Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 22, 1951 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1951
Page 8
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fHE REGISTER-NEWS - MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1951 €LA.<«SIFIED PA<;E There are Offers Here for Every Purse, Person and Purpose! | iimmriWHtwinniMmmHfHWHwiiwmHHmmiMmtimiwiHiMitiiimwiiiw "HELP WANTED 411 N. lath St. , . call 3277. ^ . WANTED—Washlnfri and ironinrt to do in my home. 1310 Jone». 6-26 LAWN MOWERS fhiirpened and /ePaired. after 4 p. m. Dick Rose. 3rd .nd Wal; nut. 7-16 FOB SALE—400 or SOO bushels of fro(Kl villi* corn. Ralph Dudley, Nason, 111. 6-23 It you're NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY Seeks sales representatives to sell Dutch Boy paints to and through dealers in es t ab li shed territories. Salary, commission, car, expenses, and other advantages. Only applications by letter will be considered. All replies will be considered confidential. Address replies to: RUSSELL C. STONE 722 Chestnut St. Louis 1, Mo. .LOADS OF USED TR.MLERS. barirain huntinr BOC our huge unentory of modern used trailers. Many complete LAWN MOWER Krindinr repalHw KCYS , _~ ^^^^^^ , Rantoul. Illinois. (Open cveninsrs and Sunday*). ^' ma south GUARANTEED wheel^«»«l»ne«n« $i.BO vm tion. Phone 1414. wheel Phon» 14»0 DEA,n STOCK WANTBD Harr, Smith. K .«e» 111 68 Wood i.wn. D»l» t'tm »ai X* FOR RENT APARTMENTS FOR RENT—4 room and 3 MO" ""''"J unfurnished apartment. Reasonable. ^bO. Main. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished 3 apartment. LlKhts r^f"- Near industries. Phone 3550-J. room paid. 6-26 FOR RENT—3 room furnished f.""*"'" nished apartment, newly decorated. Ut.U- lies paid. Phone 194-W. fl-f FOR SALE—Potash 60 ^r. tor $60. Im nicdiate delivery. Phone 2091. D. O Greenwalt, Wayue City. 7-6 DRY YOUR SWEATY, damp basements with chemical de-Humitidiers from Welge Paint and Wallpaper Store. 6-28 FOR '=<ALE—32" blade'window fans. Cools 6 rooms. Moves more air than any similar fan on the market. Belt driven. FUs any window. Only S59.96. Featherstun's. 1113 Broadway. -6 FOR S.VLE—House trailer yersal. Pric«l to sell. Phone 339-J. 37 It.. Uni- 500 Opdyke 6-28 IMMEDIATE DEtlVERY New 1951 model Wood Brothers Combine. 6 foot cut, motor driven machine. DELIVERY PRICE. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PASS THIS UP. Holman Tractor Co. Benton Road — Phone 377 cp .T.Tnt \/Fr ,FTABI ES F o T r SALE'at the bis: 'V"-*,^"/'"'mO * o( tomatoes-wholesale—retail. I^JIO MARKFTS By Associated Pfsi So. 13th St.. .1. o. FURNITURE WALL STREET By Associated Press NEW YORK, June 22.—Prices were depressed today in a stock market flecked with weak spots. Losses among loading issues extended to around $2 a share at the most, and all major groups of securities were lower. Trading expanded to an estimated 1,300.000 shares. Chrysler dropt^ed more than $2 share at times in bursts of active trading. Rubbci's were among l)iggcst losers. Yesterday the government cut its selling price of na'ural rubber by 14 cents a pound. Leading oil issues also wore in not"phone after 6:30 p m LIVESTOCK FOR «\TK BY OWNER—Ten or twenty acre.' with hich building ^'^A' wav 3T. miles north. See Ashley bra'ith at (arm. ^^^^^TT^^^»>wpnnine pisrs, Guernsey ^^i^lm^^n^^ wou «\LE—2 fresh cows. 1 mile aonlh "^^John'^m s.a.ion on Fairfield road. Call after 12 o'clock. Phone .Ih69-J.. WILL TRADE for small duplex—5 or 6 room house or sm.