Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 12, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1957
Page 3
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MAYNARD -'NEWS VOLUME 1, NUMBER 32 •••sii READERS! PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS! THEY MAKE POSSIBLE THE WEEKLY PUBLICATION OF YOUR MAYNARD NEWS. MAYNARD, James Shadle has spent the past several days in St. Lukes' hospital, Cedar Rapids, for medical care. « • • • Mrs. Ben Hartbeck returned home Thursday, Sept. 5, after spending the summer in the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Uorkow, Walford, while convalescing from u Jong illness. « • « « Mrs. Stella Glew returned home Tuesday.Sepl. 3, after spending some time in the hospital and in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Lungseth, both in Manchester. • • • • The Rev. C. H. Willemssen was in Waterville Saturday, Aug. 31,.' to attend the wedding of Nancy Fellows and Donald Larson, Lorenz. Because of his close fried- ship with the brides late father he was given the honor of giving away the bride. Henry Kuper entered the Oelwein hospital Thursday, Sept. 5, where he later submitted to surgery. Monday, Sept. 23, has been set as the opening date of the Adult night school. Watch for further announcement. Presbyterians To Observe 80th Anniversary Of Church Maynard (Special) — On Sunday, Sept. 22, the congregation of the First Presbyterian church will observe its 80th anniversary beginning with the regular morning service: church school at 9:30 and worship service a t 10:30 a.m. The share-a-dish dinner at noonwill be followed by a special, program. Anyone who has had this as his church home at any time is especially invited to be present for the observance. The history of the Presbyterian church in Maynard began in the spring of 1877 when the Rev. Andrew McMillen, pastor of the Oelwein Presbyterian church began making a 30 mile circuit each Sunday following his morning service. He would arrive in Maynard in time for an evening service in the Long Grove school ty. Other program numbers in eluded a reading and accordian solo by Mrs. Ernest Wolfgram vocal selections by a group, the Quiet Hour by the minister, a poem by Mrs. Dierks and group singing by all present. Mrs. Victor Steege was accompanist for al vocal selections. A skit, "They Are Learning ti Drive," was presented by Mrs Marvin Seegers and Mrs. Arnold Bartels and a birthday song was sung for Mrs. S. H. Bartels and Mrs. Martin Fritz. The program closed with the hymn, "Now The Day Is Over," sung by Mrs Fred Steege who played her own accompaniment on the zither. Honors in the contests which followed went to Mrs. Bernarc Buhr and Mrs. Alfred Oltrogge Mrs. August Potratz received the door prize. In charge of the days activities were Mrs. Dierks, Mrs. Richard Guenther, Mrs. Wilbur Puls and Mrs. Alfred Bartels. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Steege house which stood just north of the northbridge. «*.. anu mrs. nuroia steege "^ e Congregation was organ- have sold their residence at tlu-- izud thc follovvi ng August and east edge of town to John Strawn the wnerstone of the present of Arlington, possession to be bulldin g was laid Sept. 29, 1877. given March 1, 1958. The Rcv - c - H. Willemssen has Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurd, Rochester, Minn., came Friday, Sept. G, for a several days visit with her cousin, Mrs. Fred Steeee • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Donald David and children of San Jose, Calif., came Friday, Sept. 6, to visit her mother, Mrs. V. M. Perry. • • • . . Miss Esther Rohrig who had been visiting her mother, Mrs. Olga Rohrig, and sister, Mrs. George Buenneke, left Friday, Sept. 6, for her home in Los' Angeles, Calif. been its pastor since January 1954. Guest Day Observed At Lutheran Church Maynard (Special) — Thirtyfour women from the Sumner, Randalia, Maynard and Westgate vacinities were guests of the Ladies Aid society of the Hope Lutheran church (northwest of town) at its annual guest day Thursday afternoon, Sept. 5, at the church. Mrs. Wilbur Dierke opened the program with scripture and prayer followed by a welcome ^Jltljrui 1U11UWCU uy U. W UlUUIllt. song by woman of the Aid Socie- i'"!:!::K!n&K:&HH:::Hli:i:H:»!n&&:U:H!