Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 46
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 46

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 46
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4 WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 SUNDAY ON TV •SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL JUNE 7, 1998 MORNING 5:00 A.M. CD Your New House GD Meet tin Press El CD Horn* Again 09 GO Topper OD U.S. Farm Report ID Taraan O Hawaii Flve-fl W IS (TOHlCBlgei (FACT (FUJGJFE) USED Paid Program 0 Ink & Paint Club SO ESPNtw* _ Auto Racing 3 History Showcase B Bob Newhart . ' D All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo untl Cllllgan'a Island BB (055) Street Sharks m (Waffl Bozo Supar Sunday 5:30 A.M. CD America's Black Forum CD Martha Stewart Living BB GO Travel Update m Sunday Mass IS (am (BBS (FAM) ffSBl (DEB IseiFii (OSAlPald Program ~ B ESPNews Auto Racing Newhart Bfl J Fllntstonas ] Gllllgan's Island OS 6:00 A.M. CD Lifestyle Magazine CD Tennis SB CB Mosaic CB 61 CD IS (COM) (oi5cl lurti Paid Program CB Movie **'Diamond Safari'(1:30) S3 MotorWeekSfl B9 Bullwinkle Ha Dr. James Kennedy ~I Breakfast With the Arts D Movie * * * 'Crash Dive'(2:00) 1 Mickey's Mouse Tracks BB D NBA Matchup ) Auto Racing Bishop Patterson } FOX Sports News j Gadget Boy's Adventures In History Gullah Gullah Island Scl-FI Entertainment (IBS) Fllntstones ItNNl NASCAR Garage (TNT) Lois & Clark: The New Adventures ot Superman BB [u5AlC-Nel Central (VVGN] Pinky & the Brain 6:15 A.M. (SHOW) Movie * * * "Barefoot in the Park' (1:45) 6:30 A.M. CD It Is Written BB CD Bay Sunday E) Better Homes and Gardens BB (9 StorytlmeBB 89 Real Adventures ot Jonny Quest S3 fQ EB IS9 (COM) (DTSei OS Paid Program ~) Katie and Orbie BB IPN) Sportsweekly "D Zola Levitt D Inspector Gadget's Field Trip _B Blue's Clues IE) Inside Space BB America's Funniest Home Videos D Shadetree Mechanic D Mighty Max BB 3) Superman 3 Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel W 7:00 A.M. CD In Touch BB CD Sunday Morning BB QD Good Morning America/Sunday Bfl CB RepptesBB H3 BUI Nye the Science Guy BB EH Frederick K.C. Price ® Hour of Power SB 60 Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys (S IMS (DTe) Paid Program ICOMl Movie * * * -Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' (2.00) (DiSNi Madeline BB (ESPN21 RPM 2Day (FAM) Ben Haden (FSBl FOX Sports News (BIS Field Trips USA (SES Family Double Dare iscifll Swamp Thing BB ITBS1 America's Funniest Home Videos (TNN) Inside NASCAR (TNT; In the Heat of the Night W [UJAj Ullralorce BB (WGNl Men In Black: The Series (HBO"! Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures BB (MAX) Movie * * * s -The Lady From Shanghai'(1:30) 7:25 A.M. [DISNI Circle Time 7:30 A.M. CD Exalted Word S) Theodore TugboatBB 89 Dragon Ball Z CB Extreme Ghostbuater* Unity, the Best Is Yet to Be ) Open Book D (OFE1 Paid Program PB * J otter BO } Sport* Reporters 21 Auto Racing (FAM) Larry Jones (HsTl Year by Year (or Kids (MB You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown (SCTHl Godzilla Attacks! (USA) Doubl»ar**»n4B-.u./. - •.'«' ' ..'