Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 28, 1942 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1942
Page 3
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f Celtics Joy, January 28, 1942 HOPE SfAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE OCIETY Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 Social Calendar Wcchiedny, .limitary 28(h Wednesday Contract Bridge club, |iomc of Mrs. Cecil Weaver, 2:30 u'clock. the high score gift following the spirited games. , The hostess served n delicious salat course. Frlilny, January HOIh Mrs. Malcolm Porterficld will e hostess to the members of the i$£Fridny Contract bridge club, 2:30 tao'clock. Irs. R. I). Franklin Is Hostess a Tuesday Contract Club Mrs. Kline S'nyder and Mrs. L. W. Young wore the high scorers at the /meeting of the Tuesday Contract bridge club at the homo of Mrs. R. D. Franklin Tuesday afternoon. iJjJFor playing, two tables were ar- fangcd for the guests in the living fooni which was decorated with seasonal flowers. ' During the afternoon the hostess ierved :i delicious salad course. 'JklncriciM Spaghetti Supper Is Given 'At Experiment Station Club House Mrs. Thelnia Moore and Miss Ruby ;e were hostesses lo Ihe Busand Profesional Women's club 'nl their monthly social meeting at t ,Pc Experiment Station club house '^Tuesday night at 7- o'clock. A delicious spaghetti supper was served proceeding a brief business session. Contests were enjoyed with Miss Phcobic Harris and Mrs. Dora receiving the prizes. Mrs. M. M. McClniighnn AJK! Others Host Legion Auxiliary The American Legion Auxiliary me Tuesday afternoon at the home o Mrs. M. M. McCloughan with Mrs Ben Edminaslon, Mrs. A. E. Morsan Mr. B. W. Thrash, and Mrs. Free Luck, associate hostesses. The president, Mrs. C. P. Tolleson, presided nt the meeting and led the program on "Legislation." Reports were heard from the various committees as follows: finance- Mrs. Bill Smith, Rehabilitation—Mrs. R. C. Ellen, Child Welfare—Mrs. Ben Edminaston. Year books were distributed by the year book chairman, Mrs. Bill Smith. Mrs. Ellen asked for donations for the veterans at the Ft. Roots hospital. During the social hour the hostesses' served a delicious desert course with coffee. Namibia berries in effective arrangements adorned the rooms for the meeting. Personal Mention Miss Martha While arrives Thursday night from Texas Slate College for Women, Dcnlon, Texas, to spend the mid-semester holidays with her pa- Answering the Mail Orders The U. S. Fighting Goal for 1942 Easy to Remember n.v .TACK STINNETT WASHINGTON — Answering the *fring receiving inu pi I/-L.-S. •>-During a discussion on Civilian Defense, various ways the members could assist in the national movement were discussed. Mi.ss Mary Arnold was named chairman of a committee on Red Cross work. rents. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene While. -O- Mfistcr Sydney McMath was UK Mrs. K. L. B r o»ch Wins High Score At Tiicsclny Clul) Meeting' Mrs. Sycl McM;itli entertained the members of the Tuesday Contract bridge club at her home on North Elm street Tuesday afternoon. For Be parly, the home was decorated with paper white narcissi, violets, and spircii. Mrs. R. L. Broach was awarded week-end guest of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Greene, in Lilllc Rock. — O— Mrs. Paul Jones is Ihc guest of rc- atives and friends in Bearden this week. COLDS •Poltelp Prevent from developing •Sut a few drops of Vicks Va-tro-nol 'IE each nostril at the very first sniffle, sneeze or sign of nasal irritation. Its quick action aids •^'V r Ji Nature's defenses VICKS V - againstcolds.Follow „- I»*» directions in folder. VA-TRO mail orders C. B., South Bend, Ind.—I don' know that voluntary enlistments-cai bo considered an index to a slate' patriotism. There arc many factor involved to drive voluntary enlist ments up in some areas and holt them down in others. However, her arc the facts: On a basis of popu lation, North Carolina, Oregon anc Wyoming, in that order, had the higl csl percentages of voluntary cnlis mcnts when the lasl lally was mac around the first of the year. Numo ically, New York, Pennsylvania tine Texas had the greatest number enlistments. A. B. A., Sedalia, Mo. — The figh ing goal of 13.12 is really pretty ca to remember: An army of around .' r,00,(!00; 00,000 planes; 45,000 tanks; 20 000 anti-aircraft guns; and more th 8,000,000 tons of shipping. L. G., Fresno, Calif. — You c NOT buy 1942 model cars, regardless of mileage. They arc not considered second-hand. This applies to demon- slralors. E. J., Macomb, 111. — The U. S. Marine Corps is Ihc smallesl branch of our fighting forces. Marine officers ordinarily are named from the ranks or from graduates of the Naval Academy ill Annapolis. In the latter instance, the men apply for assignment lit the Marino Corps. K. R. Kansas City, Kan. — The They've Been Too Busy Harrison in Hollywood •_. M A tti u A fcfelt/HkJ fc-tCA