The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 3, 1963 · Page 5
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 5

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1963
Page 5
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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 3, 1963 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT FIVE FOR LOT OWNERS DID YOU KNOW? You may own a NEW horn* for f 1 0,500 without sacrificing quality. For Information About « Custom-Built Home Call WARREN WINTERS Hancock Road, Williamstown 6L 8-3447 How to reduce oil heat costs "Our annual burner service contract helps assure peak burner efficiency-keeps little troubles front getting big-helps insure you against unexpected repair bills.".' ~~ 0 o tRM *#• We Give Stamp, Mohawk Oil Co., Inc. I Main Street Dial MO 3-3729 North Adams Want To Paint Your House? If you are like many folks, wanting to paint but lack the finances, we might be able to help . . . Stop in and ask about a Home Improvement Loan 93 Main Street "On the Sunny Sid* of the Street" North Adams Hoosac Savings Bank NOTICE ... All Contractor!, Carpenters, Boat Builders! NOW AT STANLEY'S LUMBER! Adams MARINE EXTERIOR PLYWOOD Stanley's has added a good supply of Boat-Hull Marine Plywood with solid innerplies. Good 2 sides! . , . Ideal for use where appearance of both sides is important. 1001 Uses For Exterior Work! • Patios • Carports • Fences •Signs •Enclosures CHECK OUR SIZE LIST! 4' x 8'—'/."Thick 4'x 8'—'/("Thick 4' x |0'_ i/," Thick , 4' x I O 1 — </? " Thick 4' x 12' — 'A " Thick 4' x 12 1 — V, " Thick 4' x 14' — V* " Thick 4' x 16' — 'A " Thick 4 1 x 8' — '/• " Thick 4'x 10'—H" Thick 4'x 8'—% "Thick 4'x 12'—V." Thick 4'x 10'—H" Thick 4'x 12'—H" Thick 4'x 8' — .% "Thick 4'x 14'— H" Thick 4'x 10'— V Thick 4'x 16'—% "Thick 4'x 12'— V Thick STANLEY'S Lumber, Hardware, Coal, Grain and Building Supplies 20 North Summer St,, Adomi Dial 743-0131 State Liquor Store In Pownal Third Step by Tornabene A third step in business expa sion by the Tornabene Brothers Pownal got under way this mon as Mrs. Salvatore Tornabene ope ed State Liquor Agency No, 18 a new two story frame bijildi which adjoins the Tornabene M pie Su^ar House Gilt Shoppe, whi was opened some 10 years ago ar the Turf Lounge, the Tornabe Restaurant, which is doing busi ness (or the third summer. The new Liquor Agency built Salvatore Tornabene in just ov one month will eventually be complete store and now featun snacks and soda in addition to t main slock. Mr. Tornabene pla lo finish apartments in the stairs section of [he new store. Mrs. Tornabene was the success ful applicant for the new liqu Agency, her location and plans wi ning the approval of the State I quor Commission over eight olh applicants. The new agency operator sa yesterday that business had bee good since opening day but a de nite slacking off had been felt sin< the closing of the track. On the House By ANDY LANG THE PRODUCT — A sma metal disc specifically designi to prevent human beings fro: colliding with glass. The disc made of- heavy-gauge aluminum coated with gold-tinted bake enamel and backed with a spe cial adhesive. THE MANUFACTURER CLAIM — That placing a mimbe of these discs on both sides glass surfaces, especially wind walls and doors, will prevent it advertant challenges to the den sity of glass and thus lower th accident rate. The function: decorative discs are sold in sel of two discs each of three di terent sizes for varied effects. * * * THE PRODUCT — a sidin with a hardboard base to whic has been fused a film -of toug jlastic, available in white, green >eige and gray. THE MANUFACTURER' CLAIM — That this siding wi make painting unnecessary fo many years; that it won't blis er, crack or peal; and that s unaffected by fungus or mole A special design permits each 12 nch-wide course to lock with th adjacent one for speedy construe ion and a uniform appearance. * • • THE PRODUCT — A househole kit containing the materials ant equipment for the removal o tains from marble