The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1940
Page 6
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BLYTHTCVTLLK (ARK,)' COURTT5R NT3WS SATURDAY, MAY '1, Of Course Wilh Others In Race Favorite Could Lose UV JACK United Press Uaclns l.uitor CHURCHILL DOWNS. Ky.. Ma\ 4 ,upj—An old man's dream of winning America's most, treasured turf pri/e once more before lie dies rides in the Kentucky Derby toihu on the black .shoulders ol IMme lech—a Bible-named -colt hailed us (be greatest running horse slnu Man o' War. Upwards of 80.000 people thronged Ihe long rows of while grniul- sland under the spires and parapets of Churchill Downs track to watch tills mighty young thor- ciiPhbred carry his vaumrd speed auiiinsl cighl rivals in the tJOth liin lor Ihe roses and a $7.0,000 purse, bul the 80-year-old man to whom the race meant much wasn't among them. Today, with his fifth Derby victory considered a certainty, Col. Edward Riley Bradley was miles away from the brown loam strip over which Behave Yourself, Bubbliiv Over, Burgoo King and Broker's Tip flashed his green and white hoops to triumph in other years. , Sick, weak and tired, old on»two Ed was forced to stay at Idle Hour farm, lie gathered a lew friends and all Ills hamls about, him lo wail by a radio for the Todays Sport Parade Ky HKNRY McLKMOKB No-Hit Pitcher, Mate Third Baseman Snaps Oiil Of Doldrums; Bees Defeat Cardinals Ily GI'OHGF. KIKKSKV Uriilcd l'res:i .SUtl Corresi'Olidtnl LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 4 (UP) —Fora long lime I've been'won- dering just what people meant by "liorse sense." Nov.' I know. Horses | have sense enough not to read what is written about them in Ihe sports pages. If liimelcch had read 1/50 of what has ben written about him in I would he better fit, for a Blue bol- ' tie than Ihc Kentucky Derby. But Himcy hasn't the least idea of the load he ,i« going to carry In the big race nt Churchill Downs this afternoon just alter the bands play " NRW YORK. May 4. (UP.) — James Huebe:i Tabor of Ownes Cross Itouds, Ala., heard via the jiapevine circuit last week that Manager Joe C'ronin was goiti^ to , .ch' if he didn't slart hit- "My Old Kentucky Home. An ne That was all that was neccs- | > don't mean just Ihe 12<i pound,, ! .-uy 10 ret Tabor out of the dol- [ that will be on his back. ••"> '".'•. ..... ...,...,_.,! liimey will be carrying the reputations of almost the entire collection of expert talent assembled here. He will be carrying the hopes of his aged owner. Col. B. n. Bradley, who lias a deep rooted desire lo .sen his colors ill the winner's circle for the fifth lime. And he is carrying an imcstimaied amount ot the taxpayer's money, for anybody who beis on the Derby and (hums. Tabor wouldn't have minded so much if Cronin had cut out hl.s i meals or given him n good tonv.ue ' -.ting but bench him—never. Because if there's one thin;; - lim Tabor loves lo do It's play ball. He wouldn't play for nothing but hi- tame us close to it as any player in baseball. So when Cronin hinted lhal he might liontli Tabor and put Marvin Owen al Ihird | ihe freckle-faced Alabama boy ic»'.< i the hint. Thai's why the Boston Itx Ciilflon, riMht, iirooklyn Dodgers' huiler, celebralinj/ no-hit, no- run li-.imo wilh iiis catcher, Herman Franks. The Dockers who arc leading ihc National League wilh a .000 average look the wind out 01 Ihe Cincinnati Keels' with a :i to 0 victory. Carlelon's leal equals tlw. of Bob Feller of Cleveland made earlier in the season. doesn't bet on Bimelech should run, not walk, to the nearest alien- . the second game Tabnr had •:;tX"f5HFsSi-lere's Boy Who'll Do It- ilt»:"S/ii '140 Yards In 46 Sec other owners for decades. Bill iiie Colonel's private box,' hard by the finish line, was the only one empty as the newest king of the Bradley B's went oul seeking his ninth straight victory and one that would send his winnings over S200000. Every seat on the track was filled and additional thousands of excited visitors stood in line for hours before the green gates imagination lo nay their money lor watching came along. n iwo-minutc race lhal Ihc-y be- So. by this licvcd only one horse could win. liy .IIIIIKY 11110NI)KII'.U> NEA Service Slalf OorreiiionilcnL They- said 15 feet in the pole vault "was utterly impossible uu\l Connie Warmerdam showed how silly they were. The lil°h hurdles in less than 14 seconds was a figment of Ihe ui'.lil Spec Towns time it's slight! more than conjecture when Hie Tint horse was Bimetal,, two- west coast says it has a kid who'll « d he Cl wr^,ig°agS-- W ™ ( -" S3T 'fo,e, bes hoses the Ealt and West Klemmer. 