Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 44
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 44

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 44
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1 — WEEK OF JUNE 7-JUNE 13, 1998 ON TV •SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL TV Conversion Chart 1 TIA CENTURY CALL AFFILIATION BROADCAST CABLE LETTERS CITY CHANNEL CHANNEL LD KTVU FOX OAKLAND 39 W KRON NBC SAN FRANCISCO 41 GD KPIX CBS SAN FRANCISCO 43 CD KGO ABC SAN FRANCISCO 45 GO KFWU IND FT BRAGG 23 CD KQED PBS SAN FRANCISCO 69 ED KOFY IND SAN FRANCISCO 47 E3 KICU IND SAN JOSE 67 CD KBHK IND SAN FRANCISCO 51 g§ KFTY IND SANTA ROSA 21 [PEG] PUBLIC/EDUCATIONAL/GOVERNMENT ACCESS [DISC] THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL CALCH/L.O [CSPANJ GOVERNMENT CHANNEL Cove] QVC [ESPN] ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS PROGRAMMING NETWORK [HSN] HOME SHOPPING NETWORK [TBS] WTBS IND ATLANTA CTNT] TURNER NETWORK TELEVISION [DiSN] THE DISNEY CHANNEL [CNN] CABLE NEWS NETWORK 2 4 5 6 8 9 10 3 7 14 13 15 11 16 17 12 18 19 [USA] USA NETWORK 20 •^—^••^^^^^^^^^^^•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i^llH CENTURY CABLE CHANNEL [A&I] ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT [TNN] THE NASHVILLE NETWORK [HBO] HOME BOX OFFICE [MAX] CINEMAX [SHOW] SHOWTIME [SMC] AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS [MTV] MUSIC TELEVISION [SCiFT] SCIENCE FICTION CHANNEL [LiFE] LIFETIME [TWg] THE WEATHER CHANNEL [TO] THE LEARNING CHANNEL [FSB] FOX SPORTS BAY AREA [CNBC] CONSUMER NEWS AND BUSINESS CHANNEL [UNi] UNIVISION (SPANISH) [NlcR] NICKELODEON SELECT TICKET PREVIEWS [VHl] VIDEO HITS ONE [FAM] THE FAMILY CHANNEL [COM] COMEDY CENTRAL [HN] HEADLINE NEWS [WW) WGN IND CHICAGO [ESPN 2] ENTERTAINMENT* SPORTS PROGRAMMING NETWORK MSNBC HISTORY CHANNEL SELECT TICKET 1 (PAY PER VIEW) SELECT TICKET 2 (PAY PER VIEW) 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 61 62 GD ED H3 CD -for TIA only. TELEVISION IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION (TIA) Non-prolit association with facilities to receivs signals rebroadcast in the Uklah Valley CENTURY CABLE Serves Albion Calpella Casper, Fort Bragg. Little River. Mendoclno. Redwood Valley, Talmage. Ukiah. Willits. DAYTIME W& m^- 9H W * ffjPH JPpf DAYTIME MORNING 6:00 A.M. LD O (£) News GD Talk TV (Mon) Paid Program (Tue, Thu) Blood, Word, Fire (Wed) Faith Alive (Frl) CD Sit and Be Fit ED Ducktales S3 Silicon Valley Business This Week (Mon) Peer Pressure (Tue) Click (Wed) Paid Program (Thu) Q and A (Fri) (19 Bananas In Pajamas and the Crayon Box CQ Kenneth Copeland <JS This Morning's Business [AMC) Movie (Mon) * 14 "Marines, Let's Go*(l;45) fCOM] (BJlC) [FAM] fDFE] Paid Program IS) Mickey's Mouse Tracks Sportscenter ) Crunch Fitness (Mon-Thu) I FOX Sports News 1 History Showcase _ Inspector Gadget (Mon-Thu) :IFJ) Lost