Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 51
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 51

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 51
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL• THURSDAY ON TV WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 JUNE 11, 1998 THURSDAY EVENING 6/n/981 6;QQ | 6:30 I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 110:00110:3011?-00 BROADCAST CHANNELS HJ Newsiaj CD News Bl Extra® News® CB News-Lehrer m m FrasierH [Entertain Friends (R) [veronicas Selntald A [Just Shoot Jeopardy! [Fortune 700 Club Movie: ** "Into the Blue" Single Martin H Fam. Mat. Home Imp. Fresh Pr. Mad-You Star Trek: Next Gener. FraslerA [Entertain CABLE CHANNELS Promised Und(R) II Diagnosis Murder (R) 48 Hours H S3 C-16 n I Prey "Collaboration" A Business [Served [Paid Prog. Neighborhoods People's Court A bS Hercules-Jmys. Fresh Pr. Cosby Home Imp. Seinfeld A Simpsons News Movie: * * x "Immediate Family" (1989) Simpsons Home Imp. ER(R) A(S News® Coast [Benny Hi Thursday Night A I linn Children Mystery! "Original Sin" Xena: Warrior Princess Mystery! "Original Sin" Wildest Police Videos INew York Undercover Deep Space 9 Deep Space 9 Movie: **X "Paradise"(1991, Drama) 'rog. Real TV A Cops® Mama News Mama Deep Space 9 News ;heersA News® tale Show News® Race Week Mapp LAPD DiflWorW Roseanne Vibe A&E American Justice (R) AMC COM DISC OddCple. ILaiigTT DISN Wings (R) DallyShow |BenStein Movie; **ii"HighAnidety"(1977) ESPN GrowPains |Brotherly Gimme Shelter (R) [wild Discovery: Pandas [Animal X [Movie [wings FAM Stanley Cup Playoffs: Firm s Game 2 Burnett I Burnett FSB UFE WNBA Basketball (5:30) "Smoke Signal" Movie: * ** "Parish" (1961, Drama) Troy Donahue. Bl |Movle; "On Moonlight Bay" (1951) NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN [American Justice (R) Hollywood "Scarlet" Rowan Atkinson: Face Dairy Show Movie: **ii"Pocahonlas"'G' |(:25)Movie: ***"ThePreacher'sWHe" [It'saTrip Justice iSportscenler IB [Baseball |X-Games Trials" Movie: "The Ditchdlgger's Daughters" (1997) [Movie: "The Attic; The Hiding ol Anne Frank" ir League Baseball Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics. (Live Figure-Out [TinyToon iDouggT WNBA llntimate Portrait Rugrats A Kablaml A |Brady (:01) Movie: **"OeepStar Six" (1989) Iseaquesl 2032 A [B |(:01) Sightings (R) B |(:01) Movie: **"lX»pSlar Six" Golden Brady (:05) Thunder (B (:05)Hovle! *** "The Longest Yard" (1974, Comedy) 1(:35) Thunder (R) IB |(:35) Thunder (R)ffl FOX Sports News WonderYr Supermkl Debt Bewitched 'Wacky Sponsctr. 700 Club Sports Altitudes Love Lucy us 9 Countr Prime Time Country A [Today's Country El [Dallas A |Dukes otHazzardBL [Prime Time Country (R) |CounJiy" (5:00) Movie: •» * "Brannlgan" iMovJe: * *jt "The Mackintosh Han" (1973) |(:35) Movie: * * * "The Towering Iniemo" Baywalch A IB [Highlander: The Series [Walker, Texas Ranger . Vietnam" (1987) A (B "Distant [News A BB Beverly Hills, 90210 A PREMIUM CHANNELS HBO MAX SHOW Movie; * * * 'Twister" (1996) Helen Hunt. Movie; "The Pentagon Wars" (1998) A Movie: **K "One Fine Day" (1996) 'PG 1 Movie; * * X "Death on the Nile" (1978) Peter Ustinov. |0z'Capital P"(R)B] [Innocents (5:00) * * * "Grease" [Movie! * * "Salt Water Moose" [Making ["Thanks of a Gratetul Nation" (1998) ***"The "Thanks-Grate.' EVENING 6:00 P.M. S) Home Improvement Tim hires his lad-oil brolher Marty lo rebuld the Tool Time' set. A BB CD CD CB News IE CD 700 Club CD Newshour With Jim Lehrer EB GDI Living Single Regiw's mother catches her having sex: Overton attempts to propose to Synclaie. A BB 63 Family Matters Eddie andwaldo mm lor a shock when they go lo > bar where they think the Chicago Bean hang out. ABU (39 Home Improvement Tim wants to add a power-driven snowstorm