The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 6, 1940
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ronu KIMS C9MIH luiMtilH-Ulllll I Buy a Button Be a Sponsor BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHBA SI' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOU1U Re a Sponsor liny a Button VOUJMK XXXVII—NO. 42. Rlylhcvllle Daily News lilythcvllle. Courier Mississippi Valley U'luler Hlvlhevilli} I lorn 10 m,YTHHVIU,K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY (i, 11)10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Upholds Conviction Of Oil Firms Upon Anti Trust Charges WASHINGTON, May 0. (UP)—The government's niUi- trnst prosecuUon won a significant victory today when Ute supreme court upheld the conviction of 12 major oil companies and live individuals, convicted of Sherman act violations in Madison, \Vis., in 10K7. in a five-to-lwo decision the MI-+ prcine court held that under the Sherman act any combination to control prices or stabilize the price of a commodity in interslnle or foreign commerce is illegal. It held Hint such Action is unlawful even though it may be inlendcd to bone- Ill u whole Industry. Reversing the .seventh circuit court of appeals which had ordered new (rials for {he group llie court sustained the jury verdict, that the companies and some of Ihetr officcrs conspired unlawfully to raise and maintain , artificial gasoline prices in the mid-west In 1935. Corporations involved were So- cony Vacuum Oil Company. Inc., Wadhams Oil Company, Empire Oil and Refinery Company, Continental Oil Company, Pure Oil Company, -Shell Petroleum Corporation, Sinclair Refining Company, Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, Phillips Petroleum company, Sketly Oil Company, the Globe Oil and Refining company of Oklahoma, and the Globe Oil and Refining Company of Illinois. Convicted Individuals were C. E. Arnett, vice president of Socony- Vacuum, H. T. Ashton, manager of Lubrlte division of Socony-Vac- UHin, R. H. McElroy, Jr.. tank car sales manager of Pure Oil; P. E. Lakln, general sales manager of Shell, and R. W. McDowell, vice ItS Ttt IS UPHUD Theater Where; U. S. ]>hiys at Wwr president in charge Mid-Continent. of sales of Fires Sunday, Today Cause Slight Damage Two fires this morning and one yesterday morning resulted in minor damages. A small fire which broke out in the rear of Delta Implement Company al 11:45 o'clock today wa. quickly extinguished by firemen. An earlier fire this morning and thai ol yesterday were caused by burning of ;grass. This morning's cnli was" on Norlh Second street, across from the American Legion Hut, while yesterday's blaze was on South Lake street. Destroyer Is Sunk By Bombs LONDON, May 6. (UP)—Britain's 1,870 ton destroyer Afriili lind been bombed and sunk in protecting nl- lled troop withdrawals from Namsos, Norway, the admiralty announced today. British transports were unlouch- cd by German plane attacks, the admiralty asserted, and It was added that two German planes had been shot down during withdrawal operations. Afrldi was one of 1G new destroyers of the big Tribal class, wilh normal complements of between 190 ind 22C men, depending on their class of service as ordinary destroyers, flotilla leaders or squadron enders. Afridi was completed May 3, 1938. In its communique, the admiralty ijid that with the arrival of day- .ighl, when the allied troops withdrew from Namsos. repeated waves of German planes kept up an incessant attack on the convoy but Juil the barrage ptil up by antiaircraft guns of its escort was so effective that troop transports were untouched. No ship bigger than a destroyer has been sunk by bombs in the war so far, Ihe admiralty lias-announced' New York Cotton ^^ay July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open . 1065 . 1038 994 919 070 . 