Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 21, 1952 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, MARCH 21, t«2 Quincy Sidelines Freeport in Sweet Sixteen Play Madison Drops Close Game To Lawrenceville To Bow Out of Meet tty nour.n CHAMPAIGN, III., March 21 if Wilh Freeport out of the way tall Quiney lotlay faced polisher Taylorvllle In the big attraction on Ihe quarterfinal program o the Illinois prep basketball title playoffs. As 'he scramble lo decide the successor to Freeport's throne continued, Ihree more games were on tap Including a clash between Ihe two surviving aspirants from down south, Ml. Vernon and Plnck- noy villo. Tho other tills sent lop favored Hebron against an underdog Lflwrcnceville quintet and rugged Rock Island against Jacksonville in the lower bracket duels. The form sheet selections] lo emerge Victorious Inlo tomorrow's seml-windup were Quincy, Mt. Vernon, Hebron and Rock Island. The championship duel Is scl for 0 p. m. Saturday night, Of the six winners on yesterday's card completing the first round, the Quincy Blue Devils and Rock Island turned in the most impressive performances. Devils Look Good The Devils, aided by Ihe brilliant sholmaklng and rebounding of lanky Bruce Brothers, ellmln- aled Freeport 74-68. It was far from an easy assignment, The Pretzels at the start kept pace with the veteran outfit that took third honors In the 1051 tournament. An unheralded Quincy guard, 5- foot 10-inch Dick Thompson, found the range on four 12 to 15-foot Jump shots from the side of the free throw circle, however, and Quincy spurted to a 22-16 lead. Thompson got his shols away over (lie heads of Frceport's zone defenders. Brothers, (1-5 plvolman, and forward Jack Gowcr took over In the second period as Quincy widened its margin to 45-36. Freeport fought back wilh its fast break to draw within two points of a tie on two occasions 45-43 and 56-54, but couldn't hold the pace. Brother* Gets M Brothers swished eight of 14 attempts from the field and converted all of his eight free throw chances to build the individual high point total of 24. Thompson bagged 16 points and Gower 12. Carl Cain netted 18 points and Bob Klaus 15 for Freeport. Against Taylorvllle, Quincy will have a different problem, judging from the tactics employed by the midstato Tornadoes in submerging Peorla Manual 82-64. The smaller Tornadoes unveiled a slick passing game that paved the way for repeated layups just as easy for a short fellow as a tall one. When they were not thus en- gogod, Dill Ridley was raining in buckets from 25 and 30 feet away. The 5-8 Taylorvllle guard put on n brilliant exhibition of shooting, passing and dribbling, lie fed teammates with Ihe finesse of an expert college player. Ridley's point total was 25 when he fouled out late in the third quarter. Taylorville beat Quincy early in the campaign 51-47. 2 Surprise* Two surprises flavored yesterday's activity, the major one being Rock Island's decisive defeat of favored Thornton 5B.-35. in pre-lourney speculation, Thornton was ranked as the No. 4 title prospect. Coach Tom Nisbet's Wildcats had been tripped only three times all season, and never humiliated. Rock Island was ranked eighth. Thornton opened a 15-7 In Ihe first quarter lead but Ihe husky Rocks in Ihe first minute, of their drive, pulled lo a 16-13 deficit, the count at Iho first period's end. Al the half, they were in front 29-23, andn after three quarters Ihe spread was <ll-'Jti. Thornton's attack became disorganized, and tin- Wildcats gave up trying to work Iho ball, instead they shot from all angles and distances. Rock Island smothered the Thornton offensive stars, Roy Johnson and Bill Ilillcmevre, bv In doing so, they showed nothing to compare with flock Island's at lack and rebounding power. Ottawa's stone cold marksmanship was good for a meagre .220 percentage. Only Pete Meckenstoek of Ottawa found Ihe hoop wilh consistency, and he had trouble In the second half. He wound up with 15 points. Meckenslock required 24 shols for his seven baskets. In whipping Champaign 55-46, the Hebron Giants didn't look