Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 49
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 49

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 49
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL • TUESDAY ON TV WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 — 7 JUNE 9, 1998 TUESDAY EVENING 6/9/98 6:00 1 6:30 7:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS GD H) CB ® cs s) 09 m m m m 7:30 8:00 ••L^sB Stanley Cup Playoffs: Rnals Game 1 News® News SB jExtra SB News® 700 Club News-Lehrer Single Fam. Mat. Martin El Fresh Pr. Frasler A Entertain JAG "Defenseless" (R) Jeopardy! Movie: ** Business Fortune Cheers A Mad-You 8:30 9:00 •••^•M M'A'S'H Newsradio Mad-You Frasier (R) Movie: "Stranger In My Home" (1997) Soul Man "Great Guy" (1936) Served People's Court A d Fresh Pr. Stanley Cup Playoffs: Rnals Game 1 Star Trek: Next Gener. FrasierA [Entertain Simpsons News Cosby Simpsons Home Imp. Nova© Something Paid Prog. Buffy Vampire Home Imp. Coast Frontline (R) 9:30 10:00 •Hs^LM Seinfeld A Just Shoot A® 10:30 11:00 •••^^H Newsd Dateline. A ® News® NYPD Blue lost Israel" (R) U Benny Hlnn AE Invasion America HI Movie: ** "Time Runner" (1992) Home Imp. Moesha(R) Mad-You In House Seinfeld A Malcolm Home Imp. GoodNews Movie: * * x "Streets ol Gold" (1986) Paid Prog. jPaidProg. p.o.v. m Real TV A Mama News Cops® Mama Deep Space 9 News Home Imp. Newsd Late Show Newsd Paid Prog. P.O.V. IS LAPD DiffWorkJ Roseanne Vibe Hollywood CABLE CHANNELS 1 A&E AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN Touch ol Frost "No Refuge" (R) "Night-Grizzly" OddCple. [Laugh Wings (R) GrowPains Bodybuild. Burnett Brotherly Drive-In Theater Daily Show |Ben Stein Gimme Shelter (R) "Swan Princess" Fitness Pageant [Baseball Burnett Turner Cup Playoffs Supermkt Figure-Out Movie: ** Debt Tiny Toon Law & Order S3 [Biography: Will. JTouch of Frost "No Refuge" (R) Movie: ** "Pajama Party" Movie: "The Haunted Palace" Movie: * * "The Scout" (1994), Dianne West Wild Discovery | New Detectives (R) (:15) Movie: "Pippi Longstocklng" Sportscenter OS Movie: "Dog's Best Friend" (1997) A d Viva Premium Treasures ol the Earth (:35) Movie: "Cats Don't Dance" Baseball Tonight Diagnosis Murder m Major League Baseball Seattle Mariners at San Francisco Giants. (Live) Intimate Portrait ' Doug El [Rugrats A "The Beast" (1996) (Part lot 2) Major League Baseball Prime Time Country A (5:00) "The Jerk" (1979) Baywatch A E] Invasion America G3 Unsolved Mysteries A Strange [Brady Seaquest2032 A H WorldCup |NBA Today Hawaii Five-Ota FOX Sports News Women's Film Festival Brady Sightings WonderYr Godzilla HappyDay [Bewitched "Unfaith Daily Show Justice Disney Sportsctr. 700 Club Sports Attitudes Love Lucy Movie: ** "The BeasT (1996) |(:35) Movie: * * * "The Blues Brothers" (1980, Comedy) John Belushi. Marty Party (R) A [Dallas A | Police Academy [Dukes of HazzardSS [Prime Time Country (R) (Marty Party Movie: * * * "Saturday Night Fever" (1977, Drama) Highlander The Series News A O Walker, Texas Ranger Beverly Hills, 90210 A iMovIe: * *» "The Jerk" (1979, Comedy) Boxing Darren Maciunskl vs. Tony Marshall. U In the Heat of the Night [Simon & Simon Stagings Paid Prog. 1 PREMIUM CHANNELS HBO MAX SHOW (5:15) "The In Crowd" [Inventors' Specials 11 (:15) Movie: *** "My Girt" (1991) ** "Meatballs Part II" PG'O Movie: * * * "Men in Black" (1997) 'PG-13' Movie: *** "LaBamba" (1987) A 'PG-13 1 Movie: "Heck's Way Home" (1995) [News [Dead Man's Gun (R) A Oz(R)AGS [Pimps Up Movie: **rMurderat1600" Tales of the City (TalesCity EVENING 6:00 P.M. (3) GD GQ News (SI S) 700 Club GD Newihour With, Jim Lehrar BB B9 Uvlng Single MM becomes emotionally Involved will a dent being held for murder. A BB B3 Family Manors Sieve end