Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 21, 1952 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1952
Page 12
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f*AOB TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEORAPM FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1052 WELL,HERE WE A«,MR,JAV50N/' DO M5U KNOW IP YOUR BffctflClARY HAS ARftlVED-OR 00 YOU *#OW THAT S#f^ AND NOW LETS SEE WHAT AT THE PIONEER HOTEL/ THANKS, MISTER/1HOP6 YOU POIK9 ENJOYED ftlOlN'OUft HORSES INTO TOWN OVER THE OLD TRAIL AS MUCH AS WE ADMIRED DRIVIN 1 IN IN PROM Tim CHEMICAL FIRE BXTlN6trt$MER REPEL* THE POISON MEW A* CM«* AWD /WAIZA BE - TJ?6AT TM*00&U TUB »WNE* DOOR OF THE FU*«y ONLV ACETIC ACID ANP «WTDW,*I IN TUP BODIES OF TX04E Jtt: CHART Ml FOB K COMET!/T^ POT Of POS\tS TW V.OOK TWENTY BUCKS IN MY OLD SUIT /// /] WASMT 1?) WITH ALLTH'SOLP TO C5E HAD FOR JUST TH 1 P1CKIN 1 UP, YOU'RE QONNA ©END U9 TO CALIFORNIA s WHERE WE GOTTA / ^ SURE 10, SO EVERY TIME YOU PILE UP A MILLION,TAKE A FEW DAYS OFF AND REST.... 9O LONG NOW, BOYS... GOOD LUCK! THEN THERE'LL NO QUE6TION OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS WHAT/ MO MA6S PRODUC- FACTORV WHISTLES, MO OF WORKERS ESAO/JUST WH6M I 6KOOLO, BE BUSIEST, A SPRING - • - - BlMDS M.V UIM8S/ "TH& VERMAL EQUINOX MAS 6f?OUSHT A TIDE OF POETIC E/v\oTi0rj FLOOOINIG, M& —-X 5MODLO IT 6TOP6 M£.' COME OOT OP V&UR COCOON \NlTrA A (2ED HOT IDEA.TMEK] IDLE THE EMSINJE TO PICK DAISIES/ 'as TUB TIE PULL6O UP IWTO KNOT IF VOU WAWT TO SEE OUICK.EST SET OF DEVELOP UNPER V PEOPLE'S EVE6>. JUST \ WATCH THAT [ FOR A MIMUTE--THEY \ JUST LOST A FIVE I HAVE NO TIME TO \ WATCH FIVE-MILLIOKJ- COLLAR BA6S DEVELOP UMPER PEOPLED EYES.' CALL ME 'WHENEVER IT'S FIVE BILLIOM--I MI6HT BE IMTERESTED.' MIULIOM-DOLLAK 1 COMTEACT' OUP 6-TUFF B£6/\fS MM BLOOD AND AHABOV, MlPPO / YOU'U. SOON BE AM EXPERT WITH TMOSB TOOLS/ I'D CATHEP. BE A CHE^SCHASAPIOM,' FORWARD MARCH BOY---YOU D PACINJG / FAT YOU MAMA6E To STAY AWAKE LONCr ENOUGH T£> COUNT THE STEPS? Cop.. I»i5t, t NEA S...*t. Inc T- M. Bi«. U. S. P.l OH. ''"•' /• 1 * >4> A.FTER AU WY EFFORTS TO RETURN MRED'S PRIZE ITBM, THE LEA.5T HE COUID DO WOULD BE TO KEEP OUR APPOINTMENT! HWNU, THE KEY JANE G/W6 WE FIT& 1 , &0 THIS [& THE ' ----- -BOX $HE GOT IT FRO ,,.ANP LEFT THIS MOMSTROSITV IN ITS PUCBt IF JANE'S (SIGHT...IF HE HfS&N'T HAD ANOTHER KEY MADE YET AND DISCOVERED HER TRICKEEV, IT'O BE BEriER IF I RESTORED EW TO THEIR PROPER OWNERS, WJP LEFT! THAT RUFFIAN MUST'VB KIDNAPED MY TENANT AND STOLEN HIS CAR, OFFICER 1 .1 BUT i CAM'T DESCRIBE HIW... ALtlSAW WAS HISIEG! OVERNIGHT CASE IS GOME 1 . I PO WISH EASY WOULP HURRV AMD GET H£REl The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart tflD (WHO) «M KC KXOR (ABO) tt* KO WtW W KO MtO IM RO RMOX (CM) 11M RO KWft <M»S> 1IM RO W1L 1410 KO WOKZ 100 Mf. r Friday 5 *6 £ .