The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 3, 1963 · Page 12
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 12

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1963
Page 12
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$ Al URDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 3. 1963 More Are Entered In Women's Matches FOUND puppy, whit, wilh bl« brown spot« on back. FOUND — Brown, black and »,.— Cocker Spaniel, female with brown collar, at corner ot Liberty — Eagle Sts. near Bruno > Var Inqulie 16 Wesleyan St. Following are additional entries Miss Mary Lou Daniel, Louisville, Kentucky, 1962 USGA. Girls' Jun for the 1963 Women's Amateur Championship received by the United States Golf Association The tournament is to be held a ior Champion; Miss Margaret Jones, South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky; Miss Doris Phillips, Normandy, Missouri; Mrs. Linda TIM [OlimameiJt IS WJ "C jiciu a* maiiuy, afii^ovun, jTit^. *j,..w the Taconio Golf Club in Wil-Smythe.Catskill, N.Y.; Mrs. Hel- liamstown. d I [»M-'WII. , -*• — • ,.,,.. Mrs. Anna Quest Welts, Seattle, N.Y.; Mrs. F. C. K.' Finch, New . Washington, USGA Women's Amateur Champion, 1958 and 1961; Curtis Cup Team, 1958-60-ffi; Miss Patti Shook, South Haven, Mich.; Mrs. Pete Dye, Indianapolis, Ind.; Many times Indiana Women's Amateur Champion; Mrs. Anne Van Vechlen Coupe, Lojdonville, N.Y.; Miss Barbara Mclntire, Colorado Springs, Colo., Women's Amateur Champion, 1959; British Amateur Champion, 1960; Curtis Cup Teafa, 1355-60-62; Mrs. Gordon P. Street Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn., Girls' Junior Champion (as Judy Eller) 1057-58; Curtis Cup Team, I960; Mrs. Arthur Flask, Scarsdale, N.Y.; Mrs. Linda C. Maurer, Pittsburgh AFB, N.Y.; Mrs. Irving G. Kaufmann, White Plains, N.Y.; Miss Patricia B. O'Sullivan, Orange, Conn., Curtis Cup Team, 1952. Miss Judith M. Bell, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Curtis Cup Team J960-62, Trans-Mississippi Champion, 1963; Mrs. John B. Kane, Chestnut Hill, Pa.; Miss Carrie Hoiles, Alliance, Ohio; Mrs. Edward J. McAuliffe, Wellesley; Miss Pamela Kingsbury, Wichita, Kansas; Miss Rhonda Glenn, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Miss Janis Ferraris, San Francisco, CaL; Miss Terry Marinaro, Fres- F. Spalding, no, Cal. Mrs. Charles , Gloria Ehret, Danbury, Conn; ., .. . en L. Manheimer, White Plains Canaan, Conn.; Miss Judy Rand, Aurora, Ohio, 1959 Girls' Junior Champion; 4th round, 1962 Women's Amateur. Miss Marianne Gable, Whiltier, Calif.; Miss Martha Kosar, Silver Lake, Ohio; Miss Becky Glasscock, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Miss Susan Gregory, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Mrs. Maurice Click, Baltimore, Md.; Miss Carol Sorenson, Janesville, Wis.; 1960 Girls' Junior Champion; 1962 Western Amateur Champion; 19C2 Intercollegiate Champion; Miss (Captain) Marguerite K. Wilhughby, Marblehead, Mass., WAC.; Mrs. Alfred Sinner, Scarsdate, N.Y.; Mrs. Barbara FUton, Hamilton, Ohio; Miss Maggie Martin, St. Clairsville Ohio, Kunner-up, 1961 Girls' Junior Championship. Mrs. George Trainor, Rochester, N.Y.; Mrs. Hicliarci H. Semple Jr., Sewickley, Pa.; Mrs. Joseph A. Nesbitt, Rye, N.Y.; Miss Nancy Gunther, Troy, N.Y.; Miss Jane Schiller, Salisbury, Md. Mrs. Ann Gregory, Chicago, III.; Miss Phyllis Preuss, Pompano Beach, Fla., Curtis Cup Team, 1962; Runner-up, 1961 Women's Amateur; Semi-finalist in 19G2; Low amateur, 19G3 Women's Open; Mrs. Jean Zaiko, Newing- on, Conn., 1948 Women's Amateur tampion, Curtis Cup Team, 1948- 1-lOSTIffflFOWW face, brown 2-2925. bro 1 I pots and whit )> ( >. MO LOOSE PANTHER by college, actually house cat (Qaylord). Please ret 404 Chuich Si. LOST — GIRL'S GLASSES In imall »/e«n pockelbook at AAW Jtand vicinity. Reward. Call 7439040. LOST — Boy's glasses In case at O C. Buck Shows — lost Saturday evening. MO 3-9629. LOST—PERSIAN-ANGORA CAT, solid eray. Answers to Huffy. Milling since Thursday. MO 3-5735. NOTICE is hereby given th«t passbook 70870 issued by the Norih Adams Hooiac Savings Bank, has been lost or destroyed and said bank has been asked to iisue a dupli cate thereof. 2-HOTICES CLOSED SATURDAY, JULY 27 OPEN MONDAY, AUGUST 5 WM. RUDNICK Company 136 Ashland St. MO 3-EI07 NANTED — Active retired man with references for retail sales. Inquire CENTER SPORTS, 29 Main St. PILGRIMAGE, Labor Day week. All rail to Canadian Shrines. Sept em ber I through September S. Mrs Dargis. MO 2-2425. 