&&::m^ NEED EXTRA CLOSET We have a Metal Ward-Robe 26 inch wide with hat ahelf, and place for hanging several garments at $24.50. What about an extra Bed. Two sizes of Rollaway Beds. Size 3-3 at $32.50 48 in. at $34.75. Both have Inner Spring Mattress. DELS1NG FURNITURE Phent MUynanL Is. :i!ii^^ "WHylnvlt* Holdups? Smart folki put thtlr cash In th» bank and pox their bllli by chwk. 1 CQMI IN AND GPIN A CHICKINa ACfifiUNI HIRl Maynard Savings Bank. Maynard and Hazleton Iowa. Can you spare 2 minutes? Watch the employees make your Peraonlized Checks FREE. Maynard Maynard Savings Bank Hazelton MAYNARD COUNCIL 3 September 1957 Regular meeting of the Tow- Council of Maynard, Iowa was held at the Community Hall with all members present. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. Treasurers report was read and approved. Bills for current month were presented to council as follows: Ed W. Meyer 25.00 Supplies Community Hall. Fred Schwarz 210.00 Wages Gerhard Steege and Meyer 407.25 Water main digging. Ed W. Meyer 68,93 Salary and Commissions. Paul A. Buenneke 25.00 Clerk Wages. Postmistress 10.00 IPost cards. Employers Mutual Casualty 99.41 Liability and Workmens Comp. Shawver Well Co. 237 50 Test Well. Interstate Power 10.80 Community Hall Lights. Interstate Power 64.29 Street Lights and Blinkers. Interstate Power 74.63 Pumping. Knief Garage 3.91 Gas and oil. Spahn and Rose 7.19 Supplies. Butlers 5.8! Supplies Doyle Nefzger 10.00 Police. Parsons Drug 40.40 Supplies Thompson Plumbing and Heating 2609.10 Supplies & Labor. Motion by Barnholt seconded by Foss that bills be allowed as read. Discussion on the fixing of side walks in Town. Clerk to cheek with Mr. Shaw as to ordinances regarding Town side walk. No further business, motion by McKoon seconded by Thompson that meeting adjourn. Carried. Paul A. Buenneke Clerk Auguii 12. 1957 Special meeting of the Town Council of Maynard, Iowa was held at the Community Hall With all members present. Meeting was held to hear any affirmative say on the Town Budget. No discussion by any towns people, the meeting was closed in due form. Meeting was Good Report Shown By Dairy Herd Improvement Assoc. Maynard (Special) — Eighty- one cows in the Fayette county Dairy Herd Improvement Association completed their lactation during August with a record of over 400 pounds of buttcrfal. Of that number 20 produced over 500 pounds and three over 600 pounds of fat, according to super visor, George A. Youmans. The average production of the 681 cows on test, 244 dry, was 071 pounds of milk and 1M.H pound* butterfat. Herds with cows completing the test with records of over 40t pound." were those of Ravmonc Clefisch, Westgate with four R H with 656, 482, 423 and 412 Ibs. fat Ernest Mike, Maynard, four RH with 656, 522, 518 and 451 Ibs. fat, Harold Mieke and Russell Lockard, Maynard. five grade Hoi- steins with 631, 544, 422, 413 and 410 Ibs. fat; R. D. Beckwith and R. V. Reynolds, Maynard, four G. H. with 560, 455, 412 and 410 Ibs.; Edwin Decker, Westgate, nine R.H. with 557, 524, 523 52l' 518, 493, 431, 428 and 422 Ibs.;' T. F. Ingels and Son, Randalia, four G.H. with 547, 522, 471) and 460 Ibs., I. P. Stewart, Maynad, two R.H. with 531 and 415 Ibs.; K. P. Winegar, Westgate. six R.H with 530, 500, 494, 454, 440, and 401 Ibs.; Harold Ehlers, Maynard, one G.H. with 524 Ibs.; A. E. Smith Est and John W. Ingels, Maynard, ono grade H. with '519 Ibs.; Bernard E. Buhr, Sumner. 7 G.H. with 515, 452, 450, 432, 411, 406, and 406 Ibs.; James Hamilton, Maynard, five R.H, with 513. 467. 464, 410 and 401 Ibs.; Franklin Thompson, Maynard, four G H. with 505, 477 476, and 428 Ibs.; Gene H. Brownell, Westgate, two R.H. with 503 and 467 Ibs.; J. O. Rasmussen and Son, Maynard, one R.H. with 492 Ibs.; Richarde Traeger, Sumner, seven G.H. with 485, 445, 441, 423, 411 and 403 Ibs.; Harold H. Meyer, Maynard, eight R. H. with 470 455, 436, 432, 428, 402 and 401 Ibs. Victor Steege, Mcynard, one G.H. with 465'Ibs.; Herbert W. Malvcn, Maynard, four R.H. with 445, 430 427, and 403 Ibs.; Howard W. Smith, Maynard, one R. H. with 431 Ibs.; and Carl E. Mieke and Son, Maynard, one R.H. with 408 Ibs. fat. All Day Program At Presbyterian Church Officers of the several women's societies in the Presbyterian churches of Dubuque presbytery and the presbyterial officers held their Fall Rereat in the local Presbyterian church, Thursday, Sept. 12, in an all day program. Mrs. John W. Ingels, Maynard, presbyterial president, presided at both sessions. The Rev. C. H. Willemssen, jastor of the local church, gave the message of the morning and discussions were held on the national meeting and goal sheets for 1958. Mrs. Wayne Nieth, Independence, presbyterial secretary for Spiritual Life and Stewardship, lad charge of the afternoon pro- M-am, which had for its theme, Word of God and Word of Man." Women of the Helping Hand society served the noon meal. 12 SEPTEMBER 1957 held from 7:00 P.M. until 8:00. Paul A. Buenneke Clerk 111 FREE Special for the