like championship outfit but most observers expect them to hurdle Lawrenceville, which won hard pressed to gain a 63-61 decision wer Madison's scrappy little quln- et, The Giants passed cleverly and worked Iho hall around for plenty of set up shols. However, they wore erratic, blowing layups nnd 'hrowlng the bull away at times. Free throws provided their vie- ory margin. Champaign made only 6 of 13 while Hebron oapllal- 'ml on 15 of 25 opportunities. The treat, in Ihe Lawrenoevllie- Madison encounter was the work jf Bob Page, chunky 5-7 Madison <unrd. Page dribbled and passed cleverly and collected 26 points, fe let fly 15 limes from the field and drilled the hoop on 10 of his rles. Larry Broyfoglc counted 20 points for Lawrenceville, • wronc.vllld («:ii MiiUnon (HI) Kelly ... Brtyfogle Oonnell ,. Albrl«hl . Voortn ... irooki ,, a r r 3 10 SLyMrger 0 2 .IMncran .. 4 n 4Zel«nki . 0 0 1 Doneff . . 2 :i 4 Crnkovlcli « 0 ... Cocknrnll Pnlcheff (1 P P 1 0 3 2 i :i 0 1 4 , :i .1 3 1 0 0 . II 4 4 .10 e ti 0 0 U 0 0 1 Total*. , 24 1(1 21 ,«wreiicdvlllB rindUon Tola I a is 32 17 111 14 14— 0;i 111 13 1,1 IV— 111 OtUwn H7 .Inrkinnvlllr <fl7> <l F I' 'n Soholck .124 Wllllnmi Meok'itock 7 I 4 Hcanley . lenwluk Olnon ,., 'ormhulu Jekreon Jromm . Mclnlyr* Gra((l» ,, 0 0 1 Kxnrd 0 0 ;i Slim«ric 2 1 4 Kotnp 4 0 4 Wright 3 :i 2 niiiinv 0 0 I llnrrell 000 •o »• is * <\ 4ao 020 000 A I 4 3 i a o 3 1 2 Total! . 20 7 23 Tntnln , . 22 13 10 Ottawa .............. n III I2 14—47 ackionvllle .......... n 1ft III 18—87 rhornlon (Hit) Ruck Inland (RID O F P (1 F P ohnion ... 3 8 II Chirk ..... :i :< 3 QraoRan ,.328 Pelnrxnn iViillnce ... 0 0 0 Thorn* InChrtBllan U I 0 Hnnson . . 3 1 3 Sohwnrtx Oopenhuli 000 llannen . 111 :i 2 -l n o 4 0 0 II n :i I luf/ftlo . . 103 I'BWO ____ II I) 1 Vemman ,301 Sohetienmin ft 2 t Kountlk ... 0 1 I Thomnn ... 2 I 8 Clark ..... 0 1 1 Oelnler ---- o o 2 Totals . 12 U 18 Totaln . Ti 12 in 'horntnn .......... 18 7 II II— 'IS nock Ulnnd .......... 13 in 12 in— (111 .'hnmpnliiii (III) n r lltbron I.VU r«arli IrKlnncv. WHO look InrliH ... 'ay lor ... •Cnllorhal* Bulls topklru , Muck) ... « 2 A WUbramll f! F I' 4 '2 H :i o aphii juciHon 4 4 r, 0 0 1 Thiycr ... 0 o 0 1 n nSchulz . -114 .118 Paul Judsim .1 7 '1 0 1 I Spooner I) 0 II :i 2 ,1 2 o a 0 0 t i o Totali . 20 824 ToUlu ..20 15 II Chnmpnlin 14 7 14 U- '111 lohroii in 20 11 B »5 Baker's Dozen USK ff/tKKR Baseball Briefs Hartford Cage ! rti ^"i »• CHAMPAIGN, III., Match 21.-~.Iu8i as the first round of play In Ihr- slate championship final* seemed rirstlnnd to KO flccortllnK to the advance figuring, along came Jacksonville nnrl Hock Inland In Thursday's wlndup session to upset all of HIP figuring by the experts Ml. VernoM nnd /'Ineknoyvllln moved Into (ho quarterfinals with wins Wednesday night ax per schedule while Taylr/rvllle's Tornadoes and Ihn lull, lalnrilod Quincy Him; Devlin lived up to their role of favorite In (he Thursday morning session to complete the lough'lop bracket, pairings for today's second round. Mighty Hebron'* monsters hurt no trouble ellher In brushing aside Champaign'* he/me town prides and Lawrencevlllc managed lo choke off a l/He rally hy bouncing Hob Page to heat Madison In a game rated as a toss-up. All had gono along nicely with the only particular iur- prises being unlouked for resistance, from Kankakne against Ml. Vei- non atul Hebron's complete aplomb In bla.illng Champaign right In Its own backyard. »• Hut when the flr"wr/rk» sinned, they cnrne wilh a jush as Jacksonville's lightly regarded Crimsons ripped Inlo n big but slow, awkward Otlawa ernw for a moving nwoy 57-47 triumph nnd a Rock Island Rocks followed up wilh a complete rout of the Thornton of Harvoy Wildcats who were regarded as n potential champion. The huge Thornton team had a six-five center, a six-four forward, rind Ihree other starters ranging six-two, six-one and six-even for the greatest amount of balanced height in a tourney field which definitely runs to big boys. All of this size meant, nothing to Rock Island, however, for the Hooks have a pair of big 'uns In six-five Merrell Clark and