surfaces. THE MANUFACTURER'S CLAIM—That the beauty of fin marble surfaces can be restore< even when the stains have bee caused by acids in soft drinks o jther hard-to-clean materials The kit includes a stain remover polishing powder, marble wa and a wood-and-felt buffing too. * * * THE PRODUCT — A sound damping compound which can b rowel ed on or sprayed on shee metal surfaces. THE MANUFACTURER'S :LAIM — That this compound when applied to metal surface ree of oil or grease, will elimi nate or substantially reduci wise and noise transmission ii ir conditioners, air ducts, kitchen equipment, washing mahines liping systems and other prod lets using thin metal panels. * * » THE PRODUCT — A grillework made of hardboard and impreg ated with silicon for use oom dividers, folding screens oor and furniture inserts, wal ecorations or any project where iligree effects are desired. f H E MANUFACTURER'S 1LA1M — That this grillework as unusual strength, is resis ant to moisture, scuffs and hea nd may be laminated or glued to nfinished surfaces to add eautiful textured appearance here are three patterns — Gra ada, a'block-inset design; Venc an, a sheer-lace motif; anc ncnlal, a sculptured design oi pen square forms. SUMMER BEVERAGES SMILE... when they are cooled with plenty of ICE It you require large quantities of flak* and cub* ice, ask us about th* Scotsman Ice Machine Wittig & Thompson MO 3-«t«t Nerrk Afem C«f»nmtUI 9*4 Air y&i^i^^iSiii^miil- POWNAL LIQUOR AGENCY — Mrs. Salvatore Tornabene and her assistant. Edward H. Danaher of Williamstown, stand in doorway of the State Liquor Agen- cy in Pownal, Vt., which is the third step in the business expansion of the Tornabene" brothers. SCREEN FOR COMFORT — Swimming pool gets exciting outline, privacy and a wind barrier with this intriguing, tall fence. Screen is built of western red cedar Ix2s on a frame of 2x4s, with 2x2 battens nailed at three-foot intervals for added dimension. Screen style would be perfect for a patio wall. Wooden Fences teed Not Look Like Hate Walls By VIVlAiy BROWN AJ> Newsfeaturcs Writer Most people .want privacy, even when they have only a tiny plot >f ground surrounding their home. "We love our house, but our neighbor's backyard looks like a link heap," writes a woman and everytime we sit with riends on our lawn, she has her wash blowing in our faces. My lusband says it would cost too much to screen their yard out ( ith trees, as we- would need to get some six feet or taller if we'd lake a hedge. Is there a better solution?" Wooden Fences Wooden fences do not need to ook like hale walls. An attractive askel weave style fence made ith wide boards and 2 by 4s wov- n through vertically could be relty,. and you could plant a few ast-growing trees in .strategic pots to soften the look. Louvered esigns with the boards placed in vertical position have become oopular in recent years. It is a ood fence where you do not wish o shut out cool breezes, but •auld still like privacy. The ame louver idea may be worked ut horizontally. Some people like .woven fences, nade-of saplings wired together, ut neighbors sometimes resent lem. If you want to have a fence igher than funds permit for ma- erials, you could place horizontal cards on uprights, starting the cards about two feet above the round. Foliage could be planted elow taking up the slack left by space and softening the lines f it. If you adopt this method, oasider getting some of the in- xpensive tiny evergreens in bulk o use as a border. Another Problem Another outdoor problem is this ne: We'd like to do a little patio on the side of our house. My husband says he doesn't mind doing] the work, and could do it in the fall. But just about anything worthwhile we want to do seems exp.