Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 4
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FOUR HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Other Schedules Are Tough But All Teams Point for Notre Dame "Lack of Reserve Linemen Problem for Layden—Notre ; ' Dame Practice Is \Vell Ortefeed, Players, Coaches Are Cflb'si By JERRY BRONDFIELD i NEA Service Sports Writer SOUTH BEND — Don't take it too badly if you're riding with Notre Dame all season and the Irish should h«p- perid to take it' on the chin. They might go into every game tagged as the favorite b'ut they're vip against something no other team in the land must contend with. ';&ot.onty"cJo the South Benders play Otte of the most murderous schedules in the business but everyone on their rune-game program points for them. Beating the Irish re synonymous with a successful season. - The. strain, say those, close to Notre Dame football affairs, is terrific. Never has comparative football strength been FR1. SAT. SPECIALS ftome Baked Ham Ib. 50c Pure Pork Sausage : Ib. 20c Pork Chops'; Ib. 20c Fresh Country Eggs Doz. 2Tc Amumr's Banquet Bacon ... Ib. 27 c Decker's lotvana Ham Center Cuts Ib. 35e Reece Gro. & Market Front St. Phone 851 Electrical and Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School ARTHUR MORRIS .Day and Night Phone SSG. on the level it is today. Only three or four out of thfeseore major teams figure to go through undefeated. Notre Dame may sneak by but its' extremely doubtful. Reserve Strength Is Line Problem Elmer Ijaj'den's backs can more than carry the load but the thin man doubts that he has the reserve line strength which is so vitally necessary. Steve Sitko, a great blocker*and defensive man, closely approaches the perfect quarterback. His generalship is the best a Notre Dame team has had since Frank Carideo called plays. Harry Stevenson, Bob Eaggau and Ben Sheridan, will do as left halfbacks. Lou Zontini fills the bill at right half with Sophmore Bernie Crimmtns a real comer .Joe Thesing and Milt Fiepul are corking fullbacks The outfit has speed and good kicekrs. passers and pass receivers. Capt. Johnny Kelly at one end i: the lone holdover from last year' line. Bill Kerr on the other 'flank will do. Tad Harvey and Tom Gallagher, the tackles, are first-rate. Joe DeFranco and John Gubanicli fill the guard spits capably. Johnny Mclntype is a topnotch center. But behind these men the material drops off from typical Notre Dame reserve strength. The shotVcoming is likely to be the direct cause of what sooner or later will be dubbed an upset. In Joe Bolkand the Irish have one of the best line teachers extant. If :hey can outlast Navy in Cleveland's huge municipal stadium. Oct. 21. and get by a power-laden Carnigie Tech squad in Pittsburgh the following week, they can i?ot into November with a little more Sope. 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KAYETTEV1LLR - Cnnch Fred Thomson's hopes for a University of Arkansas football victory over the University of Texas nt Auslon Saturday fueled Tuesday as it developed that Kay Kukln, triple-threat co-captain, may be unable to piny. Eakin did not drill with the Porkers Tuesday afternoon. It became evident thai he is not recovering ns rapidly as hud been expected from u hack injury he. suffered in the Baylor same. Lyon l.iki-ly Substitute Thomson said Eakin's absence from the hackficld would force him to re- Vnmp .several offensive plays. If Eakin does not sturl Gloyd Lyon probably will call most of the Hiizborback's .signals, A. J. Yate.s. guard imd John Frie- borger. end. who have been out of tlir past two games, have not returned to priicticL- anil probably will ran/iin on the injured list this week. McDonald, Mitchell May Start Thomson has used Estes McDonald and A. E. Mitchell, two reserve half hacks, on the first team in scriirUnane with the freshman (cam during the past two days. The Razorback mentor said they may start against Texas. Thomsen ran the freshman team against the varsity squad today in an effort to strengthen defense against Texas. Some time was also devoicd to working out