Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1942
Page 2
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AfltTVO Chips Oil of ' /£ famous Blocks U. S. Daughters Moke Tracks in Father's Footsteps " By ADELO1OE KERR v AP Feature Service Writer t, Some o£ America's best known f r daughters are making tracks in var- / < Urtis fields by following father's foot- Steps to fame. A few have even left their marks in the field of;politics. Which once belonged exclusively to men. There's Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms. the daughter of Mark Hanna, a politician so powerful in the 90's he was known as the "waker of presidents." His •daughter stumped the country with C. C. Bowman & Associates Accountants - Auditors Phone 422 or 51 PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS Income Tax Matters State and Federal • Have your Income Tax Returns prepared'by one who knows — and save money. • Don't wait until March 15th deadline — Time is required to do a good job. WANT A PIANO? This Model $365 cosh 01 terms: $36.50 Down S 19.38 Monthly. Drop us a card for Catalogs and full information. Quality makes by STEINWAY, HADDORFF CABLE, WtTRLITZER. 200 E. Broad Texarkana, Ark. Used Pianos, $75 up. Terms ; Good USED TIRES & TUBES All Sizes BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY Bob Elmore, Owner him as a-girt. Aft&- the tieath of her husband. Senator "Medtll McCormick of Illinois, She plunged into politics for herself, stumped the state and Avon eleojtk.il as Wepveseiitstive-at- large in 1923. She has been, a lively >and interesting political figure ever since. The Republican party rewarded her with a number of party honors and capped the climax in the last presidential campaign by making her Thomas Dewey's co-manager—the first time a woman had been given 11 campaign job of such importance. Ruth Bryan Owen Rhodes, daughter of William Jennings Bryan, has also followed her father's footprints along the road to fame. The daughter of the silver-tongued orator has thrilled, thousands on,the Chautauqua circuit with her led. .E-S. She. too. plunged actively into politics after the death of her husband. Major Reginald Owen, and served as representative from Florida from 1929 to 1933—the first congressWoman from the south. She made another "first" in 1933 when President Roosevelt appointed her America's first woman diplomat —minister to Denmark. There is a bright galaxy of famous daughters of famous fathers in the theater. Head of the crowd is Ethel Barrymore, daughter of Maurice Barrymore and veteran of more than 40 years behind the footlights. Miss Barrymore formally retired in 1936. But she grew lonely away from the Stardust she had known since her teens and returned to the stage where she says she will stay until she is too old to walk on. At 62 she has just finished a long and successful Broadway run in "The Corn Is Green." •Blazing a new Barrymore trail right behind her comes her niece, Diana Barrymore, daughter of The Great Profile (John) and a social register mother (Michael Strange). Diana, who hates cafe society' and loves greasepaint, has appeared in several summer stock companies and Broadway plays and recently headed for Hollywood to begin a movie career. Add to the ranks of famous stage daughters Cornelia Otis Skinner, Otis Skinner's daughter, who has just closed her first Broadway play "Theater." That does not mean she is new -to the stage, though. Dark- eyed Cornelia is one of America's most famous monologists. She has played all eight wives of Henry VIII or another of her bright skits in churches, cellars, gymnasiums and organ lofts in almost every part of the country. Recently Broadway made the acquaintance of several other daughters of famous theatrical fathers, all in one play "Letters to Lucerne." They are pretty Nancy Wiman, daughter of the play's producer, Dwight Deere Wiman; Mary Barthelmess, whose father is Richard Barthelmess of "Tol'able David" fame, and