six-four (Jerald Honsen, a jump shooting demon, nnd utter disrespect for Thorn- Ion's previously lofty reputation. The Wildcats were complete busts, Just as their Chicago neighbors frc/m Roosevelt high proved to be against 1'lnckneyvllle. All of Thornton's sl/e proved to be useless since they found themselves completely wanting In the shooting department wilh only 12 hiiBketn on 74 shots for a miserable .Mil! average. Rock Island hit on 22 of (iO tries fr/r n respectable .333 average. Today's games should leave four solid teams battling II out for the championship Saturday with Qulricy and Hebron the most likely to irii'fl In the finals on the strength of their opening round showings. Plnckneyville's deliberate style of piny looked guwl enough lo whip the none loo .sharp Ml. Wrnon Rams while Quiricy's height, and team balance should be able to lop Ridley-paced Taylorvllle, the most, colorful learn in the tournament. Stopping Freeport seemed to be the key win needed by Quincy to get Ink/ the finals and the Blue Devils' excellent showing against the still great P rot/els made such advance figuring look good Thursday, anyway. The fouled up lower bracket, however, might end Just any possible way although Hebron looked every bit as formidable as their press clippings have given them credit for being. With four buz/saws In Phil Judson, Paul Judson, Don Wilbrnndt and Ken'ley Spanner whizzing around six-foot-ten Bill Schulx, the f'.reen Giants look more like n college team than the product of a high school with an enrollment of just 99 students. Lawrenceville's Indians seem a certainty to become victim No. 3,'i on Hebron's list nnd while Rock Wand has the height, speed nnd shooting lo give Ihe Green Giants n tussle, there is no conviction here that the Uocl<s can whip the deadeye Jacksonville kids. That lower bracket. Is Just n mess, no less. Madison's loss was a hig disappointment perarnially but the Trojans fell victim to their own chief slock In trade—outcourt accuracy—nnd Lawrenceville crammed It down Madison's throat, with a vengeance. The Indians dominated the rebounding off both backboards with their- superior height nnd poured In 24 baskets r/n f~>4 shots for a .457 average. But. despite even that, the Trojans had Lawrenceville backed to Ihe wall with a final quarter drive sparked by the brilliant piny of five-foot-six Bob l-'ago nlrnost nlone and the loss of Page on fouls In Ihe Inst mlnule of piny probably cost Madison the victory. In the space of 45 seconds, Bob mnae six points to pull the Trojans from a 62-53 deficit to 02-50. Br Till ASSOCIATED PREftft TAMPA, Fla., March 21, flf — OH Hodge*, the home run slugging first baseman of the Brooklyn Dodgers, in going to find himself catching sometime this week, Manager Chnrlie Dressen said today. Hodges came up to the Brooks as a ditcher, but has been on first base since 1948. Since the Dodgers will carry only two catchers, Roy Campanelln and Al Alker, Dressen wants to have insurance In case of Injuries. "I axkerl Gil if he thought he still had the touch," said Dressen. "He said 'Sure,' but I'd like to see him do a little work nt It." BURBANK, Calif., March 21. —-Humors concerning a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates are circu luting In the New York Giants camp. Giant Manager I,eo Duroehor would like to get veteran left- handed hitting outfielder Georgt Metkovich. Durocher thinks Met- kovich would solve his left-handed pinch hitting needs, but he also thinks the asking price is high. He would be willing to part with infielders Bob Hofmnn and Rudy Rufer and a catcher, probably Ray Noble. SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. March 2t, /]>~The Chicago Cubs hopes of climbing from the National League cellar grew today with word that two cripples, catcher Bruce. Kdwnrds and outfielder Ron Northey, were on the mend. A physician's report from Los Angeles said examinations showec that Edwards has a perfectly normal shoulder but that he suffered a partial tear in the back muscle of his throwing arm. The muscle The most dismal part of the entire recollecting of the fast finish which fell short because Page was lost nt the most crucial lime comes from the belief thai one foul charged against him should hnvp been assessed against his team male, Bernle Cockerall. liul that's lust another big IF and if Lawrenceville had not dashed the Trojan hopes, those uncaged monsters from Hebron certainly would have done the job, Fff/fttf* Lust II y Till; ASSOCIATED PRR8S PORTLAND, M«.