Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 2
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MGBTWO Hope HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS :ar Star of Hope, 1S99; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Henthl From False Report- Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Wushburn. at the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. As Ye Sow, So : Shall Ye Reap f ROONOKE, Va.— (ff}— Mrs. S. S. Scruggs, who had already complained to her husband that "you sVn'oke once ,-i day and that's ali day." probably said ) "I told you so" when she saw n tomato | gathered from a plant Mr. Scruggs had j set out. I The fruit the plant bore was a small j tomato in tho shape of a pipe, with a perfectly defined b'owl nnd a two- ' inch stem. j Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c: per month 65e; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard. Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the uso for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. O. », PAT. OP* ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man '° Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tims—22 word, minimum 30c Three tlme»-3Vfcc word, minimum Me 1 Six times—«o word, minimum 30c One month—18c word, minimum IU.7U I Rates are for continuous insertions only. Questions on Page One 1. Bucharest (Butch-arrest), capital of Romania. i!. Istanbul Us-Stan-biialH. key citj*b.n Bosporus straits in Turkey. formerly known as Constantinople. 3. Warsaw (saw plus war), be- seigcd Polish city, now in territory seized by Germany. 4. Saarbrucken (Sorr (y) broke- in>, city in Germany's Haar basin which was subject of shorveral French attacks. 5. Rome (row-mci. capital of Itnlv. For Sale FOR SALE—We save you money on your furniture buying. Complete stock tipu- and used furniture, stoves, beds. We pay highest prices for furniture. S<?o us. Franklin Furniture l c °- 'O2 1m i Service* Offered SERVICES 'oFKERED-See Hemp- i stead Mnttre&s Shop, 712 West Fourth, i for new and re-buUt. Phone Paul I Cobb KJ8-J 9 Sept. 2G 1M. Male Instruction Male, Instruction. Would like t< hear from reliable men wo can train Ic. overhaul, install and service Air Conditioning nnd Refrigerating Equipment. Must ho mechanically inclined. No interference with present occupation. For interview write tit once giving name, address, nso. Utilities Inst.. Hope Star. Ui-3t.p For Rcnl FOR RENT—'1 room apartment furnished or unfurnished, Gnrngc, Dorsey McRnc. l8-3fp' FOR REMT-A K«I«| Middlehronks Grocery. See The Kodiak bcnr, first found on Kodink hlmul, Alnskn, ia the (nrgcst of all known hours. Mmty .specimens have boon found (o weigh more thmi 1200 pounds. For Sale FOR RENT Room willi private rn- trani-o. privntu batli usid iiaram\ rt-iis- uiuiblo. rail 89B-W before 8 a. in. or .iftcr -I p. m. lH-:ltp ~«r> • ••! - Normally iibonl 1,5110,000 iirrsoiis arc •'mployoil l>y the imlroad.s in the United Slates. FOK SAI.K Vouiif- rliirl' buy. Hfiillc, eh Civ-cent Oiuis Sture. saddle lmr.sc. up. Apply »l SAl.K OR TRADK: Rofiiilar tanniill tnictor, recently overhauled, on nihhor tiros in wood condition. Ap|;ly Hope Stiir or plume Uli-Hl-l. \ "••* *!]^y><^^^ Foolproof Platform For 1940 Politicians HCOQUIAM. Wnsh. "'I'' Win;-;, ni.l- ini; ela.'.]).- if a H<ii|Uiain i nr|«'ratii'H o.ir.rruiiiK tuutiis l.ihl<. ; ' maiiii- f.-u-tuies, point mil the tahllM". Would make exi'i'lleul platl'mir..-. I". ( i..hlieiil eimdidati's. S'.'iy; 1 . tlii' company: stnitu! they U'i!^ IM,m. He cmild .suneD ault mi it without ilaiiL;i'i' The top is htiilt in two parts and the planks can be easily ;.liil'u'il. ANo. I he cannot lie affected by hut air. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS By OB. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, fournal of the American Medical Asa«d»tioB, mmi Hygela, the Health Many Conditions Cause Nosebleed Vessels to Stop Flow common ailments is bleeding of the Cne of the most uc.'Uiring first aid r.iuu. Ui'the doctor, bleeding of the nose :>• I'.ot a disease in itself, but a sym- r.t'.;in of u variety of conditions which r.-r.y be responsible. The nose may tleed because it has been struck or 6» Yean | 1OLA, Kay.