Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 48
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 48

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 48
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WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 ON TV -SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL O NO AY JUNES, 1998 MONDAY EVENING 6/8/98 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS m S) o (33 GD S m S3 go) 03 m CABL AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN Home Imp. |Homelmp. News® News ® | Extra ® News® 700 Club News-Lehrer Single Fam. Mai. Home Imp. Martin ® Fresh Pr. Mad-You Star Trek: Next Gener. Frasier A 1 Entertain Seinfeld A Mad-You (Damon (R) 8:30 9:00 ••ija^H 9:30 10:00 ••..,,,,,,,,,• Personal | Ally McBeal (R) A EB Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Dodgers. Raymond Jeopardy! Raymond Fortune Raymond I Raymond Funniest Home Videos Movie: ** "Gangs, Inc." (1941) |PaidProg. Business Served People's Court A® Fresh Pr. Home Imp. Simpsons News Cosby Seinfeld A Simpsons Home Imp. Antiques Roadshow 7th Heaven (R) A 11 Movie: ** Damon (R) I Michael Hayes 'Faith' 20/20® Coast [Benny Hinn People's Century ® Invasion America ® "Hider in the House" (1989) Personal Love Boat-Next Ally McBeal (R) AD Clueless Clueless Movie: * *K "Redwood Curtain" (1995) 10:30 11:00 ..,,,,,,••..,,,,,• News® Dateline A H News® Practice (R) A G3 James R. [Paid Prog. People's Century ffl Real TV A Mama News Cops® Mama Deep Space 9 News Home Imp. News® Late Show News LI Paid Prog. p.o.v. m LAPD DiflWorld Roseanne Vibe Hollywood I I'Mi'i'i H mw^^^mmm^^mmmmmmmmmimm Poirot "Double Sin" (Sherlock Holmes | Law & Order "Silence" [Biography [Poirot "Double Sin" (R) [Sherlock H7| (5:00) "The Story of Dr. Wassell" OddCple. [Laugh Wings (R) GrowPains WNBA Burnett Last Word Supermkt Figure-Out Brotherly Daily Show Movie: ***»"So Proudly We Hail" (1943) |(:40)Movie: **» "Bombardier" (1943) Ben Stein Gimme Shelter (R) It's a Trip Billiards: 9-Ball Burnett Sports Debt Tiny Toon (:01) Sliders "Genesis" Moment Baseball Movie: ** "Johnny Dangerously" (19B4) Wild Discovery: Wolves [RtMships (R) Movie: **K "First Kid" (1996) Sportscenler ® Movie: "Dad, the Angel & Me" (1995) AS) Baseball It's a Trip Comics Come Home (R) Treasures of Die Earth GrowPains X-Games Trials Diagnosis Murder ® Major League Baseball Seattle Mariners at San Francisco Giants. (Live) Intimate Portrait Doug m [Moment Sliders A ® Unsolved Mysteries A Kenan-Kel Sliders Brady Amazing Mickey Running Hawaii Five-OS FOX Sports News Movie: "She Fought Alone" (1995, Drama) Brady (:01) Sliders Major League Baseball |(:35) Movie: **x "Another 48 HRS." (1990) Prime Time Country A [Monday Night Concerts (15:00) WCW Monday Nttro (Live) A ® Baywatch A ® Invasion America El Highlander The Series News A® WonderYr R)fHS HappyDay | Bewitched (:01) Sliders •Genesis- Daily Show Justice Disney Sportsclr. 700 Club Sports Altitudes Love Lucy Sliders (R) (:40) Movie: **S "Shaft's Big Score!" Dallas The Split' A | Dukes of Hazzard m Movie: * *K "Thicker Than Blood" (1998) Walker, Texas Ranger [World Wresi Beverly Hills ingFeder 90210 A |ln the Heat of the Night Prime Time Country (R) (Concerts WCW Monday Nitro(R) n® WWF War Zone HI Simon & Simon Stalkings Paid Prog. PREMIUM CHANNELS 1 HBO MAX SHOW (5:30) "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" 'PG' (:15) Movie: *X "Vegas Vacation" (1997) A Movie: *** "Always Outnumbered" (1998) |0zfhe Routine" (R) [Comedy Movie: ***» "Aliens" (1986) Sigoumey Weaver. A W (4:45) "Music Box" A [Movie: * * X "In His Father's Shoes Movie: "The Heist" " (1997) |Movle: "More Tales of the City" (1998, Drama) Laura Llnney. EVENING 6:00 P.M. H Horn* Improvement Randy wont admit his fears v^n Ji and Tim convert the