—Jimmy Richmond. :i7'ii, Baltimore, outpointed Dick <umly, 137'-j, Portland, Me., 8. FALL niVEB, Ma»§.—Serge Ceusler- nnun. 1311, Frnnce, outpointed Jacklo •Voticr. 137. Pnwltiekct, K. 1.. 10. NEW YOHK iSunnyHlrte Garden' — .on i.Snnnyi Volpe, 144'ii. N«w York, nulpnlntctl Haul) Mnrio, KIT.,, Phllndel- ihln. II. CAO.r COPKNIIACJKN — JnerKen Johnnnen, )ennuirk. nnd Tommy • McGoveni, ir<mt nrihitn. flrrw, IS. ijohnngim re- ulnn Kumpfnn IlKhlwclKlit tltlei. J. K. O'ConiH-l, fishing in tho surf at St. Luciii, South Africa, •aught a 71 !i pound barricucla nonsuriiiK 5 led, 5 inches long. Sweet 16 Sidelights CHAMPAIGN, 111., March 21, W -Team shooting in Ihe first round ' Ihe Illinois prep basketball finals ell well below last year's standard vhen eight learns six/led the hoop t a .400 clip or belter. Only four were that hot yestor- ay and the day before. The best was Lawreneovillo's 157 on 23 baskets in ti" attempts. enme Quincy with .Ml. Tny- orville with .W2 and Hebron with n even .'100. The fanciest shooting in the 1951 'pening round was by Macomb Vest which lost despite a neat .'ISO loreontaKO. A run down on loading individual oinlsmakors: Mayor Tciim TI' .... r, ,.,. - JS Kunk- -Pooria Manual Schmidt -Kankakeo Page Madison I'll lidloyTaylorville •_•:» trot hers -(Quincy 'Jl jamming up Ihe middle mid grab-j Jim Stokes Ml. Vornon '.':' bing the rebounds. i Hroyfoglo- Lu\vrence\ ille til) Rock Island hit from the field! .lorry Hanson --Rock Island III al a .3:!.'! Thornton's .lli'j. Ron I'ursoll Pincknoy\ ille ... lit On the basis of first round per-1 iX-leiim eliminated i formances, the Hocks seem likely j From Ihe loam standpoint. Iho to take in stride- their second j bosl free throwing \uis done l>\ round engagement wilh Jackson- Cjuincy. The western oiillil oon-'game in which more than li'J per- villo, 57-47 upset cotu|uerer ol Oil- \oriod al a .7KI! rate, bagging IS sonal fouls were called, the num- awa. one-points out of £1 opportunities, her assessed in the Taylorvillo-Po- Ottuuu l.tiscs Taylorville and Kankakee each re-: oria Manual contest. No oflicial Jacksonville grubbed an early j corded .737 marks and Pinckney- i records are maintained. Manual load over Ottawa ami added to it j ville .(111:.. was penali/.od I!. 1 times ami Tayloi- slowly throughout the contest. Hut | The yuiney mark was helped b> i villo 111). the perfect performance of Bruce Brothers, who stopped lo tho charity lino eight times and made good on each chance. He used Uie underhand delivery. One thing that made Hock Island so effective under the boards against Thornton was tho rugged build of its players. Take Jerry Hanson, for example. Standing ti-1, Hanson lips Ihe scales at '.'(}'> muscular pounds. The opening round crowd reserved its biggest hands for Bill Ridley of Taylorville and Bob Page of Madison. Ridley got his applause upon fouling out, after slacking up LT) points in less than three quarters. Pilge also drew his ovaiion upon leaving tho l.awrcncovillc game with five fouls. He had bag- get I L'ti. Hebron players drink water during lime outs from individual medicine hollies. Knell has his own. The idea, as explained by Coach Russ Ahearn, is lo prevent one lad who has n cold from communicating it to any others. Veteran slate tournament observers couldn't recall anv state finals Veeck to Speak Tuesday Night at Bethalto Banquet HETIIALTO, March 21.