967 high 1065 1038 994 979 970 967 prcv. low close close 1058 1058 IOS8 1030 1030 1041 98C 1000 972 9liG 366 970 956 9R9 D8G 970 960 956 New Orleans Cotton Dyess Teacher Is Injured Critically J. S. Ollive. 45, vocational agriculture instructor of the Dyes: school, is in a critical condition a a Fayettevillc hospital of injuric. recelyed when he was struck by a truck, late Thursday near Payette- ville.' He : received n concussion of Ihc brain, dislocated hip nnd a broken shoulder when he was'struck by. a Payetleville truck while repairing n puncture along side a highway. II is said thai he was off of the highway when the truck swerved to avoid striking a car and struck liim • as he was working on the shoulder and an official inveslign- tion is being made. Mr. Ollive was enroule to Fayetteville with some vocational agriculture students to enter Ihe stale contest held over the weekend. It is planned to remove him lo a Memphis hospital when his condition permits. Rules Dircclly On Tax Ad's Intension In Decision Today LITTliK ROCK, Mny Ii U)P) -A I'lilaski counly chancery court decision upholding validity of the I!)!19 sales tax law was afllrmiti today by Die Arkansas .supreme court. The ruling was made in Ihe appeal of a sutl brought, by Revenue Commissioner '/.. M. McCniTOll lo (rolled the sales tnx on mill supplies .sold by Ilollis ant! Company of Llllle Hock In the .slate. In opposing etfoils lo collect the i tax the company contended the', legislature erred In its elforl to repeal a section of Ihe lOli'l sales lax law which provided for expiration of the measure July I, IMS). Tiie supreme court in upholding Ihe law said the legislature was wllhiu its rights in passing legislation cancelling Ihe expiration ate of Ihe 1937 act and extending lie measure indefinitely. Two large damage suit judgments against Missouri Pacllio ailway and Missouri Pacific trnns- lortntion company were nfllrmed by the tribunal. Ncal Wiley wns given n. $30,000 judgment, against he railroad in Crawford counly | •irctiit court for Injuries received i lumps of coal fell upon him r vhile he was employed as a night valciiman on a damaged bridge in .D3T. The supreme court held Wiley's injuries incapacitated him for life. J.' C. George was awarded judgment of 515,000 against, the transportation company In Clark coun- .y circuit court for injuries revived when a bus backed Into him the company contended George "faked" his injuries. A second Clark county circuit court verdict in which Orvill C'Kcefe was granted a $000 judgment, against, the Golf Shaft and Block company for damages io his aulo when it- was hit by a company Ituck was affirmed. O'Keefe collected $11000 for personal injuries from the company in another suit thai was not appealed. The suprepie -court alllrnied a Poiiiselt counly circuit court de- i \ LOUISIANA )| WF^iMjffi \ >i; N«U:liil'oclH", S JURY ACQUITS war theater army tests Its .streamlined forces in mllllon-dollni- a-day spring maneuvers. .Shaded area on map shows where "Red" 9th (southwestern) corps is buttling the "Blue" -Itli (southeastern) corps. will) (lie Snblne River as a boundary between (he iwo armies. Three Are Fined For Vote Fraud Normr LITTLE ROCK, May fi (UP)—Joe Wills, former city attorney of North Little llock, and two others today drew fines of $200 each on misdemeanor charges after pleading guilty In circuit court to Indictments charging elccltoi frauds. Wills, 11. Bcltlcks and Wall Robinson were three of 12 men Indicted in connection with elecLlot frauds in Ihc North Little Rock city primary Fcb 27. Circuit Judge Gus Fulk postponed judgment 01 all olher charges, including fe!on> counls against Wills, May July Oct. Dec. Jan, Mar. open 1075 1048 998 983 . 977 . 