Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1939
Page 5
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5V od Oclol tor IS, 1930 HOPE-STAR, ft6l>fi. ARKANSAS War Guard Over Congress Dropped White- House Revokes Order Aft.ev Spirited Criticism U.v IMIF.STON r.ROVKIl WASHINGTON- .Special precautions j taken to safeguard the White lluine j and fijiiRn'SJ, a (c\v week.' 1 at;o probably will be wiped out soon. Soon after the outbreak of war in f'urope the congressional galleries wore closed to the public, except to persons having cards of admission ts- Micd by members. The Capitol was i closed Sundays, the White House • grounds were .shut lo tourists and extra police were .stationed all around. ' To a lot nf folks it .seemed as if tlv government were trying to impios upon Washington the nearness of the j European war so that opponents of embargo repeal could not talk .so freely nf it.s brim! somebody else's | war. and not om.s. The thing backfired to a degree. Attorney General Frank Murphy had* to deny half a rlo/.en times that ho had any part in the order closmi; Ihe Capitol. The President, too. was asked why the Capitol j;all<>rii-s weio closed. That appealed lo be an indirect way ol asking him why all the special precautions about the While House. The President tossed :,uch questions aside, hut picsently iho extra safeguards about the While House wire lifted. Actually almost anybody who wants a card lo (.-liter the congressional galleries can get one. There hasn't been much evidence that special precautions weie necc-.sai-y. The naileries Jiavo hern I'XIraordinai j/y we/I lie- biived. Palm of Victory—For Nazis Corsets Introduce Problems in Dress Culotte Petticoats, Like Slips, Hu(? the Waistline Structurally a Single Steel Unit (Copyright, 1939, by Jnlien Bryan From NEA) Tv.-iT.ly-fivr- luimlm] pound:; of liomhr, did this to n Catholic hospi1.nl ward in Praga, Warsaw suburb, in • me ol the ia,t raids I.Hotv ihr- i:a|)Unl siirn.'ndm.'d. Twisted, broken beds frame a still-standing potted Jnis .. , standing potted lake I! by Julion Bryan, fnmoiis frrelaneo photographer, who was the last cameraman to leave Warsaw. foi iim-inf, her baby there. Neither hoiii-e has been subjected to •Mich iiccurranci's. durum the ni'Uliahly debate. People just sit and listen. _Gnco Mayor LaC.uardia of New York, while a member of ilii.- house, helped disarm »n excited jjalleivite brandishm,; ., pistol. Another ,'m,<- a woman was ejected from the gallery i One of the most perplexed 'members of the llnu.-.e during this debate is Ilo|iiO'.i'nIativi' llavenor of Cali- Ir.inia. The special se.ssion camo I if'Jit ID ibi: ))eal of tin. 1 San Francisco campaign in which llevenur is seeking to in. 1 cleeied mayor to* succeed Mayor Kos.-i. who is after another four-year term. Beintt mayor of San Francisco is 1.1 ten a loiifj-time. job. Mayor Holfe held tin. post' 20 years and went to Ihi' COVL-I nuiship. Mayor Rossi has j In-en there nine years and hopes to j — j continue. { Havener expect. 1 until the- .senate finishes with it. Ami dn-i'i forgot that we are pretty hickv ih.it the Americas lie north and •niilh unload of east and west. If the lanky .1..til.Ihe continent stretched the other v.'.'ii. Orientals 1 would swarm all over 1'atagonia and we would have a ',iics;. of a time .saving Canada from M:mo forciyn power (other than the Briti; h i inpiiel. Uun't i;o until we tell you bow Senator ConnalU of Toxas tried to give Noah WfbMer. the long-dead writer of diclionai le.s, a vote in the senate roreiHii Relations committee. While the neutrality bill was be- to "commute" by | nig written a dispute arose over use FIGHT MISERY right where 7 you feel it-wlth swift-acting VICKS VAPQSIUB lair M.OUO miles for a speech or two i ol th belorc i.-leeliim day in November, hut j man doesn't know for Mire what, the- pt'ili-! ' t'")il hi- ii-:ic - lion will he to his leaving his post as. liepicM'titalivo. Actually he i.s as free a. a sjinm; bird, because the House won't ;;H a chance at the neutrality hill for days and davs. not woid ''revoke." Senators Pitt- f Nevada and Thomas of Utah logoihor. Connally alone. Sol- he arose- from the tabl'.'. con- tho dictionary, then said: "If I '.PI von. iVoah \Vobstei 's pr-ix. can trie yon. (wo to two." Webster and Connoly lost. SI HI i\12 FEIT BASE K fn tt katLa i Wltfl^ySsi These and many other values being offered in our: Beginning Friday, October 20th, The first 50 customers with a cash purchase of $35.00 or more will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE a beautiful eight piece chrome cooking ware set. PRESCOTT ARKANSAS By AnKLAfDK KEKK A I' Cushion Killtnr The corset's- HMO comeback has left a big mark on winter lingerie. All the new underpinning for winter frocks has been designed to smooth and enhance the new silhouette's .small waist. Since (.