Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 47
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 47

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 47
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL • ON TV WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 — 5 SUNDAY CONT. JUNE 7, 1998 Game S -- Chicago Wolves al Detroit Vipers* If necessary. (Same-day Tape) [BsTl 0-Day: The Total Story n-Hour" As Ihe Normandy Invasion begins, soldiers are farced to make corrections to overcome mistakes. (R| (Part 2 ol 3) [RicTT. My Brother and Me ISCIFI! Sightings A mysterious plane crash invoking an experienced pilot spontaneous human contusion; the use ol psychic evidence In a murder (rial (fl) C\ OB § Fishing With Roland Martin News KB Movie * ** Twister (1996. Drama) Helen Hunt, eil Paxton. Stale-ol-lhe-art special eflects stir up this tale ol tornado chasers on a perilous quesl to lest a new sensor devce. A'PO-13'BBI.t:54) ISHOWI My Best Friend's Wedding: Behind the Scenes The making of Ihe film "My Best Friend's Wedding.' with stars Julia Roberts. Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz. (R) 7:15 P.M. ISHOWI Movie * * * "My Best Friend's Wedding" (1997. Comedy) Juia Roberts. Dermot Mulroney. A jealous lood ait vows to prevent her longtime Mend's upcoming marriage to a sunny-natured heiress. A 'PQ-13' BE (1:45) 7:30 P.M. 03 Kelly Kelly Doug leels threatened when Kelly learns up with a lormer lover on a writing project. H SB 13 Cosby Show Cliffs new kitchen gadget tempts Rudy and her friend Peter to make grape juce. H SD ED Simpsons Bart goes on a shopping spree with a newly acquired credrt card and buys a purebred dog A BE O Slskel ft Ebert Scheduled: "A Perled Murder 1 ; The Opposite ol Sex'; "The Truman Show.' BB IBTSNl Omba Mokomba (R) BB (NlEKl All That (R) A (LNN) Flshln' With Orlando Wilson (Wfl Movie * * * H The Shootist" (1976) John Wayne, Lauren Baca). Challenges by would-be successors complicate a dying gunslinger's desire to live out his final days in peace. (2:05) 7:40 P.M. (WGN1 Instant Replay BB 8:00 P.M. CD gg Simpsons Homer is drawn into a cut called the "MovemenBriaitt' and expects to be taken lo another planet (R) nts GD Movie *** "What About Bob?"(1991)Bit Murray. Retard Dreytuss. A pompous psychiatrist's vacation is disrupted by the arrival ol his new patient, a lovable but aggravating neurotic. (2:00) QD Touched by an Angel The teen-agers a! a camp for HtV-positrve girts, tired ol wailing lor the inevitable, make a pact to end their lives. (R) A BB CD Zola Levitt SD Broadway 'SB: Launching the Tonys From New York, coverage of celebrity arrivals al Radio City Music HaH and presentation of selected Antoinette Peiry Awards by the American Theatre Wing. (Same-day Tape) A BB S3 Sister, Slater Tamera daydreams in history class, reflecting on historical figures who paved Ihe road before her. (R) ABB 83 Movie "A Family Torn Apart' (1993) Ne« Patrick Harris. Gregory Harrison. A secret legacy of abuse comes lo light whan teen boys are Implicated in Ihe murder of their adoptive parents. (2:00) CD Star Trek: Voyager Capl. janeway valiantly tries to save Ihe crippled Voyager Irom the Krenim weapon ship. (R) A (Part 2 ot 2) BE (HI Star Trek: Deep Space Nine A group ol genet caly-engineered. anti-social savants under Bashlr's care predict the Federation win lose the war. (R) A BB fCCSn Movie ** 'Porky's* (1981) Dan Monahan. Mark Harrier. A gang of fun-loving high-school boys seeks revenge against the proprietor of a local brothel in 1950s