9GG high 1076 1048 999 983 977 966 prev. low close close 1070 1071 1078 1040 1042 1050 990 992 977 977 970 974 961 961 1003 987 079 cision holding that the Oak Grove night club operated by Vic Foley 1 wns a public nuisance nnd should 1 be closed. Will Hold Biggest Mancuv evs In Army History Louisiana 10 REPDnl !ET 01 CITY Allied Stock Prices A T & T 173 1-2 Am Tobacco 90 Anaconda Copper 29 Beth Steel 84 Chrysler 85 1-2 Ctiies Service C 1-8 General Electric 303-8 General Motors 54 1- Hit Elan-ester 56 3-4 Montgomery Ward 45 3-8 N Y Central 15 1-4 North Am. Avlalion 22 1-2 Packard 31-4 Phillips 39 5-8 Radio 05-8 Republic Steel 201- Socony Vacuum Sludebaker Standard Oil N J Texas Corp U S Steel 10 7-8 11 42 3-8 4G 1-4 59 3-4 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 1063-8 1063-8 1055-8 1057- July 1051-21055-81041-21041- Chicago Corn Palhe News To "Cover" Collon Picking Contest 1 g C Sharp Slump In Balkan Areas BUCHAREST, Rumania, Mny U (UP) -A slump in Allied prestige as the result of what is 'called CAMP HEAUREC.AED, La., May 6. (UP)—Motor caravans, some radio controlled, diverged todny on this training camp of World War days, bringing Ihe army's newest equipment for a trial under actual wartime conditions. This camp, located in tile hills of central Louisiana and now used by the Louisiana National Guard, Official Tabulation Of Population May Be Released Saturday Hlythcvillc's olllclnl census figures or 10-10 will not. be released until he last of the week, It was announced today by liiipert Utnlock of Jonesboro, district supervisor, v\w was here today lo obtain llnnl Inures of the 50 census lakers for Mississippi Counly. While It Is known that, Ulythe- vlllc exceeded her 1930 census llg- 11 re of 10,098. Mr. Hlnlock did not sny whelliLT Ihe city had reached the 11,000 mnrk, a goal sought by ihc- Chamber of Commerce and others Inlcreslcd in Ihe census. No eEfort wns made to tncrensc the figure by,taking In new property and the city census, will Include only those.'resident^ of tin incorporated limits and not anj of the suburbs including the- Pride sub-division where it Is estimate: that between BOO and 1000 reside and ihc residences on the Barfield, Osccola and Yarljro runcls where it Is estimated Hint severnl hutlrcd reside In the three sections, Tlie clly limits have not. been ox- led for some lime, 's C o n I c n I i o n Were "Free Will Conlrilnilions" Upheld I.LK, (.in., May U, (UP) his inounlnln country cleared Congressman Ii. I'm»k Wiielcliel of graft chart'.es Drought amilnst him by Ihe [ed- n'lil novel nineul. The Jury nflce being out since fi'.'M p.m. Hiilurdiiy (niluy returned a mil gullly verdict on all counts against wheh'hel mul his co-defendant. II. (Irmly Jouivi, I'lckmti f-oiinly commissioner. The congressman and llto hill county political lender weni licensed of conspiring lo sell poMal service jobs. Whelrhel's only rommirnl on the verdict wns: "Damn the newspapers, and you can print Hint, loo." The Boveriuncint's ease had been directed by Hie nee federal prosecutor, O. John Hogge, who led the Investlgnlton Hint wrecked the po- Illlcit! legacy of Ihe laic lluey P, )ng In Uiiilsliiiia Wlielcliel nnd Jones were ehnrgcd Jointly on one five-count Indictment and Wlielcliel was named alone in nnolher bill. Cllmnx of Ihc trial was In mnrked contrast lo thn preceding week of sensational testimony during which Lhe government sought lo prove lo n Jury of Wlicleliel's constituents thai tlic-lr congressman had "double crossed his people" by charglni! high fees (or his recommendation, on heir federal Job applications. This was the, first major case in- Expect Chamberlain To Hold Grip; Pope Backs Up Roosevelt KOMI'l, May (i. (til 1 )—| LONDON, May U. (UP)— Pope Pius wan understood lo- day In liavc expressed hope llml. Hilly will not enter (lie war and lo feel Unit Hie moment may lie at (mini to make ii mini ell oil toward a jjen- Thi' mnve.s by the Viillcnn came us tin Halliin press continued tu relied high tension ovi'v (he