In Space [TBfJLmie House on the Prairie (TNN) Club Dance \JB CHIPs ) Bloomberg Television (WGN) Bugs 'n' Daffy QUO) Making of Speed 2: Cruise Control (Wed) [SHOW] Movie (Tue) "Rescuers: Stories ol Courage •- Two Couples"(1:50) (Wed) * * * "Nickelodeon"(2:00) (Thu) "Soul Survivors"(2:00) (Fri) **!4The Dove"(2:00) 6:15 A.M. (AMC) Movie (Wed) * * * "Maid of Sajem"(1:30) [HBO] Daddy's Girl (Thu) [MAX] Movie (Fri) * * 14 "Lost and Found"(1:45) 6:30 A.M. CD Adventures of Ozzle and Harriet S) Mister Rogers m Tiny Toon Adventure* (Mon-Thu) Channel Umptee-3 (Fri) EO (COM] [Disc] (LiFE) Paid Program f40i X'Mon Mask News Sf) Columbo (Mon) Banacek (Tue) 1 Movie (Thu) * * * Tales ol i"(2:00) I Donald's Quack Attack I Co-Ed Training (Mon-Thu) I Amazing Facto (Mon) mtone (TIM) Paid Program (Wed) Winning Walk (Thu) Midwest Christian Center (Frl) [NICK] Loorwy Tune* WON) Animanlact (HBO) Chimps: So Uke Us (Mon) Whitewash (Tue) How Do You Spell God? (Wed) Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (Fri) [MAX] Movie (Thiil **!4 "Only Two CanPlay"(1:45) ISHOWI Movie (Mon) * * "Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood"(1:30) 7:00 A.M. CD Mornings on Two GD Today LD News G£) Good Morning America fiTI New Zoo Revue CD Barney & Friends BD Adventures of Captain Planet m [COM] [Disc] Paid Program m Bobby's World CQ Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog ga Mornings (A&D Equalizer (Wed, Fri) Cosby Mysteries (Thu) ~~S Movie (Fri) * * * * "His Girl ay"(1:45) SN) Aladdin I Sportscenter N2) Gotta Sweat (Mon-Thu) J Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ) FOX Sports News , 3 Movie (Mon-Tue) "Then There Were Giants"(2:00) {Thu) * * n lion of the Desert"(3:00) (Fri) * * * "For Us the Living: The Medgar Evers Story"(2:00) [HST] Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy (Wed) TJFE] Everyday Workout (MCK) Aaahhlll Real Monsters OFF) Land of the Giants I Uttle House on the Prairie (TON) Crook & Chase TNT) Charlie's Angels (Mon, Wed, -rt) Starsky and Hutch (Tue, Thu) ^ Gargoyle* D Pinky & the Brain j Storyteller (Mon) Uttle Lulu . j Testament: The Bible In Animation (Wed) Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (Thu) Animated Hero Classic* (Fri) (MAX) Movie (Mon) * * * x "A Raisin in theSun"(2:15)(Tue) ***!4The Wrong Box"(1:45) (Wed) * * "Up Periscope-(2:00) 7:30 A.M. QD CrefloA. Dollar Jr. IT1 Puzzle Place O X-Men O [COM] [Bile] Paid Program (38 Life With Louto Extreme Dinosaur* )Tlmon & Pumbaa m Bodyshaplng (Mon-Tue, Thu. World Cup Eve (Wed) fiJFH Dally Wprkout [NICK] Rocko's Modern Life IJJSAI Gargoyles IWGNI New Batman/Superman Adventures [Hio] Babar 7:45 A.M. (AMC) Movie (Mon) *** "Battle Hymn"(1:50) (Wed) * * K "My Favorite Spy"(1:45) 7:50 A.M. ISHOWI Rescuers: The Real Heroes II (TuiT 8:00 A.M. (D This Morning GD Kenneth Copeland CD Big Comfy Couch S3 101 Dalmatians: The Series S3 (5JSC) (FSB) Paid