Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 8, 1998 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1998
Page 10
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10—MONDAY, JUNE 8. 1998 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Time out Newsday Crossword THIS AND THAT by Fred Ptecop Edited by Stanley Newman Mother dying from cigarettes Dear Ann Landers: As I watch my mother struggling for breath, dying a horrible (loath from emphysema. I feel resentment and rage. Though she's in and out of a morphine haze, my mother stiil manages to sneak cigarettes. She has an oxygen tube in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Meanwhile, she is choking to exhaustion. I know what it takes to stop smoking. I was a three-pack-a- day smoker myself and quit cold turkey when I became pregnant. I have not had a cigarette since 1978 and am still tempted, so I understand addiction. No one else can quit for you, or make it easier, but it will never be easier than it is today. I also know that love for yourself and commitment to others you care about is all that is needed to quit smoking. There are no magic formulas or easy shortcuts. The only way to quit is one cigarette at a time. Some will write me off as just another former smoker on a soap box, but I hope maybe someone who needs just a little encouragement to quit will take heart and choose health over emphysema, cancer and the other scourges of nicotine. I don't have all the answers, but I pray that something said here may serve to prevent some other mother from dying slowly in her daughter's arms, choking and drenched in tears. -- Sad in Rhode Island ANN LANDERS Dear Rhode Island: You've written a powerful letter, but I can tell you that people have written to say it is easier to get off cocaine than cigarettes. Nicotine addicts say they find substitutes helpful in their struggle to quit. Gum chewing and mints help, and so do fake cigarettes made of plastic. There are now new prescription drugs to help smokers kick the habit. A final suggestion: Don't buy cigarettes, and don't bum 'em off people with whom you work or socialize. It cannot help but put you down a notch or two in their eyes. Dear Ann Landers: I've been reading with interest the letters from women whose husbands have retired. All of them were complaining. I know where they're coming from because I was one of them. When my husband retired, he had no hobbies, either. Neither of us were ready to be together 24 hours a day. Whenever we had an argument (and there were plenty), one of us would go for a walk. The time alone helped clear the air and cool tempers. One day when I was cooking, he started to taste a few things and suggested that I put a little more salt in the stew and add more carrots. That did it. I took off my apron, handed it to him and said, "From now on, you are going to do the cooking around here." Well, Ann, today, he is a better cook than I ever was. He also does all the marketing and brags about how much money he saves with the coupons. I just smile and compliment him. I wish the women who are having problems with their retired husbands would realize that their men need something to do. Sitting around doing nothing does little for their self-esteem. They need to feel important and in charge. Let them. View it as an opportunity to have a little more free time for yourself. « F.H. in Salem, Ore. Dear Salem: What a wise woman you are. Your letter is a blueprint for peace and harmony in the post-retirement years. Thank you. Gem of the Day (Credit The Prairie Rambler): The man who claims he is the boss in his own home will probably lie about other things, too. Eugenia Last CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Johnny Depp, Jackie Mason, Michael J. Fox, Cole Porter JUNE 9, 1998 Happy Birthday: You'll accomplish more by working quietly on your own. Joint ventures will not be as lucrative as they appear. Put yourself first; don't let anyone take advantage of you. This is your year to be a little selfish and follow your dreams. You'll find it difficult to deal with people who are constantly trying to drain you, but stand your ground and you'll prosper this year. Your numbers: 3, 6, 9, 27, 36, 45 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Put your high energy to good use. Sports activities will help eliminate stress and tension. You will tempt potential lovers with your daredevil, "who cares?" attitude. 