Can 1 arc threatened by thugs in the warehouse that houses Steve's experiments. A BB ES Star Trek: The Next Generation The Enterprise encounters a comet which turns out to M an aien artel Dial begins Iransiorrring Die thp Into an ancient society. A BB gg Fra»lor A sick Frasier begs Nies to be the substitute host cite radio program. A BB (ASH Touch of Frost Frost In* an open-and-shut case turning increasingly complicated after a witness goes into liking. Odd Couplt FeSc volunteers his and Oscars services lo lake care ol a smal boy. Wings The development of the medium bomber in the (BJNI Growing Pains Carol dumps her current boyfriend wherugood-tooklng newcomer in school asks her out BB IESPN2I X-Garms Trials (FSHI Carol Burnett and Friends Guests: Rock Hudson, Nancy Waker. (EH) Rocketa! The production and implementation ol Hitler's V-2 rocket, considered •Vengeance Weapon No. 2.' (R) (Parl2oU)[H) § Supermarket Swt*p Figure It Out Movla * * The Beast* (1996) (Part t of 2) 'etersen, Karen Slas. A fishing boat captain matches wils with a sea creature terrorizing a coastal town. Based upon Peter Benchle/s novel (2:00) (TOED Prims Time Country Scheduled: 6-year-old accordionisl Hunter Hayes, singers Shane Stockton and CheV Wright A SB IUSAI Baywatch Sailing instructor Kaye Morgan is reunited with her old boyfriend, pro surler Wes Masters; Stephanie has cancer surgery; Neely comes between Caroline and Logan. A SB _ (WGNl Invasion Amarlca This episode: David and Rale attempt to Wirale the underground alien base on Earth. A W 6:16 P.M. OTOn MOV j *** *MyQlrr(1991.Comedy-Drama) Macaulay Cuton, Anna Chlumsky. An 1 1 -year-old hypochondriac laces emotional confusion when her single lather lab In love. A WED (1:42) 6:30 P.M. CD Extra A SB BB Martin Martin's boss hkesGina as a consultant tor Martin's cable program, 'Word on the Street' A W IB Fresh Prince of Bel-Air During campaigning, a rival caixfdale slings sleazy charges at Uncle PrA A W W Entertainment Tonight A BO KSSfl Moke Ma Laugh (5I5H1 Brotherly Love Man discovers that the girl he ikes thinkshe would look even better with a tattoo. W {ESm Fitness Amarlca Pageant From Redondo BeUrtCalif.(R) rraivTl Carol Bumatt and Friends Skits: The Farm/; WSishingWeri: [CffElDabi INICKI Tiny Toon Adventures 7:00 P.M, , S) of his radio program A W CB JAG Harm and Mac rMend an ensign who daims she lei threatened by another ollicer and that killing him was singly set- defense. (R) A W W Jeopardy! BB GD Movie ** "Great Guy' (1936) James Cagney. Mae Clarke. A meat inspector sets out lo rid his town of payotl deals aliening the qualty of meat being sold to the public. (1 :30) (S Nightly Business Report Scheduled: Charles Schulze. senior lelow at the Blockings InstiuUon; managing companies In an age of global competition. BD BD People's Court A BD ED Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air Wi uneipactedry becomes a midwife lor a sportscasler Irom Vivian's Lamaze class. ABB EQ Simpsons Homer and Mr. Bums go on a corporate retreat and end up trapped in a mountain cabin together. A BB a News (AHa Altar Sunset: The Ufa ft Times of the Dflve-in Theater Wth the nation's drive* theaters nearly gone, lour young men M the road in search ol Americans' memo- nesolstany nights, popcorn and teen-age love. legM] Dally Show IDISCI Gimme Shelter Replacing an ordinary window with a garden window; fixing a water heaten tostalfog ceramic tie; bulking a workbench with steel connectors. (R) IDISNI Movla * » "The Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain* (1997, Fantasy) Voices of Micnele Nfcastro. Douglas SHs. Animated. Princess Odette is once again Iransloaned Wo a swan as Prince Derek prepares to battle an evl i '6' SB (1:15) X-Oamea Trials ) Movla "Dog's Best Friend 1 (1997) Richard X Adam Zolotin. A boy who can talk with animals joins lorces with his grandparents' barnyard menagerie lo save their larm. A BB (2:00) IF55] Major League Baseball "Seattle Mariners at San Francisco Giants" From 3Com Park. (Live) (H5T) Great Ships A Uberty ship '» anamined lo review die history ol freighters, Irom giant container ships lo specialized automobile carriers. (R) (DEB Intimate Portrait 'Heather Loddear" Actress Heather Locktear Is proHed.