The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 5, 1963 · Page 5
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 5

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1963
Page 5
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MONDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 5. 1963 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT FIVE Weather Record Almost Two Inches of Rain Has Fallen Since July 30 We've had almost two inches of rain in the past week — about half the normal rainfall for July or August. The keeper of such records — the city engineer's staff — show that 1.87 inches of rain has fallen here since July 30. That's almost half the normal rainfall — 3.81 inches — for the entire monlh of July and more than half the normal — 3.49 inches — for August. Almost three quarters of an inch of it — .72 inches to be exact — came over the weekend — .58 inches recorded Saturday and .14 inches Sunday. Since last Tuesday the city has liad rainfalls of .09, 1.06, .58 and .14 inches for the 1.87 inch lotnl. "Everyone should be happy," saici Norman Monette, who keeps Ihe records, (he clerk CRA'S Beauty Solon CLOSED For Vacation REOPENS August 12 Just before the rains came city officials were beginning to anxious eyes toward the depleting water supplies in the reservoirs. Six-Year-OldTot Hurt Swinging At Windsor Lake Six-year-old Wanda McKinney. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McKinney of West Road, Clarksburg, injured at Windsor Lake Sunday afternoon, was reported in good condition today by ler mother, Mrs. McKinney said her daughter slipped from a swing while playing at the lake and fell on ler back. The child was stunned for a few minutes, her mother said, but had recovered consciousness by the time a doctor arrived at the scene. Dr. Irving I. Selsby who responded to the emergency call allowed the child lo be> taken to :ier home and advised (he par. ents to keep her quiet for a few days, Mrs. McKinney said this morn- ng her daughter appears to have recovered from her injury, To Stay Out of City A drunkenness charge against a 31-year-old Florida resident was, filed in District Court this morning after the court obtained the defendant's promise !o stay out of North Adams. He was picked up last nig after a disturbance in the Plx nix Professional Building. NO TOW TRUCK NEEDED — Volunteers and police hold car of Amedee Levesque from rolling over as they try to bring it onto road after it rolled riderless down East Main Street Extension onto bank. This was but one of the birthday woes of Mr. Levesque. The police are, left to right, Henry Maronr and Arthur Barbeau. 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Warren has a fast-spoken South era accent that lingers from ear Her years in the South. A nativi of Kentucky and outspoken on Civil rights, his love for skiin; drew him lo Vermont. Gives Inienievr The Civil Rights issue, he said, ii an interview with the Brattteboro Reformer at his "workshop" in pine woods, has been made a mat ter of 'bad Southerners'—many in the South feel this bitterly—when it actually is a national problem and a human problem. "There is no solution lo the prob lem but removal of segregation of all kinds that do not touch private action." The author of "Segregation", a 1956 book of essays, and "At Heaven's Gate", a novel of present-day South, Warren said he is 'delighted" with Negro demon ;rations outside the South because le claimed, they show the issue > "not one of sectionalism." National Approach "It makes me hope we cat] gel a national approach to this," ne said. And he added: "Fortunately, you can't cry 'nigger' and get elected any more in the South." A resident of Fairfield, Conn. Warren who has a wife and two children, has been coming to itratton since 1958. He is building a second vacation home in five years on the banks of Ball Mountain Brook. It will overlook Strat:on Mountain. Of Vermonters, particularly the older ones, he said they are "like he rural people of my youth in Kentucky and Tennessee. They ;ive me a nostalgic feeling. They lave old fashioned attitudes, they :ave self-reliance and closc-billen lumor." Planning Novel Warren is currently planning a lontemporary novel witli a Tennessee setting. "I have to keep writing fo pay or it," he explained, grinning in he direction of the home under construction. Of modern day literature in America, Warren said: "It cer- ainly is not one of our great icriods," but there arc outstand- ng writers "easy lo overlook be- :ause they are young; they have nany years ahead of them." He named the four of them: Eaul Bellow, William Styron and xwls Robert Lowell and Richard Sberhardt. Dr. Cosline's office closed un- il Monday t Aug. 19.