Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 22, 1952 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1952
Page 4
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 6ATURMV, MARCH 22> I95t .. .> ftfltoriitl rt* 'Start's 'At'fOtncV tWK rrtoufch li'A n-'.nVtl Ibfifc, htfy Ti,n rru'dr a rriovc fn the riRlii dim lion - if He fnovrs far chrwjli. He 1m c*\\t(\ the cluVfs Of pdlic't ftvim Sifl .fi- '•eflvpwafc'ri 1 (•(•ifffrrmniw-i in Mnffhrth county fo he 'queried by fhf MirrVli term circuit ioiirt >>r,inf) jurv. And he's arfmitlffl 1 tli.u \i\ fwmihlr thr\'(l He 'queried about g.imlilinj;, though lir •uirl (he Mire !po Vcrc fovrtrfl frtr quc'-'iioiiirrfs oft scvt'ftl 1.1* 'enforcement ftntfwv Yltii, of VcKirsc, is fto't tlic Vol. 1 ! l-iken bv Rock W«M<» iff f**Mt* iVfivs (li'fufrlie have beeft VWfffrlihffc shocking inform u ion of iriCc'frrffx'trTTt, ptVrripX rfhrfOnW, li;fftdl/ng of stow of ni'ltin * ; riicl> the TVp.Yrrrffe'rrt df Agriculture ft-il! yet luvc (o i rt.irpe off n, the fwo (tie of file I'Otintry. I'iiri of the lo'.i is due to svhit 'tern's do<> iirfj;!)! dis-horirsiv; p;in f'lf if ro vp<l?l.iK<- of stored grim tvliii h tlie I' gfiViTfifneni fto/k irtfo ill lurrfds for rtfr keoprnR in coirnecrion fc'it'i t'hfc xrOp'pi'icr MI|»POT i ;inifi:fi'Kn. ftevchrly rru'iV tns'c l«Vn •iorh'c ptun rV^osifrV-, 6Y .1 fl're'ii't il'oi't',!);<• of i!iis Moreil up f;i.iiti .nul otl. r .:ommoditicv. This ••ivposure Ins boon m :ufr rw u(- Side Glances ftp €toff»r«itfc , , i • i , i jii .i,.. i:oiiimonmi - f. l ins ninnim- 11.11 urvii m,mi- i M- vi county s CM no jury which cnrt-.-d .til thwr ' ... 7 ', . ', Y , ...I, i. „ .. TtiHiVe otors n-ikh b.ivr Ix'on pcrv.idrnfc the air fn ..**..*..*<* 1. l/..l»,.-,l ,/SrnFrlrl.n l*/-i./T*r'*. fri ' Sn tlie county h.ivinc, ^rnWri-c. litcrrtt's tf> 'turn tHfnS over to fffe 'grfirtd 'jury svitn flic leqtitst 'tn,it they he rNrKVlfecl. Ycsierd.ty it .ippc.ircd unlnVt.'ly t ht: MitcH'on Voutuy Cr.ind jury would compete 'its VOtloh Vih f scliedfi!c. 'ft 'sceWo 1 ruorc prob.ililc ii wouU'l file 'its rcftbr't solncffmc Moftifiiy. Jt's likely, thcri, die pttHhc <vrH 'Have to tv.iit HIM til Monday or i.ifcr before ii 'lctrn« «'li.,t rc.ifly li.ippciu'cl ui flic grind fury room 'at l.dwnrdsvillc. W Mr, 1,c«'iv irtrrncls to <f\icry the cliiefs f/f ipriHce aborit 'jtTinblrrrj;, it\ ffkcly be would cite the 'federal j;.imbluij; license list ,md .iik the ii' 'tlte Vidrmy of WMUC };i.un t.uiks in the. vicinity r/f Tfemy, HI., tvrfriV 'rn.inv ihonsafi(K (Ii fofis of iVt^n in sttfr'.rjfp litrrl >;f)rii tifterly Wtfr 'f tr tlie most p'iri, Wholly iiVfc'iv, Tt proper auiliorities in ittit \v*rrii i d in 'fjood nme rbat this stored K r;1 ' n ' •frlotft'ly 'corft, Had been 'soaked tvith V.iter but 'rJ6t'lfirij> dohc to s.ive it. KeVpOfivfhle jjnvci'mfieni to «.'horn -lie rlhicly rtfport tv:ii n'nt of ihe peril of this Storcd-i»p •crti'ri, ^f,}\'e ho at'fc'ririon to fbe Vi^tMrt until trrtie (".frrtf'W'rtPfi trie I'ot't'ih); si'mk'irv/; c'oiidiYkm'of tlie corn in lhc bins c(»mpeff<'c! 'cvi'n reluctant ,it- 'ccmeci \vcre Vlf/in/5 Vith their t**i'rrtit*i. It'ls a rrfre j f c h'iioi) l)cc.msc Of rhe of'fenne it svas cauiinR in us 'chief of police wlio would .ulmii before a gran IJury that gamblir.g was ^<i?»p </n ih lii 1 . hhiliwitk. Hut if any .should, they certainly should be asked why. Should they cldny it, 'one K f '°'' Ml'd invd>ti- 'paiion in each chief's area might make him subject to citation for pdrtjiu-y — if Ac ipropcr could be tincoWre'd. ;Officinl« Gnvc Kncixcr 'I'oo Mn«li Freedom Mor.VluTy Ts "a IVr'gc concept wlucTi i» IfiVtl Yo understand in sorno of 'th'c Jtma'll whys 'i'n tvhich it 1 takes effect. Take the Kr/ct/cr 'ca<c, for narkflc. ¥he rxl- "warclsvillc new used auto dealer, who hooked many ^people out of their money, 'hits hitd ffrhdi\ holidays and privileges under the law that denies such rights ^o innumerable other crooks whose crimes arc of •less VKrttrrc. •, Thfc 'quesfidn ^'hich bemused officials dcslins with Knct/er appeared to be a technical one of how 'to Jfil'fttVt 'hi^i ftfrSoVi tcttri Wrd t'Wndttct vith : hfs Apparent need for freedom' to restore money to his 'creditors. TChVtze'r's escape si "HI Id convince 'the l'a\V •'cnforcErrtOfit ttg««cics that he Will tft/iise hfny freetiWrn Ipr'.vilcge he is given as readily as he toyed with 'the 'dtftOti fftyrrlc-h'A giVcn Iffm for ^KtitnMfa. Such privileges were certainly not d.