|R) A SB (SBBDougBB ffrTO Marty Party Marty Stuart, Shaliy Lynne. Lee Roy Pamel and Oebeit McCMon perform at the WiWDorse Saloon in Nashville, Term. (R) A (TNT) Movla * * * "Saturday Night Fever" (1977) John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gomey. A Brooklyn disco dancer develops doubts about hit eestyle when he team up with an arrMious woman lor a big contest (2:30) ffjsai Highlander: The Series Hugh Fccam asks MacLeod lo tnd the person recponsUe lor ending his He as a comfortable manor lord in 1920s Brian. A W H News 30 Inventors' Specials British mathematician Isaac earns something about himsel when he hires an assis- lanl lo help him in hit reseaich on planetary motion. A SB IShflwl Movla **x "Heck's Way Home" (1995, Adventure) Michael Rley, Chad Krowchuk. A lost border colto must journey across Canada lo rejoin his worried family before i leaves lor Australia, A •Q'CB(I:35) 7:30 P.M. QD Entertainment Tonight A 00 IB Wheel ol Fortune SB QD Are You Being Served? A weattiy customer who lost a diamond *> U* store oters a reward. CD SlmpsonsBanandHomerorganizeaplantobring back Springfield's lemon tree alter it stolen. A BO 13 Home Improvement Tn and the Tool Time'staff lake Ihe show on Ihe road when they ship off on an aircraft carrier. ABB D Win Ben Stein's Money 1 Baseball Tonight JJQ Mike Luplca Show ] Rugrata BD 7:35 P.M. m51 Movla * * * The Blues Brothers" (1980) John BekisN, Dan Aykroyd. Time Approiimale Two blues singers encounter police, the CIA, neo-Nazis and the Army in their etton lo set up a benefit concert. (2:50) 8:00 P.M. QD Cheers Carle feels reeponsUe when John Allen Hill sut- lers a heart attack after she admits her leeings for him. A BB QD Mad About You Arriving home with their newborn baby, Paul and Jamie (ear Ihe unknown and tolerate advice from Jamie's mom (R) AS] QD Movie "Stranger In My Home* (1997) Veronica Haiwl, Joe Penny. A high-proSe attorney suspects that the <Hter she recently defended in court may be her loog*tt younger brother. A BB (2:00) CD Soul Man Mke's lather arrives and wants Mte to marry him and his pregnant girlriend. (R) A BD QD Nova Arthropologist Donald C.Johanson hosts this look at how humankind became Homo sapiens, beginning with a visit lo Ihe site where he discovered lucy." A (Parti ol 3) BO OB Butty the Vampire Slayer When Butfy Is hospitalized with a fever, she meets a boy who Is experiencing nightmares from her past ant present; Cordelia becomes jealous of Xante's attempts lo prated Butty. (R) A BB ID Movie ** Time Runner" (1992) Mark Ham*, Rae Dawn Chong. A futuristic space agent goes back in lime lo thwart an aien invasion of Earth. (2fl>) & Home Improvement Tin must choose between keeping his promise 10 spend a romantic evening wlh Jil or watching a lootbal game. A BO CB MoeshaMoesha gets a part-time job at a dothiwslore. but ends up doing her boss Linda's job as wel(R) A BO 89 Movie **x "Streets ol Gold" (1986) Klaus Maria enndauer, Adrian Pasdar. A Russian boxer, barred Irom Ihe Olympics due lo his religion, regains sal-esteem as he trains two Brooklyn lighten. (2:00) [ASE1 Uwt Ordar Stone and Robinetle bring a medical company to trial lor milder alter its lauty pacemaker causes a man to plow JnloacrowdedOv. park. BD (AMCl Movie ** "Pejama