19-year-old Universitj could find'to oppose him, the ,m- of California freshman, cant miss defc-ued son of Black Toncy was arc Brutus Hamilton, his famous i 2-5 favorite on the morning »™. coach, and Bud Spencer, formel ' Carrying equal wciahl of 12G Stanford world-record holder Bounds wilh Jockey" Fred A. himself in the event, and cm- Smith 'on his back, and breaking m ^. a/ sports 1 writer for the San- froin the second stall in the open p n i nc isco News, "ale here is what, the Idle Hour Tllp ll40 is thc race it: " . . . _ . >__/'i' :.. ,Kn «*llf ' . The terrific strain of maintaining a sizzling clip over that distance is Ihe thing so ruinous lo o quarter-miler. He's apt to pull am strain, and ultimately break his rhythm, but Klemmer covers the grueling sprint in perfect form AUTO ACC1DKNT COST C'AHIt HIS CHAN'Ci: Little Bill Can-, who won "ale. here is wnai, me "'"- ••-.— beauty had to licit.-, in the mile and a quarter ruiflhal has been held here withoul.'internipUon ery v'car since 1875: ' Miolund-C. S. Howard's Oregon- bred giant, A iasl-finishing. distance horse, Hioland was n 10-1 early bet. Lesler Balaski was Ins jockey. His posilion was NO. 3. Dll—Thc East's standard bearer, owned by Arnold Hanger. Winner of the Wood Mtmori ?V" | NCft j!nn i Olvinpic 400-mclcr'championship in Insl week. lie was fi-1: the sccomi choice, was ridden by'Buddy Haas. , i^- |™» mno , U)(> [lyi]11 , Pen sv , and drew No J. ijs'va'nian suffered a broken anklt m P,ctor-Maryau s 1 or* for ^ iim(mu)V)ik , nccil|c|U wllicn „, first ueby tiiumi h m -0 ^. . h _ m |(ic d , ni ,,, e to , )!lrc d o«n A mud-loving colt lie - i^ Eastmn|1 . s „.„,„ ,. cl . 0 ,. ( , of . ltiM STANDINGS Soulbern Nashville Memphis illlc Rock Atlanta liiriuingliain .. New Orleans .. Knoxville Chattanooga .. League W. L. 12 2 8 fi 0 8 fl 0 B 8 1 10 C 10 5 9 Natinnal Brooklyn .. Cincinnati .. New York Chicago .. Pittsburgh . Philadelphia St. Louis . Boston .. . League W. L 9 1 7 7 •I G . 3 5 . -I 8 . 2 7 I'd .857 .571 .529 .500 .420 ,375 .375 .357 Pet .900 .700 .556 '.'500 .-100 375 .333 .222 won single-handed for the Red Sox in six days. Ills )2U, inning homer gave the Red Sox a 5-4 win over (lie A's last Sunday. Tabor added .41 points to his balling average yesterday, yanking it up from .204 lo .245. He slugged onl Iwo home runs, and just missed mother by inches. Four of the 13 ills made by Tabor this season lave been homers. With the Browns leading. 8-7, in the ninth Tabor hit his second homer off Johnny Wliitchead lo lie Ihe score. Then in the 10th Ted Williams doubled, and Jimmy Foxx noon gallop. In diet, sometimes I suspect that liimey has the hallu-: dilation he is the lead liorse in an ! Lose Too equestrian parade. He always lias j ' been in front and probably would uccn in num. ivin.i ['»»*«•« — -j ....„.., break down with shame il he found | himself anywhere else. The composure of Himelech he stands in his barn is undoubtedly balanced by Ihe jitters that a young fellow, Freddie Smith, is suffering right now. Smith is Ihe suliermg ngni, now. QHUUI a, ""-,.,, gnome who'll be in the saddle when >""'"" \ let Atlanta have only Ihrre blows ! bul one was Alf Anderson's triple ' lhal scored Glenn McQuillne wilh the only run of Ihe same. II n I n n Tfl C Ailnmn had lo come from tell II I U U I It H hind lo lake the nightcap after I/ 11 I ll ll I 11 li Uilhe Aiming hnd put the Pebbles I U L.U) u I u " j nhfnd in the fourth with a three- j ahead in Ihe fourth with a three- run homer, in their half of the same inning, Ihe Crackers broke loose for five hils lopped by Tom Hafey's triple and wrapped up the