-tA'i—tharles Arnold's i by-line s have been scratfored through UOCtoi'S Pad ! oditions of the lola Register forljoi .venrs. The management rntes liim as,' "a bnng-up reporter." tie is a country I correspondent. Our plant is again open for Meat Curing and your patronage will be appreciated. Home Ice t'umpany. Eu*t 3rd Street. Phone 44. O2-lmo Male Help Wanted Wanted because there has been a fracture of the bones inside the nose. It may bleed after a violent cough o rsneeze. It may bleed as a result of too vigorous blowing, or from too much manipulation in the practice of what is commonly called 'picking BLANKETS HAVE ADVANCED 20% BUT NOT at TALBOT'S Chatham 100% Wool BLANKETS For bedtime comfort, 72x84 double bed size; 2*i pound. Raj-on taffeta lined, guaranteed fasf color. Beautiful Paste) Shades. Chatham 50% Wool 1 BLANKETS Double bed size, rayon taffeta lined. S3.29 Esmond Warm Spun INDIAN BLANKETS Large Size 72x84 in attractive Indian designs. Well made for real warmth. S1.95 70-X80 FULL DOUBLE BLANKETS FULL DOUBLE BLANKETS 98c 69c TALBOT'S J^SSSSSSBSi "We Outfit the Family" AT YOUR SERVICE iit^ BJSikfS CHILDREN AND SMALL THINGS We're just as attentive to yi.iir children as to you.' V,'i.other they come in for tlifrv.'iiiH gum ur tooth paste, v/c'ri huppy to serve you and your family well. Tv.''> grurlurite fihurmists on duty. The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" PHONE C2 Motorcycle Delivery QUALITY PIANOS Stein%vay, Haddorff, Cable, Wurlitzer. New Models §245 up. Terms. Drop us a card for catalogs. Beware of something - for - nothing offers. EEASLEY'S, Texarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOiVI Local Representative LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs, White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Ash Heading Bolts, Al.so Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co, Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 STUDIO ff ( COUCHES •£ * Opens to Full I Size Double : Bed 42"«72' Seng Fixture • 1~l Helical Tied • 7 " B .. ,1 r! . J-Piy Wood- FLOOR 4 LAMPS BED ROOM SUITES WOOL RUGS Hope Hwd. Co. the nose." Any condition which produces ulcerations and degenerations of the nose may entire bleeding. Such uV:ers are asociated with tuberculosis, syphilis, cnncor and other infections.' Sometimes the veins in ihe nose become varicose as do veins in the legs, resembling hemorrhoids. Varicose veins sometimes break and blood. Occasionally bleeding of the nose occurs frequently because the person concerned has a high blood pressure associated with disease of the kidney, arteriosclerosis, hardening of the liver, or gout. ! Some people have a tendency to bleed because of hemophilia, purpura. anemia, jaundice or scurvy. Since the blood vessels in the nose are near tho surface, bleeding may be associated with one of these.conditions. When the body is exposed to unusual perssurcs. as in mountain climbing, high flying, deep diving or entering chambers with high air pressure, bleeding of the nose may occur. There stems to be some definite glandular relationship in bleeding of I the nose in women, particularly at the j time of their periodic functions. When a doctor is called to take care of a serious case of nose-bleed, he tries to determine where the blood is coming from. Sometimes the bleeding is from, a point very near the surface of the i body and can be easily reached. In other instances, it comes from far back in the nose. The doctor carefully examines the nose, using a mirror and lamp, and a dilator to open up the nostrials 1 widely. Ho can determine tho extent of the damage to the blood vessels from which the bleeding comes. He can also find out whether or not there is oozing from the mucous membrane or lining of the nose generally- By clearing out the blood clots in the nose and applying materials like adrenalin or ephedrin to constrict blood vessels, he can determine exactly the point from which the bleeding conies. It's now possible to stop almost any kind of bleeding by some of the well-established methods. Doctors can apply substances that constrict the blood vessels or that produce clotting of the blood. Some- limes they use gauze to pack the no.se. I The pressure from the packing will stop the bleeding. If the bleeding is far back in the noso. it may be necessary to pass a tube in through the no.se and out of the mouth with gauze attached to reach, the area where he bleeding is occurink. This type of surgical packing should only be done by a competent physician. To encourage the coagulation of blood the doctor may u.se a blood transfusion or an injection of snake venom. Sometimes it is necessary to perform a surgical operation, tying the blood vessels with sutures. for patients who have frequent crusts of the nose and who bleed easily following the removal of such crusts, it is customary to prescribe ointments which will keep the tissues soft ancf given opportunity for healing. VVANTKD: Good used bedroom suit and healrrs. Phone 7S7-M. Mrs David Davis. 