Mcd- lii'iiiiiiciiii Muiulon. The iiuwspiiper Currlere I'adano )uirliill (iivck bases, for an ultac'k on Ilidy. The newspaper owned by Mar.shnU Halo Itallin, warned Allied powers thai any iittiimpl on lln-lr purl to bring mornl or ceo noiuie pressure cm Ihe ascLsl sluU would likely bring Italy Into thti Hiiropeau win', Vatican sourer:; snid DID Pope had imulc known his altitude t Myron V. Taylor. I'l-rildr-m noose- vull's iii'i'sonnl representative nl Hi,- Vallnin. It was sidd Hint the Popir wns In ci)in])lele weimicni with the position or Mr. Hoosevel against any spread In the urea o conlltel. The Pope wns said (o have referred io President Roosevelt's peace clloils during a M-iulnnle uudtence loiliiy with (he Prince of 'ledmnnl, heir to the: llaltnu Princess of Plcd- 'rime Minister Neville Cham- jorlain niiiy save his cabinet n it House of Commons de- wlo on Norway tomorrow by promising iinniwlialo and .?.!'- "uctivn co-ordination of (he ii!l)tiii|{ .services, it -wan re- lioi'tcd Loday. Under Ihe reported plan, chiefs of slall of Ihe nnvy, nrmy and air "oroo would conduct oil eo-ordlna- aellvlllc.s First wttii Winston Lord of the Ad- prosecution of n high pub ic official lost by noggc. Roggc, assistant u. s. attorney Bcnernl, Indicated lie had no Intention of censing his Investigation Into conduct of public nflairs. '"J'hc government can do no more thnn develo]) thu facts and present them lo u Jury thnl represents the people," fioggc snlil. "Their decision L'i final since (he government hns no right of appeal. "We cannot allow the verdict In ihls cnsc to deter the continued Investigation of the complaints now being liive.slignlcd." ~< Vindication of Wlielcliel followed the defense counsel contention lliat the congres.smaa Imd accepted funds from persons he Inter hud appointed to office but that funds were "legitimate free will campaign contributions." ML> was described as having (old Hie prince that he hoped Italy would nol find It necessary lo enter the win 1 . The i'ope's reference lo the iiltlludc of President Roosevelt was mndc, il wns snlil, In line with his conversations with Taylor who wns .said lo have visited Iht Pope privately Saturday In connection with the American diplomatic moves which have been underway in Italy for a week. The Pope WHS said to have re <|iicstcd Monslgnor Cesaru Orsenl go, papnl nuncio nl Berlin, t sound out the Ctermim govcrnmcn on Ihc Italian situation and pass! bly on Bonn! morn ncneral move townrd peace. Trnplral Cotton Sought TUCSON. Ariz. (UP)—In nn attempt lo find cotton thnt will ger- mlnnte and mature under ttie .semt- Iropical high (eaipernlurcs ol Arizona, the University of Arizona Dragged Two Miles By Train, Killed NEWI'OIIT, May «.—Thn mangled body of Allen Fontaine Daw- .son, 37, of xna Thltanla street, , lc . rc i r[ , ct west of I lie city on H New Orleans, La., was found late, Ilc , 10 rn i,d. construellon Is expec Jonesboro Is Have Stockyard .JONESnonO. Mny (!.—Jonesbor soon will Imve a $25,000 slockyart S. W. Howker, secretary of th Glinnibcr of Commerce, announce! The yurd will he owned and or crated by Clarence A. Johnson, wh hns obtained a 510,000 lire lout Handling negotiations for the pro ject were Charles Frlcrson Jr., I E. TomisiMKl and M. II. Lodi clialriiuin of Ihe ehiimber's Uvi slock Committee. Mr. .Johnson has bought an men in the largest maneuvers ever staged by the U. S. army. From the marshes of casl Texas, another 30.000 men will move lo- ward the Snblne vnllcy— u hilly. Ihc fiasco _in Norway wns expected alt . over scclion ideally suited for experimental farm is growing <J2 Saturday nlghl along Ihe tracks is the Jumping off place for 40.000 1 plants at n temperature of 10 de-l 0 f u, D \yhlle River Division of the May July Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., May 6. (UP)—Hogs: 19,500—18,000 on sale. Top, 5.80 . 