housing Unit Plant for WicJiita TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Plans for a. $2 million modular housing unit plant in Wichita were described Friday by the director of the Kansas Department of Economic Developmen as an important step in the city's economic recovery. Jack Lacy said acquisition of such small to medium-sized in du&taies is the key to rebuilding the economic base in Wichita which has bad an unemploy ment note of 10 per cent or more mudh of the last year Most of the layoffs have been in the aerospace industry. Developer Jack" P. De Boex announced Thursday plans "for a plaint at Wichita which will employ at least 350 persons to build a new type of modular housing unit. In Santa Fe, N.M., there is .a club called TOOT. It stands foi "Trip Out on Trains " The president is Kristi Glatt, 12. WASHINGTON (£P) — The head of the Federal National Mortgage Association says the interest-rate ceiling on government-backed mortgages should be raised if the upward pressure on interest rates continues. "Unless there is a turnaround in interest rates, an increase in the ceiling is warranted to reduce the discount," association president Oakley Hunter said in an interview. The ceiling is now 7 pea- cent. "The adimLnistraition is watching 'the situation very carefully on a day-to.-day basis," Hunter said. "They don't want to act precipitously or on a temporary movement." Lenders sell their mortgages to the association, known as Fannie Make, at a discount in order to get more money for even more lending. Most of this discount, known as "points" in the housing industry, is usually absorbed by the builder or the seller oi the house. At Faflmie Mae's last auction, the discount on mortgages bought by the association was at 92 per cent on 7 per cent Federal Housing Administration <aind Veterans Administration mortgages. The Housing and Urban Development Department is charged with making the decision on the ihiterest-i'ats ceiling. The ceiling came down dramatically from a record 8Vi per cent early this year as the Federal Reserve Board sharply expanded the money supply >and brought down interest rates generally. Fannie Mae, once a government-sponsored corporation, is now a private operation. Its main function is to serve as the lender of last resort in the home financing field, buying government-backed VA and FHA mortgages from lenders. It, in turn, reinvests the money to try to make a profit. Hunter said builders are accustomed to absorbing a discount when Fanmie Mae buys mortgages at about 96 per cent of the value. But 92 per cent is too low, he said, and cuts into the profit margin sharply. The principal reason for the upward pressure on interest rates appears to follow from the expectation that loan charges have bottomed out and are starting to rise again, catching some mortgage bankers by surprise. Sources said mortgage bankers Who deal with Fannie Mae originated a large inimbor of loans earlier in the year without finding lenders to handle them on a Icng.term basis because they anticipated the interest rate would come down further. When interest rates bottomed out instead many mortgage Page I C>Hy Saturday, "June 5, 1971 bankers found themselves with mortgages without lenders. They have sought to unload them in recent weeks, creating a big demand for funds. The Marriage Guidance So- ... ciety in Salisbury, Rhodesia is "desperately short of counsel- lors," because Rhodesians are • becoming more accustomed to,, seeking professional advice. .ON YOUR WEEKLY FOOD BILL WITH OUR TRULY LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! IDEAL THR1F-T-DISCOUNT FOODS PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1971. LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED. NONE SOLD TO DEALERS. US No. 1 ARIZONA POTATOES Lbs. FLORIDA FANCY GOLDEN SWEET CORN Ears Fresh Extra Lean Ground Beef In 3-Lb. Pkgs. or More King of the Steak T-Bone Steaks Boneless Round Steak $119 U.S. Choice Beef Round Steak Whole Slices Quarter Pork Loins Sliced Slab Bacon Boneless Rump or Potto Roast U.S. Choice Beef Sirloin Steak Center Cuts Lb. 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