5 stars TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Take advantage of any moneymaking proposals that come your way. You've been overspending, and if you want to stick to your standard of living you're going to have to earn more. 3 stars GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Partnerships are a problem. Keep your ears peeled. Someone you thought you were close to is not telling the truth. You'd better start asking questions before it's to late. 3 stars CANCER (June 21-July 22): Work will be hectic but rewarding as long as you don't get involved in others' dirty laundry. Someone you live with may lose his or her temper if you don't pull your weight. 3 stars LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You're thinking like a Texan again: too much, too fast, too big. Put on the reigns before you lose control of everything. Sudden changes will be drastic and irrevocable. 5 stars VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Don't get involved in unstable partnerships. Anger will mount if someone isn't up front with you. Set your standards and stick to them. 2 stars LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You can make lasting connections. Spend time doing things that you enjoy. Don't let friction at work stand in the way of your emotional well-being. Co-workers won't be on your side. 4 stars SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Extra cash can be yours if you implement those innovative ideas that you've been mulling over in your head. Talk to a friend who knows about marketing. 3 stars SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): You'll be blowing situations out of proportion on an emotional level. Your partner will be confused by your actions and words. Find an outlet for your frustration. 3 stars CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Don't expect to hear the whole truth about changes taking place at work. You'll have to read between the lines if you want to figure out whether or not you should be looking for a new job. 3 stars AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Discuss your professional objectives with superiors, apply for a new position or ask for a raise. Your intuitive intelligence will help you achieve your goals. Favors will be granted. 4 stars PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You have an unrealistic view of your position and importance. Someone may be using you or setting you up for a big fall. Proceed with caution and don't sign anything that might be binding. 2 stars Birthday. Baby: You'll stop at nothing if you think that you have a chance to get what you want. You are a determined individual who has many different sides to your personality. A born actor and an excellent problem-solver, you're a terrific friend but a challenging opponent. VIDEO GAME REVIEW - • vW^i^&j^frt S$*'A<' ''- ->•; \. ,::;„:„ „;, ;,. v 4>, sii//,~v, -, '"&s£. . :• ' X**, „< * iff? «;,' -, / "., " -,V<,-,', , , Griffey baseball a home run on N64 By WILLIAM SCHIFFMANN Associated Press Writer Nintendo has hit a home run with its new baseball cart. Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. for the N64 is the best baseball game available for Nintendo's top-of-the-line platform. Nintendo started off right, with Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association licenses, so the teams, parks and players are the real thing. In fact, the players actually look like the real thing, unlike some games where the only way you can tell who's up is by reading the name on the uniform. They even play like their namesakes, with batting stances and throwing styles that mimic the actual player. The players are a decent size, too, so you can enjoy the lifelike way they play. Programmers have taken a lot of time to design an accurate model of a baseball player. Think back to early baseball games you may have played. Now forget them. This is as close to the real thing as you can get without putting on a uniform. Watch how players close to a base flip the ball to beat a runner, while those in the outfield crank up and throw. Watch one pitcher bring a hard overhand fastball and another sidearm a changeup. Batters jerk away from inside pitches. Fielders shield their eyes from the sun. The controller is laid out perfectly for baseball, ACROSS 1 Highway exit 5 Sweeper 10 False witness _ (Peter Fonda flick) 15 State Farm rival 16 Against: Pref. 17 Once in awhile 19 Egyptian goddess 20 What George couldn't do 21 Be generous 23 Buck's mate 24 Expert 25 Barbecue receptacle 29 Jacques of French comedy 30 Billy _ Williams 33 Not as gregarious 34 Studied carefully, with "over" 35 Bran source 36 Safecracker 37 Latin dog 38 Downs of 20/20 39 "_-di-dah!" 40 On a scale of one _ 41 Name 42 Altar constellation 43 Play parts 44 He swears 45 _ -Poo (The Mikado character) 47 Six-pack component 48 Rabbit, Run author 50 Handcuffed one 55 Scale notes 56 / Ching principles 58 Environmental sub). 