to the Taylor's Christmas-card larniy photo. A BB B) Star Trak: The Next Generation Picaid and Data return liom a shod mission lo find the ship's craw degenerat- Ingjnlo primitive creatures. A BB & Frasler The pressure Is on alter Butdog lets Trailer's son. Frederick, that h« lather is a scribal star. A BB I AMI American Justice Two ex-convicts plan and execute tte brutal murder ol the QuOer family. Includes interviews and lh» actual audo confession of one ol the murderers. (R) (e5Hl Odd Couple In the throes of a hangover, Oscar throw Feb out ol the apartment. folScl Wings The ME-1 63 Komel was a marvel of lighter IDISNI Growing Pains Jason gels jealous when Maggie scores high as a Wat the Wgh-schcd dance. (Part 2 of 2) SB (FAM) Carol Burnett and Friends Guest: Roddy McDowal (HSTl Rockets! The space program ol the United Slates, from its begjnning to the race with the Soviet Union and the luture. (R)(Parl4ol4)BB (FJigRl Figure It Out (TNN) Prime Time Country Scheduled: Clark Family Experience, Bacon Brothers. A Oil (05A1 Baywotch M«ch closes the beach blowing a young woman's disappearance due lo a suspected shark attack. A W (H5S1 Movie * * * Twister* (1 996, Drama) Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton. State-ol-the-art special effects stir up this tale of tornado chasers on a perilous quest to last a new sensor device. A 'PS-13' W (1:54) (HAX1 Movie * * » "One Fine Day* (19%. Comedy) Michel* Pleifltr, George Ctooney. Two single parents edge toward a possible romance while trying lo cope wih the pressures of career and parenthood. A 'PG' IB] (1:49) 6:01 P.M. (SOS) Movie **'DeepStar Six" (1989) Taurean Btacque, Nancy Everhard. An underwater missile base » attacked by a monstrous, mutated He form. (1:59) 6:05 P.M. ffBsl Thunder W 6:30 P.M. CB Home Improvement Tim wants lo tdd a power-driven snowstorm to Iht Taylor's Christmas-card family photo. A (JO CD Extra A W BB Martin Martin and his friends are snowed ki at Martin's apartment with no gas, water or electricity. A SB ED Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air Wjl and Carton convince Geoffrey that he has won i mulimjlion dollar tottery. A CB) 39 Mad About You Paul sets off on a siarch-ind-resaie mission when he loses his wedcing ring on the eve of his second anniversary, A (Part I of 2) OB) ~ iimanag. . » Laugh. Jv ', •(,»•; ll/rv , ) Brotherly Love Matt and Julia find another way lo spend lime together when her grandfather lorbids them lo go to the movies. SB ffAMl Carol Burnett and Friends Skits: The Alibi'; Tolel Tissue': "Just a Gigolo.' INICKI Tiny Toon Adventures 7:00 P.M. CD Seinfeld George tries honesty when he explains to his new girlfriend why they must break up. A BB W Frasier The pressure is on after Bulldog tells Frasier's son. Frederick, thai his lather is a sotlball star. A BB CS Promised Land A woman romanlicaly rebuffed by Russel schemes to have Nathaniel taken away by state authorities and to bring the Greenes up on charges of child negligence. (R) A (Parti of2) BB CB Jeopardy! BB CD Movie ** "Into Ihe Blue' (1951) Michael Wilding. Constance Cummngs. A stowaway on a luxurious yacht lals in love with the owner's daughter. (1:30) CB Nightly Business Report Scheduled: Barbara Hackman Franklin, CEO of Barbara Franklin Enterprises; mansi iig a company in the age of global competition, f BL People's Court A BB B) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Wl is smitten wih an old- fashioned young woman who insists his amorous Mentions include marriage. A BB & Home Improvement Tim hires his laid-oll brolher Marty lo rebuild Ihe Tool Time' set A BB 03 Simpsons Whie the teachers are out on strike. Marge becomes Bart's instructor. A BB O News IA&EI Unexplained Experts examine the mysterious gianl animal designs and geometric patterns in Ihe desert of southern Peru. CAME) Movie ****Parrish'(l96l,Orama)Troy Donahue, Qaudette Colbert A young man learns about life and love Irom three different women. BB (2:20) [C5M1 Daily Show IDISCI Gimme Shelter Tin ceiling instalation; cleaning up smoke-damaged lieplaces: maifeoxes; a remodeled Uchen. (R) (ESS) Movie **»"Pocahonlas' (1995, Adventure) Voices ol Irene Bedard, Mel Gfcson. Animated. Based on the story of Ihe Algonquian Indian who singlehandedry stopped a war between herlribe and the British. 