basement into his bedroom. A 3D S GD NewsBB GD 700 Club ID Newshour With Jim Lehrer SB 03 Uving Single Kyle finds Be at the top isn't what he expected. A SB IB Family Matters Waldo takes tap dancing lessons lo improve his agility. A W 8b Home Improvement Jil and Tim are caught in the middle when Dave begins dating jits Iriend and another woman at the same lime. A BE EQ Star Trek: The Next Generation Data inexplicably loses his memory while on a mission and wanders into a vi- lag carrying radioactive material he was sent to retrieve. A W eg Frasiler A co-worker deddes to resign after he overhears Frasier speculate that the man wl be f*ed. A SB lAEJTI Polrot Belgian detective Hercule Poirot reluctantly agrees lo help Hastings find a thief who stole antiques from a young woman. fCBMl Odd Couple Felix's ilness ruins Oscar's plans lo use the apartment lor a romantic rendezvous. joiSei WlnatlRI IDISNI Growing Pains Ben has an out-ol-body experience while in the hospital for a lonsileclomy. SB (ESPN) WNBA Basketball Preview (FAMl Carol Burnett and Friends Guest: William Conrad. (EH Last Word (HSTI Rockets! The evolution of rockets. Iromlhe efforts of the ancient Chinese lo the ubnale success ol Robert Goddard. (R) (Part 1of4)QE ILIFEI Supermarket Sweep fNJCKl Figure It Out (TNNl Prime Time Country Scheduled: singers Mel and PamTiSs. A SB (05A1 Baywatch When C. J. rescues Hi* Hogan. he shows his appreciation by trying lo save a local youth dub; Stephanie receives unexpected news Irom a doctor. A SB (Warn Invasion America (Series Premiere) A half- human, rial-alien lights to save the Earth. This episode: Col Konrad plots destruction. A SB 6:01 P.M. (seiFil Sliders (Season Pwriere) Quiin and Maggie track Remmy and Wade lo Home Work) three months after being separated, but find the world has been conquered by the Kromaggs. ABB 6:15 P.M. (MAX) Movie * H "Vegas Vacation' (1997, Comedy) Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo. Gambling, goodellas and Wayne Newton await the Gruwlos during an iMSed family excursion «i Las Vegas. A 'PG' SB (1:35) 6:30 P.M. Q} Home Improvement Jii and Tim are caught in the middle when Dave begins dating JiTs Iriend and another woman at the same lime. A SB (D Extra Am SP Martin Ginasecrety withdraws SWOIiom the joint account she shares with Martin to pay off unpaid parking lines. AID Bl Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air Wi is arrested lor parking tickets just a Uncle Phi declares his candidacy for judgeship. AGE I Mad About You Paul and Jamie try to set up a .MwiwdW. motile., O.P - itTonigM A W ' '• ' ' (gggl Make Me Laugh IDISNI Brotherly Love Marl's (airily warns him against a girl who drinks loo much. SS (ESPNl Billiards •Ultimate Nine-Ball Challenge* From Orlando, Fla. (Taped) I Carol Burnett and Friends Guests: Tm ay, the Pointer Sisters. FOX Sports News lDebt ) Tiny Toon Adventures 7:00 P.M. Seinfeld Hypochondriac George gets advice from a •holistic' heater lor his claimed heart attack. A OS CD Major League Baseball 'Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Dodgers* From Dodger Stadium. (Live) A OS S Everybody Loves Raymond Ray's wish list for Christmas includes a little romance with Debra, but she proves lo beaoWiculg)ttounwrap.(R) A W ' CB Jeopardy) BB QD Movie ** -Gangs, Inc.