110-230 Ibs., 5.1)5-5.15 HO-160 IDS., 4.75-5.25 Bulk sows, 4.65-5.10 Cattle: 4,300—4,000 on sale. Steers, 8.00-10.50 Slaughter steers, 7.50-11.75 Slaughter heifers, 7.25-10.50 Beef cows, 6.00-6.75 Palhe News, world-wide news film ?rvice well known lo thcaler-gocrs. ilans lo cover the National Cotto Peking Contest to be held i niytheville Sept. 23-2-1. it was an- lounced loday by J. Mell Brooks. Valional Collon Picking Associa- lon secrelary. Mr. Brooks said Ihe Palhe representative in Memphis informed dm that Fox Movietone News and Universal News arc also interested a the event and are making plans .0 cover it for their services. Mr. Brooks reported that O. M. Doodman. Palhe representative, said he fell Ihc contest was worth national rccognillon and thai he bad admired the advance publicity it has been receiving to date. "The Nnlional Broadcaslins Company made inquiry some time ago with a view towards broadcasting the cvenl on a sustaining network hookup." Mr. Brooks said. "That was an unsolicited inquiry on their part, and now that the ncwsreel services are making unsolicited inquiries too. it slvjws the word if spreading and Ihe idea is taking hold outside of this immediate vicinity. This U a good sign, bccaus it helps bring the support of Ihe south as a whole, which we need to make the contest the success it should be." he said. The campaign lo sell 5000 sponsor billions is being continued throughout this week, it was reported, and efforts are being made today and tomorrow to contact many of those citizens who have been overlooked today to foreshadow a new German drive to obtain economic and political domination in the Balkans, with Rumania Ihe most likely focal point. A week. ago Balkan countries feared that a German defeat in Norway might bring some military push in eastern Europe lo oll'sct 1. Now it is held llmt, Adolf Hitler s likely to capitalize on "Allied inefficiency" to penetrate more ricep- y inlo^Bnlknn economics and politics. Rumania would be expected lo be the prime objective because of the value of its sources of supply and because of Its vulnerability. There could be no question of the impression left here by the withdrawal of Allied troops from Southern and Central Norway. To the average Rumanian, Britain was caught napping. Neutral observers held lhat Rumania politically, economically and atove all milHarily WEI.S not equipped to meet a German attack. They said that it was questionable whether Rumania would even be able to wreck her oil well machinery before German transport planes grees, 3 degrees above the lethal point. a test of inoilorti warfare. The army's new streamlined divisions arc on Irial during Hie I'l day period and it is up to the division commanders lo fi.;ht a war en a large scale. Congress has appropriated $28.- CCO.OOO Just lo sec whether Ihls branch of the nation's lighting I forces is as good as Ihe "brass ' hats" Ihlnk H is. As far as it Is known, there arc no new machines on Irial. but the new Garand semi-automatic Going to Bill For His Country Missouri Pacific Lines between Dlnv, mid Ihe Record erosstin,', live miles north of Newporl. Identification was made through a social security card found on the Irack this mnrnliiL,' after ofll- cers had relumed lo Ihe .scene. ed to be completed by fall. Engineer Killed In Tennessee Train Wrei NEWPORT, Tenn.. May IS. (U —Kineigcncy crews loday we line —replacing the model 1003, boll— action ride of World War days will be given a slitl lest outside the laboratory and riile range. Vocational Classes To Be Inspected Vocational agriculture departments of the cighl schools in Mississippi Counly having this course will be examined Ihls week by Earl G. Landers of Halesvllle, district supervisor of vocational as r| - cultiire work. He is to check Blytheville Tucs- , day and Wednesday nnd will also The nearest Allied army was