Party* (1964, Comedy) Tommy Kirk, Annette FuniceOo. A martian scout gets more than he t — : ied tor when he lands arrid a teen-age pool party. (125) J) Movie ** The Seoul'(!9S4)AUrl Brooks. n Fraser. A downtrodden baseball scout discovers a pitcher with superstar potential a quick temper and a shady past. (2:00) 3 Wild Discovery •GiarsOttef AproBeol the »ed giant otter of South America's jungles. (R) D Sportscenter SB M World's Strongest Man Competition Jcivll War Journal Gens. Bukxd and Sheridan KJ important parts In Ihe history of u> federal cavalry. (H) ]) Unsolved Mysteries A T) Journey of Allan Strange D Saaqueat 2032 A Mack hole throws the crew back joerl962, Die lime of the Cuban mJssta crisis, where they Iml a chaotic post-nuclear hotocausl A BD (TTM Dallas Qi Barnes lorcesJA tp subrril to his demands for Ewing 01 property or lace foreclosure on the note , . ijr»^esloliirylwlHlcar. A HO personal when Walker's close Iriend is killed. A (Part I of 2) BB (W5FJ1 Beverly Hills, 80210 A casino charity event at thePeach Pit tempts Brandon; Valerie and KeOy bid against each other lor a portrait sitting with Cotn. A OB (HIS) Movie" * * * 'Men In Black" (1997, Science Fiction) Tommy Lee Jones, wa Smth. A streetwise young cop joins a secret government organization that monitors extraterrestrial adMy on Earth. A 'PG-13'BD (1:38) OvlAifl Movie * * * "La Bamba" (1967, Biography) Lou Diamond Phiips, Esai Morales. A fad-based account ol Richie Velens' (1941-59) rise to musical stardom belore his death in a plane crash. A'PG-13'BB11:4D) 8:15 P.M. •-• •• - (B15R1 Movie * * "Pippl Longstocklng" (1997, Adventure) Voces ol Melissa Aim, Gordon PinsenL Animated. A hwpMed 9-year-old girl experiences misadventures on land whie her lather Is test at sea. 'G' BB (1:15) 8:30 P.M. QD M"A"S'H Hot Lfe and Frank challenge Henry's Illness to command by reporting Ihe activities ol the 4077th to the Army brass. BB CB Newsradio The staff panics when anatysl Andrea Informs them ol an invrinenl lie detector lest; Jirrin/s book his Japan. (R) ABB CB Something So Right Jack is rue when Will goes out with an older girt, but ifs a different story when Nicole dates an older man. (R) ABB GD Paid Program gg Mad About You Fran is hurnOaled when her husband returns, after a long absence, with tales ol womanizing abroad. AOB CD In the House Marion's relationshki with Natalie hits a snag when Nalaie lays down some ground rules. (R) A BD (Nieffi Brady Bunch Mike and Card are having difficulty adjusting their two families to living in one house. ISHOWI Godzilla: Showtime Movie News News about the production of •Godzilla." (R) 9:00 P.M. CD Mad About You Fran is humiliated when her husband returns, alter a long absence, with tales of womanizing abroad. ABB GD Frasier Nies and Mans go to a marriage counselor; Frasier helps Niles run a workshop lor couples. (R) A BB QD Home Improvement Brad announces his plans lo marry a college woman, but Tim and Ji try to convince him he's too young. (R) A SB GD Coast to Coast O Frontline The personal finances ol Bland Hilary CSrHon arrid alegaliw! of unethical business deafcngs. (R) A BB BD Invasion America This episods: David and Rale attempt lo Wirate the underground elien base on Earth. A W ® SelnteldGeorgg plots revenge on Ns former boss; Jerry seeks to gel even with a laundromat owner. A BD CD Malcolm ft Eddie Eddie meets Malcolm's gay sister; Tim educate his nephews about Ihe bids and the bees. (R) A BO (MB Biography Tennessee Williams' Prolle ol playwright Tennessee WAams includes rare clips Irom interviews and press conferences and details of his troubled upbringing. (R) (Dlgei New Detectives Safeties experts work lo determine whether a shooting is suicide or murder. (R) ] Baseball Tonight 