Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 25, 1951 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1951
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT, VERNON, ILLINOIS FOURTEEN MILLION SLAVES: SOVIET UNION IS VAST LABOR CAMP — THIRTY THOUSAND BUILD BLACK SEA NAVY BASE SAUDI 'AKA8IA mmm Swimmer Drowns Rescuing Girl EDWARDSVILLE, 111.. June 25. —Karl Fish, 16, an expert swimmer tossed into a lake with three others when a raft overturned yesterday, held his sweetheart afloat until a rescue boat arrived —and then drowned. June Kniscr, 16, who can't swim, was pulled to safety in the boat just as her boy friend, exhausted, wont under. He was vice president of his high school class here and only yesterday morning he servetl as "junior preacher" at the First Baptist church, of Edwardsville. The raft overturned in Dunlap Lake southeast of here, about 100 feet from shore and in 30 feet of water. Another Edwardsville couple, Norma Jean Prown, 17, and C. J. Nealy, 23, also was thrown into the lake, Nealy swam back to the raft with Miss Brown, who cannot swim. Fish's body was recovered with grappling hooks. . M BY LEON DENNEN NEA Staff Correspondent » UNICH, Germany—(NEA)—An army of Romanian slave laborers believed to number 30,000 men and women is working on the construction of a huge Soviet naval and submarine base on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, refugees who recently arrived in Western Germany from Romania report. Officially, the Communist government of Bucharest claims to be building a canal to link the Danube with the Black Sea. But according to eyewitness accounts it is a vast Russian war project to link too, are prisoners. Even some of the technicians who are free are forced to live under strict military discipline. The prisoners live in wooden barracks placed right in the middle of the marshes. Only removable bridges and ladders link the barracks with land. * * • • WORK IS DONE mostly in water. It begins at dawn and ends late in the evening, with only a half hour break for lunch. The diet consists mostly of fish which are caught in Lake Tessaul by special of slave laborers. The toll of lives is particularly heavy on the construction of the dam. The equipment is old and inadequate. Only German machines are used, Moscow promised the Romanian government to supply the necessary equipment for the construction of the dam but it was never delivered. Human slaves instead, must do the work of the machines. The construction was started in -August, 1950, and is believed to be near completion. Lake Tessaul with the Black Sea near Mama la, iiorth of Constanza. • * • THE ENTIRE ARE.A between Mamaia and Midea, where a dam two and a half miles in length is under construction, has been sealed off by barbed wire fences. It is closely guarded by specially picked detachments of the Romanian security police under the command of officers of the Russian M. V. D. The Kremlin apparently does not trust its Romanian satellite. Anti-aircraft guns dot the area. Hundreds of light naval patrol boats are massed along tlie Black Sea coast. No unauthorized Romanian citizen can approach within 15 miles of the fonccd-off area. Only two slave laborers are known to have escaped alive from the project. The forced laborers have been recruited almost entirely from the ranks of the Communist regime's politcial opponents. They are the so-called "enemies of the people." The vast majority of the engineers LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue of an order and decree of the Countl Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, in probate, entered on the 16th day of June, 1951, on the petition of Roger E. Webb, as Public Administrator in and for Jefferson Countj, tn the State of Illinois, for leave to sell the real estate of the estate of Ida Caleda Adams, deceased, to pay debts and costs and expenses of administration, he shaJ! on the 14th day of July, 1951, at the hour of 1:00 P. M. on said day, sell at public vendue at the south door of the County Court House in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, in said County, the following described real estate: The Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section Thirty (30). Town One (1) South, Range Four (4) East of the Third Principal Meridian, excepting three (3) acres more or less in said tract described as follows: Beginning at the Northeast Corner of said tract and running thence West along the North line of said tract eleven and one-third (U 1-3) rods, thence South parallel with the East line thereof forty-eight (48) rods, thence East parallel with the South line thereof eleven- and one- third (11 1-3) rods to the East line thereof; thence North along said East line to the place of beginning, situated in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, on the following terms, to-wit: Cash on date of sale and subject to the general taxes now due or whifch may hereafter be assessed; subject also to the approval of the court. Dated this the 18th day of June, A. D. 1951. ROGER E. WEBB, Public Administrator for Jefferson County, Illinois, and Administrator of the Estate of Ida Caleda Adams, deceased. JOE FRANK ALLEN Mt. Vernon City Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois Attorney. 