Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 29, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1957
Page 2
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Established in 1914 SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA 3 —' NATION* I E D I T O 1 1 A i\&S I | AS ?bcf *Tf3N ^5=*! I y u f Tmym Count? Leaser P*g* 29 AUGUST 1957 I >ONALI3 L. KIMBALL WAYNE BARNES BILL FINCH JAMES R SHAPTEK FRANK CUMMIN MRS RALPH DICKIN'S Publishe Liriotype Operate Printer Mi.- _ Acverusing Manager M&y&ard CarrfeBpondenl L^iib Corresjwndem EDITORIAL LOVELESS AND HIS HOFFA MONEY Last week Iowa paper*- were full of the reports on the campaign contribution* of Union Boss James Hoffa's money to the campaign of Iowa's Governor. Tlie Governor reported in a news conference that he didn't know whether or not any Teamster money came into his campaign and that he didn't know if any had been spent on his behalf. This should be lesson No. 1: Even if a man in politics is not handling his money directly, he ought to know who's supporting him. Political campaigns are not inexpensive items ! After all, it* still true: Who so eateth another 's bread will do the other's will! Secondly, the money that went into the Loveless campaign came from out-of-state sources. Such donations are illegal under Iowa law. This not only reflects very unfavorably upon the Governor s associates but in- drectly upon him. If one had been watching the papers even somewhat closely during the Senate labor rackets investigations, he cannot help but notice the lax—and crooked —handling of money in connection with Hoffa and hie plavmate, Dio. This paper therefore, registers its objection to the fact that a Governor of Iowa has been elected with funds from an organization controlled partly by Hoffa and these same funds put our Governor only one step away from New York racketeer Johnny Dio! Rep. Clark McNeaJ has announced that public hearings and public investigations of this sort will begin soon and the truth will be made known. The people certainly have a right to know. Besides reflecting upon the integrity of Loveless' STATE ORGANIZATIONS INCLUDED ANY TEAMSTER CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS IN THEIR FINANCIAL REPORTS FILED WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE LAST FALL. Yet it has been proven that they received thern. Therefore, their reports did not contain the w -hole truth, but those filing certified that it did. That's lying! It will be interesting to see how those in executive authority wiggle their way out of this as they tried to when they attempted to get Highway commission money into the Democratic state campaign fund last April. Jn the light of this paper's political standing, be advised that we'd condemn any actions such as this, regardless of party—because they're wrong! CREEK-BOTTOM COMMENTS by Reuben We don't give a plugged nickel whether or not AFBF President, Charles Shuman is a registered Democrat. That is Charlie's personal choice and privilege. But when his public addresses are Eisenhower campaign material in essence, that is NOT politically non-partisan, posters & place- cards in the Farm Bureau booth at the Fair not with standing. • • « • The 4-H Club projects at the Fair were even "bigger and better" than ever. The variety of activities covered, embraces almost the whole scope of better and more successful farm life & living. We believe the 4 -H Clubs are the number one achievement] of the Farm Bureau, coming even before affiliated insurance, farm service, or legislature influence. • • • • At the Fanner's Union booth we noted the heavy type "headline" calling for INCREASED CONSUMPTION. We believe this a ridiculous avenue of approach toward solving the "farm Problem". Most of us need ever so much more industrial goods, but few of us .need more food. Most of us over-eat now. • • • • • The new "mobile stage" at the Fair was a splendid suce&s. The auto races were very well done, on the tricky triple-turn track. The night show* were very good, with pleasing variety of acts. We hope the Fair Board and the local farm machinery dealers can get' together in regard to ground rent and adequate police protection against vandalism. We farmers want the machinery back at the 1958 Fair. The condition of the men's rest room at this 1957 Fair was a small disgrace. Repairs and plumbing replacements are needed But the greatest need is a porter, who might find time between reaching for tips, to mop and deoderize the place. We are truly perplexed. Does the end fully justify the means? In fund raising activities for a worthy cause, should the Iowa anti-gambling laws be broken * the degree of compound frac lure?? Does the answer to these questions have definite relation ship to the religious sect of the sponsors???? The men get their faces on all the folding money, but the women get their hands on the most of it. COOT. 