The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY; AJM'-J, 1940 RT,YTIIMVIU,R fATtK.Y C PAC5E FJVS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily ri\te per line lor conscciir live nisei lions: One tune (Mr liiic ioc Two times PIT line per clay tWf 1'lirce limes per ime iier clay..(Mo .six i lines IX.H- line per tiay,...0ic Month rate per line tide Cart oi niaiUb We & 'I5q Minimum charge 5Uc Ads ordered, lor tnree or si.x times aiul stopped oeiore expiration win be etiurgiiu 101- uiu nmnoer oi ilmes the ao appeared ami aujuslmeiu. ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy sULMiiHtecl tjy persons resiuing outside oi tjic ciiy iiu.isi iin aacom- . plotted b.v cash. Hints wiay be easily computed iroin me auove table. Advertising ordered tor irregular insertions tuxes me one time rale. No re.spo.-jbinmy wui ne laKcn for more tnaii one incorrect insertion 01 any cliissmea ««. For Sale FOB SALE-^Two desirable build- lots. George M. Lee. I'none 320. 28-ck-ti Arkansas Yellow Pine Lumber. Mill to'you. Truck lots. Craig. Lum'ucr CO. at Craig's CCale, LeacnviHe. For Rent 1 room unfurnished nut. newly decorated. Reasonable. Apply 1123 W. Ash. •Upk,!! liooin for employed woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone 239. 3-ck-U Room adjoining bath. For men only. Private entrance. 613 Walnut. a-ck-9 Four room furnished apartment U> sub-rent (or summer. Conveniences. Good location, Call 84s. zckplf rooms unfurnished. 9H Hcara. 1 room furnished apartment. Reasonable. 1001 W. Ash. 1-ck-U Furnished apartment, jjoo<l location. Frlgldairc, electric stove. Cull 578. l-ck-8 Tivo 4-rooin duplex unfurnished apartments on Davis street. Also 2 4-TOom houses on Clark street. Call 600. " 30-ck-7 apartment, Valh. 1120 30-ck-7 Unfurnished 4 room downstairs. Private West Ash.' 3 aiid 4 room unfurnished npnrl- mcnts. 123 E. Sycamore and 211 So. Franklin. Call 28. 30-uk-7 3 room furnished apartment with every modern convenience. Telephone 292. Forilor 5 tons D-PL-11A Cotton Seed. First. year from originator. Stanley Fraclo'nbtirg, Manila, Ark.,-HI. 1. ' | i\fortern 1 nicnt, Bargains in nseil oil stoves, Coleman gas stoves," oil water heaters and used ice and electric refrigerators. Cult 22 day, 939-W alter 5 pin. " "SEE \\. M. BURNS About, uioice mniuing lous m fastest, growing section of the Cny, price Sl'fo each. Plione 243-212. IC-pk-ii FOR SALli: Fertiliser, black dirt., cinders. Rtusonable. Plione 819W. Small electric refrigerator, good condition. Cheap. Phone 174. Notice Shouse-Henry Hardware Company DlSTKIUU'l'ES . .Case Cutlery MULES Will trade for Mules, Cows, Hogs, Cattle, Corn, Hay and Lumber. See Floyd Sijnjiimi Delta Implements, Inc. 3-ck-tr 3 room fumlslicd apart 1315 W. Main. 27-ck-tl room unfurnished apartment with bath and hot water. 412 Chickasawba. 23-ck-tf Nice bedroom adjoining bath.' 818 W. Chickasawba, phone K)G. -dh Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Adjoining bath.' 1011 Wnlnul. I'honc 1(«. Mrs. E. E. Hfirdin. 2QckU Large comforlable bedroom. Twin beds. 2 closets. Men preferred. 10th -and Onickasawbn. 1'none No. 1, Mrs. Sudouiy. 5-ck-tl Cotnfoitable iron', bedroom, OIIL- .siue eiurailL'e. l j lioue 35J, 515 VV. Wnlnui: ice bedroom convenient to bath. Steam Heat-.• Pnuue aau l-tk-ii Unfuriiished apartmcni. In Shane Apartment, iiuildmis on West Mam Street. Call 571 or 1SI1. L-cfc-H Dairy Call 455-W-l for orders of milk cream, or churned butter milk All,cows Bovcrnmeiu treated, lial- sell's Dairy. 12-pk-4-12 Repairing | Expert, gun repairing. See K. M ' Damon at. the Blytheville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Rntcs. ! We are equipped to handle larga [ or small loans un any sized tract of farm lanu. be low cost, and at a low interest rote. