Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 5, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1957
Page 4
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P ^MAKrft FOR SPKCFAI, SUPFliK, IJSIi SKILLET TO COOK CORNISH HENS, WILD RICE Centr.it i'lrthi, by tl; Hut,: It's fun lo prepare a real c\tr,i- Special dinner for two now and then! And what could hu more extra-special than Kiuk Cornish Hens with Wild M'uv't It's easy to do, too, in a hamly-si/e electric skillet. Here's the recipe: Rock Corntih H«nt with Wild Rico 2 U*l'/,i pounds each) frozen Rock Cornish Hens Salt Paprika Garlic Sale '/l lUp UilJ III C 1 tU|» liwl VWllT 2 ihukin h"uit- tun uilus 3 tiihti'tpuuni tuJlU'f Cotnplttely thaw hird» ariurJinn (>> package direction!, tlr.in hmli IMM J I 1 .iml Outside, drain thotDuglil) . .nut ilrs i-.iur skin with abiorhcnt p.ipir t»nvi!ni:.. I.imp Icgl and Utl together n'turelv v.i >'i tine string. Spiinkk- i-ath turd with salt, p ip- Iika, and garlic vtlt. < Kipnk.i im l>e uita generously, m tin' tutor .nt'U to the appearance of thu* lutuS, hut it >ou do not care for g-'lk iLuunntf, i.u' tiu* « ir• lie silt IpifillglyJ ic( turds to one side. :tnulett Institute \\ .i \h wild rite thoroughly, and place in ,i SUM J! how 1 w rih 1 tup hot water .ind .! ilniKen hoiiilloii tutus. M.Ii \ i.ihlripoofu huiur in an electric lkilU t WII |j the temper-tu re control set .it AM>'|-. Wlun ikilltt has re-thed preset iciofuf-iturt'. brnwn birds, turning fTr­ uly. <Mcl.il lung* Jft- good tor fhis to ,i\ i ml hrcjkuift skin and losing nu 11 jiiK t \.) Mowly ,io"d rice mixture to the skillet, tpre.idmg ntc evt-nlv .iround birds. When lupiid lupins to tumble, mime tempera* tun' iuiicn >l setting to J10 v l ; . and tuver \killct. turning birds on their sides if net* •w.iry io jllow ikillrt lid to set torrectly. ( In*.- h.l vtnt, and simmer slowly. Allow a to-iking tune ot AS td 60 minutes, adding .in .iddition.il '/( to '/j cup ul water .itur the first *-0 minutes, it too muth liquid is bring absorbed by the rice. M.ikt-s 2 hearty servings. You can place the skillet right on the dining tahle and use it a* a serving dish for the Kotk Cornish Hen* with Wild Kite. Add a fresh or frozen VLf'etahle and a crunchy salad to the menu for a complete ineal. Cook In your electric skillet —nrul then let it he the center of attraction an a .serving dish at the dining tahle, as you ladle out Rock Cornish Hens Midi Wi 'tl Kice at that aperiul dinner. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given (if the incorporation of Fayette Stone Co., Inc., with its principal place of business in Fayette, Fayette County, Iowa. The corporation will engage in the operation of rock quarries and sand or gravel properties, general construction, and, in general, to carry on any business not contrary to the laws of Iowa. The authorized capital stock is One Hundred Thousand ($Y00,- 000.00) Dollars divided into Five Hundred (500) slmiw ot common stock of the par value of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars each and Five Hundred (500) shares of preferred stock of the par value of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars each. Preferred stock shall bear five (5%) percent cumulative annual dividend; it shall have no voting power at any stockholder or other corporate meeting, and it may be purchased by the corporation for purposes of retirement, at any time after two yean from the date of its issue, by paying the owner therof its par value and all accumulated and unpaid dividends thereon. In the case of dissolution of the corporation, or in the event of the distribution of its assets the holders or owners of the preferred stock in any event shall not be en titled to any of the assets of said corporation in excess of par val ue thereof plus all accumulatec and unpaid divdends thereon a the rate fixed in the stock, and not in excess of five (5%) percent per annum. Capital stock shall be issued only upon receipt of full pay ment in cash or property as provided by law. The corporation commenced business on August 21, 1957, and shall exist for twenty (20) year thereafter. The business of the corpora tion shall be conducted, by board of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) director to be elected at the annual meet ing of the stockholders on the second Tuesday in January of each year. Officers shall be President, one Vice Pfesident, a Secretary and a Treasurer to be elected by the Board