4-SERYICES -ivira. ^ ii a * * c a •* • ^i'"'""-Dp —•• 1 1 — f- — • Greenwich, Conn.; Miss Marcia 50; Muss Alice Sawyer, Baltimore, McLachlan, Danbury, Conn.; Miss Md., Runner-up, 1962 Girls' Jun- Factory Train«d SERVICE : • On Lawn Mowers, Outboard Women's Motors, Go-Carts, Snow Blowars, tind All Types of Small Gasoline Engines and Eledricai Appliances. COUNTRY PEDLAR Stats Road, Williarnsfown WANTED EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT-BOOKKEEPER To lupervise large, complex payroll. Permanent. Highly responsible position. Salary open. CallGL 8-4131, Ext. 207 "An equal opportunity employer." ., , or Championship. Saratoga Entries FfRST— 1 Schalmont 2 VivFan fenbrooks 3 Burt Palch 4 Ensfgn Wynn 5 Me'cedes Wick 5 Count Bonny Brook 7 Jarreltown Cliff 3 Bonny Easter Tim« SECOND— 1 Honest Injun 2 Mickey MacPherson 3 Imperial Hal 4 Marion E, Volo 5 Charming Chic 6 Rose Mary Byrd 7 Freddie's Girl 8 PJcasant Echo THIRD— 1 Ginger Springwood 2 Corwin Hanover 3 Anthony Patch 4 Kate's Daughter 5 Stratostreak 6 Butchfe B. 7 Nina Song 8 Flna Yarn FOURTH— 1 Avon Boy 2 Miss VfcW Scott 3 AdiDS Ace 4 Topaz Tornado 5 Corner Slon» 6 Adios Time 7 Early Hanover 8 Brittany FIFTH— 1 Bonny Fen 2 MJss Ches Sue 3 XinXora Girl 4 Rt/nnymede Molfy 5 Patsy DilJon 6 Parson Tass 7 Charming Karen 8 Runrtymcde June SIXTH— 1 Targeleer 2 Marquis Pick 3 Helneken 4 Yankee Tardlot 5 Ace Dares 6 Judge Dares 7 Dayton Freight SEVENTH— 1 Stone Chief 2 Ufrd Peter 3 Fixin To Pacs 4 Hose Charm 5 Mf. Mel burn 6 Tassy 7 Vlnn Hanover 8 Albert J. EIGHTH— 1 Raina Hanover 2 Yankee Lowland 3 Marlon's Girl 4 Seav/ay Sam 5 Butternut Everett 6 Patty Bea FJash 7 Cindy Berry 8 Adorable Wick NINTH— 1 Pappy's Prfde 2 Gay Helen 3 Miss Leo Chfef 4 Aunt Haiti* 5 LTncTe Gil 6 Sparkling Lady 7 Belvedere Pick & Tony Genoa W. Ferguson D. Huff R, Hourihari O. Cole L. Fanelli F. Coppola H. Goodser 1 W. Current D. Huff R. Hamilton D. Bromley C. Peckham H. Goodie K, Heeney F. Ting'ey 0. Cole C, Bonafede F. Devizzlo D. Bef G3. Garnsey W. Arth A. Am bo R. Webber C, McQufgge D. Bromley R. Hamilton O. Cole D. Corneau D, Huff O. Wilson G, Chretien H. Goo<Jsell W, Current D. Bromley p. Pinkney C, Bogardua F. Tlngfey D. ChiMs T. Orslni J. MuFcahy D, Corneau H. Parker D. Wilson D. Huff A. Ambo C. Franklin W. Current H. O'Connoi K. Williams M. Bloodgood P. Pinkney D, Corneau D. Hull ' W. Arthurs \ W. Lamb H, Shafer D. Brornley K- Heeney ft, Simser C. Bogardus G. Kazmaier V/. Lamb T. Valenle R. Hourlhan R. Hamilton D. Huff W. Arthurs D, Bell G, Kazmaier H. Parke K. Heeney Saratoga Resulfs FIRST- Calra One (Ycaza) 9.80 5.20 2.80 Spendapenie (Adams) 10.20 3.80 Friendly People (Baeza) 2.30 SECOND— Speed Judge (Baeza) 7.00 3.80 2.804 Bubba Jack (Ycaza) 4.10 3.00 5 Comedian (Rotz) 2.80 Daltr Double (6-3) Paid $26.50 THIRD— Royal China (Ussery) 5.80 3.90 4.20 \ Miss Alabaster (Sellers) 11.80 7.40 7 Sombre Note (Ruane) 11.90 FOURTH— Left Hook (Boland) fl.60 4.10 3.30 5 One Onion (Ycaza) 3.30 2.50 Brave Win (Ussery) .... 3.20 e FIFTH- Badge of Honor (Aitche- jon) 5.90 3.40 2,30 Arnbtr Diver (Murphy) 3.80 2,40 Barnabys Bluf{ (Walsh) 2.20 SIXTH- a-Audience (Ussery) 3 50 2 60 2 30 Jet Clipper (Sellers) 7.90 4.50 2 Dinner Jacket (Combest) 3.40 3 SEVENTH— Never Bend (Yc«wO 2.t» 2.80 230 5 Henry Tb* Eighth (Ussery) 8.602.80 Master Dennis (Boluid) 2.50 EIGHTH- Battcur (Ycaza) 4.80 3.20 2,70 Treachery (Ussery 4.70 3,;iO Tirata (Adams) S.IiO NINTH- McCloskey (Sellers) 5.90 3,10 2.5d5 Grand Qirlvera (Huane) 3.40 3.10 6 Initiator (Bolarni) 1.60 « Americans Face British Athletes LONDON (AP)-If the American track team can shake off its airplane legs in time, it can wind up its European tour with z flourish here against a lightly regarded British squad today and Monday. Even the American girls, much maligned after a dismal failure in Moscow, have a chance to make their battle with the English girts close. The Americans, who flew in late Friday from Hannover, Germany, where they demolished a good West German team 141-82 last Wednesday and Thursday, are fit enough to run, but may be too track-weary to threaten any world marks. The teams will rest Sunday—a day off for sports in Britain— and resume on Monday, Competition is at White City. Badge of Honor Saratoga Winner SARATOGA — Badge of Honor set a new course record of 3:47 3-5 as he romped to a three lengths victory in the $17,150 Beverwyck Steeplechase yesterday. In an overnight event, Cain Hoy Stables' Never