Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 53
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 53

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 53
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL • SATURDAY ON TV MORNING CD m Ned's Newt 'SB QD Buster and Me CD Beakman'o World BE CS 101 Dalmatians: The Series OS OS Charlie Horse Music Pizza BE m Pinky 4 the Brain f) Lounge Lizards 1 Madeline BB i) Fly Fishing America American Baby D FOX Sports News D Field Trips USA S * ubbu1lo «« World of Dr. Seuss US D National Geographic Explorer BB SFfchlnB With Roland Martin D Adventures of Brlsco County, Jr. I *^ Mnkelman's Good Fishing (S3S) Circle Time 7:30 A.M. m Pi P 1"i'J R ' naari l HJ Animal Adventures (9 StorybreakBB Theodore Tugboat BB Superman (JJFE) _ GJ QD CB CB ffl CB Extreme Ghostbustera SportJerks NBA Tour PB»j otter OB Sportscenter Saturday ) Worldwide Soccer HeaKhy Kids IB Year by Year for Kids Inspector Gadget FIshin' With Orlando Wilson Babar 7:55 A.M. Circle Time m 8:00 A.M. 99 Spider-Man's Web Flies IBI News OB New Ghostwriter Mysteries SB Brand Spanking New Doug BB [05A1 (W5H) Paid Barney 4 Friends SB Men In Black: The Series Wild About Animals Mask New Explorers Movie * * X Tomahawk" ) Rifleman ) History Makers Doug 02) ) Amazing Stories IB] Saltwater Jouriwl ) Babylon 5 SB DMovIe ***"Dra3onslayer(2:00) D Busy World of Richard Scarry __ 8:15 A.M. (MAX) Movie ** "Collision Course- (1-45) 8:25 A.M IPISN1 Circle Time HESS) Busy World of Richard Scarry _ „_ 8:30 A.M. CS SS Toonsylvanla SB BJ Wheel of Fortune 2000 SB CB Recess SB Sl) ESS (DEi) (Dsg mm paid ffl Newton's Apple SB HS J^ Batman/Superman Adventures KB Field Trip £B Quest for Excellence BSExtrem* Dinosaurs "^Uttte Mermaid SB World Cup Soccer D Rifleman Muppet Babies I) Making of Sliders 9 Bill Dance Outdoors ) Busy World of Richard Scarry (HE) Goofy-* Gymnastics _ ra 9:00 A.M. S 89 Ultimate GoosebumpsBB OB Sports Illustrated for Kids SB CB Pepper Ann SB ® Home Again Interior Motives D Amazing Animals SB Outside the Lines High Chaparral J Air Combat Tiny Toon Adventures Slldtrt OS In-Flsherman Television "" dESw) Busy World of Richard Scarry _ m 9:30 A.M. C2 S| Toonsylvanla SB S3 Weird AIDS CB Bugs Bunny* Tweety SO ^ Q (M) (BID Paid Progrem ffl CtlglnsWtthBurtWolf • Pinky* the Brain, ( IB Computer Kids j'lll Nye the Science Guy KB Home Again Movie ***» -Superman II-I2MI Amazing Animals OB s-) Hooked on Golf SB Tiny Toon Adventures UN) Bassmasters 9i40 A M UBS® Busy World'of Richard Scarry _ „ 10:00 A.M. CB 89 Pick of the Week SB 3D Hypertek CS C-Net Central CB Science Court SO WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13,. 1998 - 1 ] JUNE 13, 1998 Anlmenlacs ID Peer Pressure Critter Cllters ) America's Castles fl Win Ben Stein's Money ) Housesmsrtl Oil's a Trip SB ) Auto Racing D Movie * * * * -A"|| the President's Men[I Miners of War D Rugrats SB Sliders SB Auto Racing SB D World Wrestling Federation Llvo Wire «) Movie * * it The Night We Never Mel- Making of Speed 2: Cruise Control BB Movie **» -State Fair (1:35) 10:05 A.M. Busy Worid of Richard Scarry _ „, 10:30 A.M. 2) 89 Sam & Max SB CS Young America Outdoors CS Golf 2000 CB Jungle Cubs SB CB CD (EiB (DEI) Paid Program 1 " P " n ' : CooWnfl Wlm \fiauum0 g Sylvester* Tweety Mysteries gjl Popular Mechanics for Kids IPQM) Win Ben Stein's Money ESS) Movie **-DuckTales the Movie-Treasure of the Lost Lamp-(l:20| <?