-lips dill top that list, they have had first consideration. Some have smoothly fitting brassiere fops lo give the high rounded bustline. and eliiKticizcd satin center .sections which cover the top of the new corset and mould the midriff as smoothly as though it had been ironed. Other f\\\v Tire cut svith smooth fitting inset center sections. None of them is boned, but they all are designed to confirm fashion's foremost winter decree: "Small waistline." More lingerie news apfienri; in Sheer culottee pecticoats, which elimnatc panties from the wardrobe and one layer of fabric from (he waistline. They arc nearly as Jong as a slip, made of very sheer cerpe and often as lace- trimmed as grandmother's petticoats They're generally worn with a very sheer, lace-accented shirt, like the old-fashioned pre-war variety, which is tucked inside the culottee petticoat. That combination came to Show Folk I'ut Most Zip Into Linesllile as something to wear under the When Tlicy're 'Spciikiiiff of laced corsets, which <-i!mc- women Operations' By GEORGE ROSS NEW YORK—Show business," the bright lights and all the sundry by- challis and crepe, and scores of pa* jamas. Flower-sprigged crepe, challlis, flannel and polka dotted cottons are all used to make the pajamas wfiich art general! quite wide arid topped fey a loose jacket. House coats of sheer wool, flannel and ^velvet are going to be wtfrn again this year for those lazy lounging hours. So are braided and metal- 51itched sheer wool robes of a rflore | leminized design. Business Is Good, Thank You NEW YORK WELDERS fuse steel to steet In joining the major sub-assemblies of the new "unlsteel" turret top body by Fisher developed for the tyvo new series of cars being added to the 1940 Bulck line. Perfect align* ment Is assured by the jigs In the door openings and the removable cross braces that resist the expansion and contraction "of the steel as it heats and cools in the fusing operation. : BRCOKSVILLE, Ky. - (/P) — A Brooksville druggist displays this sign on his front door: "Through this door pats the best people on earth^-hiy cusloVners." "My Skin Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes" says Verna S.: "Since using Adierika the pimples are gone. My skin is smooth and glows with health," Ad- ierika helps wash BOTH bowels, and relieves temporary constipation fhat often aggravates bad complevion, John S. Gibson Drug Co. objected to wearing next their flesh. Most women, however, now prefer to paths of Broadway, including the Main Stem proper, seem to work a peculiar ildiemy on certain people whoso liv- ng is made within the glow of the WriRlcy sign. On the .surface happy and carefree, these folk are really subject to more •ic-hcs. pains, twinges and assorted bacteria than any other, group on earth. Oi- so they would have you believe. ifor, if the truth were known, the •.'inlortainmont world is the hypochon- Iriac's Paradise, the neutrotic's Nirvana—the Backyard of the Breakdown. Not only can a sufferer of some ob- cnrc and unlocatable ailment find a listener—he can find a whole audience in Lindy's any night and the chances '.re he will discover a half dozen boys md girls who will match him sy'mp- tom for symptom. Heart Trouble Not every hypochondriac can reach Liicb lyric heights of his mania as, for instance. Larry Hart, the songsmith. Hart, a nervous individual with a hit •:how running and three Rodgers and Hart SOURS in the Hit Parade, goes all to pieces during a rehearsal. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if he is in live throes of composition or of some terrible affliction. There was the time, six months after he recovered rfovn an attack of pneumonia, that he suddenly was sie/.ed with the fear of a relapse. Nothing would do but that he carry a thermometer around with him and pop it into his mouth at odd times of the day and night—at the Stork Club, at ! Ralph's 1 in the silent darkness of a theater. Friends would make persistent attempts to destroy the little glass tube and often succeeded—but he would always buy another. In a moment i of forgetfulness be used one as a ' swi/zle .slick in a highball and al- j most swallowed an ounce of mercury. That cured him. Whitman's Weight of Life i A fear that haunts many of the ! healthy but intense workers is the gaining or losing of weight. Paul Whiteman, on his doctor's orders, ! shelved many, many pounds. The sub- i conscious fear that he will wake up j one morning with them all hack again i makes him weigh himself a dozen times .' a day. Life, for Whitman, i.s a succession of scales— and not musical : ones either. , On the other extreme, Mervyn LeRoy i.s haunted by the dread of a nervous breakdown. He, too, weighs himself ad infinitum and should there be a loss of eight bounces LeRoy puts ! himself on a cod liver oil diet for a ' week. Gamblers to tlic End Two of the most companionable ail- 1 ing wretches are Sidney Skolsky and Lew Brown, the producer. The story ; i.s now ancient of how Skolsky, having j induced