'G'BBUCT IESPN2I World Cup Soccer 'Best Match of Ihe Day-(R) (FATO Movie The Dilchdiggefs Daughters'(1997) Carl Lumbry, Victoria Dilard. A poor man prepares his beloved daughters lor success later in He by demanding the best from them as children. A Cffl (2:00) (SB Major League Baseball 'Seattle Manners al Oakland Athletics' From the Oakland Cofceum. (Live) (HST1 History Undercover Spies in enemy territory risk death at the hands of the Gestapo white gathering vital Meligence lor the Allies - work thai has gone unrecognized unti now. § Doug SB Today's Country A BB Highlander: The Series Immortal bounty hunter Cole's Paris vacation win MacLeod has an unexpected twistAr ) Movie **'Salt Water Moose'(1995. Comedy-Drama) Timothy Dalon, Lolia Davidovich. A boy and his tomboy Iriend attempt lo sal > mate to a lonesome bul moose lhal is slranded on an island. A 'G' (1:37) 7:05 P.M. (IJBg Movie * * * The Longest Yard' (1974) Bun Reynolds, Eddie Aloert. An impitsoMd quarterback coaches a gn»8 of convict E) Mad About You Paul sets off on a search-and-rescue mission when he loses his wedding ring on Ihe eve of his second anniversary. A (Part 1 ol 2) ED CD Entertainment Tonight A BB CD Wheel of Fortune Bfl CB Are You Being Served? The store sponsors an anniversary dnner lor Mr. Grainger, an employee whom no one wants lo see retire. B9 Cosby Show Denise'slriend turns to Cliff lor some medical advice. A BB 89 Seinfeld George tries honesty when he explains to his new girlfriend why they must break up. A BD CD Simpsons Bart exposes an aflair between Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel after a failed attempt al Uackmai. ACffl Home Improvement Tim hires his laid-olt brother ty to rebuild Ihe Tool Time' set. A CS) Win Ben Stein's Money 3 WNBA: A Player's Diary S Rugrats Bfl 3 Movie * *x The Mackintosh Man" (1973) — tewman, (Xrniiique Sanda. A British agent and his cohort cope with double agents and triple-crosses on their mission lo capture a Communist spy. (2:05) 8:00 P.M. CD 89 World's Wildest Police Videos Abolched store robbery creates a Iwstage siualion thai, after failed negotiations, is ended by a SWAT sharpshooter. (R) A (PA) SB CZ) Friends To atone for kissing Joey's gMriend, Chanolef agrees lo stay inside a shipping crate during the Thanksgiving holiday. (R) ABB GO Diagnosis Murder When a young model dies after a workout, Jesse and Mark learn she wasn't Ihe all-natural person she appeared to be. (R) A Cffl CS C-160lanskypusheshistea(n,abuseshispoweranddis- regards protocol during his quest lo bring Nick Tulfs killer lo justice. A Cffl CD Neighborhoods flidden Cities ol San Francisco' Exploring the city's oldest neighborhood, the Mission. (R) BB Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Saving a beautiful creature that if part woman and part deer pits Hercules against his hal brother Ares and the vengeful Prince Nestor. (R) ABB Bl Movie ** X "Immediate Family" (1989) Glenn Close, James Woods. A childless couple become better acquant- ed wilh lh« pregnant leen-agsf whose baby they plan lo adopt. (£00) Bi Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Defiant crew hastens to save a Staitlsel captain who is slranded on a remote plane! with itte oxygen. A W & Movie **K -Paradise" (1991) Melanle Griffith, Don Johnson. The summertime care of a painfully shy boy helps a couple mend their troubled relationship. (2:00) I AMI Low (Order Briscoe and Ugan invesligale the mur- derole woman whose troubled fiance confesses to Ihe crime, tut insists his therapist torced him to do I. SB (COM) Movie * * » "High Anxiety' (1977) Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn. The new director of an asylum uncovers a plot lo convince healhy and wealthy patients that they are insane. (2:00) IDiSei Wild Discovery Tandas - A Giant Stirs' The threats posed lo the r are giant panda in Ihe forests of China's high country, (fl) (ESFN1 Sportscenter BB UrTWorld at War German Adm. Carl Doenitzs cooi*- nated U-boat attacks on supply ships lo Britain nearly succeeded in starving the British into submission. lighl against breast cancer. (NiCR) Kablaml (SCim Seaquest 2032 LI. Henderson inadvertently causes a prison break when she vfeis s forced-labor colony and finds a former lover among the prisoners. A BB (TFJfD Dallas Mis Else cans the ramify together to vote on whether J.R should be removed as president of EwingOt A (ITSAl Walker, Texas Ranger Walker lakes on a f orrrttatHe foe lor Ihe freedom of a boy who a the reincarnation of arenownedBuddhhlmonk. A Bfi IW5R1 Beverly Hills, 80210 Brandon and Ihe gang look back on the escape of Donna's parakeet and other New Year's Eve happenings and mishaps. A Bfi (R6B1 Movie The Pentagon Wars' (1998. Comedy) Kelsey Grimmer, Gary EKves. An Air Force colonel threatens to reveal Ihe truth behind the mServi tt 4 bifon investment In a transport vehicle. A Cffl (1:44) (TOO Movie * * »'Death on the Nile' (1978, Mystery) Peter Ustinov, Belle Davis. Belgian detective Hernia Poirot encounters a gallery of eccentric suspects when he Investigates a cruise ship murder. 'PG' (2:20) 8:25 P.M. (BtSKT! Movie *** The Preacher's Wife'(1996, Fantasy) Deiuol Washington. Whitney Houston. Tension arises when an angel is drawn to the dulcet-toned wife ol the minister he was sent lo Earth lo help. 'PG' BB (2:04) 0:30 P.M. HJ Veronica's Closet Ronnie's mother and Bryce's grandmother join in Ronnie's hectc Thanksgiving meal, which also includes her office staff. (R) ABB 09 Paid Program (WiCKl Brady Bunch Bobby Is convinced nobody loves him and decides to run away Irom home. 8:35 P.M. IStJOWl Making of Thanks ol a Grateful Notion The creation of the movie Thanks of a Grateful Nation.' 9:00 P.M. S) US New York Undercover The detectives try to bust the leader of a criminal empire thai Is extorting money Irom several businesses in Manhattan. (Postponed from an eater date) A BB QD Seinfeld Elaine wots down Peterman's pricey cheesecake; Kramer cals in Ihe guys' lor George. (R) A BB CE 48 Hours Scheduled: an investigation into the death of Princess Diana, from the condition ol driver Henri Paul to her relationship wih OodlAI Fayed. A BB CB Prey The new species attempts lo destroy chldren by contaminating juice In schools. (Postponed from an earlier date) ABB Coast to Coast Mysteryl 'Original Sin' Based on trie P.O. James novel, and Yard detective Adam Dakjtesh investigates a mysterious death al a lamiy-run pubtshlng house that is receiving hale mail. (R) A (Partiof3) BB SD Xena: Warrior Princess A jealous Aphrodite casts a hex on Gabriele's scrol, which causes everything she writes lo come Hue. (R) A BB ES Star Trek: Deep Space Nine After Bashir is rendered unconscious when he angers an alien named Movar, he awakens to lind a nearly empty station beset by technical problems. A BB IA&E1 Biography Truman Capote: The Tiny Terror* Interviews with friends help profile author Truman Capote, an openly honest homosexual known for his extravagant lifestyle. (R) IDISCI Animal X Studying whether animals