Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUfc May Call On FDR to Settle Asia's War United States Is Japan's Best Silk Stocking District By PRESTOX GROVER WASHINGTON - Right now prospects for peace set-in only moderate. Yet some persons see a possibility that . President Roosevelt, by .good diplomatic headwork. could score a grand i slam by bringing peace not only to; Europe but also to Asia. Washington did not rsepond immediately to Berlin's unofficial sug- "gestion that the U. S. mediate. But' _, that opportunity promises to remain open. It is j\ "developing" situation. Wholly overshadowed by the Europ ean war. is the dawdling conflict in the Orient. Persons here with wide diplomatic contacts, especially with far eastern figures, say the time already has arrived when the U. S. could put an end to the Japanese- Chinese afafir with one warm gesture. - The hitch lies in the fact that the warm gesture would have to be made toward Japan. That would take considerable public "preparation. 1 Americans lately have become soured on the Japanese. Americans are disposed to call for hard treatment- net for warm gestures. We Are Japan's Silk Stocking District But that Japan is more amendable to U. S. influence just now is clear. She has asked to revive the trade treaty denounced by the U. S. last July. She can't afford to lose her major source of international spending America. The V. S. could use that situation to press upon Japafi for improved conditions in the OrienL A more important aspect is Japan's •need for an international "big broth- ,er" among the western nations, as she once had in England. That relationship ended in 1922, when the U. S.. as a condition for naval disarmament, insisted that the British-Japanese alliance be dissolved, •v Prior to the dissolution of that treaty British diplomatic influence had kept .Japan from such blunders as her new Chinese policy. Japan Could Sell Guns to Europe The exact course for U. S. mediat- HOPE STAB; apse, OUR BOARDING HOUSE. .with ... MAJOR HOOPLE OOOD EVE - I OfcOHRED TMOSe GROCERIES AT 6 A.M, AND HERE IT \<B s\3o^^ CHD YOU COME AROUND BY WAY OF THE CANAL , FI,EETPOOT EGAD/ THERE: MY BILL/ WOW DID BVER DISCOVER IT ? FAP/? SPUTT-TT/5 1 AM AS FIFTY/SHUCKS ANt> HAVE YOU CHANGE FOR «5O BILL / POWERLESS REMONSTRATE THOUGH "DETAINED CALCUTTA A MY WAY, MAJOR • THE FAMILY DOCTOR r. M. itea. w. *. PAT. •I _ to follow in the Orient isn't fully '.^charted even in the minds of those now advocating it. Roughly the idea is this: The U. S. would prepare for mediation under circumstances which would permit Japan to "save face' 'in the Orient in her withdrawal from her present policy of pacification by conquest. It might be possible for Japan to say, as has Germany in the case of Poland, that she has accomplished her purpose in China. Diplomacy can readily handle such matters. By DR. MORRIS RSHBEIN Miter, Joarnal of the American Medical AawclaHca. ••* «| Hyjela, the Health Magazine Surgeons Seek New Cures for Infants Crippled by Dislocated Hip at Birth . - vxv.il i.\j 4,1 y uy ^ Une suggestion was that the U. S. it to stay there. When a child is born, thd long bone of its thigh, which ought to be in close relationship to the bones of the hip, is scjmetimes out of place. The head ofvthis long bone, which is callel ,the femur, is a round cap which ought to fit perfectly into a socket in the large bone of the hip. The possibility that these long bones could be out of place has been, recognized for many centuries. Cases were described more than 2300 years ago. Even then it was thought desirable to keep the bones under a pull in the long direction to get the head back into the place where it belongs and then to try by various means to force invite Japan, as a prelude, into an informal group of Neutral nations, including the Americas, Japan and Italy The central idea would be to discuss keeping out of the European squabble. From an economic standpoint that ARKANSAS LIVESTOCK SHOW EXPOSITION GROUNDS NORTH LITTLE Rl *12,5OO forABMSAS ^GENERAL ADM1SSIOW PRESENT *«,fV ^0»3« GOING PLACES" A BRILLIANT STAGE SMASH HIT 'Oo SltfS STAQl SCRff u RAD/0 SEAJERAL ADMISSION 