14-3tp. WANTED PECANS—We pay highest prices for Pecans. McRne Mill & Feed Ca , . C'-17-1M ! WANTED A WORKER " An honest, industrious man wanted by 1 tuitiimally-known mineral feed coin[Hiny for work in this loculity. Duties will consist of calling on farmers find rendering valuable livestock .service, it doesn't Inke high pressure- salesmanship to do this permanent work, and no special experience is needed. If you have ;l car, you cnn do this job. for full particulars send your name mid address to Box 211, Dept. 91, Moorman Mfg. Co., Quincy, Illinois. 18-ltp WANTED-Largp No work clothes Star. clean cotton or overalls. rags. Ho/x> Rent Radio Repair FOR RENT-TWO 220 West Ave. C. S'pccial for 30 days. Have your . radio cleaned and adjusted S2.00, Tubes i well Tested, Plume 8()(! KAY ALLEN or 133 East Mth St. n apartment. 14-3tp FOR RfiNT-NewTs r(,om"?urus(\7; miles out on Hope-Blevins road. Good water, hog proof pasture. Jim i Reed. Phone 114W. 14-IUo Lost LOST—Girls blue ;tnd u-hite bicycle, with luggage basket. Reward for return or information. -Mrs. Mi lain Phone 857-W. - 18-3ip I FOR RENT— Downstairs bed" Too'm. adjoining bath, prone 321. J.7-3tdh j FOR RENT-3 room . modTrrTaparU i ment. Southern exposure. Mrs. J. M. 'Bennett. Ill) North Washington. j Phone GC9-J. i 7 -'ttc WELL, i PASSWT EVEN TUR.M' OVER |M A CHAIR WITHOUT SONA&BODV VE-LLe- ; 'BU\M& ME A APPLE WHILE VOL I 1 RE UP, WILL VOL> ? AM' A KNIFE TO PEEL IT WITH, AM' APISH TO PUT TH' PEELlM'S IM ''-IN OTHER. WORDS, TH' FREE BUTLER IS-UP-- <3iT YOUR LIST OUT/ I HI 1*1 .-^'C'^^-ff-i rv i V& ,i -4^ f*. MO"?ME£•_•:;. C' vJ.lv ,.1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ohh- OvKVAVV ,O?AV '«• Y 6v\O VO' O< oo i \_oo\< J). evKo »• <aoi 'bV»,V\V\VA v . W At"\ By EDGAR MARTIN ,/v ALLE, 10P /. ^'> «('^( "•- . - . h ^ J/; WHEN ALLEV OOP . LEARNED HISAK WAS IM THE WOOD- EM HORSE,THE WHOLE GREEK ARMY COULPKJ'T KEEP HIM ' FROM GETTING INJ, BUT THEY ARE I5ETERMIMEP HE WOM'T GET OUT AHH! MY GOOP Ot' i AKJP ALL THIS TIIVSE I'P GIVEN YOU UP FDR LOST/ • / Not a Bind in the H<\nd—yet! ff INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. T. HAML1N WASH TUBBS TH' RATS // THEY'VE SET FIRF TO TH' WOOPEM j HORSE.' I'M \ 1K\ A MWO OF FEW WORDS. WO VOU GET THE WPPA- HUtA BEAUTV SECRET, OR DlOM'T VOU ? \ TVE CWEF INGREWtWT \<*> A ^ / PECULIAR VEU.OW LAVA FOUND m THKT OWE VOLCMJO. BU . UUFORTUWATELV Want It Printed RIGHT? vlMFORTUWATELV, SUM, . THERE WA^> A PI6 I ALL THE LAVA WM BLOWN AWAV. We'll have a printing expert call oil you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" £RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Getting the Gati & WAI 1 EXPECTED ~iO)AETH,U6 LIKK TH15.'\ WIA;LE vou WERE APMIR'HJCI THE CUTIES AT T'r\C COM°AMV'-5 tXPEM-SE, ^ -^ "HE CHlff-' WfiREDlP-WT y—/' VJOVO ED! y— y (LU>TEi,U\ J \ -aMi\TH.. By ROY CRANE ~*^ua~*** SEKVICE, INL. T. , 1'VJE USTEUED TO EMOUGH OF VOUR FLIW6V EXCUSED. WHEW AW EWPLOVEE OF MtKUE- "I6S FAIL'S TO DELIVER THE GOODS, HE'S FIRED. 6ET OUT! BOTHr ; OF YOU it 5 T--, v ^— l ;^ Close Decision By MERRILL BLOSSER I DOM'T KNOW HOW NUBBIN CAN EV&R GET BY THIS EXAM ! ITS THE . HARDEST I'VE EVER MAD/ -AND IF HE DOESN'T .GET THE ANSWERS RI6HT, WELU BF MINUS OUR STAR PLAYER I ( YOU CAN'T FLUNK EMoLISH AMD 5 LAY FOOTBALL / C3OSM, Hf; CKRTAIMi-Y IS DOING E-.UOUSH WRITING AND rv . GOLLY, TH£7I3G GOES BELL I RED RYDER DUMNO I WAS i BY THE BELL ' i TMINK x WON CM POINTS I The Search , VEAH— AMD TM' LOOKS OF THAT S/-OAVJE-D GRASS, THEM RED ANC LITTLE rtosses ? By FRED BARMAN SM-H—FOOTSTEPS.' ThIAT MAY 6£ HAVE EVER Gcn""r£.hO OLIT ., OF trie ^JC.OCvJ^i c< 'ELLAR. KLWE •.i i-i-, n r. ,. Ar orrj

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