(ic Queerer. The officials who had tlic lulwardwillc man in 'custody must certainly have realized they were per- rh'fccihg -firm too much freedom. 'In tiuVncss, 'it might tic 'guessed "the court assum'ecl the Taw bwccl it to Knetzcr's -eri'tfrCoVs to 'perrriit Kne't/Ur stfrrtc trriustial neighborhood. The vartivhinCf; Texhs j^rain had this adv.ini.ij4t, Vlfcn was Ic-ss of it 'involved srrfd the ^r.iin thieves h,(d ix'u'ov'cd 'it 'fi'rtrfi 'tlte y>ror!i'jje (Vhc'c'i so there was ih'vnlvi'd 'no 'p'ro'h'fcm of drsposal of rf)iiiun jjrain. Many thodsaitds of ("Foliars worth Vf (!oru bao been 'involved ih this htfest ic.ifidtflotts Wasie ol the people's money i^ Illinois. In thi: fivc-Sia'fc iircii k'r/Otvr) ,is the 'l^ .irc.i, grain estimated to be valued ai better than four rnrlltr/n dollars h'.is disappeared. (>>niH\i,il with this, coiiitidrnially, feslimony in ^'aili;ri);ton before a Congress comrriitiee said that the ac'cer'c.incc of gratuities by mt'rifbcrs of the I'i'ridircfiofi nnd Mnrkei- inj( AdminisiraVion has been so vvidc-fpi' as to have developed 'into a 'po'licy. The gifts covered .s'ttch a wide list of i'ierhs t'hh'i. t'he dnderlfhgs seeing 't'Heii superiors cnjoyrhj; the practise lia'd su.ppos'e'd, tliey said, (hat was perVectly all right and they followed th'c example of higltei -iiijis, 'fWccfo'ms. " But the law owes it CO all people in lhc land to correct a sirdiafion that ix, in'h strict sen-tc, 'un- ••fiiir. A rrtau Avho Obtains worrcy rllt'pa'lly from others—whether by 'theft 'Or'cf/hfidc'rrcc—-« violaTirfg 'tlic spirit 'of t''hc \-.\\' against Xt'elilm'g. 1 (c shrttild be dealt with '•.According (o the magnitude of the crime, Trfe 'Hitv pi'otects him from cruel and (inusuirl punishment. It s'hould likewise ass'tirc tlte public that lie will receive no uhtisital 'mercy 6r ft'c'cddm. Offcrmg MinYc ]xio]iTc a "penny for ih'cir thoughts indicates you ddh't appreciate the value 'of money, "Oh, rio, Gedrge. no dance! >^ri%'n #itl Tcft v/i'tri/Vhe baslcctball team, he 'aHlr*cd Me to stay rto'mc and be royal —why don't you 'dro'p i'n and surprise rne?" No Big Prdbl^em Tdby For Scientists Letter« tb tHc ctfltor nhould he ol rc'HSflrfhhte Whgfti liM tnUiil bV nllhousli the naincx will be .,... Hi. re- riiie6t of the writer. Betters, should nvoid pcrgonntUlcH nhd unfounded H.v HAL BOVLK N^:\\' \ORK, March 22 .T Space is no Writer h tiYa'ller distance. of To conquer the and Ihe rnnori is now 'ht'twr'e'n i/s a m alter Of y rriimait Praises Hte Staff WASHINGTON, March 22 -The •Inen who pauk (he iric/st Sv'ei^hl Vvilh President Trutrfhri arc This Jjids and secretaries — The P v al- nce Guard — supposed t6 'dft (he, 4'outine chores around the White house but who don't he'sifatc to rid- Vise the President on h'tgli "p'otfcy 1 rnatlers. Thus, a mere appointment Secretary, such at Matt Cdiine'/ly, | rias become one of the most pow- fcrful men in the nation. For exa'rnplt 1 , It \\-as Connelly <vho overruled me President's s-mall business advisers und persuaded liirn to S'ti-rlngtheh 'fHb 'riui'ltrmil-' *lion-dollar Pan American AhHvftys rnonopoly by okaying its merger >vifh A'nie'i'ican Overseas Ainviiy's. Connelly also influenced the President ngainsl opening ii|) income- tax rVtt/rris to the puh'flc. 'as 'is clone fn WiJlcoiisin. Hoth wore major policy decisions that bad nothing 1o do \Vfth Cohnefly's job of being the President's personal doorkeeper. Truman showed his affection for the Palace Guard the other day in he is a Knight of Columbus, and Ire oafi rrfake 'every Knight of Pyih- 'fa% believe he js a I'CrrfKht. of I'ytb- ias. (Connelly is Catholic.) Tt <16oWt make any dtrferdnce what 'sor't '6f orga'ni'/atifin comes here for 'entrance, Mfttt knows 'all about how tb li'eht '(Mm lind what to do witii them and whether to let them in br ndt. Skipping to Bill Mussel t, corresponding secretary, the President cffhtlmfed Kuily: "The Vorre^pond- 