Program m Wacky World of Tex A very GD Extreme Ghostbusters @g Mask IA&EJ Qulncy ICOMl Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist [DiSN] Goof Troop IESPN1 Sportscenter (Mon-Tue, Fri) Worid Cup Pregame (Wed-Thu) [ESPN21 Fitness Beach (Mon-Thu) Worid Cup Pregame (Fri) (FAM) Rescue 911 prjlWhat Every Baby Knows (Nigel You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown (goFi) Incredible Hulk ITBSI Mama'* Family OS® Dallas 1TNTI Spenser: For Hire fufS) Facts of Life (Mon, Wed-Frl) Take a Moment (Tue) [WGN1 Andy Griffith fHBoTMovIe (Mon) "Address Unknown"(1:30) (Tue) * * x "Once Upon a Forest"(1:15) (Wed) "The Midas Touch"(1:30) (Thu) * 'A 'Once in a Blue Moon"(1:30) (Fri) * * "My Uncle: The Alien"(1:30) [MAX) Movie (Fri) * * * "The Grass [SHOW] Busy Worid of Richard Scarry 8:15A.M. fMgfl Movie (Thu) * * * The Enemy 8:25 A.M. [SH5W1 Busy World of Richard 8:30 A.M. QTJ Marilyn Hlckey CD Sesame Street 69 Mighty Duck* (Mon-Tue) Quack Pack (Wed-Frl) g foisc) [FsBl Paid Program Mummies Allvel (Mon-Thu) Beast War* (Fri) 09 Mr. Men P Banana* In Pajamas and the •/ I i 'i'.. . '} Crayon Box [me] Movie (Tue) * * * "Barbed Wire"(1 :30) (Thu) * * * * "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town"(2:00) ICOMl Dally Show [DiSN] Mickey's Mouse Tracks f|sprJ) World Cup Soccer (Wed-Thu) IESPN2] Flex Appeal (Mon-Thu) Worid Cup Soccer (Frl) I Kids These Days Rugrats | Mama's Family Facts of Life ! Andy Griffith 8:45 A.M. Movie (Fri) *** "Detective r-(1:45) I Movie (Tue) **K alls"(1:45) 8:50 A.M. I Busy Worid of Richard Scarry 9:00 A.M. QD RIcklLake Live - Regis & Kathle Lee Martha Stewart Living Sally S3 QD @§ [FSB] Paid Program Blossom _ ) Geraldo Rivera ) Northern Exposure _ Movie (Mon) *x "Stewardess School"(2:00) (Tue) * * 'A "Almost You"(2:00)(Wed) * * "lshtar"(2:00) (Thu) * * X "Rrst Family"(2:00) (Fri) * 14 "Armed and Dangerous"(2:00) ) Assignment Discovery Little Mermaid PN] Sportscenter (Mon-Tue, Frl) SPN2) Cheerleading (Mon-Thu) Christy I Real West (Mon-Tue, Frl) ) Sisters I Little Bear Twilight Zone I Matlock [TNN] Aleene's Crafts _ I Movie (Mon) * * * is The Shootist"(2:00)(rue) *** "Starting Over(2:00) (Wed) * The Seduction"(2:00) (Thu) * *!4 The Last Challenge"(2:00) (Fri) * * 14 The Mackintosh Man"(2:00) IUSA1 Gimme a Break (MAX) Movie (Wed) ** "Crossworlds"(1 :30) 9:15 A.M. [HBO] Movie (Tue) * * * "Men in Black"(1:45) (MAX] Movie (Mon) * * 14 "Who's Minding the Mint?*(1:45) ISHOWI Busy World of Richard Scarry _ 9:25 A.M. [5JSN] Circle Time 9:30 A.M. CD GayleKIng CD James Roblson CD Teletubbles 09 Hangln' With Mr. Cooper Q m IFSB] Paid Program ED Susan Slkora (Mon, Fri) Paid Program (Tue-Thu) Movie (Wed) * * * * The Spirit New Adventures of Winnie the I Cheerleading (Mon-Thu) I Real West (Wed) Blue's Clues SA) Perfect Strangers __ Movie (Mon) **n"Real Genius"(2:00)(Wed) *** "Independence Day"(2:30) (Thu) * * * Twister"(2:00)(Fri) ** "Airplane II: TheSequel"(1:30) 9:35 A.M. (AMCl Movie (Mon) * * 14 The ilder(1:55) 9:40 A.M. SHOWI Busy World of Richard arry 9:45 A.M. ) Movie (Fri) * * The Boy in the Plastic Bubble v (1:45) 9:55 A.M. Circle Time 10:00 A.M. Murphy Brown Sunset Beach Price I* Right x- ; ' The View Shepherd'* Chapel Reading Rainbow Newlywed Game Hogan'* Heroes Forgive or Forget Montsl William* '•'< .' 