The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 3, 1963 · Page 7
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 7

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1963
Page 7
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WMNB Radio Programs Schedules for Week of August4th-August I Oth WMNB—1230 KG Transcript News T:30 Sum. — 1:00 aj*. 13:15 pjn. — 13:30 pjn. i:00 pjav — (;lf p.m- 10-.JO pjn. — SUNDAY 8:00—Sign On. •-.01—Lead Kindly Light *:15—Organ Moods. »:30—Hews. Men and Sport* wtth Weatbaf 8:45—Christian Science PraeTmn) •:00—"Joseph Conrad," with Loci* Roberts, akirtant professor of English. Northeastern University. 1:30—Sunday Best. 10:OO—Polish Varieties Polkas. Frank Omlanta W:56—New» 11:00-—Church Service Union Summer Serrtce a* First Congregational Church. The Bar. Thomas Street, preacher. 12:00—Sunday strum 12:30—Italian Melodies With Frank Esposlto- 1.30—Mormon Sermonette*. 1:45—The Search. 2:00—News. 2:05—Music You Want. 2:39—Heartbeat Theater. 3:00—News. 3:06—Sunday Matinee. 3:15—Here'* to Veteran*. 3:3O—Sunday Matinee. 4:00—News. 4:05—Sunday Matinee. 5:00—New*. 5:05—Sunday Matinee. C:00—News and Weather. •:15—Guard Session. t:3O—The Hour ol the Cruel- lied. 7:00—Dinner Concert. «:00—Recitation of the Rosary. 1:15—Howard Kershner's Commentary on the News, • *:30—Choir Date. 8:45—Hour of St. Francis. 9:00—Concert Under the Star*. 10:30—Transcript News and Weather. 10:45—Nightcap. 11:00—Sign-Olf. MON. THRU FRI. »-.30—S4gB tn> »nd Sews 1:35—Dayknaa Mazta. Newa. Weather. Tfane-ebecks. and Oaarfc •**•!<• 1:00—Angelus and News «:07—Daybreak fcis—Sacred Heart Talk «:23—Daybreak. •:30—apragne Log or Air—Monday. Wednesday and Friday •:ai—Daybreak 7:0*—Spragne lag of Air—Tom- day and Thursday. 7:15—Daybreak IJa—WMNfc NewiCaTal- eade latenuttestaJ New*. Amw alyita. 8p*rto tVfafe Leeal a»« «i>la««l Neva JACK AND JULIE AGAIN — Jack Benny welcomes singing star Julie Andrews to a repeat showing of th« Comedy Hour Spe- cials over CBS Monday from 9 to 10. Phil Silver and David Rose and his orchestra help out. •:30—Family Safety. Mon.. We<L, FrL) •:3S—Daybreak. • :•*— Moraine Derottons Nerthen Berkanir* " tel Assn- »:1S— Companion. l«:fl»—New» 1*46—companion. 11:OB— News 11 r*6—Companion. al wa ftaatamarr. m er sdafl Waefc n^B~ MocntUna Spcct* BOTtav Oaarate summary af wl&Bueky BoIMs Thurs.: Quard Session. FrL: Serenadte in B'.ue. :« — Wed.: The Na»y Swings. :00— News. :05— The Swing Shift. :S5— Boston at Kansas City. (TOW., Wed.. Thurs > Boston. at Chicago (Fri.) :00— News. :•»— ft* Swing Shift. »:30— Just Good Music: 8«nl- Claarical and Mood. Music men. Wed. PrO Jazz. Tues. Thitra. l*:3a— Hen Fran Traaseripi Newa- r » o m «o4 AsMMdateA rmt*. *«!> WnUlwr 18:45— Sporr* Final Late Scons and Sports fW>- llcnts 10:50— hnjntcap. 11:00— Sign OB 5:05 — Supper Club. 5:30 — The SowUm Show 5:45— Music for Yon 5:50— Family Safety. 5:55— In Town Toni«ht. (:DO--News 6 -IS -Sport* Trafl 6:30— Supper Club. 7:30— Saturday Night Dane* Party 8:00— Men. 8:05 — Dance Party 9:00^-News 9:05— Dance Party 10:00— Just Good Iftuic 10:30— Ncrws and Weather. 10 45— Sports Final 10:50— Nightcap. 11:00— sum OH WMXB-Ked Soz Baseball Sunday, 1:55 Washington at Washington Monday. 1:55 Milwaukee at Milwaukee Tuesday, 8:55 Detroit at Detroit Wednesday, 2:25 Detroit at Detroit Thursday, 2:25 Detroit at Detroit Friday, 8:55 Minnesota at Minnesota. Bucky Bnllett's Warm-Up Time precedes each game. 1 TV Spot Reports Gossip columniste might be in- "In complete silence, madam," of the D»y. 2:30— Moods in Music. SATURDAY t:M— Sign On and News »:38— Daybreak 1:00— Anceka and News i:05— Daybreak . . 3:30— Boston Symphony OretM*- tza at Tanglewood (Monday 1 J:«5— Muafc World (Monday) 1:30— Social Security (Thursday Only) 4UW— News. «:M— Tha Mude World t:95— Daybreak 7:00— News . 7:«6— Daybrea* 1:»0— WMNB News CaTaloao* t:««— Daybreak *• *0—Morning DerotlnJU. Nortn- en Berkshire Mtnlstcrlal »:*•—Supper Chlfc. S^ft—News. *:3S—Supper Club. 8:50—School Lunch Menu*. 1:55—In Town Tonight. »:15— Music Makcn. Sports. Barometer of Bast- neat. Commentary aatf World and National New* with Weatber Summary C:4S—Report Prom Bonn (Monday) f:«—Family Safety. <Tues, Thurs, Sat.) (:4S—Wednesday — "Your Ho»- pital. with George Lrrrigo, 1:m—turn. TJ*— Sapper Oh* T:JO Hon.: Supper dbb. 10:06— Saturday Serenadr Latest Albums 11 «o— News 11:05— Saturday Serenade. 