-,ll farm, my eoulty in rood P room house. Can be used .is "or 3 apartments. Sice close in location, ilso arm for s:.le. U miles out Pair n provemenls. abundant er timber nastnre. Wh:.t h.ive you to trade? ^Giv< FOB BENT— 3 room unlurmshed apartment, modern except heat, clean, on bus line. Phone 3309-J. ^ FOR BENT—3 room modem .''"P'"' "«7'f decorated, excellent location: adults. Phone 1386-J. 6-23 share honey. ^^^^^^i5=^^,«-"„^^°'-^^nSl 'o'earn an 40, for sales work wno repular additional $36 P^^.^et, necessary^ W'rUe •riXatlor foT 6. BOX 161. Mt. V er^ non BOY WANTED • J -ail le«rn fro«e« ir%^ „Td or older. TOOT-N-TELL-EM 34tli mni Broadw-r FOR RENT—2 room modern furnished ^ apartment, newly decorated; utilities paid; S50-J or 780^ " DOBB'S ARMY STORE—Filing cabinets. loot lockers, bunk beds, saddles, bridles boat trailers, luKpasc tarpaulins, cots, all kinds ol hardware and tools, mechanic 8 tool chest, all kinds of footwear, clothinsr. 1.000 other savinps for farm and home. 903 So. 10th. Phone 3781. o---~ FOR SALE —Fryers, dressed or on foot. We deUver. 204 Second St. Phone 629-W. 6-22 FOR SALE—One Donat Corporation of America, fully automatic electric cake donut machine. A-1 condition. <-apacity 50 doz. per hour. Located Blue Ribbon Bakers-. McLeansboro. 111. Phone 256. 3 FURNISHED .^PTS.-^ rooms and rooms, bath, largo eha^v ^^^f* entrance. 1st floor. 1011 So. 34th St. FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 3 lar?e rooms with bath, built-in cabinets, re- frig-erator: heat and water furnished. Call 3723 after 0 p. m. 6-25 FOR RENT—Ap.-irtment, 4 rooms unfurnished, 2 bedrooms, heat and water^ close in. Adults. 966-J. tf MODERN 3 ROOM unfurnished apt., newly decorated, upstairs, close in. Phone 2976-W. ^^^^^^^^^^^ EXPERIENCED GRILL WOMAN WANTED To Work Inside Drlve»In TOOT 'N TELL 'EM "^"caT!n re^on? SaUay -orn«.. Mt Vernon Packing Co. grocery trade ""^in^ vour qualification, r 'whenTailfhre'"'^ Tox 79, R..!-- 3 FURNISHED ROOMS, o^^*^ entrance, electric kitchen. H-^^-^^^"^Shown by appointment. Phone *l3--W.^ FOR SALE—5 H. P. outbo,-\rd motor. John Allen. Rt. 4, Meadowbrook Rd. 6-22 FINE NEW HAMPSHIRE fryers, on foot or dressed. ISOS Stanley, Phone lSo3-.T_. 0-.-5 FRYERS —Extra choice New Hampshircs, 35c per lb Hinrich Hatchery. Phone 3144-J. tf FOR SALE—Good used baby buggy. 3283-W. Ph. 6-22 NEW ELECTRIC SINGER sewinf machine. desk type. Cost 5336.00. Discount, Alma Trailer, 216 So 18th. ^-' FOB BENT—3 room unfurnished apartment, modern. Phone 2S33-W. PHOTOS—Chaffeurs 10c: billfolds -Oc; also refreshing, coolinp 5nowb.^ll8, all flavors. Photo Place. 811 10th. « 3 ROOM D n/u RNISHED apartment mtJd- ern Near Wagner Electric, Auto-Lito and Pressed Steel. Phone 1993-J. JUST RECEIVED—SHIPMENT OP .A.LL AMERICAN QUARTET PHONOGRAPH RECOBDS-89C FE-A.THERSTUN CO. FOR DRINKING WATER—Phone 3822 ^W1 or 3631. P. R. Bullock. UNFOENISHED, fully modem, three room duplex apt., with nice ntlUty room, close in. Phone 3492-W. 6-33 FOR RENT—3 room efficiency unfurnished apt. Private bath and entrance. 518 Main St., Phone 4437. 