1 Motorcycle Racing "AMA Motocross* From Sacramento. Can. (R) ffABTl Diagnosis Murder An Womeroal taping takes a mysterious rum when one of the psychics has a vision of murder and Mark must prove she did not commil the crime. A SB (HST1 Secrets ol the Rosetta Stone Thousands of years of Egyptian history are revealed when a French scholar unlocks Ihe code etched in the Rosetta Stone, unearthed by Napoleon's army. (R) (LifEl Women's Film Festival Four short lims by up- and-coming female directors. (NiCKl Brady Bunch Cindy's favorite del is missing and the larriry thinks Bobby has hidden 1. fSCffil Sightlnga(R) A SB (J5!J) Dukes ol Hazzard The Dukes protect a young lady Irom Boss Hogg and his motorcyde-ttietl ring. A BO ITJSAl Boxing "Darren Maciunski vs. Tony Marshall" From BtarJ, Miss., Marshal defends his NABF junior mklrJewelghl lite in a scheduled 12 bout Derrick Gainer laces Orlando Soto In a scheduled 10-round junior ighlweight fight (SamxiayTape) A SB (WSfJ) In the Heat ol the Night Gilespie tries to befriend the iegiimale daughter he never knew when sn» returns loSpartato settle her deceased mother's estate. A BD ISHOWI Dead Man's Gun A simple man is lit*) Wo king a beaulM woman's fiance by an unscrupulous preacher. (R)ABB 9:30 P.M. O Seinfeld George plots revenge on his former boss; Jerry seeks lo gel even with e laundromat owner. A Bfl CD Juet Shoot Me Alter some gulty reflection. Jack hires his former partner; Nina deals with the IRS. (H) A BB GD NYPD Blue Detective Russellorrns a special bond win the mother ol a child who was murdered. (R) A (PA) BB CB Benny Hlnn 83 Home Improvement Tin and the Tool TITS' stall lake Ihe show on the road when they ship off on an aircraft carrier. ABS CB Good News Pastor Randolph becomes part of a viudayiletd lor a church variety show. (H) A (Parti ol 2) SB (AHei Movie * * * The Haunted Palace" (1963. Horror) Vincent Price, Debra Pagel An ancient warlock casts a spel wer the new WubSanls ol h» New England mansion. Based on an H.P. Lovecralt story. (1:25) (WICKl Wonder Yeara Kivin defends Winnie when a buly harasses her. A BB ] Godzilla Attacks! 'Special Effects Secrets t BehM-lhe-scenes look at the production ol "Godzila.' (TNT) Movie * * s The Jerk" (1979) Steve Martin. BenurMe Pelers. The incredibly stupid white stepson of Mack sharecroppers makes a fortune with a bizarre invention. (2:00) 9:35 P.M. foiSNl Movie * * * "Cats Don't Dance" (1997, Musical) Voices ol Scott Bakula. Jasmine Guy. Animate! A scheming starlet plane lo loil a young cars bid to Cnd his I ame and fortune in Hot/wood.'6' BO (1:16) 10:00 P.M. QD (D News SB QD Dateline Scheduled: weddng tasters. A BO CB Paid Program ~ P.O.V. (Season Piemere) Filmmaker Ame Makepeace BB Real TV A BB fQ Mama's Family Mama attends her high-school reunion. fig 53 News • CB StarTrek: Deep Space NlneArrikJcaseolradi- ation poisoning gives O'Brten the ablly to time shin into the knrra- olale luture. wtiere shocking events are revealed A BD [ASE1 Touch at Frost Frost IMs eh open-arxMutcase turning Increasingly compfcated after a witness goes Mo hiding. (R) fCSMI Viva Variety -Happy Days.' Guests: Ben Site, Larry dsewskl. Music guest They Might Be Giants. (R) [B] IDISCI Treasures ol the Earth Historic uses In amber and pearls, and the Importance these organic gems play today. (R) IESPN1 World Cup Eva ffAHl Hawaii Flve-0 A prankster sets out lo punish those responsMe lor the island's petition. IB) § FOX Sports News Rocketel The production end implementation of V-2 rocket, considered -Vengeance Weapon No. r (R) (Parl2ol4)BB ffJlCKl Happy Days Fonzie asks Richie lo keep an eye on his girlfriend while he Is out of town for a week. fSeiFH Movie ** The Beasr(1996)(Parti0)2) William Petersen, Karen Silas. A fishing boat captain matches wits with a sea creature terrorizing a coastal town. Based upon Peter Benchle/s novel (2:00) mTOl Prime Time Country Scheduled: 6-year-old accordionist Hunter Hayes, singers Shane Stockton and Chery Wrighl.