Florida, (2:00) (BI5C1 Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir Kennedy's locus on organized crime and civil rights during his years at the Justice Department [Bisfil Tlmon ft Pumbaa SB IESPNI Sportscenter BB [HSTI D-Day: The Total Story •Breakout' The Allies try an all-out attack to win the beaches ol Normandy. (R) (Part 3 ol 3) QjFjQ Movie "Murder al My Door" (1996) Judith Light. Johnny Galeckl A woman's etlorts lo hold her troubled family together are threatened lotownj the murder ol a neighbor's daughter. (2:00) (EJIER1 Mystery Files of Shelby Woo Turning elf beach lights lo allow turtles to hatch results in a string ol robberies. (R) § Web(R! NHRA Today Pacific Blue (R) A BB Coach Hayden detests Kelly's boyfriend. A BB Movie * * "Jingle All the Way" (1996. Comedy) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad. On Christmas Eve, two lathers desperately vK lot possession ol Ihe one remaining Turbo Man toy in the whole city. A 'PG' BB (1:28) 8:30 P.M. GD 8S King of the Hill Bobby and a classmate run away Irom home together alter being disciplined lor their behavior ii school. (R) ABB CB On the Street With Willie Jordon • Jamie FOM Jamie and Braxlon must land a plane alter a medical emergency sidelines the aircraft's pilot (R) A BB IDiSNl Aladdin Bfl ffncKl Nick News BB IfrTOlMy Classic Car IW5N1 Nightman Terrorists use equipment Rolen Irom i seismology lab and a ttortwyanl spokesman lo threaten the West Coast with a cataclysmic earthquake. A 8:45 P.M. ffBsl National Geographic Explorer "High Peak Rescue'; •Drnw With Seals'; "A Savage Kind ol Love: (R| BB COO P.M. CD W X-Files The future of the X-Files is endangered as Sculy lingers new duUi, whUe Ihe Cigarette-Smoking Man comes forward w» an otler lo save her He. (H) A (Put 3 ol 3) QB CB Tony Award* From Radio City Music Hall in New York. Ihe 52nd annual presentation of the American Theatre Wing's Antoinette Perry Awards, honoring euelenci in (heeler. (Syne- day Tape) A CO (B Movie "Fighting tor My Daughter" (1995) Lindsay Wegoet. Chad Lowe. A molt* takes matters rto her own hands •hw the pgiici lai lo rescue her letn-agei Irom a prostJMia) ring. HQ Great Performances *San Francisco Opera Gala Celebration' Beverly Sis and Derek Jacob! host performances Irom Plac'rdo Domingo and others al the grand reopening ol San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House. A Bj) Unhappily Ever After Ryan's basebal stardom earns hm a local television commercial: Ross takes over the household duties when Jennie's away. (R) A BB CD Star Trek: Deep Space Nine A group ol genetically-engineered, anil-social savants under Bashes care predict Ihe Federation will lose Ihe war. (R) A BB @ Viper Alter an attempt on Gallon's life, Cole and Frankie rrostfindthe insider responsile. (R) A QB (A&El Guide to Historic Homes Bob Vile travels to Venice and the nearby region ol Veneto to explore the vitas of 16th-century architect Andrea PalacSo. (R) BB IAMCI Hollywood Commandos Ron Reagan Jr. looks al the First Motion Picture Unit. (R) (DISCI Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir Winning his seal in Ihe Senate by a narrow margin. Kennedy continued with new battles against Vietnam, apartheid, poverty and on behalf ol farmworkers. (DiSNl Walt Disney Presents BB IESPNI Baseball Tonight ESPN^ RPM 2Nlght IFAM) Movie * * % "Columbo: It's All in the Game" (1993) Peter Falk. Faye Dunaway. Columbo is danled by Ihe charms ol one of two women suspected of murdering their charismatic lover. A BB (2:00) IHSTi Modern Marvels