of Directors at its annual meeting immediately following the annual meeting of stockholders each year. Private property of sjtockhold- rs shall be exampt from corpo- te debts. FAYETTE STONE CO., INC. Paul Templeman, President Howard Johnson, Secretary By Bob Hullihan The guestton is: Have the idles retired dutitully to the backseat or are they simply fiiVhc-r'mg alrcngtli to tll/ow men ml of safety leadership in this •itate? The question is one to consider because of the recent Women's Traffic Safety Confer- nce called by Governor Loveless. At that meeting women from all parts of Iowa had a day in the safety limelight. They were told that it was within their power to bring off safety revolution in this state and they went home with the weapons to do it. The first rumblings as a result of this state-wide conference have come from Boone county where women held a countywide safety meeting early this month. Safety officials have some hope that this meeting will form a pattern of initial action on the part of women determined to move into the front seat in traf- 1 fic safety. In addition, several state-wide women's organizations have shown signs of mobilizing their forces on the borders of man's dominance of safety affairs. If other women are hanging back looking for a chink in the male armor, we'll play traitor and pass'on this tip: We men are "nervous." I "know because that word cropped up in dozens of opinions on men drivers expressed by women at the safety conference. Men drivers are "nervous" they said, over and over. NOTICE Marian Schatz Dance School Enrollment for Fall and Winter Classes Ad on Page Six IHliHHlHiHSiliiiHiiiiliiiiii:;^ NAPKINS IMPORTED FROM GERMANY v 29c Pkg Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa j| jjjfijiJSjjKKiijIlli^ 5 SEPTEMBER 1957 THIS WEEK —In Washington With Clinton Davidson Nearly Z.i.oo ymis IIKO H IP M iit c r lVucher Christ, uikt'd: "What shall H mini give In ex- chnnKr for his »oul?" About 1500 years bt'lore Christ, Esuu, the grandson of Abraham, sold his birthright—his Inheritance - for one meal, called In the Bible, •a mess of pottage." Through the centuries, millions of mortals have answered the question asked by Christ by exchanging their souls for alluring promises which turned out to be merely "messes of pottage." Powerful labor leaders who have sold their souls are finding that Judgment Day Is here for them, rhey are accused of the abuse of the power and confidence entrusted to them by Congress and by millions of workers. Today, millions of labor union members are asking two questions: "Have our leaders sold their Koul.i ind the souto of our unions?" and "If so, what price will we have to pay?" Uuve Beck Is paying a big price. Apparently he has done great damage, not only to himself but '.o the Teumsters Union which he lius headed for many years. If he has violated the law. If he has caused his Union to lew lis integrity, not only he but millions of honest worker will also .sutler greatly. If the Investigation reveals that lenders of many unions have sold their souls, the entire labor union Movement may have to Join in paving the price What Is the price? Let's be ipecillc and try to ans.ver the Master's question that was asked at the b.-glnnliiR of this column. The price could result In setting the labor movement bad: to the pre-I-'ranidln D. Roosevelt days. I Joes that seem impossible? Well let's examine the situation. Congress vested great powers In labor unions. Most Important of all, it nave them the special privilege of nctlm: as national monopolies. Because labor unions are exempted from the monopoly provisions of the Anil Trust Laws they are able, through nationwide strikes to halt such vital national I unctions as steel production, gasoline piodtictlon, railroad trans- l>ortation, International shipping, etc. Kiich [lowers are not entrusted to the owners and manngers of those great industries. It Is doubtful that even the President, of the United States- has such power. But labor, you will remember, used this power to practically close all steel product Ion In the Untied States during the Korean War. If Congress becomes convinced that labor olllclals and lalxir unions have lost Uieir souls—their integrity, their morality — then Congress maj withdraw labor's special privileges, principally the legal right to act as monoix>lles. ff this were done, nationwide strikes would cease to exist and the sanctity of the picket line would become