•••. '• (W5R1 New Batman/Superman Adventures (HE) Babar 7:35 A.M. ITBSi Movie * * * s 'A River Runs Through If (2:40) 7:55 A.M. loiSNl Circle Time 8:00 A.M. CD Hour of Power BB QD News OB CB Jubilee Christian Center GD Big Comfy Couch (SI BB Iron Man Q Key of David O Fox News Sunday ED Mask S fBigei (F|B) (DFEl Paid Program - (ASE1 Biography International Diary ota Sergeant D Bear In the Big Blue House BB Sportscenter ) In Touch BB D Trains Unlimited NEK) Muppet Babies 203) Time Trex BB ~~B Raceday TNT) In the Heat of the Night BB \) Wing Commander Academy BB i) Movie ** "Space Jam" (1:30) I.SHOWI Bunch of Munsch BB 8:25 A.M. (QiSNl Circle Time 8:30 A.M. CD Face the Nation BB CD Amazing Facts CD Wimzle's House BB 03 X-Men BB BJ (B15C1 (FS51 CCiFEl Paid Program EB Extreme Dinosaurs IS New Beginnings (5HE1 Movie * * * * "The Best Years of Our Lives' (3:00) (DiSNl LIHIe Mermaid BB (NiCKl Tiny Toon Adventures ""3 Savage Dragon BB 3 Pinky & the Brain I) Movie * * * -Pretty in Pink" (1:30) ™H Bunch of Munsch BB 8:55 A.M. 0 Crazy Over Daisy 9:00 A.M. CD Web World CD Martha Stewart Living BB CD €Q 83 (FSBl (LIFE) Paid Program (33 Groundling Marsh BB SD ZorroBB EB JumanllEO (S Coral Ridge Hour (550 Movie * * * 'Inside Daisy Clover" (2:00) pSQ Odd Couple '" isci Zooventure i5Nl Amazing Animals BB (FAM) Animal Adventures 3 Mighty Mississippi BB ™) Looney Tunes Web D NHRA Today D In the Heat of the Night BB \) Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm IHl (W5g) Anlmanlacs fjHBw) Bedtime Stories SB 9:30 A.M. CD Bay Area People CD Rebecca's Garden CB Marketplace CB BJ 89 (uffj Paid Program CD Close to You: Remembering the Carpenter* H9 Dragon Ball Z EB Incredible Hulk OB feoMl Odd Couple IOISC1 Boneheads: Detectives of the Paleoworld (BisTJl Amazing Animals BB (ESPN) Equestrian (FAM] Animal Adventures EH) Auto Racing INN) Best of Shadetree Mechanic S Street Fighter SB GN) Sylvester a Tweety Mysteries 30) When It Was a Game II SO SHOWI My Life as a Dog BB 10:00 A.M. CD Fox News Sunday CD Track and Field BB QD This Week SO CD Key of David BB Student Bodies BB Bl 33 Paid Program EB Breaker High SO tBI McDougall M.D. fegftl SporUerk* NBA Tour ESS Mega Movie Magic (DiSNl Pluto and His Friend* SO (FAH1 Christy BB (H3T) Mighty Mlsslwlppl BO 5 What Every Baby Know* SB Rugrats BO J Truck* and Tractor Power 3 Movie * * * Thicker Than Blood" (2:00) _ Saved by the Bell: The New Class Bfl Mi Andy Griffith JS Movie ** "Dear God'(2:00) (SHOW) Movie *»"RoboCop3"(l:45) 10:01 A.M. IsciFTI New Edge 10:15 A.M. ITBSI Interstitial Fill _ 10:25 A.M. QSSNJ Movie * * The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure' (1:20) 10:30 A.M. GD American Religious Town Hall 03 Blossom BB • '• ' ED W IS Paid Program-" ••'••• • •'• I Sweet Valley High SB ~D Make Me Laugh D Reel Kids, Real Adventures J To Be Announced ] Kid* The** Days BB fl Angry Beavers iCiFil C-Net Central ) Ma|or League Baseball BO D Race of the Week (OSS) USA High BO (Weft) Andy Griffith (HBO) Movie *** Twister'(2:00) 11:00 A.M. CD Major League Baseball OB GD Women's Basketball SB CB" Sunday on Seven CB O 8B O Paid Program CS Women's Bodies, Women's Minds - The Mind Body Connection O Adventures of Oliver Twist CD Beast Ware lASEl American Justice 9 Saturday Night Live Bfl ) Adventure* of A.R.K. JlCARTJDay fl Movie * * x The Adventures of Milo and Otis'(1:30) (EH) Mighty Mississippi SB [OF!) Golden Girls BO 3 Hey Arnold! Sfl Q Movie **'Critters'(2:00) J) World Wrestling Fsderatlon Superstars 55) Lead-Off Man 11:10A.M. D Major League Baseball 11:30 A.M. CB House Doctor CD ID 83 O Paid Program S3 Bill Nye the Science Guy BO EB Van-PIre* (AMg Movie *** The Fighting SullrVans" C615C1 