The inner workings ol Ihe largest aiports in the world, including ground control, high-tech security measures and customs. (R) (NiCKl Lucy and Deal Comedy Hour Lucy and Ethel lind trouble in Tijuana, Mexico. iscifj) New Edge (R) ffNN) Auto Racing "NASCAR Grand National -Bell South-Opryland 320" From Nashville Speedway USA. Tenn. (R) A fuSAi Silk Stalklngs(R) A BB (HSol Sex and the City Al Miranda's birthday party. Carrie and her friends pledge lo stop searching lor Ihe perfect male. (R) A BB ISHOWI Movie "More Tales ol the City" (1998. Drama) (Part 1 ol 2) Laura tinney, Paul Hopkins. Based on Ihe book by Armistead Maupin about Ihe continuing adventures of Ihe residents ol San Francisco's Barbary Lane. (2:30) 9:30 P.M. CD TBN S3 Alright Already Carol pretends to have a baby to counter her loud neighbors; Renee's boyfriend reacts under morphine. (H) A BB fESPNl World's Strongest Man Competition 1997 (ESWzl X-Games Trials (SCTHI C-Net Central (R) A (W5N1 Earth: Final Conflict When a Taakm project developing primitrve Stalls is canceled, Ihe mother Skril luses lo Ihe scientist's arm and controls his mind. (R) A IBBOl Arliss (Season Premiere) Artss has trouble finding work lor his cinnl. a backup quarterback everyone thinks is gay. ABB (MAi<l Making of Jingle All the Way A behind-the- scenes gEmpse al the comedy starring Arnold Schwarienegger and Sinbad. A BB 9:35 P.M. fTRTl Movie * * * The Naked Spur" (1953) James Stewart. Janel Leigh. A bounty hunter, a prospector and an ex-Army officer are lumed agaiisl one another by Ihe outlaw they ere escorting. (2:00) 10:00 P.M. CD NewsBB CD American Film Institute Salute to Robert Wise BB IB Mary Morrlssey SS X-Files BB IB Silicon Valley Business This Week 8S News EQ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine BB (H Pensacola: Wings of Gold [ARcl Movie * * * * "The Sleel Helmet" (1:30) fCoffll Dr. KaU, Professional Therapist (Blggl Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir fpisTil Movie * * » "Summer Magic" (1:50) (ESPN! World's Strongest Man Competition 1997 (EH) FOX Sports News [HsTl D-Day: The Total Story [LTFEl Intimate Portrait BB INICKI Happy Days IsciFTl Space: Above and Beyond B2 (USA) u Femme Nlklta BB (R551 Movie * * * "A Bright Shining Lie" (2:10) fMASfl Movie * *K "Eraser" (2:00) 10:30 P.M. (B Life In the Word CD Overture: A Conversation With Lotfl Mansouri BJ Paid Program Critic Survival of the Fittest Pro Beach Hockey Happy Days Adventures of Sinbad BB 10:45 P.M. GO Sports Wrap (TBS) Movie * * * » "A River Runs Through II" (2:40) 11:00 P.M. CD Mad About You BB GD CD CS NewsQB CB Amazing Facts CS Inside Washington S Cops SB Paid Program W X-Files BO KB Kenneth Copelend 59 NYPD Blue B£ (AMI Mummies: Tale* From the Egyptian Crypt* Dally Show Justice Files Sportscentsr Hawaii Flve-o KB FOX Sports News D-Day: The Total Story Barbara Walters: Interviews of (Lifetime SS >. . v > V SUNDAY EVENING 6/7/98 BROA •"•I GD CD (S ID (B S3 m m EQ gg 6:00 6:30 I 7:00 7:30 8:00 DCAST CHANNELS >JBA Playoffs News® National Geo Paid Prog. Riverdance Reports Sitdown 60 Minutes AGE 8:30 9:00 ••«« 9:30 1 0:00 11 0:30 1 11:00 xmnLioaiH Movie: * * * "What About Bob?" (1 991 ) Touched by an Angel Movie: *** "Monkey Trouble" (1994) A Paid Prog. Dr. james Kennedy Frank Patterson Police Academy Valley Bs. {Meeting Deep Space 9 Shamu Manatees Access Hollywood G3 Parent Cosby Kelly Kelly Cosby World's Funniest! (R) Simpsons Animal Simpsons Siskel Zola Levin WJordon Broadway: Tonys Sister, Sis. Jamie Foxx Robert Wise JjWr^WBIA'il'iijljBII Tony