6-23 FOR RENT—3 large room unlurnished apt., modern, 303 So. 18th. 6-23 FOR RENT—3 room furnished apt., private bath. Phone 3777J. o-i- News. Bowl. 806 Casey DUE TO EXPANSION GOODYEAR has openitigs for additional sales pemie to contact retail appliance trade In Jefferson County on the complete line of PhUco appliances. Rotite or door to door sales experience beneficial. GUARANTEED SALARY Plus Commission Additional company benefits including free life insurance, paid vacation, and pension rights to those who qualify. Positions are permanent, real opportunity for advancement, with the world's largest tire te rubber company. Call 1101 and make arrangements for a pergonal interview. Ask for Mr. Reed FOR RENT — 3 room apartment, with utilities p.iid. Private entrance, on bus line, large cooling fans. Tel. (.B-w MODERN FURNISHED APTS.. Frigidaires. Private bathe. Laundry faciUties. Fan cooling system. North Fifteenth and Har rison, 1177-J. 6-25 FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment, downstairs, electric refrigerator, also 2 room furnished cottage, clean, close In: adults. 120 N. 6th. « FOR BENT—Two all modem 3 -rooDa apta., utilities furnished. 803 S. 23rd. 6-25 FOR BENT—2 unfurnished rooms, on bua line, near foundry. 117 Opdyk«. 6*23 FOR THE FINEST IN FURNISHED APARTMENTS See JAMISON REAL ESTATE 7-5 FOB SALE— Two doors. 24"x6'6'. 32-x6 6 new with hardware. Also three five gallon cans of Old -^n,eri<;a" >f°oSfh coatinr. Phone 1325-W. 101 N. -8th^ ,^t^- FOR SALE — Baby bed. complete with m»>tress and springs: also bathinette. excellent condition. Call 190.T-W, 6-22 FOB SALE—140 sheets corrugated galvanized roofing. 10' lengths miles northwest Waltonville. tonville. 111. Pete Ochap. Wal- 6-25 Rudolph Nordin. ^ .„„ cvrr Guernsev cow and calf. 6 '°^eeks''^id. R A : Patterson. Liberty road. —^—— PETS DOGS BOAKDED -^^'O?^-"Sum arpreetTU;^' .i^an-—• road Phone 428* PLANTS VoR «\LE — Sweet potato, mango and FOR ^, pioTd Duncan. Phone t.imato plants. (loyo i^u" ^. 2S89-W, pnn SALB — Tomato. cabba«e. TepperTswee. banana pepP.« not peppei plants Phone 1871 -a S21 nsnto sm»li Oeorte itreet tf STOVES FOR SALE—Norge electric range, condition call 2219. good 8-25 FOR "iiLE—Allen circulator coal heater: reasonable. RHey E- 23td. Phone 2341 or 3o02. 6-3 FOR BOTTLED GAS stove tnstallaUon: "p" on° TT34J, S. Kmman. Bent°n;°«*Mt. Vernon. lU.. Dealer for PUB GA». tl ;^fiT-D RV=;T BUY IN BOTTLE GAS IS ^°c:^T,^T r vV_"-100 lbs CYLINDERS IN- 916. ITS FU .N TO COOK with caa. Cooler and cleaner kitchens See pendabie double bottle hook »' ^n-Ga. Tri-State Consolidated Ga» Co.. ralrlieio Rd Phone 3460. ^^^^^^ FOOTBRINTS left behind, don't mind. clean the rug with Fina Foam. Benoi^<t Bros. "-^ IF WORN linoleum looks forlorn, use Glaxo plastic type coating. Ends waxing. Douglas Drug. 6-23 FOB SALE— For filtered drinking water: Call Hodges 4 .Warrens D-X, Phone 40.3. 7-18 COMBINING—Wheat and grain. See us now. We will arrange to do your combining when you are ready Will haul your grain. L. D. Broyles. Benton Rd. Phone 987-W. 6-23 GAS HEAT is best. You can "Jpy J»» heat beyond the city mains Free esti Tri-State Consolidated Gaa Co Phone 3460 ^ mates. Fairfield Rd. FOR SALE—Combination fuel oU «nd bot tio cas Florence range. Beguiarg $299.93!^ one to «11 at 8149.96. MitchellV WASHERS wKiNGta «u-L» let •« IB Old roUe toi wrtnnr reath«r»tnii a«lio Saiea. 1112 Broidww and deli»er» Pbnw* W» eleknp MISCELLANEOUS FOB FILTERED drinking water: Call Abie'e Water Wagon. Phone 1021. ^ FOB FILTERED drinking water 3856-Wl, Andy Maynor. Call 7-14 FOR SALE —White flour bags. 20c each^ Hawkins Bakery. '-1" 6-26 pasture. details, write Box M. News. I.. C.irc Register 6-22 FOR «!