LADIES With the purchase of 200 Ibs Kent Poultry Feeds you will receive Free A PILLOW CASE OR TOWEL (We're doing this' to reward our 'customers for their excellent choktf of KENT FEfiDS) Maynard Co-operative Co. Maynard, Iowa The Dunham's Grove Cemetery Association will meet will Mrs. Blanche Knight at her honu in Randalia, Sept. 14, for a (i p.m PD! luck dinner, with : , genera meeting afterwards. Gualdiiu- Franks has accepted ;. position as primary teacher in the Preston, Minnesota school Koene Hurghardt has returned to NC.W.OII. where she will trad first grade. Whyla Beman is attending Luther college at Decorah for her sophomer vear. Rita McSweeney will return to Clarke college in Duluic|iic lor her sophomore year. Ivan Nailing will return t,, State University of Iowa at Iowa City for his junior year. * • •' . Lu Ann Burgliardt will leave soon for Dubiuiue to work in the Telegraph Herald newspaper office. ^ Mrs. Alia Orveri lias moved to Fayette where she purchased a home. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bauer, Mr and Mrs. Bill Arnold of Oelwein were Thursday supper guests in the Donald Srhrader home, helping Dean celebrate his birthday anniversary. Mr. ;md Mrs. Gordon Trewin and Mrs. Bessie Odekirk spent a few days with Clyde Miner at Wild Rose, Wisconsin, last week. A few relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner Saturday evening as a farewell party for their grandson, Ronnie Barter who returned Monday to his home in Donney, Calif., after spending the summer with them. • • • . Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jellings and Marjie and Dean of Rochester Minn., spent the weekend in tin- Bill Gordon home at Wintcrset. t Odekirk of Waterloo und Mrs. Bessie Odekirk wort weekend visitors in the home of her son, Kieron Odekirk and fam il.V at Cedar Rapids. * * • • Terry Thej n of Waterloo and Freddie Jens of Maynard were recent visitors of their grandparents. Mi-, and Mrs. Ed Jens. * * • • Phillip Thyer fell from the mcrry-go-around at school Friday injuring his right side slight- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Thyer Phillip and Dobra were Sunday dinner guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs. Albert Sthrader at Strawberry (Point • • * . Mr. and Mrs. John Barry, Car oJyn and Donald have /-('-turned home from a recent trip to 111. Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Nailing of Des Muines were last weekend guests of his parents-, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nading. THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY ftELL BRAND ^^_A A___ Jk, *. _A A. J ^^^f am ^^^ "You can pay more — but you can't buy better" Mfd. by Bell-Brand Farm Supply FAYCTTB, IOWA FT A Reception For New Teacher Maynard (Special) — Tht Teachers reception sponsored b; the Parent-Teachers association and held in the Community hal Friday evening, Sept. 6, was at tended by' between 300 and 400 persons. Following the 7 p.m. pot luck dinner the program opened with a welcome by its president, Mrs Donald Jellings, who also made announcements and conducted a short meeting. Vocnl selections were rendered by the Junior Mis :i»n Band of the St. Paul's Luth eran church with Mrs. Gerak Warnke directing and Mrs. Waller Ehlers as accompanist. The teachers and other school person- el were then introduced by Su- uerintindent William A. Tock. Other vocal numbers were by Tom Schoenenberger who sang "Friend of Mine," by Don Huebner, both accompanied by Mari- Ivn Arthur, all from Randalia; by Varlyn Fink singing "Bless This House" accompanied by Victor Steege and by La Rayne Hurd with Mrs. O. C. Mieke as accompanist. The Hubbell sisters; Valerie, Janiecc and Maureen, gave a tap .lance and Valerie and Janiece ;in acrobatic number with thein instructor. Mrs. Marian Schatz, West Union, playing their accompaniments. The program closed with two piano selections, "Minuet in G" and "Autumn Leaves" by Mrs. O. C. Mieke. The invocations was given by the Rev. 1[. L. Bryant of the Methodist church and the closing prayer by the Rev. C. H. Wil- lemssen, pastor of the Presbyterian church. Mrs. Wallace Steffen, .