game. Lewis Carpenter was the winning pitcher although Larry Miller relieved him In the fifth. The Knoxvillc Smokies walloped the Birmingham Barons IS to 5 by the grace of a nine-run sally in the first inning. Bit McCulloch paced the Knoxville 15-hil attack with two doubles Behind Mike Marlynik's six-lilt and a homer. Birmingham used the Pelicans downed the three pitchers while Sugar Gain These Days; Traveler By United Truss The New Orleans Pelicans ranked ls 1 as "news" today bemuse they had '' defeated the Nashville Volunteer- a rare feat in this Southern Association race. was passed purposely. Cronin sacrifice;! ami Bobby Doerr was passed, filling the bases. Tabor smashed tiie ball high against Ihe center' field wall, missing Ihe net by inches. But for the fact thai only a single was needed lo score the winning tally he would have had an extra base hit. Previously in the second inning he had hit his first loinci". Jim Bagby was breezing along m ;real style, with a 4-0 lead until he seventh when' he blew up. The American W. I.. Boston ,. Cleveland .. Detroit . .. New York . Washington St. Louis . Philadelphia Chicago .. C Pet .092 .66? .6 IS .500 .462 .417 .385 .250 the Bradley beauty goes to the post, and unlike Bimelech young Mr. Smith can read. And he must have heard, these last two or three days, just what is expected of him and his liorse. Some critics have even gone so far as to say that if Bimelech is beaten, Smith, and not, any of his four-legged opponents, will beat him. This puts it right up to Mr. Smith to keep out of Bimelech's way. everybody is agreed that all Bimelech needs to win easily is to be allowed to run his own race without, undue human interference. Put yourself in Smith's polished little "bools for just a moment il yon want to gel the jitters, too. As he rides to Ihe post you can bet Vols G to 5 last niglil io become went the route for the Smokies, al- thc only other club beside Chattanooga to turn the trick thiy season. Against their two losses, the Vols lowing nh:e hils. The teams moved around for new series today with Litlle Rock at Chattanooga, Memphis at AI L male on m I he eight h «" « hc R ™ had 12 victories and Ihree ties in ... ~ — = ... - , \1 games. I lanla, Nashville at Birmingham and Although he allowed but half a j Knoxville at New Orleans. dozen hits, Martynik- was fre- fluently in trouble but got out on colonial farmers and their raiii- thc top side thanks to big Pelican ilics, during the long winter nights, innings in the second and fourth, used to make nails from iron fur- Skeet Et-al/.i, New Orleans short- nlshed by local forges, stop, knocked in three runs with a triple in the first frame and another with a single in the fourth. The Atlanta Crackers pulled into Ihc .500 class by bowling over the Li'.tle Rock Travelers twice. 1 to 0. and li to 3. Lefty Burgess hung up his third victory of the season with his four-hit shutout in the opener. Alf Bra/le and Bob Katz in the Derby, There was Jimmy Stout who, on the best horse in the race. Granvllle. was tin-own off just, as the bell rang. There was Fisher on Head Play who let a better jockey on a C I o sle llllV. Ill niu...... I • -(The Iceman) I only a couple of lenlhs ot a second TslaU nine. i bclow llis own " a " ro _ E Widencr's Ken-1 Like Cnrr. youim Klemmer np- Uicki'aii"nn'd second choice of ihe.uofu-s to be a wierr. ol wcll-oil« UlCKUIll nil" .->t-^v,..». ~ ------hard-boot clan. Already bealen Bimelech. Roman was held around 20-1. Ken McCombs rides him. 1 o.