\LE—5 room efficiency homo, with H bath, ideal locatinii. close to store an. Dirk «o00 down. S30 per month. Full ?Hce S,-)"500. Phone 337S-W. 6-23 FOR s\LE—Mo<lern 3 bedroom home lo^ catci at 401 So. 26th. _6-3 FOR SALS—2 room house. Call 23S3 or 3864-W4. 316 Forest 6-26 FOR SALE—6 room house and 3 lot Dahlgren, near business district. A^ T in Bisworm. 6-2^5 FOB SALE—Modern 4 room hf">o ' Mannen Sub-Division, be.iutiful kitchen Take over G.I direct from owner Will take car a.s part p.aymcnt. Inquire 1509 So. 12th St. FOR SALE—8 room house. 4 lots. House wired (or electricity Wired for electric Kast of Methodist church In Op d^°ke^' Call 2T52-J. Mt. Vernon. 6-2 FOR S\LE—0 room house on Conger Ave lights .ind water. Possession now Price 53000 Terms reasonable See CUnton Hoit. 414 No. 12th or Ph. 1454;J FOR «-^LE BY 'OWNER—6 room modern house, west part, full basement (urnace. stoker hardwood floors, built-in cabinelJi. garage GI financed Phone 31.00-.1 ^ the heavy class, and some rails and chemicals could be counted among bigger losers. Corporate bonds were lower in light trading. * By Assoeislsd Prtss NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III, June 22.—(USDA)—Plogs 10,000; barrbws and gilts 180 lbs up mostly steady; spots 10 cents lower; lighter kind steady to spots 25 Jower; sows mostly 25 lower; bulk 180-230 lbs. 23.25-50; top 23.50; 240-270 lbs. 22.75-23.00 ; 280-300 lbs. most 22.50; few 325-375 lbs. 20.00-21.75; 150-170 lbs. 22.0023.00; 120-140 lbs. 19.25-21.50; 100. 110 lbs. 18.25-19.25; sows 400 lbs. down 19.25-20.25; heavier sows 18.00-75; stags 14.00-16.50. Cattle 500; calves 600; odd lots utility and commercial steers and heifers 26.50-31.00: a few good 32.00-33.00; utility and commercial cows 22.50-27.50; cannei-s and cutters 17.00-22.50; utility and commercial bulls 26.50-29.75; good and choice vealers 33.00-39.00; prime to 41.00; utility and commercial veal­ ers 25.00-32.00. Sheep 500; no high choice or prime lots of spring lambs offered; bulk sales 33,00-50; considerable sprinkling 33.50 which top; however prime lambs nomally quotable 33.75-34.00; several lots merely good lambs 31.50-.32.00; culls and throwouts 27.00-28.00; slau.ghter ewes scarce; one lot good ewes 16.00; others mostly 15.00; with culls 10.00-21.00; aged bucks one price 12.00. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, June 22.—BUTTER irregular; receipts 578,479; wholesale selling prices unchanged to H cent a pound lower; 93 score AA, 6S.5: 92 A, 68; 90 B, 66.25; .S9 C, 5; cars: 90 B. 67.25; 89 C, 66. EGGS firm; receipts 1,3,834; wholesale selling prices unchanged e.xcept on U. S. extras one to two cents a dozen higher; U. S. extras, 53-54; U. S. mediums, 48; U. S. standards. 47; current receipts, 42; dirties, 40. Hedy Hopes to Gross Million in Auction FOR "SXLE — 6 room house: newly dec orated Inside and out. 3 outbuildings two acres of ground. Liberty road — SoOU down. S30 monthly. Call after • P m. 3985-J2 ^•"^ FOR SALE - Nice, high building lets on all weather roed, near school. Electricity. See or call Mrs ¥ot1 Warren days, or 1712 after S p. m. 118 tf LOST rosT Packer "51" fountain pen, Jonne Jean Riley. Reward. C-UI -•3-*-''^>„ IX)ST—Red triangular coin purse and keys. Keep money, but please leave piir^e and kevs at Register-News. 6-'~- CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO, June 22. (USDA) — LIVE POULTRY: Unsettled; receipts 13 loads; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens, 30-,33; light hens, 26-27:; roasters, 32-37; fryers, 29-34: old roosters, 21-22; ducklings, 29; (heavy hens under five pounds not listed today). LOST—Ladv's twin stone white gold diamond ring, (keepsake). Reward. Call Madge Stull. Phone 364. " CARD OF THANKS We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the acts of kindne.'