-nsive. Bricks and flagstone would make the cost prohibitive as we would need to put a cement foundation down first. A wood deck wouldn't go with our fieldstone house," writes a new homeowner. A cement foundation alone could do the trick as one couple discovered. When he had poured the cement, he decided to try an experiment based on an Oriental idea he had seen done with sand in a yard. He took a rake and threaded a wavelike pattern down the almost-dry length of the con crete, matching the entire area into a uniform series of the waves. He decided not to use flagstone, and as a matter of fact decorated the little patio in an Oriental theme with wind-chimes hanging from house overhang, potted white pines, borders of bright flowers. Indoor Problem An indoor problem, from reader: 'We have a handsome carved newel post in a home that is being torn down to make room for a road. It will not fit into our new Irome, but everyone advises taking it with us. My husband says it will just be another piece of baggage that will wind up in the cellar. I've heard people have these posts made into lamps. Do they stain or decorate them? This one is mahogany." A very pretty grained wood would be used as it is. Some people add an eagle to the base of tlie lamp, giving an old look. But you can add a motif more suited lo your furnishings, and in balance with the size o! the post. Sgt. and Mrs, Gamach Sell to C. G. Naults Police Sgt. and Mrs. Kenneth E Gamache of 25 Greene Ave. hav sold their property there to Mr and Mrs. Clarence G. Nault of 2 Meadow SV. The transaction was handled b the Gallup-nickey Agency. Wilfred J. Gazailles Buy House in Adams Mr. pnd Mrs. Wilfred J. Gazai le of 23 Apremont St. have pur chased a seven-room house an arge lot of land at 37 Willow St Adams, from the Sarah Cassid Estate. After completion of extensive re decorating and modernizatio work, Mr. and Mrs. Gazaille an heir children, plan to move to heir new properly. Mr. Gazaill s employed at the Charles Pfize Co. New England Lime Co. Pivi >ion. Sale of the property was handlei ;hrough the office of Sawyer Bois vert, Adams realtor. Before You Start a New Home! S.rd for ARNOLD HOME brochur. with full information rt9*rding tht fi»«if fn hom«i r*g«rdt«n of ttyl*, budgtf, or localion. Engina*r«d by *h« "oldttt lumbtr yard in Am«ric«,,. Doign itrvic* •«. WRITE OR CALL ARNOLD HOMES MO MORE THAN A HOUSE Fabrication Plant.' Adams, Mais. Dial 743-0022 Thinking of Building? If You Own Your Own Lot I Have Available Expandable Homes for the Young! and Small Retirement Homes for the Retired! Easily Erected on Your Lot Will Help With Financing. Contact William E. Rowley Dial MO 3-9669 Don't Pour Chemicals Into Waste Disposer The modern food waste disposer makes it unnecessary to use lye or other chemical drain cleaners. The natural scouring action of the disposer will keep the sink drain clean and trouble-free. Because the disposer action eliminates the necessity for chemical cleaners, many manufacturers use alloys to make their disposers. If the homeowner inadver tently pours chemical cleansers into.6ne of these units, the alloys will be attacked and corrosion will begin. American-Made Brass Goods Mean Quality Top engineering goes into the design and manufacture of plumbing brass goods, American- made faucets and valves are unequalled in engineering, durabil- ty and styling. More important, domestic materials are easily replaced if they do wear out or are damaged. This is not alwpys the :ase with cheaper, foreign-made products. GENEVA DISPLAY KITCHEN IMPASTO Th« Lifetime Etchlined Finish 10' UNIT Includes: Mostly Feature Cabinet* by Geneva, Cutlery Drawer, Flbur, Meal and Sugar Bins, Cutting Board, Vegetable Bins, Slide-out Shelf, Midway Unif, Condiment Rack, and Molded Formica Top. $ 349 00 TAKES IT! Bring In Your Kitchen Measurements. *5tftViC£AFT€R SALES' 9-13 UNION STREET DIAL MO 3-3746 "THIS Is The HEATING SYSTEM I've Been ») Looking For!" GAS-FIRED, WARM AIR HEATING SYSTEM FOR AVERAGE 6-ROOM HOUSE COMPLETELY INSTALLED INCLUDES: • Furnaca • Piping • Duct Work • Wiring COMPACT - EFFICIENT - CLEAN Ashley Swift PLUMBING and Hcatinj; "REMODELING SPECIALISTS" Master Plumber Reg. No. 5266 434 State Road, North Adams Dial MO 3-7206 FLAME For maximum comfort ... install GAS heat ©H.F.

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