Jaw* & Claw* (Egg) Stanley Cup Playoff* IESPN2I Mother'* Car Show (UFEl Golden Girls BO (Ni£K) Aaahhll! Real Monsters BB (TNN) My Classic Car 11:45 A.M. IDISNI Movie **« The Land Before Time III: The Time ol the Great Giving" (1:15) ISHOWI Movie * * "Ruby Jean and Joe" (1:45) AFTERNOON 12:00 P.M. CS PQAGoUSB • CB House Doctor CD Cornerstone BS <S P«ld Program ED Movie *** "Streets ol Gold" (2:00) ® Nightman EQAIgo's Factory ~1 Biography This Week D Movie * * X "Up in Smoke" (2:00) D Movie Magic JJD Auto Racing Q This Week In Baseball D Mighty Mississippi BO (UFFi Movie * * "Labor of Love" (2:00) (NiCEl Rocko's Modem Life SO QM) Motor Trend Television (TNT) Movie ** is "Point of No Return" (2:15) (TJ5A) Winge SB (MAX) Movie * * * * "Gigi" (2:00) 12:30 P.M. CB National Geographic on Assignment Bl Quest for Excellence ES Electric Playground SB Paid Program (Disci Discovery News T3 LPGA Golf D Movie * * "How lo Frame a Figg" (2:00) ... Jl Hooked on Golf (MCKl Kablaml (TJ5A1 Pacific Blue BO [HB51 Making of Twister SO 12:45 P.M. (RED Movie * * » "Can't Buy Me Love" (1:45) 12:46 P.M. (U Women's Bodies, Women's Choices 1:00 P.M. (D Hoop-H-Up (D (S Paid Program B9 Adventures of Sinbad BO (39 Police Academy-The Series 03 Boy Meets World Bfl (ASH Mysteries of the Bible TjjSO Mysterious World OlSN) Baby-Sitters Club BO D Major League Baseball j Crusade In the Pacific 1 My Brother and Me _D Movie ***» "Terminator2: Judgment --/•(3W) ^ QHS) NASCAR Oarage 1:30 P.M. CB Auto Racing BO CB O Paid Program ED WM AC Master* D Movie ***»"HomeoflheBrave"(1:30) D Mysterious Universe J Flash Forward SO ) Battle Une j) Tiny Toon Adventure* ) Interstitial Fill f; Auto Racing 5 Slider* BO T Movie * s "Being Human" (2:00) _ • 1:35 P.M. (TBS) Movie *n 'Fatal Beauty' (2:25) 2:00 P.M. G) Earth: Final Conflict CD NBA: At the Final* CB & Paid Program >''.., 09 Highlander: The Series /^ ,' CO Movie ** * "Hopscotch" (2:00) gg Movie **» The Night We Never Met" (2:00) EB Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Bfl (ASB Unexplained ) Movie ** 'Porky's"(2«l) ; Strange but True? Torkelsons BB ) World at War ) Movie "Cagney & Lacey: Together Again' ) What Would You Do? fHATfl Movie The Perfect Mother" (1:30) 2:15P.M. (TNT) Movie * * * •* The Searchers' (2:45) (W5NI Tenth Inning 2:30 P.M. CD Capitol Racing ED Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon IS Paid Program 3 Animal X Q Torkelsons BB ) Senior PGA Golf ) Auto Racing ,. ~..i1 Movie * * * 'The Thrill of It All' (2:00) INTO Wild & Crazy Kids (BIS Sliders SB (W5N) Andy Griffith (HB51 Ufestories: Families In Crisis BO 3:00 P.M. CD F/X: The Series CD Slskel 4 Ebert SB CD CD Paid Program 09 Movie ** "Absolution" (2:00) CB Team Knight Rider 83 Haven 0 Treasure! D Movie ***»ToHelland Back"(2:00) 3 Beyond Bizarre On Ice "] True Action Adventure* Global Gut* D Quest for Adventure 3 Saved by the Bell BO D Movie **H The Arrival" (2:00) 3:10 P.M. IB15N1 Movie * * The Mighty Ducks" (1:50) 3:30 P.M. CD FrasierSD CD Pensacola: Wings of Gold GD Paid Program IS Martha Stewart Living BB IESPN21 Auto Racing INICKI Legends of the Hidden Temple ffNFD One More Cast With Shaw Grigsby I05AI Movie * * * »'Four Weddings and a Funeral" (230) [W5N1 Saved by the Bell SO IMAXI Movie *» -Police Academy 4: Citizens onPatrpr(tJO) CfHOWl Movie **» "Side Out" (1:45) 4:00 P.M. CD BaywatchBB CD NBA Showtime BO CD Auto Racing CD Paid Program ED Movie ***» The Shadow Box"(2:00) 89 Star Trek: The Next Generation BO CB Movie ***»"Romero'(2:{X>) IS Pal Factor: Chronicle* of the Paranormal SO (AM) Ancient Mysterle* ICOMl Movie * * * -Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' (2:00) (BiSei Raging Planet "" Sportacenter _2 2Day at the Races D Turner Cup Playoff* "] Automobile* 3 Movie "One ol Her Own' (2:00) ) Salute Your Short* Space: Above and Beyond BO D National Geographic Explorer BO D Outdoor Magazine l Parent 'Hood BO 4:20 P.M. E5PN) Baseball Tonight 4:30 P.M. GD NBA Basketball Playoffs BB CD Weird Al BO CD Paid Program CS Rlyerdance: Live From New York City (E5PN2) RPM ZNight IFAMI Movie * * * "Yours, Mine and Ours" (itiBft Clarissa Explain* It All SO UNNJ Ba»*ma8t*rs (W5N1 Kelly Kelly SO 5:00 P.M. CD (D News SB CD Inside Edition Weekend Bfl CD Paid Program O America's Dumbest Criminals SS Earth: Final Conflict IS SUIT Trek: Deep Space Nine BB fAlB Guide to Historic Homes BB IAMCI Star* and Strip**: Hollywood and World War II 3 Bug Julc* W D Major League Bsseball SO D Major League-Soccer Modern Marvel* (NlcTcl Wonder Year* W DEarth2Sfl D In-F!*h*rman Television BB 1 Movie * * * 'The Undefeated" (230) S Sister, Sister SB D Tracey Take* On... Bfl Movie # * »"Wayne's World 2' (1:30) 5:15 P.M. (SHOWi Movie * * * "Doc Hollywood' (1:45) 5:30 P.M. CD CBS Evening New* SO CD ABC World New* Sunday BO CD-RaUMfrogtam i/»>. » . <-1 j .. 89 Cops OB ,-:,•'..-,iji.' [Bislvil Growing Pains SO (NreKi Are You Afraid of the Dark? SO ITNNI Bill Dance Outdoors IWGNI Jamie Foxx Sfl (HiB) Movie **'Space Jam'(1:30) EVENING 6:00 P.M. CD Selnf eld Jerty suspects his new cleaning person of Healing a statue he had promised to Georgt. A Bfl C£) News Bfl CD National Geographic on Assignment An American aslmail is scheduled to travel on a Russian rocket one man's efforts to photograph wjfcffe in Bwi natural African habitats. CD Paid Program BB Police Academy-The Series When Luke becomes Annie's secret admirer, Casey suddenly finds himsel subjected to mysterious accidents. (R) CO Silicon Valley Business This Week HoslJn Goldman discusses business in Callomia's Silicon Valey. 83 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine A group ol genetically-engineered, anti-social savants under Bashirs care predict the Federation will lose Ihe war. (R) A BB CB Sea World Present* Making of the Shamu Adventure Show A behMlw-scenes look at a Sea World show.(R) IS Access Hollywood Scheduled: actress Melissa Joan Han: celebrity vacation homes. A BO ISHei Movie * * * * 'Patton" (1970. Biography) George C. Scott. Karl Maiden The Oscar-winning account of the career of Gen. George S. Ration, one of the greatest mSUry leaders of Work) War II.'PG'(2:49) (gSMl Movie * * * "Up In Smoke" (1976) Thomas Chong, Cheech Mann. Cheoch and Chong travel from Los Angeles lo Tijuana In search of suffidem drugs lor an upcoming music conlesL (2:00) IDT5CI In the Grip of Evil Demonic possession and nor- cisminlilm, myth and personal stories. (R) (BiSTil Growing Pain* Unscrupulous students recrul Mike to run lor student president lo ensure a victory for their candidate. SO (HST1 D-Day: The Total Story 1) Minus One' The Allies prepam l« the invasion of Normandy. (R) (Pan t of 3) (OH) Movie "Final Justice" (1998) Annette OToole. CCH Pounder. After the man who murdered her brother Is acquit- led, an outraged woman kidnaps his amoral attorney. BO (2:00) CNiCRl