11:4&— The Oood Ufe. I2:0»— Showeaa* 12:16— News 13:30— Nwnttme Sports Review 1J-35— Songsnop 1:30— Moods In Music 2:05— News 2:06— Band of the Day 1:30— Music for Ton 3:00— News 3:06— Music for Tou. 3:15— Music for Ton. 4:00— News 4:06— Music for Ton 5:00— News terested in what went on when Anna Kashfi appeared in "Catch Fear By the Throat," on the Kraft Mystery Theater this summer. This was Miss Kashfi's first appearance in five years; during .the interim, she'd been devoting herself to rearing her young son. And she admitted she was nervous about her return to work. So she was happy to have some eiroert coaching. Her coach? Her ex-husband, Marlon Brando, just happened to be in Hollywood at the time of the shooting, and stayed with Anna on the set, helping her with her lines. • • * The Metropolitan Opera's great t«nor, Jan Peerce, was guest of honor at a dinner party. The hostess, seated next to him, was one of those people who chattered incessantly. And poor Peerce had trouble getting a word in at all. His chance finally came when the waiter passed a tray of assorted salad dressings, and the gabby woman asked, "Mr. Peerce, how do you usually eat your salad?" said Peerce. • » * Family history may be repeating itself. Gene Hayburn began his career — as an NBC guide. And now his daughter Lynn is starting her career. She gets a kick out of showing visitors tbe studio where Match Game (her father's show) •orginates. * * * Sir Cedric Hardwicke told TV Scout about the ftmazuiK coincidence involving himself, George Bernard Shaw and Shaw's play "Too True To Be Good." When this was originally written, Hardwicke played the role of a young man in the first production. At the time, be was awaiting the birth of Ms first child so Sbaw wrote in a last- act speech dedicated to (he coming baby. Hardwicke is now in a Broadway revival of the play, in a much older role, of course. But the fantastic coincidence is that, during the revival's first week, nis son — the baby he awaiting *• many years ago — became the father of his first child. JACK CASSIDY Cassidy Boning Up At Home for His Game of Password By JOAN CROSBY NEW YORK — Jack Cassidy, who will be making his first Password appearance during the week of Aug. 5, has been boning up for his stint by playing the game at home. "I'm a hit there,".he said.' "I'm going to try to avoid falling into the trap that a lot of people do. They act petrified that the audience is ' going to think they are stupid. But I'll probably fall right into the same trap. At any rate, I'm showing up boned up and knowledgeable." Scored Hit Cassidy, who has scored a major hit as the charming, wolfish con man in the hit musical "She Loves Me," at one time was the host for a proposed game show series. "But I'm glad it never got off the ground. It's not my cup of tea." • At the moment, he is in the talking stage for a pilot about the adventures of a character similar to his "She Loves Me" role. "It's the kind of thing I do best," be said, adding quickly, "although I am not a con man in life." Jack, a handsome blond, is married to actress Shirley Jones, «nd the only drawback to his Broadway hit is the necessity for spending time apart. Presently Shirley and their Jwo children (Sean is nearly 5 and Patrick is 19 months) are in New York, at the Cassidy's summer beach cottage. But her movie career has forced them to spend time apart. "This is the first time this has ever happened. We have been very fortunate not to be separated much. But New York had to be for me, and Shirley is working her career around me. She doesn't really want a career, but she is at that stage where she has worked very hard, after going through the limbo we all go through, and when that brass ring is there, you have to grab it. Otherwise all your past work goes down the drain." Jack is a native New Yorker, a man who likes solitude, quiet and the scenery of the East Coast. His family is a railroad family, and during his school years he held in reserve the idea that he could join the family profession. Singing All the. Time "But I also had it figured out that I would go out and make some money. I had » soda jerk job when I went to ^JE^ school, and I was a hotel bellboy at 15. But all the time I was singing. And in those days, during the war, there were ads in the papers begging for singers. I went to one audition, got a job, and left high school at the age ol 1«. "My mother went to a school counselor about that, and the counselor told her that, obviously she disapproved of students dropping out of • school. But in my case she said, she agreed. 'He's not happy in school and he belongs in show business, 1 she told my mother."

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