•00 N«w«i iymphofiy td Bonfw N*w«; Bonntf H«wt Safety S«f«n»d« Sport* Ctrcl* Al)*fl »**• HinM Curt M*M*9 Lowtil TheffiM tttwt, Crosby Show W«wi, Wlflrw J.Vandereook Sporifpaf* Record Report Twilttrt CBMt Mportt i Outdoor* In lit 6 7 flO New! 8porti HarkntM, Newt Newi of world On* mun'i rrtnet W««Pi ton* AiAHf Concert Blbl* Study B<ral»h J«ck 8mlU) Club U Ed R. Murrow Newi: Cltt (MM M. 6. BwMft KrCfttM* rout ttnightt Mu*i« at cole Olte Club flo» RoMf* Martin Rleh«rd Diamond Your r01 8 00OTV Family Worihlp Travelog Eddy Arnold Health Aldt Hollywood MufU OrMo Horn** BIO HIckok Chuek Norman Ev*. Moat* Land wt Hr« to Mario LanM Onl* * Rantttt outrict Attorn** 9 :00 •15 :30 49 NlffhtbMt Sports, a. Burn Pro St Con Bmrltif Bout Newt Concert N«wi Melody Pattern Cve Bleulni Newt Open Bible Paul Wtitoa Quit Dougherty Orch. Oabrial Heatter •porta It N«w« Armed roreet Newt: Combo tint* Marine Band Parti Mutio Hall Meet Millie Blue Barren Frank Edward* Mutual Newt Malil* Newt; Lombard* Here'* the Band 10 :00 :18 :30 :4ft New* World New* Platter Pared* Beautiful Muau Mu»lc Matter* New* Abide With Me World Newt Hlnei riritflv* New*; iport* Anteil show You It World New* Walll* Ballintw tnitrumental 11 Newn Mude Newi. Mull* Oroheitr* Newt By Mia*. Concert Headlln** Health Aide Headline* Orch.—New* Merry Makei New* Dawn Patrol Saturday :00 MS :30 •AS New* fatlma Rotary Melodle* Newt Weather New* C Stookey Town fc Country «-H Clubt New* It Weather Concert Morn. Call farm Journal New* Market* Sunrti* talut* Weather 7 8 Alex Dreler Weather Report Time tt Tempo* New* Tom D*ll*f Sport* * New* Serenade New* Top O'Mornlni Air Report* Newi Early Ed C. Stookey Concert Sacred Heart :00 4A World New* Sporti Newi Son* of Ploneeri Overnight Final Newi Country Music Melody No School Today Meditation Hymni Through the Blbl* Chapel Window New* Salute World New* New* Weather Ozark Tun** Blng Sing* New*: f Moagl* Ed Wtlion New* B'fait Club Newi. Mu. Clock New* B'fait Club Newi Clock Newi Markets; Varletlei World Newi Davit Clock Watcher Garden Qate New* Cd Wllion Newi B'tait Club New* Muale Clock Chapel of Air 9 10 11 12 "n Cisco Kid :30 •AS Mary Lee rarlor Story Time Broadway Bchoe* from Old Vlenn* Market Bn.iket Fashions Still Water* Themea of Agei Rose Garden Oalen Drake Quiz Records Serenader* News; Walt* Paula Stone :00 :15 :30 -:00 MS :30 :4S My Secret Story Love atory News; Wenther Cnuniry Music Marlni Sand Jr. Junction Spnce Patrol Symphony Miiilo Masters Grain, Serenade Bible Quiz News: Let'i P't'nd Give It Take Home Beautiful Bandstand Rev. News; Opp'ty Hr. HI Nabor HI Nabor; New* Meet the Band Sunset Valley 101 Ranch Ballet Rhadiody :00 :30 :4S Farm ft Home Coast Guard Can't Hap'n to U Tor Junior* Here's to Vets • New* Concert Newt Hal Fredericks News Concert Nutrition Today'* Theater Stan Over Holly'd Recalllt It Win News; Guide Meet the Band Newe: Banditand PTA Program Quiz Masterworki Moments with God Farm Front Newi Music It Vou City Hospital Man on Farm St U Weekend News; Take Ten Jersey Farm Home Hun Hits Sports Quiz Dugout Interv. 1 :00 New**" Bond Talk Muilcana Met Opera Sporta Glee Club Record Cabinet Muslo Muslo wltb Glrla Record Rally Chicagoani Cards vs. Tigers I Newi Record Shop Modern Musi* 2 3 ;00 MS :30 Serenade In Blue Here's to Vet* U. S. Arnw Band Sacred Heart Newi Overseas Report Native In Ton* Relax • With Music Health Aide For You Newi News Farm Newt Misadventures Scratch Pad Ed Wilson News Tops In Pope Bryant's Wildcats Mind Your Manner! Momenta-Mai ten Faithful Wordi Miller Recital Women of Today Am Mcd. Assn Stan Daugherty Cross Sec. U.S.A. Personality Time Newt Da nee time Portraits football Roundup 4 Child Welfare Music Rr. A dm. Miller New Releaaea Gt. Hr. of Sharing Newt Chamber Muslo Fatlma Roaary Opera Gems Open Bible Serenade Health Aids- Dave Stephens Lee Adama News; Recordi TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 nilDAT 9:00 P M.