blocking assignments to be used with pass plays. much hope to any club. When Notre Dame teams cna't get by on physical power they let their spirit take up the slack. Layden is a master at organization. He holds staff meetings every day of the week. Flayers and coaches lunch together in the school commons, sit next to the lowest freshmen. Notre Dame teams practice not more than an hour and a half a day but probably get more accomplished than most squads who are on the field two lours or more. Layden and his assistants have every thing streamlined. Every man on the iquad is constantly doing something. Vo one stands around watching some one else. The Notre Dame system in the final analysis is to keep moving and hit the othev Suy first. CLUB NOTES Bruce Chapel The Bruce Chapel Club meeting was held at the home of Mrs. O. E. Foster and Mrs. J. A. Cullins on October 2. 1939. The house was called to order by the president and songs were sung —Home on the Range and Sourwood Mountain. The minutes were read by the secretary and the roll was called. All officers were present. Miss Fletcher i our new home demonstration agent, i was with us. She gave a demonstration on renevation linoleium rugs plans for kitchen stool and garbage pale cover. , The November meeting will be el- I ection of officers. In December we will have demonstrations in Christmas cookery. Hinton Club The ladies of Hinton Home Demonstration club held their regular meeting Tuesday, October 10 with eight members present. Group sing' ing was led by Mrs. Lynn Jones. For devotional lesson Mrs. Eric Hollis read portions of the ninety-fifth Psalm Mrs. C. D. Middlebrooks led in prayer. Minutes were read and approved. Old and new business was dispensed with rapidly and some time was spent in discussing ways of improving the iair fo rnext year. We were happy to have Miss Fletcher meet with us and at this time the meeting was turned over to her. She first conducted our study course, then gave a demonstration and instructions on house furnishing which was rtal interesting. All members are urged to be present at the next meeting as it will be time to elect new officers. Cookies and lemonade was served during the social half hour by the hostess, Mrs. Lynn Jones. The next meeting will be the second Tuesday in November at the Club House. MIND YOUR MANNERS T. M. «c«. u. •. »AY. err. Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: l.In introducing a young woman to one much older, whose name is spoken first? 2. In introducing one person to a group, need you repeat the stranger's name each time? 0. Is it important to get the numn of anyone to whom you are introduced? 4. What is the one acknowledgement of an introduction that is always correct? 5. Is it easy for a person to get along well socially if he refuses to make introductions unless he cannot possibly escape doing so? What would you do if — You are introducing a very young woman and a much older man. Would you say— 'a) "Miss Smith, Mr. Jones?" <h) 'Mr. Jones, may I present Miss Smith?" Answers 1. The older woman's. 2. No. It is all right lo say. Brown naming the group, etc. 3. Yes. 4. "How do you do?" 5. No. Best 'What Would You Do- solution—(aj. She Beats the Band Lovely Ernestine Grant gives this big drum an enthusiastic bent- ing as she adds color to the TPXHR College of Mines football band at El Paso. HOME OWNED—HOME OPERATED GRO. "O | and ¥> " •_* V-^l L. B FREE DELIVERY $1.01) or More Phone 871 SOAP2P&G 1 sm. OXYDOL all for 15c PURE CANE SUGAR 10 Ib. Paper Bag I MRS. TUCKERS LARD 4 Ib. Carton 43c 8 Ib. 