Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 52
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 52

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 52
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10- WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 ON TV FRIDAY •SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY EVENING 10:00110:30111:00 i°6B i«.i. ^ f r . _ .. __ g II Playoffs: Finals Game 5 - Jazz at Bulls Movie: ** "Chance of a Lifetime" (1991) Movie; ** "Praying Mantis" (1993) Movie: ***li"JFK"(1991)KevinCo'steie7 [Movie; * * * "Lord of the Flies" (1990J A&E AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK (5:05) "Superman II" **The Land That Time F ioyie:** "Armed and Wife) Discovery: Nature Movie; »* "That Dam Cm Movie;** "Blank CrWh-Pfi "The New Adventures of PI u ia Baseball Seanie Mariners at Oakland Athlete. (Live Vomen's Film Festival (R Unsolved Mysteries / \ Movie: figure-Out ITinyToon SCIFI TBS INN TNT USA WGN Elizabeth Maslrantonlo. :35)Movie: **»"SI*e 9:55) Movie: ** "Casual S»»?" Dixie Crash Fesl II. BE Movie; i- * "Assault on Devil's Islanrf Highlander: The Series Movie:*** "The Remains of the J 993) Anthony Hopkins. nine Heal of the Niohl Movie:* "My Boyfriend's Back" Movie: *** "Breakdown" 'R 1 Movie: *ii "'Til There Was You" (19971 Movie; * * "Alaska" (19961 Thnra Rirrh Movie: * * "Universal Soldier" (1992) A "'K |(:45) Outer Limits (R) A uasry Movie ** "Blank Check-(1994. Comedv) Bnan Bontall, Karen Duffy. A youngster fuNIs his londasl «*hes after a fugitive gangster hands him a blank check lo pay lor a damaged bicycle. 'PG' BB (1:33) CSM) Brady Bunch The Bradys face a medical crisis when the children come down with measles I 9:00 P.M. CB Entertainment Tonight A BB :— CD Naah Bridge* A kiler. obsessed wWi Sir Arthur Conan lume. A BB N ' NG Comedy) Andrew Lowery, Traei Lind. Alter a plan lo irrorest the 6:00 P.M. y *** *«™«' aM| y Backfires, an infatuated leen-ager returns from the grave. A'PG-13'BB (1:24) UVJAXI Movie * * 'Jingle All the Way (1996, fathers desperately vie for possession ol the one remaining Turbo M^fe.)/TnT""" u " 8 "™ Brai »'" omtl » u « ^^^<*i- nwBB ID QD NeweBB "" " ' Cfi 700 ClUb ——'.« *.i woti w lw yu rtt u ffl Newahour With Jim Lehrer BB > m^ST (L H n m • Lhriiiosj,uri.i.~—T-IJir.—..^^ „ GD Kids Say the Damdest Thl insengagemeni >^rviewior»diildclainiigtolM9eiyeartoldandt« wtebeievitJieyarefrornanotherplanellR) A BD CS Jeopirdyl BD CB Movie * * -Jamaica Inn' (1939) Charles blJ&rr^^i^T^™ 1 "*' 1 *' 1 ' S3 Boy Meets World Topanga, who Is stil IDSII that kissed anoUwr git dates someone else. (H) A IS) Coast to Coast j!* Ca*tro How a working class San Francisco neighborhood has. In recent years, become an International syntoiol Iteration. A BD Millennium Frank tries lo cope wJh the murder of his A i" ""rBi" da " 9en " JS Wnapp " *****' h * «»**-i»- (B) IS) Biography "Oscar Levant: Britoii Shadow Interviews with lamty and friends help profile sharp-wined actor- musician Oscar Levant thought lo be the nation's funniest neural- J*ya Movie * * The Land That Time Forgot' (1975, Science Fiction) Doug McQure, John McEnery. A WWI German U-boat finds an island Hied with prehistoric beasts in this aMpJaBon ol Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel 'PG' (1:31) Discovery News Baseball Tonight lf !l!! d Gao ?'"" Ehil » w ttl «L ha unJtnyitayjhomiiodoMit. A BE !" 1 !?"" 1 *"* WN MneW Skinner nit), hit . 