Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 19, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1957
Page 2
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-sorroi Cctablisbed in 1914 l iw 1 ; Tfasrtdkf atarssag al F»T*a* ttffctctLtPTTOy RATES Gotssty • YEAHj FSsJwtte Cocaajr $2 i»: S£COWD CLASS MAIL PRIVHJJGES FAYETTE, K)WA AUTHORIZED AT 19\SS «sy5 1 DOXAJLD Ms. me**- 1 JOSEPHESS BOftCKEHT WAYXE BAHX2S - JDS TtB - ._ Icier irji P .:,LiiJjr; AstJiuw Be _ PT-H-'-t- • .•TLA C -ZCT^tgX-EC -t-r.' EDITORIAL ONE YEAR WITH THE LEADER On 17 Stptettiber 1957 we came to Fayette aod to toe LEADER foUowmg 37 months of military i«j-r«ce. leaving one battle and taking on another — thai of giving Fayette a good newspaper. After a year, we're happy to show our resuiu m thisanniveraary edition, ^e've had a iot of adventures in - the wo rid of journalism and it has been a wealth of ex ' ptrieace. We've also made mistakes and offended a few -rtkne*. SomcTimes, the offenses have been intentional, ' 'other times oversight. We've got some intentional ones —tfoed up far the future. But. as far as our mistakes go, vre wouldn't have "made any if we hadn't tried anything. But, we Eke it here. We're working so your ""LEADER can grow. When, a year ago. we had to go to a prominent tocahnan—because we didn't have enough money of our own to buy the paper—we didn't want to do so. But ""*'"fle v wa* kind and willing to help Fayette keep its paper " and made us the loan. So did another prominent area cftizen aod an Oeiwein hank So, here we are. We're certain the future lies filled with growth and progress for our paper and for our town. Any town the * site of Fayette sbouid have a paper. Any time any group of 1500 people live together as close as we—and e*pe~ pialiy with a college—there should be an active medium of communication such as a paper. That is our part in the community. We hope we can do a good job in the future for YOU! by Reuben i: rV-rV •:rn:r. z- HZW.T. K. :'. L »rri s Ztb-- A'.lzrjzt.. z : fr.-r-, ~j zize T-.;.-. i.- 0» - : " ; d.r»s 4 i - V>-' •. : -r.i- i .. ; (^ ;*._r;r. —.e—c -5 all j :•: ; : i . ™. '. i :vi.^v?:' 4 -": : ';/^" j i- ~e:.i :if— _^ NOT j < rr-a: ".. ; H: - 7i?i".* C: _r.".y j .••*•:«*-•.: J i.' j :':'2 T.:,f7'r-.r. j ^* real _-r A--V 5 «•:•».: ;M^~ir:>- .self,_ * ; _•• ^_tr^ ^ i j • * • * 1 . ...„ J. . . - . - - r - - THE DRIVER'S SEAT Yott had to be. a plumber, steam fitter, acrobat, and not and rich to own an automobile in the late 1890's. Once a man had paid out what amounted to a small fortune to buy an automobile, he had to dress in a linen duster — a long, white coat that kept dust from settling ' dh hJs street clothing — goggles and » heavy hat Riding above a steam boiler that hissed ominously, he used a steering bar that guided the car over rutted roads. He watched a steam gauge, a fuel gauge, an air gauge and, sometimes, the road It was a perilous existence. Mechanically, things improved "^sSpewhat in 1903, when the first sfiaering wheel was invented. The "Stanley Brothers built a racer that "went slightly more than 190 miles an hour in 1907. How ever, It fell apart almost immediately after it achieved that in- "ctedible speed. But motorists still had their teeth jarred mightily every time 'thiy took to the highways. And 'It was not unusual for them to ".""end lip In a vacated cornfield. "bordering states seldom consulted " one' another about road develop meat, and one state's roads fre qj.endy endsd a*, the boundary A a r.e;gl-.boruig m:e. Th_« pr&blem via solved somewhat by the federal government 1925 when the Federai-aid Road Act vis passed to stimulate the building of interstate roads, i But the problems of the moVorists were far from solved. For example, road signs were erected by states, and there was no uniform code to guide highway builders to the best signs. Each state seemed to have its own peculier sign system, and motorists suffered mightily when they crossed from one state to another. In a significant effort to combat this dangerous situation, a uniform sign code was developed in 1925, and the code has been changed to meet improved sign developments since then Today, many of the early problems of motoring have been solved. Now, instead of being a plumber, steam fitter, acrobat, hot and rich, motorists have to be adroit, alert, courteous and safety conscious. Many improvements are being made on our roads. We are paying for vast new turnpikes without cross traffic and red lights. Highway engineers are patting up reflective signs that can be seen at night, when most accidents happen. Safety engineers are making cars safer to crash in. But it still is up to the motorist to get in and drive. And it is more difficult for most people to be courteous and safety con- 5 :.ix 1 „_ .. _ . - - ""2 s :i ~--:c-7Z>:n f .-.rive? as j ;->: >e-rvi-Ye" v»"r .5 » r .i_-.