—Wrangler's Club S:I9 P M.—Space C»det B:3!> P. M.—Bqh ingliam's 8port*vl*wi 8:45 P. M—I. N S. Telenews 0:00 P. M.—Kukla, Fran tt Ollie 0:30 P. M.—Those Two 8:4S P M.—News Caravan 7:00 P. M.—Ezlo Pinza 7:30 P M. —We the People 8:00 P. M.—Drama Theater 8:30 P M —Aldrlch Family 8:00 P. M.—Boxlr|R Bouts 0:43 P M. Foreign Intrigue 10:15 P. M.—Dluble Play (Film) 10:30 P M.—Fnye Emerson 11:00 P M.—Beat the Clock 11:30 P M Front Page Detective 12:00 Midnight—Eloise Meets the Stan 12:15 A. M.—Film 8at«r4ay 8:45 A. M.—Film 9:00 A. M.—Rootle Kazootle 9:30 A. M.—To Be Announced 10:00 A M.—Kids & Co. 10.30 A. M.—Betty Crocker 11:00 A. M.—Big Top 12.00 A. M.—Wild Bill HIckok 12:30 A M.—Smllln Ert 1:00 P. M.—Space Patrol 1:30 P M.—Kit Carson 2:00 P. M.—Old Am. Barndance 2:30 P M.—Live Like Millionaire 3-00 P. M.—1 Can See It Now 3:30 P M.—Cisco Kid 4:00 P. M.—Roy Rogers Show 4:30 P. M.—Claudia LOG-ROLLING CONTEST W3NE.y BACK? THIS CAMERAS NO GOOD.' WHAT DO V'MEAN?, LOOK AT THAT SISN.'. OUR CAMERAS GUARANTEED FOOLPROOF.' 5> i i QUITE TRUE,SIR.' BUT YOU AREN'T A POOL, ARE VOU? ~~ — - ^B i .m OUR CAMERAS GUARANTEED POOL- OUR .UARANTEED POOL-, PROOF.' CARNIVAL Itfl Oirfc TIM ner T. M. Rt| U. t »»t OH. Copr. 1942 bi N(* i«i<ici. Int. "Let's see—couple of window leaks, worn fan belt, door handles rattle — y'know, you might save money by trading the car in!" Woman Beats Rap VVHITEFISH. Mont. /P-A woman was fined $5 for not having a weight sticker on her truck. But that was just the beginning. She told the Whitefish Court she had a receipt proving the sticker had Applied lor. She told the jus- tice of the peace she wouldn't pay the fine—she preferred jail. She then sat eight hours waiting olr transport to nearby Kalispell jail. The .vord "hotel" first was used by Joseph Corre, a New York inn- fceeper, i Seasonal Show Answer to Previous Puzzle IP[g|B|SISI JSIHIOIelgL jRIAjV|A|T| fTlAlLJ RIU SI HORIZONTAL. VERTICAL 1 Season 7 are its harbingers 13 Ripper 14 Tie 15 Enclose 16 Nullify 17 Blackbird of cuckoo family 18 Paving substance 20 Christmas visitor 21 Shepherd's pole (Scot.) 23 Point 25 Thin piece of metal used as filler 26 Darling 28 Brazilian macaw 30 Whirlwinds 31 Legal point 33 Many 'birds now return to northern climes 35 Sacred song 37 Malt drink 38 Kind of ver 39 Still 41 Important metal 44 Fewer 46 Marry 48 Soviet city 50 County in Michigan 52 Wile 54 Anger 55 Stage whispers 57 Ascended 59 Spanish lady 60 Pertaining to the cod family 61 Edematouj 62 Exhausts 1 Meat cut 2 Indited 3 City in Wisconsin 4 War god 5 Each returning bird family is building • 6 It's the season of awakening nature 7 Red Cross nurse (ab.) 8 Mineral rocks 0 Sugar cane residue 10 Scott's hero 11 More dapper 12 Vapors 19 Narrow inlet 22 Ancient Irish capital 24 Malaysian canoe 27 Depend 29 Gudrun's husband (myth.) 32 Merganser 34 Demigod 35 Gratified 36 Vatican, chapel 38 Oxidizing enzyme 40 Beverage 42 Prayer 43 Sea nymph 45 Corrupted city (Bib.) 47 Hauls after 49 Permits usage 51 Tuscany political faction 53 Snare 56 Membranous pouch 58Fisb The population qf Rotterdam is [about 675,000.

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