8M Useovert a cornM tpiraling *)wn toward electrocuted. A SB 7-.OO P.M. Qj Major League Baseball -San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres' From San Diego/Jack Murphy Stadium. (Live) A BH «y"V w| w. • I UkJ 89 Home Improvement Tim and two bachelors Irom hit aurjenceitecuu wives and gjrlrlends, while fteir mates tuTkl, at IfiJ D Baseball Tonight , . an deprarty ol Rome I supreme rutors contrbuted to the downfal of Ita Roman Empire. (R) fPu Hov Jj. * £* " The S|0| V Lady (IJ91) Jmta '"*• "«• C"")^ Tho sweet smeH ol succeu tumt sour for a Bu «h Tin Brady chldren Hani over what to ttampj, . *»«NnB«on Week In R*vl*w A ffi " 0 * Li " Him " heratumdom. A W QD TeenAngelSlwerelustslocittectalrDglhalha itwlved the rxwer of spMcl. Iron, Marty. (R) A ft Benny Hlnn ~ Storm Warning) (R) * 0 >Reddin9 nodeo ' Fram Movie WonoV Year* Kevin ties to h^Wiwi. prepare . BB 9 ^^i"** I* rota,, mote, ^Caroi Burnett and Friend* Guest Sammy jUslWord I *»!• * * * "Th« Fall ol lha Roman Beyond Betl.1: Fact or FleUon? A man «!,, . E1S Dei Comedy AlWtaiJam Scheduled: Kyle aoome,Ev«nUon«l. Ariel Host Ed Low. (H) A [ffl „„ 9:55 P.M. PS Movie * * -Casual Se«?-(19U)Lu tecounl ol „ CD IS News® 10:00 P.M. (Sjg) Figure It Oul ®S9 JJaywatch Eddie • nunied wih Nt first lov., i «™n«**twmh,ha<»ir,«» 1 i,«t»oh,wai15. A QD UnlS -? V SL •* 't " Ataska " ""«• **•*») Thw Bireh Vince* Kmhww. Tworoulhs man an orphaned polar beascuoaa they make Hw w»y KB!, the tundra toWh Sk mitalnjfalhM. A W (ffi (1:50) «:30P.M. 12J Home Improvmwnt Tta Taylor Imiry am ai a 68 Movie * * * "Lord of the Flies' (1990) JUNE 12, 1998 (MB) Beverly Hills, 90210Ke«y believes her father is back m town lor more than just another visit; Brandon contiiues to have difficulty with Jonathan. A BB (H|0) Movie * * * -Breakdown-(1997, Suspense) Kurt Russel. J.T. Walsh. A stranded motorist's wile vanishes after accepting a ride from a Irucker who offered to bring her into town for help. A '(TUB (1:33) IMAXI Movie *» "Til There Was You" (1997 Comedy) Jeanne Tnpplehom. Dylan McDermott Circumstances continually prevent the meeting d a ghostwriter and an architect who are slated lor a lalelul encounter. A 'PS-13' BB (1i3) ISHOWI Movie * * -'Universal Soldier (1992 Adventure) JearHfcude Van Damme. Dofch Lundgren. Two generally engineered super-soldiers relive lhe Vietnam War-era horrors thai turned them against one another. A WEB (1-44) 8:30 P.M. ' CD Sttdown CD Step by Step When the star ola local play gels sick. anun()reparedAliciafillsin.(Poslponedfromanearlierdaie)A LsJ You Wish Genie has a week to teach an intern the tricks w ttwrade; Mickey s befriended rjy a gil who has a bad into- enceonher. A BB "" Paid Program This Week in Northern California Host. Belva (£00) *» . whenltieyciimptltlnaroMsrnw. ffiS IB New* O Star Trek: : . *r M ImrnottalKallwin.pu,. «»» th. murdtrout ImmorUI Bartholomt*. «r» iaM»Zstto lor Uioutandioldtalhi during ttaCruudM. A [ffi^^ _ 7:15 P.M. - Movl« «. comptffl. Mthm tlw unon aftir taking jobt as warty gwoi. ' " ««. *«» 83 M*dAboutYouPault8tti)ffona»arch-and-re(a» ""Win (ten In IMS. hit wtddng rim on iti« eve of his swond arraunary. A (Part 2 0(2)153 i® Entertainment Tonight A SB 'DISN' Brotherly Lovt IMamtM btgins dJswMrino * 4 neon) HOT wtxr, Mag worm, but ihs ««5wSS,7tZ VMblamt. . n Danfonii't spwol iffacls nighighl this UK of a cave arts l«di for «urvi»alinaprali»l«ici«ld«mts»/Q'(t:36) V 7:30 P.M. S C*ndldCain«r*Ashuttijbutatlwdanirralu«alono «|icl> atom talMy; TV crilia slay in a room M, no TV. (H) rt ffl Wheat ol Foitun* Offi BJSportacenterlS] Auto Racing "Thunder From Wnctemt. In* Unsolved MysteriM A Hey Arnold! BS Movie * * * The Abyss" *» -Once Upon a Crime' (19921 John Canoy. Cybl Sheptard. A lost dog and oitireurnSes . Carol BunMtt and Friend* Giwl AlanAWi FOX Sport* News i Tiny Toon Adv*nturra< ' > !