a theory. It appears, however, that Congress will not be forced to lake such action. George Meanv, President of the AFL-CIO, and other labor leaders of unusual integrity already have taken positive actions to clean house of racketeers and other dishonest union olllclals They will not stand by idly while other officials sell the souls of labor. They are taking positive action. For example, the AFL- CIO Executive Council, on recommendation of an Ethical Practices Committee, has ousted Beck as an AFL-CIO Vice-President, suspended one union and placed two others on probation on charges of corruption. It will be far better for labor, and for the country, If lobor cleans its own house. Co'm- mendably, it shows every indication of doing Just that. Waiting Period For Pilots Aand Navigators Reduced From 1 Year To 4 Months M. Sgt Belzer and T. Sgt Westfall local Air Force recruiters announced today that the waiting period for Pilots and Navigators has been reduced from 1 year to 4 months for those applicants with two years of college or more. Also Air Force regulations now permit personnel who have completed 6 months active duty under the reserve program may be enlisted in the Air Force without taking basic training in the grade of Airman Third Class. Personnel interested may contact the local Air Force Recruiters at the Post Office Building, Room 324, Waterloo, Iowa. Complete "Kill", Restocking Of Blue Lake Set For September Blue Lake, near Onawa in Monona county, has received an experimental partial chemical treatment for removel of rough fish and is scheduled for extensive fish eradication and restocking in early September, fisheries officials of the State Conservation Commission have announced. On August 13, fisheries workers treated a 20-acre area of the lake with rotenone, a chemical that has a suffocating effect on fish. The chemical killed over 1,000 pounds of carp and several thousand "young of the year" sheephead. Very few catfish were present to be effected by the treatment. The preliminary work also field-tested an untried, economical rough fish removal technique. Fisheries workers were able to drive fish into "pockets" of trammel nets with the chemical. A removal crew' will treat the entire lake in early September to remove all rough fish possible. Application rate of the treatment will be determined by trained biologists. During the treatment, game fish will be salvaged by taking them from the treated area with dip nets ind placing them in fresh water. As soon as all harmful effects of the chemical have disappeared, about October 15, the lake will be restocked with adult bullheads and other suitable game fish. "A reduction in the water level of Blue Lake, both in area and volume, and the crowding that has taken place because of reduced habitat, has been at the expense of fiame fish with rough fish dominating the fish population of the lake. Bottom contours and low water stages make the permanent carp trap inoperative and conventional seining impractical", K. M. Madden, Superintendent of Fisheries, said. "Two years of fish census data and experimental work conclusively bear out the reasons for angler reports of poor fishing. Removal of rough fish will create- a void. Restocking will increase growth rates and stimulate natural reproduction of desirable Shabby Roof Spoils Effect Of New Paint Cast a critical eye at the appearance of your roof before you paint your house. Thii di the advice of New York color ityllit Beatrice West, who says: "Putting a new coat of paint on a house with a shabby, worn-out roof i* like wearing a fur coat and diamonds with dungarees. They just don't go together." Miss West, who color-styles thousands of new and remodeled homes every year, says she always examines the roof of a house first before deciding on a color scheme because: "Nothing spoils the appearance of an attractive home more than a weather-beaten roof. This is especially true when a house has been freshly painted. The new paint actually accentuates the shabbiness of the roof." If the roof of a house shows signs of wearing out, Miss West says, she usually recommends a new roof of asphalt'shingles in a color which will provide a basic shade for other colors on siding, trim, and accent spots. "As for the added cost," Miss West says, "I explain that when a roof begins to look worn, chances are it will no longer be serviceable in a year or two. The family will have to reroof then, anyway, and they might