CA*W!J»A ^/\rrAtnnnri*nt •y PAUL HARRISON, NEA Service Correspondent Film Factories Turn to More Rehashes barking about. On the bank was a 15-pound, 32-inch carp. Laux surmised that the dog surprised the fish as it was feeding at the water's edge. The big fish apparently flopped onto the bank in its efforts to get away. Billy Greene has relurncd to his lome in Memphis after a week-end visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greene. Exotic Perfumes From the U. S. A. \ f RIALTO NOW and Thurs. DOUBLE FEATURE "Mexican Spitfire Baby" — with — Lupe Donald VELEZ WOODS ALSO -— "SEA WOLF" with EDWARD G. ROBINSON JOHN GARFIELD IDALUPINO A I' Feature Service Perfumes, the rare exotic ones and the kind you wear to the parties you don't expect to meet anyone exciting at, are early casualties in the war. The essential oils that used to flow from far off romantic countries to America's perfume jars now come from places and plants you sec every day. Here is what some arc coming from: New Hampshire: thyme, sweet i majoram, sweet basil, pyrethrum, rue, hyssop, dill, valerian, peppermint and lavendar. Kentucky and Ohio: caraway, anise, fennel, angelica, coriander. Florida: lemon grass; Maine: balsam-needle oil; Florida and California: citrus fruits; Dominican Republic: lemon grass, ylangylang, and citronel- Office of Civilian Defense already has instructions out to its field staff for taking care of the hard-of-hcar- ing (luring air raids. However, it is probable that many localities have not yet had time to get the details to the public. Except for taking a census of the deaf or hard-of-hearing and making arrangements through local wardens for each specific case, these instructions ai-e mostly for the afflicted themselves: Persons who cannot hear door anc tclephone bells should install lights as substitutes: Pass keys should be left with neighbor. Two or more neighbors shoud b It's been a long time since you've seen these two together. They say they've been too busy. Movie Star Marlene Dietrich is welcomed to New York by her German husband, Rudolf Sieber. HOLLYWOOD — Just as it's a® good idea to keep audiences guessing f ibout the out-come of a screen story, so may it be smart showmanship to begin fooling them as soon as they get settled in their seats. At any rate, Hollywood's doing it. The last time you were attracted to a theater by some well-known and memory-reviving title, chances arc you found the movie not only unlike the original book or play but greatly changed from the previous screen version. Metro's recent "Chocolate Soldier," for instance, actually contained the story of "The Guard? man," and the melange really shoulc have been called "Her Chocolate Guardsman." On the other hand, an awful lot of screen "originals" are new only nn their titles. Season after season, the Warner lot has remade Ihe same gangster plots, 20lh-Fox has filmed essentially the same musicals, and Universal has dished up the amc horror yarns. Once a year for the duration of my memory, Paramount has been reviving 'The Charm School' under various guises and usually with the word "college" in the titles. Money Makers Studios may blush a bit when caught hanging new tags on old merchandise, but they have a convincing defense for the remaking at least once each decade of favorite yarns Sach has been filmed twice before. The Wiggs yarn veered away from the book in the old stage adaptation and has been, further altered ever since. The book had Mr. Wiggs dead of alcoholism, but in subsequent version he ha been coming home jut in time to pay off the mortgage. The man who's sparking Miss Hazy will be Hugh Herbert. Answering a matrimonial ad, he loses his glasses and spends the next few reels trying to get a good look at the lady. Recovering the glasses just before the wedding, he looks—and lams. "The Virginian" is one of the very few favorites which won't need much revision, Murphy says. The dialog Teacher—Frankie, what is an adult? Frankie—An adult is a person that has slopped growing except in the middle. ire sounded. One particular caution issued is that all persons who arc "sensitive" about their hearing should forget that now and cooperate with OCD program. P. D. M., Brooklyn, N. Y—One British flight commander who has been in the thick of it since the war started said recently: "American aircraft are never bulit with the idea that maybe they won't come back. They are built so strong that they absorb a frightful amount of punishment with the result that they do come back. Your many types were confusing at first, but we find now that there's a shi pfor every job." W. N., Mangum, Okla. — Both airmail and parcel post sent to or from soldiers stationed outside the United Elates take the domestic rate. In the case of parcel posl, Ihc zone rate i the same as it would be to the port from which the parcels ae tanship- pcd. In most instances, this is eithei New York or San Francisco. Edson in Washington la grass. These things used to come from such places al Ihe British East India, Lowdown on the New Production Setup WASHINGTON — Donald M. Ncl-B son, new boss und chairman of WPB —the War Production Board which should not in any sense be confused with WPA—lias shown his hand and it looks good. Revealing his 'organization and his reorganization of the now dead OPM SUCH plHLua tlL un; uiiuaii J^CIDL niitio, .