(R) A OB IWGNI Simon ft Simon The Simons are hired to find the stepdaughter of e popular newscaster (Peter Graves) who has mob connections. (HB51 Ox The search for a convict 1 s kiter begins; Ihe inmates of Emerald City read differently lo visits from loved ones. (R) A BB IMAXI Movie * * X "Murder at 1600" (1997, Suspense) Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane. A homo* detective uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy as he investigates a murder at theWMeHouse. A'R'BD (1:47) ISHdWI Armlstead Maupln'a Tales of the City A focus on residents of a San Francisco boarding house, presided over by Anna Madrigal. ThU episode: Mary Ann is seduced by Beauchamp.(R)(Part1of6) 10:25 P.M. fTSS] Police Academy -The Series 10:30 P.M. CS Paid Program gg Cops From dsvelani: a man « arrested lor aUejedy assaulting his girlriend; a nude suspect is subdued at a school. ABB EB Mama's Family Mama becomes a consumer advocate on her own radio show. [COM! Premium Blend (ESPN) NBA Today (NlCKl Bewitched Damn lakes Samanlha on a second ton- 10:55 P.M. (Biaffl All the Gate Join In 11:00 P.M. CB Home Improvement Tun and the Tool rune 1 stall take Ihe show on Ihe road when they ship off on an aircraft carrier. ABB QD (3D NewaBB QD Late Show BB (ID fW5Kil Paid Program GQ P.O.V. Tobacco Blues' lets Ihe story of one Kentucky family's attempt lo keep their larm afloat as the tobacco wars rage on. A SB BD LAPD: Ufa on the Beat A suspect flees Mo a liquor store; a domestic abuse suspect hides inside his en-girl- friemfs apartment a history of seized weapons. (R) A SB O DIH«r«nt World Dwayne gets an opporturtylo produce his new computer software w«h a Japanese lim A (Parti c42)BD gg Roseanne Roseanne and Leon squabble over the Lunch Box diner; DJ. goes forking. A W EB Vibe Si Access Hollywood A BO [Kim Movie * * * * "Unfaithfully Yours" (1948, Comedy) Rex Harrison, Linda Darnel. A symphony conductor who doubts his wile's lideHy plans ingenious ways lo get even win her duringaconcert.(t:45) (COM I Dally Show (PSa Justice Flits The stories ol several kidnappings and how the UndBergh baby abduction inspired changes in the taws regarding Ihe crime. (R) ) Walt Disney Presents BD 1 Sportscenter BB .__. 21 Mountain Biking "NORBA National Downhill ft Dual Slalom Series" From Big Bear Lake. Cad. (Taped) f 700 Club FOX Sports News Great Ships A Uberty ship is examined lo review the rusiory ol freighters, Irom giant container ships to spedalzed auto- moMe carriers. (R) [LiFEl New Attitudes Financial advice; different causes of hair loss and treatment; corrtortat* footwear; suitcase essentials. BB (NICK) I Love Lucy Lucy meets her Spanish-speaking mother-in-law lor the first time. BB (TNR) Marty Party Marly Stuart, Shefcy Lynne, Lee Roy Pamel and Detert McClnlon perlorm al Ihe Wdhorse Saloon In Nashvile,Tenn.(R) A ESS) Silk Stalklnga After a debonair employee of an escort service Is muttered. Chris and Rita become embroiled In a gjgokrior-hire scheme. (R) A BB IHBOl Pimps Up, Ho's Down Profiles of the men who control Ihe cal girl prolession and live off Ihe earnings ol thai prostitutes. (R) A BB (SH5WI Armlstead Maupln'a Tales of the City Anna Madrigal helps Edgar Halcyon in a time of need. (R) (Part 2 of 6) LATE NIGHT 11:30 P.M. Home Improvement SB IB Si (MS) P«ld Program Real Stories ol the Highway Patrol Cops SB ~ Win Ben Stein's Money RPM 2Nlght Golden Girls BD Mary Tyler Moor* BO • '. ' ', MoylV * *."Club PargUlse" »05)

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