can read human minds; birth ol a red heifer thought to have sacred powers; the Komodo dragon. lISPrTl Baseball Tonight IESPN2I Worldwide Soccer (FAMl Movie * * * 'The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank' (1988) Mary Sleenburgen, Paul ScoMd The story of the Dutch couple who hid Anne Frank and her family during the World War II Nan occupation of Holland. (2:00) (H5D Alchemy: The Science ol Magic The early science of alchemy, whose practitioners commonly worked ii secret tying lo turn base melals Wo gold. (R) (DFf) Golden Girts Rose's cousin lab madly In tare with Blanche. A BB IH1CT?) Brady Bunch Greg and Marcia both run lor student body president (THH1 Dukes ol Hazzard Roscoe. who wants lo send Bo and Luke to prison, has a change of heart- and lortune. A (Part2ol2)BB fPSAl Movie * * * 'Good Morning, Vietnam* (1987) Robin Wliamc, Forest Whtaker. In 1965 Saigon, disc jockey Adrian Cronauer turns Armed Forces Radio on is ear wih his irreverent brand of humor. A Cffl (2:30) (WBH1 In the Heat ol the Night Gilespie and Virgil search lor Ihe kiler ol a married man who was having an affair wilh a high-school student A (Part 1 ol 2) BB (SBOW! Movie * * * » 'Thanks of a Grateful Nation' (1998. Drama) (Part I of 2) Matt Keeslar, Steven Weber. Afact-basedaccountoflhe experiences of veterans of the Gul War, some of whom relumed wih a mysterious malady. A BB (1:31) ^^ 9:01 P.M. fgeiFTI Sightings UFO sightings In Mexico; the bond between identical twins; death of a government agent; the ethics ol cloning; telepathic communication with animals. (R) A (SB 9:30 P.M. GD Just Shoot Me Niuj's comeback phWo shoot leaves her ii hearHoHoe gold paint lor the day; Maya gets ambushed. (R) ABB CB Benny Hlnn CAffi Movie **H "OnMoonlightBay"(l951, Musical) Doris Day, Gordon MacRae. A torrfay sheds her rough- and-tumble ways when she lals for a handsome new neighbor. (1:35) (BlSei Movie Magic Using computers lo create Ihe alien bugs ii 'Starship Troopers'; special-effects makeup artist Michael Weslmore. (H) X-Games Trials Classic Sports Showcase Golden Girts Rose, concerned about Ihe nuclear arms race, mals a letter lo Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. A IffieRl Wonder Years Kevin's algebra woes are Intensified by Parts mathematical success. A Cffl 9:35 P.M. )Thunder BB !) Movie * * * 'The Towering Inferno' (1974) McQueen, Paul Newman, bwin Allen's waster epic about a lie that erupts during the grand opening lestiviies of a CaMomia skyscraper. (3:25) 10:00 P.M. S) S) News OB • CD ER Dr. Benton struggles as s working parent: Dr. Carter has trtrfwJh nMptft%: flosrelsi«M)r WAttfe ii an (S Thursday Night A OH LD Feed the Children A S) Mysteryl-Original Sin' When Die Peverel Press 1 unpopular managing director becomes the second corpse. Dakjfesh finds himself wilh a long list of the man's enemies to Investigate. (R) A(Pan2ol3)BO • RealTVACS) 0 Mama's Family Mama sets out to save VWi job. \B> IB News S3 Star Trak: Deep Space Nine Gareklinds hie toy- tKn lorn when Tain, his former mentor, orders him to interrogate Odo. A BB 1 AMI American Justice Two ex-convicts plan and execute the brutal murder of the Clutter family. Includes interviews and the actual aucto confession of one of the murderers. (R) (CSCTl Rowan Atkinson: Not Just Another Pretty Face The British come performs. Sketches Include fatal Beatings' and It Started With a Sneeze.' (R) (B15C1 Wings The union of fight and cameras gave bWh to aerial espionage. § FOX Sports News Rockets! The space program of the Unted Slates, beginning to the race with the Soviet Union and Ihe future. I) (Part 4 of4)CB) ~H Supermarket Sweep ~) Happy Daya In need of extra cash, the ' »reluctantly rent out Ihe room over the garage to Fonzta. [TNNl Prime Time Country Scheduled: dark Family Experience, Bacon Brothers. (R) A BB (WSPil Simon 8, Simon A lormer World War II plot hires the Simons to help hin find a rrissing plane. IHBOI Oz Tensions flare when the governor's reinstatement of the death penalty directly affects an Oz prisoner. (R) A BO 10:01 P.M. (Seifn Movie * * 'DeepStar Six" (1989) Taurean Blacque. Nancy Everhard. An underwater missile base is attacked by a monstrous, mutated He lorm. (1:59) 10:30 P.M. CS Paid Program n Cops Los Angeles' Anti-Gun Unit captures ai motorcyclist and recovers the suspect's gun; man arrested lor being Intoxicated. A BB Bl Mama's Family An alMemale heavy-metal band has Mania's house rocking. J It's a Trip A Nashville. Tenn.. laml/s adventures on y lo Disney's Animal Kingdom. (R) QD ~] Extreme Bloopers From the X-Games g Water Skiing 'World Wakeboard ampionship" From Orlando. Fla. (R) [QFfJDetat ffTO Bewitched Uncle Arthur laps up Napoleon. (MAS?) Movie * * * The Terminator* (1984, Science Fiction) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Unda Hamilton. A cyborg from the future is sent to present-day LA lo kit a woman who is destined to grve birth to a revolutionary. 'R' BB (1:48) 10:32 P.M. (SHOW) Movie ***u Thanks of a Grateful Nation"(1998, Drama) (Part 2 ol 2) Man Keeslar. Steven Weber. A lacl-oased account of the experiences of veterans ol the GuK War. some of whom relumed with a mysterious malady. A . US (1:31) 10:35 P.M. ffBSl Thunder BB 11:00 P.M. Q} Cheera Rebecca's father visits, wth some stem advice for his unmarried daughter; Woody wants Kety lo move Mo his apartment. A BB GD CB NewsBB CD Late Show BE CD Race Week CS) Mapp & Lucia Lucia buys Mallards and renovates the property; Ebabeth Mapp drops al pretense of being pregnant BB LAPD: Ufa on the Beat SWAT teams storm a sus- peeled drug house; detectives wck down a murder suspect; a suicidal man is contacted by officers. (R) A BB 0 Different World Dwayne and WMley plan a romantic getaway In Ihe mountains; Mr. Games leaves his son in charge ol the Pit A BB SI RaseanneRosearmjoiuawomen'sgrouptopromote business and leaves D.J. n a tough spot with a schoolmate. A SS QD Vibe W Access Hollywood A BD IAMI Unexplained Experts examine Ihe mysterious giant animal designs and geometric patterns in Ihe desert of southern Peru.(R) KOMI Dally Show IDISCI Justice Files AIDS used as a weapon ol terrorism; teens who commit murder lor no reason; cly dwelers who have learned to protect themselves. (R) roiSNl Movie * * The Wacky Zoo of Morgan CftyjWO, Comedy) (Part 2 of 2) Hal tttbrook, Joe Ftynn. An accountant and a group of children take action when they learn that the local zoo is to be closed down. BB (1:00) ~^J Sportscenter BB J TOO Club D FOX Sports News 0 History Undercover Spies in enemy territory risk — al Ihe hands of the Gestapo while gathering vital intelligence lor Ihe Allies - work that has gone unrecognized until now. (R) UffEl New Attitudes Buying a franchise; makeup artist Coier Strong: lips lor dress-down Fridays in the corporate world; sen-defense tips. OB iNieg) I Love Lucy Ricky paces the floor awaiting word Irom Holrywood about his screen lest SB (TRgl Today's Country (R) A Cffl 1 WGN I Paid Program fjfffioj Innocents Lost The continued abocil»s commuted against chMren ii various countries around the world. A Cffl 11:05 P.M. lASiei Movie * * X "Scarlet Anger (1952. Adventure) Yvonne De Carlo, Rock Hudson. An opportunistic satoon girl assumes a dead woman's identity and travels lo Sac Francisco to lake over her (state. (120) LATE NIGHT 11:30 P.M. CD M'A'S'H BB CD O IWQNl Paid Program ~ Real Stories ol the Highway Patrol CopsBB I Wedding Show ~] Win Ben Stein's Money IlRPMZNJoWi ) Golden Qffis W T*Ury Tyler HlboreBB* '''''* '-

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