*.".o * -Madagascar, Reunion I., Philippines, Nelson also reveals enough of his per- Ceylon, Dutch East Indies, France, | sonal ideas and his approach to the Italy, southern Russia, England, Hun- I job of supplying the country for war gary, Salvador, Tyrol, Siberia, Switzerland, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Jamaica, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Morocco, Spain and Yugoslavia. . -•»«-«This tire-rationing business has pos- I This tire-ralioning business has I possibilities. Ladies inclined to the plump side may find plain old-fashioned walding is as effective as complicated diets for curve reduction. The province of Quebec, Canada, produced mixed grains to an estimated value of $2,779,000 in 1939. Ready-Made Reason For AH Accidents KETCHIKAN, Alaska —«')— Supor- titious Kctchikan drivers keep a carc- ul lookout for black cats and rab- its' feet. Territorial car licenses as- igned here begin with the number 301 and go up through the 1300's. A requent plea as licenses were bought was: "Haven't you some other number you can give me?" bearing many new twists but familiar titles. Scarcely anybody resents the changes, and millions of fans must enjoy them, because most such pictures make a lot of money. Fact is changes are necessary to the success of remakes. Some of these observations have come from Producer-Director Ralph Murphy, who's interested because he's just starting a program from remakes. He first made a survey of the kinds of pictures which were most popular during World War I, and from this he decided to do "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," "The Virginian,' and 'Merton of the Movies.' will be polished, though, and this production will be a costly one in Technicolor. Modern Merlon Writlen in silent days, "Merlon of the Movies" naturally is in for some extensive modernization, but fans will be surprised to find it's a musical. A young singing star is visiting her home for the world premiere of her new picture. Merton Gill, who was her leading man in high school plays, is given a part in Ihe festivi- lics, and press agenls accompanying the star see him as a natural for some true-young-love and heart-throb stories, so they arrange to take him back to Hollywood. Here, after a phony screen test anc a walk-on bit in a picture, Merton is given the customary brush-off. He finally attains real stardom, but no by any of the devices in the origina story. Wanta Catch Fish? Just Bark Loudly DOUGLAS, Ariz— (IP)— Did you eve hear the one about the dog chasing fish out of the water and onto the bank? Louis P. Laux, city water plant pumpman, said he went to the edge of the reservoir to see what a dog was TOPS 'N PURITY- —when it's silver, you can judge the standard by the sterling mark. When it's aspirin you can be sure it's TOPS »< PURITY WHEN YOU DEMAND St.JOSEPH GENUINE, Pl/PE ASPIRIN > World's Largest Seller at IQo 36 Tablets, 20c • 100 Tablets, 35c FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR WATCH CRYSTALS 35c at the THEATERS •SAENGER Wed.-Thurs.-"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" »Fri.-Sal.-"Saddle Mates" and "Unholy Partners." Suii.-Mon.-Tiies.-'Tho Man Who Came lo Dinner" RIALTO Matinee Daily Tucs.-Wod.-Thurs.-"Mexican Spitfire" and "Sea Wolf." Fri.-Sat.-"Slccl Against the Sky" and "Colorado" Sun.-Mon.-"Nolhing But the Truth" f 9 Motion Pictures Arc Your Best Entertainment! THURSDAY PAPER to forecast sonic of the trends you may expect to see coming out of his Washington office. In making his blueprint for organizing war production, Nelson put in nearly a full week of 18-hour days He consulted a number of the men he has named to top posls in the new WPB set-up and his "personal brain-trustcrs," Sid Weinberg, Cliff Hill and Eddie Locke, who become now hi sprincipal assistants. The plan as evolved is Nelson's own doing. Summarizing the trends that this Nelson plan reveals, the highlights may be presented like this: "There aren't any supermen. Im not one," says Nelson candidly. "No one can foresee what the relations of the War Production Board should be to the Army and Navy. The present set-up is therefore an interim organization." That means further reorganization is coming. "I'm not being melodramatic. Revolutionary changes ,in organization only bring delay," Nelson declares. Tills accounts for the fact thai there aren't so many new names and faces in the WPB organization. In spite of this "go slow" attitude, Nelson kicked the old OPM in the head, swallowed make too much of thai. As chairma of the