&m) Motorcycle Racing 3 Angry Beavers DMovIe * * The In Crowd'(1:45) 1HSW) Busy Worid of Richard Scarry _ 11:00 A.M. C3 All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series CD Senior PGA Golf Sfl CB PBA Bowling SB !§ NjJ* Adventures of Winnie the Pooh BB CB EQ (S Paid Program O Yen Can Cook m Enchanted Tales H3 High School Sports Saturday 8B Nightman ~~) Grand Tour D Saturday Night Live BB sD Greet Chefs of the Worid D This Week In NASCAR t) Combat at Sea D Designing Women SB <\ Hey Arnold! SB ?3:M)° V " * * * * " Termlnalor * Judgment D Movie ** "Mr. Nanny-(2:00) ^Pacific Blue SB luples ! (l:Sr Uer<>: Sl0 " e8 °' Courafle " SATURDAY EVENING mm I 6:00 I 6:30 I 7:00 9:30 110:00110:30111:QQ Earth: Final Conflict (R) Backroads IBigSpin Entertainment Tbnighi Movie; ** "Lightning Jack" (1994) Walker, Texas Ranger Summer Film Preview Hovie: ***"lnth9Namoofthe Father" (1993) Daniel Day-Lewis. Hovle: »**rsate" (1995, Drama) Movie: ** "Golden Gate xena: Warrior Princess Highlander: The Series lovie; ** "Bear Island" (19BO, Drama) Hovle; **"P.C.U." (1994) Jeremy P Sports News Wild Things (R) A 'si Factor: Chron Uo-rou (Seinfeld nix-Files-Colon/ Movie; **Hnr«Dro!'ml -r— im».i». nna inaurowninai Movie: *** "Robin and the Seven Hood I aimU ln--.-t i i__ I.. " .. »_ i — C40) Hovle: *iHi"D3rrn7ii and the Movie star" A LIFE NICK scm TBS TNN TNT lovle: The Outalder" (19971 David Lei^ Movie; "The Outsider" (199710 ;:05) Movie: *** "RomancingtJiaSfnnB"(1934 ::Z5) Movie; * * "Airborne" (1993. Com rti ran lr\--a. _.» . ' i. ^00)Movie: *»*"Urban Movie; ***"Parenfa * »"La Femme NUdfV - -.,..„ v .wwtfy i ituiuy WUai Hovle; **Ji"ThBProte88lonal"(1994[A Movie: "Romeo Is Bleedl jajor League Baseball: While Sox at Twins p- — ^.»v-rf i i [HHIVM lMovle:j»^"Ma8tef8 of the Unlverm^ij 2: Cruise Control" (19971 Movie: **X"aplownSaturda Movie; *** "The Devil's Own" SHOW|(:15)Movie: *** "My Best Friend's Weddln [Movie: ***K "Basic Instinct" Golden Girls SO ) Hidden Key My Classic Car 12:50 P.M. Rescuers: The Real Heroes II 1:00 P.M. 11:05 A.M. (US) Movie * * "Airborne-(2:00) _ 11:30A.M. CD Nightman PP ""'SJFup Franc* Report "H EQ @ Paid Program ICooklng Secrets of the CIA *g Great Chefs of the South D Designing Women Sfl V Aaahhlll Real Monster* SO i OM tnmur (.vagus Da ) WNBA Basketball SB (9 Paid Program ) Christina Cookil I Dance Party **) 20th Century B Premium Blend D Invention j) LPGA Golf 5 ) R B u°gb l y n ™ : Tl " U " t EPI§ °* 8 D Monuments to Freedom D Next Door SB D Auto Racing Movie **» -Hero- (2:00) 1:05 P.M. " Saved ^ lhe Bsll: 13 In Us (HM) Movie *» "Freaked"(i:2S) CB Worid Cup Pregame SB „„_ 11:50 A.M. i®. ff S!" * * * The Rescuers Down under (1:20) AFTERNOON „ 12:00 P.M. CB PGA Golf BB "1 World Cup Soccer SO J SD O Paid Program ) Dessert Circus BD I Movie **"OulofSync-(» ng Investigative Reports 3 Movls * * * -An Affair to Remember J Dally Show D Gimme Shelter J NASCAR Goes Flying D Motorsports Hour [) Weapons at War D Golden Girls BB jp Rocko's Modem Life BD D Hot Rod TV 1 Movie **x "Eve of Destruction" (1:30) H) Xena: Warrior Princess Sfl 12:15 P.M. I "Address Unknown" (1:30) _ 12:30 P.M. C2 W In the Zone SB CB (1 IB Paid Program ™1 Baking With Jull* ™T) Daily Show 1:10P M |Slp Movie **» "03: The Mighty Ducks' _ „ 1:30 PJM. QD W Paid Program ^MollleKatzen'a Cooking 5® One Night Stand § Worid of Wonder D New Attitude* SO B Looney Tune* D Movie-Meleorilesl'(2:00) 1 "4S P U (BED Movie **»"AVeryBradySequer(l:30) CB Boxing CB W Paid Program CB Home Cooking U Movie ***-PurpleRain-(2:00) "1 Movie *» -Curse II: The Bite" (£00) iHoney, I Shrunk the Kid* Sfl "9 American Justice CO Paid Program CD California Heartland CD Conan "1 Racellne ~1 American Justice D Odd Couple D Storm Warning! D Torkelsons SB ) Supertaouts Rifleman 0 Coin' Deep 'g Inspector Gadget D Inside NASCAR ) Movie * -Mannequin: On the Move" (2:00) ) Earth: Final Conflict 5) Fast Track SB ._,„ 3:05 P.M. CODWCW Saturday Night BB ...,,„ 3:15 P.M. EISI Movie **TalherHood-(l:45) m 3:30 P.M. Qj Hang Time SB CS And the Winners Are... CB Wlldl Ufe Adventures SB CB Paid Program CD California's Gold BB Golf 2000 o " Cily Beneath m " Sea " (i:3o) y vwu VWU|J1V D Discovery News Club [ffl £)2Day at the Races 9 Rifleman 3 Hey Dud* J Movie * * »"Pet Semalary" (2.«) 3:45 P.M. ' ' 3 Fast Track SB _ 4:00 P.M. S) F/X: The Series CS First Cut CB Paid Program CB Now Yankee Workshop BB • Adventure* of Slnbad SO (™ ) M ° Vl * * * " ThB Nlflhl Traln lo Kalhm andi'" 89 Movie DWIng* J Big Valley jHlddenHlatoryofBorton ^Women's Film Fewlvel 3 What Would You Do7 fl UlMllAVlI £•!____ WL- -. OHIghtandenTheS.rta*'' 2:30 PJI. CB Capitol Racing i vwi i^w nous* D Mysteries of the Bible ? Absolutely Fabulous D Discover Magazine fl Flash Forward SQ DSportscenter J)RPM2Nlght jHIgh Chaparral D Turner Cup Playoffs 5 Modern Marvels .! . -^.^ Haven Bug Juice SB 'Quest for the Cup World Cup 2Nlght Clarissa Explains It All BB Illinois Instant Riches Movie ** 'Summer Renlal-(iaO) 3 Movie **"D.A.R.Y.L"(I:45) „_ 4:40 P.M. ICOMI Absolutely Fabulous „ 5:00 P.M. CD Walker, Texas Ranger SO CD CB News QD (B Wheel of Fortune Sfl CB Paid Program CD This Old House SB SB Beverly Hills, 80210 SB O With Style SO SEE Biography This Week ( CAJ2S Movie * * * Tammy and the Bachelor I Supermini ) Bug Juice SB 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs SB -I) World Cup Soccer ' ij-*"] Bonanza: The Lost Episodes EIB Highway Hangouts: Celebrating America's Roadside Attractions (NiCS Wonder Years BB D Opry Backstage ml?*?* * * * ' U(ban Cowboy (3:00) m Major League Baseball I Movie * * * "Romeo & Juliet" (400) .„._ 5:20 P.M. (E5MI Absolutely Fabuloua „ 5:30 P.M. 3D NBC Nightly NeweBB CB CBS Evening News SB CO Jeopardy! BB CD Paid Program Cg Antiques Roadshow SB Si Martha Stewart Living SB IOISNJ Growing Pains SB Are You Afraid of the Dark? SO n Grand Ole Opry Uve SB D Movie * * * "La Femme Nikita" (2:30) EVENING m 8:00 P.M. CD Earth: Final Conflict Da in is lalw hosiaos bv <tt- VMM aOm who wen pan of itwrei rr»Z Smdra M»fimenl.(R)n "~WY.TO.IV CB Pensacola: Wings of Gold Wtwi to S«a Dryw an tent lo Nmth Koru lo lake delivery ol *W.'»y •"» ** w Anwcan cr, »«™ • *npi*>i*l D Odd Couple |D Auto Racing PVild* Crazy Kids (T^ Movie **» "BomYestetday"(1:45) I Sighting* to D Thl* Week in Country Music SB 3 Family Matters SB _„ 4:05 P.M. (SIS) Major League Baseball QD _ 4:30 P.M. QD Animal Adventure* CB U,Hd*Edttlon Weekend SB CB Front Runner* CB Paid Program ffi HorrrtlmaBB, CB News SB CB Paid Program "1 Police Academy (R)

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