't'nc'e Secretary is tin 'friflisp.e'nsSin'fe' frtim n'rduiul Ihe While" House-. He decides on what clays lo colMjnite 'nnd what uiessnKes we will send lo oi'safiixa'tiohs, stlCh «>) 'rh'is, to make them feel that I hi* I'rcsidenl has 'h fic'i's'oi'ttil ih'fei'esl tn 'them, i one, Charles lloss. I went .sdhoril wifh him. Ho was one the 'roa'l Missouri gang — Ciiarfte money. Tr-t/itively 'no tttdi'o ex- I pensive for t'he Arrterir«jfn nation | 'today than it wns for 'fi shop Kir! ,'i 'Krnernflon HRO fo 'ffarriHlo her yr>n'r's s'avittgs on a voyage fo Be I'm tld a. They f<ay they can •frtrifln- n'nfl fhey'\Vfll. Bui space nnd lime are words flic sefe'nl'fsls use fo measure the universe. And they are shrinking thai universe 'like a drying apple. 'f'hey are conquering the old barriers of tinne and Space, but whether they are get ting closer lo Ihe heail's desire of the world remains lo be seen. T'c-rsrtrtft'l AdVr'htirres May I tell yoi'i oT 'two AfWin, Jfl., Mai'c'h 17, 1052. JJditor, the Telegrraph: 'On March 16 a Missouri news- pape'r t'h'i'rietl 'h'n 'ddito'rfal in Wh'ie'h 'it \vas sta'Wfl fha : t within trfe 'tast etght yea-i-K the 'federal 'income Tfck trfke 'frrini tr/e ipeoflle 6f lyfissout'i 'rtas Jncreased rr>ore 'than.. five-'fold. ,A'lso, that Jhe dollars IcJEt to, thb tax payers were worth only a little more than SO cents. VVe ,'in Tl'tin'ois, do hot qu'estfon 'trie ttectfrttey of Ihe tlgtri'es -fefVch; 'Wit U'e rrramfairf 'frf'a't flte wail ' 25 And SO Years Ago 2& 1927 The '\\Tfliftissitfffl Vive- "^t Alton had risen fret in 60 hows, dw lo n storm flrffl Wftckwft'ter of the Missouri. M. W. Hayes, St. Loufs district foKe- two d(»ys. Phillip It, faal, fflr 5-t years a flrtjgfeist, fliftfl un- WpecWlty at his 'home. Si?i| Wrtiry street. Although Ih fll hfalfh for norfle time Htlfl retired 'from nftsi- WSs, his ('OTirlflior, 'had ndt. befh cS/it«fe Mr 'alarm. A rfeHply iV'If^iotts fffah, He hiid aV61rted Sundhy buslnes's w'hr^fi possible f'prcScrJpVlons only 'on Sundays j Yfe had 'sold Kis business to Thomas Stanton. flis wife, Minnie, had preceded Him in dtfttfh more than two years before. He was 'survived hy two sons, fleorge H. and Edgar, and four daughters Mary, Pcftrl, arid Lauretta, and Mrs. t}. C. TUehaVd- son. arid 'orte Risfer, \Irs. Chrlstfrta Bi^rnaum. His dtftffehter, May, wtts Wn r>vanKfl^' f i f; fffngw. Mrs. Kafe TrU'In ./dtt^s, vVlfo 6f tHe Rev. <\-'. Te\ Jtirffa of Ca'rllhvifle, had'died at'life age'of'lffi. Mrs. Jones' father was the 'late Rev. Vjr. Robert frwin, 'former jiresifferit df Unfldhwoocl College, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. "Edward Blodkhei-ger of 'IDi-'l Jersey sirecM Avwo pare-ftts of ft flafrgnffr. their ufcrtrld child, 'born Marr'h 5»0; Mr. and Afrs. J!ffrtt«i GdldiftSri of McKlrtfey nrKdeVa'i'rl XVei'e 'pareHts '6f Ii flhurfftte'r, 'rfnlKfoeh l ; !/ien, also Ho't, March 2fJ. Alton riixh's'parlii'fpa'tion In the St. L/>uis basket- 22, In 'thb vtrfrttty <ft 'Wast Aftofi starting to plant pfjfatoes, nnd, In tffe sapd-rldge : , .„. ..,^..1, :^ f 'm^iofi 'ffrOoHtfctfbn, hundreds week. It "dropped" baH tourrify camo tf> an eri^ 1 20-T6. when the t(-nrh was Kast A'lton was to have a no\v Baptist church anfl general contracts had already been 'awarded fo Ca'rna'hah 'Oo'nsl ruc't ion 'Co., 'w'Hos'c 'bid was $i!6,000. 't6<VrtShtp ela'irftrtl fffe nni(iue position of (6 f(/l 'only '6he 6'ffidc lit fh'c election April 5, Fitit to fta'fe no candiclafb 'had 'fildd for fhe job Of township school trustee. Cinly with vv'rite-ink at fhe two .polling places would the vacancy be filled. 'Directors of Ihe Alton ChatitauefUa Association'had set the Opening o*f the anriual chautauqua, which vVOi^ld be a five-day shoXving, 'for iluly 10. Before any fui'tHer riteps 'in the proposed Turner fr?tct. s'evVrr t)l?(n shOtfld be taken, a 'delay 'ha'fl 'fiden made f6 We'ter'm'ihe 'the Jientimenl of resi- de'rits'of l he flistric't who resided just across the city line in Godfrey township, giving them an opportunity either by annexation, or or'her plan, to jotn Alton, ft was 'hoped the 'jfi-oposed 'plan of adding fhe sdction cricfld Be catried Out so thrt cost of the e.x- 'pehsive ou'fldl vvodia be less to ekch individual. ar old superst'tion that on Good Friday . woul<l . produce u'ftl'pss deferred by extremely advWse weath&r condi- tlrjns. A certificate Of Ittc'oi'portrttoYi ivtfs ^OtfgHt "for 'CHarfiWerfain-'Ltiird Drtfe 'Co. 