^s, messages of sympathy and beautiful floral offerings received from our kind friends and neighbors during our recent bereavement in the loss of our beloved husband and father. L. O. Haney. We especially thank the Rev. Sam McCoy. MRS. L. O. HANEY. MR. AND MRS. J. L. CHERRY. MR. A.VD MRS. L. F. HANEY. ST. LOUIS PRODUCE ST. LOUIS, >tine 22. — PRODUCE and LIVE POULTRY: EGGS, wholesale grades: E.v- tras, 50-51; nearby unclassified, 39^,2-40; Iowa uncla.ssified, 41I2- 42. FOWL: Commercial fryers and broilers, Reds, 33 -331 -2. Other prices unchanged. CASH GRAIN B> Associated Press CHICAGO, June 22.— CASH WHEAT: No. 3 red tough 2.34'i. CORN: No. 1 vellow 1.721;; ^o. 2, 1.713-4-73Vi: No. 3, 1.67-79••.;; No. 5, 1.50%-53*4; sample grade 1.28V2-56 1 /2. OATS: No. 2 heavy mixed 83; No. 1 heavy white 83^4841 ,4. Barley nominal: malting 1.3050; feed 1.05-18. Soybeans: none By BOB THOMAS AP Movies Writer HOLLVWOOD, June 22.—Hedy LaMarr's "last production" is e.x- pectod to gross a million dollars, her producer said today. The production will not show Hedy swimming in the raw or giving Samson a liaircut; in fact, she won't even bo in it. Her last show is tiio auction of all her worldly goods prior to her announced re- tifomont as Mrs. Tod Sfauffer. Tiic producer is Arthur B. Goodc of the American Art Galleries. He has managed epic auctions for such por.sonalities as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Peter Lone, John Barrymore, Frank Moipan, Cornel Wilde, Brcnda Joyce and Jesse Lasky, "I PUT ON AN AUSTION the same way as a producer creates a show," Goodo declared. "In New York, where people know values, you don't have to do that. But here you have to use showmanship. Everything has to be planned like a production. You have to get the right ad\'crtising and publicity. Then you have to display the goods- tastefully, as similar as possible to how they would appear in the person's home. Then you have the preview, to create interest and show the public what is to he auctioned. Then comes the auction itself. "Yes, there is a star system in auctions, too. The bigger the name, the bigger the crowd." *• * » SOME OF THE ST-4R AUC TIO.NS are estates, such as those of Morgan and Barrymore, whose Itolc-ridden tights and must.v corset brought good prices. Other stars auction their gqods because they arc redecorating or changing homes. And quite a few frankly need the money. Goodc expects the LaMarr auc tion to be his biggest production (It starts next Monday and will last a month.) It is also tlie most unusual. "Usually a star shows you a few things to sell and keeps the rest," he said. "But in this case she is selling everything. And I mean everything. I believe she has kept a few clothes. And she sold the rugs and drapes with the house But she left everything else—from the four refrigerators to the ash trays—to me." »222,000 Funeral For Jap Empress •y Associated Press TOKYO, June 22. - BoHar-shy Japan today gave its Empress Dowager a $222,000 