Faith Brook, daughter of British-born actor Clive Brook. The daughter-in-father's footsteps list runs on into science. Top is Madame Joliot-Curie, whose father was Pierre Curie, co-discoverer of radium and who shared with her husband in 1935 the Nobel Prize in chemistry for work they did in radio activity fields. When Dorothy Bundy streaks across a tennis court to win a match, she is only following in father's footsteps. Though she is better known as the child of famous May Sutton, she is also the daughter of Thomas C. Bundy who whipped some swift ones across the net himself back at the century's turn. TAMBAY GOLD By SAMUEL HOPKtNS ADAMS HOM Sf A*, HOPE, ARKANSAS Copyright, 1941. WfcA Service Ine. Thursday, Jdhuary 29, 1945* Town Dash A fashion investment, sound in style and fabric . . . modified shoulders taper to a fitted waist, giving the wearer an extra dividend of smartness. Navy and black in long - wearing Thrill Twill. Sizes 14 to 44. 16.75 Inside Story" of Coats and Suits I - Extra Wide Lap-Over. 7. - Embroidered Shields at ormhcile. 3 - Double Blind-stitching prevents front "rolling". •4 - Fabric Scientifically Tested and Pre-shrunk. 5 - All Points of Strain Taped for longer wear. 6 - Embroidered Meek Shield protects lining. 7 - Linings Guaranteed for life of coat . 8 - Lining Seams Stitched and Sera- t-'J to hold. 9 - Collars and Lopels stayed wilh many rows of stitching -moulds and shapes the coat. 10 - Open Bottoms finished on both sides insure perfect all-over drape. The "Inside Story" Makes The Outside Smart! Other Betty Rose Coats 14.95 and 19.75 TALBOT'S We Outfit the Family TRlteS DOUBtETAUC CHAPTER XXII QURE enough, a little before 11 Doc's roadster pulled up at the Feederto and he helped out Lolita. She was an eyeful all right. "Hello, Ma," she said. She came over and kissed me. "How's trade, Ma?" she Said. "No compiaint," I told her. "Pipe down on the Mn stuff. No need to spread the Baumer genealogy." She gave me the wide eye. "I'm not ashamed of it," she said. "Loren knows. I've told him." "Loren, huh," I said. "Sure," she said. "We're pals." "It was you I came over to see, Mom," she said. "But the \Vandos are right up my alley." "How's that?" I asked her. "I'm cast for Pocahontas in 'The Great John Smith.' Maybe Pocahontas was a Wando." "Maybe I'm Queen of the May," I said. "Well, she could be, couldn't she, Loren? Pocahontas, I mean." "I'm afraid not," he said. "What do 1 care!" she said. "If I play her for a Wando, who in Hollywood's going to know the difference?" "Who, indeed!" Do« said. You could see he was getting a lot of fun out of Carnie. "I like Loren's Wandos," she said. "He's going to lend me some of their gadgets to wear in my hair." "Gorgets," Doc said. "You lay off him, Carnie," I said. "He's doing all right where he is." * * » A CANDID camera fiend popped out of cabin No. 6 and asked if she could take Miss Marquesas' picture with us two. It was okay by me. Doc wanted to duck, but Carnie wouldn't let him. While that was going on, I'd been figuring that it was up to me to be firm. So I said: "Listen, Camie. I'm glad to see you and all that. But after this, you crawl back' onto your silver screen and stay there." Doc said, "I don't think that's quite kind or fair, Mom." "Get this, you two," I said. 'I'm Mom 'Baiimer. CarYiie's Lolita Marquesas. She can't do me any good and I'd sure be poison for her business. From the time that slick press agent of. hers digs up her flossy "name and ancestry, I'm out of it. She's the daughter of a thousand Spanish grandees and what does that make me? A cake of Castile soap? No, thank you." "You're not sore, are you, Ma?" she said. "Why would I be sore?" I said. "I think you're a swell kid and you're doing a grand job. I'll always be there in the background if you need me." "I know you will, Ma," she said. "You always were." "If you'll excuse me," Doc said, "I'll step over and look up the gorgets." Before he was fairly out of hearing