50 < GKANDSTANO --'---- An Italian surgeon in 1880 described a procedure for manipulating the bones to straight** cwt the dislocation. More attention was focused on this subbject when the Austrian surgeon, Lorenz. came to America in 1901-02 to perform his manipulative procedure on a famous patient. Great force was employed to bring about a restoration of the tissue to an approximately normal position. American orthopedic surgeons insisted that any procedure which damaged the soft tissues greatly might lead to results which were worse than the condition it was desired to cure. - , .. , could be tremendously inviting to Japan. The .munitions and airplanes ihe now is using against China could be sold m Europe. Japan might recover part of the terrific losses she has suffered. The thing has real possibilities, as seen by observers here. It could be worked independently of the European business, so that LT. S. influence could be credited with some accomplishment toward peace. There is time in which to work The trade treaty denounced by the United States does not die until January, time enough for diplomacy to turn the trick. SECOND ANNUAL WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP fVERY AFTERNOON 2PM.Sharp ^ 'SPECIAL PERFORMANCE SUNDAY NIGHT Och22 OMPETING FOIL 8.OOO CASH PRIZES GENEKAL ADMISSION 75* 6RANDSTAND$I.OO • RESERVED SEC f 1.25 BOX SEATS «l. 50 CHILDREN 6-13 AT YOUR SERVICE CHILDREN AND SMALL THINGS We're just as attentive to your children as to you! Whether they come in for chewing gum or tooth paste, we're happy to serve you and your family well. Two graduate pharmists on duty. WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got If PHONE «2 Motorcycle Delivery Since that time doctors here have been practicing gentle manipulation of the bones. They do not believe that the method is frequently successful in children over four years of age. The possibility of surgical operations to control these conditions still remains. In serious cases the surgeon can open the joint. In a small percentage of cases which are seen very early in life and in which the abnormalities are slight, gentle manipulation can bring about restoration to normal. This is no work for ,an amateur. It involves some of Che most highly expert training and practice that is known to medical science. When the joint is opened, the operation is also a serious one because of the size of the joint and the amount of tissue that has to be controlled. Records show a considerable number of cases that have been benefited by modern orthopedic science. Experts continue to study these cases with a hope of still further improvement in technic that will enable more persons who require this work, and who otherwise would pass through life greatly crippled, to obtain useful func tioning joints. Beardens^leared (Continued from Page One) Eearden, Went on the stand following Mr. Lewis, Stuart identified some of the handwriting on the recepits as that of Jim and Reginald Bearden He also said that Jim and Reginald didn't carry official tax receipts—because the official receipts were kept in the office at Washington, Stuart denied making any alleged shortage up in the collector's office- ami said that as far as he knew no shortage ever existed. Stuart also testified that he didn't know who the delinquent person tax list was turned over to for the purpose of collection last December. frank Hill, county clerk and custodian of the county records at Washington, took the stand-but was soon excused with orders to go to Washington and bring additional records to the courtroom. Basil York, furniture dealer of Hope testified that he paid his personal tax<*' to Reginald Bearden, the sum of 531.81, and then later was notified that he was delinquent. He produced his cancelled check with the names of J. R. and J. E. Bearden on the back of it as endorsements. Prosecutor Huie then read into the record that seven other men held cancelled checks showing that they had paid their personal taxes to either J. R. or J. E. Bearden. These men were A. C. Moreland, J. A Sullivan, L. 'Carter Johnson, D M r£ ?