funeral. Emperor Hirohito's mother, the Empress Dowager Sadako, was placed in the Imperial mausoleum after a day of pomp and ceremony that had some Japanese asking if such a costly tribute was necessary. The unofficial estimate of the costs — everything from floral wreaths to the special train that carried the body to Tamagoryo, its final resting place—totaled 80,000,000 yen. In pre-World War II days the massing of a Queen mother would lave called for an observance paling today's funeral into insignificance, ho Japanese people would have gone into mourning for an entire year. PAY YOUR BILLS WITH OUR MONEY CASH LOANS $1000 TO $50000 On Yonr • Signature — Auto — Furniture "MON^" LN JkHNUTES" CROWN FINANCE CORPORATION »niO'/, Main St. — Phone 1526, ELECTRICAL WIRIHG Gompfettt Supplies for R. E. A. URGE SELEaiON LIGHT FIXTURES USE WARDS PAYMENT PLAN Free Estimate Given Phone 518 Ask for Mr. Pieroy MONTGOMERY WARD Even for the Hard of Hearing We Know Is the ^ LIFE CAN BE If BEAUTIFULI Hearinci For YOU It's Next Best to Natural Hearing: And hundreds have said "It's just like living again." Our testimonial letters in our files gives us proof. Consult Dr. J. Frank Wallace and learn the truth about your hearing problem. 513 So. 15th Street or Phone 3108 for Appointment in Your Homo Waitress Wanted TO WORK EXTRA AND WEEK ENDS Mcloughlin's Cafe FOR RENT—All modern 3 roome end bath, furnished. uUliUee paid. 2124 Perkins, Phone 1336 alter 4 p. in. tl BULK BLEACH—Gal. 39c. Bring jus. Why pay more? Money bach guaranteed M rood as any bleach. Thrifty Laundry. 1711 Conger. '^-4 FOR RENT— 2 and 3 room modem lur- nished apartments. Douthit Apartments. 12th and Perkins. Phone 618-W. tf ALL MODERN newly decorated 3 room furnished apartment, first floor. 3 blocks Irom square. Phone 5Ba-J. tl day 6-23 ' BUSINESrOPPqR ]^]TlK FURNISHED APARTMENTS — Telephone 3177-W or 189. 8-1 FOR RENT— Nicely furnished 3 room all modern apartment. Call Uadre Stull. Phone 384—3486-J. tl FOR KENT- Unlumlebed 3 roooe apt.. modern eicept beat 1004 Bell: oelored only CaU 607 994 U HOUSES 1^^ mSTRIBUTORSHIP — Full or Part-time- M^est investment 100% secured. An excellent opportunity to own Box 444, Care RegiBter-NewB. a businesB. 6-28 won SALE— Tavern, known as "Buddy's ^a^" in Centralia, lU. Reason lor •eWnr other business. For .information: rail 9756. Centralia 6 -22 INSTRUCTION «n^cf Jo"s S Qualify NOW. FREE ?2 °DaBe book shows jobs, salanes sample ?e.1. write: Box 652, Care Re.i^or^ Newi _ WANTED TCTBUY WANTED TO BUY— Good UBed electric aihin^ machine Musi be in pood con- tfltion and reasonable, 'Wnte Box M. A., Care Keeister-News^ VANTED TO BUY— Boys Phone 4688. 24" bicycle. 8-22 FOR RENT—Five room home, lireplace, basement, pantry, utility room, oil furnace, grarage. electric water heater. 1020 Oakland. $80. Phone 2622-W, 11 no answer—call at King City Drive-ln, 303 E. Main St. 6-23 CHROMALOX heatins units for your electric range hot plate, or water heaters. Phone 3513. Thrilty Laundry. 1711 Conner. 7-4 TOD'U. BE HAPPIEK WITB * HOOVEK —FOK '51 AND THE TEAKS rO COME fACTORt BEBU1LT9 PACTOJi? ANXEED PBICED FBOU $18 86 OP FEATHEBSTON CO.—Phone 823 tt POPULAR RtCORDS— Hltt ol yeetarday WMt«ni moilc. all oaw on oar barcain eoantei at 4 foi 11 .00 Limited Ume only PeatheretuD'e 1118 Broadway " AUTOMOTIVES FOR SALE—1050 DeLuxe 2 door Chev rolet, practically new, less than 4,000 miles. Can be seen at Standard Service Station, 10th and Perkins. 