7-2 NOTICE OF CLAIM DAY Notice is hereby given to all persons that Monday, August 6, 1951, is the claim date in the estate of Myrna Mae Welty, Deceased, pending in the County Court of JEFFERSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS, and that claims may be filed against the said e.state on or before said date without issuance of summons. ROY A. JONES, Administrator George W. Howard, Jr., Attorney. Attorney at Law Howard Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois 7-9 IMOTICE OF CLAIM »AY Notlne is hereby given to all persons that Monday. AuRiist 6, 1951, Is the claim date in the estate ot John P. Beamon, Deceased, pending In the County Court of Jefferson County. Illinois, and that claims may be filed aRattist the said estate oh or before said date with Issuance of aummons. OP.AL JOKES, -Administrator GEORGE W. HOW.-\.RD. Jr.. Attorney. Howard Building. Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 6-36 E.\KCl'TOR'» NOTICE Or CI,\IM OATK E.state of Sarah F. Archer, D« cea.seti. 'i'he Miidersisnpd havinR been ap pointed I':.\e(.uitor of tlie last Wil nnd Te.stament ot Sarah F. Archer decea.««d harehv xives notice'tha Monday, the 6th day of .\UKUSt 195i S.s the claim date for said estate, and that all claims may be filed azalnst the estate of the said de cedent ftn or before said date with out Issuance of .summons. OBEDtAH A. GRANT. Executor. LOtr .4.V.V DOROTHl', Attorney at Law. 310 N. 7th St., Mt. Vernon, 111. «-25 THE SOVIET UNION, comprising; one-sixth of the world's land HUrface, actually Is one vast slave labor camp as far as its 14 million unfortunate forced laborers are concerned. This newsmap, based on a documented map prepared by Isaac Don Levlne for the Free Trade Union Committee of the American Federation of Labor shows the location of most of the known slave labor areas administered by the GULAG—the Soviet slave labor trust. Hammer and sickle symbols represent .sprawling areas served by prisoners of the GULAG, who are a vital clement in nearly every essential Russian industr.y. Excessive crowding «»f the map prevents spotting every slave labor camp which has been authenticated by sources of the Free Trade Union Committee. Quebec was the capital of Canada from 1760 to 18.54, when the seat of government was transferred to Ottawa. i HOME FOR SALE, TRADE OR k LONG LEASE-BY OWNER ^ 227 S. 18fh 7 rooms—3 bed rooms, large closet in each room. Carpeted throughout upstairs and down. Hot water heater, stokef, hot water heat, IVa baths. Half way between Field and Jr. High school. Venetian blinds throughout. Curtains. Ready to move in. New awning on every window. See Troy Hawkins 205 N. 14th Enough milk to fill a river 3000 miles long, 40 feet wide, and three feet deep is produced in the United States annually.. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE KSTATl-; OF CHARLES HOLMES, DECE.ASED. Notice is hereby given to all persons that Monday. AuKUSt 6, 1961, Is the claim date In the estate of Cliarles Holmes, Dccea.sod. pendins in tlie County Court of Jeffer.son County, Illinois, and that claims mav be filed against the .said e.state on or hetore .said d.ate without issuance of summons. H.\RRY A. RICH, Administrator. Hill & Dolan. Attorneys for .Administrator. 1002 Main Street. . , Mt. Vernon, Illinois. T-2 L L PHEMISTER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1007 Moin —Tel. 187 NOTICE OF LETTING (1) Sealed proposals will be received in the office of the Village Clerk until 6 o'clock P. M., July 3, 1951, for furnishing materials required in the maintenance of Art. St. No. 1 to 4, Municipality Rome and at that time publicly opened and read. (2) Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished by the Municipality which may be obtained at the office of Village Clerk, and shall be enclosed in an envelope endorsed "Material Proposal," Section Maintenance." (3) The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities. Proposal guarantee will not be required. A surety bond for the full amount of the award will not be required. By Order of VILLAGE BOARD OF ROME. JOHN WARD, Dix, III. June 23, 1951 Village Qerk. New two bedroom modern home shown above. Modern kitchen and bath, hardwood floors, utility room; Gl loan on property. Suburban location—priced at $7000. l.—Very Liveable five room modern home, with nice lawn and shade; 2 acres ground, garage, Fairfield Road—price $10,000. 2.