Bend returned to the racing wars with an impressive two-length triumph over a band of so-so distance horses in the seventh race. Badge of Honor, owned by F. Eugene Dixon Jr., led from wire to wire in the 2 1-16 mile race as a crowd of B,741 braved the wet, chilly weather. Badge of Honor was well liked and returned $5.90. Hinsdale Enfries FIRSTV- 1 Cecil's Slowpoke 2 Highland Flight 3 Bay State Joan 4 Misty Mary 5 Easter Surprise 6 Topaz Sequin 7 Clyde Direct B Miss Frnpala SECOND— 1 Rivervlew De] 2 Aubrey York 3 Seneca Hanover 4 Colleen Brook Bad Boy Bert Bch J. Abbe M. H, W. > Chandler Hanover THIRD— 1 Chance Up 2 nimrock 3 Single's Pixie Shem Don Hi Mite 6 High Sierra 7 Rebel Land Peler & Hot Java FOURTH— L King Cole 2 Clara's Merry Sonff 3 Miss Bridgton 4 Ircquois Pick 5 Smoky H 6 Joe Mac Oteca's Little Mary fl Diamond Spirit FIFTH— 1 Glack Dazzle 2 Inca Ben Turlington F/cdford Hanover 5 Derb Silverheels 6 Viclory's BUI 7 Madame Dot 8 Sybil's Son SIXTH— 1 Day Stale Andy 2 Frisky Jon 3 Esquire Rob 4 Dirty Dan 5 Dudley Hopa i Nancy Girl 7 Firrman Hal Kandy Royal SEVENTH— Billy Brooks Debbllands Dusger Sonx 4 Peter (S. Scot) 5 Nib Abbot Vivian K 7 Fancy Ouatn - Melody Squ. i EIGHTK r* 1 Wllford D N \ Mlnutaman 3 Broken Sword [ ChArlifl Dudley 5 Honey Doll > Diamond Dioi Dcflmor NINTH — 1 Mountain Glow > Evening Soasl 3 Dewey McElwyn ' Pistol Pele SlHT Royal Sober Counial 7 Princ* Countel Diamond T L. Draylon L, Berry H. Lamb D. Maglro P. Planle Jr. M. O'Neal S. Vallanlc A. Nason F. Pike C. Mattison L. Berry F. Eriquez Jr. M O'Neal /1. Nason E. GMman I. Slmeszku C. McCarthy Jr. E. Houle J. Kane R. Tappiy J. Kolibab A. Nason G. Sheehy Sr. W. Silk Jr. V. Culhane F. Casline B. Pike R. Collelle A. Nason R. Lacombe H. Fenno E. Gilman F. Parker W. Silk Jr. F. Blake R. Collelte R. Cross S. Chemerys D. Carlisle Jr. A. Lilvlnchyk W. Silk Jr. O. Burgoyne R. Fenno C. Mattison C. Lovely III R. Lacombe H. Harp B. PIKe W. Colllni N. SrlRley I. Foliar W. Silk Jr. E, Gllmin F. Lynaufh J. Winter! J. Gerry W. Colllne Q. Harp Jr. J. Gerry Ja. Cross K. Gagne R. Pease C. MallKon A. Sorrenlino W. BlaVe R. Fenno F. P-'I. Fos' J. Mo .f. Caslu.o COMPANION TO CARE for elderly lady in Adams. Live In. Pleasant home. 7430545 or 7-13-2892 after 5:30 p.m. PART TIME GENERAL OFFICE WORK, only 2-3 hours a day. Mature or retired person preferred. Write Transcript Box 141, Ac-a.ns, HOUSECLEANING HOME OR BUSINESS Floor-, Washed and Waxed, Woodwork, Walls and Ceilings Washed Cellars Cleaned and Vacuumed JACK KERSON MO 3-6718 RESPONSIBLE LADY wanted to baby sit. Two school age girls. Liberty St. MO 3-7107. TOY PARTY DEMONSTRATORS Men or Women work now until De comber. Over 500 Toy i Gift Items. tigh Commissions. No collecting. No delivering. Call or write SANTA'S PARTIES, INC.. Avon. Conn. Telephone: 673-3207, evenings 673-9829. HAVING A PARTY? RENT 24 CHAIRS For Only $5.75 Delivered JACK KERSON MO 3-6718 WANTED — Woman for housework and companion for elderly man. Excellent home and congenial surroundings. Live In. Call PiltsfieW HI 3-0028 or write Transcript Box 140, Adams, Mass. WOMEN NEED COSMETICS. There is a tremendous demand for Avon. We have attractive openings for capable women. Phone Pittsfleld 4421119 or write Marjorie Tufts, Box 1662, Lenox, Mass. HL'S TPVCKINQ — Ashes and rub> bish removed. Dial 3,5690. Al Lepel. t. E, GARDNER Home Improvement Roofing. Siding. Gutters, Chimney* Masonry. Painting and Trea Removal. Work guaran'aed, fully In 1 sured. MO 3-8739. CUSTOM SEWING — women's, men's, children's clothes. Problem sizes a specialty. Slipcovers, drapes, minor alterations. MO 3.8795. CUT GRASS. Power machinery. Weeding, flower beds, raking. Call any. time. MO 3-5992. EXCELLENT PIANO TUNING — Cav Peebles Jewelry, MO 3-7215. K. O, Davis. FLOORS SANDED and refinlsKed H. Dupee, 743-9085. JOT IT DOWN! Remember ill For kitchen chair upholsterirlg and upholstery - Dial Pittsfleld HI 3-1527. OLD FLOORS MADE LIKE NEW. Sanding and rettnlshing. Floors Installed. Plltsfleld Floor Sanding Co. Free estimates given. Call 743-2528. PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING. Work neatly done. Go anywhere. Sample books on request. MonV gomery 743-0607. RAY'S ANTENNA SERVICE No. Hoosac Rd. GL 8-5395 Williamslown CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Aluminum Products A. DeSANTY ALUMINUM CENTER Expert Repairs on Aluminum Windows and Screens Our Only Business Since 1952 174 Stale Rd. MO 3-8522 Auto Service GEORGE'S