Carnie started in. "Where did you ever get him, Ma? I think he's divine." "You always were one for being in the current," I said. "This is Hollywood's year to go brainy. Doc probably treated you like you were intelligent, because he hasn't got any other approach. So what happens? Right away you begin to figure that you're a submerged intellectual. Look out, gal! That way ruin lies." Carnie laughed. "The same old Ma! But you've got to admit he's awfully good-looking." I took a gander over toward the stockade where Doc was coming out of the doorway, and by this- scnthat, she was right! Why I hadn't caughfMt before I don't know. Maybe because I'd first seen him as the -bearded wonder. As he came toward us, with that straight figure and easy swing, his serious face and steady eyes, he was a pretty swell-looking guy of his kind. Inside I was hoping that Carnie would lay off him. 1 knew he'd been hurt by Juddy and I didn't want him hurt again. And my Carnie was sure something to put a couple of skips in any he- man's heartbeat. * * * OEVERAL days later I was fumi- ^ gating Cabin Three. Juddy came over with the mail. "Open it u'p for me," I told her. "I've got no secrets in my young life." When I came out she was studying over some photos. The candid camera girl had kept her 'word and mailed back the prints. It was a nice job for an amateur. Of course, Carnie had made it easy for her. Doc turned out to be naturally photogenic, and I showed something m tue pose of Honest Old Mom. Juddy picked the best shot and said she was going to frame it, "Is she really Spanish, do you think, Mom?" she asked me. "What else would she be with that hair and eyes?" "So she really came over with Loren Oliver," she said. "He must have been a scream, explaining Wandos to a movie star." "Maybe it wasn't all Wandos." "What else would it be?" "He's a man and she's n gal . . ." She gave me the laugh. "Mom, you're hipped on yotir star boarder." "Ask him yourself," I said. "He's coming ovex for his lunch now." Juddy shook her head. Doc took a gander at the pictures. "You gave her a whirl, Doc," I said, "f hope your intentions are bonorable." Doc doesn't always keep up with me. He gawped. Then he stiffened up. "I'm afraid I don't quite follow you," he said, "This hot, Spanish blood," I said. "I wouldn't want to have any guest of Tambay get herself into trouble through you." Juddy giggled. Doc's polite vocabulary slumped. "You're crazy," he said. "She certainly fell for you," I said. "Didn't I see a letter in the mail yesterday with an L. M. I monogram?" "For Loren?" Juddy said, storing nt him. "A note," Doc said. "Thanking me for the Wiindo material. Why not?" "No reason by me," I said. "But why did she ask me when your birthday comes?" She hadn't, but what of it? Did I say she had? I was out to produce an effect on Juddy. "You're liable to get a solid gold suitcase or something," I told him. "Don't talk rot, Mom," he said. I pushed it. "I'm giving you the real McCoy," I said. "You've made a dent like the Grand Canyon. How, I don't know. Maybe you talked to her like she has brains." "So she has," he said. Juddy almost jumped. I said, "That's what you made her believe. Naturally she was flattered. You've taken advantage of her youth and innocence—mental, I mean. You've seduced the poor girl's mind, Doc. One of these days, I wouldn't wonder, she'll be giving birth to an idea and you'll be the father of it." Juddy snorted, though I couldn't tell whether it was disdain or amusement. (To Be Continued) Prescott News By HELEN HESTERLY Nrs. Visla Brown, 67,'Is Buried ( •Wednesday Mrs. Viola Brown, 67, died at her home Tuesday. She is survived by a son Carl Brown of Blevins. Funeral services were conducted by The Reverend Thomas at Midway at 2:30 Wednesday after- Telephone 163 Blufford Christopher Mr. Blufford Christopher, 68, died Wednesday morning at his home after a long illness. Mr. Christopher was born April 20, 1873 in Nevada County. He