as well do it now and enjoy a completely color-styled house instead of doing the job only halfway." The many colors available In asphalt shingles are a big help to color stylists; Miss West says. "For example, by choosing a roof of blended green with a fleck\of yellow in it, I can pick up the yellow for an accent color on doors, window boxes and shutters, while the trim and windows can be painted in a harmonizing green." Another trick with roof color, Miss West adds, "makes houses look taller or longer and lower. You simply reroof a tall, awkward-looking house with a deep, dark color and it appears lower. The opposite is true of a small hoiue that seems to be built too clo** to the ground. Light-color roofing gives it a lift, making it ie*rn Uller and larger." Kinds of fish, filling the void created by this eradication project", Madden said. The 225-acre, drought-stricken Blue Lake project is the first complete lake eradication attempt in the history of the Commission's fisheries department. Republican Women To Meet In Colorado Members of the National Federation of Republican Women from all over the country are as sembling in Estes Park, Colorado, on September 15-19 for an offi cial meeting of the Board of Di rectors. Mrs. Peter Gibson, President of the NFRW, has announced a full program, lasting three days at The Crags, which is filled with distinguished speakers, business sessions and committee reports on their plans for concerted forts toward victory for the Re So just say "boo" ladies. We'll jump out of the driver's seat and you can take over. From the looks of Che death toll, you'd | better. TYPING PAPER One Ream (500 Sheets) $1.99 Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa Wheel Balancing Front End Alignment Complete Automotive Servicing Henyan Motor Co. Seeing is INFANTS HAVE ZO/ZOOO VISION (CVW SEE AT20FT. WHAT NORMAL ADULT EYES SEE: AT £OOO FT) 1-yeAR-OLPS RATS Z0/\50, ANP Z -/EAR-OLDS 20/4-0. CBHX 'I R8LTMQ - .} SUFNPO I, H~LUOIML "BY GEORGE, THAT LAST LINE POES SAY, 'PRlNTEP IN l/.S.AV" WHEN 2,000 NEW yORKERS WERE GIVEN FREE VISION TESTS BY HOSPITALS, HALF OF THEM WERE APVISEP TO GET GLASSES, 5AYS THE BETTER VISION INSTITUTE. FLUORESCEIN PYE IS POT N PATIENT'S EyES TO TEST FIT OF CONTACT LENSES. THE TRICK IS TO MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT TOUCH AND RUB AT CENTER POINT BUT CONFORM TO EVE ORBIT ANP "FLOAT" IN , TEAR SOLUTION. J publican Party in 1958. One of the most important Federation matters of business will be the determination of a site for the 1958 Convention of the National Federation. Dates for the Convention are also expected to be approved. Committee Chairmen of the NFRW's six Standing Committees will make reports as well as discuss their plans for club activities in the coming year. Most of the group plan to meet in Denver and travel by chartered bus to Estes Park on Sunday, September 15th, after a visit to the Eisenhower Chapel and a Chuck-Wagon Dinner at the home of Mrs. Fletcher Swann, Colorado National Committeewoman. Among the speakers will be Mr. Robert Gray, Assistant at the White House. The title of Mr. Gray's speech will be "The Chips Are Down". Also speaking will be Senator Andrew F. Schoeppel, (Rep., Kansas), Congressman Richard M. Simpson (R. Pa.), and Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Meade Alcorn. Lieutenant-Governor Frank Hays of Colorado is expected to speak at a dinner on the 16th. Congressmen Edgar J. Cheno weth and William S. Hill, both of Colorado, and Congressman John J. Rhodes of Arizona will participate in a panel discussion, the subject of which is "How To Elect a Republican Congress in 1958". Mrs. Katharine Kennedy Brown, President of the Ohio Federation, will moderate the panel. Mr. I. Lee Potter_ Director of "Operation Dixie" of the Republican National Committee, will also speak. Fayette, Iowa SCHOOL SUPPLIES • PENCILS • TABLETS • NOTEBOOK PAPER • CRAYONS FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER Fayette Iowa Hey Kids! Get your Fayette High School notebooks here at Goeken's, only $1.00 with each $5.00 order this weekend only '.— 75c Stock up your Freezer Sunbeam Large Round Angle Food each QQ CAKES only OVC VINEGAR only 39c Bring own jug COFFEE lb. 89c Potters Y 2 »7|| ICECREAM gal IjJC LETTUCE head 29c —.—. 1 • • 1 . Elsheimers Q d*| A A WEINERS O lbs. tOl.UU GROUND BEEF 3 lbs. 89c Goeken's Food Mkt Phone 10 tyyette, Iowa

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