>- T - King ' Ira ' W ' Hcndrix and Fred Cook. After reading these checks, prosecutor Huie announced that the slate rested its case. Defense Attorneys Carrigan and Vesey moved for an instructed verdict of acquittal in the case of Reginald Bearden on the grounds that no evidence had been presented to show that Reginald Bearden was a derjutv collector. J There was a 30-minute recess and then Judge Bu.sh ordered acquittals in both the cases. Colects Perfumes NORMAN. Okla.-Wi— Having discovered a way to place odors on paper and make them stay there. Dr. Ralph Bienfang. professor at the University of OklahoVna, makes a hobby of collecting scents. He has more than 2JI) of them, gathered from all parts of the world, on file. They include such rare fragrances as the scent from oil of rose and ncroli oil distilled bitter orange. from A gain of a pound a day is considered the average for a normal hog. U, .S. Ship Rescues (Continued From Page One) Walters Is Void the Most Valuable Cincinnati Pitcher, Winner of 27 Games, Is Honored NEW YORK - (fl*) ~ Bucky Wnl- ters. Cincinnati's 27-game winner, wns voed thd National League's most vnlti- able player for 1939 by the nBsebnll Writers Association Tuesday. While npprociating (he well-earned distinction, the 29-year-old Red fling- er doubt-lew, will recall (hat the sumo honor WHS voted last year to his buttery mate. Ernie Lombard!, and that Ernie hasn't been anything like the same player since. Walters was first choice of 13 of the 2\ writers who participated in the annual poll, mid the second choice of five others. He rolled up a total of ;)()3 out of a possible 336 points. .Johnny Mlze Second Second to him was Johnny Mize shigKini; first-bnseman of the St. Louis Cardinals and the league's leading hitter, who received 178 points, including one first-place nomination. Paul Derringer, who pitched 25 victories while losing seven for Cincinnati. was third with 174 points Two writer." place him first. Fourth wont to another Cincinnati star, first-baseman Frank MeCormick. who led the circuit both in hits and runs-batted-in, with 159- points. Curt Davis, Cardinal pitcher. WHS the only other players to receive more than IW) votes. He had 106. and his teammate. Infielder Jimmy Brown, received 99. It was strictly a Cinfcinmiti-St. Louis affair. Other points wore: Joe Modwick. St. Louis. 81. Leo Durochor, Brooklyn, 52. Harry Dunning, New "York, 33. Luke Hamlin. Brooklyn, 32. Mel! Ott, New York, 21. William Jurges, New York 20. Dolf Camili, Brooklyn. 20. Billy Myers. Cincinnati, 18. Stan Hack, Chicago 17. Angle Galan. Chicago. 15. Terry Moore St. Louis, 15. Morris Arn,ovich, Philadelphia, 10. Linus Frey, Cincinnati. Bill Lee, Chic-ago. and Enos Slaughter, St. Louis. 8 each. Fill Weber. Cincinnati. 6. Bruce Catton Says: Isolationists Track Rumor Of U. S. Promises to Allies Vermont, a ,5,18G-ton vessel was the tenth casualty since last. Thursday. Within this five-day period, was the daring U-boat raid on Scapa Flow which resulted in destruction of the British battleship Roayl Oak. The Vermont's -43 survivors reached an English port on a British warship and reported two of her crow were killed and four injured in the U-boat attack in the Atlantic. The French Line's third loss in four days, she was bound for New Orleans. On her last voyage from the Southern port she carried 20 airplanes, loaded a few days before war was declared. Her destruction raised to 77 the war's known ship losses. Tonnage losses rose to 354,76S gross tons and the known loss of life to 1.594. British losses rose to 38 with confirmation of the sinking of the Bramden, a 1.594-ton freighter destroyed off the English coast September l(i with a loss of three lives. Twenty-one survivors of the Norwegian freighter Lortenlx W. Hanson were picked up by the Norweigian tanker Kongsdal. Her owners said the 1.918-ton ship was sunk b n torpedo while en route from Canada to England with a cargo of wood. She was sunk by a torpedo while en route from Canada to England with a cargo On the face of it, the resolution Max West, Boston, and Leo Hartnet;. Chicago 5. Ival Goodman Cincinnati, Buddy Mussel, Boston, Pete Coscarat. Brooklyn, and Elbie Fletcher, Boston-Pittsburgh 4. Harry Lavagetto Brooklyn. 