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'.o 9 ;> t New Methodist Monthly Publication The i tnontt.lv Method:', abou: S* 000 i ;ey the stattPrrnte: knwwn METHODIST terpre: v. i- churcr p: Method is: ::. ference ro^ Wltnin tlir rl will be a,sj« heado jarti- 1 new put-iic; t.v. :-: A .•icwspLji*.-: W K E : i.Perifie: I /wtClCitlvt. Last Call For Conservation Officer Candidate Application Forms Conservation O'.'.H -:-: n N=.dates have but a ten a«>» a. which to subm: appiicLticr. forms for employment, the Con- minded. The forms rnuit be mailt-a brought to the Commission Office. East 7tn and Court Avenue. Des Moines, bv U'o'o p.m. Aug 30. Forms are available from Conservation Office::, or from the Office of the Commisnon. Candidates should specify on the form whether they are making application for Fish and Game- JI Lands and Waters positions. A preliminary examination fur- all candidates will be held in the House of Chamber of the State Capitol Building. East 10th and Grand Avenue, at y :00 a .m. September 16. Bible Comment: / k Promises We Make In Times of Stress Are Soon Broken tYT'HEN the Jews were rebuilding their homeland after the period of captivity, there was • • rh note of patriotic fervor, despite constant enemy attack, oangere and privations. Under selfless, courageous and jrirp.red leader;,, the people built •A'lth vision. There were few '.ap:;er.. But 100 years after the return 'forr> exile, the people had learned so little from the experience that apostary arose. They •t.acl turned once again to care- e:;.. selfish and evil ways. The depth of their failure is ¥•-. icier:t in the intensity with .'I .ith the prophet Malachi re­ prover them. They had turned !:cirri the laws of God; they had robbed God in not yielding the titnei and offerings for the services of religion and for the bene- i,t of all. A curse rested upon the nation Arid yet a bo'jntiful and merciful. God was anxious to pour out His blessings upon the ;ieo;.ie "Prove me now here- w.th," Malachi represents Qod as i.ay.ng. "if J will not open you :he windows of heaven, end pour you out a blessing, that there •.hall not be room enough to receive it" Do not these words apply with equal vividness to our own time? A little while ago we here in AIT.erica were in the depth pf a terrible depression, A jiontrite • ;<:i \'. «,eemt>d evident in the nation We were ready for almost any sacrifice or to adopt any measures if we could only get out of the slump that had affected so much in our lives. Hem; quickly we b$ve fqrgo .tr ten all Uwt in the meBsui* ul recovery that has torn*, Human nature is much the same in every age and, fortunately, so U CJ°d'». There }« EtilJ hope far HatiORS which will turn to Justice and truth. SCIENCE IN YOUR LIFE A) 4 THE DRIVER'S SEAT Tne *nria ; E biggest hospital, v..Ui£ Tieavenfe. will never be built, A couplt: til safety expert* f-fia-ed out the other day that, if there hud been no progress made :r, the constant battle to save lives on the highway, a hospital constructed. 1. probably woula have to be Summir Without Joy Tliyusandu of AIHM iraim y.rl no joy out of kimirn'-r. I '<n' tliem it nirtin uli-i -jil'-ss iu/lit« ami HK'ini/.- int; li'iuru ynnjiiny for lin-atli. Many are forced to sp'-rnl tln-ir vacatioini in b«!'J, so O|II(»I.