•hairman of program committee! •mnoiitu-ed the program numbers. The reception committee was made up by the P.T.A. officers •md committees assisted by Mrs. Ruth Shadle, Mrs. Charles Wer- :len and Mrs. Willard Mieke. At a later date a party is planned for the pupils in the third and fourth grades which tied in having tho most parents present at the reception. Officers of the P.T.A. are Mrs. Donald Jellings, President; Mrs Victor Stoege, Vice-President : Mrs. Ralph Gilmer, secretary and the Rev. Mr. Willemssen, treasurer. On the program committee are Mrs. Steffen, Mrs. Arnold I.auer, Mrs. Clarence Nus Mrs Fred Rueber, Mrs. John McKoon and Mrs. George Huisman. Making up the membership and hospitality committees are Mr and Mrs. William Stephens, Mrs. Vivian Hubbell, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fortune and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parsons. Mrs. Flody Hen- mges is in charge of publicity Maynard Circl es Hold Meetings Maynard (Special — Mrs. Kenneth Gray assisted by her 'laughter, Mrs. Dale Pike, was hostess to the Esther circle of W.S.C.S. at her home Thursday afternoon, Sept. 5. Mrs. H. Bryant and Mrs. Donald De- Sotel were guest. Following the opening hymn and prayer Mrs. William Stephen led the devotions based on the M°', ni '' " What Christ Means to Me. I-rwt plates were sent to two honorary members, Mrs Minnie Buggers and Mrs. Bertha Rich, who have birthdays in September. The 12 members >.esent reported 47 sick calls the l>ast month. Mrs. Glen Shafer iad charge of the entertainment. E even members of the Ruth •n-cle met at the Methodist •'lurch m an all day meeting Ihursduy, Sept. 5, to make mince- neat. More than 90 qts. were 'j.nned for the Fall festival sale I here were 19 sick calls reported. The Rev. Mr. and Mrs H L jss an -'- J : T- Purke and ^ hour and Mrs. Erma°Simp- 111 !• 1. ~ I Nyle Vargason Wedding Red asters 'decorated the alter of the Grace Luthern Church, Fayette on Friday evening, September 6th when wedding vows were exchanged by Burnadene Jo Ann Schroeder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Schroeder and Nyle K. Vargason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Vargason, all of Randalia. Rev. J. D. Wangerin per formed the 7:30 p.m. double ring ceremony. Miss Iva Jean Alber provided the nuptial music and accompanied Miss Maureen Llwellyn as she sang "The Lords Prayer" and "O Holy Spirit Enter In." The bride given in marriage by her father was attired in a floor length gown of lace and nylon net. The fitted bodice was styled with a stand up collar and long sleeves, the full skirt of net with wide lace bands' was over taffeta. Her veil was of silk illusion, and she carried a bouquet of pink and white roses. Veneice Schroeder attended icr sister as maid of honor with Gale Decker, cousin of the bride, as bridesmaid. Miss Schroeder wore a crayon green ballerina ength gown of silk chiffon over crystal satin with a velvet bodice. The Waist "was draped'ttith a chiffon cummerbund which fell nto streamers at the back and was caught with velvet rosebuds. Miss Decker wore a gown of Persian rose like that of the maid of honor. They carried 'semi-colonial bouquets of white cariatlons. Their head bands were Velvet lips with circular cells, sprink- ed with rhinestones. Ring bearer was Donald Al- iert, and flower girl was Colette Ann Decker. Harold Vandersee, Westgate, riend of the couple, was best man with Duane Schroeder, Randalia, brother of the bride, s attendant. Richard Decker, Westgate, ousin of the 'bride, and Leone /argason, Hazelton, nephew of he bridegroom, served as ushers. Mrs. Schroeder chose a brown ress with beige accessories for er daughters wedding while the ridegrooms'mother Wore 'a two iece brown dress with pink ac- esspries. After the wedding a reception as held in the church' parlors. Barbara Miner, cousin of the bride presided at the guest book with Mrs. Dean Vargason, sister- n-law of the bridegroom served he punch. Mrs. Lorraine Var- ason, sister-in-law of 'the'brlde- jroom, poured coffee. The three iered wedding cake was cut by Mrs. Edwin Decker, aunt of the >ride nttd gifts were registered by Whyla Beman, classmate of he couple. For a wedding trip to an undisclosed destination, the bride wore a navy blue princess styled ress with matching accessories. The bride'a 1958 graduate of he Randalia High School has een employed by the Oelwein hemical Company. Her husband Iso a 1956 graduate of Randalia s serving with the' United States Wavy in Long Beach, California. son and Mrs. Essie McMaster were afternoon guests. Mrs. Wilbur Culbertsbn opened her home Thursday evening, Sept. 5, to members of the Naomi circle. Mrs. Minnie Boggess, Mrs. William Stephens and Mrs. Dai- ton Dahl were guests of the eight members present. The devotions by Mrs. Robert Roquet were followed by opened discussion on "Racial Segregation." The social hour was in charge of Mrs. Oscar Sykes. First honors in games and contests went to' Mrs. SteflMfos, Mrs H. L.'BrVant'tlrid MrY*Roquet, seconds went to Mrs. Boggess, Mrs. Leo Anderson and Mrs. Culbertson. 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