formerly lived in Port Arthur, Texas, but has been a resident of Prescott for the past few years. He is survived by his wife, and one s.ister, Mrs. Max Garland of Emmett, and ;> nephew, George Christopher of Prescott. Funeral services are to be conducted by the Reverend R. D. Nolen Thursday afternoon at 2:30 at the home. Burial will be in De Ann cemetery. The sorving table was centered with hearts, and ivory tapers burned on either side. The valentine motif was carried out in the candies and napkins. ]•. Miss Martin was presented many lovely personal gifts. About thirty- five- people were present. With guests from Caraden und Hope. Oil and Gas (Continued From Page One) R. 25 .; NW'/i SW'Xi Sec, 13, T. 11, S. R. 25 W. Wurranly Deed, dated 1-28-42, book, page. Estclla Holmes Phillips to Knfirl Stuart, nt ux. Lot Four (.)) Block Six (C), Oaklawn Add. Mo. One (1), Hope, Ark. Rotary Speaker The first forum of the Institute of International Understanding sponsored by the Rotary Club of Prescott was held Tuesday night in the City Hall Auditorium. Mr. Hubert Whitaker, president of the Rotary Club, introduced the speak- e, Get-hut H. Segar of New York who discussed "Our Neighbors in Europe." Mr. Segar has spent six months in a concentration camp and told of conditions in Germany. He told of Hitler's rise to power, and said the majority of people in that country are opposed to his form of government, but because of his power they are afraid to rise against him. Mr. Segar stated that the principle advantage the United States has over Germany is our air-force. Germany's handicap is their shortage of oil. For this reason Germany's piolets are no; trained properly. The raids on Britain by Germany have been stopped because of this problem of oil, he said Mr. Segar states that the belief most Americans huve "that it can't happen here", is not true. He believe: Hitler has designs on the United States. Mr. Murray, Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, gave a talk on Civilian Defense." He suid the people of Presort I should realize the gravity of the situation and take the propei precautions. Red Cross $1409.15 has been donated to thr Emtigency Red Crsos Relief Fund. Torn Bemis, chairman announced Wed • no.sday. The goal for Nevada County is $3,0000. The drive will close February 5. Party For Miss Martin Bride-Elect Mrs. Peter Olof Peterson, Jr., entertained Wednesday night at her home with u desert shower, in honor of Miss Mary Ann Martin, bride- elect. The living room was lovely with its decoration of white carnations and large red valentines. Prescott Gii r deii Club The Prescott Garden Club mel Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ernest Cox, with Mrs. Wat W. Whitf, Sr., Mrs. R. L. Blakely, Mrs. N. B. Nelson, Mrs. Paul Jones, and Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton assistant hostesses. Mrs. J. Vernon Fore, president, presided over o brief business session. The Club welcomed Miss Florence Pitts, Nevada County's new Home Demonstration Agent. Attention was called to the flocks of Purple Finches, rare winter residents in this section. These lovely birds appear like flocks of purplish-pink sparrows. This brought to mind the inture.it the Club has in protecting song and insectivorous birds, and members re- calkr' that there is a luw in the j statute books of the city prohibit- ' ing the slaughter of these birds. Mi.s. f.'am O. Logan hud charge of flie inogram, the subject of which wa;: '-'Effective Use of Evergreens in Lunus-:iit>ine." The material used divided Evergreens into two groups— Conifers und Broadleaf. She stressed Evergreens as preferable foundation planting. Mrs. Henry "Moore talked on "Landscaping with Evergreens." Mrs. Logan closed her program with an (iiipropriute poem "My Credo," and the Club sang in unison "God Bless America." The hostesses served a delicious salad plate with coffee (o .'JO members. Lafayette County January 27, 1!I42 Prepared by Mrs. Eunice Triplet!, Lcwisvllle, Arkansas. Mineral Deed: 17/560 Int. W/j royalty ucrcs) Book M-7, page 271. Dated Janl9, 1942. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. Forrest H. Lindsay and wife to F. A Fuller. SWM. of NE'X, and SE'/i of Sec. 11, and N\'. of NEu of Sec. 14, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Mineral Deed: 17/5(50 Int. (8 i/fcroyal- ty acres) Book M-7, page 272. "Dated Jan. 21, 1!)42. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. F. A. Fuller and wife to G. C. Harmon. SW% of NE'/i and SE'/i of Sec 11, mid N'/i of NE'/i of Sec. 14, Twp 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int. t2',<, royalty acres). Dated Jan. 23, 1942. Filed Jan. 27, 1942. Frank C. Adams und wife to B. G. Byars. SW'Xi of SWVi of Sec, 16, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 5/187!! Int. (4 royalty acres). Deited Jan. 23, 1942. Piled J m , 27, 1942. 'Frnrtk C. Adams and wife to J. E. Amis, Jr. SEV* of NW'Xi mid SW'Xi of NEVi, and the Frl. North 27 acres of the SE'Xi of NE'/i, also the NE'A of SW>Xi and the NWV 4 of SE'Xi nil in Seb. 20, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West' also the NW'Xt of NW'/ 4 and 13 acres off the East side tit the SW'Xi of NW'Xi of Sec. 21, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Mineral Deed: 1/8 Int. Dated Jnti 21, 1942. Filed Jan. 27, 1942. Richard Hughes, Inc. to Forrest H. Llndsny NE'Xi of NE'Xi of Sec. 32, Twp 17 s' Rge. 24 West. Mineral Deed: 1/1G Int. Dated Jan 21, 1!)42. Filed Jan. 27, 1942. Richard Hughes and wife to Forrest ft Lindsay. NE'Xi of NE'Xt of Sec. 32, Twp 17 S., RKC. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: One year term Dated Aug 19, l!Ml. Filed Jrtn 27 1942. A. II. Boswell Et Al to E, G. Briidham. The South 30 acres uf the SE'/t of NW'Xi and the S'/. of SW'/i of NW'Xi, all in Sec. 7, Twp. 16 S., Rge 22 West. 0'. & G. Lease: 90 days term. Dated Sept. 30, 19.11. Filed Jan. 27, 1942. Bert Keouns Et Al to E. G. Bradham. The South 30 acres of tin- SE'/i of NWf/i, and the S'A of SW'/i of NW'Xi, all hi Sec. 7, Twp. IB S., Rge. 22 West. O. & G. Lease: G mos. term, Dated Dec. 8, 1941. Filed Jim. 27, 1942. John C. Cook Et Al to E. G. Bradham. The West 3/4 of thi; SW'Xi of NW'Xi of Sec. 7, Twp. 16 S., Rge. 22 West. O. & G. Lease: 1 year term. Dated July 25. 1941. Filed Jan. 27, 1942. Sue Key to E. G. Bradham. .SE'Xi of NW'Xi, mid E'/i of E'/j of SW'Xi of NW'Xi, including nil that part of the SW'Xi of NWW lying fast of Clear Creek, all in Sec. 7, Twp. 16 S., Rge. 22 West. O. & G. Lease: 1 year term. Dated June 3, 1941.. Filed Jan..27, 1942. Netlie Gant to E. G. Brndham. SE'Xi of NW'Xi mid E'/j of E',A of SW'Xi of NW'Xi of Sec. 7, Twp. 16 S., Rge. 22 W. O. &G. Lease: 1 year term. Dated Oct. 20, 1941. Filed Jim. 27, 1942. Mary Wise Et Al to E. G. Bradliiun, The South 30 acres of the SE'Xi of NW'Xi, .•mil the SV 4 of SW'Xi of NW'Xi of Sec 7. Twp. 16 S.-, Rge. 22 West. Royalty Deed: 3/C40 Int. (3 royalty acres) Book R-7, page 224. Dated'Jan. 26, 1942. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. Geneva Bell to O. G. Murphy. SE'<i of NW'Xi and SW'Xi of NE'Xi'of Sec 7 TWP. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1'64 Int. (10 royalty acres) Book R-7, page 225 Dated Jan. 15, 1942. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. Gilbert S. Johnson, Jr. mid wife to North Central Texas Oil Co. £',(• of NE'Xi of Sec. 16, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int. Book R-7, page 226. Dated Jan. 2G, 1942. Recorded Jim. 27, 1942. G. W. Crank and wife to R. N. Vickers. S'/a of SE'Xi of Sec. G, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/160 Int. (10 royalty acres) Book R-7, page 227. Dated Jnn. 24, 1942. Filed Jan. 27, 1942. Gilbert S. Johnson, Jr. and wife to G. C. Harmon. SW'Xi and SW'Xi of NE'Xi of Sec. 10, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int. (5 royalty acres) Book R-7, page 228. Doted Jnn. 23, 1942. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. Fnink C. Adams mid wife to B. G. Byars, SE'Xi of SW'Xi of Sec. 16, und the North 25 acres of the NE'Xi of NW'Xi, and the North 15 acres of the W'X; of NW'Xi of NEMi of Sec. 21, all in Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term. Book R-7, page 229. Dated Jan. 7, 1942. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. William B. Whitehead and wife to J. W. Love. NE'Xi of NE'Xi of Sec. 12, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 25 West. Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int. (2V4 royalty ticrcs) Book R-7, page 231 Dated Jan. 23, 1942. Recorded Jnn. 27, 1942. Frank C. Adnms and wife to J. E, Amis, Jr. SW'Xi of SW'Xi of Sec, 16, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 1,128 Int. 15 royalty acres) Book R-7, page 232. Dated Jan. 23, 1942. Recorded Jan. 27, 1942. Frank C. Adams and wife to J. E. Amis, Jr. SE'Xi of SW'Xi of Sec. 16, and the North 2,1 acres of the' NE'/i of NW'/i and the North 15 acres of the W'.x. of NWVi of NE'Xi of Soc. 21, nil In Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 5/1872 Int. (5 royalty'- 1 ucrcs) Book R-7, page 233. Doted Jan. 23. 1942. Recorded Jnn. 27, 1942. Frank C. Adnms nnd wifo to B. G. Bynrs. SE'Xi of NW'/i, nnd SW'Xi of NE'Xi,' nnd the Frl. North 27 acres of the SE'X4 of NE'Xi, also tho NE'Xi of SW'Xi nnd A NW'Xi of SE'Xi, nil in Soc. 20, Twp. 15 S., Hgo. 23 West; also the NW'Xi of NW'Xi nnd 13 acres off the East side of the SW'Xi of NW'Xi of Soc. 21, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. MADE FOR YOU FROM CLOTH OF YOUR OWN CHOICE 1 a Our famous custom tailors VISIT OUR SEMI-ANNUAL DISPLAY FRIDAY and SATURDAY January 30th and 31st With the assistance of a representative from Chicago we shall show the newest Spring and Summer materials in full pieces and up-to-the-minute fashions for tailored-to-order clothes jar both men and women. Don't miss this opportunity! ON MAIN Brown-Wells A wedding of interest in Pre«cotl, is that of Miss Winell Brown to Martin Wells. Mip.s Brown is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brown of Texurkana. Mr. Wells is the son of Mrs. A. S. Wells uf Prescott. The wedding was solemnized Sunday night. The young couple will make their home in Prescott. Society Mifs Katherine Buchanan left Wed- nesday fur New Orleans. She will lie accompanied home by Miss Addys Brown and Miss Jimmie Nichols, who have spent this month in Miami Beach Florida. Mr. and Mrs, Tim MeLelland are spending a few days in Kilgore, Texas. Charles Hesterly has returned to Hendrix College, Conway, after spending i< few days with his parents Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Hesterly. Mi-, and Mrs. Sam O. Logan, Mrs Martin Gullirio, and Miss Mildred Guthrie are spending Wednesday in Little Rock. Mrs. Wat White, Jr., is in V.'v Buren, visiting her son, Mr. Kmoml While and Mrs. White. Calendar Thursday 1916 Club will meet at (lie home of Mrs. J. B. Hesterly at 'I'M. Food Stomp Meeting at the City Hull Auditorium at 8:00 o'clock. Subscriho to the Hope Star now, delivered ut your home in Prescotl each afternoon. Mack Greyson, Tele- hone 307. PUBLIC SALE SOUTH OF OZAN, ARKANSAS Just out of City .Limits. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2 at D. M. CITTY RESIDENCE 8 or 10 head of Cattle, all Farm Implements and 3 Work Mules. Silas Sanford, Auctioneer J. T. Smead, Owner IN PERSONAL ADORNMENT OR FOR THE HOME... APPEARANCE COUNTS! Buy on easy terms at KAY'S There is no denying Hie fact that beautiful jewelry adds to the personality of the wearer! You can still buy hundreds of wonderful jewelry gifts at Kay's on easy, convenient credit terms.' Make it a point to visit Kay's today. Open an account! 12 DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR Jv . y Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds NO INTEREST — NO CARRYING CHARGES NEXT DOOR RIALTO THEATER 0

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