Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 50
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 50

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 50
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8 WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 ON TV • SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY JUNE 10, 1998 WEDNESDAY EVENING 6/10/98 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS (2 CD SJ LB CD O ED m m EQ i§ •lomelmp. IHomelmp. NBABaskelb Seinfeld A Mad-You Movie: ** all Playoffs: Finals Game 4 - Jazz at Bulls News D |Extra BE News BE 700 Club Newshour-Lehrer Single Fam. Mat. Home Imp. Martin BE Fresh Pr. Mad-You Star Trek: Next Gener. Frasier A [Entertain Nanny (R) Jeopardy! Simple Lite Fortune "Nine Months" (1995) A Sitdown Public Eye A 2S Spin City Movie: *** "The Hairy Ape" Business Keep Up People's Court A U Fresh Pr. Home Imp. Simpsons News Cosby Seinfeld A Simpsons Home Imp. Dharma Paid Prog. Ocean Realm Smart Guy [Smart Guy Movie: ** Movie: ** Entertain 9:30 1 10:00 Frasier O Chicago Hope (R) BE Carey Coast Ellen (R) Benny Hinn NewsE 10:30 1 11:00 1 •••A 3rd Rock (Working News SB Primetime Live OS Paid Prog. |PaidProg. Great Performances "Swan Lake" A BE Wayans 1 Harvey "Ready to Wear (Pret-a-Porter)" "Nine Months" (1995) A Sentinel "Prisoner X" m Star Trek: Voyager (R) Movie: *•* « "A New Life" (1988) Alan Alda. Real TV H Mama Cops BE Mama News Deep Space 9 News Cheers n NewsGE Late Show NewsE Popott Perform LAPD DiffWorld Roseanne Vibe Hollywood I CABLE CHANNELS | A&E AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN American Justice (R) 5:00) "Jane Eyre" OddCple. Laugh Wings "Flying Coffins" GrowPains Brotherly American Justice (R) |Law& Order EE JBiography: Filzg. [American Justice (R) WENN Daily Show Movie: * * * "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945) Ben Stein Gimme Shelter (R) Robin Williams Wild Discovery "Homeward Bound II" Justice Movie: * * * "Al Capone" (1959), Fay Spain Young Comedians (R) Discover Magazine (R) South Paik Lilllelord Treasures ol the Earth Movie: * * "Father and Scout" (1994) Bob Saget Major League Baseball: Teams TBA | Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced. (Subject to Blackout) Burnett | Burnett Turner Cup Playotfs Supermkt Figure-Out (:01) Movie: Debt Tiny Toon Movie: **» "Captains Courageous" (1996) [Diagnosis Murder BE 'PG' Daily Show Justice "Wacky ISportscenter d Hawaii Five-0 E Golf {Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Dodgers. (Live) Intimate Portrait Douq BE [Rugrats A ** "The Beast" (1996, Drama) Unsolved Mysteries A Alex Mack [Brady Seaquest 2032 A BE | Sports Movie: * * "The Child Saver" (1988, Drama) Brady Sightings WonderYr Godzilla "National Lampoon's Animal House" |(:25) Movie: * * * "Trading Places" (1983) Eddie Murphy. Prime Time Country A [American Originals BE Movie: **K "Dominion" (1995, Adventure) Baywatch A BE Wayans [Harvey Highlander: The Series News A ffl Dallas "Starting Over" [Dukes ol Hazzard BE Rough Cut HappyDay | Bewitched 700 Club Sports Attitudes Love Lucy (:01) Movie: * * "The Beast" "National Lampoon's Animal House" Prime Time Country (R) [Movie: it * » "Dominion" (1995, Adventure) Walker, Texas Ranger Beverly Hills, 90210 A (Rough Cut (8:59) Movie: "Bloodhounds II" (1996) A BE In the Heat of the Night | Simon & Simon Originals "Samson" Stalkings Paid Prog. | PREMIUM CHANNELS 1 HBO MAX SHOW * * * "Daffy Duck's jDrDolittle Movie: 4* "Rough Magic" (1995) A 'PG-13' Movie: * * "Buddy" (1997) 'PG 1 Movie: **» "Single White Female "Like Father, Like Son" | * * "The Legend of Gator Face" | Sex-City '(1992) Oz "God's Chillin" (R) "Ana Movie:** "One Man's Justice" [Wedding [Movie: it it "Ghosts of Mississippi" (1996) Alec Baldwin. m Movie * * » "A New Life" (198B) Alan Alda. Ann- Margrel. A recently divorced Manhattan couple tries lo come to terms with single life and new retationshps. (2:00) (AtEl Law & Order McCoy's adversary is arrested when a juror who was bribed to throw Ihe trial of a crime boss is murdered. SB (eoTvTI Robin Williams: OH the Wall Comic Robin Wilams lampoons topics ranging from wine commercials to sex. (R) IDISCI Wild Discovery'Gialles' Observing giraffes on the Arusha Plains of Tanzania. (R) _ World Cup ZNIght Weapons at War "Big Bang' weapons, from World Big Bertha lo the Iraqi Super Gun. (R) (DFE] Unsolved Mysteries A (Nl£K) Secret World of Alex Mack BC ISCIFII Seaquest 2032 A psychech'p planted in the brain ol Lt Fredricks is reprogrammed lo compel her to assassinate Ihe UEO secretary general during a crucial summit meeting. A BD (TfJTCI Dallas Miss Elfe discovers that J.R. has put Ewiig 01 on Ihe edge ol linancial disaster, and Bobby teams Ihe truth about Kristin's baby. A (TNT) Rough Cut A IUSA1 Walker, Texas Ranger The Rangers are stumped by a series of highly publicized robberies, but it becomes personal when Walker's close Iriend is kied A (Part 2 ol 2) BB (WON) Beverly Hills, 90210Achildren'scharitygelsa white Christmas when Ihe gang imports snow; Brandon's mom pays a surprise visit; Steve's biological lather is revealed. A G3 (HBOl Movie ** "Buddy" (1997. Comedy-Drama) Rene Russo, Robbie Coltrane. In 1920s Brooklyn, an animal-loving socialite rescues a baby gorila and raises him as a member ol her household. A'PG'SB (1:24) (MAX) Movie * * » "Single White Female" (1992. Suspense) Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh. A young woman learns that her seemingly meek roommate has deadly designs on her boyfriend, her apartment and her Me. A 'FfBB(1:47| 8:30 P.M. CD Sitdown E) Dharma & Greg Dharma volunteers lo make Thanksgiving dinner for the whole lamily, and has a surprise lor Greg. (R) A BB (D Paid Program B3 Smart Guy T.J. and Mo pak up as lab partners lo study teen-age behavior, using Marcus and Vvetle as guinea pigs. (R) EVENING 6:00 P.M. LD Home Improvement The man who first recognized Tim's need lor "more power" pays his lormer high-school student a visit. A BB GD NBA Basketball Playoffs "Finals Game 4 •• Utah Jazz al Chicago Bulls" From Ihe United Center. (Live) A EB LD LD News SB LD 700 Club GD Newshour With Jim Lehrer ED S3 Living Single Khadijah's younger sisler gets drunk Ihe night belore a college track meet. A BD IB Family Matters Laura lalts under a passionate spell from Sieve's aphrod»iac. A BD g§ Home Improvement Jil isn't as thrfed as Tim when he learns he wi be receiving an honorary doctorate degree. A SB EQ Star Trek: The Next Generation While investigating Ihe mysterious suicide ol a crew member, Troi experiences confusing empathic Hashes that endanger her Me. A EB IS Frasier Nles tils In at the radio station when Frasier attenos a convention of radio psychiatrists. A GB [A&El American Justice The circumstances, evidence and participants in the 1986 slaying ol Jennier Levin. Ihe young woman killed in Central Park by Robert Chambers. (R) ICOMl Odd Couple A woman wearing a wedding gown goes looking for Feix when her husband-lo-be doesnl show up at the altar. (ESC) Wings The Fokker DR-1. Ihe most maneuverabk) ol theWoridWarlplanes.soaiedlofameaflerGermanaceManlred von Rchlholen (the "Red Baron') look lo Ihe skies. (R) [DiSNl Growing Paine Mike heads lo New York City lo audition lor the lead role in a Broadway revrval W [FAMI Carol Burnett and Friends Guests: Jean Slaplelon, Phi Silvers. (HSTl Rocketsi The United Stales redirects its technology during Ihe Cold War in an etlon to deploy inleiconlinental balislc missiles against Ihe Soviet Union. (R) (Part 3 ol 4) BB IUFEI Supermarket Sweep [rjiCKl Figure It Out ITNNI Prime Time Country Scheduled: singer Clay Walker, music group Big House, 5-year-old banjo player Ryan Holaday. A BB (TNT) Movie **» "Dominion" (1995) Brad Johnson, Bnon James. A relaxing trip lo the woods turns deadly when a vicious killer declares open season on Ine members of a hunting party. (2.00) (USA) Baywatch