* (IMI)JeanWoodbury. Alan Ladd. After serving a jai sentence Iw » crra she drjn'l commit, a young woman plans a racketeering scheme to gel revenge. (1:30) (S) Nightly Business Report Scheduled: Don Phillips, president of Morningslar Inc. W BD People's Court A SS Q Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Wi and the (airily appear on the The Oprah Winfrey Show,' where Wil airs al the lamlys dim/laundry. A SB W Home Improvement Randy wonladmil his fears when Jl and Tim convert the basement Wo his bedroom. A SB GB Simpsons To pay lor damaging their property. Ban agrees to do ctraesau neighbors house A BB (3 News (MB Sherlock Holmes Mysteries "Wisteria Lodge 1 Holmes linos Inspector Baynes investigating a murder at Wisteria Lodge. (H) [gOM] Dally Show (DISCI Gimme Shelter Home automation; trellis; gas range. (R) (BBfil It's a Trip A Naslwie, Term., family's adventures on the wayto Disney's Animal Kingdom. W X-Games Trials ) Movie "dad, the Angel & Me* (1995) Judge Id. Slept" Lneburg. An unconventional guardian angel helps a grieving child and her estranged lather aifust to their new beslogrtw. A SB(Z:00) ffgBl Major League Baseball "Seattle Mariners al San Francisco Giants' From 3Com Park. (Live) IHSTI Trains Unlimited From the days when Pinkenon detectives protected trains from inyng barxtts lo the modem surveiiance methods of today's trains. (DFfl Intimate Portrait -Ricki Lake* The career of actress Ricki Lake, Irom her him debut in John Waters' •Hairspray' lo her current job hosting her own tak snow. (R) A W INiCKI Ooua SB fsgifn Sliders The sliders gel iivolved wth a religious cut that plans to send Ihem to another dimension. A W CfKiNl Monday Night Concerts Ricky Skaggs lusts Debert UcCtnlon, Let Roy Parntll and Sam Moore in concert. (R) A fOga Highlander: The Series An overindulged ansto- an who tost his holdings when he became an InvnxtalMO years o has held a grudge against MacLeod ever since. A BB ONewsEE I Movie * * * "In Hi; Father's Shoes* ?, Fantasy) Robert Ricfuxd, lotis Gossett Jr. A pair of magic shoes' tfcwt i cMd lo niperienctthe He and memories ol his deceased lather. A'PG'(1:45) 7:30 P.M. Q] Mad About You Paul and Jamie try to set up a reunion between lhe» dog, Murray, and Itis mother. A EB Q] Everybody Loves Raymond Ray wants lo teach Ally not lo be a quiter, so he resumes the piano lessons he dropped IS years earlier. (R) A BB CS Wheel of Fortune Cffl OS Are You Being Served? Mrs. Sloconte and Mr. Grainger units against a vkiing perfume representative. B3 Cosby Show CMfgivH advice to a young man whom he would ike lo be Sondra's steady boyfriend. A EB 39 Seinfeld Hypochondriac George gels aoVice Irom a •holistic' healer lor his claimed heart attack. A ED CD Simpsons School buly Nelson MunK becomes the object of Lisa's M crush; Homer discovers electronic panhandling. A El W Home Improvement Randy wonl admit his (ears when Jil and Tim convert the basement Mo his bedroom. A Movie ***» "So Proudly We Hair (1943, Drama) Ctaudette Cofcert, PauMte Goddard. Three dedicated Army nurses stationed at Bataan experience the brulaiy of WorfdWar II firsthand. (2:06) leSMl Win Ben Stein's Money (6T5H1 (RTCJgl Take • Moment Exploring the potential role television can play in communication between parents and cnldren. f\SB fESPNl Baseball Tonight 7:35 PJI. (TB51 Movie * * » "Another 48 HRS." (1990) Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolle. Time Approximate A last-taking convict is grudgingly reunited with a bristi poke detective when a drug kingpin threatens their lives. (2:05) 8:00 P.M. CD IS Damon Damon goes under cover as a Jamaican and fats lor a receptionist win a surprise in store. (R) A EB Q] Everybody Loves Raymond Mane ikes Robert's girifriend better than Debra because Amy is slil a virgin. (R) A W (SI America's Funniest Home Videos Jackie Chan wannabes; larrJy dystwction; srtan dentistry; human tea- bal; theater mishaps. (R) ACE Q} Antiques Roadshow Traveling to the Cobb Galena Centre in Atlanta to ippc«« a toto Irom Abraham Lincolii. a 19th-century dental set and Wheeler pottery painted lies. A (Paitlol2)EB O 7th Heaven Ericaccuses Malt of doing drugs when he calche* him win marijuana; Simon leaches Ruthle the an of doing laundry. (R) A SB 61 Movie ***Hider in the House* (1969) Gary Busey, Mirri Rogers. A