requirements committee, Ba ( will meet with representatives o Economic Warfare Board, Lease-Lend Civilian Supply, Maritime Commis sion, Army and Navy. From thea will be bolaincd the overall requric mcnts. As head of the materials div sion, Ball's job will be lo sec Hi; those- materials arc obtained. I Major allocalions of materials will be made for economic warfare, lease- lend, civilian use, shipbuilding and the armed services. Administrators of each of these divisions will have the job of allocating or rationing its share of every material within its own field. Take rubber as an example. Economic Warfare Board will decide how much of its share goes into tires j for civilian use in South America; Civilian Supply will decide how much of its share goes for busses or private owners, Lease-Lend will decide how Wear a bright new print now 'neath your coat — later through Spring! Gay, colorful, they'll add zest to your wardrobe, send your spirits soaring . . . and leave nary a mark on your budget. leui -k Now and Thursday TRULY A DRAMATIC PICTURE and a MAGNIFICENT STAR CAST * SPENCER TRACY * in « "DR. JEKYLL and MR. HYDE" With INGRID BERGMAN — LANA TURNER the old priorities organization in the new Division of Industry Operations under the former associate priorities director J. S. Knowlson, and let the production division take over the job of sub-contracting and all the work of the contract distribution service which was organized to aid small business but didn't do the job-bccausc it didn't have the authority to aid small business. Field Men First Look for a vast expansion of the new WPB field service. The idea is not to try to settle everything in Washington, but to let problems be settled in the field by WPB men un the job and with firsthand knowledge of their problems. Keep an eye on the work of J. S. Knowlson, head of the new DIO —Division of Induslry Operations— which is to become increasingly important in getting as much production as quickly as possible. Knowlson is a Cornell engineer whose first experience was with General Electric. He comes to Washington from Chicago, where he was pvesident and board chainnan of Stewart-Warner. Nelson foresees no great issue on the problem of giving labor a voice in management. Each of his 50 or GO industry committees will be split into separate advisory committees from labor and management. The Iwo can meet separately or be called together | "I assume that both industry and labor arc just as much interested as ! am in getting production," says Nelson. This bespeaks an attitude of trus and confidence, not suspicion of cver> one's motives. Nelson wants all the ideas he can get from these committees, but won't question whether the ideas come from labor or management. Watch Butt William L. Bait, former head of the blCF industries, has two jobs under the new WPB organization, but don't much of its share goes to tank treads for Britain or landing wheel tires for the Dutch East Indies airforce, and so on. Priorities procedure will probably have to bo overhauled again, the changes in method resulting from the change in attitude toward the priorities problem. The priorities problem is different now from what it was when Nelson became priorities director last fall. And it will change again. Nelson envisages no resort lo commissar methods. Nevertheless, his naming of Ernest Kanzlcr, former head of OPM's automotive branch, as head of the automobile industry committee charged with converting the auto plants to war production gives Kanzlcr all of Nelson's power and practically makes him a czar of Ihe industry. It will be Kanzlcr's job to decide which plants will be permitted to continue making passenger cars for civilian use, if any. Other industries may gel their Kanzlcrs. Pooling, sub-contracting, contrac distribution, use of small bsuiness—all are definitely in the Nelson picture He starts with the assumplion tha the country must use all its manufacturers and that speed is essential Wind Speed The highest wind speed ever registered in the British Isles was in January, 1920, when 112 miles an hour was recorded at uilty, County Chase, Ireland. BENEFIT DANCE Friday, January 30, 1942 AMERICAN LEGION HALL Music Featuring Arizona Charlie and His Buckaroos All proceeds will go to the President's Infantile Paralysis Fund. PUBLIC INVITED Admission $1.10 Sponsored by A. f. of L. PAINTER'S LOCAL 1113 Hope, Arkansas Dress, Casual, Tailored Styles! Florals! Checks! Novelty Prints! 2.98 3. 4.98 The pick of the print crop — yours for oh-so-little! Choose a dressy floral with new, new dancing pleat skirt, plunging neckline ... or a long torso casual dress in neat checks ... or a print classic two-piece dress with new details . . . lots of other smart flattering styles too! Rayon crepes, Spun Rayon, Shantung. Sizes for misses 12-20, women 38-44, juniors 9-17. v — -jBfc_ Charles A. Haynes Co. /•Nk.1 i4 A Ikl ON MAIN «•-*; V

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