Alter skpping and hilling his head. Eooe linos himsel on an island where he meets G)igan and Mary Ann " m's Island.' A SB . IW5N1 Wayan* Bros. Marion it tricked into signing a lease lor a tenement apartment, then ukt Shawn lo help him get ! Movie * * * "Dairy Duck's Quackbuslers" (1968, Comedy) Voices of M*l Blanc, Mel Tome. Dally and h» oak open a paranormal detective agency m Ihis collection ol cartoons. Includes The Duxorwl.' '0' IS] (1:19) (SAX) Movie ** "Rough Magic" (1995, Ftnttly) Bridget Fonda. Rusad Crewe. to Ihe 1950s, a magician's ass- tart and her two pursuers 90 lo Mexico in seaith ol » ancient rJiarw A 'PG-13' (1:44) 6:01 P.M. Iffflm Movie * * The Beast' (1996) (Pad 2 of 2) rVSarrT Pefanen, Kant) SUM. Data may be the canmonty'i only hope ate wo**, much laigir, creature surfaces to lake revenge. (1:69) CD ha learns he win be receiving an honorary doctorate degree. A SB LD Extra A SB SB Martin Gina and Pam attempt to elevate their careers by joiwg Ihe Ladies League ol Detroit A BTJ 63 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Carton learns Wil is dating his ex-giiHriend when Wil catches the same cold she gave Carton. A SB g£j Mad About You Paul scrambles lo get Jamie enrolled in her college courses alter he lorgets lo mail her registration. A SB IS Entertainment Tonight A OB [COM] Make Me Laugh [BiSfll Brotherly Love Joe is reunited win Net Bascombe, who Is now In dire need of a kidney. IB (FAMl Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Tim Conway. (LIFE) Debt INlCKi Tiny Toon Adventures IWGNl Steve Harvey Steve » recruited lo help raise the spirits ol Regjna's newly separated Iriend TrHany. (R) A W 7:00 P.M. LD Seinfeld Jerry persuades a dentist lo prescribe an expensive massage lor mettcal reasons. A SB (j) Nanny Fran luHils her dream of being a weather forecaster when her grandmother's liance turns out to be Bryant Gimbals uncle. (R) A BE CB Jeopardy! SB LD Movie *** "The Hairy Ape" (1944) Wiliam Bendix, Susan Hayward. Based on Eugene O'NeilTs play. Tragic consequences ensue when a ship's stoker lets for a manipulative socialite. (1:30) W Nightly Business Report Money File guest: liian- del columnist James Classman; managing companies in an age ol global competition, m GD People's Court A BE fQ Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Win looks toward to seeing hie mother until she announces plans lo bring him back home. ABB (53 Home Improvement The nun who first recognized Tim'sneedlor"more power* pays his lormer high-school student a visit ADffl CB Simpsons Bart and his mends take a spring break road trip in a rental car. white Lisa stays home and bonds wilh Homer. A News ) American Justice Attorneys who gain notoriety " g reputed mob bosses such as tlapper Don' John Goti. (AMC1 Remember WENN A desperate late-night caller threatens lo do henel great harm (R)Bg [eoTO Dally Show foiSa Gimme Shelter An entigy-ellicienl gat fireplace: replacing a broken pane ol glass; maintaining a raisec4>ed garden: adding an instant hot water otyenser. (R) (B15N) Movie * * * "Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco" (1998, Adventure) Robert Hays. Kim Greisl Two dogs and a cat ire forced to make their way acroet an unfarniai city rter being separated trom their owners. 'G 1 SB 028) Pro Be»ch Hockey (Taped) Movl* **x"CaptainsCourageous"(1996) it Uiich. Ken Vadas. A ipoled rich boy * rescued horn Ihe Ha by i Csherman nrlw leaches him tie value of hard work and Iritndchip. AuT(fcOO) (RB Hooked on Golf [HSTl True Action Adventures The race to develop rora accurate; means ot bombing targstt look oj in 194ft lootage found success as a dancer, choreographer, actress, director and feature film producer. (R) A BB fNTCKl Doug BB (TNNl American Originals A EB (uSS Highlander: The Series Immortal Cara lakes matters into her own hands when her daughter's kler goes Iree. ABB (MS) News BB ISHOWI Movie * * The Legend ol Gator Face" (1996, Adventure) Johnny