-: - DEFINITE inar- f.r. iJ.ii~-zrzc.-i z*vx'i*K a TKL"m ^-pf -rj-r .-f as tas Ailaru JE*e-Curt*r. ftectr* y^-i.::: z ir.i i ":-:cf«=ra'.:re" •-•vat i-i-i sw-atbe.-j a*, cr.e price. kr.i :t.z pjrLc z\ a&o^ier pr>c«. z>y tiic gis-.^rAzk of the "rraemberssip aiVi^efid" 5y>*^pe or li.vtr the pabhc rje up ar.i d*7fir,3 that Congress and State L*gis!attj»*» ef&^k (javi'n on -&^reai^jg abuj« of "eooperatjve" tix pr:v:;eees a.-.d benefits. Tne SH.ECA. and I.RX.CA. sr.: jli spend more time, thought ar.i rr .-c -r-ey. jetting the TRUE ••facts -rf lift" sbvui cooperatives ac:-:-ss :- J the pubhe. by way of p -hl :r relat;:'.ti activity. Other- •A-.i-r r.n the legislative axe folli. the TRUE cooperatives will, in chopped down, along with the profit seeking groups who u:tder false cooperative colors • • • « A big fancy boat riding trailer in the back lawn, the payments on which are a heavy burden to the family budget, is a mighty silly way to impress the passing public with one's (false) prosperity. But even at it's silliest the boat craze is less silly than the saddle horse craze. The boat and motor don't need be fed and watered 7 days a week. CHURCH SCMEDtTLE Grace LsoWu Church 2- Z>. Waagera. pastor ;>--.•-.-_,* v ,'c-rii.p lb-M a-m. First Methodist Church S^aiay Scixcl S:M t-nt. Ucraisg »ortiif' liJfl t-ns Wcdeyaa Metbodut 5uaday Scfioc-1 8: JO ajn fc-ita ServKt 7.-JS ilrvtajei jiic Service • pJt rVayer bervic* Tfcur». s pm St. Fnm Church FWtfaw Jotoa Raskepf *^a*y 7:|g a. 1 A'eekd%y 7:U »-3»-"^alessiaijs: 7*0 W 9 p.n scious than it would be for them which were the requirements for to be — all in one — a plumber, steam fitter, acrobat and rich No Deep Slump Or Depression; New Boom Coming, Kiplinger Says Washington, D.C. — Current fears of a serious recession are not warranted, according to a special report by the Kiplinger organization, released today. A period of "normal progress" for the next five or six years is predicted by the Washington business reporting firm. Any letdown or slump will be temporary, the editors say, a pause — not a deep slump or depression Then, in five or six years, a rjew fc -jM -n set CiU "ir* fr*»t- *z* oi eoosoEUC grjwth thu cv>jr:trr aas ever knawn". U'nder- .j_-:s the r*w boom art these Population: Extra high btfth rat«5 V=* 4u* 45'*' WW ^;vc^.v * p<H>t*t»t-<ift oulge in the ws' and '"0's of young men arxi womec marrying or ready to zr-irry. Marriages miie homes, scrr.es make business. New predoc^ urw vi*Mi Technifal' scjeutrfvp aa4 7«^ph^Ai ; c &i developments of !h* past few years *re being r>.»r.s4 WRtQ UW, prr-duf s ii &e* jjroducts. GorerniMBt policy: Both par- t.fej asd all political groups are bullish, committed to full employment and an economy going at full speed, with the goyern"- rr .ent arj active Mrtnex. vms TrtrUtiQw Tne bad news is U)St more inflation will §cp8m[»eny the boom, according to the Kiplinger rep-art. Prices will go higher — in ten years, 15 per cent higher, in 25 years, 50 per cent higher. Behind the inflation are three major forces, pushing harcj; Wagrts vising iafifr thaa pro' ductrriry: A continuous push for higher wages can be expected, causing higher prices and then demand fqr more wage* to cover increased living cost. -Y*mw»riu» yiwau/» on pnc**.- Demand for goods everywhere else in the world is greater than tne supply. Prices are going up in all countries and they eflect our economy, too. Government ipendingi No matter what men of either party say the pressure is to expand public spending, so deficits may plague budgets in the future. Public pressure continues to be for big spending, regardless of inflation that comes in its wake. Not all states and localities will share equally in the growth of the next 25 years, the Kiplinger report points out. The biggest single area of growth is the "heartland" area from Pittsburgh to Chicago. Next in growth comes the Atlantic seaboard. New York to Baltimore. Then spectacular California, heading toward beating New York as number one state in population. Then Texas, then 19 5 £PT£MB £ft"ii5f nor.da. whxh is gaining at the highest rate of any Urge state Basinets Cains Spotlighted The r.e-*- boom of the Ws' will br*.ng ar. upsurge m housing, ac- c:3VtnH by further suburban £Mrarth. iiscr»ased land price?, j6ore luxury homes. LvJ ^eii -r -S Vf" ill ir.U •:'<!.'