6-23 FOR SALE—1948 Chevrolet Carryall Suburban, radio, heater, (rood tircB. low mileage. $800. Call 10o2-J. 6-28 VAREl'S Phone*S30 PARK—1st hour 15c. __AC Parktaf Lot off S. E. corner Square WATCH BEPAialNO—ril"" Watch... b '-«~««fLj "''L *.,^^',.i°5L Credit may be arranrrt WtlUame l»J*\n Sl^. Stanley Brandt, manawr 116 » 10th St.. Mt Vernon, m ••11 PICTURES AND NOTABT-^» atop jerr ice lor chaulleure Marr Jana Studio. a08 Main. Phona 2S47. 7-7 RAY DUKE'S BODEO. ^Va»p^^^-*V^ Sunday at 2:30. AdmiMion SSe and 50c^ Wood'* GroT«. GLASSES-Dr 1 W WllUama. O 0. N lOth. Mt VemoB. ul 118 0-6 WE REPAIR your ••2f'-,!J *X or motor reasonable or parts for you to "'^Tsia Laundry. 1711 Conger. Phona 3613. FOR RENT— i room hoUBC, newly decorated, on bus line. Inquire at 1012 Warren. 6-22 FOR RENT—6 room house, modern except heat. Immediate poBseBsion. Call 140-J if no answer, call 138-J. tt FOR RENT—,5 room all modern house. Available July Ist. Write Box A. Care Refc-ister-News. tl ROOAAS FOR RENT—Laree furnished room lor light housekeeping or sleeping room. Call 293. 6-22 FOR SALE—1940 Chevrolet, good condition, like new tires. Sylvester Waver, Richview road. 6-22 FOR SALE—1940 Chevrolet, good tires, solid body, good motor. $265. 314 So. 4th St. 6-23 FOR SALE OR TRADE—The price is high but still a bargain, far below ceiling. What this car hasn't got, it doesn't need. '49 Buick Super, See or call Clifton King, Phone 3378-W. 6-23 FOB RENT — Mice, deilrabla. ileaplni rooms, single or twin bada 426 M Stb Phone 1420 tf MISCELLANEOUS WANTED— Used Farmall or A.C. traolor cultivator type on rubber preforrojl. Write detailB and price to Box /../.., Refi»ter-NeWB. HAVE YOU a piano lor sale? „ rhone ^663. Fenton 'a Piano Service. 300 ^So. 41b St. WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO BENT—Couple with small ?chUd desire, two bedroom apt., with kltehen tumished. Permanent resulents with relerenee. Box 98. Care Begister 6-23 "MiSCELLANEOUS FOR RENT Oft LEASE — Modern store rtioni, -lOxoU. large parking space. Phone 2040 week days—1248-W nig-hts and Sundays. 6-23 THINK! When Tou THINK of Buyinc or Scllins a Used Car THINK of the S. R. VENTRESS MOTOR CO. 505 S. 10th Street Where You Buy for Less and Bank the Rest. TRUCK SIGNS, .tencila. indoor and outdoor signs: rut wearlnv. 608 Conger, Phone 254S-J. 6-30 PERSON ALIZBD .tationenr 7oar nam* or monogram uaprinted with oai new machine, 24 bour service A. low as 79c per box! Pereonalited bridge card., napkins and many other item. Ltttla'e Olfice Supplle*. Cmmersoo Hotel Bide. tl NOTICB-Compleia ^*^lJ^?Jf *u ^V, Fairlleld. Vtsitin. hrnthere walcoma tl BEAUTY SHOP CHICKS NEED A CAR? Rent-A-Car by the hour, day, week or commercial. New cars. MT. VERNON RENT-A-CAR CO. 831 Jordan — Phone 4685 MT. VERNON HATCHERY CHICKS — U 8. APPROVED PULLOftUM PASSED Hatching each Monday iiaise some Iryers now—cut down on coRt of ranat. Plenty of Power Packed Wayne Fcpila. Poultry Supplies and Remedies Mt. Vernon Hatchery, 1016 Casey Ave. Phone 101 « Complete line ol PURINA CHOW for poultry and Uvestock RILEY PRODUCE, 215 So. lltb. Phone 83 tl $6.60. $8 .60, Phone 1414. 