White, Dan Wany-Smilh. Two youngsters play a prank on a sleepy Mississippi town, only to have it backfire when the National Guard arrives. A 'PG'(1:40) 7:25 P.M. (ZED Movie * * * Trading Places" (1983) Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd. An executive and a con man figure in a plan by two tycoons lo determine whether heretrty or environment makes the man. (2:35) 7:30 P.M. LD Mad About You Paul scrambles lo gel Jamie enrolled In her college courses alter he lorgels lo mail her registration. A BB O simple Life Sara's shortcomings as a carpenter are exposed alter she decides to remodel Luke's place. A BE LD Wheel of Fortune SB S) Keeping Up Appearances Hyacimh enjoys a quiet family christening. EH Cosby Show Clai's sisler announces that she Is gel- tingmanied. Jazz singer Joe Williams guest stars. A BB gg Seinfeld Jerry persuades a dentist to prescribe an expensive massage lor medical reasons. A BB £B Simpsons When Marge's pretzel Iranchise does poorly, Homer turns to Ihe mob lor assistance. A BB S3 Home Improvement The man who fist recognized Tim's need lor "more power" pays his lor™ high-school student a visit. ABB (AMC1 Movie * * * "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945, Drama) Gene Tiemey, Cornel Wide. An iuanely possessive woman resorts to murder as a way lo keep her husband's undivided attention. (1:51) [CWI Win Ben Stein's Money I6SPNI Major League Baseball Teams lo Be Announced" (Subject lo Blackout) (Live) BB (EH) Major League Baseball "Oakland Athletics all-os Angeles Dodgers" From Dodger Stadium. (Live) (NiCKl Rugrats BB (HBSl Doctor Odrttle: First Look A profile ol the remake sUning Eddie Murphy and lealuring Ihe voices of Chris Rock and Norm MacdonaW. A BB 8:00 P.M. LD m Movie ** "Nine Months" (1995) Hugh Grant. Juianne Moore. A psychiatrist's carehee lifestyle is violently uprooted alter his longtime gilriend announces she is pregnant A EB(2:00) LD Public Eye Scheduled: an interview with King Hussein of Jordan and his wile. Queen Moor. A BE LD Spin Crty Mike is relieved when his new gitriend says she doesn't want a commitment; James has a mysterious new nobby. (R) A OB CD Secrete ot the Ocean Realm Behavioral relationships among creatures living in a CariUan coral reel; > reel com- munily In the North Pacific. A BE O Smart GuyTJ. convinces Floyd to make I television commercial and gels I to aii during the Super Bowl (fl) A IS) O Movie * * "Ready lo Wear (Prel-a-Porter)" (1994) Sophia Loren, Marcefe Maslroiannl An apparent murder case puts an unusual spii on the already hectic proceedings it a week-long fashion fete in Fiance. (2:00) Q SentUwlEkson goes under covw at the Starkvie Stale ^ - " ••••'"«afWim^lr^b1eilhi'e..lR) I I . .' \ : • . 1. . ' A . '.' J • ' : -;' t .o/n >•• ,1. (BrsTJi Movie * * "Father and Scout" (1994, Comedy-Drama) Bob Saget, Brian Bonsai. A man gets a chance to demonstrate his total lack ot allueusism when he joins his son on a weekend camping Irfr.'PG' BB (1:37) IESPN21 Sportscenter INICK1 Brady Bunch Mike and Carol plan a camping trip for Ihe family. (TNT) Movie **» "Dominion"(1995)BradJohnson, Brion James. A relaxing trip lo Ihe woods turns deadly when a vicious killer declares open season on Ihe members ol a hunting party. (2:00) 8:45 P.M. ISHOWI My Best Friend's Wedding: Behind the Scenes The making ol the film "My Best Friend's Wedding. 