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut 31. Blytheville, ,ArK "I ^ Minnows for Sale Personal Arouse SluuKlsh. Liver, work oif !!ie bile (o rlcl yourself of constipation, (jus pains, mid (lint, sour pmik feeling. Take one box of KIKHY'S ACT1VK UVKK 1'll.l.S |-Business Op'tnnilies Gem Heirloom Stolen In 1915 Home At Last SKATTLK. iv«s|i, (ill')-An olcl- fasliioncil diamond, jm iicii-iooni. bus been relumeii lo Us rialilfiil family ownership 'K-, veins iitler II was .stolen. M was returned In a iu>y bos. wruppod in adhesive laui< aiul (Issue |i«ivr. -rim inix who contained "ii.jinslsiied letter Ijy t|ic <hle('s U'lllHjr .Miilly of a win- iTl- 1939 FORD 85 I'udor 1936 FORD Tudor .$379 .$204 OWN AND O. .,.,„,». I A profitable route ol NF.W U'XIAI.- MACHINES viMiclinji niitlonally ''"''? iitivorli.sed meri' 1 . Pnv.s up - —,..~.. to $25 weekly and bellw. $;i50 cnslil '"' l> 'Hiinioml riiijj was required. Give uddrcss, phono. iind; l> >' '''• l''i'unk U.vnu. \\hen lu> wus ensh nvallablo. Wrlle Bos "M."! ''ouKUi s hLs tlisl wire, Murgiir«t c/o Courier News, .|.pi(-a Slmrlly alier hvr denili jn isjis,' tho ring wus win io H Jewelry store In |,o.-; K uetidi for clonnliij. An ic|!inccd (lie din- iiigiiit wiili a rlirni> while ^upplilre. Hu liopi'd lo give It to Ids fiancee, the Idler sulil. but shu died ivnii tin 1 dUnuoiul wus never worn. Hut ityun WHS iiimwiiiv t>i (\vs rlmiKc. Hi' (iliu'cd (hi; ring In a Kejtairinjj; 1935 FORD .$142 1938 FORD DELUXE Tut) or 1933 CHEVROLET Ccaeh $431 $55 1936 CHEVROLET Tor Cash Hegisler and Aditlni; Mnchine rcjialrlns phone I'ntil I-'retnuxn at 357. l-cK-U Fan DOCS Lot mi- bale .vonr hay llui iiiodrrn wiiy. Vlrlilcr 1' e r r v, Amuirel Itcail. l-ik-G-l Seeing Sewing & Slipcovers. Siullh Si Mrs. Blackwcll, Armbrel I'hono ««• (i-ck-5-li Trees and Shrubs Order Sturk's Fiiiiions Trees nix! Shrubs. Landscnpiiis free. Our- land Mason. Route 3, Box 115. Os- ceoln, Ark. l-])k-C-l Home Laundry Coiieh TRUCKS 1939 CHEVROLET ', ton Pick-up $449 1938 INTERNATIONAL Pick-up—Slake Body . 1936 FORD L W.B. Hi ton—Stake Body.... iploy PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT BlyUieville (iastilliio At STATK LINK I'Kl.CES U Gltls. for $1.00 JOYNKK OIL CO. At H«l TOJI Oli>. U. S. Illgliwiiy (il, North l''OU SALE llciuitllul UuiiBiilow close In. ^ eled living room and dining room. Lnruc stono ftrephieo. lliudwood safo ilD|iosli Ijos vlieio II remained I for 20 years. Thcn-on hh ilansh- tcr MarKiiiet's 'i\a{ blnlulay ho gave her the ring. When she sen! tlio diamond to a Seallle jeweler (or denning, sho ienrncd of the (rtuul Mainuret v.ov Mrs. witlliim I'. Miller, pul the ring luiny mul lias not wqni It. Nw, ftlic suyii, lhe ring' will Ue prtxuleil lo lier OMUpnths-oW •laughter on tier is 1st, Withday. FOR SALE-TRAILER Nubers ull-stoel log trailer, vuomiui Ijrukes. (ov i-nsh. Phone 372 i BARGAINS IN U8KI) Ice Boxes Hcbnllt am) C<u«rnHtt><! Electric Refrigerators HARDAWftV APPLIANCE CO. , conn <vi>> _ When her father, a [rclnht agent, found lilmsolf sJiort of iiclp SI years n«o, Miss, hMllh M. Durham look a "Icmjwrury"' Jqh lo help out. She liked the -worlf so well she remained in lhe ofllco for moro Hum half « century, J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only ar»du»le Optome- frlnt til RlylhevWc ntttd Curr»«lly I PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your prescription Drutf«l«t Fowler Druf Co. M«hi NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE \Vlllxiut buying » BUTANE CAS 1>I,,\NT. linjoy this jilcasurc. for Cook- l»8, lleallns, Hoi Wat«r and <!«s RQ(r!ger»lioii. 1'or full Indirmatton write us or nuke ln<[iilry »t our office, WE1S BUTANE GAS COMPANY Blytheville No* I.oculcd In uiuH'oc llok-l Illdg ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I>Q!S KIHVAKKS, I'roiMlelur All Make* of Krtulll TypmrrllfW, Adeline Mi.ehhic.s .