6-26 -F L ICTRTCAL APPLIANCES VACUUM CLBAMEB3 ar. OW ""J; ""f neM New and aaed P «rta. •arrtca any make. W. rant <i«»»«"„^ City HaU Bldf- O. B Buford. Pboaa 1812 oalter, pack-UiUj »8M I^tt-rtn" • ma BroadwaT ^ u relrlgerator* aM ata '•T^SS* aaot MOVING SUTTON '9 CHICK. Hatch each Tuesday. NUTRENA FEEDS. Plenty parking .pace FEEDING ADVISORY SERVICE. Commercial FRYERS. See us for your poultry hog and dairy needs Sutton's Poultry Farm A Hatchery, one mile north VI ^KLCIN— Authority ,on evergreens, kind, ot .praying lor pest control, st. Pto". 4283. 4^1 So. 80th. fi-28 i _ icATTRESSES MADE OVER r- Also up- hoJuSdr. J. B. Bodger.. 711 BellasU Ftone a463. ' • ' 6-28 WAltTBD — mowing wUh power •wwSr Work guaranteed. Price, rea- Ption* a0O7 -W. SOS CaaUetsm. ,, , t .. • 6-*7 WXB1> AVD BSU8B coDtrdl .prayior. ever- mina and' thade tree, (fimed. Tor in- iMWiSMrWriM or caU^itrbert Arnett^ ilSSar rowl. Tal. 3324V. a-27 BUKCTEKAL WIBINO—lAlit anrt power; "iS^rtlu. Writ. HrfGeiat. at. 3. FLOOR SANDING — RENTAL iANDCHS. Call 4056 for tree estimate or renrva- tlons. Wm. H. Camahan. 1216 So. 23rd 0-28 on Salem Rd. Phone 2866. FLOOR SANDING—rraa aatlmata iSat- i.lacttoD ruarantaed) Bayraond Bdml. •on. Phone 023- W 3701 Collafla U FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS KOR SALE— Setter bitch 2 years old, •etter bitch 6 months old. Phone 4565. 8-23 FOR SALE—Rabbits, some hutches. Pair ol nice love birds, $8, 1012 Prairie, rhoa. 4601-W. 6 -23 6-30 WAITER HUGHES —liocal and etate-wide movfng. experienced and .Quipped. 1604 Broadway, Phon. 2699. 7-13 RADIO & RADIO SERVICE SWIFT'S CHICKS are husky, healthy, bardy, 0 i approved. Pulioniro passed, raxed or .traigbt run. Batching each Wed- neaday. Place order now Complete line ol poultry, cattle and hog feeds Swift's HaUhery. Phone 661 600 Casey Ave tl FARM EQUIPMENT FOBi SALE—AlUs-Chalmers combine motor, complete to set on combine, cut three crops, Sam Bradlord, 7 mi. north Keenes, 0-22 DSED RADIO—A few »eiT model* and tabl. model* quick eal*. r.ath.»ettin-» IIH Broad way RADIO SERVICK--CALL S2» OR S2«- FREC PICKUP AND Ml'^MV. W» repali and correct any «'•*"'•""'• "^Jf^ cordanoa with enflBoeriM Prtn oiplee The reeuH t. • •"'•'•A*!?',"^ factory Job Art Feathareton. 1113 "road way Tubae le.ted fra. of envw WELDING 'Discovery Orive (KO, We 've wanted to give you and everyone in town a chance to discover what it's like to drive a POWER- GLIDE Chevrolet But demand for Chevrolet's great automatic transmission has been so huge... we couldn't keep a demonstrator! Now we refuse to wait any longer. In spite of growing demand, we've set a demonstrator aside for you to drive . . . Come in expecting something wonderful—Chevrolet's Powerglide will exceed your expectations! Powerglide is not like any other automatic transmission in tho low-price fieldl You just slip y CHEVROLET^ the control lever into "DRIVE" position. Power­ glide does the rest. But why just read about it when you can try it! Get your "Discovery Drive" this weak ior sural ^•wovfMo Is owitw-provd ovr a billion mWot. FOR SALE—2 F-20 tractors with cuti- vators; C-C Case with power lift cultivator; manure loaders for F.irniall or John Deere; side delivery rake, pick up baler, plows, discs, mower, corn planters, hay loader, corn picker. Mitchell Hopkins. BaUa Uva. 6-26 OIL FIELD Structural truck, repaired. Experienced, dependable. Day or nitr Phone 1481. 6 -23 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Good building lot *n «00 block of So. IBth street. J. R. Wmn. Tel, 103. 6-28 DAVIDSON CHEVROLET CO. 515 South lOfh Street—Telephone 3120 «

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