59 Conjure up 60 Naldl of silents 61 Baseball's "Schoolboy" 62 Units of force 63 Lunkhead DOWN Litter's smallest Sunburn soother Whimper Bell sound Rotten bunch 6 Secure again 7 Will- -wisp 8 Undivided 9 Court orders 10 Singer Frankie 11 Fine details 12 Keep_ (persevere) 13 Get up 18 Lowest point 22 Metamorphosis poet 24 County north of San Francisco 25 Safe havens 26 Gather some wool 27 Everywhere 28 Cribbage marker 29 Shadings 31 $10 gold piece 32 Old anesthetic 34 Actress LuPone 37 Out of whack 38 That man's 40 Army vehicle 41 In pitch 44 "Bette Davis Eyes" singer Kim 46 Supermarket division 47 Short-billed bird 48 Patron 49 Somewhat, in music 50 Ever and 51 Lip- (mouth the words) 52 Donkey pin-on 53 Word form for "within" 54 Old oath 57 Climbing plant CREATORS SYNDICATE 6 1998 STANLEY NEWMAN Giggle TV: Girls are in, women are out By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES - Girls are back and television's got 'em. There's Ally and Dharma and Caroline and Rachel and the girl on "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place." And the fall TV season is likely to bring more of the same, if Christina Applegate in a new sitcom by the producers of "Friends" is any sign. Applegate, remember, is the sexpot daughter of "Married ... With Children." Sweet young things are in, and sassy older women are suffering. Chuck Loire, the co-creator of "Dharma & Greg," put it somewhat differently in a recent television interview. The "bitter, neurotic, angry female character" is played out, he said; joyful, life-embracing women like Dharma are in. Let's see if we have this right. We're not talking retro as in "Charlie's Angels" and jiggle TV; this is the advent of Giggle TV. We'd love to hear Murphy Brown's sardonic assessment on the subject or the kind of hot- blooded riff an incensed Julia Sugarbaker of "Designing Women" would let loose. But "Designing Women" is long gone. So is "Roseanne." And in the past year we've seen retirement parties, some forced, for "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," "Murphy Brown," "Cybill" and "Grace Under Fire." Add to the crowd the can- celed "Ellen," whose title character started out a dithering, confused girl but ended up an assured woman. Maybe it wasn't the lesbian thing, after all, that proved her undoing. "It is the era of girls again," declared "Murphy Brown" creator Diane English. Let's make sure we're not just talking semantics here. After all, the once-dismissive term "girls" and the girls themselves aren't what they used to be. What became practically a four-letter word to many has shimmied back into the vocabulary, retaining its youthful sexiness but with moxie and power mixed in. Just as minorities commandeer racial or sexual epithets as an act of defiance, some women have embraced the term that feminists fought to eradicate. Girl power is a fresh incarnation of the woman power we heard roar in the '60s. With three-quarters of women 25 to 54 working outside the home, with women earning more than half of today's bachelor's degrees and with the male-female wage gap narrowing, the old world is vanished in more than name. Television reflected the changes with such 1970s groundbreakers as the single career woman in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and the feisty feminist in "Maude." The TV image of women gained complexity with "Murphy Brown," "Roseanne" and more. The women portrayed in these shows were committed to;"' jobs and families and friends + and partners. While fallibley': they were passionate about their lives and, more often than not, were the stable center of theio-j world. Television's new girls are more of a mixed bag. They may. .. have responsible jobs, like attor- .: ney Ally McBeal, but they have; • the emotional klutziness of a-, teen-ager and the same level of. : self-involvement. .-, They are generally charming, cute as a button and perhaps somewhat representative of,-; young women whose lives are"" still in flux. Nothing wrong with that; the women's movement is . always at its best when it is .. inclusive. And there are unabashedly v ' strong young women in a num-/ % ber of series, including the attoiv neys of "The Practice," the FBJ -, agent on "The X-Files" and the,; warrior princess Xena. . , •'. But spunky, seasoned ,. k females are a vanishing TV " species, largely because of dol; rii lars and cents. '.'