recently released mental patient becomes a voyeuristic intruder in a young family's newly renovated home. (2:00) GB Love Boat: The Next Wave An older couple demonstrate some lessons in love lor newl/weds aboard ship; the ship's handyman is finaly load up with the gif of his dreams. (R) ABB (S Movie ** * "Redwood Curtain* (1995) Jeff Daniels. Lea Salonga. A young Amerasian woman's search for her birth lalhef leads to ) lile-cnariging encounter with a homeless Vietnam vet (2:00) (A&B Law t Order Following the murdei of a councilman, Cerrela and Logan investigate a blackmail ring; Stone prosecutes alelrwlawyer. EC (COM) Movie ** 'Johnny Dangerously" (1984) Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo. In the 1930s, an honest man turns lo a Ue ol crime to pay his neurotic mother's skyrocketing medical bits. (2:00) Dirtcher's experiences (timing a pack ol wolves over a six-year period on > 25-acre natural enclosure in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. (R) (5J5N) Movie * * X 'First Kid" (1996. Cornell Sinbad, Brock Pierce. An unconventional Secret Service agent accepts the arduous task of guarding (lie president's rebellious lew-age son. 'PG'BB (1:41) Sportscenter SB " X-Qame« Trials :rot»ol World War II Four brave frogmen place explosive charges on two British battleships in Alexandria Harbor h 1941. (R) (0E|) Unsolved Mysteries A (NieKl Kenan & Kel Kenan hires two actors to play his parents after the principal cals lor a meeting. (R) A [ScTfTl Making ol Sliders A oehrioMhe-scenes look at the production ol -Sliders. 1 Host Jerry O'Connel. (R) (TNNl Dallas The Ewiig larrity learns that Jock has ImUuled a plan which wtl dramatkaly affect their relationships and Ewiig Ojrsfuture. A dST) Movie **» Thicker Than Blood" (I998| Dan Futlerman, Mickey Rourke. An iJaaSslc young teacher encounters the bleak, violent world ol an Inner-city school A GB (2:00) [TJ551 Walker, Texas Ranger Walker attends CM Six Feathers' funeral and teams the chiefs death wasn't an accident ABE (WGNl Beverly Hills, 90210 Valerie tells Colin and Susan that Kelly and Brandon spent the night together whie they were away; Donna awaits the Rose Court Queen competnion results. A GS fHB51 Movie * * * 'Always Outnumbered" (1998, Drama) Laurence Fishburrw. Bit Cobbs. A reforming criminal attempts to overcome his violent past and hopes to begin a peaceful new Be in LA. A GQ(1:4S) (KiASI Movie * * * s -Aliens' (1966, Science Fiction) Sigoumey Weaver, Michael Biehn. Futuristic marines are sent lo eradicate the creatures responsible lor the destruction ol the spacecraft Nostramo. A 'R' Cffl (2:17) 8:30 P.M. CD 89 Getting Personal Sam is sent a singing telegram Irom his co-workers and is turned down lor 8 dale by Ihe messenger. (R) ACS] ® Everybody Loves Raymond After her Tupperware party Is ruined, Debra decides she's had enough ol her Interfering mother-in-law. (R) A ED fjp Paid Program (NiEKl Brady Bunch Atce decides the Bradys no longer need her and prepares lo leave. fSCifTl Amazing Stories Alone in her house, a woman encounters a strange lurry creature with an appetite lor inanimate objects. A BS 8:57 P.M. (D5A) World Wrestling Federation Raw SB 9:00 P.M. QD 8B Ally McBealAlymusI confront her lormer proles- sol's widow about the pact when asked lo be a paUbearer at his funeral; B«y upsets Georgia and Ronald (R) A SB CD Michael Hayes Michael uncovers a possMe conspiracy as he investigates the circumstances surrounding his brother's death. A SB S 20/20 EB CD Coast to Coast GD People's Century The worldwide suffering caused by the Great Depression, whch lead lo mass unemployment, long bread lines and a boost to the communist and fascist movements. ACS S3 Invasion America (Series Premiere) A hall-human, rial-alien Tights lo save the Earth. This episode: Col. Konrad