TIRE. RADIATOR & BODY WORKS. INC. Bring us voui radlaTo; Iroublei 20 Porter St. North Adam* MO 3-7525 Appliance Repair GAGLIAHDTB Major Appliance Scrvlc* Aulomatlo Wa«hera a Specialty e 11 Union St. North Ad.mi MD 3-3746 Bicycle NEW and USED Bicycles und Repalni LEO'S VARIETY and BIKE SHOP 122 Cola Ave.. Wllliimstewn GL 8-3343 Fuel OH BETTI Oil CO. 160 Houihton SL North Arfami MO 2-2535 Nursing Homes HOMESTEAD NL'KSINQ HOMI Mrs. Eva Darftle, Proprietor (IS East Main St. MO 34(85 RICHARDSON RES1 HOMt Mr*. M. Rlchardion, Proprietor 767 So Churr.h 81. MO 3-8036 Oil Burner Service BERTOLI OIL CO. 121 Versailles Ave. North Adaml MO 3-8600 GL 13019 Plumbing and Heating. ALBERT DELISlt & CO. 3 Dean SL Adami Adami 749-1M9 Rubber Stomps & Supplies NORTHERN BERKSHIRE MFO. CO. Inc. Rubber Stamp* Martini IXvto** Supplies and Enirav*d Nam*pl>la« 179 Braeewell Ava.. cof Hougrrton SI. North Adams MO 4980) Trailers BERKSHIRE CAMPER'S SALES & RENTALS 21 Grova St. 743-1400 Adaml After 6 p.m. and Sat. Apach. and HI Lo Trall«n PHnrv.tloni Now Btlni Acc*pt«d Tr»v«l trall«r> !n many iT and fttylts. tSS MOIILIHOMtS Mohawk Trail Attics Contain Articles Which Would Sell For Vacation Cash- Dial MO 3-3741 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT 12-4KRRWIIDISE FOI Sill ItmHWRMISffiD ELtVFN 5-Hflf WAKHD *Ulf CLERK., WANTED Apply in Person LEV Hardware It Supply Co. 40 Holden St. North Adams ROUTE SALES, 56 stops dally. W5 I week to start. Must have car. Cal 1 HI 34644. 6-HELP WANTED flMALE THREE PIECE PARLOR SET, two end tables, 9x12 braided rug. Many other articles. MO 3-8742. USED APPLIANCE SALE: Retrlger* tors, $10, *15. 525, guarantee* Television sets, S10 and up. Alsd wasliers. ranges anrj dryers. CENTRAL RADIO CO.. Roberts Drive. 6500 USED BRICKS, 1500 cobble stones. Call MO 2-2634. 18' UPRIGHT AMANA FREEZER. 600 Ib capacity, excellent condition. Best offer. Call MO 3-5088. 5 HP SEA KING outboard motor lor sale Good condition. Reasonable Call MO 4-9141. 8-SITUATIOHS WANTED WASHING! IRONING! In my home Reasonable prices. Will pick up and deliver. MO 3-3318 anytime. WILL CARE FOR CHILDREN in my home by day or hour. Adjoining Braytonville playground. Call MO 2-22B9. 10-lfiSTRDCUON PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS. PfanO cA pfano accordion. CalJ Adams 7** 1129 between 5 and 6 p. m. 11-LIVESTOCK AND PETS KC BEAGLE PUPPIES—hunting slock York K'nl, Shelburne, Mass. MA 5-6195. :LEVER, YOUNG, male Boxer; hand some German Shepherd: Reg. Bea gles: Shepherds; Terriers; Cockars Poodles. Many 15.00 puppies. PHLOXLAND, Mohawk Trail, Charle mont. DOGS AND CATS boarded. Witl-or. Way Farm, Clarksburg. MO 2-2566. 12-MERCHANDiSE FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL GREEN vinyl platform rocker. Like new. S30. Call 7432532. BLOND MA JGANY three toot diameter coliee table, two step end tables. Excellent condition. Adams 743-9071. ELECTKIC STOVE, apartment size. Excellent condition. 743-1315. FRIQIDAIRE ELECTRIC RANGE. Full size. Excellent condition. 19 Forest Park Ave.. Adams 743.0536. FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC STOVE, 30" and Frlgidaire washing machine, both 3 years old. Also other household furniture. Call MO 3-3519 anytime. FUEL OIL TANK, 275 gal. capacity; tankless heater, 6 gal. Both In very good condition. Reasonable. Inquire 121 Brooklyn St. after 4 p.m. GAGLIAROI'S — Better Used Ar? pllances — Large rejection — Up to 6 months guaranlees. Rebu:tt washers a specialty. 25c and 5Gc meler plan available on new and used appliances. GAGLIARDI'S Inc., 9-11 Union St. MO 3-3746. "Service After Sales," GARDEN TRACTOR 6 HP wilh electric starter and 36" rotary mower, pneumatic tires, other accessories Available. Cost $659 will sell for $500. Only 2 months old. Must sell, moving, Call GL 8-4517.- HOTPOINT WASHER, used lesi than year. Call GL 8-3203. LOOK BEFORE YOU BUY: You be the Judge. Then count your savings, All new merchandise. Parlor sets, maple den seta, bedroom sets, kitchen sets, wool rugs, congolftums, mattresses and box springs. Loungers, swivel and platform rockers. Hundreds of more items. Never undersold. ALSO TOP QUALITY used furniture and appliances bought and sold. KING'S AUCTION CENTER, Stamford, Vt. Tel. OX 4-1269. Open 6 days a week. 10 A.M. to B P.M. Closed Mondays. MODERN BEAUTY SALON equipment like new, excellent buy. Call GL 8-3730 for information. NEED MONETF We buy anything ana everything. Will also sell anything on consignment. COUNTRY LAR. State Road. .Williamstown RED RASPBERRIES Pick your own. JOHN GWOZD7, Fales Road, East Cheshire, 300 yards off Route 116. REEL TYPE LAWNMOWER, iU«J very little. GL 8-3655. SEE THE NEW 1963 Johnson Motors, also fishing boats and trailers. Complete line of fishing rods, reels, fishing boots, vests and creels. Live crawlers. Golf cluus & carts. Base* ball gloves, shoes bals and balls. Big line of guns and ammo. Bino •.