—Store building and modern living quarters—established location— good investment—price $13,!i00. 3.—The "Million $ Grape" property at 1500 Salem Road. Building is 50x60 feet; nice lot, city water, immediate possession—terms. 4.—Small down payment, balance like rent buys business building on state highway in Opdyke, III., with living quarters on second floor. 5.—Income property, east part—$95 month rental—price $6000. NOTICE OF CLAIM DAY Notice is hereby given to all persons that Monday, August 6, 1951, Is the claim date in the estate of Norwood E. Welty, Deceaset,. pending in the County Court of JEFFERSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. ROY A; JONES, Administrator Qeorge W. Howard, Jr., Attorney. Howard Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois 7-9 Autharlia* OMitr tar STEWAKT WAKNCR Ud CAPEHARl RADIOS ud TELEVISrON QuarantMt talM utm S«r *tM 1S09 resdwair—^hant (StS (M Ui Fo* Muilcai InitrymanU a«4 Wa Hava Addatf a Ltna •« *9Vi *tn» ANOTHER WISE DECISION MR. AND MRS M. B. PARKER are the proud owners of this beautiful, modern (FHA Construction Approved) home. This Delightful Home Represents Some of the Best Construction in the City of Mt, Vernon! This Home Was Created, Constructed, and Sold Through the Facilities of Mount Vernon's Outstanding Builder EARL D. JAMISON We Consider It an Honor and Privilege to Have Lovely People Like the Parkers Reside in the Exclusive JAMISON-MANNEN SUBDIVISION JAMISON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENCY TELEPHONES: 372 -373 JULIA RUTHERFORD —REAL ESTATE JOHN R. WOOLSEY, Solesman Phone 400 or 48 1011 Moin St $200 Cash, $2g per month, buys 3 rooms, north part—price 13000. 9 room modern home in west part—2 bathi, basement, suitable for duplex; cottage In rear. Immediate possession. A real buy for quick sale. 41 acre farm, 5 miles east ot city, 4 room house, barrt, chicken house, electricity, telephone—price $3500. $500 cash, balance like rent, buys 4 room all modern bungalow, north part; built-in bath built-in cabinet, hardwood floors, poesesslon July 1—a real buy. Price only $5500. For rent—4 room modern furnished apartment, 712 .Tordan; 2 room modern furnished apartment, 315 south Ith. Fhone 400 or 48. MR. AND MRS. EDWARD D. HARRISON pur. chase the 5 room home located at 1210 South 24th Street from Mr. and Mrs. George Imhoff for a home. All parties in this transaction were represented by— A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR RELIABLE REAL E3STATE DEALERS" 315 S. 10th St. Room B 'Phonet: 251-75S JOE P. BOYLE & GEORGE M. COX REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE Horvey Wiiliomson - Don Thomet, Solttmcn 1009 Main St. — Phon« 3150 New 4 room bungalow, modern except heat, 10 acre* of land, t miles out. i% acres, 5 room house, close in, all weather road— $1000^ down. New 4 room bungalow, modern except heat, attached ffarace. near 26th street, west Broadway. S room modern bungalow, 97 feet hard road frontaye. near Sum- mersviile school, east hard roatf— priced reaaenable. New 4 room modern bungalow, suburban, city water—$5000. Ternu. $750 down and $60 per month, buys two properties on one lot, paved street. Franklin school—$4750. The former Kerley restaurant; equipment only. Priced cheap and on best of terms. See us for building lots— we have a food rarlet.?. Itecil G. Murphj REAL ESTAn AND INSURANCE Marvin L Maore - Frank Hopkins Saleimen GLENN MURPHY. Broker 1118 Main St.*-Phon« 217 1.—Income property consisting of 4 unit apartment building with all furnishings. Income $167.50 per month. 317 South 9tb street. Out of town owner will saerlflce for quick sale. 2.—Mr. Investor—of all the Investments in Mt. Vernon do not overlook this one bringing in $500 per month. Building 40x160, haa four 4 room apartments, two .1 rooms and one t room apartment upstairs, office and garage with double duty car or truck lift on ground floor. Another feature is the location—402 Main street. Don't let this bargain pass. 3.— a room modern ranch type home, hardwood floor*, modern kitchen and bathrooms, utility room with oil furnace, lot 7.'Sx200, located close in east. 4.—4 room bungalow, garage, coal house and ehicken house—only $2500. 6.—Good 8 room house nicely arranged in two 4 room apartmeata, located close in on 15th street. S,—E.\ce]lent building site, corner lot, Northbrook Drive. 7.—Out of town owner will sell 5 room modern bungalow, Venetian shades. Insulated, full basement, furnace, garage— weat part. 8.—Grocery stock of goods and flxtures, good loeation. •.—90 or 133 acres, 4 miles southeast of Mt. Vernon on Lynebbort road, house and barn, 3 ponds and 3 wells, improved road, eloac to school and high school bus line. Ground hai bean limed and improved; farm mostly In corn. If ooid soon will let 1/S of crop 10.—4 room bungalow, modern except heat; also > room eottage «B same lot. Priced to .sell—IBth street. 