3. Bob Bowman, St. Louis, 2. Eddie Miller, Boston and Bill Herman. Chicago. 1. Prescott, Gurdon to Play Thursday Wolves In Fairly Good Shape for Game to Be Played at Prescott PRESCOTT - Two of tho oldest,,, , . rivals in the state of Arkansas will | Cl * m thp s l>wtnim. clash Thusrady night in Prescott when B.I,,U« „„ n ,1 , , the Gurdon "Go-Devils" will bring " °" O " lt>r <"^ »< their vaunted aerial circus to Cummins Field. The'Curly Wolves" came out of their . — r, - ., ^^.j.,,^, i viclcrious clash with the Nashville cently bet $11) that the Ei •Scrappers" last week in fairly good .shape, only minor bruises being re- By BRUCE CATTON NKA Washington CorroMiondent WASHINGTON—Tho real story back of the Clark resolution for a Senate J investigation of foreign propaganda efforts in this country is that it represents an effort by the isolationists to find out whether tho American government has secrctcly oivt-n "assurance-;" of aid to, England or Franco. iced by 'Senator Bennett Clark ( of Missouri—simply calls for the appointment of a committee' of seven to investigate what, if anything, foreign powers or their agents have doiu- to influence America's action on the arm.-, embargo. It is worded broadly enough, however, to empower such a committee to K<> into the whole subject of transatlantic coVninunications both ways. ft is an open secret tlvat the isolationists are deeply .suspicious that some , representative of the administration has given the allies far broader commitments than are a matter of public •> record. The isolationists hope that through the Clark resolution that entire question can be examined right to the bottom. Am) when, as and if the resolution comes (o the- floor f "' clcb;ltc - 1 '* k f '»' fireworks of nil A certain prominent New Deal .HOI]- ator. who has been active in the fish', to ge tthc arms embargo repealed, rc- of wood. She was the seventh Nor- wcalan loss, the seventeenth suffered ported. The "Wolves" will he out lo avenge the setback handed them last year by the "Go-Devils" ad ar twenty-fourth neutral loss. WAR PRESIDENT HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured U. S. A. president. 12 To ward off. 13 Den. 14 Land right. 16 Bishop's scarf. 17 Irish, 18 Kind of bean, 19 Mexican dollar. 20 Rubber wheel pad. 21 Tendon. 22 You and me. 42 Large 23 Prong. 24 Pea sac. 25 To lade. 27 Brad. Answer to Previous Puzzle F, F. A. AND SCHOOL DAY FRIDAY OCTOBER 20th STUDIO COUCHES • Opens to Full Size Double Bed Seng Fixture t 77 Helical Tied Coil Spring* • 7" Bedding Compartment 3-PIy Wood. FLOOR LAMPS BED ROOM SUITES WOOL RUGS Hope Hwd, Co. continent. 44 Seaweed. 45 To submit. 47 To annihilate. 29 One in cards. 48 Spoken. 31 To entertain. 49 Pierces with 33 To slumber. 34 Prevaricator. 35 Coarse file. 36 Murmurs as a cat. 37 Markets. 38 Within. , knife. 50 He was a professor and president. . 39 To harden. 40 Pish. VERTICAL 1 Merchandise. 2 Englteh money. 15 He was a v3| by training W (PL). 20 Sesame. 21 Sun. 23 Cravat. 24 Hole. 25 Omnibus. 26 Snake. 28 Currency bond. 29 Ozone. ,._, 30 Pussy. IsiHl 32 Adult male. 33 Old wagon track. 34 Musical note. 36 Garden vegetable. 37 Blackbirds. 39 To move sidewise. 41 Smeary. 42 Pertaining to air. 43 Slovak. 44 Person opposed. either team is always thrown aside for this annual clash, and its the game lor both teams wheny they meet. No basis of comparison is available a.s neither learn ha.s failed a common opponent. A large crowd is expected. would be over by Octolx-r 21. 1939. He argues like this: Neither Russia. Turkey nor Italy really wants to see Hitler expand any 'more in eastern or southeastern K.urope. Kussia has got him stopped in the east right now, and is hemming him in along the shores of the Baltic; all of the reports from Europe indicate that conversations to check German expansion in the Balkans are now going on. So When this peace offer was made, isn't it logical to suppose that a sub-surface communication went with it to London and Paris, suggesting that since Hitler was now tied up in tho east and southeast, and since the Miiginot line in the west is practically impassable, the war might as well be called off? With .such a suggestion, this .senator believes, there may well have gone the further .sl;itemeiit that if England and I'Yanee wanted to keep on fighting in the face of all this it would be s-U-iclly their war, after that, and the Russians. 