that! visit the schools al Dycss. Wilson in ! Joiner. Luxora. ,Dcll, Manila .mcl Lcachville during the'week. began lo unload troops in the oil district "lo lake charge." of Hie near easl, impressive numbers hut far away, and It was held that Ihe Allied performance n Norway left little room for encouragement as lo the aid it might bring Rumania. by the sellers. Roscoe Craflon, prcsidenl of Ihc National Cotton Picking Association, made an appeal to everyone not yet personally contacted by a button-seller to get in touch with a member of the Association so they can be "pinned" with a button. "Hundreds of folks haven't yet bought buttons, nnd we want to get all these |Kople enlisted before Cutters xnd low cutters, 4.00-5.75 'the week Is over," Mr. Oration said Prisoner Defies Census, And Doesn't Fear Law What Happened To Spring, It's ( Summer Today? WOODBURY, N. J. (UP) —One' Summer cnme to Dlythevillc to- prisoncr at Gloucester Counly Jail gave Ihe census enumerators their most, difficult problem in this area. The prisoner, whose name was day with a tcmpcralure of 89 at noon loday, despite a cooling wind, and Ihe mercury was slill climbing at llic official wealher station. not revealed, refused to answer the j It was winter Saturday census questions. wilh a low of 38 degrees but Hie "I'm not talking," officials re- 1 low last night was in the GO'S porled him as saying. "You can't! Although everyone was having to but for his country. He's plclur- put. me in Jail because I'm already: difficulty acclimating their bodies returning to France here, nnd furthermore. I don't lo the sudden change, no one was „„.,',, „,„, „,„ rn ,,i,, care how long I stay. U isn't so. heard lo complain nboul the after a fmlough, with full cqulp- bad." . ' warmth. Verification was by Sergeant Moore elcarliij; Ihc wreckage of a Sonth- of the Louisiana slate police al. ern Hallway freight train collision New Orleans. at I*ndvale, ID miles from here, Investigation showed lhat Daw- which cosl the life ol Engineer miralty nnd Senior Defense Minister, silling as chairman and act- Ing as spokesman for the cabinet when full cabinet authority was necessary to any decision. Dftsplle vigorous criticism of Ihe uovernment In newspapers, Including co.'iservnUvc ones, and by opposition leaders, it wns forecast that chamberlain would take his cabinet safe through tomorrow'.'! debate. Chamberlain and Churchill were expected lo be the chief government .spokesmen during the debate, which l.i likely to continue through Tliursdny. it was Indicated that Chamber- n would make n much more In- rmatlve speech on the Norway tnpnlgn Ihnn ho did InsL Thursy and that Churchill, weighing e long range results of Ihe ac- 111, would emphasize that Gcr- any no longer counted as a sea iwer because of her naval losses ice her Invasion of Norway and enmark. Sir Snnmel llonre, nlr minister, ud Oliver Stanley, war minister, ere understood to be ready lo leak If things went badly for the overnmcnt, ' Chief developments aside from lie outspoken criticism of the gov- riimcnl were: An admiralty communlnue brief- buf completely denied German Inlms that a battleship and a miser of Ihe York class had been link by German airplane bombs. Tile Germans claim to have sunk British bnllleshlp and a cruiser n operations oil 1 Namsos are un- rue," Ilic communique said, The war office said:- '"There Is nothing lov report from Narvik. ivlicrc operations are continuing. There Is slight enemy air activity n this area." -..