11.—5 acres more or less on the Fairfield Road, with ar wlthont buildings—good building site. 12.—3 Vi acres. 4 room house, good out buildings, eieetricity—WaltonvUio Road. BEN E. SMITH OftlM IIU V. H QUIGLEY 8ALESMAf4 f 18 flmitli IMIt IHwH 8 Room duplex, modern except heat: earner tot. paved tiroH, in, west—easy terms. 7 Rooms, newly decorated tnsMe and out, water systcas. IH*!*. t lots in Waltonville—$5500. 3 Room house, water, ctectrtelty. large ehicken howM, at adi* •! town—easy terms. 4 "Room, new house, insulated rockweol, 2 lots, glaaaed-in back pMNfek water in house $4230. Located in Bonnie 5 Rooms, water and lights. 605 Bell street. Can be bmight «• terms. 4 room new house, modern except heat, west location, good ti iW. Price $4750—a good buy. 4 room, modern except heat, west location; $40* down— total priea, $5000. 12 Room apartment house, all furnished and modern— $7Stt« toV down payment Farms—7, 8, 10, 30. 40, 80. ISO, 20« acre. LISTINGS WANTED: FARM and CltV PROPIBTT : Here Is the buy—new .1 room efficiency, long living rmm, (IreplaM. hardwood floors, built-in bath, modem kitchen, fall bMWment, furnace, west edge of city. Prewar 5 room modern bungalow, built-in cabinets, bath, basement, stoker heat, 2-car garage, corner lot, 916 south 2l8t street- only $7500. Beautiful 7 rooms, ultra modern, long living room, fireplace, built- in liitehen, 2 </2 baths, hardwood floors, fine basement, play room, gas heat, garage, exclusive south side location—vacant. Attractive 4 rooms, modern, built-in bath and kitchen, hardwood floors, full basement, garage, west—only $7850. We have 2 new 6 room ultra modern ranch style homes near completion. Extra nice B rooms, modem, fireplace, hardwood floors, bilUt- in bath, modern kitchen, tine baae- ment, furnace, garage, No. t Shaw's Garden—a bargain. New 4 rooms, painted piaster. walls, built-in cabinets, t bedrooms, garage—only |31S0. New 5 room modern raneh style, long living room, hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern kitchen, den, breezeway, garage, M- burban—only flO,000. 4 rooms, kitchen sink, fall M, 1112 Westcott—terms. 5 rooms, full basement, 1 men, airport road, easy terms. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR RELIABLE REAL ESTATE DEALERS* 315 South 10th Street, Room B — Telephone 251-7^ SEE US FOR THE FINEST SELECTION OF REAL ESTATE. ,3iie. J/- CITY HOMES ^"r^^a^^ • FARMS ^iHsfigeBUSlNESS LEASh NEW LOCATION TENTH & HARRISON Som« Phonti 62.78f FOR YOUR CONVINIENCt "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" For aale or trade—small down payment, baUnee Uke Mnet 2520 W. College, about 3 years old. Five rooms, hardwood floors, newly decorated Inside, built-in bath, built-in cabinets, full baae- ment, full lot. A wonderful new home tn the Fielda and inatar high school district. $4500 with a $500 down payment, buys 5 room new bungalow, modern except heat, hardwood floors, built-in bath, fall tot, fine location, near City Park. Immediate possession. 6 room efficiency with 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, carpeted, awnings, tMs modern with plenty of shade, built -in feature*, eacoUcat to- cation. Price will surprise you. Fine 4 room modern brick home and utility room, excellent loeaUoa, garage. This home is near transportation and ii really n fine home lor the price. $500 down, balance $35 per month buys a 4 room home; veaatiu shades, newly decorated, city water. Fine location west part. 1006 Oakland Avenue, 8 rooms, two baths, hot water heater, boaa- tiful shade. One of Mt. Vernon's finest homes. WiU MU easy payments or will exchange for other property. 60 acres, modern d room house. An Ideal home with an abundaal shade, chicken house, barn, other outbuildings— priced to aeU. Brick home with i rooms, all modern, two bedrooms, plenty •> clothes closets, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, oil heat. This house is worth the price and worth seeing. 4 rooms, 1118 Westcott—bargain. New ranch-type brick bungalow, full basement, large lot. attachad garage, hardwood floors, fireplace, finest locatio.n north. Indian Chief housetraiier—3 rooms, refrigerator, stove, electric kat water heater, 3 beds, « closets— a real beauty. WiU fell «r exchange for Mt. Vernon property. Restaurant in "Kerley" buUdlnc across from IlUaois Brokerai*. Sau> down payment, balance Uke rent to responsible paraty. A sptoadM opportunity to make money. New 5 room effloieaoy colonial bangalow. hardwood ftoars, oil haat. hot water heater, wired for eleetrle «,tove, tan>e, baUt>ta bat*. built-in cabinets, Inralated, S414 Herbert— Immcdiaia pmtadtm. Coniuif d RMI ItMt $p«i«Hi» k»owt wh» has hod ov»t rwenty yeart of iueee«»fttl •xporiciiM> W# will mok. you o CASH OF«R foi yo«f hom^mHim

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