two other ailing buddies lo i go with him and have their blood pres- •uros taken, halted before the doctor's door and declared: "Remember—low man pays." Even belter is the tale %f how he and Brown sat in Dave's Blue Room from throe in the morning till six, cojiir plaining bitterly to each other about the state of their health. After listening to one of Solsky's most harrowing symptoms, he leaned forward and patted him on the shoulder. "I know just the thing for you," ho declared. "Why don't you try So-and- £o'x pills?" Skolsky reached down into his pocket and fished up a little curd- board box. "You mean these'.'" he aswcd, "I tried them already. No "Well," countered Brown, "how about Dr. Such-and-Such's remedy'.'" Skolsky fished in his back pocket and piaced that on the table. "No good cither," he declared, "but tell me—1 hear that there's a certain blue pow- Eeforc he finished Brown had the little blue powder in front of him. "Maw," said Brown, "—not worth a hoot. I tried "em." Of the actors. Willie Howard is the most noticeable neurotic, since his poi-uli.-irit.N, in addition to the pills and .powders, is sticking his tongue out in front of every available miiirpr. And Chic Johnson's mad buffoonery, which 'xvms so healthy and effortless on Mage, invariably is preceded by a do.sc of whatever he happens to favor at the 'moment. Of course, the people of the theatre and radio world who really%do have things wrong with them never complain. Alec Templeton, for instance. v et the shirl-culottce combination over their corsets. The black corset, which caused such storm of controversy, has had a lurthci effect on winter lingerie styles designers say. in influencing the making of sheer black lingerie to wear with it. The new nighldrorKos, which mnny are already buying has been used in new ways this year. gifts, emphasize the , c'omelimes a wide inset, band of it serves to effect that famous little waist; again it is inset in bodices or used in brief sleeves to cap shoulders. Very sheer weaves, crepes and satins are used for all this lingerie »'roth. Pale pinks and blues are more talked about than the tearose, which held top place on the lingerie color smart women as Christmas hand-spun waist, too,; Some of them arc designed with in'set midriff sections lo mould the figure and full skirts breaking in a graceful sweep he- low them. Half ol (hem have ;i little jacket to match, or a long sheer coat of the same color. Scores of other.' have long sleeves that give them an old-fashioned look reminscent of I card so long. grandmother's day. For the young things there are a There's lots of lace about and it i lot of nightdresses of flower-springed Now Is the time lo wea¥ Costume Suits We nre Featuring a Group at 3975 LADIES Specialty Shop the blind genius of the piano never worries about n thing and inrely suffers from even a headache. And Connie Boswoll, whose voice is heard in the swingiest of blues, has never been out of n wheelchair since she was three years old. To those people, the afflictions are so real they don't have to imagine any. even o The mo./ct illustrate J is the Buick SUPER moJel 51 four-Joor touring seJan $1109 JeRvertJ at Flint, Mich* smooth its velocity to velvet. k NE little thing will illustrate the unsparing care we're spending to make this 1940 Buick the best car we've ever built, i Take the springs — not simply the great soft-action spirals that cushion the car, but even the valve springs. After they're shaped and tempered and finished there's likely to he here and there a tiny scratch on the surface of tlic steel. ^Transportation htited on mil rutts, sin If iiihi optional et/Hipmrut i:\tru- I'ri^rj s:th~ jfil to cliangt ivithout notice. Such a scratch conceivably might start a fracture. So we shot-blast our springs — to heal such tiny scratches, "peening" the surface jn miniature like hammered silver. A.11 through this massive, powerful, beautiful car you'll find special precaution like that. For example, we used to balance by weight all sets of parts in our tornadic Dynaflash straight-eight engine, to cancel out even a hint of "rough." We do that still, but now we do more. On special machines we electrically balance this great engine to micropoised perfection after assembly, paring metal if need be to Seat angles, pedal positions, shock absorber travel-arc, brake areas, control tensions — every detail comes under special study. \\ lien the experimental models had done their stuff on the General Motors proving ground, we turned 'em over to sharpshooters to punish, over thousands of miles of bad roads and good. Out of it all comes an automobile we're mighty proud to offer — an unbeatable travelmate you will be thrilled to own. Come drive it — see how excitingly close steel and rubber and glass can come to being alive! HEMPSTEAD MOTO R CO. 207 East Third St. MAX cox, owner Hope, Ark.

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