—adv. Thomas Reran Takes Job In West Palm Beach Thomas J. Heran, .Transcrip classified ad manager m year is joining the staff of the We: Palm Beach (Fla.) Post-Times. Mrs. Arthur C. Webb of Nor! St., Cheshire, will replace him. Before coming to The Tran script Mr. Heran was an accout c .ecutive with the Asbury Par (N.J.) Press. Mr. Heran, his wif and two young daughters Frida will move to Florida from the home on the Taconic Trail, Wi liamstown. Mrs. Webb, mother of four chi dren ranging in age from 11 20, had worked in the classifie department for a year one yea ago. Previously she had been crec it manager of England Bros. , partment Store in Pittsfield. Brought up in Hartford, Conn she was graduated from Weave High School and Merchants an Bankers Business School, both i ;hat city: Albert F. Rose Ends Air ROTC Training Albert F. Rose, son. of Mr. a Mrs. Joseph F. Rose of 114 Eagl St., has completed four weeks of summer training as an Ai ROTC cadet at Otis Air Fore Base. Rose, who will return to Si Michael's College in Winoosk Park, Vt., as a senior nex nonth, will receive his commis ion in the Air Force Reserv on his graduation next June. At Otis Air Force Base h ^ad four weeks of indoctrinatio n various phases of operations and orientation rides in jet air craft. Rose has been a member of th Air ROTC unit throughout hi irst three years at St. Michael' and as a junior was a cadet sec ond lieutenant in the corps. H also has been active in musica groups there. Following his return from camp ie has gone to work at the Wall Itrecter Shoe Co. plant pending lis return to college. Allowing TOO Closely Costs Two $5 Apiece In District Court today two «rsons were fined $5 each fo ollowing too closely, charge irought as the result of one ac :ident on Slate Road July 28. George W. Schumacher, 33, irlington, Va., pleaded guilty am Mary Ann Maeonga, 20, of 416 Church St. entered a nolo plea The Maeonga car collided will ne rear of a slopped vehicle on tale Road and Schumacher's car lien rammed Miss Maconga's ar, police said. There were no njuries reported. Dr. Arthur L. Mazzu out o own July 27 through August 8 —adv. the ONE place to call for money the minute you want Hi YESI For cash In « hurry, cill B«n*flcl*l. Git cash fast for vacation—cash fast for any good reason. The folks at Beneficial like to say"Yesl" Call...this nry mlnuttl BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. loans $20 to $3000 — Up to 36 months to r«p«y Loans life-Insured at low cost 59 MAIN ST. (Over Liggett's) NORTH ADAMS MOhawk 3-5306 • Ask for the YES MANager 6PEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT — PHONE FOR HOURS O \W, BENCflCIAL FINANCE CO. Lenhoff Says He Hasn't Abrogated Solicitor's Duties City Solicitor Bernard Lenhoff said today thai he hasn't abrogated his dirties as the city's legal officer on the Harrimnn Airport ranway project bidding situation. A story appearing in Friday's Transcript makes it look that way, he added. "Up To Commission" That story said that, in effect, Mr. Lenhoff has ruled that it's up to the city's Airport:Commission to decide whether the Jow bid submitted on the ?132,000 runway extension project is legal. Today Mr. Lenhoff said his opinion was that it lies within the discretion of the commission as to whether the bidding requirement — not met by the low bidder — shall be waived and the bid accepted. Doyle Brothers Construction Co. of Worcester and Paxton had submitted the low bid at $114,473.50, almost $3,000 less than the next lowest bid. But the Doyle bid was accompanied by a certified check of $2,500: required in the specifications was a $3,500 certified check. Such checks are normally required of bidders as a bid guaranty or a sign of good faith tha they will follow through on th project. The checks of unsuccess ful bidders are returned. Rends from Opinion This is what Mr. Lenhoff reaf from his opinion today: .... it is my opinioh that the Airport Commission has the right power and authority to determin whether it will consider the bid submitted accompanied by a cer lified check in an amount les' than was required providing thn the public interest be servec 'hereby. Whether the public interes will be served thereby in waivin; ;he hid deposit requirement, the ;aid commission should take inl> consideration the effect such ac lion may or may not have on fu ture competitive bidding in the city of North Adams." It appears to boil down to this —it is still up to the Airport Com mission. L Boudreaus Wed 25 Years, Feted at Party A silver anniversary party was held' Sunday afternoon for Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boudreau of 103 EraceweU Ave., at the Clarksburg Volunteer Fire Department Hall. Tlie affair was attended by about 100 relatives, friends and neighbors. An anniversary cake was made by Mrs. Bouclreau's sister, Mrs. Rose Rhodes. The couple received a money tree and numerous other gifts. Luncheon was served by Mrs. Boudreau's sisters-in-law and nieces. The couple has three daughters, Sister Mary Eymard and Sister Mary Louise/ both of the Order of Sisters of St. Anne, and Miss Louise Boudreau