'Of XKOfi, Wffri tf«frttftl s'Mfik of ISBOdO. i lh(!tti l 0drafot% \v\fffe rl. XV. <!teifmber- laih. .t. 1>. Lafrfl, a«cl F. L. I^VloV. tialrfl, \ g6h of ivfrs. I-. &T. Laird of VllH Bta'fc ( "sfnfdt, Was an experienced druggist. Tne present Charrfbefrlain stand was to lie continued. Shock from fho dcafh of hw husband, Mttthtw grfrrell. iflassblowcr who stictiHrrtbefl hei^c to ^pneurnonla, hac 1 i-duKCd 1n fhe'flSSth'iff hts wffe, Afi's. Mary Varrpfl, 'Stt tefookiyn, ft. V. :WlVJfi|; to 'the failroafl sthtloii tV^h ii'lfcnds 'to tneSt "the Wain bt*r- •tng 'Htfr -htisBftftfl's jdcly, she WKs fatally "strlcl^n. James Srffit'h, s"exfoh of'Gp'dfro'y "deriKf^.'^s in crifical condition as the result of in-jury 'in -a Vehicle collision near his home. Antasa Davis, another Godfrey resident, whs gravely ill df 'pneumonia. Dr. L. F. Sehussler went lo Jersey ddilrity to "purchase a saddle horse. H. L. rTarforfl Sv<as at the >jttbf(ee rndeting of Kfrtgr/ts 'of *PyfHfas tfi 'Chicago. Jarnes tV. Maftm, Gotlfi'ey tax corrector, turrteh in $7W8. Withrn $400 of th'c 'total cHkr*gefl 'tin r,n> books. Henry J. I'lin'rlerhan, vvefl-kil6vvh young gla'ss- 'b'lower, arid Miss Frances M. McKinney were united in marriage by Justice Ben Rose. Mrs. Joseph Klasner planned to ei'cct a dwelling on her East Fourth street TirJperly ; noar Ridge. Contractor E. ,7. ASh began the View 100-foot 'brick smbftegtaclc for the 'new boiler-room of Spai'ks' -mffl. 'Chtflbs 'Huskinson and ttd Ytfg*£*r We're ch'citfl'a'tfng "aldferfn^nit; h'ohiina'firig petitions in Fou'rfh wa'i'ti. ^ Alton lodge, IJCT, elec'tcd 'as officers *A. C. Brown. J. R. Davis, George Walter, '.Vames G'oudie. A. F. ?)rbeck, b. C. Thornton, James Wilson, C. B. MHfisori, "a'rid T. C. "Bro'vYri. Mrs. Rica Schroedcr, 64, widow of Gustavo Schroecler, Succifnibod to prtoifriidriia at hbr West Alton home. W. \V. Melton, 60, clfM lit t'ffe hflrh'e of'hife'son, J. W. Melton at Texas Junction. The Rev. TWodore 6nerheHrrtan was to confirm a class of 22 during Palm Sunday services in Kvarigetica'l 'CHurch. crime's wft'h 'p'orfr ' 'frf'a't flte wail from a Nfls- .., .. A- soun rtevVypafper, Since Mlskotiri lo.ten the fu'^ighctj the. guy who rvhs bee-n running the show during the last eight years. Don't c'ry (in our shc/ulrjenj, Bud. KUSStTLL 'Kf. ^'**™*"" Then 'the President commented that 'h'is own job was chiefly public rotations. "The President of Ihe United States is charged with being (He mo'st powerful executive in (He \v6Vld. "He is the head of the most •powerful nation in the world, In'il the office of Ihe President o( (He United Sthtcs is a public-rc^taHions 'office. He spenrfs most of liis time lalking kindly and giving lectures to pc'oplc 'nhfl iK'ggih'g I'li'em fo do wliat Ihey flight to do without he- iiiK begged. Those a'i : e Ihe powers of the President. ad ventures hi time arid s'pace to point my meanirig? When I a boy, the Introducing them to a group of; nioruing and ft Masons. He kidded ancH praised 'n'eloc'k 'a't night, Jlhem fondly, and made it clear n oi fhrtiugh." ; /rom his attitude that fhe "Palace: Th, Guard" is still "JOO pi'rce'nt solid j \von| He is a. genius, in this work. "Now, John Sfeelman there be is the 'nsSistant to tne pi'eside-n'l," conl'irnt^d Truhihn, 'luriui'ig to another of liis assistants. '"He does ft lot of things 'that '| lie PreVu'fent couldn't get dorio if he had to do them himself. You see, the President's day starts at . r i:!!