-_ sition, No. 5. Of.!lahadioii-M»kv Way farms contender. Carroll Bierman was ine icckey. No. 1 the slall and 15-1 ihc price. Only Trainer Roy Waldren gave this one a chance. The other Ihree were long shots of the longest variety. They wcrt - e.pcnrs t ,.! . man e 1 •n-llal __ , Saw^^mr a'n^e^ The chances are. however lha, N ,,,,east Ark,insa S L T ^ 'SIJLrb Srr^" - ^f ii r^, H B-ravr^ .500 j,Yanks to reach ths -500 mark and 500 I go into fourth place. ' Thc Boston Bees trimmed '>•" Cariitlicrsvlllc \Jonesboro Newport Paragould 1 1 For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's Best Tower table's Roynl Man. 2=-' Dixiana Farm's Sirocco, 40-1; am M J Schwitt's True Star. 60-1 the lalter a starter only if las minute rains muddied the track. •mis morning the looting was slow and storm clouds still carried the threat of a down pour. There was a little chance the tracK would be fasl. The forecasl called for continued cloudy conditions ani possible showers. The weather was unseasonably cold. And instead o the suits and print dresses, th spectators were arrayed in fu wraps and top coats. •mi this uuarter ireshman. he is a cross sique between Eastman and Jesse Owens. He isn'l quile as Ihin as Blazing Ben but he has Ihe same lengthy stride. He is a bit Inller than Owens but h«s the Ebony Flash's symmetry of running muscles. HITS TKItltll'K' 01.11' IN' ITd'.I.ONC Well built across the chest anil shoulders he has the stamina to Grovcr Klemmer carry him the route. He also has Ihe perfect complement of speed. He can do the 220 in close lo 21- flat. Until Kiislman and Can; proved thc 440 could be a sprint from Kin, lo tape. Ihe accepted Irclmiquc wa.s to hit a fast 220. slacken on the curve ar.d theu set sail in the Yesterday's Results Southern League Knoxvillc i:i. Birmingham f>. Memphis al Chattanooga, postponed, cold weather. New Oilcans (i. Nashville S. Allanta 1-li. I.ltllP KoL'k O-: 1 , Natimuil League Bo.ston 4. St. Louis 2. Brooklyn al Pittsburgh. and Can brought a stretch. Eastman change in tactics. is any prescrvalion of energy. Grovcr Klemmer has the will. stamina, sliced aid rhythm. That's all yon have to have for c 40-llat quarter. That's all. weather. New York grounds. Philadelphia grounds. at Chicago, Cincinnati, Cardinals, 4-2, behind the 7-Inl I pilchii-.l! of Sailor Bill Posetlcl. Thc U-fcat was the Cards' eighth in 12 «amcs and left them only half a -ame oul of the cellar, poscrtel himself featured the Bees' three- run splurge in the sixth with a double that iK-gaii Ihe rally. * ~ * Yesterday's hero—Jim Tabor. Red oox third baseman who hit two homers and a tenth luring single which enabled Boston to come from behind to beal the Browns, 8-7, nnd take the American League lead. , ^ tflher, because when you come right down lo it his record Is every bit ns good as and Joe Welch. Following the lag •resile Ihcre will b" Iwo ivfii- iclunl nittlche.s ot one Eall each bc- ecn Dillman and Welch and ilnkcly and Meyers Wrecked House Yields American Leasuc New York 8, Chicago 4. licslon.8. St. Louis 7 (10 inniivj Cleveland at Washington, c and wet grounds. Detroit al Philadelphia, rain. Master Krlirt'S, Dog Docsirl MOUNT VERNOM, Wash. (UP) — Frank imiscwllz has . retired as Willard To Referee On Mat Card Jess Willard, former world heavyweight boxing champion, will appear here in person Monday night as referee in a special tag wrestling exhibition at-the Legion arena, ll .was announced loday Meroney, promoter. by $1,000 in Gold Coins TULARE, Cal. (UP)—Tiilnre old- timers speculated if the SI.000 in gold coins discovered in a razed Oakland house by George W. U'g- gell. Oakland Nrgio. were cached by John Frederick, former Tularc railway conductor, who built till, house'in 1885. Lcggctt has retainrrt an ;,ttorne> lo protect tlis inlcie.M. He founc Ibe gold coin cache In Ihc alllc o 1 Ibe house which was being dcmol shed in preparation lor a S3.000. 000 low rental projerl of the Oak nd housing authority. Dr. C. J. Frederick. Oaklaii dentist and son of thc lious wilder, said he believed the monc Willard, a giant of a man who gained the heavyweight tille when he knocked out the mighty Jack Johnson in a 26-roiind fight at Havana, Cuba, 25 years ago, is ex peeled to be a big attraction whei he appears here. Once, sever a years ago, Jess was a visitor ii .Blytheville when he rcferecd match at the armory, and drew capacity crowd. He will officiate in a lag wrestling exhibition between two teams composed ot Joe Dillman and Lee Meyers .who will meet Gene Blake- , egilimatcly belonged to the Fed government lie said he d lot want It for himteU. McKinley PoMm.islcr (Juils MANSFIELD CENTER. Col (OP>—After 41 years of conlluuo service. Alfred 1'. Ogdcn is reliri as postmaster