1 with stars Juka Roberts, Deimot Mukoney and ' Cameron Diaz. (R) 8:59 P.M. HT5AI Movie 'Bloodhounds If (1996) Cortjin Bemsen, Nia Peeples. A best-selling crime author teams up with a stunning martial artist to halt a vindictive husband's murder spree. A BB (2:01) 8:00 P.M. GD Entertainment Tonight A BB (D Chicago Hope Dr. Shut! sees Ihe events ol his Me, Irom his bar mUzvah to his dificul friendship with Dr. Geiger, pass by when he lapses iilo a coma. (R) A BB (B Drew Carey Drew needs Greg's help with the brewery, but is forced lo lake drastic measures lo gel Greg to loosen up. (R) ABB GD Coast to Coast CD Great Performances "Swan Lake' British choreographer Matthew Bourne presents "Swan Lake' with a nontraoSion- al male cast Set in 1950s London. A BB BD Wayans Bros. Marion is tricked Wo signing a lease lor a tenement apartment, then asks Shawn to help him get out ol i. (R) ABB EQ Star Trek: Voyager Chakotay must lead an attack against a species that lives in the dreams of Ihe Voyager crew. (R) ABB SSE1 Biography "F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great American Dreamer* The triumphs and failures of author F. Scott Ftzgeratd (The Great Gatsby") and Ihe troubled tie he led. (R) leSHl Young Comedians Dennis Miller introduces five comics, inducing David Spade, Rob Schneider and Fred Sloter. (R) (BiSei Discover Magazine Al about speed, Irom the lim- iatoni ol Ihe racehorse to drag racing, airplanes and slowing down Ihe atom. (R) [FAH1 Diagnosis Murder Dr. Sloan tries lo clean up the literary world when three lovely authors who penned a Hollywood Mi-all book have their lives threatened. A BB (Hgfl Nazi Bomb Comparing Ihe Nazi nuclear bomb-build- ingete. headed by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Werner Heisenberg. to the successlul American project. (R) (WE Movie * * The Child Saver" (1988) Alre Woodard. Mario Van Peebles. An executive's He • threatened when she becomes involved with a streetwise orphan enmeshed in the drug worid. (2:00) (NTCKl Brady Bunch Mike tries to cure the phone problem In his home by installing a pay phone. ffNRl Dukes of Hazzard Hoscoe itheris a lortune and is determined lo send Bo and Luke to prison. A (Part 1 ol 2) BC (WBNl in the Heat of the Night Mhea withholds the truth about a murder Irom Virgil when a Mend confides that she kiedher boss during a sexual attack. A EE fSRBWl Movie * * "Ghosts of Mississippi" (1996. Drama) Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg. A quarter century later, a crusading prosecutor attempts to bring Ihe assassin of Mack leader Medgar Even to justice. A 'PG-13 1 IB) (2:10) 8:01 P.M. (5CTPTI Sightings (R) A W LD Frasier Hits fills in at the radtosUtion when Frasier attendeennveritoiritadniuycNalTiils. A BE QD Ellen Eton geU a job il a lak radio station, but is ilHxe- pared lo Hii when Ihe Sports Chal ho«t leaves in a hull. (R) A W (D Benny Hlnn (I Steve Harvey Steve is recruited to hdp raise the spits ofBegtia'a newly separated Iriend Til any. (B) A BC ~n Movie * * * "Al Capone" (tMi.'Biography) Rod Steiger, Fay Spain. Based on the violent Me ol the racketeer who ruled Chicago's criminal underworld during Ihe '20s and '30s. (1:45) (ESPN2I X-Games Trials IMICKI Wonder Years While on summer vacation. Kevin has a romance with an older girt. A BB [5CTFT1 Godzilla Attacks! "Special Effects Secrets Revealed* Behind-the-scenes look at the production of •Godzilla.' (R) (H151 Sex and the City Al Miranda's birthday party. Carrie and her Iriends pledge to stop searching lor the perfect male. (R) ABB 10:00 P.M. CD (D NewsBB CD 3rd Rock From the Sun Dick seeks out Officer Don when he needs a companion lo attend a dance event. (R| ABB LD Primetlme Live BB [£) Paid Program 133 Real TV A BB H3 Mama's Family A psychic debars messages Irom Mama's dead husband. 85 @ News CQ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine When Garak's shop mysteriously explodes, Odo and Sisko investigate lo determine who is trying lo kill Ihe Cardassian exile. A BB (A5U American Justice The circumstances, evidence and participants in the 1986 slaying of Jennifer Levin, the young woman killed in Central Park by Robert Chambers. (R) (COM) South Park rpiscl Treasures of the Earth Gold has been a precious commodity lor centuries, but now it has a technological importance lo rival its monetary value. (R) (FAM) Hawaii Flve-0 A gambling czar forces a young woman lo lake a sucide attempt so that her boyfriend will come out ol hiding. BB (HsTi Rocketsi The United Stales redirects its technology during