- ulars, sleeping bags and campli.g tenta, and many other items (or th* true sportsman, We take ftmi in trade or buy them outright. BILL'S SPORTING GOODS, 310 Slat* St., North Adams. Tel. MO 3-7645. SHUTTIM, 32 large wooaton, mov able. 12.00 wen. C'xl6" and other sizes. OL 8-3705. TENNIS RACKETS, 11.89 up to 126; tannli balls, 40c; bowline il>o«l for men and women, $3.89; Brunswick bowling balls, 124.95; $3.98 bowling bag (with ball) 99c; Slyrofoam swim boards, 75c up; canoe paddles, $1.98 up; oars $6.95 pair & up; life prnservers lor adults nnil children, Coast Guard appjovcd; picnic nas. kets with dishes, $6.95 set; tennis rackets rastrung $3.95 to $5,95; Coleman stoves and lanterns repaired; fish rods rewound. CENTER SPORTS, 29 Main SI. Cash paid for ttMd arum, portable typewriters and >olf aJuba. PUSTiC Till 25c So, PL Larg» Choice of Colors "We Loan You ih« Tool," "W» Show You How" WM, RUDNICK CO. 136 Ashland St., MO 3-5107 4 ROOMS with bath, available at 4 Miner St. on or about June 21. Easy to heat, low rental. MO 3-3746. fURNISHED ROOM, vary central, MO 3-7247, or Inqulra 1\9 E««l« St. ONE COMBINATION ROOM at I! Union St., Call MO 2-2631. The book CUrltiburg, Man., Then And Now, 174? to l«2 priced available Thursday, Augujt I, to $J.50 pet copy. Reserved copies $5.00. Limited quantify. Will be be picked up at Briggsvilla Store or Earl Taylor's Red Mills Store, Clarkiburg, Earl'i Flying A, How- and Ave., Adaml- A JEEP U on Ideal second car and It pays for itielf. Come to Jeep Headquarters for the facts. FRANK'S MOTOR SALES, 615 Ashland St., North Adams MO 2-2981. OUTSTANDING BUVI 1960 Austin Healey Sprite. New motor job, tires and battery. 35 m.p.g. Immaculate throughout. See II. Drive HI First $875 gets it! GL 8-5268. VIC and PAUL'S Motor Sales Imported Sports Cars Austin Healey, MGB, MG 1100, Sprlta 207 Stale Rd. MO 3-7746 12' BOAT with trailer. Must be seen to be appreciated. $150. 743-0279. 1962 CORVAIR MONZA, standard shift. Racfio and heater. Like new. Must sacrifice. $1,995. 92 Cola Avenue, Williamstown, GL 8-3196. '62 CORVAIR MONZA, 3 speed stick. Excellent condition. Will accept highest bid over $1.875, MO 3-7346. (2) HI-FI 3 WAY SPEAKER SYSTEM for stereo. Elco HFS6, 8 ohms, 5020,000 CPS, genuine walnut enclosures, brand new. Retail at $62.50 — $40 each. 19" rotary mower. Brlggs & Stratton engine, very good condition, 525. Call MO 3-7771. 13-MERCHAHDISE WANTED A CALL PAYS CASH fOR AL1. KINDS OF JUNK NORTH ADAMS JUNK CO. TEL. MO 3-3407 BUY ALL KINDS OF JUNK. Highest price paid for newspapers. Harry Patashnlck. MO 3.8953 between 4-8 p.m. Cover Adams, Williamstown, Stamford. NEED MONEY — Sell me your household furnishings, attic contents, plctur« frames, old dishes. SWEF.' NEY'S USED FURNITURE, 18 Ban* St. MO 2-2341. WE PAY CASH for used guns or take them In trade. BILL'S SPORTING GOODS, 310 State St., Call MO 3-7645. WHAT NOT SHOP. We buy and sell new and used furniture. Best price* paid. MO 4-9139. 160 Eagla Street. 14-HOUSES FOR RENT FOUR ROOMS AND BATH, Stove heat. Hot water. Houghtan Street. Adults prelened, MO 3-B578. •OR RENT, 5 room house in South WIIIJamBlown, occupancy August 15lh Inquire P. O. Box 88 Williams- tow n. rVINDSOR—5 room hous«, $15 month plus labor Interior and exterior finishing repairs. VVrfte Mrs. Wil- Ifam Nagys, 339 Miro St., Fairffeld, Conn. 14A-HESORTS AND COTTAGES COTTAGE, Hoosac Lake, Cheshire, available Tor August or by week. Call Adams 743-1503 afler 6. 15-FURNISHED APARTMENTS SELL OR RENT, 5 room house-trailer In Williamslown. Call MO 3-7382. TWO ROOM FURNISHED apartment. V/illiarostown. All utilities furnished. GL 84211. WILLIAMSTOWN — 2U rooms, firs floor. Adults only. GL S.'IBSS. « ROOM FLAT, stove Cal! MO 3-7363. heat. Adulls. U ROOM furnished apartment, hot and cold water. Gas, electricity, heat. 21 Qulncy St. Call MO 3-5601. 2 ROOM APARTMENT, 65 Eagle St. Call MO 3-3322. 