plots destruction. A SB ED Clueless Cher fears her new boyfriend is using her. (R) ABB (ASH Biography 'Andy Warhol: A Ue at the Edge* ProMe oTpop aitsl Andy Warhol whose death during a routine surgery slil remains a mystery. Includes Interviews with actor Dennis Hopper and singer Debbie Harry. (R) IDISCI Rockelshipa An inside view ol the inner workings ol rockets through the use of cuning-edje cameras. (R) " Baseball Tonight " Mike Luplca Show Diagnosis Murder When the administrator who threatened his career is murdered, Mark it a suspect and can clear his name only by wnmttng a different murder. A SB IHSTI Infamous Dreyfus Affair French army captain Aired Dreyfus is imprisoned in 1895 for high treason, but being Jewish is his only crime and he is released altar public outcry. (R) (QF@ Movie -She Fought Alone" (1995) Trlani-Amber Thlessen, Brian Austin Green.Ateen-igerfilessuilagainstthe local school board after sturjenu and faculty ra% around the boy who raped her. (2:00) INICKI Brady Bunch When Jan develops an atom, i is I eared that the it atergfc to her new lather. ITNNI Dukes of Hazurd Finding stolen bills h the river leads to trouble lor the Dukes. A SB (WG® In the Heat of the Night A doctor who Is veal- ing VigjTs terminally ill atirt lals under suspicion when Chief Grtetpie invesligales a secies ol mercy htofls. A El ISHOWI Movie 'More Tales of the City' (1998, Drama) (Part 2 of 2) Laura Limey, Paul Hopkins. Based on the book by Aimistead Maupin about to c«Mng adventures ol the residents of San Francisco's Barbary Lane. (2:30) 9:01 P.M. rseiFTl Sliders The sliders land on a world where animal and human DNA have been (used by an evl scientist, creating a civi- liialion of carnivorous creatures. (R) A Efi 9:30 P.M. CD Benny Hlnn S3 Clueless trials lor a Hitaeguy, but Is afraid to WI him the is slil in high school (R) A KB "~") X-Games Trials HI) Summer Sizzle 3 Wonder Years Kevin (ears his former gMiiend will ruin hsbuddkig romance with Winnie. A EB 9:40 P.M. IAMC1 Movie *** -Bombardier- (1843, Adventure) Pat O'Brien, Randolph Scotl Officers at a bomber training lacitty argue over the preferred method of dispatching their targets. (1:39) (TBSI Movie * * * -Shaft's Big Scorer (1972) Richard RoundUee. Hoses Gunn. Private detective John Shaft runs aloul of feuding mobsters as he searches for the uuth behind a Irierrft death. (2:10) t:4S P.M. (6T5KT1 It's • Trip A Nashville, Ttnn., family's adventures on the way to Oimey's Animal Kingdom. Bfi 10:00 P.M. CDCS News® ,q3, pateHoeScJwWev: Author Stanley Corenofferilipi on choosing an appropriate breed of dog. A SS QT) Practice Helen Gamble Ms on Bobby at a Halloween party: Lindsay puts another drug dealer back on the streets; Rebecca's Iriend wants lo force his w)e lo have a Caesarean section. (R| A m (X) James Robinson O People's Century The short-lived era ol peace promised by the League ol Nations was fotowed by mrliary rearmament, increased nationalism and fascist dclalonhips. A SB • m Real TV A SB EB Mama's Family The Harpers eavesdrop when VM installs an intercom in the house. £Q Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Quark mistrusts Zek's motives when the Grand Nagus deckles to abolish greed by revising the Ferengl Rues of AcrjuMion. A Cffl (S5E1 Polrot Belgian detective Hercule Point refudanlly agrees lo help Hastings find a thief who stole antiques from a young woman. (R) ICOMI Comics Come Home Denis Leary, Steven Wright Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Janeane Garolalo and other comics come together lo benefit the Cam Neely Foundation. (R) IDISCI Treasures of the Earth Mineral gems such as diamonds, rubles and emeralds have had a strong hold on human emotions over the ages. (R) (FArvIl Hawaii Flve-0 Lewis Avery Fief, the criminal with a thousand laces, escapes Irom the Oahu prison after devising a scheme lo steal (4 mason from drug smugglers. BE [FSB] FOX Sports News fHSTl RMketslTheevdtrtionofrockels.fromlheetlortsof the ancient Chinese lo the ultimate success of Robert Goddard. (R|(Parl1ol4)lBl [FJKKl Happy Days Richie Males his friends with his new image when he gels his own radio show. fTONl Prime Time Country Scheduled: singers Mel and PamTitfis.