„„) (uleulu(iirs-Ui'|wli-lii«— I'arls—lUljl Ol'EN EVKXIN'GS 5tli & Walnut Goldfisii. Day or night. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 300 E. Main. 19-ck-5-J8 Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENK WELDING Drag liEe Rn d Jieary weldinj * specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or Kes, 101S Expert EU'clrlo ana Acetylene WELDING e and heavy weld specialty. D. W. CRANFORD Dragline and heavy welding our specialty. Automobile batteries nowadays have nearly 30 uses as compared Room and board. Plione 093 to the M uses 10 years ago. ic-ck-o-lti Room and Board AMERICAN DIPLOMAT Ark. Phone 8-F-H Garages When Your Auto (Jets Sick Brhij: It to the Auto Hospital Next (o Camp MouKrie John Buchanan Phone- 107 Business Directory Or. A. J~ IJOYD Veterinarian Ll'M Sycamore— 200 Feel East ol Division Bay,' Mght I'honc 1111 5-pk-5-5 •Salesmen Wanted SALESMAN Wmt~CAR.~Halary. oonus. cxiicnses paid on smnll (lliola. Phone A. J. D. lilack, ^ale:< r, Ifolcl .GofT, Saturday and . 8:30 to 12:00 A.M. 2-pk-G WILL !MY~STlU\IOHT SALARY ».>.>.'JO per week. n);ii] or woman WUli aulo, M-ll Poultry MiM Hre ( 0 farmers Eureka Mlg. Co., East Si. Louis, 111. HORIZONTAL 1 Ameriean. envoy to Great Britain. 11 Ridge. 12 Heavenly body. 13 Beam. H Aurora. '6To fail lo hit. JB,To torment ' wilh care. 20 Nude. 21 Internal ' decays of fruit. 40 Holding 2J!Foollike par!. device. 24 Hacc horse. 41 To sharpen a razor. 42 Siilan. •14 Vestment. Answer lo Previous Pintle 25 Paris of [eel, 1 27 Courtesy titles. 28 Spain (abbr.K 46 Unit. 30 He was — or selected for office. 333.1416. increased his work. VERTICAL 1 Prison. 2 J'eoplc of V tt A|)|X)rlioii5. 10 Formerly. 11 His official tille {pi.}. 15 Military duty. J 7 Portico. JOflcvision, 20 Robin. 22 Clan group. 2'i Depprlnicnl. 26 Speculation. 2TTo halt. 29 Manifest. 31 Materials );iid on. 32Alcrl. 33 Skillet. 3S Pigeon. 37 Italian river. .13 Musical note. •13 Extensive barren plain. •35 To creel. •18 Maple ;hnib. sional. 3E1J. •W Unplowcd. 4 Church bench. 50 Na'i'raUv'e 51 Rujht (abbr.). 5 Circular poem MBaglike parts. object. 52 Tree fluid strain «x,r -, """''• 6's mistaken. 54 Afternoon 37 &, boot. S6 4 sK ^ 8itv York SsIW 38 Tiny parlicle. 57 War & 'X?> ' s^fd^'' 34 Grievoii?. 36 Condilion of Sttvicc on All Refrigerators \V. Main SI. floors. $2750. Cun make lei 'i'luimiis Land Cti. SPECIAL! HOME . H<M"OiiaWc. No. mi. SI. Wcrt Optometrist UK MARKS 'KM SK More for the sann: nioinjy ison's \\'nx and (Ilu-L'out SIIOUSK-HKNHY I1AUUWARK CO. PUS.S mnlli citlcrpllliirs siiulrl a JO per cent formic aelil solution at liicir Over Jnc IMIIU'S' Sloro 510 SOM Ol AROUMD LIKE A QISILLUSIOMS5D Poer.' Vv'fS; N)O NEED "TO GUESS WHICH OMI5 PASSED AMD WHICH OMB THAT MOUNTAfM TP/P C3AVE A CHANCE TO COMPARE TWO GIRLS, JUNE AMD GVLVIA / HIS JUDSMEMV 13 pRerry SOUND AND A SCNSE Of VALUKS A MOfHDR., 1 NATURALLY KOPF FIND SOMEONE WOttTMY OF MV SOM / StlNDAV- Tlinnc 1122 (SOOTS AND HER IiUl)I)II« VAWO GEX UbEO to OVJttfA i OWVb VKWlOVft 1!Y FRED HARMAN JWOF HEAT WGHT KILL LSS— HERE ] " 3f^e«> TVI' ' i DESERT 9i>».'/ I'M A FOOL, ALL Rl&HT, FOR EVER LETTIW OU Hl-JACKEf!& IW HERE... BUT NOU'RE GOIN' OUT MOW,... WASH TOURS BY ROY CRANK DO WU SEE THO$E LITTLE D07-S ;U WA.SH'5 FAOE WELL MOTE, PAPOV? E" $ o,S, , MR KV.KEE, WE'RE WORRIED. WK 1HOH3HT VOL) . WELt.COWeTO THIWK OF TROUBLE \ n, Kfc WA-i VERVANXWU. OF ^V1V \ TO SEE ME JUST BEFORE WAS TOO BUSY CU3S1NC A SEAL WITH M6 MRH FROM LOUIS IA>^ V.JU(SIAX1(\ , DID VOU SAVs' THAT'S 'S AWOTHER CODE I(J VIAAh'S "LA", WHICH IS LOUISIANA WAA SETTIUi M.OM6 ;PLE»DIDI.V Ml SHI k*X)W SOWF. HE WSWEARED

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