• All the talk about small business feefr.g doomed is "a lot of bunk." •iccordir.g Jo the editoris SerV.re lines will grow fast; retailing, repair, maintenance bajikir.g. real estate, insurance, as well as recreation, travel and vacation-connected businesses Jfo Tax R«U«f — Income* Up Along with the boom and inflation will come a steep rise in incorr.e-s. until family spending doubles its present level in the •®0's'. Even with discount* for uiflation and higher price*, there -A-iU be mare family spending. Lower income groups will deems* in number, as families move up the Income scale—more 1 middle and upper income fami-, lies. And there will be increasing numbers of rich familit™ of varying grades, u continuation of pas{ afta present uends Taxes will not decrease Though federal t^xea may be, cut, state and local ta.ges will rue at § faster rate, m total tax biil wilj atay hiuh. No Big War Total defense spending will gradually decline, perhaps to 3fj billions instead of^ present *0 bjl- , liorts. pif§t small #tef»s toward • dUaFJnsment may take five to 10 years, but total disarmament is not in the picture. As for war, the Kiplinger organization forecasts there will be no big war. SmaJJ wars may threaten an,d come and go, but RO world conflict u likely, the report cortclvidfri Professional & Business Directory DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWERY WEST UNION. IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Aulo-Fire-Liability and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Sernce Ambulanoe Serrice Phone 199, Fayette Fayette and Maynard Gene Wrn. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE. IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing Heating * Wiring Needs Radio It TelerUion SERVICE Schneider EJectricaJ Appliance Store Call 96 Fayette, l a . DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Open Daily- and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Pho " 6 " Faynte YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 2M Linden Street West Union, Iowa In. urance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phoae 14 *oi ANTHONY JOHN Horumn Dr. Harry I. Robuuo D OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 «_ia.—« 9A fh. IS6 olc. F» r *u. Black 79 re*. i(nr DR. H J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 ray as*, la. Kinoerfiein Gub Will Meet September 24th The Kinderllein Club will meet Sept. 2Hth at 8:^ n.m &t thc- han\e c>f Alms MRM, AflSOfle with pre-school age eWldran U Invited to attend. The guest speaker will be Mr. Dewight Miller. District School Psychologist, West Union. Iowa. Solid Chunk' Makes TV Star Of Panel Door One of rr reasons televi- J. C Stotts Are VUitor* In Fay©tte Mf- and Mrs, J, C. 3totts. Bloom tng Paralrie, spent several daya viaiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sklpton, Volga River Riders To Have Trail RUe The Volga River Riders are having an Invitational trail ride •Sttoday, Sept- 22, starting at 10:30 from the Wadena Sale barn. Pot luck lunch at noon. Everyone is welcome to come. ...u.... .vaiuii) ieievj-1 sion scer.ic designers prefer to i use p.r.e par.el doors on their) sets is the so:;d sound they make when they >w;ng shut. «4, 'There's r.o annoying clatter, when a nervous actor happens to slam a panel door," says top • designer Larry Eggleton, of CBS-TV. "Just a solid 'chunk.' *\ Eggleton. who designs sets for Studio One, often uses stock panel doors of ponderosa pine.' "The panels give us good three-' j dimensional, textured quality in i backgrounds," he says, "and the ' pine is easy to stain or paint for the effect we need." RFD Briafs >*ou BETTER LIVING Whatever yea mr% wltt • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nite Lamont P. 2-58 jfresh ideas iCflrlE IIVIPROl/EfVIEIViT with Aluminum *lTyoiu ax* considering the purchase oi Aluminum Storm windows or Doors for your ~ you owe it to yourself to investigate the many advantages ofAlRSEAL windows and doors; Each unit s* custom made and completely in walled ^iriyflia m*hf faptory trained workoMm. For free color folder aod price IbCf write WINDOW CO jiia^^i. Wij^ _ Box 296 Fayette, ionra THERMOGAS The P ,*f e -„t; IP BOTTLED GAS SERVICE tint Yoa CHIHIHCN U UWgTMMC . CLOTHIS 0tYIM« tii^MZMm • lEMUGEtATION AA AircTXi**d in : WALLACES' FA AMU WISCOMStN ASaiCULTUHiT ptAiaic FAaun look for viii trtitffiATk Live Be-.ut. .. wiUl THERMOGAS d*p*rri*Ll* THERMO­ GAS S-rnr .re. Gene Wm. Singer Fayette, Iowa Phone 247 . You'll have a ball in your kitcli 4| Men you cook better... ABOUT THIS QUESTION "I hear that your agency has a special Cotnprebenr- sire Dwefitng Policy that covers a home- not otoly against fire damage, bat rirtuafiy «8 pfaysicai loaa. Does this rjoficy also nay loss of rent, or the extra cost of tiring elsewhere jan» til the home is redaireO*?" f ayrtte tnsnrace YaoH (eel like dancing in your kitchen too —when you cook with' a new* automatic electric range. There's more time for fun—and more energy too —when automatic lime and temperature controls take,the guesswork o«t of cooking . . . start and stop oveoa and surface unit*, so that you won 't even have to watch food cook. You'lt tar (oooVby to burnt food and boilover* —when you cook better—live bettor— eieetricaUy. See the new electric ranges at yew local dealer's . . . aitd V4SlTYOUREtECTRIC APPLIANCE OEAIiER

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