() in the about then he him. Pointing to Connelly, the President chirped: "1. brought Inm along ^|o the While House lo keep Ihe floor Tor me. Yfe does a r'cmh'r'k- tiblo job. He can make every One of you Masons believe Ibal he Is It Jvlason, and he can make every Knight of Columbus believe that 1',.,-sidenr- also had for Ihe 'newcomer a kind on his staff - Joe Short, press secretary. tary, "Mr. lary. II 'ii'nd IH Shorl is Ihe press seere- is a na'live of Mississippi, oiria'ini'd bis publii'-rela- lions education on Ihe lialtimore Sun, He is a goocl press .serrrlary," praised Tt'um.'in. Iben adcfc'd softly: "and be succeeded a vumdcrl'ul I he could never be Ttritish 'i.Trhrtrifcs trtenffly to the U. S. A, are looking around for 'new leaders fo replace ex-Prime Minisier C'lement Altlee and e\- Foroign Seerelary I'lerlie-rl Morrison, They feel a dynamic personality 'is 'needed to offset ihe American-baler, Aneuran Hevan, who is gain'ing ifiOre and more support 'inside me Labor party. An ultra-modern American embassy Ihe most startling in Kurope will be huill in l ; 'l'fin('o',s Spain. Believe it or not, Ihe embassy will be modeled al'ter the New York 'building 'of the 't'rufed Nations, which frowns on Franco. Geu. Uidgway has rahled Washington that President Syngman Hliee has definitely di'cidrd to step down as president of Smith Korea, ThiMV's so much opposition In TJhee Iliiii he reali/es voyage 1 remember in space was a wintry 45-mile trip with my uncle. It was in a weather-cracked, isinglassed, model T Ford s'reev- ing across fhe vaguely - charter! muddy landscape between Kansas Cily and Lexington, Mo., my falher'R birthplace. Our destination was known, hut our route was a gamble. Our vehicle, sturdiest then known, was si ill a doubt. But it he-Id up. But it wasn't until T saw Korea Ihal I knew God *gave men colder THnnUs rV&fn i Editor, frfe Te/tfgr'Efph: II Ii with "a great deal of prl<te I write this letter to you ag^ain Ihls .vein lo express my sfncere. thanks Cor he'lTJnSS us sq.Tntlch tluring the Hen'rt Furjd clrive in the past 'rh6nt'h 'of Kttch vcti'r . 'flrive 'Mas become Praw for -mr/i'e .s'lrcc'esrft'til 'a'rtfl m6ch 'fit this credit 'goes to you for 'Hefpffrg us .present. to,t,he. pepjilg^of Alton in ' ' ' ''' . ,. ose iio'rnes we 'cannot 'r'e'ae ri — heavenly Father, We -pray for thy blessings iipon the rnos't irtvporf- arit 'unit of Our 'sodcty—the family, realizing tha't already many AVneri- can homes have 'beert weakened and Woken. I-letp us in our effoi't lo overcome this grave throat by turnirtg to the power.of Religion to weld and preserve tTie family — our only real hope. - Luther W. Youngdahl. Wash- fngf6n, D. C.. TJ. S. -Dist'rict Judge, District of Columbia. .- . j. . -.- ' ,-f.Pl -" .^ - fl » »* " - " L. rt ',••,... J ~i' A* 'Copyright 1952. A National Council of Churches Religious Feature) Alton Evening Telegraph just what the true purpose is Of (he Heart Association. BKRTHA MAKIK JUNGK, State Pre.sident 1'jpsilon Sigmn Alpha Sorily Too !>Tnch Goveriinu'iit Kditor, 'the Telegraph: T notice in Thursday's paper where county employes are seeking a raise in pay due to cost 6f living and other ijeasons. I firid no fa'u'll with this fts I can see how in pay for Published by Xlton Tefe'Ri%plt F'rln'tlng da.vs. warm beaten Tint '[ sense anyone without a raise I'iVC years Would need Comphny P B. 'COO^tJEY. • and Published Dally Subscription Price. 30 cents weekly by carrier, by mall $7.00 a year within 100 miles; J10.00 beyond lOO tnilea. Entered as second-class matter at the ' po.stoffiec at Alton. 111. let of Congress Mnrch 3, 1879. still remember of vicfoi-v when MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED The Associated Press is exeldsivtlj; .. -.- ... one. j titled to the use tor publication tit till However, T believe that serious i news dispatches credited to it or not the ; slllfly ShtAUd bP Rivon lo the coin- I*- ~ % the le car wheeled home. f remembered those 'Ifi miles of conqupred Missouri mud apain the other day when York restaurant T sal in a New and heard a 30- yoar-old man teTl seriously hn\v he bad made plans to RO fo the moon. His name was \Vernher Von Braun. the German inventor of the deadly V-2 rocket that almost forced Britain to capitulate in tho nrnation of cit}' a|id county government in Madison county. Cn many counties in the United States this has been done at a great saving to the tax'payejrs. It is under consideration in a great many other places. County government in Mndiso'n county duplicates Cily government in many instances. We know that county law enforcement has bento lax in Madison Cocjnty throughout the years, no mnt'Jor what party controlled the courthouse. otherwise credited lo this paper and to the local news published herein. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND re-elected. Consultiiii; l'vv<'lioloi;ist interest in it I think I have seen Ihls happen. Ill il \\hrri 1 sublimation breaks down and Ihe arlisi finds himself "blocked," nothing less than full self-understanding may restore his rivalive powers. The lad Ihal arting is a form of showing off need no! bother a person \\liu IHIS recoym^ed thai exhibit iomsm is a part of normal human nature. last World War. Xo\v On Our Side Von Braun, a scientist who now is iMilisleY!'on the side of American arms, is now devolcd lo a very simple "proposition. He li.Vs ffKi'ired out a way b'r ran shoot lip a ro'rket so'uie lOT.'i miles or so beyond The rench ol grav'il'y. He has ffg'iiro'd lhat il he ran snoot up IL 1 of them he ran build a douchniil - shaped uvilrli- tower holding . l !li men who can spy do\\ n as ihiw circle Hie earth every two hours find use their platform through radar to control Ihe world. "An enemy Hist couldn't hide any rriore." he said. "We \vouh1 call down fire on him wherever! be was. If we don't bmld lliis<.°. space station. Ihe Russians sooner or later," Tn this day arid age of mounting faxes no'fn'ing Vh'o'ii'ld bo overlooked where taxes might be abolished or redueett. I believe (Hat the area chambers 'o'C c'finim'e'rce, taxpayers' group's, anrl others should gel behind a movement for I'he cfi'mbinarion of city 'and county government. A TAXPAYKR. Local Advertising Rales 'arid, coritr'act information on application 'at the Tc?le- Rraph business office 111 East Broadway, Alton. Ill National Advertising Representative, West-Holliday Co., New York, Chicago. Detroit. Answers To Questions — lift If IS It IV— A render can get the answer to any question of fact by writing I'he Telegraph liil'orinutiiin Bureau, lliOO K.vo Street, N. \V., Washington D, !>.(,'. ['lease enclose three j f^ K ;\[ Robert S. Allen Reports Kerr \«i So Slure WASHINGTON, March '22 Democratic insiders are noting ;a| big change in Sen. Robert Ketr's attitude toward the April 1 -presidential primary in Nebraska. Since Sen. Kefauver\spectacular surprise victory in Nevv Harnji-, shire, kerr is no longer privately talking about having a push-over. The millionaire Oklnh'omti 'oilmftn is now uneasily "running scared" —zmd with good reason. F6r "him, tfie 'O'iitdcffrte iri Nebrajs- Wh Ws ! b'^c6'me Ii 'c"as^e of ''now 'or' never." Kerr has to win this test to re-; l.kin. even a foothold in .'the con-, fused Democratic scramble. If he loses, he is virtually out of the running for first place.. This situation is a direct result of the NeAv flarhpshire irpsA. PrfOr Ho that. "Kerr vyas c6cky and con- descer(c^in£ I'ovykrfl, h'is .Tennessee rival. Iliiistrat'fve of KBIT'S atlituoe' were his remarks to a group of oilmen and other supporters at a secret meeting in Oklahoma City. fuHpOst'6f fh'e confe'rence was Ho 'Ke'rr's campaign 'pla'nfc, particularly the raising of funds. "I need $40,000 to finance this race the way it should be made," Kerr declared, "ff yeu'll get me lhat money, I'll guarantee to run .this tioy right back to the hillfc cfr Tenfi'essee. He'll never know what hit him." Trumiin's Choice Now, however, Kerr is prK'a't'ely singine a different tune. He'Is •Worried and apprehensive. Instead of having the expected easy contest, the odds have switched against him. Kefauver doesn't begin to possess Kerr's big-money support, but the Tennessean has other attractions that may have wider popular appeal. when Ihe "1st Congress came to : a close March 3, 1931. Notice bad just been received that President Hoover had signed the bill making the song officially the anthem of One is his remarkable victory In New Hampshii'e, which not only Vas 'focusietl pub'lic a'tYe'nt'ion on Jim; 'but, 'politically even more impori- ant, has induced many previously wary Democratic workers to v come 6tit fdr him. Since March 11, banrl- w'agon ps>'ch6logy 'rftfs ^a'lfl oft nicely for Kefauver. Alsp counting: jjdt'ently 'f^r _ him 'are 'two othei backstage facfors. First, is the bill Kerr tried