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Tlie first score of his (•olk'KP cnrpor was a 100-ynrd return of a Rin> hunWc vorovcred in tho aif in the '37 game. With 91 points to his credit, Kava> nagh probably will go well past 10D in points this season. His pass catch- inn has figured in many Tiger scoring drivp.s during the past two sen- sons. Although he has caught 45 passes during his college career for a total of 7117 yards, The 18() yards he ran on his other yardage so far to 1177. Bi|f Sweet Potato A sweet potato weighing 6 1-4 pounds was hroushl to Hope? Thursday hy Elton Belts, farmer living on the Thompson Murpyh farm below Fulton. Kavanaugh Boosted BATON ROUGE, La. —ifl'i— Louisiana State's all-Amorienn end candidate. Kenneth Kavanaugh from Little Rock. Ark., is hailed in this section as one of the greatest offensive ends in history. t He probably set a new scoring rec- rd in tho past two weeks by scoring nil the L. S, U. touchdowns in the 2(>-to-7 Holy Cross victory nnd getting the- touchdown which gave the Tigers a 7-to-O triumph over Rice Saturday. Kav;uiaugh now is the leading scorrr in the Southeastern Conference. Kavanaugh has made all except one ut Louisiana State's touchdowns this season, and lie narrowly missed that one. Against Mississippi he look a pass and got to the two-yard line before he ^vas pulled down. Line plunges carried the ball over. The tall all-Amcrican end candidate's score against Rice brought to IS the number of touchdowns lie lias made in 2 1-;! seasons. As a sophomore in ",\1 he made five, a performance h( repeated in his junior year. He also caught a pass for an extra point in '38. This, season he has equalled his scoring murks for the 1st two years Thirteen o[ his touchdowns were Plane Facts TUCSON, Am.—i/Pi—An airplnnc sowed 200 pounds of 50 varieties of grass .seed over range land near here to test that method of restoring the range for cattle. The University of Arizona and the U. S. soil conservation service cooperated in the experiment. Results will not be known for several months. , October 19, l! .f;^»iua- -^i'"^-^^-"' -••^.fMl .fust In Cnsc INtHANAPOLtS-cyrv-A war* patron of the Indianapolis pii(! brary askotl tl\t> technical dopli \\1int to read to learn how lo '_ bomb shelter. The departmont'| a magarine article (hat told. Chesapeake OYSTE Dressed Hens and Fryers Every Day Phone 767 CITY MARKI We Deliver BYERSCURB MARKET APPLES, Winesaps ..'. 3Qc Peck LEMONS 17cDoz. POTATOES .10 Ibs. forlSc BANANAS i 5c Doz . PEPPER —Bell 7'/ 2 clb. TEXAS FRUIT ORANGES IScDoz. GRAPE FRUIT 3 for 10c NICE FRESH STRING BEANS ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery Harvest Of Values 3 for 85c Cocoa & Chocolale 1 Ib. HERSHEY 15c !/ 2 Ib. HERSHEY 9c '/ 2 Ib. B. Chocolate . 13c No. 2 Standard 4 for TOMATOES 25 No. 2'/ 2 Can Country Club HOMINY 48 Ibs. COMPOUND 8 Ib. Carton PURE LARD 1 ib. Country Club CRACKERS BARBARA. ANN Tomato Soup Pimento Cheese B K E A I) C. C. Tall 3 for 18c MILK Small 6 for 18c SOAP SALE Guest IVORY 2 for 9c LAVA 3for20c CAMAY 2 for lie Large Ivory 3 f or 25c Large P&G 3 for lOc Dutch Cleanser 2 for 15c WESC.O IB--; DAIRY FEED WESCO EGG MASH _ WESCO Starting & tinm-iiig MASH WESCO Broiler Mash WESCO HEN SCRATCH K. J. Captinger, Market Mgr. 15c 5c lOc SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 1 Ib. 13'/ 2 c 3 Ib. 39c Country Club APPLE SAUCE 2 for 15c Country Club APPLE BUTTER 38 oz. 15c 21c PRODUCE • 3 10c SEEDLKSS (inipc Fruit YELLOW jji Onions w JUICY Q Oranges b flo/ RED 1 p Potatoes IVll > s GREEN M Beans b " )S PRESH Cocanuts ea "' 19c 15c 5c K» 4 Mf 3H-4D 48 Ib. Country Club FLOUR CREAM *M E A L 24 AVONDALE F L O U R 481 $149 ,43c OXYDOI-Lge. 19clt15c CHII'SO Lgo. 19c Sml 2 for {Clock fBREAD 20 oz. liii 261 Country Club Ml COFFEE 2 Ibs. 4< No. 2'/ 2 Avondale PEACHES doz. 3for44c.| $1.7? No. 2'/ 2 can Country Club PUMPKIN 3 for 25c SPRY I ib. 20c 3 Ib. 48cV 8 Ib. Carton COMPOUND DEVILS FOOD" C A K E PAN ROLLS I) () 7. E N 5 SWEET CRUST "I A RAISIN BREAD 1 UC Tissue WALDOKP I I SCOTT :t I CLAPPS Baby Food EVAPORATED APPLES , EVAPORATED PEACHES EVAPORATED APRICOTS MAZDA GLOBES 3 20c 2 11). 19C 15< POKK Chops Roast 25c 20c SAUSAGE Mixed Links 12'/ 2 c 25c MEATS BEEF We have purchased » Ark. 4-H Prize Beef. Try some. FISH BUFFALO SHRIMP CATFISH OYSTERS BACON Sliced Squares* 25c 15c - SAI/f iMEAT^ Jowls Side , Cecil W. Dennis. Gro. KROGER ACCEH THIS AMAZING GUARANTtf BUY «ny Krogtr I ton, LIKE it as well or betitr. OR rclurn unuict portion in orieinal container and we will repine it J'REE with ! any other brand we sell of the same ilcin. regardless ol prite. '

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