the Cokl War in an effort lo deploy intercontinental balist* missies against Ihe Soviet Union. (R) (Part 3 of 4) EB [NiCKl Happy Days Richie. Potsie and Ralph sneak out ol their hotel room lo sample Ihe nightlife in Chicago. [TB51 Movie * * * '/, "National Lampoon's Animal House" (1978) John Belushi, Tim Malheson. In Ihe early 1960s, Ihe repulsive Delta House Iral brothers battle the suave Omega House and the college dean. (2:20) [TNNl Prime Time Country Scheduled singer Clay Walker, music group Big House, 5-year-old banjo player Ryan Holaday. (R) A BB (WGNl Simon & Simon A.J. and Rick look lor a mild- mannered chemist who turns out lo be a bigamist. flHBOl Oz The warden threatens lo lock down Oz unless Ihe prisoners'leaders can quiet their men. (R) A BB [MAX] Movie * * "One Man's Justice" (1995, Drama) Brian Bos worth, Bruce Payne. An Army dril sergeant uses street savvy and combat skills lo take revenge on Ihe arms brokers who murdered his family. A 'R 1 SB (1:40) 10:01 P.M. (Seiff) Movie * * The Beast' (1996) (Part 2 of 2) Wiam Peterson, Karen SiUas. Dalon may be the community's only hope after another, much larger, creature surfaces lo lake revenge. (1:59) 10:30 P.M. GD Working Man tries lo shuh conventional stereotypes and ends up creating the mistaken impression that he is gay. (R) A SB (D Paid Program BB CopsNashville,Tenn.,pollcepur8ueavehicleoperating without headlights; a domestic dispute. A BB BB Mama's Family Mama becomes a stand-up comic. Bath Uttleford Beth Litlleloid interviews Kalo Gender Flowers, David Duke and Fabio. (R) Sportscenter BB ' Pro Beach Hockey (R) FOX Sports News '. Bewitched Endora casts a spell that makes Damn lal in love with his own image. (TNT) Rough Cut (R) A 11:00 P.M. LD Cheersl^ebeccaplansaTnanksgivingdinnerlorthe gang; Woody discovers his father-in-law In a compromising position. A BB LD LD NewsBB LD Late Show SB LD Peter Popoff tyi Great Performances t)ance in America: A Renaissance Revisited" Highlights Irom 20 years ol dance performances, lealuring works by George Balanchina, Martha Graham and Jerome Robbins. performed by Mikhail Baiyshnikov, Rudol Nureyev and others. A 89 LAPD: Life on the Beat Car strippers run Irom police; officers capture a child abuse suspect; a shots tired call is investigated. (R) A BB EB Different World Freddie asks Ron to host a dance-a- thon; Dwayne and WhMey alow one ol her students to stay with them lor Ihe weekend. A BB 8B Roseanne Roseanne and Dan annoy Ihe neighborhood association by putting up gaudy Christmas decorations. A BB EQ Vibe IS Access Hollywood A BB IA&EI American Justice Attorneys who gain notoriety deterring reputed mob bosses such as "Dapper Don' John Gooi (R) lew) Daily Show (BjSei Justice Files The Witness Protection Program is reviewed Irom Ihe perspective ol people who have entered it. (R) (BlSNl Movie * * The Wacky Zoo ot Morgan Cii7Tl970. Comedy) (Part 1 ol 2) Hal Hofcrook, Joe Flynn. An accountant and a group ol children lake action when they learn that Ihe local zoo is lobe closed down. Bl (1:00) IFAM) 700 Club [FSJ! FOX Sports News IHST1 True Action Adventures The race lo develop more accurate means of bombing targets look off in 1940; loolage reveals how reconnaissance planes operale. (R) (IW1 New Attitudes Frve easy sleps lo weight training; puttinj together a skin care routine lor less than $40; accessories: steaming up one's sex le. BB (NICK) I Love Lucy Lucy gets into hoi waler when she tries lo help Fred. BC (TNg! American Originals (R) A BD (TOTl Movie) * * "Samson and Delilah" (1996) (Part 1 ol 2) Eric Thai Ekiabeth Hurley. Based on the oikal epic ol a mighty shepherd and Ihe Phestine seductress who brings him to ruin. A BB (2:00) (0551 Silk Stalkings An invesngauw into the death oil member of a professional women's voljybal lean reveals lite team h« been doing more thut playing ball. (R) A BE (WSS Paid Program' '• '' '••* ','<

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