tr. :pu't through Congress stripping the ITedeVal Power Commission of control over rates charged by the natural gas industry, in which hr 'haS '& 'big Wl'ere'S't. This proposal \VHs Very tnS'fitfp'tffa'r 'fh rTetj'i'h's'ka the only state in which all power plants are publicly owned. Kefauver voted against this bill. Second is IJer.r's inilita,nt advn- cacy of, prohiBftioh and his still- resented opp6slt(6n to the fate AI- 'fred -E. STrrrth, •Democratic presidential standard-bearer in Approximately one-third of Nebraska's Democratic voters are in one city, 'Omaha. This element i> wet^'frrtd^ was Jhi'ge'ly pro-Smith Ke'&u'veVw'iil'h'a've a Dig edge with this electorate. Also highly significant, Kerr s<: far has been unable to get a helpful nod from the White House. At. 'least two behind-ihe-scenf's ef/cfi'ts 'have 'bden made for thai. 'One was by Clark Clifford, fm- mer si/ecial counse^l t'o Pre.sidcni fruni'a'n and now, 'head, of a booming Washington law firm, one ni wrf6sp Corporation clicrnts is Peti'oleu'm Co., with \Vhom has long been associated, has close ties with Kerr and wrni How much larger than the i United Slates is Soviet Hus.sia?-- (3) l ' ( '" ls ' l)r "•tiirniostaRc. | A. The SoVrel Union, which ex- I'lends from the IJerinR Sea lo the 1-'iir Rerrehtio'n Center lOditor. the Telegraph: Since rominR fo Alton to niaki m.v bom'e, 1 have often askedjj from mv'self. what constlitcfive service;' 1 ' 1 '"' 1 could 1 give, if I had the time, the rnrtiipy and the .power? This self-analysis was brought about hy the faet that, since living here, 1 had the chimc-e to talk to many people and all of them seem agreed I bat the trouble with is there is nothing to do and : nowhere to go. ^ , . ...... Q. \\hai is .the sheep popula- j B al'lic Sea. is 'J.^T 'times the sixe n ot AuMrain. MP, ,.; of the Continental United Slates. ' A. About lut) million. Australia entered the wool-growing industry i in ISIl-l. starling wilh Meiinos' ihe royal flock of King 111 of Q. Dues each efiin til the Scottish Highlands have ils own tartan? I'.D. A. The original t arums were designed for 's'pecrfil clans, but (hough there are only :U' clans Ihe number jif Highland tartans is '.Hi. This is because each elan may have .several, for different occas- Q. Did Thomas Jefferson ever express himself concerning (he character of George Washington' W. S. V. A. On one occasion he wrote of Was-hmfjt'oh: "On t'he^wnote his character was in Ils niass perfect, in nothing tihfl, in few points indifferent; and it may truly be said t'h'at neYer rflrl 'nature and fort'iine combine more perfectly to make a man great." to bat. for him wWh We President But wit ho tit avafil. It's no secret, the President luv no love for K'efauver, parlicularh since his Ne\'v Hampshire triumpf. But to the surprise of Kerr nn f ! Clifford, the President is not fo: Kerr, either. Because of the Oklahoma n'.forceful support of fhe Administration's foreign policy, he expecter at least a "friendly geslmr- against Kefauver in Ihe NebrasKv tussle. There has been no sign e! it. The President is indulging it- no flyers or side excursions. His 'i'hoi(. i e for the Democrat i.' nomination is G6v. Adlai Steven son aiifl he 'is sticking squarely i f thai. That is 'defihiVely set betwrer. Truman and Stevenson. The lalfer will publicly "accept the call" immediately after th'i T J resiflent announces he will ir-'i seek another term. That will be b; May 1; Ihe last primary filing rlat- rn Missouri Is ATfril 20. This Truman-Stevenson understand ing vva$ reached at an unrr 'ported Blair House conference tw clays,before the President left f' 1 ' Key West. '" carn'e these ch.irges. (he to me What Allori e » pl.ue. wluie publu « r| d ^wholesome recreation he provided f or af ( age Can you CHIT u uroun up chilil of lying? Answer: Not unless you have '•found an honest answer to I lie ques- Hion ot what 'makes him tor hc'ri lie, pariicu'larly to you. Lying is primarily a rtc-iensr. and between a 'child and his parents, it is generally a defense against what Hie child feels t6 'he unfairness or intrusion. If you put restrictions on a child's "behavior whit^i his friends do not ^have to submit to