Figure It Out (US Movie *** "Ghost"(1990)PatrickSwayze, Demi Moore. A murder victim cells on a storefront psychic to he*) save his Fiancee from the thugs who killed him. (2:45) ITNN1 Championship Rodeo Final round of the PBR Ty Murray Invitational from Wil Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas. (Taped) A fOSAl Movie * * S "Ma|or League" (1969) Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen. A baseball team owner assembles a motley group of players hoping their poor performance wl enable her lose! out. A EB(2:00) IW5TC1 Unhappily Ever After Ryan's baseball stardom earns him a local television commercial. Ross likes over the household duties when Jennie's away. (R) A BB 6:01 P.M. ISCIFII Allen Nation George goes under cover as a cienl al a computer-dating sen/ice lo locale a female Newcomer Uler. ABB 6:30 P.M. (D Our Town Salanland in Santa Rosa: an elk preserve in Minn, a Hawaiian market in San Maleo. BB CD Five Report* QD Paid Program GD Frank Patterson - Ireland's Golden Tenor: Ireland In Song Tenor Frank Patterson, joined by his wife and ton, pertomn liish aaixJjros, including Danny Boy,' Vy InshUotyO-and-AnlnshLulaby (Tooraloora): (R) Bl Meeting the Challenge EB Sea World Presents... Manatees: A Survivor'* Tale Host Jack Hanna explores the world of the endangered manatee at Sea World. (R) IPISNI Muppet* Tonight! Comic BiHy Crystal appears in spools of "When Harry Met SaV and -City Sfckers: BO INICKI Kenan * Kel Kenan finally asks Bnanna out, and te dream dale turns Mo a disaster. (R) A IWGNI Alright Already Carol pretends lo have a baby lo counter her loud neighbors; Renee's boyfriend reacts under morphine.(H) A BO (MAS Movie * * * "Airplane!- (I960, Comedy) Robert Hays. Juie Hagerty. A neurotic former war pilot is pressed Mo service when an akliners crew succumbs lo food poisoning. 'PG'Sfl (1:28) 7:00 P.M. (D W World's Funnlestl Humorous outtakes from Ihe world ol animals. (R) A SO Q} Sltdown CD 60 Minutes A BB CS Movie *** "MonkeyTrouble"(1994)Thora Birch, Harvey KB«al. A 9-yeai-okl girt adepts a capuchin monkey •tee previous owner taught t thievery, among other Kicks. A CB Dr. James Kennedy BB Parent 'Hood Wendel is smilen by Jem's visiting sister, but she only wants lo pay him back lor leasing her In high school(H) A BO O Co*by Show After three months of hous«flOkJturmoiL CHI and Oair welcome the beginning ol the school year. BB ED Simpson* Homer and friends reiilioduct i speak-easy lo Springfield when en old Prohibition law is enforced. A SO IS Animal Adventure* The value ol community aquariums on Florida's western coast program using dolphins in heal- ngJR)A(EI) SM) Mummies: Tale* From the Egyptian Crypt* Egyptologists oiler insight into two wlueotogio! In- umphs, the deciphering ol the hieroglyphs and Ihe discovery ot King Tutankhamen's tomb. (H) (ESS Life After Death: A Skeptical Inquiry 6<a™«ig the soenUic possfciliy ol Ke alter death. (R) IMS Going Wild! Combing the Everglades to look tor croco4les.(H)BB fP^ffi Boxln 9 "Zabdiel Judah vs. Mickey Ward From Totowa, N. J., a scheduled 12-round bout for the vacant USBA junior welterweight title. (Live) G5SI Movie The Cowboy and Ihe Movie Star' 1998) Sean Young. Perry King. Premiere After a car accident leaves her stranded, a pampered actress is forced lo accompany a cowboy on his final cattle drive. A ffiipttl)' «"' F '

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