'Turks et a), would supply Hitler with enough raw 'materials to make the blockade relatively ineffective. The senator admits he asked for and Rot two to one odds. But he figured the thing was worth risking a ten-spot on anyway. N'o Sale lo This Prospect Dorothy IXT/.er is head of the women s International League for Peace ••mrf Freedom, and a.s such is one of the most effective ;md determined of the ix.'.'ico lobbyists here. One of her efforts has been to dem- "n.str;ilr that a war-boom i.s likely to develop if wo sell wnr supp Englnml ami France. So it wns rather funny Hint n Wall •Street investment house should iici'i- denlnlly send her its most lecent brochure which was an appeal to customers lo buy \io\v and take advantage of the coming w»r boom One paragraph in it announced that of,l>0 low- priced stocks now beini! offereil. "al least 2l'i are. war babies" A Miss Det/cr pn/mpUy Itmk »he hn™ chure up on Capitol Kill, to plant it vfheiu it would do ihe must good. The chinchilla, a rodent weighing 20 (o 24 ounces full giowii. is the raiest of fur-bearing animal'.. Eleven im- iniiils. raptured in Ihrer years of curdling in the Andes mountains, I'ormed Ihe mick-us for Ihe 2.WO rhin- c'hillns now living on I'aims. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel —And You'll J;mp Out ofBtd in I lit Morning Karin' (o Go The llvor nhould pour out two pounds tif liquid hilt intn your bowrlii ilnilv. If thin bile Is not fluwlnK freely, ymir food doesn't tliKi'it. It just decays In tin: bowel*. Gas bloats up your Btumaeh. Von jret eoiihtipnted. Yuur whole «>itlem is poisoned anil you lev} sour, •uuk mid tin* world |OO!:M punk, tf> A more bowel movement doesn't jrrt nt the C.HUHP. It tnktv* those i:<>od. old Carter'* . Ijittte Liver 1'ills to yet these two jHiundf of bile fluwlnx freely HIM! niiiKe you fcrl "up ttnd up." Harmless. Kentle. yet nimulnir In muklnif bile, flow freely. A«k for Carter's Little I,ivrr 1'ills liy numo, K' fuse nnylMtilf else. At all drug Mores. 10 ( ' uml 21f. Chesapeake Bay OYSTERS Dressed Hens and Fryers Every Day Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver Eluclrlcal ami Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School AKTIIUK MOKKIS Day and Night I'luinc CSG. QUALITY IMANOS Steinway, Haddorff. Cable, Wurlitzer. New Models $245 up. Terms. Drop us a card for catalogs. Beware of something - for - nothing offers. BEASLEY'S, Tcxnrkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOM Local Representative LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak und Gum logs, White Oak, Ovcrcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and .specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 Want To Get Rich Quick... Or Wealthier Every Day? 3 Shaft part. 4 Coloring matter. 5 Liquid part of fat. 6 Gamekeeper. 7 Sage. 8 Wrath. OFirm. 10 God, Woden. 11 Cognomen. 12 His great or esteem decreased at the 46 Electrified close of his particle, career. 47 Onager. The richest misers on Etirth will envy you if you have a -wealth of family ... a wealth of appreciation for Nature's wonders and a lively awareness of the world's beauty... a talent for making more friends... a zest for good living... and a happy philosophy that says, "I wouldn't exchange places with anybody!" What a world of living such a wealthy man gets out of each day ... sharing his wealth. Of course, Budweiser is only incidental to your scheme for good living. But since good living is a series of pleasant incidents, Budweiser becomes important ... for its gejierous contribution of companionship when you are alone. f e j. lowship when you are among friends and contentment whe« the day's work is done. ANHEUSIR.BUSCH Makers of the World's Most Famous Deer MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEfT BEER. YOU WILL WANT FLAVOR THEREAFTER

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