linci have not 'convinced him that They are in his rhey test interest, he is likely as h Should Hrtit>U be Probably not, as long as Should a child know \th.v lie is punished'.' Answer: Yes. not only because it is untair lo Tiiinish him if lu- docs not. because Ihe etl^ct ot the puri- isliment will be wasted, or worse. , The purpose of punishment is ro as- : soi-rato |>ain oV unpleasant ness in a rlnld's mind v\ith something vyhich ! .vou do not want him to do. U")th a small child it is seldom possible to make him "see why 1 ' certain actions arc forbidden but he musi Von Braun says he can safely L,-ei men up arid back from whirling spare sialion. even 1 el them on lo an exploratory tr;pi ln K' lo ihe moon and mum them' 1 ' 01 ™ uliolo. -could "11 would take only lour billion ; tjroups. dollars and ten yoiirs to Yloil."hc; * voiUiw it's easier said lhaii said "That is only a traction otldone. Buildings Ihal could be de- tbr American military budget." ; voted to such a purpose arc tew. l.istVninfi to him 1 had no foci- 1 Imperially to find a niiilrlintf large ing ot doubt rhal his jirojcrt roulil enough, where public functions be done. But 1 had no sense ofjcoulii be held and off the street victory over space. I only feh U-lubs tor Tcena'gers cOuld b'c depressed. boused. II Vou Braun is voted tlie monev And yet. I really think rhere is lie wants and bold men carry wit just such a ."building in Allou. I his 'pTans suecesst'ully. ll have negated the otwftacle of tno A Who's waiting up yonder? v\ill!ha'v;e in mind that interesting for- ^t^tion and hotel and forlorn, but i'n yt I'.v guiles, rfahiieil LFOTOLWILLK. Belgian Congo .PA newly founded order of nun's ., .... i S ' * •• tlv ** 'J IV^IAHV(VM VJ1 lACl W4 ItV^tla are rune lOmng successfully, know beyond question what these of , ht . Vatican, to Chrisiianize the According to Maryse Choisy in I's.v- actions are because it he does .'Vjh*| t \ K ]'. {l { e ongo I)y g m i os . leir itv. ihev mer raihvay flowntovvn looks so ions Q. VA'ere H he aulomoniles manu- faclui-ed in. ibis 'cottrrrry Always \\ p illi a .left-hand drive? D.P.I. The Vord Motor Company with its Model T. which Came 'o'ti't in Sepleinhi'i, 1!)08, introduced ihe left-hand drive as standard practice There were many letl- 1 hand diuo as ThV TiaVk aS'TSflS'j and it is difficult to identify the | firsi. ! Q. Are the native races * of Alricii largely Negroes? J.C.O. i A. This is a popular but in- i correct notion. The native races of Africa <exclusive of European colunisls and their descendants) range all the way from Negritoes TOO!\ERVIIXi: FOLKS It,, Fontnine Fox nears his twenties lo do as he die, any psychiatric treatment ol all that being punished will mean ot ,| UM1 . s |, vm?ss j, n d ] ar k pleases and lie to you about it. The 'an artist s'hould be bnet and to him is that you ci6ii1 love him •best way to keep a grown-up and should, not touch his "sublima- any longer. Also, since small chfl- M 'child from fying is to stop as-king lions " since i'l he wn'i- made dren have, short m'emories. punish- j 'him'^'ups'tlons which you know he aware of the unconscious meaning mem should come immediately aft- t ,, 'doe* WOt want to answer. and aim ol bis work he might lose er the Offense, Or not 'til all. '' tCopynjfht, 1932, King Features Sjudicate. Inc.) <lose •eritratly fbcated. in with the river- CaWfully planned, w'liat a have so fur escaped anyi^^htfol. all-yeaiMiiund play- nary \\-ork among them. The!ground that could make. Sisters of Jesus, ha\u now | Perhaps this i$ v ^ust an idle e.siabhshed their first mi.ssiOii stja-jdream. But it could be done. Altdn lion m the Central Congo jungle |has a picturesque setting. It should near IJeni. |hii\e \\iiolosome recreational facih- ( , he u , l;ll a , T - a , Alfoeflier the still stui-dy lOokfng., Iima&hfe that iNegrit.ifs. Negroes, and Bantus Jn- plenty soap, pfenty -paint, ctrrpentry ' habit about one-half of Africa. wwrk, cOuld make a bang-up '«' Bann "' ' ..* U » a * an l " lu ' lal h£ Star-Spang- 01 . 1 th> first ties. Is i he re a chance for it becoming a reality? MARY BLl'M, !T4i Rodger's avenue.

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