of 103 Bracewell Ave. Amedee Levesque Is Heavily Beset By Birthday Woes The stock birthday phrase "one to grow on" should be amendec to "one to grow old on," judging from the ill-luck befalling Amedee Levesque yesterday. Celebrating his birthday with a fishing trip to Sadawga Lake in Whitingham, Vt., Sunday morning, Levesque inadvertently tumbled headlong into the pond clothes and the works. Capping the day's misadventures yesterday afternoon, Levesque's packed car rolled rider- less down the East Main Streel Extension and then off the road and up a bank near the Mohawk Trail intersection where it teetered precariously. Police Patrolmen Henry Ma roni and Arthur Barbeau, summoned by persons who saw the car's run-away antics, enlisted the aid of several residents of the area in holding the car upright while it was pushed down off the bank. It was driven away ay Mr. LeVesque under ib own power, but made odd noises that indicated it had incurred some damage to add to the owner's oirthday woes. Chances are, if Mr. Levesque had elected to spend yesterday snuggled comfortably in bed, he would have had nightmares. Shower Miss Jacqueline Rlomn Miss Jacqueline Blouin of 46 Hudson St. was guest of honor at a miscellaneous shower given Friday night by her aunt, Mrs. Francis Piaggi of 70 Maple St. Co-hostesses were Mrs. James Charon and Mrs. Philip Corsi, both aunts of Miss Blouin. Miss Blouin will be married Saturday, Aug. 10, to Peter Me], lin of 117 River St. Jailed for 30 Days Norman Tatro, 45, of Mill Rd., ilamford, Vt,, was sentenced to 30 days in the House of Correction after pleading guilty of drunkenness in District Court this morning. Police arrested him Saturday afternoon when he was found asleep near 41 Prospect St. Engagement •BARBARA DONLIN Miss Barbara Don lin To Wed R. S. Morton Mrs. Edna Donlin of 59 Kemp Ave., has announced the engagement of her daughter, Miss Barbara Donlin, to Robert S. Morton, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Morion if Wilmington. Miss Donlin, whose father was he late Raymond Donlin of this city, is a ISfiO graduate of Drury High School and attended Nasson College, Springvale, Me. She is TOW a senior at North Adams State College. Mr. Morion, a graduate of Hopedale High School, is also a setlior at the local college. The wedding is planned for next summer. Find Missing Plane In Cafskills With Bodies of Fliers The bodies of two Long Islam fliers yesterday were brough down from a mountain in Net York's Calskills where the) crashed Tuesday after complej ing a mercy flight. Wreckage of their light planl was spotted by the pilot's son. 1 had slammed into Stoney Clovt Mountain near the spot wherl a 12-year-old boy was ace Wen tally shot to death. The shootinj was Die reason for the flight. The victims, William Roed, 47 of Nesconset, and Peter Martinez 21, of Honkonkoma, had flown th( dead boy's parents to Albany N. Y. after the shooting. TheJ charged them nothing. They were heading back tt Islip, Long Island, when they die< in the crumpled cockpit of theii plane. The cause of the acciden' was not immediately announced Until Saturday the Northert Berkshire Civil Air Patrol ha< the only plane searching Wes tern Massachusetts for the miss inf* pair. Saturday the CAP plane pflotei alternately by 2nd Lt. Willfart M. Kirby of Williamstown an^ 2nd Lt. Albert V. Perreault o! North Adams was joined by thres National Guard aircraft from Ft Devons. Dr. Perron's office closed—adv Bad Breath 1 Sweetens Mouth-Stomach in 5 Minutes or your 35$ back at drugget. Chew Bell-ans tablets Vi'fieneYcr you think your breath may offend. Bell-ans neutraliie acidity, sweeten mouth and stomach Jike magic. No harmful rJrugs, Gel Bell-ans. send postal toBelJ-ans, OrangebiHg, N. Y., lor liberal fria sample. Birch Kitchen Cabinets Let us help you with your plans. It will cost less if you obtain expert assistance first! WE DO ALL KINDS OF REMODELING! OLESON SALES North Eagle Street— Dial MO 3-9075 Open Daily, Thursday and Friday Evening* Today In History (ttii Hie Aamr.tntctl /Yes.?) Today is Monday, Aug. 511), 217th day of 1063. There are 148 days left in (lie year. Today's highlight in history: On this dale in 1858, the trans' Atlantic cnblc wns completed be- ween Trinity Bay, Newfoundlanc and Valcntia, Ireland. However t wasn't until ]8«5 that the firsl uccessful oceanic cable was put lown. # « * On this date: In 1020, two Pilgrim ships— lie Mayflower and (he Spccdwe' .sailed from Southampton, Eng- and, but returned to Dartmouth 'hen the Speedwell became un- caworthy. In 1775. Capl, Don Juan Manuel \ynla sailed through Ihe Golden Gate in what is the first recorded nlranee by a white man into San 'rancisco Bay. In 188-t, the cornerstone of the tatue of Liberty was laid on Bedoe's Island—now Liberty Island- New York Harbor. In 1SM2, the British repudiated he 1938 Munich Pact with Germany. 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