Awards (Same-day.Tape) A S3 Movie: "Fighting for My Daughter" (1995) A King Is-C. TBN jMorrissey Great Performances Unhappily Alright Movie: "A Family Torn Apart" (1993, Drama) Simpsons | King ol Hill Star Trek: Voyager (R) Deep Space 9 I CABLE CHANNELS A&E AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA Hist. Homes Mummies: Tales From Ihe Egyptian Crypts (R) Movie: * * * * "Patton" [1970) Georqe C. Scott, Karl Maiden. yiovie: **« "Up in Smoke" (1978) n the Grip of Evil (R) SrowPains IMuppets Life After Death GoingWild Omba Major League Baseball: Mets at Red Sox "Yours, Mine and Ours" Turner Cup Playoffs Movie: ** RFK-Memoir Timon X-Files "Redux II" (R) Deep Space 9 Viper (R) A m Life-Word Opera X-Files "Fresh Bones" Valley Bs. |PaidProg. News Deep Space 9 Pensacola-Wing News Uti News® News OS Facts Washngtn Cops OS Paid Prog. X-Files A Kenneth C. NYPD Blue m^m^^m^^^^m^m^^^m Guide to Historic Homes (R)H Hollywood Commandos "Porky's" (1981) Dan Monahan. i Aladdin Sportscenter El Movie: "The Cowboy and the Movie Star" IE RFK-Memoir Walt Disney Presents Baseball | Strongman Mummies Movie: "The Steel Helmet" (1951) Dr. Katz Critic RFK-Memoir Daily Show Justice Movie: * * k "Summer Magic" Strongman Survival Movie: "Columbo: It's All in the Game" (1993) Turner Cup Playoffs: Championship Game 5 •• Chicago at Detroit Movie: "Final Justice" (1998) Annette OToole. Figure-Out IKenan-Kel (:01) Alien Nation m My Brother | All That (R) Sightings (R) A H Movie: * * * "Ghost" (1990, Fantasy) Patrick Sw; Championship Rodeo | Fishing (5:00) Movie: "The Undefeated" Movie: * * K "Major League" (1989) Fishin' Movie: "Murder at My Door" (1996, Suspense) Mystery Web(R) yze. NHRA | Nick News Lucy and Desi New Edge |CNet FOX Sports News Intimate Portrait HappyDay HappyDay Space-Beyond (-.45) National Geographic Explorer (R) H ClassicCar [Auto Racing: NASCAR Grand National Movie: ***» "The Shootist" (1976 A | Pacific Blue (R) A SB Sportsctr. HawaiiS-0 Sports Barbara W. WonderYr Alien Ntn. "River Runs Thr." Moior Trd |(:35) Movie: *** "The Naked Spur' (1953) Silk Stalkings (R) G3 |La Femme Nikita (R) A |Big Easy 1 PREMIUM CHANNELS HBO MAX SHOW (5:30) * * "Space |Movie: * * * "Twister" (1996) Helen Hunt. |Sex-City "Waynes2 Movie: *** "Airplane!" (1980) Movie: * * "Jingle All the Way" lEanti: Final Conllict(R) Arliss 89 Jingle Adventures of Sinbad tmmmm Movie: "A Bright Shining Lie" | Movie: **» "Eraser" (1996) (5:15) "Doc Hollywood" |(:15) Movie: "My Best Friend's Wedding" (1997) |Movie: "More Tales ol the City" (1998, Drama) Laura Linney. (NlCR! Wonder Years EG fgefil Allen Nation BB fffiNl Motor Trend Television (U5S1 Big Easy BB 11:30 P.M. 2) M'A'S'H BE (3) Sports Final GD Game Day GD EB Paid Program ® Mclaughlin Group 03 Real Stories of the Highway Patrol QandA ) Movie * * "All Ihe Young Men - (t:30) ) Viva Variety [S] RPM ZNIght j Wonder Years W ) Hot Rod TV j Hsrcules: The Legendary Journeys BS Ratings, Morals ft Sex on TV 11:35 P.M. E Movie * * 'Blind Man's Blutl" (2:00) (TOT) Movie * * * * "How Ihe West Was Won* '025) 11:50 P.M. (DiSNl Summer 12:00 A.M. CD Walker, Texas Ranger BE S) Bay Area Backroade S George Michael Sports Machine QD John O Funding Your Dreams 03 Late Night With James Gabbert {D Jack Van Imps @ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine BH EH Paid Program rSBMl South Park i Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir ) Zorro BB ) Stanley Cup Playoffs Auto Racing John Ostesn BE J Hooked on Golf ) D-Day: The Total Story ) One West Walklkl ) Brady Bunch 1 Twilight Zone BB (USA) Silk Stalkings BB ) Motrle * * * The Terminator (1:60) 12:10 A.M. (HBB1 Dennis Miller SB 12:30 A.M. QD Slskel ft Ebert BB (D NYPD Blue OS ffl Healthweek BS ED) Paid Program ) Tick SB ) Spin and Marty BB Larry Jones ) Pro Beach Volleyball 1 Love Lucy &H Columbo ] Outer Limits SB 12:40 A.M. [BIS! Spawn IS] CB Access Hollywood (ffl CD Wnh Style OB . QD Rev. ,.,.,.