-,IHIVI- IK tin- pollen- filled air of KumirH'i' foi virtnriN of broiicliial antlima. Even the cinmi/ of aiittiinn brmif* ti'i relief to (loine (tuHerem. i^r. Jtobert J'. M«' 'imlm, piofi 'KNor of (lORtgnnluttte iiieijicine at H OH- ton 's 'I'uftn Uni- vi -ijiity, lejioita that worry and emotional upset* ran triggci- asthma Httttcka Juat an aerioua ai those 'I / .' QQ cauaed by pollen, Indeed, In many case* anxiety is directly linked with the disease. Fortunately, asthma attacks — even those aggravated by anxiety — tan often be controlled with modern drugr. One of the newest develop, menU, for example, combine* a tranquilizer with a. hormone, Called Ataraxuid, the drug la designed, to relieve the annoying symptoms of asthma and at the same time, ease the puitnt 's fears. Doctors caution against placing heavy, dust-catching rugs in the bedrooms of asthma patients. Instead of waxing floors, gloss them, with furniture polish mixed, with mineral pil fci keep down the dust. Try to maintain room temperature near 70 degrees, Keep tho air moist with a vaporker or steam kettle, Doctors often advise asthma patients to eat light, easily-digested foods during acute attacks because heavy foods hamper breathing. Professional & Business Directory DIA MONDH SILVKHWAHf; JEWELHY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Aulo-Firo-Liuhilily and Hospital Insurunco 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 FayoUo BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Semce Ambulanoe Service Phone 199, Fayette Fayette and Maynard Geiie Win. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE, IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing Heating & Wiring Neods Insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 14 BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOrMIVIR Radio & Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Cal1 9 « Fayette. Ia. DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Open Daily and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union. Iowa Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: I Ph. 156 olc. Black 71 rea. SA Fayette lews UK. fc. J. DAHLQUIS'I Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette, la. big enough IM h t) ust- *ll tho peo pie qf Chii-ago undur imf roof, would have wist alxiut $^0,000, 000,0t)0 and would tuku about 20 years tu build, By thu time It was oomplt'tbd, these fellows figured, another even bigger one would have to be started. Figuring the number of highway dfcide«ts that wquld nocni-red if there had mat been steady pidgretia In the bstUe against highway accidents, they discovered that the United States would soon be spending all of its available money for hospital bijls. More trasiu — ur more gratifying, apcording to the way you look at it — is tho fact that the world's bjggest cenieti-ry would have had to be built to provide final resting places for the many thousands who would have been killed, had not the work of traffic engineers, automotive engineers, highway designers and e - < . .- r — l - ~ —.« -|,ui tjj xrl ITTV- tive. They concluded tJiat, although the highway accident Nitmitiori indeed is bleak, priinress is being math'. Ftuty thousnnd p>i- soiia were killwl lust year, but the number probably would have been twice as large had highway conditions been the same in 1950 as they were a decade ago. Modem highways move traffic faster, but there are fewer accidents on turnpikes, per vehicle, than t»U other! roads. Big reflective signs thut can be seen at night as well as in daylight, new headlights that give maximum visibility and minimum glare and elaborate street-lighting systems are being used to reduce the number of nighttime accidents. Although three times as many fatalities occur at night as during daylight, based on total travel, the rate undoubtedly would be far worse had not science and industry developed solutions to the problems of nighttime visibility. Cloverleaves, divided lanes wider pavements, more gradual curves, blow out-proof tires and seat belts are just some of the ininga being used in the daily battle against highway accidents, injuries and deaths. The highway accident situation is not solved, to be sure, but progre.-s is being made. You, when you get into the driver's .-(-at, have a lot of help from a lot of people trying to make driving safer for you. THANK NITE $100. This Saturday John Hota*r« or , Bala Anthony ABOUT THIS QUESTION A fish hook, a sliced golf ball, a bicycle, a dog bite . . . . these are just a few of the things that can lead to a liability suit for damages. Can an entire family be protected up to $10,000 for only $8.00 per year? 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Only franchised Chevrolet dealers Chevrolet 7bsk-FaxveB7 Thiaks 7I» "Big WbMl" In Incbl display Mi. Jamou, trademark >ee Your Loqai4, Mi h pr ^sd Qhevrolet Doale,

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