>•.••>.. Movto * "My BoyWsod's Back' (1993. i Schedule* Jack Grubman of Global Telacommuniealions Research discusses telecommunications slocks A BE 0 Coiby Show Vanessa's grades sutler when she develops a crush on a boy A BB deep-sea search lor a missing nudear sub Features restored footage. BB (4:00) ASSXEKEX**"' 1 *™* m^^t^SSKW^ recalls his lifetime of service at tSiteS lord's eslate as fciouH' < neys 10 see a former co-worker. A CE(3.00) PS) Water Skiing "Pro Wakeboard Tour From Charleston, S.C. (Taped) &M& Hawaii Flve-0 An eccentric biltonaire u suspected on*ig one ol his business associates, ffi ^^^ EH) Movie * * * The Fall of the Roman Empire' (1964) Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd The ZsKal h nK " "Ml alter his (aider is poisoned. (3:00) py D ' y ? When Fo ™»« "Wrcyce « lotal ningham house, he vows lo kill lhe perpetrato C W ° N I Simon » Simon A woman hies Rick lo find out i her husband it cheating on her. . EISOjAsecreloperalionlouncoverlhedrugsmogolersol the prison turns deadly. (R) ABB IBS) Movie *** 'Escape From New York' (1981, Science Fiction) Kurt Russell. Adrienne Barbeau. Ahard- ened criminal is offered a pardon I he rescues the president from """Is I" «» Prison city of Manhattan, 'ft (1:40) ,g"pW) Stargate SG-1A Irade lor weapons has a profound «npact on the lives of the inhabitants ol planet Simarka. (R) 10:05 P.M. (MB Growing Pain* Luke's iresponsfele father arrives to lake custody of ha son. unless Mike comes up with a plan to stophmGE 10:30 P.M. E Paid Program ffl Movie * * * "Coming Out Under Fire' (1994)NarratedbySak>meJens.NinegayWo Warllvelerans recount how the US. rratary targeted homosexuals for discrimination and rJKharga. (50) SL5£ PS F r? ^ Vesas: A M <*> fea * lo lhe arrests ol alleged drug traffickers: a domeslb violence cal leads to matte slolen credit cards. A BB ~> *?•"»'• Family Mama plans to sue a bank. to lake colege entrance exams: Carol has a new ) Timber Series From Bar Harbor, Maine. (R) TPro Beach Volleyball 'AVP' From Ik), Fla. (Taped) ) FOX Sports News ^R)Bewitched Darrin accuses Samanrha of using witchcraft to win a slogan contesl. 10:45 P.M. (AM!) Movie * x -Replilicus' (1962, Science Ficlion) cart Otlosen, Ann Smymer. Copenhagen is temxized by a prehis- tone beast that has regenerated M from a recently discovered ;) Outer Limits A doien survivors ol a fatal plague *•"*"««- ta only three vaccinations avatobkMR) 11:00 P.M. C2 Seinfeld George and Elainelindtheyhavettle in corr> rmnwtan Jerry stays home to rJog-sH A BB CD Late Show BD CD Paid Program BB LAPD: ute on the Beat Gang members are sus- posed ol executing a man on a sidewalk; a woman turns herself in topplce; drive-by gunfire strikes two people. (R) A BB B9 High School Sport* Focus ut is surprised instead A Access Hollywood A BB ) Watt Disney Presents BD D Sportseenter BD J 700 Club ) FOX Sport* New* progwtion; breast exirrinatknt. IB) i png nightmare in NiaGerrmny. (2:00) E1S Movie b»ckup quartsrbidi everyone trinks« g m 11:20 P.M LATE NIGHT 11:30 P.M. NlBB Paid Program •^j wvmimw aiding Golden Girl* BD Mary Tyler Moon BB Dennis Miller BD 9 Hunger BB CD Tonight Show SB CD Nlghtllne BB 11:45 P.M. Mm Movie -Mldnlpjil Temptations 2" (1:30) (US Movie * * 'NiJie 1/2 Weeks' (2:15) CD Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? BB CB Southern Coin "" CB Charlie Rose [ffi • Magic Hour BB O Paid Program SS Star Trek: Deep space Nine BE B9 Team Knight Rider Disc; Wild Discovery jZorroBE Th. to., Episode, ; Golden Girl* <j£ K. Taxi Cffi ", Scl-Fi Entertainment

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