9 Law & Order \MC) Movie (Tue) * * * "Wings"(2:30) Jiscl Homo Matters Bear In the Big Blue House [ESPN] Auto Racing (Mon) Survival of the Fittest (Tue) Equestrian (Frl) NBA Finals Films (Mon, Thu) Inside Stuff (Tue) NBA Fantastic Series (Wed) [FAM] 700 Club (HST] Short History of Ireland (Mon) Secret Service (Tue-Fri) L.A. Law Busy World of Richard Scarry :IFI] Night Gallery Movie (Mon) * 14 "Another You"(2:00) (Tue) **"Club Paradise"(2:00) (Wed) * * * The Blues Brothers"(2:30) (Thu) * * "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace"(2:00) (Fri) ** 14 "Superman lll"(3:00) " Waltons Wings ~ News JAX) Movie (Thu) * * "Love Potion Jo. 9"(1:30) 10:05 A.M. ISHOWI Busy World of Richard 10:25 A.M. (MS) Circle Time 10:30 A.M. CD Empty Nest CD Magic School Bus (Mon) Bill Nye the Science Guy (Tue, Thu) Wishbone (Wed, Frl) BD Dating Game B3 McHale'sNavy go) IFSBI Paid Program lAMC] Movie (Thu) * * * The Snows ofKilimanjaro"(2:00)(Fri) if*'A "Weekend in Havana"(1:30) (DjSNlPB&J Otter IESPNI X-Games Trials (Tue) Survival of the Fittest (Wed) Hawaiian Sports Adventure (Thu) 1ESPN21 NBA Finals Films (Mon-Thu) Karate (Frl) [NiCK] Muppet Babies ISCIFH Ray Bradbury Theater (Mon- Thu) Inside Space (Frl) (055) Wings (MAX) Movie(Tue) *** "You're Never Too Young"(1:45) (Wed) *** Tempest"(2:30) ISHOWI Busy World of Richard Scarry 10:55 A.M. tSHOWl Busy World of Richard Scarry 11:00 A.M. CD Jerry Springer CD Hard Copy LD Young and the Restless CB Port Charles GO Benny Hlnn CD Water (Mon) Instructional Programming (Tue-Thu) Newton's Apple (Frl) 89 People's Court B9 McHale'sNavy ra Plctlonary Roseanne [FSB] Paid Program _T Columbo (Mon, Thu) McCloud rutprVed) McMillan and Wife (Frl) COM) Saturday Night Live I Housesmartl ) Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Ranger* J Racehorse Digest (Wed) kGolf(Thu-Frl) ~] Wrestling (Mon) Karate (Tue- _. War Years (Wed) . . Fighting I: The i of the USS Intrepid (Frl) iODThlrtysometmng ^ Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss SOFT) Swamp Thing CfNN) America'* Country Hit* I Movie (Mon) *** "Shenandoah"(2:00) (Tue) * * "Land Raiders'(2:00)(Wed) *** "Apache"(2:00) (Thu) * i, * "Return of theGunlighter"(2:00)(Fri) ***The Fastest Gun Alive"(2:00) "™~1 Major Dad D Empty Nest _ I Movie (Tue) * * * "Domlnick andEugene"(2:00)(Fri) * A* Tucker: The Man and His Dream"(2:00) Movie (Mon) ommersby"(2:00) 11:20 A.M. I Busy Worid of Richard Scarry 11:30 A.M. © New* Life In the Wor,d •

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