^ Older women characters are/; r ; victims of their own maturity in,' ~ a medium that increasingly/, seeks younger viewers - the'" ones favored by advertisers because they supposedly spend more and are more easily influ T v... enced. ;;!;:' Although the range varies a; : :•• bit depending on the network;^ the most-wanted viewers fajfei£ between 18 and 49. "Murphy was 40 when the..,, show premiered," Ms. English said of her sitcom character. ' with the diamond-shaped collection of yellow buttons controlling throws to the bases. A and B control the bat or pitch, and the joystick helps you spot your pitch or line up your bat, depending on whether your team is up or in the field. Graphics are excellent. Sound is adequate, although the announcer doesn't have much variety in his comments. Stats are in short supply, but most people probably won't care much about that, given the excellence of game play. The game moves at a rapid pace, one of the few areas where it is unlike real baseball. The first game I played, a 1-0 Athletics victory over the Yankees, took less than an hour to complete despite lasting 13 innings. You can play against a friend or involve up to four people for a season championship. You can adjust the team's lineup if you prefer a substitute over a regular starter. And you can substitute players in midgame, when a pinch hitter or relief pitcher is needed. In addition to season and exhibition modes, you can also play Home Run Derby with up to four batters. And you can stage a World Series with the teams of your choice - a best-of-seven series, just like the big leagues. Finally, there are some wonderful little touches: A player picks up a handful of dirt to dry his hands and a little cloud puffs out. A batter wipes the bat under his arm or slams the plate with the bat when he strikes out. And the pitcher shows disgust at what he feels is a bad call. MONDAY EVENING 6/8/98 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 i 10:001 10:30 11:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS |j«^|j|jj||r||||^|j|jj||y||j^L^I!!fll^ H) SD IB CD ca m m m 60 m CABL AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA I imJ PREIV MAX SHOW News S] News a News a 700 Club News-Lehrer Single Fam. Mat. Home Imp. Extra a Martin H Fresh Pr. Mad-You Star Trek: Next Gener. FrasierA jEntertain Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Dodgers. ID Raymond Jeopardyl Raymond Fortune Raymond Raymond Funniest Home Videos Movie: ** "Gangs, Inc." (1941) Business Served People's Court All Fresh Pr. Home Imp. Simpsons News Cosby Seinfeld A Simpsons Home Imp. Paid Prog. Antiques Roadshow 7th Heaven (R) A m Movie: ** Damon (R) Michael Hayes "Faith" 20/201 Coast jBenny Hinn People's Century ID] Invasion America U "Hlder in the House" (1989) Personal Love Boat-Next Ally McBeal (R) A IS Clueless Clueless Movie: * *x "Redwood Curtain" (1995) Dateline A [ News ED •• B Practice (R) A HO James R. (Paid Prog. People's Century S Real TV A Mama News cops a Mama Deep Space 9 News -lomelmp.. ^ News.S ' ', Late Show . < News® '• . Paid Prog. ;'. P.O.V. d . LAPD :' ;• DiffWorld •• Roseanne^ , Vibe Hollywood- ' 4dmiULMHHHIHMHHHHHIiHHHHlHl 'oirot "Double Sin (Sherlock Holmes |Law & Order ^ilenc? (Biography (Poirot "Double Sin" (R) (Sherlock H. I 5:00) "TheStoryofDr.Wassell" Odd Cple. Wings (R) GrowPains WNBA Burnett Last Word Supermkt Figure-Out (:01) Sliders Laugh Brotherly Daily Show Movie: * **x "So Proudly We Hail" (1943) |(:40) Movie: **x "Bombardier" (1943) Ben Stein Gimme Shelter (R) It's a Trip Billiards: 9-Ball Burnett Sports Debt Tiny Toon "Genesis Moment Baseball Movie: * * "Johnny Dangerously" (1984) Wild Discovery: Wolves Rocketships Movie: **» "First Kid" (1996) Sportscenter H Movie: "Dad the Angel & Me" (1995] A® Baseball [R) It's a Trip Comics Come Home (R) Treasures of the Earth GrowPains X-Games Trials Diagnosis Murder U Major League Baseball Seattle Mariners at San Francisco Giants. (Live) Intimate Portrait Doug ffl Sliders A [ Moment ] Unsolved Mysteries A Kenan-Kel Sliders Brady Amazing Mickey Running Hawaii Rve-0 [S3 FOX Sports News Movie: "She Fought Alone" (1995, Drama) Brady (:01) Sliders Major League Basedail |(:35) Movie: * *x "Another 48 HRS." (1990) Prime Time Country A (Monday Night Concerts (5:00) WCW Monday Nitro (Live) A [B Baywatch C \W Highlander. The Series Invasion America B] News A B (5:30) "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" 'PG' (:15) Movie: *x "Vegas Vacation" (1997) A (4:45) "Music Box" A IWonderYr R)A® HappyDay (Bewitched (:01) Sliders "Genesis- Daily Show Justice Disney Sportsctr. '• 700 aub Sports Attitudes .*" Love Lucy '! Sliders (R)" (:40) Movie: * * x "Shaft's Big Score!" Dallas The Split" A | Dukes of Hazzard a Movie: **» "Thicker Than Blood" Walker, Texas Ranger iii !1998) World Wrestling Feder ••yiifi Prime Time Country (R) (Concerts .• WCW Monday Nitro(R) Ad ' WWF War Zone ffl (Stalklngs • •I'lmi'-!!^!^" " Movie: ***» "Aliens" (1 986) Sigoumey Weaver. A 'R' Movie: * *x "In His Father's Shoes" (1997) IMovie: "More Tales of the City" (199 |Movie: "The Heist" 1, Drama) Laura Unney. '

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