- ...-.••• CD Firing Une E3 IFAMl [sflFil [U57C1 Paid Program ~1 Soul Train ) Movie **»-Shipwreck"(2:00) 1 Movie * * * "I Wanl You" (2:00) j Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist ] Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir ] Movie **»-Unldemliled Flying Oddbatr(t:35) H) Sportsflgures } True Action Adventures ) Night Court 1 Happy Days 1:10 A.M. (HB51 Movie * * * Trankie and johnny" (2:00) 1:20 A.M. ISHOWI Movie * * "Mr. Jones-(1:55) 1:25 A.M. (T§D Interstitial Fill 1:30 A.M. GD More Than a Game OB GO Extra BO 03 Tony Brown's Journal I H1FE1 (5CTFH luSAl Paid Program ) Critic _) Auto Racing , JTaxIBD (TH) Coach BB 1:35 A.M. QD KwikWItz 1:50 A.M. fMAXl Movie * * * 'Above the Law* (1:45) 2:00 A.M. CD Ghost Stories [D Computer Man (ID Shepherd's Chapel 09 Late Might With James Gabbert H3 fFAMl IDFE1 seirTl (USA) Paid Program 1 Movie * * 'Lust In Ihe Oust* (2:00) ) Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir J Fishing ) Automobiles JNewtwtSE J Comer Pyte, USMC 2:30 A.M. (3) Wall Street Journal Report (D Martha Stewart Living BB ~^D (Off) (flicTQ (OSS Paid Program J Motoworld J Inside Space BO J Headline News GNl Spartan School of Aeronautics 2:35 A.M. (DJSNj Mouteterplece Theatre BE 3:00 A.M. GL) Earth: Final Conflict QD Save Our Streets (3D GayleKlngSB S) PsaUns IB Hawaii Flve-0 § Voyages Movie * * * 'Caught in Ihe Dralf (1:30) ITS® IF551 (LlFFIIrTOKl fScmHUSAl >rogram ^ Movie * * »'Summer Magic* (2:00) ] Sportscenter J Bodyaluplng ) History Showcase ) Jettons -._..,.,. ) Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rihl Rahl Rahl ) Garner Ted Armstrong 3:10 A.M. (HBOl Movie * * 'Object ot Obsession' (1:30) 3:15 A.M. (SHOW) Movie * 'Street Corner Justice* (1:45) 3:30 A.M. QD Travel Travel GD Mosaic (Bisei GSM) (HE (EH) ruicm fScffn [Q£Si Paid Program [tSPNl] Co-Ed Training (Tjs) All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo IW5N1 Life in the Word 3:35 A.M. flvlAiO Movie *» "Public Enemy No. 1" (1:35) 4:00 A.M. Q) Nightman GD Bloomberg Business News QD CBS Up to the Minute QD Kings W Nlghtowl Theatre IB Gunemoke ) Classroom J [Else) (FAM) ffsBI ItFtn ISjeg) (OSAi i Program ) Sportscenter _j Gotta Sweat ) Year by Year D Max Headroom BS J All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo [TNT] Fllnlstones IWGfil Feed the Children 4:30 A.M. QD NBC News at Sunrise SD CS CBS Morning News OS lAMC] Movie * * 'Manila Calling'(1:30) [CSTO (OiSCl CfAMl (FSBl IPFEl [USAl Paid Program J Cyberflt J Dick Van Dyke ) Gllllgan's Island 1 Fllntstones ) Kenneth Copeland 4:40 A.M. (HBOl Movie ** "Inventing the Abbolls' (1:50) 5:00 A.M. CD (3 First Business QD CD News BO QD ABC World News This Morning BS CS Shepherd's Chapel QD Instructional Programming Bfl I Love Lucy O Headline News Fantastic Four ) Columbo ) (BiSc', ffAMi [DfB Paid Program ) Ink ft Paint Club BB ) Sportscenter _3 Flex Appeal ) Basic Training ) Classroom JBobNewhwl j Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ) GilUgan's Island ) CHIPS ) Bloomberg Television 8 Tiny Toori Adventures • - -'• '-.'"1 Movie * * * *W»illng lor OuHm«n"

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