16 UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS ADAMS: 7-room stove heated apartment with bath, off Summer Street. Parking for 1 car. Adults preferred $45 monthly. Contact Sawyer Boisvert, Realtor. Adams 743-003'!. ADAMS — Attractive 5 room upstnlrs apartment, residential section. Oil heat and hot water. Adults only. Call Sawyer Boisvort. 743-0034. ARNOLD PLACE, 5 room heated apartment. Older adults only. Inquire 150 Church St. FIVE ROOM UPSTAIRS apartment. Stove heat. Good condition. Near Spngue's. 82 Beaver Street. MO 4-9154. •OUR ROOM APARTMENT. Heat and hot water furnished. Very clean. $65 month. MO 4-9667. FOUR ROOM FLAT — Clean. Adults. Slove heal. $7.50 weekly. Near Main Street. Telephone MO 3-7221 anylimo. . WILLIAMSTOWN, Hoxsey St. (2) 3 room apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Call Bennington, 442- 290B. NEWLY PAINTED six rooms and bath. 2 Winter Street, Adams. Adulls preferred. 743-2090. ,IX ROOM APARTMENT. Heat and hoi water furnished. Shower. Centrally located. MO 3-9005 afler 6 p.m. TWO APARTMENTS at 4 Miner Street. One thrca room and batli. one six room and bath. Stove heat. Available for immediale rental. MO 3-3747 before 7 p.m. GAGLIARDI AND COLLINS REAL ESTATE. TWO LARGE ROOMS, heated, Stove and refrigerator furnished. Upstairs. 169 Pleasant Street. MO 3-6865. WILLIAMSTOWN — Soulhworth St. — 2 room apartment, kitchen equipped with range, refrigerator and disposal. Heat and hot waler furnished. Shower, tile bath. Private entrance. Call GL 8-3234 alter 6 p.m. 21 EAGLE ST. — 3 rooms and bath in good condition. Inquire Weln's Shoe Store. 6 ROOM APARTMENT on East Main St. Slove heal. Good condition, see anytime. Call MO 2-2696. C ROOM APARTMENT, centrally lo cated. 2nd Floor, no ytrd, $27.50, Call Adams 743-0478. 6 ROOM APARTMENT to rent. Call MO 3-6463 after 5 p.m. 5 ROOM APARTMENT, M * r * cn<x>1> • nd Spraiua. Inquire In p«r»on at 185 Hou«hteo Strati. 5 ROOM TINtMENT, hardwood doors, slovo heat. Adulti only. Call MO 2-2800 between 6 & I p.m. 5 ROOMS AND BATH. Howland Avo. Adams. 743-1439 afler 4 p.m. o, Saturda/. School Starts Soon- Check the Classified Ads For Smart Buys U-ROOMS FOR RENT ROOM «. BOARD. Single and double rooms. "The Pines Lodge" Call GL 8-9155. ROOMS TO RENT — Light houaa keeping If desired. Inquire Dunn, 244 t. Main St. let, MO 4-9180 or MO 3-6631, 2MUTOS AND TRUCKS car*. BREVYER^BROSi' 277 St. DICK SCARAFONl FORD, Your on*. •top shopping center tor FORD. 179 State R<t. North Adamt MO 36516. •62 CHEVY Convertible, ».OOO mile*. Like new. 62 COMET S22 < Jtd. Exceptional. '61 VOLKSWAGEN Black. '61 VOLKSWAGEN White. '60 COHVAIR Mor/a. '60 PEUGEOT Model 403, GrMn. '59 OLDS 2 Or. Hdtp. Std, Shift. 99 BUiCK 4 Door Invlcta. •59 CHEVY Station Wagon, 6, Std. '59 RAMBLER Sta. Win. 6, Std., 4 Dr. '59 RAMBLER, 4 Dr. Sedan, 6, Std. '59 FORD Galaxfe 4 Door. •58 PLYMOUTH Ste. Wgn. C, Std. with overdrive. •57 PONTIAC 2 Door Hardtop. •57 DODGE 4 Door Sedan. 57 FORD 2 Door Hardtop $300 57 FORD 2 Door H ltd lop $200 •56 BUICK Special 4 Dr. Hdtp. . J250 '56 WILLYS 2 Wheel drive Sta. Wgn. '56 CHEVY 4 Dr. 6 Cyl. SW. .. . $325 '56 CHEVY 4 Door 6, Std. ..... $175 55 CHEVY 4 Door, S, Std, 55 CHEVY 4 Door, 6. Automatic. 55 CHEVY 2 Door, S, Automatic ' '55 CHEVY 4 Door, «, Automatic. '55 OLDS 98 4 Door. Hardtep. '54 OLDS 89 2 Door »95 53 CHEVY 4'Door. Sttnderd, ... $60 '53 DE SOTO 4 Door »35 50 DODGE Dump Truck. New Motor. Excellent Tires. ERL'S AUTO SALE* 245 Columbia St. Adaim 743-0943 EASY COMFORT on you and your pnckotbook Is yours with a 1963 DODGE. WINDSOR MOTORS, 100 Union St.. North Adams. MO 3-8800. Open evenings. For » GOOD WILL u»d car See MOHAWK MOTORS Main and Marshall Sis, MO 3-3724 1962 VALIANT 2 door, belfce, one owner, heater, snow tires, standard. 19,000 miles. Al condition. $1.600. GL 8-1036. 1962 VOLKSWAGEN Sedan. Excellent condition. V«ry clean. Call MO 3-9134. 1960 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door hardtop, 6 cylinder, automatic, power steering, radio and heater. Real sharp. CARM CANCRO Molar Sales, 429 Curran Hwy.. MO 2-2508. 24-4UTOS AM TRUCKS •63 COMET Convertible. 62 BUICK Skylark. 61 CHEVY 4 Door. '61 CHEVY 2 Door. '60 FALCON 4 Door '60 CHEVY 4 Door Wagon •59 CHEVY 4 Door Wagon 59 CHEVY 4 Door. '58 CHEVY 4 Door '57 BUICK 4 Door, TEN 1957 CHEVROLETS '56 CHEVY '60 FORD '/, Ton Plck-Up. '58 FORO 2 Ton Dump Truck. '56 CHEVY Cabin Chassis McANDREWS AUTO SALES 224 Columbia St., Adams 743.0584 24-WTO AND TWCKS 24 -AUTOS AND TRUCKS 1960 OODGE 4 door sedan. Automatic, power steering, power brakes, radio and heater, good condition. ^' 8-3862. 1959 FORD Station Wagon. Very good condition. $1.100. 