of tlic local offi He was appointed by Preside McKlrlcy on recommendation postmaster general Charles Smith, who was a native of I Read Courier News want, arts. Unusual Stone Hammer Unearthed in Montana HUTTE, Mont. (UP) — A new field of archeological exploration may be opened near here as the resiilt of discovery of n half-buried sloiie hammer by William E. Dally Me rabbit hunting near Home- ke. Monl, )aily said Ihe stone tool appa- Hly had been partially exposed water erosion. The head is out 4'i inches in length and jout 3 inches in diameter at its ickest part. / It is cgg-shaprd and smooth, th a groove aiound the middle, jparently chipped oul lo .secure handle, whirl, had long since sinlegralcd. Northeast Arkansas Li'li^ Newport 10. Jonesboro 4. I'aragould 11. CarutlKTsvllle slalio:-. agent lor Ihc Great Northern railroad here bul his faithful dog. Terry, carries on. Terry caches the station every morning il 7:30 o'clock, meets al! passenger rains and then trot:; lo Ihc post- office and bank—a routir.c he lol- owcd wilh his master lor years. Bimelech's. Bimelech has raced eight limes and won eight times, and it was Mr. Smith who wns in thc saddle. He knows Bimelech's every whim and this is said lo be very" important, although I can't vouch (or il having never ridden a Dcro'v horse in my life. As'n matter of information I will Hive you the order of finish before the official numbers go up on the tote board. It will be Bimelech by three lenglhs. Mioland by one. Third money will be settled in a photo Mnish with Dit and Roman getting the screen lest. Dit will I gel Ihe part. That makes Roman fourth 1'ictor tilth,. Royal Man sixth, Sirocco seventh, Gallahadion eight!) and True Star will be somewhere CHANGE NOW! »*&* Today's Games Southern I/r.'isnr Memphis at Atlanta. Nashville al Dh-intnghain. Liltle Rock at Chaltanoo<;a. Kr.oxville at New Orleans. Natioii.-il 1.0:11:110 New York al Chicago. ISrooklyn al Pillsburpli. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. noslon at SI. Ixiuis. Roses have been named afler :i kings. 13 tiucens. 10 princes, 19 princesses, II dukes, and n duchesses in England. „„.„.,....., m Ihc back strelch wondering which way they went. Read Courier News Want Ads. No Vlc-islng Dr.vs or Wets GREAT FALLS. Monl. (UP) — Vlien the Cily Council limited CM- licenses to one for every 750 I wpnlation and retail liquor licenses o one for every 1.500 persons. It-s action was received Iwo ways. Sup- mrtcrs sairi il would prevent the ;rowth of police and .social proli- ctns. Opponents insisted it created a monopoly. Cleveland at Wnshin^toti liclroit at t'hiladclphin. Chicago at New York. HI, Louis al Hoslon. Norlhrasl Open date. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guaranteed Host I'ritcs Kirby Drug Stores FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER Take Advantage of This Spring Spct'ial Here's What We Do-! Change Grease in Transmission and Differential loo Summer Grade. Uc-Pack Front Wheel Hearings C'OMl'l,ETE SERVICE $2.75 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5fh ft Walnut rhone 810 WANTED Two men with cars for rural sales wnrk in tins and ad- jnccnl ccunlics. Kxpcnsc al- lowam-c plus large, commission. References required. Sec li. M. Uakcr. (Jort Hnlcl STONEVSLLE 2B COTTOH SEED SK1.F TO "MORE DOLL WE HAVE A LIMITED SUl'l'LY- S;j.nn I'EK HUNDRED Russell Barbara's RED TOP GIN The first Indianapolis Hiie race \vas lield in 1011. Th, wns won \n : n Marnion. iace, Trj- One of Our ncltcloui PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Acr«» From Illsh School VOKTKX PETROLEUM CO. ni.YTIIK.VlI.U: CITY MM ITS mc.mvAY r,t NORTH Any 20c Cisardlcs for IGc WilH Purchase nf 5 or More of ARK. GAS AT MO. PHICKS HBFINKKY TO YOUll CAK Michie liros., Dealer TAG WRESTLING Joe Dillman and Lee Meyers vs. Gene Biakely and Joe Welch JESS WILLARD, Referee MEYERS BROS. HLYTHKVIU.B W1U. PAY YOU AS MUCH OU MORE KM YOUR 1,EFT-OVBU COTTON SBEI). -WUIM. THB.M TO OUR GIN. ALSO \VB HAVE A STOCK OF NITRATE SODft FERTILIZER ON HANI) YOU SURF, WILL WANT TO USB.

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