—Bill Veeck, owner of Iho SI. Louis Browns, will be speaker at the annual hiRli school athletic banquet Tuesday at 6:30 p. in. Tickets will be on sale at the hifih school from squad members and Klein's drug store. A ham dinner will be served by Ihe school cafeteria. Tho banquet will include members of the football and basketball squads, cheer- lenders, faculty and school board. Announcements of letter winners will be made and Ihe Rotary free throw placque will bo presented with Iho announcement of (his year's free throw champion, by O. Derrell Smith, president of (he Rotary Club. Charles Aghelta will be toasfmaster. Veeck has sained national recognition not only with the Cleveland Indians anil St. Louis Browns but also for his sport shirts. Sport shirts will be proper for tho evening and there has been a rumor that unpleasant things will be in store for anyone who wears a tie. A prize will be Riven to the person with the loudest sport shirt. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I SUPER PURCHASE MEN'S S6.95 LOAFERS • Sizes 6 to 11 All Burgundy Color. Leather Uppers KGOULAit $10.05 "JACK DANIELS" MEN'S FRENCH TOE OXFORDS by Johnnie Wulker ' Tun • Tun • Burgundy Mrn'n Knillroll-.lnhnian $6 OXFORDS Mrn's Slln I, (n II! $6 Work Shoes 4.95 4.95 801 E. IIROADU'AV, A LION Between Oak and Spring Sts. NOW You Can Own a 12' ROCKET With the Room of a 14' Boat They are durable, fast and dry, all molded aircraft birch construction. RAY KRUSE Boats and Motors 4-8236 Hey Mister! It's Here! It's New! It's Terrific! The New MERCURY W" Outboard Motor Nr:\\ gearshift for all around use «»•*; IT T«mv.' KLUMP IIO VI null MOTOR Dial :i-tt«H iir .strained from throwing, now ha.ii hodled. X-rays show that Northey's knee l.i now normal after an operation to remove loose cartilages. Northey missed all Inst season with knee trouble and tho Cubs "missed his power - hitting and sure • handed fielding. BUUBANK, Calif., March 21, IP Marly Marion. "Mr. Shortstop" with the St. Louis Cardinals and now doubling as player and coach with tho St. Louis Browns, had his first error of the season yesterday—a bad throw. Monte Irvln walked forjhe New York Giants In the second frame, then Willie Mays beat out a slow tap to Marion. Marty threw high and Irvin too kthird. later scoring on Don Mueller's double. Mnrion was the only Brownie to get two hits In tho game. He handled throe other fielding chances clearly. The Giants won 4-3. TeamContinues Winning Streak lUrtfnrtf Pluyer Jones Zumwilt Oi-hlcr Monahan Slmmi Palarmn Totali Scnre by Quartern: Hartford SlnuRhter* Cleaners f K ft pf PU.ver 7 3 2H*rvey 9 1 I Thorp* 4 1 4O«rdne 2 0 1 Moore 5 2 OHarrtii S 3 lAllen SUufhlori «fi) .28 10 9 Totllf I* ft P* 400 823 820 2 0 1 S 1 S 314 28 «13 3 16 .in SS 68 II 26 44 62 Officials: J. n. Whnrry, H. Sparki. H A R T FO R D.-The American Legjon cage team, continued their winning streak Thursday evening by nosing out the Slaughters Cleaners from St. Louis 66 to 62 at the Woodrow Wilson gym. Hartford led throughout the game, holding the lead at the end of Ihe first period 16 to 11, at halftime 33 to 26, third quarter 55 to Field Trials Set This Weekend The annual spring membership field trial for the Piar.a Pointer and Setter Club will be held Saturday and Sunday on the Humbert street course. Twenty • four top notch 'shooting dogs' from the Alton area will be entered. Judges will be John Stuttervllle of Alton, and Ansel Barr of Brighton. The public Is Invited to attend and arrangements have been made for those who wish to follow the dogs in various heats. Each dog will be given a one hour heat in which to show his knowledge of bird handling ability. 44 and 66 to 62 at the ifnal gun. Jones with 17 point* led tha Legion cagers followed by Palarmo with 13, Slmms with 12, Zumwalt with 11, Oehler with 9 and Marthan with 4. For the St. Louis team Thorpe and Gerdne with 18 each were outstanding. TRY SID DRAKE'S HI-QUALITY TIRE BARGAIN! YOUR SLICK, SOUND TIRE • • • SID DRAKE'S FAMOUS *FREE LOANER SERVICE While Tires Are Being Recapped i i Sid Drake's Skilled Tire Treaders Backed By 17 Years of Tread Building Experience! Equals Safe Tire Mileage with MEW TIRE GUARANTEE! * * Don't Sacrifice 1st Quality Performance with 2nd Line Tires — We Can Give You the Service Yen Want and Need Wilh This Re-Cap Special! EASY PARKING ON OUR BIG 120 FT, SERVICi LOT! 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