1956 CADILLAC Sedan DeVille. Exceptional, recomll. tinned. Looks »n<l runs like a Cadillac should. Can be purchased for less than cost of reconditioning THE SPRUCES office. You will f«t a ml ban. am of drlvlni on. of our July 4th Tli«d Car Spe ci«l», w« hava Whistler* & Banger- and Sparklers, a couplt ol Scooter and a raal bomb or two. Check thesa and com* up *. try lha on» you Ilka at th« "Homa of Ftlr Play". E. 1. ROBERTS « SON, INC. Jacktonvllta, Vermont Priori. Emplr. 8-2313 NEW '63 Jeep Dispatcher Conv*rt!b!« top'A top boot, whltawallt, heal ar. A fin* tecond car—«conom: cal and sturdy— only 11795 63 Belie Impala «dr. V8 HMlop 62 ttonia Convertible. 4 >p*ed, cream with black top, vary fancy. 62 Corvalr Delux* wagon P.G. 5,000 miles. 62 Corvalr Coup* 4 Sp. Irani. Fold sait 62 Chav. 2 dr. Radio, Heater, Poll- tract ion. (1 Ford Galaxla Convertible, clean. 61 Cadillac Conv. Black, Raal sharp. (1 Rambler Classic Super Wagon Std (1 Chev. Conv. Red « cyl. Overdrive 61 Plymouth 4 dr. Belvedere Std. Shift 61 Corvalr 700 Coupr, Powergllde. 61 Chav. 4 dr, Wgn. 6 Std. Green. 60 Chev. Wgn. VS 9 Pas. Powergllda 60 Chev. Wgn. 6 Std. 4 dr. Red. £0 Chev. Impala Coupe 4 Sp. Trans, 60 Chev. Impala 4 dr. VB P.G. 60 Willys 4 wheel drive Wagon & Plow 60 Corvalr 4 dr. Std. shift, Blue. 59 Olds 4 dr. Radio, Hydramatlc, 59 Chav. Impala V8 sport coupe. P.G 59 Chev. VS Impala 4 dr. P.G. Black 59 Chev. Impala Sport Sedan, V2 automatic, low mileage. 59 Ford Ranchwagon V8 Blue & Whit 59 Ford Galaxle Hardtop V8 Auto. 58 Corvette Conv. 3 Sp. Trans. Nice. 58 Oldsmobile 4 dr. Hyd. Radio. 18 Ford VS Falrlane 4 dr. Auto. 8 Goliath Wagon (a scooterl). 7 Plymouth 4 dr. V8 Std. Trans, 7 Chev. 4 dr. V8 Powergllde. 6 Olds. Hardtop, a good one. 3 Willys 4x4 Wagon & Plow. 2 Willys 4x4 Wagon 6 cyl. i Willys 4x4 Wagon lor Fishermen. TRUCKS 0 Chav. Suburban A good school bus 9 Chev. % ton stake, Hard to find. 9 Willys 4*4 Pickup. Gray. '9 Ford 4x4 Dump Body Pickup. i6 Int. Pickup, Runs real well. <5 Willys Stake Pickup A 7' plow. i4 Int, 4x4 2 yd. Dump & Plow. i2 Ford Pickup 6 cvl. Good. 1959 PONTIAC Catallna, 4 door hard top. Power steering, power brakes. A-l condition. Asking $1295. fvll consider offer. 20 Notch Road, Ad ams 743.0154. 1959 PONTIAC, power equipped, 4 door hardtop. Al condition. Wil take what dealer will sllow me or trade-in. $1,095. Cill 743-0154. REAL ESTATE MART Featuring the B«$t Real Estate Valuei in Northern Berkshire 20-HQUSE? FOR SALE BRAND NEW RANCHER WOODS DRIVE, ADAMS 5 Baautiful Room* Ceramic Tile Bath Built-in Electric Rang* v Allached L-shaped Girlfjt • Oil Fired Hof Water Baseboard Hoat w Walk-out Deer in Basemant • Aluminum Storm end Scrt*n Windows Panoramic view of Mf. Greylock . • . Many more feafuras too numeroul to mention in Ihis ad, mak« up ttm Dandy Rancher. All Roonn Completely Decorated , . . Mova in Tomorrow! A-l OLDER HOME QUAKER STREET, ADAMS • 9 Room!. 5 down, 4 up • 2 B.ilhs • Single or Doubls? You name ill • Oil Fired Hoi Water Halt • Aluminum Siding • One-Car Garaga • Well-groomed Back Yard • Front Porch Asking Price of $12,500 *nd Re.l Estate Taxol of $218 make! thil property a good feuy on today i markel. WHY PAY RENT? COLUMBIA STREET, ADAMS • & Room Tenement • Bath • 1,100 Sq. Ft. of Livinj Spae» • Larga Back Yard • Near Grammar School • Near Playqround • Excellent TV Reception A down payment of }700 and monthly payment! there after of $I9.?7 buys thil centrally locatid tenement. For Further Information on Any . . . For further information on Any of the Above Propertill, Call ROMANOS REALTY ADAMS Dial 743-9785 Ev«. 743-2361 BUYING - SELLING - RENTING — CALL — ROMANOS REALTY LOVELY NEW ENGLAND HOME 4 Bedrooms, I Vi Baths, Cabinet Kitchen, Dishwasher, Utility Room, 2-Car Garagt, Spacious Grounds, Privacy. T«l. MO 3-8517 ADAMS — 7-7 Duplex. Rental Income pays mortgiie. Ideal location. Priced lo sell. 7<3-0;<6. A MODERN FIVE room ranch !n ex ceirenl neighborhood /or children wilh little traffic, large krtfhan. three nice twdroomt ar>d full dry bas«m»nt. OL M79S. No »tw««. CORNER Or NORTH »nd C*dy MrMt», Sevan room moe&mlMd how" •«! larafa. Exceptional condition. •Vie- ed to Mil. Telephone MO 3-514t. FIVE ROOM RANCH at 24 Wat»on Street, near Greylock School. For more Information, call MO 3-9S80 FOR SALE BY OWNER—Comlortabl well built 7 room tiouia. AH modern convenience*, choice neighborhood, near «chooU. Cill MO 3.1.M9 any lime. SIX ROOM COTTAOE on Ve.jla StrMl. All modern oil ateum h»at. Approxl- mutely 14 *cra <* Ien4 Cell MO •-M2& 20-HOUSES FOR SALE COLLEGE AVENUE New 6-Room Colonill. Large Living Room with Fireplace, Dining Room, Kitchen with Cuitom Built Cabinets and drop-in Electric Range and '/r Bath downstairs, 3 large Bedrooms and Tile Bath upstairs. Hot Wafer Baseboard Heat. $16,800 ELDER AVENUE 7-Room Single. 