(R) ACS [TNT] WCW Monday Nttro SB fTJgAlWWF War Zone SB (W5N1 Simon & Simon A.J. i Rick investigate when John Danger's tun is stolen Irom the colection ol a former FBI agent. (HB51 Oz A iailed mobster's liery attitude stirs up tensions among the members of an experimental prison. (R) A KB _ 10:01 P.M. [5CTH1 Sliders Qukin and Maggie track Remmy and Wade lo Home World three month! after being separated, but fad the world has been conquered by the Kromaggs.(R) A BB fBlgfll Growing Pains Jason uses psychology when Qirissy refuses to go to bed; Luke achieves instant popularity in high school. US 10:30 P.M. CD Paid Program S3 Cops From Minneapolis: the dispersal of an unruly demonstration; the aftermath ola Woody street ligtt A Sfl E3 Mama's Family Mama believes the man she has fall- enforjs a criminal. IESPN1 Running & Racing (KHCTS1 Bewitched A witch insists that Samantha must marry her ton. WfSTl Movie The Heist" (1996. Drama) Andrew McCarthy, Cynthia Geary. A smaMme crook's big-lime robbery plans go awry when a hostage crisis develops. A W (1:39) ^^ 10:40 P.M. [BI5N1 Mickey and the Beanstalk SB 11:00 P.M. CD Home Improvement Tm makes a wager with Jil thai he can end the rough behavior at dinner by teaching his sons table manners. A EC CD CS News BH CS Late Show BB QD [W5EJ1 Paid Program CD P.O.V. Taking on the Kennedys' Is Joshua Setters portrait of Kevin Vigilante's campaign to unseat incumbent Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy, D-RI. A Bfl SO LAPD:Uf eon the Beat A man opens lire Inside a crowded ban detectives track down a murder suspect; raiding suspected drug houses. (R) A BB O Different World Dwiyne gelt an oppominly to produce his new computer software with a Japanese firm. A (Parti 012)011 89 Roseanne The tension at Thanksgiving is thick enough to cut win a carving knle. A OH ED Vibe S3 Access Hollywood A SB (MB Sherlock Holmes Mysteries "Wisteria Lodge- Holmes linos Inspector Baynes investigating a murder at Wisteria Lodge. (H) ) Dally Show Justice Files Auto Ihelt is the biggest property theft n America. (R) ~) Walt Disney Presents BB Sportscenter BB D 700 Club FOX Sports News (EH) Trains Unlimited From the days when Pinkerton detectives protected trains from roving bangs lo the modem surveillance methods of today's trains. (R) (LlFEl New Attitudes Giraffe, a nonprof 1 organization honoring those win take chances to improve their community; bowl. (NICK) I Love Lucy Ricky gets a soeen test on a Hoiywopd movie lot W ISCIFII Sliders The sliders get Invoked with a religious cul that plans lo terxllhemlo another dJmentlon.(R) A BB ffNTJI Monday Night Concerts Ricky Skaggs host! Debert McOnlon, Lee Roy Pamel and Sam Moore in concert. (R) A IHBO1 Comedy Hour -Jeff Foxwonhy: Totally CornnrrUKf Comic Jefl Foxworthy entertains a Cincinnali audience by tjs- cussing such subjects as marriage, children and the South. (R) A 11:03 P.M. (SfA) Silk Stalklngs During a hot pursuit, Chris gels entangled m a car crash in wrich a young boy d»t; a woman's stepson and lover are suspected when the ends up dead. (R) A 11:20 P.M. IAMCI Movie * * * -A Yank in the RAF" (1941, Drama) Tyrone Power, Betty GraUe. An American cWs ambivalence towards the European war effort changes after he joins the RAF and meets an old flame. (1:38) (2 Home In, (BIB.!®' LATE NIGHT 11:30 P.M. wnenj&D D'Paid, program ,

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