••. Reliable Informants snid that Sir Percy Loriiinc. ambassador lo Itnly, md left for his post at Rome after i visit here. It wns assumed thnt lio hud special Instructions in view of Italy's, intimations that It might scon be In the war — Intimations svhlcii seemed to be counlor-bal- ineed In purl, by Indications that llenllo Mussolini might decide at lenst lo delny Italy's entrance. Though it was forecast that Olmmbcrlnln mlntsUy would survive tomorrow's debalc, Hint dill not mean lhal drastic reorgnnlza- llon might not be necessary soon. Kven Ihe Times, perhaps the most eonslslenl supporler of Iho government, said today: "Tile wnr machinery is too cumbrous for rapid and vigorous Initiative. The war cabinet (eight men) Is still too Inrgc. Its meetings son hnd been cnuyhl under the Iraln and dragged more Hum two miles, us pieces of Ilcsli and clothing was strewn for dial d'alnncc. ' He evidently lost his footing when attempting lo board (he train at Diaz, which is the junellon of the White liivcr Division and the main line of the Missouri Pacific, and here trains slow down on enler- lng an automaltc switch. James P. Smith, 00. of Knoxvd Smith instantly killed arc still allended by loo many experts and advisers. There Is no real addition of strength in the rc- shufTIc such as we had tl'c oilier day. Wlmt Is needed, in Ihc public view, is greater concentration and Klrctiian A. II. Wilson was severely|driving power In Ihe war cabinet scalded by escaping steam, lie wns land more time for thinking ahead, admitted to n Morrislown hospl- Inl. Olher members of the Iraln crews were uninjured. lioth locomotives nud approxi- maldy '10 freight cars were derailed when Ihc collision occurred, at a "cut-oil" junction. What Do You Say About Daylight Saving Time? If the enthusiasm that has greeted (affirmatively) the Courier New:; | daylight saving lime poll so far is any indication an "extra hour" of daylight Is just what Blytheville has been walling for to make II a "perfect summer." Maybe 11 was the first tinge of real summer weather Mils morning; (without a slop for spring in Ihe jump from cold lo hot),mm maybe It was something else again but the "for daylighl saving lime 1 ' bnllols simply swamped Ihc Courier News office Ihls morning. If advocates of Ihc "leave alone" school of thought do not slir themselves into action the poll is gotnu to be a thoroughly one-sided cvenl. Of course Ihe big hurdle probably is ahead in bringing about the change Ihc voters seem lo prefer so decisively at this lime. liul they're saying so with Ihcir voles so emphatically at Ihls time that somebody Is going to have to listen to Ihc clamor. There's sllll llmc-for your vole and your view on the proposal. Will you write It jes or no? while constant Infusion of new blood in Use surrounding ministries, which are :i training ground for the future, should be providing a reserve of proved men." The Times suggested appointment of deputy cabinet ministers to help shoulder the work of overworked chiefs. Sharp County Man Killed When Tree Falls EVENING SHADE, May (J—Henry Christian Htrsch of the Ravenden community^ In northern Sharp county, was killed Friday when struck by a falling tree. Born in Baden. Germany, he came to this country al the age of five. The lamily" first settled in Louisville, Ky., coming to Arkansas in 1910. He was a member of Ihe counly a-;!vislory commltlce and had been a jusllce of the peace for several years. soiindcd, this British soldier promptly went ment—even to his cricket bat. Blythevtlle Courier News Blylhcvllle, Arkansas I am In favor of Daylighl Saving Time for Blytheville... t am opposed lo Daylight Saving Time (or Blytheville... Mark "x" opposite choice. (Signed) Paragoultl Resident Takes Poison, Dies PARACiOULD. May 6.—Peck Mc- Bridc, 54. died after taking aqtmn- tltv of arsenic In a glass of wRlcr nt his home hero Saturday. He had been In falling health. Officers said lie had no Immediate relatives. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, conlln- ;ued warni tonight and Tuesday. : Memphis and vicinity — Partly 'cloudy, continued warm tonight jand Tuesday, lo'wesC temperature I lonlght about 79, .

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