2-Car Garaga. Blacktop drive. Cabinet Kitchen with DUhw&lher and New Disposal. Large Living Room with Fireplace, Dining Room and '/i Bath downstairs. 3 Bedrooms upstairs. Beautiful paneled family room. Nice level yard. Located In on* of the nicest sections of the city- Outside newly painted. $22,000 GALLUP-DICKEY AGENCY MOhawk 3-6576 Jack Rosse, 3-6330 James W. Fallon, 3-6202 Clarke Agnew, GL 8-4941 HOOSAC LAKf Waterfront cottage, completely furnished, 4 rooms, large enclosed porch, flush toilet and shower, hot and eold running walnr, fireplace in living room, boat motor and trailer, water skiing equipment and row boat, For 743-2342 "THE SPRUCES" hai ««v«ral pro* E ecfs waiting to jell their nouiel efore moving Inlo the park. Tna listings »r« free to anyone — no commissions involved. 7 ROOM HOUSE, 43 No. HOOMC Rd.. Williamslown, 2 garages. u»t neat; lot I30x)50, plenty of shade trees. GL 8-4719. 6-ROOM HOUSE FOR SALE. Closels, new oil hot water h».il. 2-car ga rage, workshop, trees, berries, gar dens, large lot. Priced to ull. 29 Alger St., Adamt. 743-1149. 22-MOBIlEKOMES THE SPRUCES IstheonlyMobllehome park In Norlh Easlem United Slates lhal has the hlghesl possible ral- ln«* - • - Woodnll's rive Stars and The M. H. M. A. Gold Star. 1960 LIBERTr MOB1LEKOME, 50x10. like new. Reasonably priced. May be seen at 2 Edward Avenue, Ad ams, or telephone 743-2090. 23-REAI ESTATE WANTED JU.-ABODE ABLE to be sold ntl Wi riftv.* ctih cu»tom«rt foi 1, 2. 3 or 4 family houses Phone u» now T. f. Roche Aaancy. ol " Mo 3-551S or MO 3-M66, ACREAGE, Bungalows, Camps, Duplexes. Farmt Ho Hi as. Loll G E N 0V ESE BROKER. Tal. 143 1261 lUILorNO LOTS wanted. Call Cumpoi Construction Company. MO 3-380&. BUYING? SELLING? RtNTINOl ^ Raal Estate and RenUI S«rvk«, 1360 S. Church St., MO 3-93»l W YOUR HOME FOR UUCT Try tin JAMES MANUtl AOENCV. Vou'l to flad veu dU. rhona MO *4i«* • nytlma. LIST TOUR PRUPtRIV wtttl nwl LM MMtroiannl RMI E«rtt« Brokar, 1« Dov.1 St., MO 2-»7»J. •OLDt Yet — trw larier part of ou lutings hava been sold. We n««< •II types of home* n Adaml ant Cheshire — especially J 3 and 4.bei)ioom Mnsles which •!• in irent demand, lot lelecllvt handl Inn of your home, phone SAWYEH BOIWERT, REALTOR. Ad.rm 74* 0034, llfHY NOT flrt your Four a*l«enMfi. Oan f*t*t* WMl hM 1962 FORD CONVERTIBLE Galaxie 500 Sunliner, V-8, Cruisomatic. Tip-Top Condition. Inquire COLONIAL SUNOCO CO. Colonial Shopping Center Wiliamstown, Mast. 959 PONTIAC Slationwagon. Hydra matic, 4 door, fladlo, healer, power statring and brakes. Call 743-1598 959 SIMCA 4 door sedan. MO 3-6419 958 DE SOTO 4 Door Sedan, aulo matic. PEDERCINTS AUTO SALES 467 Cuiran Hwy., opposite WMNB Call MO J-2920 or MO 3-8784. 957 BUICK Special, 2 door hardlop As Is, $225. Call MO 3-9392. 957 DODGE, 2 Door Station Wagon Beautiful, 2 tone blue, $795. Cal MO 2-2932. 7 FORD, 4 door, VS. 9 passenger wagon. QUALITY AUTO SALES, 650 Curran Hwy. MO 3-3861. 957 MERCURY Stationwagon, 9 pas senger, $705. Call MO 2-2177. 932 CHEVROLET in good condition asking $300. inquire Pine Cobble School GL B-3162. 932 FORD ROADSTER Convertible with 1954 Cadillac engine, 3 speed fioor shift, chrome engine acces sories, newly upholstered, $550 Call 743-2070. SPECIAL 15' TRAVEL TRAILER Fully self contained. No reasonable offer refused. Call EDMUND J. ROWLAND MO 3-7349 SATURDAY SPECIAL ALL BEEF HAMBURGER 2 Ibs. for Order by Phone Now! DELIVERY SERVICE BATEMAN'S City MARKET "Quality Sine* 1874" 94 M»in St. MO 3-3271 1958 CHEVROLET 4 Door Station Wagon, Automatic. Vary Clean. Many More Can and Trucks to Chooi* From ADAMS AUTO CO. 72 Columbia St., Adams Dial 743-0204 ' 1958 FORD SKYLINER 'ower Steering. Cruiiomatic Transmission. Radio and Heater. Excellent Condition, MO 3-7771 2]-AUTO PARTS, REPAIRS BUYING WRECKED CARS 1955 AND UP CHARTRAND AUTO CO. Open 8-8 MO 3-7M9 FOR QUALITY REPAIRS SEE PATRYIVS SERVICE CENTER 232 Ashland St. Dial MO 4-9193 RADIATOR SERVICE DON'T LET YOUR CAR BOIL OVER! BRING IT TO US TODAY. GEORGE'S RADIATOR AND AUTO BODY WORKS 22 Porter St, MO 3-7525 Me Andrews AUTO SALES 224 Columbia St. Attorn 743-OM4

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